Christian Bakers Must Pay Up for Refusing Gay Customers

Administrative law judge Alan McCullough has ordered Aaron and Melissa Klein – the Christian owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa – to pay $135,000 to the same-sex couple whose wedding cake they refused to make.

“The forum concludes that $75,000 and $60,000, are appropriate awards,” wrote McCullough, who works for Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industries. The Kleins say that a fine of that significance would be enough to put them and their family into bankruptcy.

The controversy began in 2013, when Sweet Cakes declined to provide customer Rachel Cryer with a wedding cake for a same-sex ceremony. The Kleins did not know that in LGBT America, it was not okay to believe in the traditional definition of marriage. They soon found out, however. Cryer and her partner filed a legal complaint against the bakery and the Oregon BOL pursued charges against the Kleins.

How did McCullough arrive at $135,000? Well, the lesbian plaintiffs helped him along by providing a litany of symptoms they had experienced in the wake of the “discrimination.” Among these were high blood pressure, loss of confidence, and “resumption of smoking habit.” It’s not clear what standard of proof was required for these claims, if any.

Destruction of a Dream

This is why Indiana’s religious freedom law was so important. Gays can claim all day long that it gives business owners the right to discriminate, but they don’t have anything to say about the other side of the coin. Assuming that the list of “symptoms” Rachel Cryer and her partner provided the Bureau is as ridiculous as it sounds, is the judgment against the Kleins really justice? You couldn’t order one specific cake from one specific bakery, so the owners must be pushed out of business and forced into bankruptcy? Should they be jailed? Executed? How much retribution is enough?

The sad thing is that, despite what many of the movement’s fanatical adherents think, this really isn’t about gay marriage. It isn’t about discrimination. It isn’t about LGBT rights. It’s about taking steps towards limiting free expression and freedom of religion. It’s about chipping away at the last walls standing between liberals and a new America. They want to put an asterisk next to the First Amendment, and they are using the gay movement to get it done.

Look at the precedent set by this case. Gay couples hard up for cash now have the perfect racket. Go trolling for Christian business owners, order a service from them that betrays their beliefs, and wait for the money to come rolling in. Cottage industries have been built on less, and there are lawyers all across the U.S. licking their lips about the potential windfall.

But while gays are celebrating their freedoms and counting their settlements, the real powers-that-be are changing this country to suit their ideology. Once they have successfully modified the Bill of Rights, there’s nothing they can’t do. They can remake America into the socialist wonderland they always wanted it to be. And the crazy thing is that we’re going to cheer them on. We’re going to dance merrily while they destroy everything this country has ever stood for. And by the time enough people wake up to the truth, it will be too late.

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  1. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is the enemy of our constitution. LOCK AND LOAD

    • Just LOAD, why LOCK?

      • Lock your magazine into your weapon and load a round in the chamber. You weren’t a Marine, were you.

        • No, I was in the Army in the Korean era and I don’t recall even hearing that expression before the Clinton presidency.

          • That’s because when Clinton was using that phrase, it meant “OK Monica LOCK on IT, & I’m going to UN-load”.

          • Could be. Clinton had as good a chance as he ever could have and missed that too, he could have killed Hellery and the Secret Servants would have covered for him. He might not even have had to do it himself, one or more of them might have volunteered just to make sure she died.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Yeah Toni ! Same way the AIC had Chris Kyle “done in,” and no one can convince me that he didn’t have him taken out!!

          • Michael, ‘AIC’- Knowing CIC, one of those acronyms that I had never heard before, but know exactly what it means, Great! thanks.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Well, go figure.. The demoncraps are already in the AIC’s pocket, but the repooplicans are all out there golfing with him now, trying to further enhance their bank accounts (off shore)! Wait until it hits THEIR wives and daughters!!

          • After seeing Monica and then seeing Hitlery, I’d opt for Monica every time. No wonder Billy Boy does more than just look at other women. Monica is in her 40’now and she is still a good looking woman.

          • Yes she is, & seeing Hillary, well one look is enough.
            I saw on TV the other day the ladies @ the Bunny Ranch in Nevada endorsed Hillary, so Bill offered to go there & thank each one personally. Hillary told him ” I don’t need another scandal ” but I do see that he & Chelsea are going to Africa to promote & remind everyone the good the Clinton Foundation is doing for that area, with all the bribe money that’s coming in Maybe Bill’s looking for a little change of color .

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Yeah, Billy Boy was good at playing the whoremonica and the sexaphone, but Ovomit likes the juiceharp!! heehe…

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          • Michael Dennewitz

            If you were in Korea, you’re a couple of days older than me. heeheehee

        • James H. Humphrey

          I can’t speak for Toni but I’ll give my impression: Load and fire, not load and leave the safety on, just load and fire, taking care of business – as for me – 22+ retired vet, I know how to pull a trigger !

        • I was a Marine and am quite familiar with lock and load but was taught to that lock was to put the safety on before you load a magazine into the rifle weapon. (This is a good safety precaution) To chamber a round you would rack the mechanism. The safety should be pt off only when you are about to fire.

        • Robert A. Clemons

          Not only was ToniStimmel NOT a Marine, BUT NO MILITARY SERVICE at all. I was 23 YEARS in the Air Force, ALL branches of the service KNOW what Lock & Load is all about.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            When I was in Nam, we really didn’t give a shit how anyone phrased it, WE JUST STAYED LOADED AND READY.. ROFL

          • Now you are talking. Keep your powder dry.

          • James H. Humphrey

            Ha Ha, me too! Someone told me while I was at Tan Sun Nuit (TET ’68) it was against the Geneva Convention to carry my M-16 with one mag in and another taped upside down beside it, I really can’t tell you what my reply was as I’m not allowed to say those words on here, never uptaped.

          • Jim, Carroll, Robert, Michael and James Thank you sincerly for your service, many of us Natural Born Americans appriciate what you did for us on so many battlefields all over this mudball. Thank you!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Warpaint.. I am neither a repooplican or a demoncrap, and I DIDN’T vote for this AIC. What I am, is a damned proud American that’s glad he has a roof over his head. All gave some, some gave all, and I’m proud that I served my country, regardless of whether or not we belonged in Nam!
            FTG3, USN

        • Richard, I keep all of my weapons that way, the are useless unless they are load for whatever confronts you. Yes I am a combat vet (Vietnam) so I will ,and so will my family, keep my weapons lock and loaded.

          • an Arizona state trooper told me in 1957, never carry an empty handgun or point any weapon at somebody without pulling the trigger. Saigon 69

          • That Trooper was right on the money. An empty weapons is nothing more than a club (small one at that) or something to throw at the aggressor. You un-holster that weapon, you use it. Threatening with a gun here in Arizona is the same as “brandishing” and is a crime.

        • nada Marine the Rangers Special Forces sniper and we do lock and load

        • I think ToniStimmel meant just Load and start shooting.
          Locking is a wasted of time.

      • That is exactly the problem why we get nothing accomplished. Both sides democrats and republicans are just 2 faces of the same coin. They do this big mess with simple things to get us all fighting while do what they have to do to keep us not united and getting away with their plans. While you all fight about the correct term of use , they already close a few bakeries more. Were is the movement and the riots to protect the rights of this bakery owners? Anyone starting any riots or campaigns? No , I forgot, we usually work and dont get to those extremes. But the welfare living leftard crap that do it gets away with helping the goverment to brake the Constitution. Lets get focus on the real issue here and next time just shoot.

        • you are so correct we need to unify forget all these piddly differences and concentrate on whether or not you wish to live in a socialist country or get the USA back to a constitutional republic send your fax,and your emails, make your phone calls and let all your representatives know how you feel. Smaller government and no more exempting themselves from anything they approve and term limits are definately needed

          • James H. Humphrey

            I do agree with you except for one thing, we are just about outvoted. We try and vote in someone that “WE” think will get the job done – so what happened – somehow they get tucked into oBAMA’s back pocket. We can send in all the polls and petitions that we can and what happends, zip, nadda – we’re thanked for our emails with words that double speak. With the exception of a few (and those are attacked by the left liberals) we have a freaking do nothing but kiss arse congress. The constittution is just about meaningless and the SC tries (for the most part) to interpert the constitution in a very liberal sense.

        • IllBeYour Huckleberry

          And the coin regardless of sides is still rolling left into tyranny

        • You are correct. Obama has instigated the RACE war and encouraged violence within our Country to keep us occupied. We have to be smarter than that, keep our eyes on the ball and be ready. Thank All of you for your service to America!!


      • If the gays feel so strongly about infringing on people’s freedom why don’t they go to a Muslim bakery or ask a Muslim caterer to prepare pork for their wedding reception. It’s all about greed and forcing themselves on others.

        • Actually a blogger went to several Muslim bakeries in Dearborn Michigan and ordered a gay wedding cake. He was refused every time. This could be a good tactic for pushback as these people want to enforce this against Christians only.

          • Why did this not get to the press? Muslims are roaches and should be stepped on and thrown in to the garbage.

          • The only reason I heard about it was because it was in one of the comments at Pamela The comment also had a link to the videos. For all information about Muslim roaches, it’s hard to beat Pamela’s web site.

          • Press? Press? Did you mean propaganda printers?

          • You mean the obamagator socialist democrap press. After
            all they only bow to their master in muzzie lane.

          • It was posted on several Conservative Websites.

          • The question is WHAT WAS THE REASON GIVEN FOR THE REFUSAL?

          • Hi Greyguy: I saw the video on line. The Muslim bakers just shook their heads NO when directly asked to bake the gay wedding cake. I did not hear any reason. Officially, Islam does not tolerate homosexual behavior.

          • As soon as you give a reason is when you have a problem! That is where the Christians got in trouble[Never explain yourself, it’s not required in business].

          • The musliums do not tolerate QUEERS

          • But they are smart enough just to say no and not get in someones face about it, that is the difference, a simple NO without an explaination is all it takes. This “In your Face” stuff is what gets you in trouble with the law…the more you say the worse it gets, if you ever go to court remember that!

          • I only spend 21+ years testifying in court

          • then you understand why the good Christians hung themselves with their own words.

          • The only good muslims are the dead ones as they cannot kill any more innocent people or breed any more of the scum of this earth.

          • It was on fox news.

          • Order a gay wedding cake from a Muslim bakery in San Francisco and then see what happens.

          • The homo couple wouldn’t go to a Muslim bakery as they wouldn’t be able to sue them, and if they did try, they wouldn’t be around anymore

          • Were the Muslim bakeries actually sued by the government? This being in Dearborn may have made the difference. He should try it in San Francisco.

        • typical wack job anology to relate lgh to muslims. by that right i can relate conservatives to nazis/ KKK, and the arryan nation.

          • I may be misundertanding your incomprehensible reply, but your premise appears to be incorrect. No one is relating homosexuals to muslims. The Conservative and Warren are pointing out that the discirmination is actually only against Christians as the muslim bakers are not being held to the same standards.

          • you are either lying or as ignorant as they are to defend them . it is obvious that conservative is trying to twist the matter into muslim and pork related in his twisted mind to lgh persons. there is no correlation no relationship and your defense of his ignorance does not shine well on your ability to tell the truth.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Owens, take your meds and go to bed, huh??

          • and dim witz is just another ignorant conservaturd that hasnt the good sense when to know whaT an ass he makes of himself with his childish replys with no content but insults

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Keep going DimmyBoy! I really need a few good laughs this early in the morning. HAHAHAHA

          • No one has made an A** of his or herself this morning but you.

          • You have trouble putting together a sentence that is comprehensible. Why don’t you come back when you’re down from your present condition. Maybe then you would make some sense.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Owens is like Faye, queer mortie and headinhisass, he’s just another troll that gets his jollies pissing people off. ROFL

          • I have to wonder why Muslims don’t seem to have any trouble with the queers. Is it because they have sharp knives and the protection of the Obama administration?

          • Don’t bother with him, Tommy G. He is too far gone and will have to make the decision to bring himself out of his drug addiction, no one can do it for him.

          • Candy Gwen Lopitz

            Are you kidding me? You don’t see that it is the same issue across religious groups who do not believe in the gay agenda? There is absolutely no difference in a Muslim bakery refusing to provide a cake when they don’t believe in gay marriage than there is with a Christian bakery doing the exact same thing. This is NOT comparing apples and oranges!

          • They already do this by declaring these people hate groups, and monitoring their activities.

          • Nazis, National Socialists, sounds left wing to me! The KKK also is a democrat institution. Just ask KKK recruiter James Byrd!

          • You have overdone it on the drugs. You can relate to the Nazis, KKK and the Arian Nation (learn to spell it if you support it and you certainly do, most druggies do).

