Chomsky: GOP the “Most Dangerous Organization” to Ever Exist

In an interview with BBC Newsnight, ultra-liberal MIT professor Noam Chomsky said that not only was the Republican Party a danger for the U.S., but that they were nothing less than the “most dangerous organization in human history.”

Chomsky, who isn’t shy about coloring outside the mainstream political lines, to say the least, nonetheless surprised even some of his fans with this shocking statement. It does, after all, appear to insinuate that the GOP – one of the two major political parties in the American system – is more of a threat to humanity than ISIS, Al Qaeda, the North Korean regime, the former Soviet Union, the current Russian government, and the Nazis, to name just a few examples.

Why is Chomsky willing to make such an absurd statement? Well, climate change, of course.

The Republican Party, Chomsky told the BBC, was “dedicated to destroying the prospects for organized human existence.”

“The most significant aspect of the Trump election – and it’s not just Trump, it’s the whole Republican party – is their departing from the rest of the world on climate change,” he said.

Chomsky, who is well to the left of the mainstream Democratic Party as well, also mentioned that American liberals had given up on the working class.

“The working class is not their constituency,” he said. “No one in the political system is. The Republicans claim to be, but they’re basically their class enemy. However, they can appeal to people on the basis of claims about religion and white supremacy.”

So, yeah, that’s where he’s coming from, if you were thinking about taking him seriously.

While Chomsky is plainly off the rails in most of his political commentary, he’s really not that far outside mainstream liberal thought when it comes to climate change. You may not be able to find many elected Democrats willing to call the Republican Party the “most dangerous organization in human history,” but that’s only because they are afraid to stand up for their own convictions. If they really believe everything they claim to believe about global warming, they would have NO CHOICE but to agree with Chomsky. If they really think that carbon emissions are the greatest threat facing humanity – and that’s exactly what many of them have said – then they would, by definition, regard any attempt to block their climate change as monstrous, evil, and, yes, historically dangerous.

But they won’t say it, because it sounds ridiculous. And it sounds ridiculous because it IS ridiculous. So they beat around the bush and make insinuations and just cross their fingers that no one will come out and say something that will make them all look as foolish as Chomsky just made them look. Because with a few more headlines like this, the American people will finally realize just what an idiotic “cause” this was all along.

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