Chicago Man Points Gun at News Reporter on Air

Police are searching for a man that pointed a gun at a news crew during their live shot from the streets of Chicago, Illinois, about the rise in crime.

Joanie Lum of WFLD-TV was reporting from the corner of Clark and Hubbard at about 7 a.m. when a man pointed what appeared to be a gun at the camera from behind her back.

The video shows him dancing away and waving the gun at some other object.

Chicago police have named him a person of interest and they’re working to identify him. He is accused of aggravated assault with a firearm.

“Good Day Chicago” anchor Anita Padilla said that Lum was “understandably shaken” by the incident.

“The gun was one foot from her head as he pointed at the camera or cameraman Gary,” she added. “Thank God she is okay.”

In its later report about the incident, WFLD showed further video of the suspect in the same area walking with cups of coffee in his hands.

Some of the viewers saw the incident live on the air and tweeted their support to Lum on social media.

“I saw the incident with the man brandishing a gun on camera . my friend please take caution i pray for your protection,” said one viewer.

“Thank you. Very upsetting,” responded Lum.

CWN Chicago reported that police had responded to a call about a man fitting the description of the suspect and causing a disruption at a Starbucks coffee store just a few blocks away. They are unsure if the two incidents are related.

Murders and shootings in downtown Chicago have surged by 64% compared to the same period last year. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, a Democrat, said she was “not happy” about the worsening violence.

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  1. Reallytickedoff

    How many more “gun incidents” are we going to see and hear about that the Democrats are paying people to do so they can take away all firearms?

  2. That’s because the mayor could care less. She let’s the gutter trash and criminals run wild in Chicago, a worthless criminal system that let’s them loose while majorly screwing taxpayers. I wish I never moved to this POS state and can’t wait to get out of here. Anyone that has any common sense is leaving. The mayor should be hung for allowing crap like BLM and criminals to overrun the city. We have the strictest gun control laws and it’s worthless. Get rid of the criminals, bring back the mental institutions, get rid of corrupt politicians and illegals, the Democrats or should I say socialists, and you’ll find we have a much better country!

    • Agreed

    • No one should have a gun pointed at them, with that being said if the Reporters actually did their jobs and reported the “TRUTH “ instead of communist/socialist vomit only a extremely small percentage follow or believe in, if they stopped protecting the “CRIMINALS “ elected to serve THE PEOPLE and exposed their criminal unconstitutional lies told 24/7 then maybe you wouldn’t get a gun shoved in your face. All these people are home grown terrorists and should be deported to other countries never allowed to return. You allow this daily, you get what you deserve.

  3. Anyother time, besides after a deadly shooting… the Democrat’s would be giving this guy a medal and hailing him as a social justice hero… The hypocrisy is disgusting.

  4. Its Chicago , the mayor does not enforce laws , Does not put Criminals in Jail . Another Democrat Mayor that does nothing but let criminals go free. Like New York, the Mayors and this case the Gov. lets criminals go free . They do not enforce the Laws that we have. N.Y.City just let a kid go free after he shot a Police man, The kid had a illegal gun. And still went free, This same kid was picked up before because he had a illegal gun. Thats two times with a illegal gun and he goes free. But the Gov. just wants to make more gun laws. How do these people get in office? Chicago needs to CLAMP DOWN on GANGS . I sometimes think they are just along for the Ride and how much Money they can make.

  5. Is this another democrat idea? Trying to take away our rights to protect ourselves from their TYRANNY leadership? So they can continue pushing SOCIALISM INTO AMERICA?

  6. Crackdown illegals guns weaponry smuggling intake restricted mental health criminal lay hands in records high fill more trains policemen security our school with detectives systems on all levels prevented radical people coming from open borders strict our legislative congress we’ve to do the works to prevent our entirety space safety .

  7. Democrats just keep thinking of showboat ways to win elections and to abolish guns. They are sneaky and demonic. They will do ANYTHING to get their way……anything!

  8. Patriot News Daily deleted my first post… lets try it again.:

    Any other time, besides afrer a tragedy the Dems would be hailing this man as a hero….. they would be condoning what he did and offering up bail money if arrested. BUT now that they have another chance to push their misguided , ill-informed gun control agenda… WHAT HYPOCRISY

  9. Deborah Phillips

    Too bad Mayor Lori Lightfoot is upset with the crime in her city, SHE CAUSED IT by Defunding the Police … what did she expect would happen to Law and Order, without the POLICE?!?!?

    THE WOMAN IS AN IDIOT … I cannot believe how they get elected, even AOC and her SQUAD … SERIOUSLY??? Who are the idiots in society voting for these people.

    And we wonder WHY America is in the mess that we are in, even if their NOT voted in, the Liberal Left Socialist Democrats will be sure to rig the election in their favor. How else are they going to divide and conquer America for George Soros’ New World Order!!!

  10. frederick fetty jr

    Ya’ll know that the end results are/will be total anarchy. This is what the liberals want. However, they are not smart enough to understand that, they too will be beaten down to the bottom of the social ladder. History and mankind have given us ample examples of sects gaining dictator status only to be overthrown by the “mob”. One very famous empirical family and their select cronies were all beheaded after the mob finally had enough. “Let them eat cake”. We are rapidly approaching the point where we will be living in a lawless society and the law of the biggest gun will rule. This little video is an excellent example of total disrespect for any type of authority.

  11. Just another CLASSY guy in Chicago !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am no longer surprised at anyyhing going on in idiot Lightfoot’s town !!!!!!!!!!

  12. lets look at this

    democrat hell hole
    black man

    yup so typical

  13. If they are smart, they will get rid of the guns and do what BLM does and make more money without police coming after them!

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