Chinese State Media Tells Citizens How to Survive Nuclear War

As international experts look for clues to help them decide where the growing tensions between the United States and North Korea will ultimately lead, a new series of articles from a Chinese state-run newspaper cannot be taken as anything but a dire omen of things to come.

The Jilin Daily, a newspaper published in a Chinese province near the North Korean border, has just printed a page of articles meant to inform residents of what they can do in the aftermath of a nuclear attack. The articles, which include illustrations informing readers about the dangers of radiation exposure and texts elaborating on the damage caused by a nuclear explosion, demonstrate how seriously the Chinese government takes the threat of impending war.

From Bloomberg, who first reported the story for the U.S.:

One article listed essential items for emergency kits, including fire extinguishers and breathing masks. Another warned that air raids could mean nuclear, chemical and biological attacks, and used the 1945 atomic bombing of Hiroshima as an example.

The cartoon images illustrated how residents should clean their bodies, boots and coats after being exposed to radiation. They suggested taking iodine tablets, if there is radiation nearby.

The warnings came as the U.S. deployed a B-1B Lancer bomber for aerial exercises around the Korean peninsula Wednesday, in an apparent show of force against Kim’s provocations. North Korea, which last week launched a new type of intercontinental ballistic missile, said ahead of the drills that it would consider the “highest-level hard-line countermeasure in history,” according to the state-run Korean Central News Agency.

Whether this is just one newspaper editor’s idea of an interesting feature or an indication of where the Chinese government’s collective head is at on North Korean tensions is anyone’s guess. It would be a damn shame, though, if the latter were the case, because it would indicate that China has gone as far as it is willing to go in an effort to put pressure on Kim Jong Un. Without the fuel they get from their communist benefactors, North Korea’s rocket program is finished. And that’s only one example of many when it comes to the ways China is propping up this rogue menace to the planet’s security. If they wanted to clamp down on Kim tomorrow, this would be resolved by Christmas. But because they are more concerned with a unified Korea than with the possibility of all-out war, they keep playing this awkward dance of pacification.

It’s time for the Trump administration to use any and all economic means necessary to force China to make the choice of a lifetime. This is the one avenue we have yet to exhaust in the pathway to avoid war, and we don’t have any other alternatives left. Our bet is that China will ultimately back down and comply with our demands. But if we’re wrong, we can at least look back and say we did everything we could to avoid the inevitable. When the damage is done, we doubt China will be able to say the same.

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  2. It’s also time for Americans to begin making preparations just in case the little fat man decides to toss a nuke in our direction.

    • I was just about to say the same thing! In fact, I’d already started having thoughts of stocking up on some of those supplies they mentioned, to have on hand in case of an attack. Like they say, “It’s better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.” But then again, would life really be any good at all after an attack anyway? Maybe you’d keep on breathing, but think of all the misery!

    • It’s not if but when a nuclear war will begin. The Scriptures paint a clear picture of what can only be nuclear destruction.

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    • First comes the second major attack, which most likely will be approx. 1000 times worse than the Sept. 11, ’01 attack… This somewhere in Southern California and in or near Philly and Boston areas…. Then approx. 40 days later the big one coming from China’s subs and Russia land based missiles over Canada… North Korea may get in on the grand finale….

      • You have a rosey outlook! Better duck the sky is falling!

        • God has never allowed the destruction or a nation nor of its people before first sending His warnings hoping that the hearts of the people might turn to Him….
          Reading and understanding His WORD is the key, but fools deny the godly wisdom of reading through all of the Bible..

          • Amen Watchmen: America has it’s share of Fools, Mockers and Scoffers today, a nation that was once a Golden Cup in Yahweh’s hand has now changed for the worse.

          • Sadly for many, they rely upon their own goodness to save themselves… They will soon find out that their own good works among to nothing.

      • Several OT prophets prophesied about an end times nation Yahweh calls the “Daughter of Babylon” there over 100 characteristics given that fit America like tailor made gloves. Your description of the coming destruction is certainly Biblical, Persia is one country listed but unlike ancient Babylon’s attack from the Persians and the Medes, this is referring to modern day Persia which is Iran using fiery darts, no doubt nuclear missiles. The prophets also prophesied about the modern day immigrants, the bad kind that come to take, they are likened to Locusts because they are destructive, this fits America’s modern day immigrants so unlike the immigrants that help make America a great country.

