CBS Asks Ivanka Trump if She’s “Complicit”

A few weeks ago, Saturday Night Live ran one of their fake-ad skits featuring Scarlett Johannsen as Ivanka Trump. In the skit, the president’s daughter was hawking a new perfume line: Complicit. And the joke was that by supporting her father, Ivanka was responsible for whatever monstrous things he did.

In an interview with CBS last Wednesday, Ivanka was asked about the skit. Host Gayle King asked Ivanka if she felt “complicit” in furthering Donald Trump’s agenda.

“If being complicit means wanting to be a force for good and wanting to make a positive impact, then I’m complicit,” she said.

Was that the best answer? Perhaps not, but what can you do when you’re subjected to this kind of nonsense journalism? King is asking her about what? An SNL joke? Her responsibility as a liberal to rein her father in? What exactly can be said in such a situation other than, “Hey, go take a flying leap.” And we know that Ivanka is far too classy for a response like that.

“You also talk about the critics, and you have a couple who say, ‘Why isn’t Ivanka speaking out? Where is she on Planned Parenthood? Where is she on gay rights? Where is she on the rights of women? Where is she on climate change?’ And it’s like you’re being held personally accountable for not speaking up. What do you say to your critics?” King asked in the interview.

What a bunch of nonsense. Who is saying any of this? Who expected that Ivanka would turn her father into a Democrat once he ascended to the White House? Is that really what the writers of SNL and the, ahem, journalists at CBS actually thought was going to happen? Did they get the idea somewhere along the line that President Trump is someone who just goes along with whatever someone says? It’s ludicrous.

We don’t doubt that Ivanka has her father’s ear, and we know for certain that she’s responsible for leading him down a more liberal path than he might otherwise want to take on the subject of Planned Parenthood and other feminist issues. But we expect – or at least hope – that will be the extent of her liberal influence over the president.

In the meantime, Ivanka is in no way “complicit” in allowing the Donald Trump agenda to materialize. Her allegiance is to her father, and her father’s allegiance is to the American people – particularly the ones that voted him into office. If Ivanka’s crime is to let democracy take its course, she’s got nothing to be ashamed of.


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  1. gayle king is a nobody who wouldn’t even have a “talk show” if not for her bestie, oprah. Get a life, “gayle,” and stop trying to be relevant…you’re not. You’re not qualified to walk Ivanka’s dog.

  2. SNL is so irrelevant so out of touch, and so very 1980,s. Alex Baldwin is their star doing imitations of people, that he could never be as good as,in his wildest fantasy. He is an aging old — has been from another age and an almost over and out of buisness company American Express spokesman for commercials. Yes, like OJ Simpson was for Hertz cars, before the murders and thefts and all. Only real difference is OJ is in prison, and Hertz is still in buisness, and hasn’t been kicked out of Costco. SNL and Alex Baldwin also should be sentenced to prison for severe lack of humor and taste and for sure kicked out of Costco.

    • Baldwin should be in prison as a pedoyhile and sexual predator as well as for being a bad actor. Who replaced him as Jack Ryan after just one film?

      • disqus_XiPHq3JlXk

        Ford replaced him. And Ford replaced him because Baldwin demanded too much money.

        Alec Baldwin was a whiney, greedy … sot … even back then.

        • Worse today!

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      • sandraleesmith46

        Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck, then later some new kid whose name I can’t recall.

      • Their repulsive! These folks SNL is not even entertaining much less funny. We have a billionaire who gave his lifestyle up to serve the country and people he loves to be insulted by lowest of the lowest low life. He has an exemplary family, his greatest treasure. Once again from Alabama Robert Bentley the “Never Trump”, is caught sleazing with another woman on government time and money. He was appalled at that “lewd tape” from another century. Another Bill CLINTON. You won’t see that on SNL This CLINTONS sex island thing — or that Podesta child sex ring that could never make SNL, either. You’re right. PRISON for these scum bags.

    • Ivanka answered with the class she has. She diffused the stupid accusatory question. I would not have that class, I would have responded, “You are complicit with the leftist demented Democrats on just about everything. Are you and the Democrats in bed with one another?”?

      • IVANKA and her family, under intense insults from lowest of low life maintain their class dignity and humility. Such a carats to the low life loser detractors. Wouldn’t you agree?

        • Absolutely !