        • Actually, there was a video of a guy asking for a “gay” wedding cake at a muslim bakery. The muslim flat out turned him down. How come that guy is not sued into bankruptcy? Hmmm. . . makes me wonder! There was also a video of a guy asking for a cake that says “we do not support gay marriage” at a shop owned by lesbians. They refused. How come they are not sued into bankruptcy? If it’s good for one, it’s good for everyone. . . Also, was this gay couple not able to obtain a cake ANYWHERE??? If they were able to get a cake, there was no damage to their wedding! Where has common sense and common decency gone?

          • Michael Dennewitz

            The guy should take them to court and sue them for twice the amount the two QUEERS sued for! I have a feeling even that case will be appealed for eons, if they are smart.. A group here in Orlando has adopted a different way of doing things. When the see a mooselum, they shoot it with paint balls (filled with oil based paint and an ounce of pig’s blood)! ROFLMFAO

          • That is the cruelist, most disrespectful, asinine thing I ever heard (other than Obama’s election), but this one I LIKE.

          • I feel that they should have the right to get married, but they don’t have the right to force others to cater to them against their will. At least the gays don’t leave the taxpayers with babies to support when they break up. The real blight on our society are all the unwed mothers out there. The gays are probably going to get their marriage rights weather we like it or not. Now it is time for the gay mafia to get off our backs.

          • Warren,
            If I wanted a cake made special and a bake said he could not make such a cake for any reason I would simply go to another baker. I believe gays are doing this to get back at Christians. But bakers are not the only business that can be slammed. So can photographers and caterers.

          • They are trying to flex muscles they don’t have. They really don’t want to continue this because it’s not going to end well for them if they continue to bankrupt businesses and ruin the lives of decent, honest people.

          • if they keep on pushing their luck, there will be an all out war against them and they will have to go back into the closet. lol

          • proudtexan62,
            Yes, this can lead to more serious court fights. The LGBT community is fighting back against rejection. I can’t say that I blame them. But at the same time, they are shooting themselves in the foot. The best thing they can do is that if they are rejected by one business, they have the option of going to many others. It is no different from anyone else. No one is required to go to any particular business. Therefore this should not even be an issue. But the LGBT community is making it their business and so does the ACLU. I suspect this will end up in the Supreme Court one day and found to be a First Amendment violation.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Court fights??? Wait til the vigilante groups start forming. They’ll make Ferguson and Balkimire look like kids play. I can see it coming now and these guys will be “dropping” quite a few mooselums after they get started!!

          • Michael,
            I would hope these issues can be resolved in court. But the reason we have a Second Amendment is to protect ourselves from those who would encroach on our First Amendment rights.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Well Jerry, consider this. Recently, and I’m sure you read about it, TWO black guys broke into a home, and while there, traumatized a toddler. From that day on, if the family was out shopping or dining, the little child would lose it if a black person approached them. (can you really blame her?)
            When it went to court, because the child was now scared to death of blacks, wouldn’t you know it, a black judge presided. He totally”went off” on this child and told her she was a racist!!!
            Sooo, you can see, when cases come to court, it doesn’t matter how good a case you have, what matters is “what’s” sitting on the bench. Queer case, queer judge – case lost! Mooselum case, mooselum judge – case lost!!! And it goes on and on, the corruption in our legal system!!!

          • Michael,
            I can agree with what you are saying. Evil is in the whole of the earth and people have the ability to make choices. Sometimes crap happens but that is why we have an appeal system. Such cases as you mention can certainly move on to less prejudiced judges, sort of. We have a fairly liberal bunch on the Supreme Court. abuse of the Constitution is not new but it has to stop. That will happen only when we make enough noise or worse.

          • What makes killing worse?

          • ggarrett34,
            I do not have any stomach for murder. But I will defend myself and others if need be.

          • John Allen Dickinson

            And so will I. Any Christofascist that attempts to make me submit to Jesus will end up with 30 into his head.

          • John,
            That would be totally out of the realm of reality. All of the Bible is about freedom of choice. That choice can be a bad one but everyone has that choice. Christians are called to spread the Gospel but not one bit of force is to be taken. Likewise, Christians can and should be outspoken on Christian issues but they have no business legislating their beliefs.

          • But these were crooks running a scam.

          • Jarhead,
            Can you explain yourself a bit more? I do not want to respond until I am sure of the intent of what you are assaying for fear I will not respond correctly.

          • The buyer was operating a scam (i.e., wanted to rip-off the Business Owner)…unfortunately the Business Owner fell for it hook, line & sinker…..when all he had to do is figure in the BUYERS INTENT in his pricing and the crooks would have gone elsewhere to do their dirty deed. This is not a NEW scam plan…. Hope this helps you. Semper Fi

          • Jarhead,
            Thanks for the update. I suspected what you were trying to say but I wanted to be sure I understood. I agree that business owners did not see this coming so now, hopefully, this will get cleared up. Unfortunately I think the gay people pose less of a problem than the ACLU. In my opinion, the ACLU is sort of a necessary evil. But most of the time I disagree with their sticking their noses into the business of others. But that is their job.

          • Karen Lee King

            They may be doing this to get back at Christians, but in the end the Christians will win (I read the back of the Book). 🙂

          • Karen,
            I also read the back of the BOOK and have come to the same conclusion. I have also read the Constitution and come to the conclusion that it backs the Bible. Yes, some will say it is not a Christian document. It is not but actually is. The Bible is about freedom and the right to make choices. I notice that the Constitution also represents that same concept.

          • Karen Lee King

            Thank God we are like the song that says, “I’m a winner either way, if I go or if I stay; For I’ll still have my Jesus each passing day. I’ll have my healing here below or life forever if I go. Oh praise the Lord, I’m a winner either way.” Which we are if we stay strong in the Lord. I feel like people are forgetting that the U.S. was founded on Christianity. But oh well, let them think what they want to think. The only thing I can do is pray they make the right choice. God bless you and keep you in His care.

          • Karen,
            Many say we are not founded in Christianity. Who were the people in the colonies? Christians, of a number of different views but the same message. we can only present the Gospel. We cannot force it on anyone. But we know its power.

          • Proof That America Was Founded As A Christian Nation. VERITAS

            America was founded on three documents: The Declaration of Independence; The Paris Peace Treaty of 1783, and the Constitution. These documents give conclusive proof that America is a Christian nation. One does not need a law degree or a degree in history to grasp this truth. It is obvious to anyone who does not have an agenda. Let us review the documents and show this proof.

            Declaration of Independence:

            The Declaration has many references to God throughout the document. The most famous one is that men are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.

            “We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are
            endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”

            Here are more references to God found in the document:
            Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God”
            Appealing to the Supreme Judge of the World”

            With a firm Reliance on the Protection of Divine Providence”
            The Declaration of Independence does not identify the God whom they are addressing. This could be left open to interpretation and opinion.

            The Constitution:

            The body of the Constitution makes no reference to God. The Constitution honors the Christian Sabbath. The President was given 10 days to sign a bill into law. The counting of the 10 days does not include the Sabbath. This is found in Article 1,
            Section 7, and Clause 2 which in part follows:

            “If any Bill shall not be returned by the President within ten Days (Sundays excepted) after it shall have been presented to him, the Same shall be a Law,”

            When the Constitution was completed on September 17, 1787, it was signed by the
            delegates then to be satisfied by the states. The delegates signed the Constitution in the “Year of our Lord.” This is a direct reference to Christianity. This is found in Article 7 which in part follows:

            “Done in Convention by the Unanimous Consent of the States present the Seventeenth Day of September in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Eighty seven and of the Independence of the United States of America the Twelfth In witness whereof We have hereunto subscribed our Names, GO WASHINGTON–Presidt. and deputy from Virginia”

            The Paris Peace Treaty of 1783:

            The Paris Peace Treaty was the document which formally ended the Revolution and granted the United States independence from Great Britain. In a real sense, the United
            States formally became a nation on September 3, 1783.

            When the United States became a nation, it was done in the “name of the most holy and undivided Trinity.” The preamble to this Treat states it is based upon the “Holy and undivided Trinity.” The concept of the holy Trinity is unique to Christianity.
            This statement means the United States was founded on the Christian faith. The
            complete Preamble follows: “In the name of the most holy and undivided Trinity”

            The Treaty then ends just like the Constitution with a statement it is being signed in the “Year of our Lord.” The witnesses representing the United States were John
            Adams, Benjamin Franklin, John Jay and D. Hartley. The section in part follows:

            “In witness whereof we the undersigned, their ministers plenipotentiary, have in their name and in virtue of our full powers, signed with our hands the present definitive treaty and caused the seals of our arms to be affixed thereto.Done at Paris, this
            third day of September in the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and


            When this concept is applied to the Declaration of Independence, it is clear the reference to “All men are created equal,” was about the holy Trinity. The people of the
            United States are endowed by their Creator, the holy Trinity, with certain
            unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

            The God of the Bible is whom the United States is based upon. The unalienable rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness come from the Judeo/Christian God and no one
            else. He is the Rock of our Republic.

            Psalm 18:2 The LORD is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.In retrospect, if you deny the existence of the truth in these three documents you are either mentally disturbed, pure evil, and/or a communist, etcetera
            PS: Google the Gettysburg address by A. Lincoln 1863.

          • JoeT,
            Some of those involved with the documents you make reference to were called Deists who believed in a God but did not profess any particular denomination. But your points are well taken. It is a known fact that the majority of the original colonists were some form of Christian. Therefore, any debate to the contrary is quite shallow. Don’t forget our money says, “In God We Trust”.
            What is often not considered by the ungodly is that a Christian cannot be separated from God due to the influence of the Holy Spirit.

          • Agreed Jerry B….agreed.

          • That’s for sure even though we get accused of pushing it on others. My mom would get down on her knees and beg my dad to go to church and he would get angry at her and tell her no. After she passed away in 2004, I would stop by and visit with him before church and when I would get ready to leave I would tell him to come on go with me. He would tell me no and then I would tell him okay maybe next time. I never pushed him and Easter morning 2005, he surprised me by coming to church that morning. Praise God he rededicated his life to Christ July 12, 2005. I was so happy. Now he and mom are in heaven together again. So yeah, we know the power, and it’s so wonderful.

          • Karen,
            I am so glad your father made a commitment for Christ. That is awesome! I have suffered some losses in the past. My oldest son died at age 21 from a freak illness. My wife and mother of my six kids dies years ago also from congestive heart failure. Both were Christians so I have that reunion to look forward to. At my age I really do look forward to that reunion. Meanwhile me and the pup continue onward.

          • Karen Lee King

            I am so glad to be able to share the Lord with someone who loves him as deeply as I do. If we never meet here on earth, I hope to meet you on the other side of Jordan.

          • Karen,
            I look forward to that meeting.

          • They are not getting “married”, they are simply trying to legitimize their lifestyle so they can cash in one the benefits that are given to truly “married” people. The gay mafia had better pull back and soon because there are a lot of people who don’t approve of their lifestyles who have respected their right to live it that are not going to take being abused by them. They would come out on the very short end of the stick on any confrontation that might occir because of their stupidity. They should be happy they are where they are. We should send them to the Middle East. The treatment of gays there is not something they would want to experience.

          • The unwed mothers will get theirs long after the gay rights issue has been put to rest. If we are gong to surrender to one we may as well surrender to all.

          • Conservative Patriot

            NO….it is NOT their right to be married just as it is so wrong that they are doing what they are doing. They are disgusting. It is the queers who cause a great percentage of AIDS. Yet, all the govt. wants to do is spend billions on AIDS research instead of addressing the root of the problem: stop behaving in such an immoral, filthy manner and respect your own bodies.

          • there must be a gay bakery somewhere. But the queers can sue the Christians and get their wedding paid for.

          • Marriages was started by God, not the state. It isn’t even mentioned in the
            Constitution. Homosexuals have a right to “sin” if they want to. But they do
            not have a right to force you to not follow your Christian beliefs and make you
            participate in their sin. Marriages were taken care of by the church
            until it was decide that the counties need to issue marriages licenses to make
            money for the counties. Before that, separation of church and state meant that
            the church took care of marriages.

          • That means that the government needs to butt out of the marriage issue all together and stop using the taxing system for a tool for social engineering. Which is one of the reasons that our tax code is so messed up. I figure that if God wants them punished he should be able to punish them without any help from me. But if I want them punished because the gay mafia keeps getting in my face with these lawsuits, that is another matter.
            Since we have the first amendment there is nothing stopping gays from establishing their own church. Weather God accepts that church or not is up to God not me. I wouldn’t think that God would accept Islam either. I don’t approve of the gay life style myself, but then it seems that everybody believes in freedom until they see somebody doing something that they don’t approve of.

