Celebrities Hold Their Own “State of the Union” to Bash Trump Supporters

Hollywood liberals tried their best to outshine President Donald Trump on Monday by throwing themselves a political bash at The Town Hall in New York City. Calling it “The People’s State of the Union,” celebrities like Michael Moore, Mark Ruffalo, Amy Schumer, and Wanda Sykes took to the stage to pretend they were revolutionaries in the middle of a battle for the country’s soul. The historic event aired live on…the internet. Ah well, you can’t sell soap when there’s literally no interest.

These celebrities need no actual evidence that people care about their opinions, though, so they didn’t let America’s collective yawn keep them from the stage. Ruffalo, who plays the Incredible Hulk when he’s not shilling for the Bernie Sanderses of the world, was the emcee of the evening. He kicked things off by praising those who have participated in the so-called “Resistance.”

“We’re going to set our sights to continue that work in the next year and strengthen our bonds and commitments to each other, long after the Trump era comes to its rightful end,” he said. “We ain’t stopping with Trump, OK?”


Ruffalo was followed by the gargantuan Moore, who is best known for making socialist propaganda under the guise of “documentary filmmaking.” He told the audience that he was looking forward to the 2018 midterms, which would herald “the widespread massive removal of Republicans from the House and Senate, the likes of which this country has never seen.”

“We must remove and replace the system and the culture that gave us Trump in the first place,” he said. “We must also cleanse our American soul of our white male privilege.”

We get a little nervous when liberals start talking about “cleansing” the nation of Trump supporters, but then again, what else would you expect from a communist creep like Moore? His rhetoric would be dangerous if anyone actually took him seriously. Thankfully, outside of a handful of masked Antifa soldiers and rabid UC Berkeley feminists, we’re pretty sure that’s not the case.

There was a time when an event like this would have pissed us off. There was a time when it really bothered us to see Hollywood liberals using their unrelated, oversized soapboxes to persuade Americans that THEY knew what was best for us. Now, though, we mostly see this for the laughable folly that it is. The public knows these people are just a bunch of overpaid gasbags who are so removed from our average American culture and our average American economic lifestyle that they might as well be living on a different planet. Their opposition to the Trump presidency only makes it that much stronger.

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    • Michel More is a victim of ALL YOU CAN EAT FOOD BARS. That’s why Trump had to close his Atlantic City Casinos. Moore ate up all of Trumps profits

  1. What a great State of the Union Speech we were given tonight…

    Forget the Celebrities… Ungrateful creatures that they are.

  2. All they are saying is “We Stand for OURSELVES and if that means being Anti American, then so be it!”

  3. All they are saying is “We Stand for OURSELVES and if that means being Anti American, then so be it!”

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    • Okay, let the egotistic selfish people leave and go to another country they could like better. We need people who love the USA. Take out “anti” and the symbol would be beautiful, but guess they are anti American except a few like Chuck Norris.

  4. I wonder if the “celebrities” could ever come to the realization that we Americans who are smart, and there are many of us, don’t give a XXXX about what they think?! They are so full of themselves, and so not living in the real world, that I don’t think they will ever get it! Oh, but they think that they are relevant, and that the American people values what they think! Sorry, celebs, we Trump supporters are much smarter than you, and we laugh at you! Michael Moore, really?! I’m not sure you could get a bigger dumb fuxk than him to speak for your cause! I won’t even go to the movie theater any more, and pay good money to see you lame brains, who live in your own little world, in a movie! Keep up the good work, Hollywood, you’re only convincing us Trump voters all the more that we are right! You tried to win for Hillary in 2016, and how did that work out for you?! Well, it will be the same result in 2020, when you are supporting whatever dumb fuxk that the Demoncrats nominate to go against Trump!

  5. Boycott all appearances by these people. BTW, since when has Michael Moore become a celebrity? And Wanda Sykes is a blatant racist.

  6. When I read the headline about celebrities holding their own STOU it perked my interest. Then when I started reading the article I seen it was scum from the bottom feeders club it was referring to. No one but the racist left ould be interested in their babbling.

