Chris Christie Bashes Trump Over Midterms

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has said that the results of the midterm elections clearly show that former President Trump’s political instincts are focused on himself and not the Republican party. Christie appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America” with co-anchor George Stephanopoulos.

Stephanopoulos also asked whether Christie agreed with the assessment that Trump had lost the most during this election.

As a response, Christie said that the GOP lost many battleground states because of the “inferior candidates” selected. Trump in general has widely been criticized for choosing to endorse candidates that might have been bigger. Christie also noted that this was a concern that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) had also shared in the summer regarding the quality of some of the candidates.

Christie added that almost all of the Trump-endorsed candidates that were in competitive states have managed to lose their races. This he claimed further exhibits that Trump’s primary concern and political instincts are regarding himself and not his party or country.

Christie, a former 2016 presidential candidate, also said that Trump only chooses to endorse candidates who perpetuate his false allegations about the 2020 presidential election being stolen through widespread voter fraud. This means that ultimately Trump does not choose candidates because he believes in their ability to win, but rather he does so because they either back his unfounded claims or they don’t.

The multiple Trump-endorsed candidates who lost their elections have also brought into question whether Trump would actually be the one leading the 2024 presidential election.

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  1. How does any Republican have much of a chance when the winner’s are usually the ONE’S WITH THE MOST CAMPAIGN MONEY, ESPECIALLY WHEN SOROS AND OPRAH DONATE MILLIONS TO THEM. Without these big donators (which happen to be Democrats of the worst kind) and are Liberals., and the Republicans had to ask for donations from the working people at one of the worst times in our countries history. Loss of businesses, jobs, money for rent or mortgages, gas and having to watch all the corruption and crime running out of control by the Biden Administration and Soros’s paid for Judges and defund the police.

    • I agree 100%!
      I think there should be limits on donations, period otherwise it’s ALWAYS slanted and “he with the most money wins”! Starting to sound like a communist, third world country that doesn’t stand a chance!

    • If the Republicans, including Trump did more for the middle class , they would get their votes. They are too stupid and the dems lie about things like Biden giving Social Security recipients the large 8.7% raise and the stupid republicans say hardly a thing. They should have been screaming everywhere that Biden is a liar since Nixon signed that COLA act into law. They have no real leaders now and are weak ass sisters.

  2. Twenty to one the gop was out spent by criminal demotards, then the usual ballot fraud and its actually shocking the repubs got as close as they did. This nation isn’t fixable via voting now, a civil war will be required…..

  3. Not only that (above), Chris Christie, a rino loser, became an expert and has a lot to say..

    ” Inferior Candidates” ?
    Yeah, because they are everyday Americans and not corrupt political incumbents (like Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell), whose asses have been sitting in DC for 40 F years destroying the country, who sure well know how to campaign but don’t know shit about governing and never had a real job ? (Term Limits as per the Founders)
    (The morons in ths country dont know the Constitution)
    (If u notice the legal immigrants know more about US history, then our own people)

    I blame half the voters, misinformed, ill informed, and uninformed…
    Half the country on the Dole, social welfare programs, going to vote to keep collecting…
    Voting laws (due to Covid lies) allows for massive cheating.. counting ballots 6 weeks after the eightball (Ridiculous)

    U telling me in AZ the residents voted for open borders by re-electing Kelly ????
    Maybe didnt hit rock bottom yet ??
    And the polls are always wrong??
    After votes counted the Dems always manage to win by a hair??
    Yeah, OK , Whatever you say….

  4. Chris Christie should be bashed for recommending Christopher Wray to President Trump what a mess that made, what was in it for Christie? I guess we see how the web is weaved Wray/Weismann/Mueller/Comey/Rosenstein so where does Christie fall in line?

  5. I wonder how much of our tax dollars to Ukraine were sent right back to the politicians campaign coffers? Remember all those bank and investment company penalties over Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae losses when tax payers bailed out the banks, well it’s my understanding those penalties never made it back into the general accounting funds but were directed by President Obama to be paid to community organizer groups and we all know that means liberal entities that donate to democrats campaigns. So much slight of hand and all at tax payers expense. The primary reason for the loan issues were because of pressure from community organizers to make mortgages to those in inner cities and persons of color so they changed the rules of prudent loan underwriting to approve more loans and the tax payers had to pick up the tab in the end.

  6. “At this point, 216 GOP candidates that Trump endorsed won their races Tuesday night, with 19 losing to the Democrat candidate.”
    ~ FOX News 9 Nov 22

    By yesterday, out of over 300 Trump endorsements, only 25 lost.

    What has Christie done, other than being a typical RINO? (RINOs aka Members of the Republican wing of the Democratic Party)

    • BTW:
      DRUDGE, the now extremely liberal news aggregator after being sold, had been running daily fake odds saying Republicans would win the Senate.
      REALITY: It was just a ploy to encourage Dims to go out and vote, while instilling complacency among Republican votes.
      REALITY 2: Drudge HATES Trump and all Republicans

    • So if those who won were so great, why did the Republicans not win the Senate and maybe not win the House?

  7. Hey fat face you got off about closing a bridge remember you loser. The republicans had to flip 14 seats that the radicals controlled, quit lying and tell the American people the truth.

  8. Oh yeah Christie, you’re one of the biggest RINOS out there. You should talk. Trying to sound like you know so much and yet you are out of touch with what real Americans want. Go spill your guts elsewhere.

  9. Elections are a farce. No longer are states represented as separate entities. So much outside money effects state elections that we might as well have a single ballot nationwide.

  10. Can’t believe there was a time I was making allowances for Christie ‘s stupidity because I felt sorry for him because he was so fat. Ugh!

  11. Dont you have an extra strength beach chair in Florida to sit your fat ass down into?

  12. Who, with more than an ounce of brains, gives a rip what Christie has to say about Trump or anything else? If this BOZO is so bright and has high political instincts, why wasn’t he the one who ran for President in 2016? OH, wait a minute, he tried and, if memory serves me correctly, he lost to Trump. Time for morons like Christie to go away and keep their opinions to themselves. What a loser.

  13. So Christie is talking on commie ABC? Don’t see him on News Max or Real Americas Voice!! I don’t care what that old used up jerk thinks!

    Don’t see him on News Max or Real Americas Voice. They only talk to people that care about America first. He is talking to socialists on commie ABC.

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