          • I agreed that the government must get out of the marriage issue completely.

          • John Allen Dickinson

            Well, then any gay marriage in a church is technically just as valid as a heterosexual marriage and must be recognized for that.

          • All i say is that the government must stay out of the marriage issue in total. I did not discuss churches at all. That is an issue for each church. Marriage is a sacred institution created by God because he created man and woman as a means of reproduction (children). I feel that any church that recognize gay marriage is not doing what God intended. I am not a expert on theology.

          • Gay marriage no way!
            Civil unions OK ??
            When are going to put a stop to this S..T??

          • They wouldn’t dare bring charges against Obama’s countrymen.

          • It is actually Christianity which has had a moderating influence on the people of this country. Not to say there are not other faiths, traditions, belief systems, etc., which also promote comity among the masses, but it’s always news when someone arrested for a crime is reported to be a Christian.

            Many people nowadays, egged on by the Left, want to be their own authority and are irritated by their sense that Christianity sits in judgment on them. We who believe in Jesus are not supposed to sit in judgment on people who we see are probably not headed down the morally upright or healthful path; we are supposed to LOVE them and PRAY for their reclamation, and we also strive to behave in a loving manner toward all, even to those who like to ridicule us.

          • The left is leaning toward atheism. We can pray for some of the people I’ve encountered on these sites and it’s a very big waste of time. I pray for them all and ask God to bring them back from the path they are taking but some will be lost forever, no matter what we do.

          • You don’t have to wonder. Look what is sitting illegally in our White House!!!

          • That is an excellent point! Why is it only Christians who are being sued? It is because we have a gay POTUS who is focusing on his own agenda. He won’t allow Muslims to be “offended” and does not care if Christians are offended. Ever wonder why bacon is not on the White House Menu?

          • muslims trump Christians, Jews, and gays. muzzies rule this land.

        • I say, screw (excuse the pun) the queers. If they want a wedding cake, make it themselves.
          If they want anything catered, get their queer friends to do it. Leave us straights alone….
          Semper Fi

          • Michael Dennewitz

            63…. They are like Owens there. Their day would be boring as hell if they couldn’t dispute someone’s word or call them vile names. Owens will be ok once he stops smoking that wacky shit!! ROFLMFAO

          • exactly,we don’t go to them,and tell them to bake a cake for the straight people,wouldn’t want one of them touching a cake of mine!

          • Actually that was also done the gay baker refuse to bake a cake that read “Marriage: One Man, One Woman”.

          • Conservative Patriot

            The queers do not want justice. They want to be front and center in our faces every day. obama has encouraged this perverted behavior (don’t forget he is one of them). God speaks about homosexuals throughout the Bible. So sad these wackados do not care about His word.

          • That’s sound great but these queers want to impose their crap on everyone, and looks like that judge is queer too.

          • Right on! I’m with the Marine!

          • You’re thuch an inthenthitive guy. Queers are people, too.

          • Karen Lee King

            “Queers are people, too.” This may be true, BUT are they living the way GOD would want them to live? I think not. They want us to accept them? As a person, yes; but as for their so-called “marriage”, no. ~Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall cleave unto his WIFE: and they shall be one flesh (Genesis 2:24).~ That’s the way it has been since the beginning of time and that’s the way it will always be. God will never accept marriage between a man and a man or a woman and a woman. Don’t believe me? Pull out God’s Word (the Bible) and read it for yourself.
            Marriage = one man and one woman, period!

        • They won’t go to another bakery—they want the world wide publicity and the PAYOFF! if they have a judge in their pocket.

          • Candy Gwen Lopitz

            Yup. They are no different than Al Sharpton taking advantage of situations for profit and the furtherance of his agenda. In neither case is either party really concerned with civil liberties, just how to grab the spotlight and make it profitable.

        • They can’t force their their sins on others if they do.

        • Exactly

        • There is a reason for that, they want to force their evil on GOD’S people and this is a prime way to do it. To lose their business is not enough, they want us in jail, or pay up for following GOD’S teachings. They and Satan have a pact in these last days, Satan knows hid days are short.

          • All this is backed by the U.S. Government which is rapidly being overtaken with liberals. Liberals want Socialism/Communism and before that can permeate the mentality of the ‘people’ God must be removed. This is a well-concerted plan put into effect decades ago and did not become obvious to the average American until they introduced ‘politically correct’ speech. Unfortunately, religious people are not prone to offend and didn’t see what was behind their evil schemes. God and Socialism are not compatible and they decided God would have to go. God gives freedom, government controls our lives.

        • It’s about equal rights. I AM a conservative also.

        • The difference in people who are so defensive of their beliefs, is the hatred that dwell in their hearts, they hate everybody who does not believe as they do and try to force their beliefs. This includes most of the worlds antichrist peoples, people who worship gods like Allah, “the god of hate!” Read the Koran!!

          Most Americans, especially Christians, believe in the love that dwells in our hearts for all people. We strive to change through love and helping each other. If you do not accept our standards we do not try to force it, we give you a choice.

          By the way, most gays love infringing on other peoples freedom, they just don’t want anyone infringing on their freedom, and accuse us of that, just because we do not agree with their standards instead the standards of GOD and refuse to leave GOD to follow their evil..

        • Read Romans 1:18 – 25. It looks so much like today.

        • Might get more than their “wee wee” chopped off in the


        • Well said. They don’t need to use pork as an argument, just use the same argument the Kleins did. We all know how Muslims feel about homosexuality/same sex marriage.

        • Hello Conservative: A hetero man did try this! Why don’t the gays go to Dearborn, get denied, and then take the bakery to court? May I make a guess? The gays want to continue living!!!

        • Who changed the language?? When did “queer” become “gay”??

        • Why is not our 1/2 breed black obozo not enforcing this dog shit on his muslium relatives

      • Here’s the silver lining….. Obama’s reign of terror will be short lived! Yeshua, aka Jesus, is returning soon and Obama and his companions will be on there way to their eternal home.

        • yes and get ready for hillary to carry on the good works of the present president. never again will a old white thieving ,bribe taking 1% serving republican crook sit in the white house the gop and the 1% it serves is history

          • CHEER UP JAMES! Remember, these things must occur, as every word written in the scriptures must be fulfilled. Events are exploding and the wicked are rejoicing in their temporary power grabs. They are blind fools!

          • Jamie boy, go back to bed with your same sex partner and play “hide the weenie” some more.

          • LOL- typical political discussion for a conservaturd-no substance- no pertinent input- no relativity- no honesty- no facts- just insults – lies and ambiguous feelings about their own homosexual cravings. it really displays your knowledge of the world events around you and what your mind feels is relavent- LOL

          • James H. Humphrey

            Yep, thought so, a real winnie grabber and by the way, your mind is also not relavent, warped maybe but not relavent.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Hell be okay Jim, once he gets off the drugs and his buddy lets go of his…. Well, you know!

          • Why –they see you all for what you are—scum!

          • Having a swim in Lake Smirnoff?

          • Where is your substance, pertinence, relativity, honesty, facts? There are none of those in any of your responses. World events? When did you enlighten us with world events? Took a poll and we all missed that. You must have thought you did. I guess you post just “what your mind feels is relevant”.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Catman, he’s fallen, and he can’t find his drugs!!! ROFL

          • James H. Humphrey

            Gee, you said republican, I could have sworn you were talking about the domocrats, sure sounded like it. Just suck up to your ole winnie grabber and be happy, I can see your eyes rolling back now. That’s why you can’t see anything, your eyes are rolling back and by the way, can you give me some examples of the good that dumbo is serving on your plate. Guess you must be on the dole, is that why you love him/it so much, your plate is full.

            #1- HE ENDED 2 OF THE WARS THAT the bush /cheney reich started for greed and kickbacks
            #2- he saved the economy after republicans deregulated wall street and allowed banks to write their own ticket
            #3- he saved the auto industry after the republicans led by the romney klan sold out the manufacturing jobs to foreign countrys
            #4- he gave 10 million people health care at a reasonable rate and prevented the crooked insurance companys from leaving them to die.
            i can keep listing but for you not to know this already proves i am wasting my breath as you are obviously a rush limpbow fan and deny all truth so read a book – learn the truth-write again when your not being stupid

          • James H. Humphrey

            OH how I would love to take your points and review them with you but I can see you have been listening to the White House public spokesman and MSNBC to much that you have been totally converted but anyway, which year was the war ended, I slept that whole year and I wasn’t aware until the last election that the Republicans have been in control of the Senate, guess I slept out those years as well and 10 million people don’t have those reasonable rate you are talking about. I will agree with you about those insurance companies to some extent. That has been going on and will continue, even with ACA, actually now that you mention it, getting worse. Better check out all those CEOs on the companies that have dumped America and moved jobs overseas (I guess sell out means the same as moving overseas). I do believe the President (as he seems to have an amazing control over congress) if he wants to truly stimulate the economy, and not by rasing min wage, that contributes in a negative way, to do all he can (executive orders, he is good at that) should raise the tariff on inmported goods to compete with American made products. That would encourage those offshore companies to bring their companies back to the good ole U.S.A. and put jobs back on this here Nation. Of course those companies would frown at our beloved POTUS and that certainly would cause pain. By the way, I have not listening to Rush or others in years. For the most part, I agree with them but I have moved on past that and as moving on past being stupid, sorry but when you typed that, you were looking at your reflection, take your own advise, I know that none of us see “Eye to Eye” but for a person to vote the party ticket, Republican or Democrate, should move on past that and look closely at the record of the politician, see what he has accomplished, NOT at what he thinks he can do, or wants to do. See what thier records hold, their abilities are, their educational accomplishments are, what their personal lives, backgrounds and loyalties reveal. I don’t just listen to what the MSM advertisements try to convince you this guy is all about. If the public would do that, a lot of politicians would not be in office, what ever their political party might happen to be. By the way, don’t just listen to your favority MSM, listen to them all and then research what they say, look how long Brian Williams has been selling cookies. LOL
            ….. and for the record, I’m not going back to proof read my spelling and sentences structure…. at this point I could care less.

          • Not to mention that it was not Obummer, but TAXPAYERS who PAID for INSURANCE coverage (HEALTH care is a separate matter) to those 10,000,000 parasites.

            It is so easy for liberals to give away money that doesn’t belong t them. If they did not have that power, there would probably be a lot less of them.
            Hmmmm. Come to think of it…

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Owens must be smoking some really powerful shit. Dayuum! He’s so full of shit that a septic tank wouldn’t hold his ass. Just the one thing, “affordable healthcare!” I’m laughing my ass off here! If it was even near affordable, then why is everyone trying to abolish it. ? Owens, did you have a private meeting with not-so- sharpton and the AIC and accidentally get your head stuck in their ass, or what…??? What a dumbass!!!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            And he gave billions to his terrorist brothers to dumbass and, AND sent them billions worth of equipment. Wipe your face off! You have Ovomitshit all over it!!


          • Michael Dennewitz

            Keep it coming jimmyboy, you have me laughing my ass off. Hey, did your momma have any kids that lived? HAHAHAHA

          • You Sir are an IDIOT…..

          • Seconded

          • AwakenedAngryAmerican

            If the “liberals” take over America. No one would want to live here even if it existed anymore.

          • good does that mean you will leave when hillary wins or just more bullshit like your poster boy ted nuggent who said he would leave if obama won yet this child molesting ass is still hear and supported by you conservatives

          • AwakenedAngryAmerican

            I can hear your masters degree not being here or there. Carry on scholar.

          • so does this gibberish mean your packing to leave

          • On August 8, 2013 NTEB News warned you of the plan by the Obama Administration to sneak into the country scores of highly-trained Muslim terrorists disguised as refugees from war-torn Iraq and Syria. Today, ABC News confirms that this has happened exactly as we warned you it would.

            ABC News: Several dozen suspected terrorist bombmakers, including some believed to have targeted American troops, may have mistakenly been allowed to move to the United States as war refugees, according to FBI agents investigating the remnants of roadside bombs recovered from Iraq and Afghanistan.

            The discovery in 2009 of two al Qaeda-Iraq terrorists living as refugees in Bowling Green, Kentucky — who later admitted in court that they’d attacked U.S. soldiers in Iraq — prompted the bureau to assign hundreds of specialists to an around-the-clock effort aimed at checking its archive of 100,000 improvised explosive devices collected in the war zones, known as IEDs, for other suspected terrorists’ fingerprints.

            Click here to read the story on ABC

            “We are currently supporting dozens of current counter-terrorism investigations like that,” FBI Agent Gregory Carl, director of the Terrorist Explosive Device Analytical Center (TEDAC), said in an ABC News interview to be broadcast tonight on ABC News’ “World News with Diane Sawyer” and “Nightline”.