    • all those wack off socialist progressives should decide that they shouldnt receive any type of paychecks , the glory should be enough for them , hope all the studios loose money and cant afford these great actors anymore

  7. “We must remove the system and culture, that gave us Trump” Said Michael Moore.
    Well Mikey, We (Trump Supporters) are not going nowhere. Obama’s poor leader ship (your favorite president) is who invoked this political culture, and the ISIS Crises)
    Why don’t you remove your fat ass from our Culture?
    “The needs of the many (voters) out weigh the needs of the few” Your fat overweight ass included.
    I hear Venezuela is looking for a fat guiding hand.
    Actually you have some nerve talking about Cleansing Trump supporters!! (Did you get that idea from Hitler, or some crazed African Warlord)?
    Fat Boy, if you and your comrades in politics were serious about changing the political culture. You would put your 💰💰 💰💰💰💰 where your big mouth is, and start another political party. Call it The URFC PARTY
    (Unicorns, Rainbows, and FruitCake)

    • The system that put Trump in office is the electorate…as our founding fathers intended. They knew that popular vote politics would be party and emotionally driven. Never forget that the settlers came to America in the 1500’s and we were Colonies for over a hundred years. Our Constitution, declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and all the other documentation that created this democracy was drafted over 5 decades with all the different Constitutional Congresses…and much political battle. The development of our democratic experiment took close to 100 years before our Liberty Bell rang 1776… Perfection takes time. The country didn’t “just happen” or happen quickly…It was a deliberate effort by many to forge a path for the people and by the people. I despise Michael Moore, the other Shumer as well as Amy and Wanda Sykes is a vile creature. Disappointed that Ruffalo is one of them because of them all he has some talent. But damn him too. MAGA for years to come….and we are on our way. Trump’s SOTU speech was the best one of my adult life!! I AM SO PROUD OF OUR PRESIDENT AND HIS TEAM!

    • love your reply. You hit the nail on the head as my mother use to say.

    • Sharon Helms-Dulin

      Well said, Mark!

  8. Ruffalo, Moore, Schumer, Sykes, and the rest of you brain dead and blind people need help. Prove that Trump has ruined our country. Don’t spout lies and assume we are stupid and will believe them, show us proof. God said don’t bear false witness against thy neighbor, so don’t lie about Trump. If you don’t like him, that’s your choice, but then don’t take advantage of the tax cuts, strong economy, and anything else Trump improved, and go live in North Korea, Iran, or some other place other than the USA. We don’t need liars and trouble makers like you in the USA.

  9. Sure does seem McCarthy was right about Hollywood and DC.

  10. Michael Moore predicted that Trump was going to win because the resistance movement were too lazy to get out of bed and go vote on election day and that would lead to a Trump presidency. That is the only intelligent thing I have ever heard him say. It has always appalled me why those HOLLYWOOD snowflakes think that we really care about their opinions. Their ridiculous ramblings has forced me and thousands others to not attend any movies with Streep, Clooney, Whoopi and all the rest. They are way overpaid and think of themselves as royalty while they live their lives pretending to be someone else. Just because they can read a script does not make them political scientists or experts on defense or the world economy. They live empty lives because money does not make you happy even though they drive their Ferraris and live in their multi million dollar homes. Their marriages, their relationship with their children are in disarray so their only hope is to act important and speak out on their ridiculous political agenda. Jay Leno ribbed both sides but you never knew his real affiliations. Colbert, Seth Myers, and the very stupid Kimmel continue to use foul language, criticize everything even Malania’s dress at the State of the Union address. I have refused to watch them and from the ratings millions have the same feelings. If they are so unhappy why don’t they leave and move to those shit hole countries they screamed at Trump about but that would not work because they all said they would move to Canada if Trump won and to date no one has moved. Anyway why didn’t any of them say they were moving to Mexico! They protest gun ownership and the WALL but they all have armed security guards and huge walls around their estates! Total hypocrites. I think we need to treat them as the nothings that they really are!

