Catholic University Removes “White Supremacy” Statue

A metal statue that has graced the St. Louis University campus for years is coming down after students complained of its message of “white supremacy.” The statue, which features Jesuit missionary Pierre-Jean De Smet praying over two Native Americans, will now be moved to an indoor art museum so as not to upset the campus community.

Though criticism has been launched at the statue for a while, it wasn’t until student Ryan McKinley wrote a scathing editorial in the campus newspaper that university officials took action. McKinley wrote, “The statue of De Smet depicts a history of colonialism, imperialism, racism and of Christian and white supremacy. This statue of De Smet is the clearest message that this university sends regarding American Indians, past and present. This message to American Indians is simple: “You do not belong here if you do not submit to our culture and our religion.”

It’s not shocking to see this kind of kneejerk “social justice” on an American campus, though it is distressing to see a Catholic university submit so thoroughly to political correctness. If faculty at such a university do not believe in “Christian supremacy,” then what do they believe in? What is the point of a religion if you don’t think you have the right one? Is it all just symbolic? Is there no truth anymore?

Perhaps this should have been debated a bit. Historians don’t have to work very hard to acquit the good name of De Smet, after all. He was one of the best friends the American Indians ever had, leading dangerous missions into disputed territory to bring the good word to tribes near and far. He wasn’t in the business of spreading “white supremacy.” He worked diligently to protect Native Americans from the violence surrounding the whiskey trade and introduce them to a faith he believed in most dearly. Now, in 2015, that kind of work is apparently seen as evil.

To be sure, the relationship between whites and Native Americans is a complicated and contentious one. But this liberal effort to paint Europeans as mass-murderers and Indians as gentle folk invites a fiction every bit as incorrect as the most white-washed historical texts. History isn’t a storybook filled with villains and heroes. We do not do ourselves any favors by judging historical events with the values of 2015. And we certainly aren’t accomplishing anything by casting every white man as the bad guy.

If you are living in the United States today, you are benefiting from what those evil men of yore did to the American Indians. Want to make a real statement? Leave the country. Donate to a Native American charity. Renounce the pleasures of modern America, none of which would exist if the land had been left to the natives. If you’re not prepared to do that, then taking a stance against a statue is nothing more than hypocrisy. You’re having your cake and eating it, too.

SJU, it should be noted, plans to move ahead with a statue commemorating the Ferguson protests of 2014. Maybe in another few decades, an enterprising student columnist can expose that statue as a symbol of liberal idiocy. But with the way things are going, that probably won’t happen.


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  1. Now praying over someone is considered no good, too. If that was a Muslime doing the same thing, they wouldn’t protest. Quite the opposite.

    • The only pix of Muslims is them standing over a kneeling “infidel” ready to behead them. Will a statue on campuses be required cultural diversity in the days coming?

  2. Oh yeah !!!
    Wouldn’t want to offend the PC liberal voting base.
    Pfffft !!

    • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

      The very fact that you draw breath offends greatly

      • Are you gay?
        A Muslim?
        An indoctrinated liberals can do no wrong type person?
        Easily amused ?
        Unaware that political agendas can eventually nullify the inane sense of victory you feel today ?
        So partisan, to feel I am here promoting the ill conceived RIGHTS answers, to counter any liberal made issues?
        Maybe you watch too much MSNBC or Jon Stewart and wanna have sex with the Kardashians.
        I don’t know, but honestly removing Icons, religious artifacts, or any American history you are opposed to, won’t negate the facts those events actually occurred.
        GET OVER IT !!!
        You whiny little perverted sense of an AMERICAN !!

        • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

          Removing none of the things you mentioned has ever been on my mimd. Seeing you self-deport would be terribly nice though. You belong in a country that is to you what you want to make the US for those that do not swallow your ideology

          • Did you ever consider a Broadway role for the Vagina Monologues ??
            Cry me a river, liberal pansy !!

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            Did you ever consider that all I did was expose the fact that you are a bigot, a hater, certainly noit a religious individual no matter what religion? You feel it is ok for you to hate but if it is aimed at you you whine like a beaten pup. You are a pathetic example of a human being and I just had to be certain and now I am. Thank you for your cooperation in my investigation

          • You didn’t exactly need that consensus of (well paid) climate scientists to determine my disdain for you, or the undeserved condescension of others who disagree with you,
            my disdain for you maintaining racial division, religious intolerance, your childish retorts, lack of any perceivable education, etc.
            Also you certainly never exposed anything I haven’t been willing to share.
            As for all your other commentary, It’s what make you, YOU!!
            Nothing to be proud of.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            Do you seriously think the disdain of a bigotted bloviating asshat is significant to anyone even those who pretend to agree with you on here?