            “I wouldn’t be surprised if there were many more than that,” said House Committee on Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul. “And these are trained terrorists in the art of bombmaking that are inside the United States; and quite frankly, from a homeland security perspective, that really concerns me.”

            As a result of the Kentucky case, the State Department stopped processing Iraq refugees for six months in 2011, federal officials told ABC News – even for many who had heroically helped U.S. forces as interpreters and intelligence assets. One Iraqi who had aided American troops was assassinated before his refugee application could be processed, because of the immigration delays, two U.S. officials said. In 2011, fewer than 10,000 Iraqis were resettled as refugees in the U.S., half the number from the year before, State Department statistics show.

            Suspect in Kentucky Discovered to Have Insurgent Past

            An intelligence tip initially led the FBI to Waad Ramadan Alwan, 32, in 2009. The Iraqi had claimed to be a refugee who faced persecution back home — a story that shattered when the FBI found his fingerprints on a cordless phone base that U.S. soldiers dug up in a gravel pile south of Bayji, Iraq on Sept. 1, 2005. The phone base had been wired to unexploded bombs buried in a nearby road.

            An ABC News investigation of the flawed U.S. refugee screening system, which was overhauled two years ago, showed that Alwan was mistakenly allowed into the U.S. and resettled in the leafy southern town of Bowling Green, Kentucky, a city of 60,000 which is home to Western Kentucky University and near the Army’s Fort Knox and Fort Campbell. Alwan and another Iraqi refugee, Mohanad Shareef Hammadi, 26, were resettled in Bowling Green even though both had been detained during the war by Iraqi authorities, according to federal prosecutors.

            Most of the more than 70,000 Iraqi war refugees in the U.S. are law-abiding immigrants eager to start a new life in America, state and federal officials say.

            But the FBI discovered that Alwan had been arrested in Kirkuk, Iraq, in 2006 and confessed on video

          • I think someone is losing his temper!! Blood pressure old guy, blood pressure!!

          • Getting mad are you??? Truth hurts and if you would get your head out of Obama’s backside you could see it. You liberals are the ones who are going to need to shape up or GET OUT and you can take that to the bank, druggie!!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Boy, you’re smoking a ton of that shit, huh jimmyboy??

          • I’ve been off-grid working for a bit, I get back and lo and behold, we have another dipsht to play with. Keep working on Owens the Mental Midget and I’ll be back tomorrow to help. Say hi to Faye for me…

          • You have been asleep toooooo long. Obamao did NONE of what you stated. In fact, he has been systematically destroying America for the past 6 plus years. It was after all, what he was hired to do.

          • well he did do those things and you have your head up your ass so far you can only hear the other shitheads preach their lies- keep up with the facts not fox and you will learn more. and prepare for hillary to continue saving America from the holocost of the bush/cheney reich

          • Rolling my eyes and shaking my head.

          • in your case that is called a colonoscopy

          • Still swimming in Lake Smirnoff, Gruber?

          • Well, no he didn’t and we don’t depend on Fox to keep us informed. Fox reports both sides. You get your lies from MSNBC, CNN and all the alphabet networks who lean so far left they almost fall into each other. Hillary will be in jail before she ever hopes to look at the White House again and if not, it will be total voter fraud again, just like 2012 and there will be Civil War in this country and you will be cowering in the corner, just like most of your liberal buddies.

          • Candy Gwen Lopitz

            Good grief! You are delusional. Get your head out of the sand and look around at the reality that everyone else is living in.

          • Candy, this guy hasn’t lived in reality in so long, he would never recognize it if it slapped him in the face.

          • Hey Tex: Jimbo is a paid Liberal-TARD TROLL. Did poorly in school, lives in his mother’s basement, does down low tricks on skid row to buy dope, votes DemonicRATS and thinks Peter Pan is a wash basin in his/her/its favorite Gay Bath House.

          • Hey Thanks, Jarhead!!!! My vision was very much like that so I’m glad to know I nailed him pretty well. By the way, thanks for your service. I was in Iraq from January 2003 to December 2008 providing life support for the Military, US Government and other civilian contractors. Don’t know if you were in previous and not this one but wherever you were and have been, you are appreciated.

          • WWII (1945) & Korea(1950)…..Thanks for the Thanks and same to you. Was a proud Texan for over 35 years. Semper Fi

          • My Dad was in WWII and I went to Iraq at 60 and returned at 65. I was with that company for over 40 years and that was the best job I ever had while with them. Retired last year but still dabbling. It’s hard to take off the harness after so many years of working!!! Good for you and we would love to have you come back anytime you want to….for a visit or permanently once again!!! Semper Fi !!!!!

          • Will do…2 of my 10 children live there…..probably in a boat currently?

          • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…go back to sleep

          • He ended the war in Iraq and thousands of Christians and moderate Muslims were beheaded. ISIS is taking over Iraq and so far 50% of Syria. Even the democrats have admitted it was a mistake to pull out.
            He didn’t save the economy, it’s worse than ever. He has the lowest GDP growth in history and in a few quarters the economy has actually shrank.
            He didn’t save the auto industry, that was a union payoff. The bailouts started in the Bush administration, not the obammy administration.
            The ACA is a ripoff for the middle class and it’s unpopular in every poll. The architect of the ACA said that if people knew what it was really about, it would be rejected. You’ve been Gruberized, Gruber!

            Anything else I can clear up for you, Gruber?

          • You should sell that dope you are on rather than using it for yourself. You would be a millionaire if you did. I see he gives you your parroting talking parts and you keep the list close at hand.

          • He was, James. He can’t remember which is which. We have to keep reminding him. He is the demorat and if he can just remember that, maybe he can keep them straight.

          • Old white thieving, bribe taking describes the Clinton crime family perfectly.

          • You hit that nail squarely on the head, Warren.

          • But Killary says they have fallen on hard times and need money badly……and you know she always tells the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

          • no–the N privileged will do it better, as they have been since the 50’s.

          • Good works? Lowest workforce participation rate since the 70’s and doubling the poverty rate. There’s also 300,000+ a week applying for unemployment. Good job Barry LOL!!!

          • Here’s what we don’t need, a corrupt old lady with a husband who has a history of rape and groping. It looks like the democrats are running the bingo hall, BINGO!!!

      • I’d like to T- off on his balls with a big wood but I’d have to get them from his husbands purse if he could find them. They hide in the same place as his spine I bet.

      • Notice how he bragged on himself yesterday, speaking to the veterans, about no ground troops at war now? He cannot speak without making it “ALL ABOUT HIM!” He’s never served and has no clue about how to lead a war.

    • The Progressive Liberal Left Democrats, the UN, and Soros, are the defining enemies of these United States.

    • just shoot already sheesh…no wonder we lost the war…fighting among ourselves lol

    • obama and his muslim brotherhood are behind this as well as LGBT which he supports (because he is gay and one of them).

      • I believe that if we started pushing this gay stuff on Muslim business then we would expose leftist discrimination. We would force them to try to justify enforcing this on Christians only.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          I really wish people would STOP calling them gays.. THEY’RE QUEERS !!!

          • And R-O-Y-G-B-I-V was just a spectrum mnemonic. How can anyone co-opt ALL colors? I can understand pink, blue, (maybe violet) but I can’t help but wonder what ‘orange’ might be used to represent in this post-logic social(ist) age.

          • AMEN

          • Michael Dennewitz

            But don’t try telling Faye or headinhisass or woody that. They’ll drag out their dictionaries and try to shame you by resorting to name calling. In some ways, I think it’s funny. Thank God I don’t have to read any of their replies any more. Let them ramble on.. Have a good day.:-)

          • I thank God that there are a few people like you still around. You justify my service time, thanks

        • We better start doing something. Get on the offense. It isn’t necessary for us to stand back and take this. They complain about things being done to them and then turn around do those same things to someone else they don’t like. They will wish one day they didn’t do all this, but of course they first have to hurt people. The gays are the haters. The sad part is you are being used by the devil & the government. Are you looking for satisfaction? You won’t find it this way. It will come back to bite you, BIG TIME, just watch!!!!!

        • Lots of luck! Obama would say they were exempt from serving same sex because of the mulim ideology and of course he is muslim too as well as being gay. I think the muslim in him will win out and he’ll protect them.

          • The same is in Christian ideology and it don’t matter so much what Obama would say, it is what the courts say that counts.

          • Again, it depends on the judge in the court. If it’s an obama judge then it would be obama’s word and they would be changing the law instead of interpreting it. It has happened so many times already. And, as obama said, he would always stand behind the muslims.

          • That is what counts TODAY. Hopefully America will wake up (son?) and even change that.

            The courts spend all their time redefining America. It is past time we the people made some changes so we can redefine judges.

          • That’s exactly where we need to start so we can get somewhere with those out of control liberals that need to be put in a corner until we can get some sanity back into this country.

        • There would also be a lot less court cases. Nobody is going to sue Muslims for anything, and that would prevent the libs from suing ANYBODY.

      • AMEN TO THAT

    • ‘Fox guarding the henhouse’ is a great job, too bad we keep electing FOXES to support and defend OUR Constitution. “Abstention is STILL a vote to preserve current power”

    • The more I think about it, the SUPREME COURT is much more of a threat to the constitution than the government. At least the people can CHANGE the government if we ever grew the balls to do it.

      These socktuckers (I’m just AWFUL at spelling) in black robes are in for life.

    • Time for the REVOLUTION/CIVIL WAR.

    • Indeed, REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION! r===========?

      Welcome to “The Michael Savage Newsletter,” your daily insider report on all things “Savage.”

      In today’s issue: It’s not a story the rest of the media is following very closely, but Dr. Savage warns that Obama’s plans to allow Muslim refugees from Burma to settle in the United States is part of a plan to transform the demographic makeup of America.

      “The evil man in the White House is working around the clock to destroy us,” Savage said.

      Do you know what he’s doing now?

      He wants to bring in thousands of Muslims from Burma.

      The Burmese want to kick them out because they’re troublemakers.

      Burma is a 90 percent Buddhist nation. The Muslim minority has been causing problems in Burma for over a thousand years.

      Obama wants to overwhelm America with Muslim immigrants, to weaken the Christian majority.

      These particular Muslims are unemployable. They have multiple wives.

      They’ll go on welfare and wreck our schools.

      Why is Obama allowed to get away with this?

      Because the Republican Party is invisible, while their mouthpieces in the media go on about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, George Washington and Ronald Reagan.

      Reagan opened the borders, by the way. Don’t tell me he’s some great conservative hero.

    • John Allen Dickinson

      Yeah, I bet it hurt you big time when it enforced school desegregation orders in Alabama and Arkansas.

  2. I say, don’t pay it and use the money to fight it up the line! This “administrative judge” does not even have jurisdiction, let alone the understanding of their Constitutional RIGHT to contract freely, which includes the RIGHT to NOT contract!

    This is the most ludicrous ruling on this subject!

    • Get used to it!

    • By rights, the ACLU should pay the cost of fighting this in higher courts. It was the civil rights of the baker that was violated not of the gay couple.

    • Absolutely Right! You do not need to roll over and play dead for an administrative judge that is making UnConstitutional rulings. Ask for a trial by jury. Some states you can do that. If nothing else tie it up in court for years and keep refusing to make mentally ill cakes that are against your beliefs. Get on line and get support money from churches an Christians that believe in the Bible. But always remember this misfits of society need mental help and are put here for a purpose. To test our faith and try to force us to believe in evil and turn form God. Remember, the Constitution and Bill of Rights are not a living breathing documents like democrats and liberals want to use it as such. The Federalist Papers make it very clear.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        What they should have done was baked the lil QUEERS a really nice cake……and loaded it to the max with exlax…..

        • Better yet— the white powder of a GI procedure cleanser would NEVER be detected. Add Mag Citrate to mix batter and bake. The gays and guests would not know what hit them and they would have to drizzle all the way to bathroom—major embarrassment in front of the guests. I wonder if media would cover that.

      • the US has the best judges that money can buy, I am angry that I can’t afford to buy one

    • They wouldn’t see a penny of that money they should fight it until dooms day!!!!

  3. Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

    I fear that this is just the beginning. This evil has spread from the very top, (the white House) too all branches of the government. And it we the people keep silent, then we have no right to complain later on.

    • let them go to a muslim bakery, and see how far they go.. gays trump Christians, but muslims trump gays. the law will back the muslims for sure.

      • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

        They’ll never go there because their beef is with Christianity. And they know Obama will come down on the side of the Muslims.and since there’s fewer Muslims than Christians in this country, that’s who they’re going to harass.

