CBS Talks to California Voters and Finds Bad News on Impeachment

CBS News is one of many left-wing outlets that has been doing their damnedest to convince voters that President Donald Trump should be impeached, thrown out of office, locked away, and possibly shot into outer space for his terrible crimes against the United States. But when CBS “This Morning” went to California to see how voters were actually feeling about the impeachment inquiry, they were dismayed to realize that the Democrats’ Ukraine circus was not resonating the way they’d hoped.

“We asked the diners about the impeachment saga and almost to a person, Republicans, independents, and Democrats told us they’re not sure where it’s headed, but were more interested in other issues that impact their everyday lives. Those folks in Bakersfield there at dinner even said they think this process is merely exposing the hypocrisy on both sides,” noted CBS political correspondent Ed O’Keefe.

O’Keefe continued, noting that the voters they spoke to see this as the kind of thing that one party does to the other, regardless of what’s actually at the center of the inquiry.

“Democrats did this — or Republicans did it to a Democrat years ago, now it’s Democrats doing it to a Republican President,” O’Keefe continued. “We’ll see, but it doesn’t come up in conversation unless you ask.”

In other words, voters are not only skeptical about the Democrats’ motivations here, they don’t even really care about the whole situation. That’s really bad news for Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, and anyone else who is hoping that this impeachment inquiry will somehow lead to 2020 Democratic Party success. And if it isn’t good for that, what is it good for? They certainly aren’t going to kick Trump out of the White House. This nonsense is dead as soon as it goes to the Senate.

“Yeah, so it’s not a winning issue, it doesn’t look like,” noted a pensive Anthony Mason.

“No. It’s not,” O’Keefe confirmed.

Now, if programs like CBS “This Morning” and all the rest of the news media actually cared about something other than furthering the Democratic Party agenda, they would take this information and do something about it. They would re-focus on issues voters care about, like health care, education, immigration, the economy, and so forth. Issues that actually matter to people. But because the Democrats are laser-focused on Trump (and because Trump = ratings), they’re going to ignore all of this and keep driving the ship into that enormous iceberg waiting for them in November 2020.

Oh well…

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