        • I hope you will include Obama & Michael in that group. The worse two to occupy the WH and spend tax payers money. The trouble is there still doing it.

          • Absolutely you know that they and CLINTONS are. We are blessed to have PRESIDENT DOES TRUMP and his working for America. Hope that Obamas and Clintons investigated and earn prison time–or worse.

  3. The appropriate answer to that question (for me, though Ivanka has too much class to use it) is “Why don’t you go F$#k yourself” (while walking off the set).

    • This classy lady, her father, and others in the administration should tell these “journalists” to take a flying leap when they are invited on a “news interview” show, knowing full well how they will be treated.

  4. SNL is A stupid, good for nothing show!!! Serves no purpose in the world but for stupid people to act stupider & make fun of anybody that is trying to do what is right in there actions!!

    • To be candid, I haven’t watched SNL in over 20 years. I’ve only seen clips now and then. From those, I didn’t see anything funny.

      • Is that piece of crap still on the air?

      • DITTO; it must take a certain person to enjoy and appreciate the crap SNL calls entertainment; I guess that though is why we have so many – – – what did Hillary call the people who did not agree with her? Oh, and too, those who put so much stock in SNL must be the same group that accepted Hillary’s comments, “America is just fine” when we had 30+ million Americans out of work, three out of every four jobs were going to immigrants, wages for those working were down, many working with no benefits, social unrest and distrust for the government and criminal justice system was at an all time low – and Hillary felt “just fine” was okay!

        • Regarding SNL, historically, after talented people like Steve Martin, John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, and Chevy Chase left, SNL was no longer funny. Relative to Killary Rotten Benghazi Clinton, she has little or no understanding of America. She is so far left, she has no idea about the actual condition of America. We haven’t been “fine” for decades.

          • No wonder she’s in the woods.

          • Oh, she knows what condition America is in. She’s just a murdering, liar and cheat who takes advantage to line her own pockets. She cares NOTHING about our country!

        • Is there anybody that is entertained by this?

      • Ivanka being complicit! No. I believe Trump does not know having your relatives at work is inviting problems. He should ask me for my experience. Relatives tend to think they own your office and all customers are their slaves. Loo, Ivanka is now controlling functions in the WH. Those White males will be side lined. That will create hatred and gloves may come off in the WH. I can smell there will be fights in the WH soon between Ivanka and those white males now advising Trump. I can’t wait to see gloves off in the WH.

        • Though I’m a staunch supporter of President Trump, I find him to be quite naive when it comes to family involvement and belief in Democrats and the political arena in general. Though I was very pleased that his family helped him in his quest to become President, I did not vote for them. I voted for him.

        • Did you have that same opinion when Bill Clinton was president?

      • Exactly. Funny it’s not. Entertaining it’s not. A waste of time money and sign of decay.

    • The last time a watched SNL, the cast included Chevy Chase, Dan Akroyd, and Gilda Radner. Does that date me?

    • Not even entertaining

  5. I can understand SNL’s trying to be funny. That’s what they do. They’re in the business of being goofy. But what is CBS’s excuse? Gayle King’s questioning of Ivanka was dumb, dumb, dumb. It shows the deplorable state of journalism in today’s main stream media. Ivanka could’ve been rude and and combative but, to her credit, she was professional, informative and politically astute in defending her position as a representative of the Trump administration.

  6. If you are silly enough to watch or listen to CBS, you deserve to have to hear that crap.

  7. Last time I watched SNL is when the Blues Brothers did their routine.

  8. She should have ask the commie news network if THEY were proud of being complicit in trying to destroy the very fabric of this country !

  9. Lets see . . . . possibly promoting perfume sales as compared to, for instance, destabilizing the Middle East through open transfer of Gaddafi’s arms to Terrorists, murder of our Patriots at Benghazi, perpetual lying to America, turning the SOS Office into a cash machine . . . I think you get the idea.

    The Lame Steam Media marches, in step, to the Left’s orders.

    • And they call it political correctness.

      • They can’t call it correctness when they lie all the time. They even lie by not telling all of the news. I call it pick and choose news. You know, part of a sentence, parts of a speech to change the meaning, part of a video, not coming down on the Soros paid demonstrations. We need a truth in reporting law as Great Britain has. It wouldn’t stop free speech but maybe clean up the press.

        • It is beyond pick and choose, it is a complete false narrative. It is woven into the revisionist history to paint a completely different picture than what actually exists.