  4. how can a “private business” not owned by the government be forced to do anything against their beliefs?

    • Because this is the way the Fraud in Chief wants it his laws an screw everyone else.

      • let him try bucking his way in front of GOD when he is there for judgement day see how far that gets him, and if he ain’t afraid of GOD then he soon will be

        • I do believe that God will make his move on the Fraud in Chief

          • he has been little by little GOD is unveiling and directing those to resources that soon will expose this fraud to the world

        • Obama believes in Allah. He would kill or have people killed to gain his way into Islamic “heaven”.

          • that ain’t nothing new, I’ve known that since 2007 warned others about him they refused to listen calling me crazy.Guess what? crazy is when you vote for an unknown without checking out their past lives if they have one to check out, and if they don’t a red flag or light bulb should go off and show you DANGER DANGER DANGER!!!

    • Welcome to the fundamentally changed AmeriKa.

    • By all rights…Absolutely Nothing. The first amendment is there to prevent the government from violating our rights. It’s there to protect us from an out of control government, not to protect us from each other.

  5. Administrative law judge Alan McCullough belongs in prison along with a million dollar fine, who in the hell does he think he is.

    • I wonder if he is part of the judiciary that believes in signing fake warrants for terrorizing US Citizens. Like that idiot judge who signed the fake warrant for that idiot DA in Minnesota? The one who sent the law out to an innocent family’s house and terrorized them, took their children and threatened them to keep quiet about the illegal invasion. That was terrorism against Scott Walker supporters. Similar terrorist activities happened on Friday in Maryland where law officials accosted the children of a family, took them to CPS and used the guise of protecting the children from a “predator”. Keep alert people this could happen to ANY of us.

  6. What kind of proof did these 2 lesbians have that the bakers not doing a cake for their “wedding” caused all of these so-called “problems”? Probably none. Makes me sick.

  7. This absolutely hits the nail on the head. The strategy is clearly to find businesses owned by active Christians, present demands to them that they cannot fulfill on account of religious objections (same-sex marriage now, satanic observances next, pedophilia and incest and cannibalism down the road), the have the state move in and take them out. For every bankrupted business and family of faith, others will be chilled into going out of business or acquiescing. Efforts have already begun locally to tax churches and to license them and subsequently close them. America under the Manchurian President and the blood-stained bribe-taking Marxist harridan designated to be his successor is far down the road to Stalin’s Russia and the Kims’ North Korea and is picking up speed.

  8. What a crock of . . . . our judicial system in not very judicious . . .

  9. how is there ” any ” rule of law in what that judge ” determined ” was fair and just compensation? ITS BLATANTLY CLEAR hes unfit to make any kind of rational decision as this is clearly his own biased feeling – To accept what those – ” individuals ” claimed as ” damages ” to be a result of being refused service is beyond belief – ” loss of confidence ” ? ” resumption of smoking habit ” – this is another case of the lunatics running the asylum – You want to be a deviant and you’re an ” adult ” ( I would question that determination in this case ) and you choose this form of ” lifestyle ” grow the fuc- up and take your punches on the chin and stop blaming other people – for YOUR loss of self esteem – YOU’RE the ones deciding on a deviant lifestyle – STOP blaming other people for THEIR CHOICE to not agree/accept who YOU’VE chosen to be – TAKE RESPONSIBILTY FOR YOUR CHOICES –

    • James H. Humphrey

      I can’t imagine that I would ever have to start smoking because I didn’t get a cake, even as a kid I didn’t sull up and pout because I didn’t get cake – and then go hire an attorney to sue – My My My, I guess this is what gays do, hold thier breath till they get their way. To bad they were never introduced to the rod of correction and training as a child.

      • I hear ya’ pretty ridiculous isn’t it – they make the choice – its theirs and theirs alone to pursue a deviant lifestyle and then they try to hammer the rest of us because we don’t go along with them – they’re blaming us for their low self esteem over the deviant choices they’ve made – ridiculous..

      • Yes, too many parents turned their children over to the State to raise. That is why we have a dumbed down society of the future.

    • IllBeYour Huckleberry

      If a Jury did not find them guilty they shouldn’t have to pay anything. Judges should not be deciding cases without juries, juries should also be a random 12 from everyone instead of being hand picked.

      • I hear ya’ I agree – but what we have going on these days really ahs nothing to do with justice as you and I know it – its perverted into just another ” tool ” by the factions that have weaseled their way into power –

    • Yes! A court should order that judge to have a psychiatric evaluation for competency.

  10. The gofundme people weenied out, if you want to donate check Samaritan’s Purse for donations to help the Kleins.


  12. Judicial BS of the fowlist magnitude. First of all, the judicial system should not work like a lottery contributing to the perversion that the Christian Bakers resisted. Where is there a financial loss of sixty or seventy thousand dollars of the homosexual couple? Secondly, the Oregon (rhymes with twit) State sense of reason and rational thinking. Under Bammie Underpants, this country has become fair game of the homos and the coloreds. Time to uproot these insidious vermin and omit Hildebeast from the democrat candidate list.

  13. NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    They should appeal the case to the appellate division and take it all the way up the line with a pro-Religious law firm saying they used the money for legal fees, and oooops! they’re now out of money and have to file Bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is no big issue anymore.

  14. keep your friends close and your enemies closer, never think a muslim or queer will do the right thing according to the only GOD

  15. I am not sure I understand this –
    … a Christian baker (florist, whatever) can NOT refuse to prepare something that violates their Freedom of Speech and expression, but a Muslim /whatever CAN refuse a Christian request (try ordering a BLT). Remember, these Christians DO serve any one with their ‘counter’ products; they just refuse to prepare something special regarding the special request display.

  16. I doubt the LGBT business people would suffer any punishment for refusing to serve Christian people in their establishments. In fact, this has already been proven. The federal government is destroying our Christian heritage, offending our Christian sensibility, and standing for TRUTH, JUSTICE & LIBERTY makes one an enemy of the state which now pursues a godless socialist tyranny! Live Free or Die!

    • Someone could ask a gay/lesbian bakery to make a cake with “Stop Same-Sex Marriage” written in frosting on the top, and then sue them when they refuse to make it.

  17. Marriage is a religious ceremony centuries old, before ANY of these “special” groups were founded.
    Why do these “special” groups want to use it?
    Are they jealous, NO, do they just want to destroy it, YES?
    And why are just Christians being targeted?
    Muslim bakeries treated gays much much worse, see
    Thes “special” groups are just Nazi fascists, see

  18. Michael Dennewitz

    There’s not a posting in here that I would disagree with. If the mooselums think they hate queers, they haven’t met me yet. If I were them, I would fight that shit all the way to the supreme court! There has to be hoards of lawyers out there that would take the case for free, IF they still held any respect for our constitution! I’m in the lawn maint business. Let some faggot try that shit with me. He’ll be at the curb with all the other tree trimmings!!

  19. I think this is liberal garbage this used to be a free country it is no longer. I have turned a blind eye to gays and dykes I always thought do not judge but I do now thy should all go to China or Cuba and see how far they would get.

  20. What ever happened to “This establishment reserves the right to refuse service to anyone”? This is becoming a big joke, it is nothing more then the government saying “You will do as I say “. This is just another freedom being taken away from the people of a SUPPOSEDLY free country

  21. What an awful thing to d to a baker.

  22. Welcome to the Facist States of America. The U.S. that we knew has ceased to exist.

  23. This judge should be remove from office and made to pay the $135,000.00 he has adjudicated to be paid. Every business should have the option to select customer base without stupid government interference. That is part of being a free nation. The decision by this dumb A$$ judge is prejudiced against those of us who believe that the Gay movement is without merit other than to obtain special privileges not accorded to the rest of the 97% of the population. It is a sad day in America when 3% of the population is driving the domestic issues at a terrible cost to the taxpayers. We are becoming the Sodom and Gammorah of antiquity that was destroyed by God for the same type of activities that a few people are trying to make a main stay in America.

  24. What a surprise! Another judge who has the ‘right’ to force our citizens to violate their religious beliefs. This judge would probably ‘OK’ 3, 4, or more people getting married to each other because it is their ‘right’, etc.

  25. I would rather go to jail than to pay. There has to a solution to all this madness!!

  26. Maybe it’s time for fire to come down from heaven to destroy these fools except whoever will repent.

  27. Simple solution: Refuse to make ANY wedding cakes any more!

  28. People better learn to lie their asses off, oh I am so sorry ladies, or whatever you are but I am tied up with the man marrying his goat wedding

  29. the gov’t is WRONG on this! Carvel once advertised they will put whatever you want on a cake. I wanted to give a very risque cake to the girls in the lab at work; and upon entering Carvel, I asked if they would do what I wanted! Therefore I felt it was their call; and I still think it is the proprietors

  30. File a complaint with the State BAR against this Gay loving Judge !
    Kweers be Damned !!

  31. I would make the cake, But I would have peed and sh t in the cake mix before I baked it.

  32. Civil Disobedience!!! Tell that Admistrative Law Judge to take a flying leap at his rolling donut, and don’t pay up one red dime.

  33. Since this injustice seems to be for real, why aren’t the Muslim bakers in Michigan receiving the same legal treatment when they refuse to make a SSM “wedding” cake? That video is on the web. Try to watch it.

  34. Next time Sweet Cakes, if there is one?, price your work accordingly ( and NEVER discuss religion, politics, or sex habits with a customer) You failed to set your price to cover the potential problem(s)…. customer would have likely gone away if it were very high, if not and they wanted to continue scamming you…..take the Order, get cash in advance, and Farm It Out. Donate profit to church, charity or any anti-perversion organization. Every body is happy, no shysters need apply. This pricing method (TOO COVER ALL THE PROBLEMS ANTICIPATED) is standard in the printing industry and has worked well for over 75 years that I know of.

  35. WILL THIS CRAP EVER END? Administrative law judge Alan McCullough ought to be IMPEACHED! This Country is rapidly descending into a vile pit and FOR WHAT? So that some scum bag lgbt can ransom a HARD WORKING AMERICAN BUSINESS PERSON of their life’s work and life savings all for the sake of political correctness. Political correctness in the USA has morphed into, LIE, CHEAT, STEAL and accuse anyone the lgbt hates and destroy them. What goes around comes around and it may take until the end of the world but I hope God plunges the lgbt and their supporters where they belong! The burning Pit of Hell!!!

  36. If it were me, I’d refuse to pay, The courts should have no legal right in such matters.

  37. Big Brother and the Emperor and his minions have spoken and we must all obey.

  38. It sound like our own government is not following either the rule of law or the Constitution. They are playing favorites and that is just wrong.

  39. Blood pressure, return too a smoking habit, all because a couple of queers couldn’t get a cake? This is all such bullshit !

  40. RESIST!!! DO NOT COMPLY!!! It is your Constitutional right still and these bakers should resist! The law that Oregon is using is fiat and an usurpation of OUR Constitution! NONCOMPLIANCE!!!! If you people truly want to fight the “good” fight than resist and disobey these rulings by these homoloving judges who are so eager to destroy our nation and our values!!!!

  41. That lawsuit is completely frivolous. Were are the good Christian lawyer firms looking to do the right thing and defend this people? Im sure if they had the money to pay a big name firm the outcome would have been different.

  42. Christian bussiness have to change its bussiness plan and made their bussiness like Costco, with a membership. They could charge something ridiculous like a cent to join the club with the first purchase but then the buyer would have agree to the rules of the membership to buy or keep buying. In their membership they could stipulate whatever they want because it would be a private buyer’s club. Hope this idea can be put forward.

  43. Michael Dennewitz

    So… Some pissy little local judge was bribed by queers!? They’re crazy if they don’t appeal and take it to a higher court!!! Let a bunch of QUEERS try that around here. If ever there is a QUEER wedding anywhere near here, we have a huge group, all set and waiting to CRASH THEIR FUDGE PACKING WEDDING!!

    • It’s just so disgusting Michael. This country is going to hell!

      • Michael Dennewitz

        On a FAST TRACK, and the repooplicans are the biggest reason because they sold us down the river with bogus promises!

        • I DO NOT trust any politician regardless of party. I think they all lie and are untrustworthy.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            As well, you shouldn’t! This is why I’m constantly saying, “Years ago we fought the communists, now they get elected to Congress and to the presidency!” They’ve all been bought off or threatened!! I’m convinced of it!!

  44. I would never pay this fine, and most of all I would leave this nation until it cleans itself up.

  45. The violation is definitely against the bakers that have the rights to do business with whomever and wherever they want. The judge Alan McCullough doesn’t seem to understand individual’s rights! It doesn’t mean that one person’s rights are greater than other people’s rights! He shouldn’t be a judge if he doesn’t comprehend that!