    • Here Here

    • I used to enjoy going to movies and watching the Hollywood types do their thing, but whenever any of them thinks that their political opinion is any better than mine, I draw the line! That is why I no longer go to movies, and turn off the set whenever one of those self imposed pundits strays onto some talk show and begin to spew their know-it-all rhetoric! What they are doing to themselves is committing financial suicide, and I have no sympathy for any of them! Besides, with Daniel Day Lewis retiring from the screen, the last of the truly talented actors has left the building! What remain are the remnants of an industry gone bad!

    • What a wonderful article and oh so true.

    • second the motion.

  11. These so called celebrities need to realize they are the fringe group and nobody cares.

  12. Who really cares about these Tinseltown whack jobs?

  13. President Trump should be changed to
    President Triumph

    I have a bit of hope left for our once great country now after the dismantling of it that Obummer did.

  14. Great SOTU !! I read that the celebrity Children had some make believe thing instead. Little children are so easily entertained in their Fantasy world.

  15. The only thing these idiots are celebrated for is as models for sheer stupidity! Celebrity morons.

    • really they only celebrate themselves. they don’t care about you or anyone but themselves. Oh, give me that award so everyone will kiss my ass. all smoke and mirrors. no fun, no brains, no appreciation of actual human beings. stop telling me what to think you hedonistic asses and get a real job.

  16. DirtyDaveyDownEast

    Now let me see; do away with white male privilege. Yea, I kind of like the idea of doing away with Mooralless and Buffalo Chips. I also like the idea of doing away with hypocrites like white women who stand on the stage shoulder to shoulder with the stated white male privilege yet cry out against it.

    Hypocrisy, hypocrisy, all is hypocrisy; there is nothing under the sun. Old King Solomon, Dirty Davey’s paraphrasing.


  17. Sad, sad little people. They actually think that we, the people, want their advice and need their “expert opinions” on politics. Sorry guys, but communism is dead and along with it are your careers. Movie attendance is down. DVD/Blue Ray sales are down. Nobody watches the politburo-style awards shows anymore. These “celebrities” live in a fantasy world of their own creation and think that everyone else should live there, too. Not me. I like reality. Trump is real. Make America Great Again is real. Sad, sad little people.

  18. The LEFT In America are Crazy ‘Sic’ Bastards. They are Full Of Hate. They are Narcistic. They Think with Education…They Are More Qualified To Lead America. They Are Quiche Eaters’! GO TRUMP’!

  19. what a bunch of shitheads

  20. Nothing to see here kids, just more loons proving how ridiculous they are. The Real thinking people love our president and what he is doing for this country. MAGA

  21. Just a bunch of self worshipping fools who fool themselves into thinking that their opinions have any meaning in the public’s eyes.

  22. I would argue that the appellation “celebrities” is a misnomer & totally inaccurate. “Professional entertainers” is much more precise, since many if not most of us certainly do not celebrate anything about these grossly overcompensated, colossally arrogant sociopaths. .

  23. The leader of “Celebrities’ State of the Union” was…Harvey Weinstein

  24. We all have it good and should be grateful to live in a great nation as this however there is some that are spoiled and will bitch and look for fault in everything that is done within our government. Some within this group don’t even know what the issues are about but will complain and protest. Most of this is only done displaying their hatred, not for the issue but toward an individual. Our President is our President and deserves the respect of the position but not to stand at a podium like a stooge and poke fun at him or her. For a moment, think what it would be like to live in North Korea and have your fun night displaying the known Kim and his leadership. How long would you last? C’mon, we are better then that. Let’s work together.

  25. This “cleansing” remark sounds like a call to arms to me. I pray to God it is. That will give us the right to slaughter the left. Men, women and their liberal children will come under the sword. Mankind must do this from time to time to correct itself.

  26. Ignorent imbecile actors. Fake people. Fake sotu speech. Fakebook. Fake Fake Fake. They were there by themselves and a stage. Nothing burger.

