China Agrees to Return Stolen Navy Drone to U.S.

The Pentagon announced Saturday that Chinese officials had agreed to give the United States back a Navy drone the country seized in the South China Sea last week.

“We have registered our objection to China’s unlawful seizure, of a U.S. unmanned-underwater vehicle,” said spokesman Peter Cook. “Through direct engagement with Chinese authorities, we have secured an understanding that the Chinese will return the UUV to the United States.”

As many in the media have noted, China likes to play these games every time a new American president is elected. They did it a couple of months into George W. Bush’s first term and they did it again during Obama’s first 100 days. If there is anything unusual about this latest move, it’s that Donald Trump has yet to take the Oath of Office. They are testing Trump before he’s even sitting in the West Wing. Whether this means they are getting more aggressive or that they want to send a “safe” message (i.e., one that the president-elect cannot respond to with any actual authority), we can only speculate.

What seems certain, however, is that the drone theft was related to Trump’s decision to take a call from Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen last month. Chinese authorities have bashed Trump for recognizing Taiwan’s independence – even in a tacit, unofficial way – and have lectured the incoming president about responsible foreign policy for the last two weeks.

For his part, Trump has only doubled-down, asking repeatedly why the United States needed to be held hostage by a Chinese policy, especially if the communist PROC refuses to cooperate on North Korea and continues to play monetary games that hurt America’s financial interests.

On Saturday night, Trump tweeted, “We should tell China that we don’t want the drone they stole back.- let them keep it!”

It’s not yet clear what Trump meant by this. Surely it is not in America’s interests to let such a theft go unanswered, much less simply allow China to steal a piece of research equipment worth more than $200,000. Trump knows that as well as anyone, so we can only guess about his motivations here. He doesn’t want to let the Chinese get one over on us, of course, but it will be interesting in the coming days to see if there is hidden depth to this odd message.

In the meantime, it’s clear that Chinese-American relations are about to change. How much and in what way? Only time – and Trump – will tell.



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  1. That is so kind of China…. (please read my sarcasm)

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    • we did and you are right, they have made a decision that will help keep their unarmed civilians safe…pootey wake up call next..

  2. TRUMP/PENCE !!! HOOAH !!!

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  3. Ah so, you thinkee it b likee when Ronaldo Magnus was elected and the iranian rags wet their panties and released the hostages that they had held for 445 days…???

    • 444 days. They didn’t want to do it while President Peanut Farmer was still in office.

      • Yes sir, the Iatoleyah kojerkyoffsky is reported as once suggesting to a news reporter (yes the do have those kinds of folks, the are all in Europe) that he was VERY concerned when the rag punks stormed the embassy thinking that America would retaliate hard….and quick…JFK would have…but that was one man among many cowards and what we have today in the democrapo party suggests that we are living in stalingrad instead of America…

  4. seizue of US Naval property is an act of war. The Chinese boat should have been sunk on the spot. Time to start making the enemies of the USA pay on the spot for their actions. Theran should have been turned into a glass reflector the day they sacked the US embassy

  5. Why bother they probably made it! Clinton’s have been selling secrets to China for years!

    • You’re right. But, if they do give it back, I wonder if all the screws, panels and parts will be put back correctly. I’m sure they took it completely apart and took pictures of all the pieces, just in case there is something there they didn’t already know before.

      • Yes, Ed. That was my first thought when I heard it was being returned so quickly and easily to the Muslin-In-Chief. The Chicoms stealing our technology. You are right on.

  6. Obama will probably offer China 4 Million dollars for $200,000 Drone, Seems how Tax payers money, Obama loves waste our money


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    • no szurprise

  7. That reminds me of Iran’s Khomeini not knowing how fast to release our hostages when they find out we elected Ronald Reagan for president.


  9. Trump should tell China that he will talk to whoever he wants whenever he wants to.It’s that simple.China cannot tell our President or our government what they can or can’t do.Everybody controlled Obama and he took it,and we were the laughing stock of the world.Hopefully that is over and according to Trump it is.He intends to restore respect for our Country across the world.It is time we had a real leader,not a weak kneed pansy in the WH.

  10. Why didn’t the navy take the damned thing back?

  11. Why not let them keep it because you can be sure they have all data they need from it to make their own.

  12. we should have sunk the ship on the spot.

  13. Obama don’t care what any country does to America, he hates America. China as copied all the technology of the thing, they don’t need it anymore.

  14. It was probably made in China.

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