  46. Yehovah has a wakeup call coming for all of the perverts this coming September 2015, many are about to learn that there are dire consequences for persecuting Yah elect. Shalom!

  47. We seem to be “Between A Rock And A Hard Place”. Voting doesn’t work…writing to politicians doesn’t work…lawsuits don’t work…threats don’t work! Just waiting and anticipating the spark that will finally blow this country apart… Hell Is Coming!

  48. They’re not gay, they’re SAD ! Might even be aids carriers . Shouldn’t even let them in the store ! The judge might even be a pervert too !

  49. They should’ve went before Judge Judy !

  50. Did anybody see the article that was on the internet about the soldier transitioning from a man to a woman? This person wanted to use the ladies bathroom and there was a big stink over it.They had a photo of this person in the article and they had on a pink camo uniform with pink dangling earrings and a beard. And the taxpayers are the one’s who are paying for the surgery. Just wanted to know if anyone else saw it!

  51. I think in that same state, religious people of whatever faith should seek out LGBT businesses & demand they perform or provide a service for them that is in complete opposition to THEIR beliefs, & if refused, bring a law suit against them. They should also seek out any Muslim businesses & seek to have them perform a service or product with a reference to gays or lesbians, or if they are in the service business have them provide a service that is against their religious beliefs, & again if they don’t provide it, sue.
    Then let’s see what the judge & the Oregon Bureau of Labor does in those cases.

  52. On appeal the “punitive damages” should be reversed. But there is no reason for any citizen of good conscious to refuse services to lesbian, homosexual or just odd customers.
    Jesus was well known for dealing with the dregs of society.
    However, in the case of a baker and a cake, the limits of damages would be the cost of the cake, perhaps $40 or $50. Cheerfully mix the cake batter with flour, sugar, SALT and what ever the recipe calls for.
    It seems to me that the whole marriage push is about tax breaks families, husband and wife, mother and father, get to encourage families.
    By definition, lesbians and queers do not have children so they don’t need the married tax break.
    The so called exclusive benefits of being married such as power of attorney, hospital visits or whatever can apply to anybody, it is only the income tax break and the tax code that is the access point for the government into the religious custom of marriage.
    Do away with the marriage category on the income tax.

  53. This Administrative Judge should have his ass kicked. Would love to see him cry like a baby.

  54. Dr. Robert Schwartz

    Everyone in our America must call out all those people that believe a civil law trumps our moral laws. They don’t, and the reason is simple: Moral laws are based on divine truths, which inhere in the very nature of our humanity. Divine truths, therefore, precede civil laws. Divine truths have paved the way for the logic in our civil laws that express it as a crime to take another’s possessions, to take another’s life, to tell an untruth, to neutralize our mind because of our addiction to something we might ingest. These truths, and many more, are found in our very nature. Honoring God is also in our nature. It is also a guarantee within our Bill of Rights. None of us can be constrained to violate our moral laws. One of them, a corollary of our morality, is not to participate in immoral actions. This, then, is where it should be very clear to all Americans that services can be refused to those who are involved in an immoral act. That is the case with the people who ask for service to assist a proposed union between two of the same sex.


    The government, the justice system, the politicians, the lawyers have become TOTALLY CORRUPT.

    This is why we need revolution from time to time and why humans developed rope (it wasn’t to tie horses).

  56. you see we can play this game what we need to do is all start coming up with the same thing about headaches not being able to sleep having problems with people not understanding how we are you know then take them to court

  57. This is a war on Christians. You don’t see LGBTs going to Muslim bakeries and asking for gay wedding cakes. You don’t see them going to Muslim caterers and asking them to cater pork roast. You don’t see them going to Orthodox Jewish caterers and demanding non-Kosher food. Why not??? That is not their agenda. Their agenda is to force Christianity out of the fabric of daily life. They then believe they can turn this country into a socialist wasteland. But be careful who you crawl into bed with. After you, the LGBTs and your progrssive cohorts destroy this country, who do you think the Muslim findamentalists will turn on? The LGBT community is being used as the “useful idiots” for the Progressives. And when the Progressives are done with them, they will be thrown by the wayside along with the Christians they so despised.

  58. it should become the primary objective of every Christian to run every homosexual owned businesses out of business…lets cost then every bit as miuch then ten times more, as they are costing Cristian businesses that want only to have THEIR rights honnored… starting with the bakeries and event planners… 70% of the population needs to stand against the 2-3% homo-fascists who believe their right to flaunt their perversion exceeds the right of Christians to not support that perversion… their pissant numbers will not sustain a business alone and its time they learn that Christians WILL FIGHT BACK…

  59. no freedoms in america nowdays

  60. P**s on you, Your Honor, because you are a disgrace to the United States Constitution.

  61. This is the most bazaar thing I have ever heard of. If the gays want all this power give them their own state. Leave us Christians alone. Their Gay attorneys are to powerful because they are backed by the Liberal government we have now. A business should have the right to not serve anyone because of their religion . Right if you gays want a cake go to a Muslim bakery. They wont put up with your pushy gay rights you push on other people who believe marriage is between a man and a women.

  62. I wonder if this juge would render a judgement for the bakery if the bakery sued the couple and the state for “high blood pressure, loss of confidence in the government, resumption of smoking and drinking habit and infringement of religious freedom” after being forced to bake their cake?

  63. Homosexuality
    is an Abomination to God. What does that mean? anything abominable; anything greatly disliked orabhorred. intense aversion or loathing; detestation: a vile, shameful, or detestable action, condition,habit, etc.:
    The changing of our laws to protect homosexuals is leading our country to destruction. These lgbt people don’t hate you they hate
    the fact that you will not give voice that their sick sin is okay and not a sin
    in the eyes of God. If I were to say what lgbt is legitimate I would have to
    say lying, stealing, cheating are legitimate, and all of the other commandments
    of God are illegitimate.

    If only people would study more. Why did God flood the earth? The answers are written for all to see if one wants to know the truth. God flooded the earth because of sin, which includes homosexuality. Same with Sodom and Gomorrah and were now getting close to this happening again in the form of judgment on Babylon/America, Revelation 14:6-13 and 4 more prophecies on America. We are now as bad as the pre-flood inhabitants were. For more on the fall of America go to and for more information on
    pre-flood events go to you tube and paste “The moon is your worst
    nightmare” watch this several times to insure yourself this is true, not
    for children. Then after you pick yourself up from the floor go to and find out where all of this came from. You will be
    amazed at what you don’t know.
    If Jesus Christ is not on your “todo” list I suggest you get with it. There is a
    prophecy that states the Lord at some point will send a strong delusion that
    you will believe the lie. Washington has already drank the kool aid.

  64. These people stood up for what they thought was right. They told the truth. For that they may have to pay $135,000. This is one time they would have been better off if they had lied. Simply saying they didn’t have time to make it or they didn’t have the right equipment or the stove broke down. Any number of other legitimate reasons they couldn’t do it. This is just outrageous. We are going to have to start asking every politician, at election time, if they approve of this decision and others like it. Demand a simple yes or no. I wonder what that Judge would award me if I went to a chevrolet dealer and demanded they sell me a Ford?

    • Selling you a Ford is not the same as not selling you one because of your choices in life. But, I do agree, I think this is pushing it too far.

  65. Odd! Not one Muslim owned bakery has been attacked legally or otherwise by the homosexual community for refusing to produce a product or cater to same-sex wedding or other activities based on their religious beliefs. Want proof? Type: Muslim Bakery Refuse to make cake on any search engine of your choice. So, how come only Christians? Could it be fear? After all, any same-sex couple would require leaving their names and address to the Muslim baker.

  66. Michael Dennewitz

    Well folks, a little off the subject at hand, but… The governor of Maryland has just shut Baltimore down completely! National Guard are being sent in. In worse riots since Ferguson, stores have been looted and then burned. AND THEY’RE DOING IT TO THEIR OWN PEOPLE!! HA! Makes sense to me. Teach whitie a lesson, destroy our OWN town.. ROFLMFAO

    • Who’s going to pay to rebuild it? People that work for a living and pay taxes.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Exactly!! But what blew me away – hundreds of cops standing as a barricade, and these suckers were destroying two or three “cruisers!”

  67. Every business has the right to post a sign on their front door which states:


    The government is overstepping their authority telling a business what they can offer and what they can’t ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    and like saying goes:


  68. Cristian activists, go to a muslim bakery and order a cake with the inscriptions “Jesus is God” and see what happens.

  69. This is one more liberal wiggler judge… time to take him/her/it out with the rest of the trash

  70. Wonder what these “gays” will do when they “gain the whole world and lose their souls!” In the same way that God-fearing people cannot change these folks, they cannot change what we believe! Meanwhile, the “gays” can accuse non-gays of “hate speech” and all kinds of absurd things. They may get their way in man’s court and hurt those who do not accept their sin; however, in the end they will lose everything! So will the people in the court system who counter God’s holy law with man’s “political correctness”!

  71. Some “people” may dance in the streets, but this “sheep dog” is going to dance on the graves of those that created this mess all the while I pee on those same graves. These damned QUEERS have been waiting for many years for the political climate to be just right for their perverted lifestyles. We now have that political climate and I feel it is going to backfire on the QUEERS something fierce. If someone wants to play “hide the sausage” or “munch of a carpet”, do it in the privacy of the bedroom and not try to change the whole damned world to your liking.

  72. I would tell the sodomite judge to “GO TO HELL!!!”


  74. By the same token, I wonder if we could force Liberal print shops and copy centers to print and copy Anti-Abortion signs and Anti-gay marriage signs. I wish that someone would try it and see how far they get. Hey. what’s fair is fair !

  75. A disturbing thought: how come the gays have
    never attacked a Muslim-owned business? Under Islam the gays are to have their
    heads cut off – as per B. Hussein Obama’s Quran! In Saudi Arabia they have
    special executioners with a curved yatagan (blade).
    An example:

    Baker: “So you’re gay and want a wedding cake! What size and how many

    Gay: “I want it decorated to reflect our gay marriage. I want you to decorate
    it with crossed dicks over an anus.”

    Baker: “That is gross and offends my sensibility and religious beliefs”.

    Government will send its hordes to arrest the baker and sentence him to a
    20-year jail term for “insensitivity” and “offenses against the civil rights”.
    And, of course, an automatic confiscation of that bakery plus the award for
    damages to that faggot of $15 million.

    This country has fallen into a liberal-progressive cesspool and is about to
    drown in it.

  76. Why do they insist that it must be someone who doesn’t want to that has to bake their cake? Because it is they that are intolerant, hypocritical, mean-spirited bigots. Why must we cater to unreasonable minorities that act like spoiled children? Why are we allowing “them” to rewrite the dictionary, rewrite the Constitution, and rewrite history? It’s all been sneaking up on us for too long and it my be too late to get things back under control. Big Ears has accelerated things to the point that it’s gotten our attention. Perhaps enough of us have woken up to get enough of the idiots in Congress out and “reset the government.

  77. Wow_Who_Would_Think

    So as individuals, if invited to a same sex wedding, are we eventually going to get sued if we don’t participate? It doesn’t seem right that as individuals we have the right to not participate in something we find immoral but a business does not have the right to participate in immoral activities? Seems like something terrible is being pushed when it comes to making businesses participate in immoral activities or in something that they don’t want to participate in regardless of the reason.

    It wasn’t that long ago when sodomy was against the law all over the USA. Now people are doing the impossible and extending marriage, which is all about choosing one’s mate, to same sex “couples” who technically could never mate with each other if their lives depended upon it. Guess these people are redefining the definition of mating also.

    The inconvenient truths about homosexuality are many. When one looks at their disease statistics, homosexuals have far higher disease statistics than other groups of people due to using the waste outlet, the anus/rectum like a vagina. Most people who think there is nothing wrong with homosexual behaviors must be completely lacking in imagination or critical thinking skills or are just plain ignoramuses.

    When people have anal sex, i.e. sodomy, they have to ignore their consciences that tell them that it is wrong behavior and they have to ignore that they are putting their member into a cavity where feces typically pass through and that is just the beginning of the disgusting things that might reside in that part of the body like parasites and nasty germs.