  27. Celebrities look good and memorize lines. Much like an attractive monkey. Beyond those two attributes, they are likely the most ignorant humanoids on planet Earth.If “dumb” was a religion, you’d all be Popes.

    • Absolutely!! Look, George Clooney, pretty face, dumb as a brick. Sean Penn, good actor, has a hard on for America because of the way his father was treated by Hollywood for being a commie. Chelsea Handler, a failed prostitute. There’s a new low for you. Cher, a dope from El Centro Ca., the illegal capital of the world, home of the Salton Sea where poor white trash go to pretend that they are in Malibu. Spare me.

  28. We represent a pretty big block! Perhaps it is time to stop helping these hater’s financially. They are in La La Land and really believe, we are lower than they are. Great speech by our President! Mr. Trump could probably end up been the best president we’ve ever had! Make America Great Again!!!!

  29. Have all these “celebrities” had pre-frontal lobotomies?

  30. The great Jesse Helms was once asked for his opinion when the North Carolina legislature was debating an appropriation to build a state zoo. The Senator replied that “we don’t need a state zoo – just put a fence around Chapel Hill”. It is time to do the same thing to the cucks, kooks and communists in Gotham, As in the movie “Escape from New York”, just seal off the city and deliver the occasional satanist, socialist and sodomite who isn’t already there to permanent confinement in Manhattan.


  32. With “celebrities” like that, how could they miss? LOL

  33. How many of these bags of shit were going to leave the country ?

  34. That enourmous twit probably can’t even clense his own behind. Probably hasn’t even sern it in a decade. I’d love to see what his idea of ‘clensing’ this country of it’s imaginary white male privilege would be. Perhaps he could start with him own fat can. As for the other intellectual powerhouses like Alyssa Milano and Amy Schumer, they’re so laughably irrelivant to average America they’re just noise. Sadly they don’t appear to have enough common sense to catch onto this reality themselves. So they’ll keep embarrassing themselves, and we’ll keep not caring.

  35. Are these SH!THOLE MEXIFORNIAN BUTTHOLES suppose to matter. These BUTTHOLES only matter if you make it so, about $26 BILLION DOLLARS of their taxes goes to ILLEGAL ALIEN WELFARE PARASITES. Their SH!THOLE state is in TOTAL DEBT and Companies are packing up and leaving because of high taxes so these SH!THEAD MEXIFORNIANS are going to have to pay more in taxes to support their ILLEGALS.

  36. Who gives a rats ass about the hollywierds. Their opinions mean nothing other than to show their ignorance and anti American views. I haven’t watched anything out of hollywierd in a long time and won’t. I will support those that are Americans like James Wood, Clint Eastwood, Scott Baio, Tim Allen and others like them.

    They no longer provide entertainment, just sex, violence and the f– word every other word. Disgusting, immoral pigs

  37. The only one of these creeps I’ve ever heard of is Moore. He’s well known for closing down buffets all over the country after eating everything in sight.

  38. Celebrities are so busy playing someone else, how can they possibly know what we the people think?

  39. In other news Alyssa Milano briefly disappeared from the ‘Peoples’ State of the Union today. Organizers were worried, as she was set to give a long, drawn out, boring speech on the importance of fake feminism in convincing idiots to hate Trump. When a hand was spotted waving frantically from Michael Moore’s waistline. Apparently when he stood up to stretch gravity sucked Alyssa into his belly fold. When he sat back down she was absorbed. She was uninjured, just a little squashed, and covered in donut jelly when fifteen firemen formed a line and yanked her out.

  40. These celebrities have all lost their minds. They will lose a lot of support and a lot of money, the Hollywood weirdos. Who do they think they are. We are living in the best country on earth and they want to destroy what is good because they follow evil. In Hollywood everything is about me me me, such self-absorbed creatures. I do not like anything coming out from Hollywood especially when these perverts think everything and everyone homosexual is normal and trying to influence the younger generation with their nonsense.