  10. How can a show that no one watches stay on the air? And there should be a pat answer to MSM propagandist’s…like “I only talk with professional journalist’s”…

    • The Liberals are supporting the Fake News lying Alphabet Networks.They eat it up.They say what the Liberals believe and want to hear.Thats the only explanation. Same with the so called News Papers and the rest of the MSM.

  11. CBS is but one of several far-left “organizations” that are hateful, mean-spirited, anti-God, anti-American, and nothing more than poor excuses for propaganda machines for those who hate America! They have no idea that they will be severely judged by God for their lying and abetting in the destruction of this nation that was raised up by God! The Constitution is based upon Godly principles! You do not mock God and get away with it! But, these people are too stupid and ignorant to understand that simple truth! They will stand before the God they deny and attempt to blame everyone else! They will lose . . . everything!

  12. It has gotten so ridiculous that I immediately change channels when a network starts to ridicule or out right lie. This means that I know longer, for any reason, turn on CNN, turn off ABC, the Stephanopoulos station, MSNBC because they are ridiculous, and CBS occasionally.
    The people one Democrats. Get over it! Start telling the truth and gives the president the respect he deserves


  14. It’s nice to know that CBS is being evenhanded and not throwing softballs at Trump’s family….wait; that’s the OPPOSITE of what they do and have always done. They consistently throw softballs, nay, nerfballs and wiffleballs to liberals and the Obama admin officials, and airballs at Obama’s family members, while lobbing grenades, tarballs, and spikeballs at conservatives, the Trump Admin., and especially, Trump’s family members. I’m surprised they haven’t badgered Barron about something Trump did before he was born, or tried to make him cry on camera.

    Bully Bastards.

  15. Just LAMO! Getting to do that a lot since the liberal progressive, commie pinko, snowflake, moonbats lost the election. They just don’t get it and keep stepping in doo-doo, or foot-in-mouth!

  16. The only ones complicit in criminal activity are the alphabet news agencies who
    have lied so much that they are incapable of realizing they are the criminals
    now days and have not reported any news in many years even before their
    head liar Obama. During the Clinton years they lied so much that their rating
    started to drop like a lead sinker in the ocean.

  17. Ivanka is “complicit” in helping President Trump to MAGA!

  18. Ivanka is loyal to her father. She is not the president and since both she and Mr Trump are adults neither is responsible for what the other says or does. End of discussion as far as I’m concerned?
    Gayle King is a fool for asking such ridiculous questions and the questions as well as the reference to SNL are just for ratings and viewership. SNL was a good view 20 years ago now it’s just a ghost of its past. Crude and rude with no substance or anything of value to offer. I prefer Animal Planet.

  19. King is a typical left wing fake news propagandizing whore with no credibility. Her interview with Chelsea Clinton was far different, clearly demonstrating her liberal bias.

  20. “Complicit;” If so then CBS and many other networks that bent over so far to “market” Obama’s agendas – that supported the greatest invasion of illegals into this nation in our history, – that supported Obama’s negligence
    in enforcing federal laws when he ignored the fact 4 million illegals (by Obama’s own admission) who were working in the U.S., – when Obama ignored the growing tensions between our law enforcement personnel, -when fifty years of progress in bringing equality and support between the various races in our country were falling apart, -when Obama promised we could keep our insurance (that was far less expensive than Obama care), – when in spite of the repeated cries and pleas for changes in Obama care that was putting undue pressure on millions and millions of Americans and small business, – the failures of Hillary Clinton to provide security at Benghazi, or face up to the illegal personal server (similar to the one she forced a U.S. Ambassador
    to resign for using a similar one) or her lies that she never sent classified information out on her personal server!

    It was clear that Obama and much of his staff and appointees were complicit in their managing the nations business and then attempted to cover up the facts with twisted stories, half-truths and flat out lies!

    Before ANY of the networks start throwing stones or making accusations, they need to look back at their past eight years; they will find they have been the biggest “Public Supporter” of the mess caused by the failed Obama administration and the people Obama surrounded himself with! They now want to make like none of that ever happened and paint the Trump administration as the failure. They have yet to acknowledged the fact the problems we are faced with were there before Rump ever filed to run for the White House; he did not create these problems and he did not bring them into the White House with him.

