Chris Matthews Can’t See How Blacks Could Vote Republican

The host of Hardball on MSNBC pretended to be aghast at the Republican effort to ensure the integrity of the nation’s election’s laws on Wednesday, buying into his guest’s insistence that voter ID laws were akin to racism. When the Chicago Tribune‘s Clarence Page characterized proponents of the ID laws as Southern segregationists, Matthews said, “I don’t see how anybody who’s African-American would think about voting Republican as long as Reince Priebus is running the show.”

While Matthews’ feigned cloudiness on the issue is amusing for its own reasons, these accusations are nothing new. The left has been claiming for years that voter ID laws were just a way to keep minorities from casting a ballot. And while most black people already decline to vote Republican, maybe those who do can see through the transparent argument against these laws.

Three Categories of Confusion

Anyone who compares voter ID laws with the Southern segregationist policies of the pre-Civil Rights era is either a few sheets short of a laundry line, misinformed, or intentionally being deceptive. Matthews is neither crazy nor lacking information, so we know which of the three categories he falls into. And there’s no hope for people like him who make a living off spreading the Democrat message. And there’s no hope for people who are mentally incapable of seeing reality, like much of the liberal base. For those that are simply misinformed, though, there is hope.

Those people who have been unfortunate enough to accidentally get all their information from the liberal media (or worse, a social sciences class) should understand that the only racism in this argument is coming from the left. The racism of low expectations is a mainstream kind of racism that manages to be both offensive and politically correct at the same time. According to its adherents, because a lot of black people don’t have government-issued IDs, it’s unfair to demand ID at the polls. They won’t go as far as to flat-out say that black people are incapable of getting an ID, but what else can you read into that argument?

Furthermore, the argument fails on another level. The Jim Crow taxes were specifically meant to skew the results of the vote. Voter ID laws, on the other hand, are specifically meant to make sure elections are fair. Only groups who believe that their national success depends on fraud could possibly argue against them. That Democrats are fighting tooth and nail to eradicate these laws should tell you something about their strategy.

Every chance they get, liberals insist that nothing has really changed since the 1960s. They insist that a black president means nothing. They insist that two successive black attorneys general mean nothing. No. Since black people are still committing crime, that means that the system is racist. Figure that out. If you can, you may not be misinformed after all. You may just be a hopelessly insane liberal.

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