  78. Hmmm. If “High blood pressure, loss of confidence and resumption of smoking habit” are the result of refusing service to gays, maybe that can be used as a BATTLE TACTIC.

    blood pressure, loss of confidence, and “resumption of smoking habit.”
    – See more at:
    blood pressure, loss of confidence, and “resumption of smoking habit.”
    – See more at:
    blood pressure, loss of confidence, and “resumption of smoking habit.”
    – See more at:

  79. WOW talk about people with confrontational attitudes, you people eat the cake, who the hell cares if a person is gay or not, or wants a cake made by anyone who is christian or not, you should have the right to refuse service to anyone as a business owner. You should not be fined or penalized for not wanting to bake their cake. Tolerance goes two ways, but obviously thats a one sided story .. But thats not enough. We must be tolerant of their rights and ways but they mussant be tolerant of our right not to agree with their lifestyle, but they must win at all cost, its not about tolerence, its about getting their way or losing their rights…so just remember if you dont side with them them, then you are against them.. I dont give a flying crap if you want to be gay, doesnt affect me one way or the other, but thats not been good enough for them, now you have to accept and comply.. then and only then will you fit their bill. Please remember regardless of your views, we are all Americans living in this country and trying to live, love, and survive… Interesting thought, if the supreme court sides w/ gay marriage, Will the reverands, ministers, mosques, and priests be sued… lawyers, your up…

  80. Once again, the 1% tries to order the 99% to follow THEIR way !!!
    Screw the Gay Kweers !!!!

  81. Why is the federal government violating the bakers 4th amendment right?

  82. A country of the people , by the people and for the people. Where do our political appointees get off telling the people what they must do. One other thing is what ever happened to “The establishment reserves the right to refuse service to anyone”? Are we now going to be told it is alright to disregard the signs that say “No shoes, No shirt, No service”? Government is getting completely out of control, they have to go back to protecting our borders and protecting OUR country from an attack by others and stay the hell out of our personal lives.

  83. Boooooooooo!

  84. McCullough is a retard. He is not a judge in a real court of law. Symptoms have no place in his decision. Any potential symptoms are more of a result of their lifestyle than from discrimination. They deserve their day in court. The agency that was helping them raise money with their legal fund is wrong to remove their help. This is all simply crazy. People should not be forced to go against their religious beliefs or even their personal beliefs. What happened to this nation when individuals no longer have a right to choose. Is this the land of the free and the home of The brave? When your brave enough to stand up for your religious and personal freedoms then you are pepersecuted and prosecuted for your beliefs. Come on people. If a little rebellion is good then we need to open the whole can of it.

  85. Extremely sad to see the rights of someone who simply said no be destroyed in this fashion! ! This legal system is going to be over runner with suits to no end. I was always told a no is a good thing. Sad, no forLGBT is not welcomed. Thanks, America is not for the free, but rather, for the select.

  86. Gregg the voice of reason

    Yes LOCK and LOAD ..
    The Revolution is coming .
    Rioting in the street ,Politicians letting them do it “It’s just property”.
    They riot just to get their five finger discount .
    Not on my block .
    They all think they are entitled to a free ride from birth .
    Limit them to two children that welfare will pay for and see how many they have then.
    Welfare people should have to work and other welfare people should be watching their kids
    while they work !
    Sorting recycle able items , cleaning statues in the city, picking up trash, painting , you know what I mean.
    Vote for Hillary and you will be paying for this Welfare state.

  87. The widely accepted name for homosexuals is
    “gays”; that name generally signifies two things, namely 1) they change
    partners like you and I change underwear – every day a different one; and 2)
    the name sounds better than the more accurate one like…well, fill in the
    blanks (a**h*** f****s). There is an ongoing attack by the gays on
    Christian-owned private businesses which refuse to serve their “marriages” on
    religious grounds; the courts are unanimous in awarding those gays money
    penalties to be paid by those Christian private businesses – with many
    resulting closures and even bankruptcies.

    A disturbing thought: how come the gays have
    never attacked a Muslim-owned business? Under Islam the gays are to have their
    heads cut off – as per B. Hussein Obama’s Quran! In Saudi Arabia they have
    special executioners with a curved yatagan (blade). An example:

    Baker: “So you’re gay and want a wedding cake! What size and how many

    Gay: “I want it decorated to reflect our gay marriage. I want you to decorate
    it with crossed dicks over an anus.”

    Baker: “That is gross and offends my sensibility and religious beliefs”.

    Government will send its hordes to help ACLU arrest and sue the baker and
    sentence him to a 20-year jail term for “insensitivity” and “offenses against
    the civil rights”. And, of course, an automatic confiscation of that bakery
    plus the award for damages to that faggot of $15 million.

    This country has fallen into a liberal-progressive cesspool and is about to
    drown in it.

  88. I don’t care what that judge said,I wouldn’t pay them a dime,throw me in jail,do what ever suits you,I’m not supporting something against GOD, judge how would you like someone come to your place and tell you to do something,you re fuse,and then you pay them 135,000.00.the gays don’t want to except the way a Christian believes,but we’re suppose to except there ignorance,or pay up, if anyone needs fined,it’s the judge for making that ruling.

  89. Just tell the judge to shove it up his lgbt. When he tries to jail you, file multi billion suit for violation of your first ammendment right.

  90. This is a travesty. Conscience has no meaning any more in Communist America. They all ought to be ignored, not encouraged.



  92. If being told NO caused
    all this physical and emotion damage to these people then i suggest they find another life stye to live thats not so dangerous to their health …..

  93. Christianity is under attack all over the world, RIGHT NOW! ISIS is slaughtering THOUSANDS, while Obama is allowing the fundamental breakdown of our rules and laws in the US. Prepare yourselves good people, we are in for a fierce fight.

  94. So Christians have to pay gays if they refuse them services.Do the gays have to pay the Christians if they are
    refused services?I believe so!

  95. We need to get better-organized & provide our OWN suits, lawyers & all – we need to stand firm, find gay activist owned businesses & step on their toes – HARD. suits for not printing fliers, not making bouquets for straight celebrations, whatever we can do or find, to include religious, speech, print, association, etc. Then, we need to get Whitehead or one of the other Constitutional/conservative/religious freedom law groups involved.

  96. If mcoulough wants them to pay so bad he needs to get his ASS to work and it him self ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! !

  97. Faggots don’t have rights. They gave them up when they denied our lord Jesus Christ. Stop discrimination against people named Galen. Their FAGGOTS period!!!

  98. Have the Faggots make their own damm cake


  100. Guess the author has never heard the word revolution , it is coming.

  101. Concerned Citizen

    Liberal [politically correct, but morally incorrect] judges are corrupt and should be removed from office and subjected to fines double what this judge is trying to impose on this couple.

  102. This gives a new definition of basic greed. I thought the homos were all full of love and such. I guess the ‘love’ is not wasted on non-homos!

    Personally speaking, this sets my standard for accepting queers.

  103. SO WHAT R WE GOING TO DO ABOIT IT??? ….. Nothing!!… as always we just write BS on these posts.

  104. Gays don’t respect the rights of Christians. Why should we respect them? I have never condoned their lifestyle but I have respected their right to live as those chose. I am no longer going to respect them until they realize it’s not their way or the highway in this life. If Muslims won’t bake their cakes, I guess they are just SOL and these judges that are imposing these impossible fines on decent people, they need to be jerked off the bench and tarred and feathered!!! If they are going to fine American citizens, they had better fine every single one who refuses these low life humans. If they want outlets to bake their “wedding” cakes, they need to open gay bakeries. As an American citizen, you would not demand I did ANYTHING and I would sue you and those judges who support you for everything you had!!! There was a time when you could have asked me to do things for you and if it wasn’t illegal or immoral, I would have done it but that time has passed… don’t ruin the lives of decent people over a cake for an event that means nothing to anyone but you!!!

  105. LGBT=Muslims, same mindset, different methodology. It will soon be all the same!

  106. The LGBTQ’s picked a patsy for their scam…..he fell for it….he has learned a valuable lesson…..HIS PRICE WAS TOO LOW……..a proper price would have sent the roaches scurrying off to another possible mark.
    If they had taken the Right Price he could have Farmed It Out and everyone would have been happy… shysters, no crooked judges need apply.

  107. Jonathan Brooks

    This is and has always been about destroying Christian business and Christians. This is the shooting culture war, in which the Gaystapo destroy you for the thought crime of not being Pro-Gay.Apparently “It gets better” when you get adult and litigious and detroy all who you see as enemies and bullies, by bullying them.

  108. Strange that Gays can trample on Christian beliefs, but are not held to the same standard when ‘they’ refuse to bake a Christian cake.

    I also love how Gays are ‘thrilled’ with being able to harass Christian bakeries, but don’t go to Muslim ones who refused to bake a Gay wedding cake and are not being harassed at all.

    I just love Liberal hypocrisy, and bigotry….

  109. Smoke screen alert! The real damage is being done while the populace is focused on emotional non issues. TPP will effect your wallet. The big donors,banks and corporations own the congress so fair shake only when it is clear that the issue is too hot. How many people have fast broadband? How many have only one company that provides broadband for instance. How many trade deals that destroy American jobs are signed by congress and the administrations? How much state of the art military hardware has the Running Iraq army given to ISIS? How much taxpayer money has it cost? The American infrastructure has crumbled but congress can’t seem to find money to repair and replace. That same congress can find trillions to keep funding non wars that fatten certain corporations.

  110. I have always said that a bar owner should be able to put a sign in front of his shop that reads THIS BAR CATERS TO SMOKERS ONLY. But they can’t. They are both on the same scenario. Some business owners don’t have the rights that they should.

  111. Won’t here from the media that the Muslim bakeries / community refuses on the same issue. Wake up America this attack is on Christians. The gay rights movement makes up only 1% but they seem to have the loudest voice. We were silent and prayer was taken out of the schools and you see what has happened there. Speak up America!

  112. How does the few ruin the masses! Because the few raises hell! They are all going there anyway. This is a religon fight not Queer fight!

  113. Pay the fruits in pennies.

  114. I, personally, wouldn’t want a cake baked by those not willing to see the world through my eyes. Lord knows what they would do to the ingredients. Tell the Christian bakers to use urine instead of milk and spit in it several times to help “Solidify” the feelings on gay marriage. I am still trying to fathom how 1 to 3% of the population gets to demand anything from anyone. Unless, of course, you stop and realize that ovomit is “married” to a trannie and thus must keep his “it” happy by forcing on the rest of us what he must face every day. How does one go about divorcing a person of the same sex as I hear moochelle has hired a divorce lawyer. Can you imagine rolling over in bed and seeing “it” looking back? Damn!!!

  115. It is part of the escalating war on Christianity. It starts with “legal” proceedings and ends with massacres where men, women and children are beheaded. You doubt? Just look at what has happened to Christians in the Middle East and other places where ISIS is active. But, the homosexuals who are laughing now should smarten up! Islam also kills “gays” just like Hitler did! What fools!!

  116. Let them keep pushing, when the shit hits the fan and it will, the liberals including gays will go first.

  117. As much as I hate to admit it, and as much as I think the monetary award is patently ridiculous, I think the Kleins should have just baked the cake and handed it to the buyer.
    Their refusal may have been about religious beliefs, but religious beliefs should not trump the law nor the constitution..
    They can bake cakes without betraying their religion. They are not being asked to participate in a ceremony, only to provide a service for which their business is licensed.
    You can be anti-war but serve in the military. You can hate homoexuality but still sell them a cake.

    I am a firm opponent of homosexuality, gay marriage and all the other things that motivate liberals, but I feel if a baker is allowed to refuse a service which is available to everybody else, then that opens the slippery slope to discriminate against Christians, Muslims, Indians, Mormons, atheists, Blacks, Jews, red heads, southpaws and people with crossed eyes.

    There is no end to the possibilities.

  118. Even though I am a gay man, I see this as patently violating freedom of speech and religious belief, but cleverly done to attack Christians only. Could I sue a local Halal grocery store for not carrying my favorite bacon or beer ??? Or could I sue a Muslim taxi driver for refusing to give me a ride because my attire is immodest or because I am carrying a bottle of wine? Or could I sue a local gay band for refusing to play music at an anti-gay marriage rally or a gay t-shirt shop for refusing to print “God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve T-shirts? Why not? It’s the same principle.

  119. What happened to right to refuse service?

  120. Gays are money makers now and they don’t have to work for it at all! Just complain and instantly get $$$$$$. What a deal…..thank the JUDGES.

  121. Wilbert Jennings

    Lets see how about a black couple go to a mostly white bakery and ask for a cake with we hate white people or how about a white couple going to a black bakery and saying we hate black people and either of them refuse to make the cake.Why didn’t the gay couple sue the muslims for not making the cake I saw the video and the muslims refuse. Obama is behind all the crap that is happening and the only way to defeat it is to stand up and push back.

  122. boris yasdnilkov

    Any administrative law judge who would order such a settlement is a nutty as a “fruit cake”.

  123. Queers are an evolutionary DEAD-END, <3% of the population CONSTANTLY rubbing their sex in everyones face is EXTREMELY tiresome. Queer rights DO NOT begin where MY rights END, PERIOD! You need to take your sex back into the bedroom like us NORMAL people do!