        • He has revealed that USA has become the Mystery Babylon in Revelation…. Google: “Hand of Help, Mystery Babylon,” and if you have the time my message, “watchman48 RFC Newsletter #101.”
          God Bless

          • Thanks I found your site, the majority of professing Christian believe modern Babylon will rise up where ancient Babylon was, or it’s the Catholic church, now many believe it is Saudi Arabia. But Isaiah and Jeremiah are very clear in their descriptions of a Super Power nation, a nation that has a mother nation, a nation that rises up in an unpopulated area that takes the land from others, has no king, made up of many races of people, has a place where the kings of the Earth meet [UN building NYC?] is a wealth nation. Turns from Yahweh. Has many Jews, Has many lakes, rivers, rivers that divide the land, many deep water ports. Mounts it’s defenses up to the heavens America has NASA and the most defenses in the world. Lives carelessly believes it wont be attacked. The list goes on and on. Yet few even bother to read, the argument is we are too good for this to happen to America, they need to research what some of the alphabet arms of our government have done in foreign lands for the almighty dollar and power. Keep Up The Work. May God Bless You.

          • Thank you Apolloone – May the God LORD bless you and all your loved ones in the days coming…

    • Kim is Godless and he believes in survival of the fittest and make no mistake, Kim wants to survive, that’s what his Nuke program is all about, Kim’s survival. If he were to launch a Nuke at America he’s dead and he knows it, but he also knows that as long as he has the ability to strike, America won’t preempt.

  3. The Chinese could stop Kim Dung Loon anytime, that they engage in prep for nuclear war shows a. deception of their own population because nuclear war in modern times means annihilation, the only value of nuclear arms lies in their deterrence value which ensures an attacker they also will not survive, b. the Chinese are contemplating world war 3 as a means to enrich themselves, it shows just how deluded the communists really are because our nuclear arsenal is still intact and would ensure their demise should they dare to attack.

    • How do we that NK and Kim Boy are not doing the dirty work for China while the US crawled up their rear giving them all the manufacturing so the market boys could get richer .Same thing has happened in the EU .

  4. Hi!! all it won’t be just one, it will be more then you think at the same time. better to make peace, then to go through all this nonsense, just remember your paying for it, Trump is not.

    • You cannot make peace with a narcissistic, spoiled rotten little tyrant! All you can do is lay down and let him walk all over you, or get rid of them. Barry let them walk all over US, and Pres. Trump won’t.

      • Not only Obambam sucked up to them but so did both Bush’s and Clinton. We’ve given them the money to build their nukes, Slick Willy gave China the instructions for the triggering device for their nukes. I’ll bet they shared that info with NK. Our Government has supplied the bullet that will be used to kill us. Trump is trying reverse the problem but it may be to late.

        • Oh yes, all this started with Willy paying them off. Wonder what (or who) they gave him in return.

          • Chinese Sideways Puzzy!

          • Bill Clinton gave is outsourcing and unemployment, he gave North Korea money and the green light to build the bomb to use on us. Obama he could give a shit, his sole purpose was to destroy America from within.

  5. If war does start with North Korean you can bet communist China will help out North Korean and China could send us there nuke.

  6. Ching Ching China-man’ sitting on a fence trying to make a dollar out of 0.15 cents finally got with it as to how to stay alive in a NUKE attack!

    • China is not sitting on the fence by supporting NK . Russia – Iran and China are sticking together and supporting NK . If anyone is walking the fence it would be the ARABS who could have brought peace to the Middle East ,but then the price of oil be at rock bottom and the market boys would not like that .

  7. I don’t get the big deal coz The ChiComs help their citizens.

    Back in the 1950’s and early 60’s we used to have a National Civil Defense force…we were taught in school and even built underground shelters. Neighbors were wardens or such.

    Today, our government does nothing to prepare us. Guess they figure what’s the point. But some of us will survive, one way or another.

  8. it’s time to stop buying made in china junk.

  9. With erratic leaders like Trump and Kim and the mental problems they obviously have no one is safe anywhere.

  10. The Chinese are not idiot’s, there is no way to survive a thermo Nuclear War and keep functioning as a Government.America survived living with the Soviet Union and we would survive living with North Korea as a Nuclear state. After doing some research of my own I learned that Kim wants Nukes for one reason, self preservation against a first strike from America. Kim is well aware of what happened to Gadhaffi. Bush 2 made a deal with Gadhaffi to curtail his Nuke program and in return President Bush took him off the terrorist state list and it happened, but where is Gadhaffi now? If he had ignored Bush he would still be alive and Kim has mentioned that.Kim knows that America will always have the upper hand but Kim also knows that his regime will survive as a Nuclear state, in that he knows that his Nukes will deter a first strike from anyone.I was a Marine during the Cuban Crisis but we’re not there yet because the Soviets were far more powerful then North Korea. I guess the real question is,do we want to chance the North with Nukes? The situation has been festering for decades under former Presidents and they kept kicking the can until it landed in Trump’s yard, now he’s stuck with a hard decision that he didn’t create.

  11. Greeting all! not as easy as to what you would think, all this is going to cause nothing but future problems. can’t fix ones its been done. it stays in the soil for years.
    all this to me is just a waist of life, time and most of all money that could of been used to be of a more positive solution to helping to achieve, and that is looking to the future of tomorrow, not just now, Trump has a big mouth that causes problems to create war to others. I new this was going to happen. all because of his mouth.

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