Chicken Funerals and Secret Racist Code Words

Earlier this year, Business Insider bestowed upon Berkeley, California the title of “most liberal city in California,” an award that should speak volumes to anyone who has ever been out west. Of course, the Berkeley definition of liberal goes beyond voting Democrat. It is also a major hub of leftist loonies, as has been demonstrated by a recent funeral.

Activists gathered for a staged funeral in hopes of drawing attention to the lives that had been lost but not forgotten. They brought signs to commemorate the dead. Tears were shed for the individuals who had given their lives without ever being given a choice. No, this wasn’t an anti-abortion demonstration. It wasn’t a funeral commemorating the drafted veterans of wars gone by.

It was a funeral for chickens.

Dressed in black and carrying a fake coffin, the activists – members of a group called Direct Action Everywhere – played it up in the parking lot of a local supermarket, mourning the deaths of not just chickens but all the other animals sold as meat. One sign, pushing the boundaries of self-parody as far as they can be stretched, read “We will not forget.”

One eulogizer kicked off the event by informing the gathered mourners that the animals sacrificed to provide humans with food had “rich emotional lives, filled with desire, curiosity, pain, and sorrow. All cut short because they were born of a different species than us.” If you aren’t crying yet, I can’t imagine what kind of trauma must have blunted your humanity.

But Is There a Secret Handshake?

Of course, the left coast isn’t the only place you’ll find liberal loonies. They are also prevalent on the internet, writing for publications like Atlanta Blackstar. If you were to turn your favorite browser to their website, you would find out that white people have a handful of racist “code words” they now use instead of being forthright in their bigotry! Who knew!

The codes include “thug,” which the publication says is just the modern equivalent of the n-word, “urban,” “state’s rights,” “welfare and food stamps,” “law and order,” and “cut taxes.” Whenever you hear a white person use these phrases, rest assured they are making some kind of veiled racist statement.


I think it’s important to be clear in language, so it’s appropriate to end this brief survey of LeftyLand with some straightforward frankness courtesy of Senator Orrin Hatch. Hatch, speaking at the Federalist Society’s annual conference, noted the devastating blow midterm voters delivered to Obama and his “progressive agenda.” He then said something that applies as much to Obama as it does to the chicken mourners and anyone who believes that racist code words are a thing:

I get a big kick out of them using the word ‘progressive.’ My gosh, they’re just straight old dumbass liberals anyway.

No codes needed!

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  1. Loonies is the kindness word for these bubble butts.

  2. Egads, this country is loaded with sick people with tiny, immature minds – it’s scary knowing they walk the streets.

  3. idiots. leaves more meat for us.

  4. These people mourn dead chickens but celebrate aborted human babies! Such a perverse world view!

    • Many of these people have NEVER been near a real chicken.

      • they are moron liberal, idiot chicken pluckers.—-lol

        • You forgot the Muslim. there pretty hep on IGNORANCE.

          • some sect of muslims also sacrifice live chickens. don’t bother calling me a liar, I can give your names of people that supplied the chicken….AND the muslim doctors that bought them, plus the apartments they idi their little “ceremony” in.

          • You should Publish it, they published Gun Owners, CCW’s names in News Papers.

          • AnonymouseIsAWoman

            Muslims practice halal slaughter, which involves cutting the animals throat and saying a prayer just as Jews practice kosher slaughter, where they do the same thing, except in Hebrew.
            In areas where there isn’t a trusted halal butcher shop, Muslims have been known to buy live animals for slaughter.
            Interesting thing, there are several halal farms and slaughterers in my area, and customers are invited to check to verify that the animals are raised in halal conditions and are not abused. Islamic law actually says some very nasty things about people who abuse animals – including dogs. The Saudis/Wahhabis are crazy.

      • OK, just tell that to Snow, Kelly Atlas’s chicken daughter.

  5. Proud US vet/American

    Only in California! Ever wonder why all the actors, facial surgeons, Attorneys and politicians like California? Where else in America can you go and find all your deepest, darkest, sickest fantasy’s in every city you go to? It has become the face and kingdom of “LIBERALISM”, perversion, racism, and whatever other misguided mental disorder you can imagine all rolled up in one State. Jerry Brown-king of the loony’s has continued to take this liberal land to new lows.
    EAT MORE CHICKEN-PISS OFF A LIBERAL! The NEW meat eating, flag waving, gun toting American Patriot rally cry!
    GOD bless the United States of America!

  6. I’d be thrilled to show them who’s chicken.

  7. ArizonaMilitiaDotCom

    Those “thug” chickens had it coming, anyway….

  8. Hats off to Hatch, my sentiments exactly.

  9. What the Hell’s wrong with California ???? Is it psychosis induced from the fluoridated water ??? Is it caused from all of the nuclear testing in the deserts ? The Bible belt has higher cancer rates due to the jet stream bringing fall out from out West. So it has to be something localized to affect a geographical area like that. There’s too much diversity in the gene pool for it to be inbreeding.
    Like the age old saying, “California is full of fruits and nuts”.

  10. Wow. Just wow! Now I understand why my dad moved us out of there all those years ago. He must have known back then that all three of his children would grow up to kill animals for food. He was saving us from these whackadoodles.