  41. I for one could care less about what they say or think. For the most part, just like the Demon-Craps they are stupid. Hey, fools Communism doesn’t work, no matter where it’s tried. “JUST KEEP ON TRUMPIN”— Viva La Trump

  42. OUR President gave a great address to the nation. That was truly a great State of the Union speech he gave. For a man who has been so disliked as he has, he has a lot going for him. A lot more of us believe in him and are backing him. For someone who is being hammered as he is, he is trying to carry out his goals for this country and not trying to sink this country as obamie did (glad that trash is out of the WH, just need to remove him from D.C. Lot of folks are praying that President Trump will get the job done.

    • What I find so laughable: some of these commenters or idiot trolls call Pres. Trump an idiot?? Really, he is accomplished, and didn’t go into government like Obama, Clinton, etc. TO GET RICH STEALING MONEY FROM TAXPAYERS. He’s not even taking a salary, and golfing on his own courses, he’s a billionaire….. calling him what many on the left do, is moronic.

  43. The celebrities who put on the bogus “State of the Union” speech are idiots, fools and liars. I couldn’t watch or listen to them without getting sick to my stomach.

  44. So who cares?

  45. Why does anyone feel the need to spread this kind of idiotic un-newsworthy BS. I can do without it. Don’t care what Hollyweird thinks, says and/or does.

  46. Boy, that was an “all-star” lineup…Moore, Suhumer, Sykes, etc. Now that is what I call a real “shithole!”

  47. I have nothing but respect for Donald Trump,it is so refreshing to have a human being in the White house.These Liberals are scum worthless scum.

  48. Pretty much disgusted with Hollywood politics for the past 20 years. Am boycotting films with ignorant mouthy liberals in the cast. There was a time in the 40s, 50s and 60s that actors were patriotic. My DVD collection is being augmented by films of this era. Michael Moore can roast in hell.

  49. DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH! Michael Moore should go flap his gums in Canada where he belongs. The celebrities should kiss the ground President TRUMP walks on!!!! They are lucky they live in the US or they would be castrated for their disrespect
    Go live elsewhere and see if they make the money they are making here.
    Please, here’s your hats, what’s your hurry!!!!! Don’t let the door hit you in that A–

  50. As of now- the the demos has lost all my assistants for ever–and I am a retired GI–The entire party has become a soviet commie party and full of crooks and un-AMERICAN PEOPLE

  51. Sharon Helms-Dulin

    Wealthy white male Michael Moore is lecturing to us about “white male privilege”?? Can’t wait for him to lecture about obesity!

  52. Sharon Helms-Dulin

    Why can’t America haters be exiled to Venezuela??

  53. You do not have to be intelligent to be an actor or producer!

  54. Do these people who think they are special because they act in movies really think they know better what the nation needs than we, the public do?
    Many of the women and some of the men admitted to the public recently
    that they have stripped naked and stood in a lineup of other naked women and men, have allowed repulsive looking men to perform sex acts upon their bodies and have been treated like whores in order to get roles to perform in those movies. And that makes you smarter than us? Some of you have PHDs while others of you are high school dropouts. You are no more intelligent than we are. Some of you are a hell of a lot dumber. The majority of us never stripped naked or let a repulsive looking man climb on top of us just to get a job. You are a bunch of idiots and whores. You need to get off your soapbox and face reality.

    • Yes, these millionaire famous women who ARE NOW speaking out about Weinstines abuse….. accepted the abuse when the price, in exchange, was a role. It is very self-serving for them to do it now, when it will not hurt them, and so many others have been hurt, because they didn’t SPEAK OUT. So, they can stop setting themselves up as some sort of example. Many people have paid a price for calling out a sexual predator…. but that is the right thing to do, and if they didn’t want to at that time, fine; but then they can really stop WITH THE HOLIER THAN THOU OR SUPPOSEDLY BEING AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT WOMEN SHOULD DO. They aren’t. Oh, and the pink-hat protests – didn’t allow pro-life women to participate. NOW, that’s HYPOCRISY.

