Chicken Funerals and Secret Racist Code Words

Earlier this year, Business Insider bestowed upon Berkeley, California the title of “most liberal city in California,” an award that should speak volumes to anyone who has ever been out west. Of course, the Berkeley definition of liberal goes beyond voting Democrat. It is also a major hub of leftist loonies, as has been demonstrated by a recent funeral.

Activists gathered for a staged funeral in hopes of drawing attention to the lives that had been lost but not forgotten. They brought signs to commemorate the dead. Tears were shed for the individuals who had given their lives without ever being given a choice. No, this wasn’t an anti-abortion demonstration. It wasn’t a funeral commemorating the drafted veterans of wars gone by.

It was a funeral for chickens.

Dressed in black and carrying a fake coffin, the activists – members of a group called Direct Action Everywhere – played it up in the parking lot of a local supermarket, mourning the deaths of not just chickens but all the other animals sold as meat. One sign, pushing the boundaries of self-parody as far as they can be stretched, read “We will not forget.”

One eulogizer kicked off the event by informing the gathered mourners that the animals sacrificed to provide humans with food had “rich emotional lives, filled with desire, curiosity, pain, and sorrow. All cut short because they were born of a different species than us.” If you aren’t crying yet, I can’t imagine what kind of trauma must have blunted your humanity.

But Is There a Secret Handshake?

Of course, the left coast isn’t the only place you’ll find liberal loonies. They are also prevalent on the internet, writing for publications like Atlanta Blackstar. If you were to turn your favorite browser to their website, you would find out that white people have a handful of racist “code words” they now use instead of being forthright in their bigotry! Who knew!

The codes include “thug,” which the publication says is just the modern equivalent of the n-word, “urban,” “state’s rights,” “welfare and food stamps,” “law and order,” and “cut taxes.” Whenever you hear a white person use these phrases, rest assured they are making some kind of veiled racist statement.


I think it’s important to be clear in language, so it’s appropriate to end this brief survey of LeftyLand with some straightforward frankness courtesy of Senator Orrin Hatch. Hatch, speaking at the Federalist Society’s annual conference, noted the devastating blow midterm voters delivered to Obama and his “progressive agenda.” He then said something that applies as much to Obama as it does to the chicken mourners and anyone who believes that racist code words are a thing:

I get a big kick out of them using the word ‘progressive.’ My gosh, they’re just straight old dumbass liberals anyway.

No codes needed!

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