Chelsea Handler: Gun Owners Need More Restrictions on Their Little “Hobby”

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter this week, the only female comedian more vulgar and self-obsessed than Kathy Griffin said that gun hobbyists and Second Amendment activists were to blame for the mass murders in America. Taking specific aim at the Trump administration for being in league with the NRA, Chelsea Handler said the president cared for no one other than himself.

“Obviously, gun control in this country is totally unacceptable, and the gun lobby is so strong and so powerful that anytime a celebrity can bring attention to this cause — you know it’s an easy thing for anyone to do,” she said. “We’re way behind the times in terms of gun control in this country, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. Our voices just need to keep getting louder, and the people that make an impact need to really just step up and stick their necks out a little bit more.”

Handler went on to say that it was incumbent on Americans to stand up to Trump and the NRA.

“People need to be louder than ever with this president and his relationship to the gun lobby,” she said. “He doesn’t give a s**t about people. He doesn’t care about anybody.”

As far as those gun owners who support Trump’s views on the Second Amendment, Handler said that they didn’t have the right to put the lives of others in danger.

“Nobody is trying to take away your guns. If you want to go shoot, you know, whatever, in the woods, that’s fine, but it’s a hobby,” she said. “If your hobby is leading to innocent people being killed all the time, children included, don’t you think you should reconsider the lack of restrictions placed on your hobby?”

Hmm, not really. Since, ya know, gun ownership is not a “hobby” in the first place. It can be, sure, but the Founding Fathers didn’t put the Second Amendment into the Bill of Rights so that “hobbyists” could be assured their pastime. You’ll notice there are no constitutional amendments specifically outlining the rights of model-makers or ship-in-a-bottle enthusiasts.

Furthermore, let’s please stop pretending there are no restrictions on gun ownership in this country. We have restrictions coming out of our ears, some of which are blatantly unconstitutional in themselves. The last thing we need is for Hollywood comedians who probably don’t go out in public without armed bodyguards telling us that we need more of them.

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