  55. Michael Moore is a fat slimy slob and ruffalo was a terrible hulk and the rest can go screw themselfs. I do not watch these fools and to let them know the country under president Trump is coming back at full speed.

  56. I remind people that actors and other performers are also assumed to be citizens of our country. As such, they have a complete right to discuss their political opinions just like everyone else. They have the same constitutional rights as do the rest of us. We might not agree with what they say, but they do have the right to say it. It seems to me that this is a right all Americans must support if our democracy is to mean any thing at all.

    • No they have a soapbox ordinary citizens do not have the lamestream media.

    • You really need to stop reminding We the People, or those of us who choose not to go to these movies and watch their award shows. WE KNOW THEY HAVE THE RIGHT, OUR CONSTITUTION IS AMAZING; TO THEIR OPINION….. I’m personally, not stopping them. I also have the right to not watch, not be interested in “who they’re wearing”, or not care what preaching they wish to do to all who disagree with their political view. As with the NFL – I hope the keep kneeling, and Hollywood can continue. But, as WE THE PEOPLE are the source of their millionaire lifestyle – we need to get something for our money…. and won’t support a “dog who bites us” for no reason at all. So…. drop it. We know.

  57. You know virtual reality such as we saw in Avatar has been growing by leaps and bounds which could eventually make the celebrities obsolete altogether. O f course if their really lucky they will not ever be seen but could do voices for the virtual characters or maybe just get unknowns who would be happy for the work.

  58. These idiots are the reason that a lot of people turn off their TV or change channels when these clowns are featured, only the mentally affected watch trash like this when presented on TV or in the movies

  59. Damn I missed it!

  60. Why can’t the “terrorists” ever blow up these idiots!

  61. They have to figure out ways to applaud them selves , because less and less people even watch them!!!

  62. Go ahead, Hollywood. Bite the hand that feeds you. I’d rather read a good book.

    • Like the NFL, who insult the people WHO BUY TICKETS AND SUPPORT THEM?? Like the Hollywood group, why would anyone respect their thinking or self-respect? I’m also guessing that the “me too”, which was a real problem in Hollywood – as we knew about the “casting couch” back in the 70’s. I support their life choice as to occupation. But, like the NFL – stop using award shows, or some other elite platform, to attack the political opposition….. for no real reason. Their hypocrisy: the conservatives, GOP, WEREN’T ALLOWED TO DISAGREE WITH THE OPPOSING POLITICAL IDEOLOGY – WITHOUT BEING CALLED RACIST!!!!!! I’ve disagreed with different opinions in my 60+ years; but NEVER BEFORE WAS I ATTACKED FOR HATING A BLACK PERSON BEFORE. Then Killary calls us a “basket of deplorables”????

      I won’t support anyone who attacks me for being something really nasty…… especially when they have no clue about who I am, or those of us who elected Pres.Trump, and are very happy with his hard work. All the lefties wanted: young charming well spoken biracial man; or first woman. = but the fact that they were crooks or not qualified, WAS OF NO CONCERN.

  63. Those celebrities are “STUPID”, they think in own minds that America worships them ! I hate to tell them but they are soooo wrong ! Theaters attendances are going down fast ! SEX-MANIACS , DOPE-HEADS , ANTI-JESUS , OVERBEARING and every bad thing you can thank of ! They actually think the “STUPIDER” they dress and act that young adults are loving it , not if they have been raised right ! All of you can laugh now , but wait until you send yourselves to “THE PITS OF HELL” !!! And I’m not talking about a movie scene of Hell !!

  64. Moore could be right, if Republicans and conservatives that support our great President stay home and don’t vote! So, it’s up to us once again to foil the rotten Anti-Americans and vote for Republicans all the way down the line in every single election!!! Don’t let the Democrats back in! We don’t want to lose even one seat and we want to gain even more!!