  11. I have lived in every one of the left states. I think it might be the airborne toxic pollutants coming over from China. It’s destroying their brain cells. Or, maybe it’s the plastics they are having implanted in their bodies? Some kind of toxic reaction to one of the chemicals in those prosthetics? Maybe the chemicals in the water? There is a lot of loose mercury in the lakes and rivers there, from gold prospecting. Could be the weather? In Southern California there really is only one season. Maybe that affects physiology? It’s probably the education though, I spent my elementary school years there, as well as my time in the Navy.

  12. OH? I use thug meaning criminal not black – i use it for all who are criminals of all color and ethnic groups. So this author is wrong – but then the author is a marxist – and a leftist so what do you expect.

  13. It is hard to imagine all of the urban thugs that that use their states rights to obtain welfare and food stamps while maintaining law and order to buy such innocent feeling creatures for food. All the while complaining that we need to cut taxes on substances which we need for sustenance. Gosh, how could anyone be that racist? NOTE: Label this as satire for the conservative challenged.

  14. liberals, a mutual admiration society that bobs each other

  15. You know what I really like about these Liberals? Nothing

  16. AnonymouseIsAWoman

    From time to time I find myself confronted by confused Bay Area leftists. My favorite were the individuals declaring that those who ate animal products were “speciest.” I informed them that I was perfectly happy to consider becoming a humanitarian – as opposed to a vegetarian, omnivore, or carnivore.
    It took them a moment. They were not pleased.

  17. AnonymouseIsAWoman

    Many of these people have only seen chickens on TV or possibly in an elaborate backyard coop or petting zoo. They are very confused. Some believe that chickens are “vegetarians”, a belief that tends to evaporate the first time they find the biddies food running with a mouse or baby squirrel.
    They are very humane. They don’t believe in thing like bitting, or peepers, let alone debeaking. They accuse anyone who uses such methods of being cruel and inhumane. Then they express shock when the Leghorn or Red Star skins the Silkie or Polish and the vet can’t save the poor thing despite spending several hundred dollars on veterinary care. They tend to be very upset and either quit keeping chickens, or bewail how they didn’t know that chickens could kill each other so quickly.
    Many are completely unteachable. You can try to explain how real chickens think and behave until your throat is as dry as the Great Basin, and they seem incapable of learning as they are generally convinced that they are much more knowledgeable than anyone who actually grew up with chickens or studied agriculture. They insist on keeping mixed flocks, no matter how many Pollish or Silkie chickens are mangled or killed. They refer to the classic Barred Rock – the preferred bird of American farmers for generations – as a “beginner breed” of “little interest.” Apparently after several generations farmers are still beginners while a Berkeley or Stanford graduate armed with a book on raising organic poultry is far more expert before they’ve even cracked the pages. So their coops have a nasty tendency to resemble the Chicago Beer Wars from time to time as the nervous, expensive, exotic stock tends to slaughter the milder mannered Showgirls, Silkies, and Polish that are also “must haves” for them.
    These people have been known to pay thousands of dollars for a breeding pair of some exotic breed.

  18. like I said before God must love brain dead zombies because he sure made a bunch of them. ship these idiots to Afghanistan and air drop them, one thing the chute must be faulty.

    • Probably the same God that allows people to abuse every other animal on earth, the same God who guarded the fertilized eggs that became the Taliban and ISIL, the same God who blesses the soldiers sent to save the country from the Taliban and ISIL. Pretty sorry deity.

  19. It is the end of times are close.MORALS of our Country have gotten so low and this whole marxist regime plans to take it lower. That is why they put a HOMOSEXUAL MAN and a TRANSSEXUAL his partner in our Government. SODOM AND GOMORRAH ONCE AGAIN.And GOD DISTROYED IT ONCS AND HEWILL DO IT AGAIN.
    The good people of AMERICA WE HAVE BEEN DUPED.NOW IT IS TIME WE TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK OR ELSE_ ___ ____ ___ ____ you fill on the blanks!

  20. According to this article I am, Since I use all those code word, the racist from hell. Bet my grand daddy is one proud man!

  21. I am wondering why they did not hold a funeral for all the Gerbils and Hamsters lost to the GAY holocaust and genocide committed by them shoving the poor creatures up their arse~

  22. Both of these articles suck!!!

    Kalifonia mentality!!!

  23. Old proverb: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”
    New proverb: “Let a men to starve, save a fish”

  24. Is luvs some chickn.

  25. Well I suppose the republicans use those types of words because the thugs wouldn’t recognize a more advanced vocabulary.

  26. Best article I’ve read in a long time. I just have one question how can liberals be so educated but generally dumber than a post.

  27. I am a Proud member of PETA People Eating Tasty Animals. In the words
    of Ted Nugent Ya gotta kill them to Grill them MMMMM YUM

  28. Amen. Yes they are liberals and a liberal is a crackpot, it dose not matter where they live.

  29. AnonymouseIsAWoman

    I wish to thank the Atlanta Blackstar. Until they set me straight, I had suffered under the misapprehension that thugs such as Edmund Kemper, Al Capone, Clyde Barrow, Raymond Hamilton, John Harvey, and the Barker boys were White. I had no idea that “thug” meant they were Black.

    • AnonymouseIsAWoman

      BTW, the author of this piece must be from a farming background. A Black Star is a hybrid laying hen where the father is a red rooster – usually a Rhode Island Red or Production Red – and mother is a Barred Plymouth Rock. The juxtaposition is hilarious if you come from farm country.

  30. Some of us agree with them, and we have that right. Besides, there are nearly 9 billion people on this planet. That needs to be controlled for the good of every other creature here and for the earth itself.

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