    The problems were developing and growing over the past 12 years – thank goodness Trump is doing what congress and the White House failed to do; he is taking action to fix the problems earlier ignored and in doing so, those who should have fixed them are defending themselves by putting pressure on Trump suggesting he is the problem!

  21. sandraleesmith46

    Blocking the religious liberty of millions of Americans is NOT being a “force for good”, it’s hurting the nation as an whole! So maybe you should rethink what your version of “good” is….

  22. Hey, if being anti-communist and anti-fascist means that I’m a racist, then I guess I’m a racist – oh well!

  23. Leave Ivanka alone you luny Liberals! She is devoted to her Father and isn’t about to say anything against him you Morons!. She has more CLASS in her little finger than any Liberal has in their whole body…and more intelligence than the average Liberal loser.

    Ivanka, ignore those luny Libs. They aren’t happy until they try to bring everyone down to their sub-level – which is several stories below the norm.

  24. Patricia Anderson

    I used to think Alex Baldwin was a good actor he can act but he’s sunk to idiocy and irrelevance on the Stupid Nonsensical Licentious show laughingly not with (but at)


  26. There are too many operatives of the Democrat-Islamic-Communist Terrorist Organization to count them all.

  27. One of the reasons comedy exists it to make a person think about who’s who and what’s what. It’s not just stupid canned laughs.

  28. Moneywood is complicit and hypocritical with and for hiring illegals.

  29. Dexter L. Wilson

    Saw on I believe Waters World, how they did this comment and also how this same interview went with Chelsea. They honored Chelsea but asked Ivanka if she was complicit. Your Communist Broadcasting System at work.

  30. Ivanka is smart and more intelligent than all the stupid, dumbass associated

  31. Just like her Grifter father. Yes, she’s complicit, even tho she doesn’t know the meaning of the word. Or does she just make things up like Drumpf?

  32. SNL needs to have Whopie Goldberg Imamate Michael, oops I mean Michele Obama and ask if she’s complicit in her husbands bring down of the United Ststes and robbing the American public blind!!?

  33. I thought her answer was pretty good, basically turning it back on Gayle. “Complicit” usually infers aiding and abetting in some nefarious activity. Seems to me Gayle was trying to get her in a “gotcha” moment, but Ivanka beat her at her own game. . . .

  34. “Complicit” is a word having a negative connotation and is incorrectly used in this context.

  35. 1PierreMontagne1

    Journalists at CNN ???
    In all fairness the ADMIN editorialists at Patriot News Daily should be referring to
    to “The Fake News Boiler Room of CNN and its occupants as Pseudo Journalists.

    Do not forget that it is quite some time ago that the MSM descended into being not so much journalists any more as being Liberal Propagandists believing their own Mantra of “Lie until it becomes the truth”

  36. It is perhaps unwise to say a word to the traitors of CBS.

    Let them disappear as casualties of the free enterprise economy.

  37. anthony j. manzo

    Are the so called news outlets in the USA complicit in the state of the World today. I can remember as bad as it was in 2008, it is a thousand fold worse to day. The USA debt eight trillion dollars , today twenty trillion dollars. Hundreds of thousands of men, women, children in the world murdered, raped, and homeless. With the press extolling the so called world leader. Rather than telling the truth of what was happening. so please look in the mirror, search your soul if you have one and seek the truth instead of seeking headlines. You all disgust me. GOD BLESS AMERICA..

  38. Complicit? More like oblivious!!!

  39. When confronted with – “And we know that Ivanka is far too classy for a response like that.” the best answer is always – “Hey, go take a flying leap.”, and I have a feeling she would have stolen the show. The sooner we start responding to the media (and SNLs carp with rebuttal comments rather than trying to explain them and march to their drums the sooner we will get America back on track. I personally would rather tell the media to Kiss you know what than make them happy be falling into their traps! Problem is, if you are not in the habit of nasty and defensive responses but rather always apply polite attention and responses to conversation you set yourself up to be the fall guy! That is what our media relies upon, that is what we are seeing in SNL!

  40. Did the liberal media ever ask Chelsea if she was complicit in the Clinton Foundation fraud? Well did they??? Of course not, Chelsea’s off limits like Obama’s wife & daughters were. EXPLAIN THAT TO US YOU MEDIA ASSH*LES!

  41. The lying libturds are trying to derail the Trump train but they getting crushed in the attempt.

  42. more BS and lying from the enemedia…SNL is nothing more than a liberal mouthpiece for liberal a$$hats

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