          • Considering the disdain against the bigoted bloviating asshhat, is all about you I’ll grant you a RESOUNDING YES !!!
            Do you even proofread what you type before you post??
            I’m gonna copy paste it, In quotes, considering it’s just too funny !!!

            “Do you seriously think the disdain of a bigotted bloviating asshat is significant to anyone even those who pretend to agree with you on here?”

            YOU’RE FU**ING HILLARIOUS !!!!

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            The asshat gammar police are here !!! what a simpleton

          • I relish the very idea of you referring to yourself as a bigoted bloviating asshat.
            You deserve a few upvotes and even a few sympathetic friends for such an egregious error.

          • @Raymond J Ambrozaitis – What’s a “gammar” and is it true that one can truly be arrested for gamming? In what state or country? Is “gamming” the practice of pin-ups exposing delightful gams? Is is that you don’t appreciate gams or that you, in a trollibiotic, kneejerk fashion, support all police actions? (The Korean Police Action comes to mind, and that generation could certainly stand your support, so thanks in advance or response.) Where can such as we find more gams at which to gawk?

            De Oppresso Liber

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            I hope with all my being that idiots such as yourself who do not realize what it is like to type with a handicap such as the one I have get that chance. I especially would like to see you, not idiots like you do it and not have slips. Be ever so proud of being what you are Ignorant!

          • @Raymond J Ambrozaitis – Having not demeaned you for your handicap, I am perplexed at your having felt the need to attempt demeaning me by your juvenile behavior. That said, I recognize the frustration of having to consult your ESL tutor in order to respond at all, let alone on the subject of gams. It is, therefore, presumed that your homosexuality is also what you have identified as a handicap in an otherwise hetero world, and as “sympathy” falls between “$#1t” and “syphilis” in the dictionary, I have none for you, for I appreciate a nice looking pair of gams!

            Have a queerly nice day, you handicapped excuse for a dipsquat.

            Sic semper tyrannis.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            Dude you got what you asked for from my gammer. You can not spin your way out

          • @Raymond J Ambrozaitis – Like virtually all trollibiots, you speak glibly in prevarications, no “spin” implied, as with each of my responses to you ─ yet you spin as freely (and with as much substance) as the cotton candy with which you are cerebrally imbued and to which you owe your social handicap.

            Cogito, ergo armatus sum.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            I was not going to respond to you but you pushed it. You are a lying ignorant dumbass stupid useless pig. Your post is here, You are gutless to admit you had fun at the expense of a handicapped person and that is a cowardly act. You have revealed yourself to be all I say and worse. Now I am done with your crap

          • @RaymondgJ Ambrozaitis – Had Your Imperial Trollibiotic Majesty been less juvenile than to indulge his narcissistic predilection for baseless name-calling, apparently self-excused by virtue of the “my handicap made me do it” claim of privilege, I’d have been quite willing to let it go. As it is, being a disabled combat Veteran of the United States Armed Forces, running from the impertinent arrogance of a mental incompetent so elitist as to believe himself above the parameters of courtesy is not my wont.

            Yes, Raymond, it would be all too easy to make fun of you, as no doubt did your schoolyard kids. Now, with a change in libiotic weather, it is your custom to tout your mental incompetence in the same manner other schoolyard bullies might show off a club. Such cerebral masturbation in public does not have the effect of making some people cower before your childish expectation that all who disagree with you should automatically kowtow and agree, under coercive threat of your unleashing elitist handicap privilege; I am one such person who does not cringe before those who are lesser than I.

            Deal with it! ─ and I’d suggest you do so in the manner of a mature adult. Take responsibility for your own actions for a change, rather than expecting the world to conform to your delusions of elite, privileged grandeur.

            De Oppresso Liber

          • @Raymond J Ambrozaitis – Making no pretense, I do appreciate your foray into foreshortened alliteration, if not your trollibiotic ramblings.

            De Oppresso Liber

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            Paetro? is that yall?

          • @Raymond J Ambrozaitis – No, but we can start this part of the conversation with an admonition that you please use correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and capitalization when libiotically reacting in a juvenile manner to my compliments.

            By the way, your literary reference is incorrect, as well.

            Cogito, ergo armatus sum.