    • It’s really very simple, and maybe even simple enough for stupid lefties to understand. If dems. are elected to open seats, enough to increase the number in Congress…. The good leadership of Pres. Trump will end. As with Pelosi and Cummins,, now – there is no giving or negotiations. Our nation really needs immigration reform, and Trump has widely accepted ideas, as well as infrastructure repair, etc., which is beyond time of need. We must elect all new GOP, expect cooperation with Trump, so the nation will continue to improve.

  65. I used to reside in NYC. Had I still lived there, I’d have led the true response these liberals deserve. This is not Europe, where Socialists gather, this is America & Hollywood is a disease that has failed us. Keep your sh*t in Calif, where your illegals hang out, you’re not part of our country!!!

  66. WHY are they still here in the US —– Didn’t they promise to leave the US if trump was elected pres……

    • They are trained to talk out of both sides of their mouths and they have perfected it as an art form.

    • As their state is failing in every respect, they want to lead the entire nation???? The “PINK hats” protester basically just the focus of women who want to make sure they can still kill their babies… even during birth, and demand more respect – as they are totally plastic, with large boobs. And they have no clue how to live a responsible INDEPENDENT LIFE, where government actually does their limited job, and LET PEOPLE LIVE THEIR OWN LIVES – and respect LAWS.

  67. Shouldn’t they be busy planning their next “Let’s Pat Each Other On Th Back” event and stay the hell out of politics?

    The Oscars
    The Emmies
    The Grammies
    The Tonys
    The SAG Awards..
    What’s next?
    The “My Poop is Ice Cream” Award
    The “Hooray for Me” Award

  68. does anyone know how many people wasted their time to watch these fools. I am sure it was not many

    • You’re absolutely right…. with the unreasonably high cost of movie tickets for small screens and noisy theaters, to watch some remake or sequel???? The last movie I “rented” was Gran Torino, because Clint Eastwood (whom the Hollywood elites scorn), seems to be the only one who offers a decent movie, and doesn’t go along with all the far left crap.

  69. These Hollywood clowns have just lost millions $. Some have lost everything. My family and I will never watch their movies.
    Bye bye !

  70. Celebrities should realize that the only reason they are celebrities is because of the very people they are pissing off.

  71. It is a wonderful thing that AMERICANS have the right to think for ourselves! The opinions of these “Hollywood Elites” means absolutely nothing to me. So many of them suffer from “Trump Derangement Syndrome”, that it boggles the mind! I have no interest in the movies they are making, or what they think. Do us alll a favor, and keep your political views to yourself. You are only making yourselves look narrow minded and devoid of reality!

  72. Not just forget the celebrities….. BOYCOTT….. that is “my state of address to the celebrities”….. the thing is most of them are not celebrities…. can’t act…. the movies that are being created, most are just junk and the high payed actors and actresses or whatever you want to call them, are either desperate to land a roll, or just plain scum.

  73. When the slime runs turn the PSI up, washes them down the sewer faster
    nothing that comes out of hollywood is worth watching , I don’t see why people
    keep giving them their money just to be insulted

  74. The celebrities will have a hard time paying for their mansions when those watching their shows drop by 30% or more.

  75. when your stupid and try things on your own you can get more stupid because you know not what you do .

  76. hot damn…these liberals are so damn frickin stupid !!!

  77. I’m so tired of THIS TIRED OLD ELITIST BELIEF… that these Hollywood types, leftie politicians who DON’T ACTUALLY DO THEIR JOB; but believe they somehow have the right to instruct each and every citizen, on how to live our lives – especially when their lives are so messed up?? One thing Obama did all the time: PREACH all citizens on how to believe, be moral, etc. When in reality – he was the most corrupt individual ever to be POTUS.

    What I like about Trump, he talks about what he plans to do, and how it will result in a better economy. THAT I can agree with, and as he accomplishes those things…. I see he’s correct. Like many – I have no need for anything that comes from Hollywood or the left media or politicians.

  78. with any luck they will seceded CALIF from he union. Praise the Lord.

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