Chicago Residents Flip On Their Democrat Leaders

Photo by Chris Dickens on Unsplash

( – Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez stated that in Chicago residents were hostile towards the Democratic party because of the growing numbers of migrants and the situation in the city.

On Monday, during an appearance on “Jesse Watters Primetime,” Lopez discussed the sentiments of Chicago residents toward their local leaders. Activists recently stated that they were planning on making their voices heard in the Democratic National Convention which is scheduled to take place in Chicago in the summer.

Lopez specifically noted that the Black community felt completely abandoned and that none of them loved President Biden anymore. He added that the city continued to need to provide special accommodations to migrants. Voters attempted to express their dissatisfaction by participating in a rally close to the city hall. One activist had stated at the time that the Democrats should not be expecting that the 2024 DNC was going to be “peaceful.”

He added that when they had taken a group of people, who did not pay taxes, could not vote and yet were placed above the voters, then they would make sure to tell the Democratic National Convention how they felt about the situation. He added that this was all happening while Americans were “starving.”

Another woman stated that she was completely done with the Democratic Party and that everything that the government had done was an indication of what they really thought about the Democratic Party.

Lopez noted that based on everything he had heard from people on the streets, everyone believed that the Democratic Party had moved too far to the left.

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