          • @John Rodgers – Wouldn’t Raymond J Ambrozaitis be more accurately characterized as a trollibiotic, trans-op pansy of indeterminate tint?

            De Oppresso Liber

          • Raymond, seeing YOU self deport would be much better. We do not need YOUR KIND here.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            Awwwww Billy that’s so cute. What will they call you when you grow up?

          • They will call him SHIT FOR BRAINS. LOL!!!

    • Johnny: Your going to make that PC Liberal-TARD paid TROLL Ray Ray very un-happy.

    • Seems to me like they are just going along and making up crap now, there doesn’t even have to be an actual offense.

      • I’m waiting the return of the gallows for offenses I’ve never even contemplated !!
        I couldn’t agree more.

      • That’s for sure. The real hard core lefties insist that it is the message that is crucial, not the truth. If a fraternity is accused of a gang rape culture (falsely), that’s OK with the left lunatics. Insanity rules on today’s campus.

  3. Just another liberal trying to make a name for himself. They don’t care who they hurt as long as they get their way.

  4. A Catholic college displaying a statue of a Catholic missionary praying over Native Americans should not be offensive to anyone on that campus. Just how thin-skinned are we Americans becoming?!?

    • It is very queer is it not?

      • Or did it upset the MUSLIM founding fathers ?!?!

        • Yeah, it probably did upset the Muslim impostor in chief!

          • headonstraight

            You have just achieved a new and laughable extreme in bringing in the President on a topic that has nothing to do with him. Your pathological condition is called OBSESSION!

          • Yes, I am obsessed, but he is possessed! BTW, as of today, Moocher and the Obamanation only have 596 days left to trash America!

          • headonstraight

            And how long do YOU have to trash rational dialogue?

          • As long as it takes!

          • @WVF – …,though it would not appear that you are trashing *rational* dialogue, but lending a small voice indicative of rationality toward the reasonable objective of educating a libiot.

            Sic semper tyrannis.

          • Couldn’t have said it better myself!

          • Your head is on straight up your ass.

          • headonstraight

            You have NO IDEA how un-original your puerile insult is!

          • Shofar threading


          • Not trashing dialogue. When the muslims take over, there will be no dialogue only death.

          • Wonder how long it will take us or how high our taxes will go in order to pay off our national debt? The debt that Obama has doubled in the eight years he has been elected the farse in chief. It seems that those who support him still forget that he is responsible for supporting murder on demand, and bringing into this country the contentions that will continue to divide this country from here on. We could contend with atheists, because they are outvoted easily. But muslims multiply like rabbits, and will overshadow our population in just a few years. And what will we do when we are outunumbered?

    • Not EVERY editorial needs a quick reaction. Shame on SLU for bowing to the demands of a dumbass student. I think the sculpture is an appropriate one, for a university, founded by Jesuits.
      If this dopey student is offended by the Billiken’s sculpture and it’s implication (to him) of Christian and white supremacy, let him transfer to Grambling, where he might feel more at home.
      If this were my kid, I’d stick my boot up his arse and cut off his tuition.

      • Billie June Hall

        Thanks for stating this as it is. Good for you and shame on SLU. Too much bowing to one or two whimpy trouble makers.

      • This kid is obviously one of those spoiled rotten rich kids who is bored and looking to start some crap. If he was from a working class background he would either be at a cheaper university or he would be on an assembly line somewhere with no time to stir up crap.

        • Actually, the middle class are in the unemployment lines. There is few jobs to be had and most of those who are not in colleges cannot find work because the illegals have taken them. Let us be clear, there is no room for those who come here by climbing a fense or crossing a river and not going the legal route. It is time we stopped giving them jobs, schooling, and health care, and even no places to live. If they found they were starving, they might just go back home and stand on their own two feet and fight their own government in stead of fighting ours.

          • The problem is that the crap is being stirred up by our own citizens. The illegals are coming here because they see an open door. All they want is to work the system and get theirs. It is the stupid white rich kids that are to blame. They are the ones who are pushing all this pc crap. The illegals are a product of this, not the cause itself.

      • @TPM – Please consider the possibility of wrapping your boot in razorwire, prior to insertion, preferably sideways.

        De Oppresso Liber

      • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

        I think they simply want a fight, and until we give them the fight they will just press harder and harder until we have nothing left of our own.