  124. Only terrorist, law breaking illegals, blacks and criminals and gays has rights, thanks to that sissified BOY in the white house. Our Constitution is being trounced upon by these idiot judges and democrat a holes.

  125. Same Sex Marriages & the Law

    Marriages was started by God, not the
    state. It isn’t even mentioned in the
    Constitution. Homosexuals have a right to “sin” if they want to. But they do
    not have a right to force you to not follow your Christian beliefs and make you
    participate in their sin.
    Marriages were taken care of by the church until it was decide that the counties need to issue marriages licenses to make money for the counties. Before that, separation of church and state meant that
    the church took care of marriages. Female homosexuals seem to be more viscous than male homosexuals. Where is the support from the CHRISTian churches?
    The bakery should counter sue, and possibly file bankrupt. Corporations does it very often to not pay their bills. Open up the bakery in another name, maybe Islamic. 🙂

  126. some of this is our fault.we dont scream the loudest..we have not stood in unity against their agenda&bullying tactics…WHY dont Christians boycott tv shows,, Starbucks whose ceo says that all employees must believe in homosexual marriage…why do folks still buy their coffee?..I dont..I go somwhere else..we need to fight back and start looking for a leader who will bring us together in this culture war..or we loose eveything.

  127. Christian bakers must continue to REFUSE!

  128. Why should Christians pay ,if their Christian belief ,says it is wrong . I don’t want any part of it .I don’t want to host it , Cater it ,or bake it . That is my choice as a American .

  129. I agree jlp5871 lock and load lets get this over with .

  130. this judge should be disbarred, what about the gay bakers that will not bake for us Christians, enough is enough, like my Dad said a long time ago, what you do behind closed doors is your business, do not push your garbage on us. but again look who is in the white mosque, he is loving this. if the gays were happy inside themselves why are they suing and pushing. GOD help us.

  131. What a crock! How about the gay bakers who refused to bake for a Christian couple??

  132. Lesson learned just tell them you can’t perform the service because they are too ugly and you only serve attractive customers

  133. I wonder whether judge McCullough would host the Cryer couple at a reception/dinner in their home. Just a question.

  134. And where is the freedom for business owners???

  135. A great post! go to to see what you can do to fight back!

  136. Once again another liberty is destroyed by the muzzie occupier in the White House.
    In total violation of the Constitution they corruption has spread from the white
    house to the supreme court and others along the way. They are attempting to,
    and succeeding in many cases, to violate the freedom of religion by using
    a bastardized opinion and corruption. They have declared the homosexuals are
    “Entitled” to be give preferential treatment against the religious beliefs of others.
    The courts can declare that homosexuals can marry all they want but that will never
    make a legal nor lawful marriage no matter how far the ultra corrupt left want to
    try and make it so. Even in nature it is an abomination unto nature itself. Yes
    I know some species can morph as necessity demand from one sex to another.
    but not the human species. You can go the all the surgery you
    want and change your appearance from one to another but that will never change
    what you were at birth. Regardless of what you may think in your deluded mind
    or what other homosexuals or politico might say that is a fact of nature.

  137. Why don’t we flood the air ways with the pictures of the two queers that brought this suit. We could paint them with the devil horns they are deserved to wear. Lets see how these people act once everyone knows they are gays because many still try to hide. We need to humiliate them. This would be one email I gladly forward if it would expose them.

  138. Refuse to pay. PERIOD!














    Raise high the cross. VOTE FOR THE CROSS.






  140. What a crock of shit this action is! Judge makes it okay for gays to discriminate against your religious beliefs and the stupes gobble it up. There can never be a forced belief that will work. If pushed hard enough it will always lead to violence.

  141. Militant homosexuals are a threat to this nation. As long as we have judges like this moron McCullough, we are indeed in deep trouble. I’d like to know the background of this particular judge.

  142. Stephenie Andrews

    So here is the way to stop this kind of thing from happening. Go to a Muslim owned bakery and order a bacon and chocolate cake and when they refuse, file a lawsuit. I am positive the court will say that you should have known not to go to a baker with religious beliefs that won’t allow them to make that kind of cake!!!! Once that’s been done, all these other violations against religious liberty will have to be reversed!

  143. Screw you gay nazi’s. I hope you get aids and di…….

  144. We shouldn’t blame the homosexuals for the bullying. Most of them don’t want same sex marriage and most of them don’t think it is right to bully Christians into baking cakes for them. We need to recognize that it is the Marxists using the gay movement to destroy our country. The Marxists are anti-Christian so they are trying to shut down our free speech rights. If they can succeed they will take over our country overnight.

  145. This fine couple need to file Bankruptcy and just move forward! These “awards” are not legal, not protected and can be fully discharged in a bankruptcy as no real “harm” came to the queer couple! I would recommend a very high profile Bankruptcy Lawyer and have the entire matter in the Press just to show these gay folks that we do not accept their stupidity and disrespect. Any business has the absolute right to refuse service to any customer for their own private reasons – that is their right! Plus they gave the queers the ability to go to other merchants to get the services, so there is NO damage to the queers. The fact that the queers chose not to use other vendors is their own problem, not these fine Americans.

  146. they file bankruptcy at taxpayer expense, and they close a family business..way to go lesbos

    • Believe it or not, I feel for them., along with the potential gay customers. That’s a tough one. Not all Christians who act as such are “haters.”

  147. This judgement is so totally unAmerican and illegal. This is a liberal decree and not at all legal. The laws are not written according to this decision and it is the personal opinion of the liberal judge, not the law. I hope they can fight this.

  148. the people are rapidly losing control of this country and their own fate/future and day to day freedom and liuberties obama was elected by the illegal aliens(proven time and again bt investigative journalists) the career wefare segment of society,the remnant of the “white burden” crowd and do not forget all of the folk long deceased. –elected and thus,re-elected– none of his failures/disasters are remembered cause they are covered up by the media.when is the last conversation you heard on his ruining our international credit/apology tours /did you see the low bow over the dirty hand of a minor muslim noble? incompetent?? no doubt,but there is more to it than that. he is single handedly destroying our relationship w/Israel/his support of gays and gay marriage is public knowledge.i can truly say,no matter how disgusting I may personally think of gay hmmmmm uh stuff, I don’t care what they do in their spare time,can’t they leave it at home. why do we regulaf folk have to be seized by the back of the nck,forced physically and painfully to the deck and forced to say something like – your gay lifestyle is indeed a wonderful thing- that is where it is at now.their victory is right around the corner.if thing in this country do not get a radical course change soooooooon,it is H U M P T Y D U M P T Y. the good news?? AS LONG AS THERE IS A MARINE PULLING AT THE ATMOSPHERE,FRREDOM WILL PREVAIL. S E M P E R F I

  149. The hell with it! Everyone needs to be gay, black, or Muslim. Then what is there to bitch about????

  150. All Oblow hole has managed to do is turn Good into bad and Bad into good. ie. EVIL is the new democ-RAT reality

  151. What happened to business signs that said, “We have the right to refuse service to anyone?”

      So Let the liberals
      keep thinking their delusional thoughts, it only hastens the demise of the
      liberal agenda and brings more of their base – the ones who are finally seeing
      the truth behind their rhetoric to the ranks of Conservatives voters. People
      are waking up to the fact that liberal “solutions” do more harm than
      good to our nation, our people and our economy so their solutions are based on
      lies, fabrications and their Gruber mentality that the American electorate is
      stupid, makes poor choices and only they can lead us to the promised land. A
      promised land where the US becomes a 3rd rate 3rd world 2 bit country of
      misery, no hope, no change and divided.

      February 17, 2008,
      reprint – Psychiatrist Confirms: Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder

      As a clinical and
      forensic psychiatrist, Lyle Rossiter has treated over 1,500 patients and
      examined over 2,700 civil and criminal cases. Turning his hand to political
      psychopathology, the author of The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of
      Political Madness, has diagnosed an alarming percentage of the population as
      suffering from the grotesque form of mental derangement known by some as

      The Liberal Mind is
      the first in-depth examination of the major political madness of our time: The
      radical left’s efforts to regulate the people from cradle to grave. To rescue
      us from our troubled lives, the liberal agenda recommends denial of personal
      responsibility, encourages self-pity and other-pity, fosters government
      dependency, promotes sexual indulgence, rationalizes violence, excuses
      financial obligation, justifies theft, ignores rudeness, prescribes complaining
      and blaming, denigrates marriage and the family, legalizes all abortion, defies
      religious and social tradition, declares inequality unjust, and rebels against the
      duties of citizenship. Through multiple entitlements to unearned goods,
      services and social status, the liberal politician promises to ensure
      everyone’s material welfare, provide for everyone’s healthcare, protect
      everyone’s self-esteem, correct everyone’s social and political disadvantage,
      educate every citizen, and eliminate all class distinctions. Radical liberalism
      thus assaults the foundations of civilized freedom. Given its irrational goals,
      coercive methods and historical failures, and given its perverse effects on
      character development, there can be no question of the radical agenda’s
      madness. Only an irrational agenda would advocate a systematic destruction of
      the foundations on which ordered liberty depends. Only an irrational man would
      want the state to run his life for him rather than create secure conditions in
      which he can run his own life. Only an irrational agenda would deliberately
      undermine the citizen’s growth to competence by having the state adopt him.
      Only irrational thinking would trade individual liberty for government
      coercion, sacrificing the pride of self-reliance for welfare dependency. Only a
      madman would look at a community of free people cooperating by choice and see a
      society of victims exploited by villains. [From The Liberal Mind; The
      Psychological Causes of Political Madness by Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr., MD]

  152. What the H**l happened to the, I have the right to refuse service to anyone!!! ??? I am 74 years old and was molested by a queer when I was in my teens, so I am standing with the bakers!!

  153. I would have made A cake but the choc. would have been exlax

  154. I would carry it to court and get a jury One man should not be able to do this

  155. Alleged Comment

    If I was the Master-Baker I would pay it, hand it over (but not actually let go) and then reclaim it is a REFUND for offending me and call it even and go home.

  156. So,Christian bakers have to pay up if they refuse services to gays.That means gay bakers have to pay up if they refuse services to Christians.What’s good for the goose,is good for the gander!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  157. Yes, I agreed that their aim is to destroy America and the United States as we once knew it. We must do everything we can to defend this notion. We must exposed this as a racket to get money. We must create a fund that will help us get the truth about the liberals, socialists, and communists out to the very dumb American people who are poorly educated in our public schools, colleges and universities. Federal government has become the enemy as well as major corporations. We must oppose corporate socialism. It was corporations that force Indiana to change it Religious Freedom Law.

  158. A judge that supports discrimination by compromising a person’s faith in support of those indulging in a sinful practice is certainly not a Solomon and should be removed from office pronto.

  159. The incident happened in 2013 at which time the media did not publicize the stories about gay marriage and it was not often spoken of as it has been since. Granted, there were TV shows which had gay partners on sit- com but still no one was said to have been actually married in the traditional sense. So in my opinion , the Klein’s were not trying to discriminate . They simply didn’t know that they should not discriminate this couple . If the people had been of a race or color that was different than Klein it might have been obvious that they knew . Based upon what has been said by the couple it seems likely that a more reasonable and fair deal could and should have been reached by giving them mandatory education and having them apologize in writing to this couple when they were sure of why they were in the wrong. This gay couple creating the shit storm by using the court as a tool to extort these people, and their behavior toward other Christians who hold views which differ from their own is not doing a thing other than hurting their future as well as that of the LGBT. This homosexual agenda is wrong but so is discrimination in all its forms.

  160. Patrick Murphy

    just do as every one else does these days and go bankrupt on the fines.Reopen under a new name and go back to work as usual learning from the gays and take the order but never do the work as you have become to busy.Never take any money from them that you would have to give back.If they try to sue you then develop health problems because of their pressure on you.Become the victim not the aggressor.

  161. I would have baked the cake but took a dump in it, this is B/S forcing people to ignore their beliefs. The rights of a bunch of twisted deviants should not trump the rights of normal people which by the way are guarenteed under the constitution. Show me in the constitution where it says they have to bake a cake for a deviant. I think anyone forced to provide food or services for these people should simply make it clear that they may not want to eat what they make for them. If these freaks tried to make me make parts for them in my company they would get garbage they would get overcharged and it would take months longer than I would provide a normal customer. The damn government is OUT OF CONTROL

  162. Kill the bitches and be done with it.

  163. Did they get their cake elsewhere or was this the only bakery that could make the cake? IF they got their cake from another bakery that should be considered and lower or cancel the fine.

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