Cheating Democrat Gets Royal Treatment From Politico

It’s astounding that the liberal media has the audacity to affix the term “disgraced” to Michael Flynn, yet still pretend like former Democratic National Committee interim chair Donna Brazile has a pristine, golden reputation and a bright future in politics and punditry.

Brazile got an advance look at debate questions in the Democratic primaries, gave them to Hillary Clinton, and WikiLeaks laid it out for all to see. Maybe she got them straight from CNN, maybe she got them from someone else. But for her to keep acting like she did nothing wrong and for the media to go along with that absurd claim…well, that’s really something special.

“Did CNN provide Donna Brazile or any other contributor debate questions? No. I’ve never received questions from CNN,” she told Politico in an article designed to make Brazile out to be the longsuffering victim of a Republican witch hunt. “There’s no there there.”

She then turned to Donald Trump, saying that the president’s attacks on her were untrue.

“Donald Trump has not switched off the campaign button. He is still in campaign mode and if he wants to use his time in office — he only has four years, but if he wants to use four years, you know, bashing Donna Brazile, insinuating misleading information, that’s up to Mr. Trump,” she said. “I have no — I have the respect for the office of the President but I have no — I don’t have the capacity.”

No, because to “have respect” for someone would require first having a sense of self-respect, which Brazile clearly lacks. She apparently believes that Americans are collectively braindead or that the media coverup is significant enough to let her escape all responsibility for her actions. And hell, at least on the latter point, she may be right.


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