        I hate to go Bible on anyone, but the good book warned us these things would happen if we went to weak on what the Lord told us to do. This is a Christian nation, based on Christian values – of course not everyone needs to be Christian but all our laws, morals, and cultural values are based on a “Christian” way of life. The rest is based on Greek and Roman philosophy and governmental ideas, the Republic, and Democratic law. If it weren’t for “whites” and “Christians” the US would NEVER be what it is now at the head of the world. This is the center of humanity’s progress! WE – THIS GENERATION NOW – HAVE BEEN LICENSED BY GOD AND/OR FATE TO PROTECT THAT!

        To give way to that for people with no morals, values, or cultural “way of life” is absolute idiocy! Never, in any manner can “no way” be better than any other way. Life itself needs a direction!

        All this anarchist BS leads to nothing but unruly chaos and nomadic warlords. People cannot be anti-everything and only support evil hedonistic ways of life… Rome did it, Babylon did it, Sodom and Gomorrah did it… Recollect how those stories ended? Many have already tried this…


        I will sooner choose to die a warrior, fighting for what is I see as right — than to live as a slave to what suits me not!!!

      • Shofar threading

        KUDOS !!!

    • Larry don’t forget we do have a thin skinned president so everyone feels it’s ok to be that way.

      • Thin-skinned? How bout calling a spade a spade. USA’s first NIGGER president. Do the math.

        • Oh you mean that thin skinned nigger with that ape looking wife. lol

          • Boy, talk about freedom of speech……anyhow, the IRS will probably be knocking on your door very soon.

          • That’s right Gordon Miller. FREEDOM OF SPEECH. He doesn’t stop saying and doing things to hurt us and this country so why should I give a rats a$$?

          • headonstraight

            Bob, you are fully entitled to freedom of speech, even when–as indeed is the case–that which you speak marks you as a blithering buffoon!

          • I’m a buffoon? Then you must be a freaking baboon. You just used your freedom of speech just like I’m using mine. He uses his to bring down a whole country. Of course with your ignorance you wouldn’t be able to see that.

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            It’s totally hilarious how the “black community” thought he would end racism… Seems he has thrown racism way out into the open by playing the race card on EVERY SINGLE EVENT and cancelled out about 100 years of civil rights progress already.

            Thanks Obama!

          • He sure has and he started that from day one. Gordon Miller thinks that I shouldn’t be saying things that I said. If that black sob can say things he says then so can I.

          • Bigotry is just as evil as attacks against my faith. How about yours?

          • It doesn’t seem to bother him so I surely don’t let it bother me either.

          • The voice of hatred in the form of bigotry should bother everyone. I too have
            prejudices’ but they are not attached to hatred of another. They are simply my
            likes and dislikes that have nothing to do with a wish to condemn another.

            But then I am a Christian and honor my Catholic faith. And no, I have no
            liking for either of the Obama’s for I think them both to be socialists who have
            no affinity for any of the Christian faiths and/or values.

          • Diane I can understand your feelings. I am also a catholic but I have never in my life laid back and took punishment from someone that wants to kill all Christians. Now we all know he is a Muslim. And I will not give in to any Muslim that tells me his God says to kill and rape and do all he wants against the world. Stone women to death. How about honor killings. I respect how you feel but I cannot sit back and just let him do as he pleases to us Christians. Yes I hate what he’s done to us here. In fact, I can’t help but hate him because I don’t look at him as a human being. I see the devil when I see his eyes. I’m sorry if I offend you in anyway but I will speak my mind.

          • Bob, I have no reason to believe Obama is not a Muslim. And I too hate his
            political attempt to undermine the constitution of our Republic.
            With that said let us direct our anger at the source of that anger, the radicals that have taken over the Muslim faith and let us focus on those facets of Sharia Law that makes what many believe is a matter of faith into an extremist idolatry not much different than even those who condemn others by their atheistic condemnation of all faiths.
            I believe in Jesus as the Son of God, our savior, and would never adhere to the philosophy of a pagan, pedophile, murderer and false prophet that was Mohammad and his trumped up god, allah – a mimicry of the true and only God.

          • Diane I truly understand what you are saying. But here is the problem. We cannot just sit back and let it happen. Some of us may have to get mad enough to stop what’s happening here. If not then we can just kiss all Christians goodbye. You know darn well they do want to do that and even that so called president wants that too. Haven’t you noticed how they are stopping the Christians from praying in our armed forces? Same thing in our schools but yet they will build a room for these Muslims to pray at school. Does that make sense to you? I do agree with you on what you said. But I can’t help but be angry and upset over this. We have soldiers dying for us as we speak and they cannot pray. I was in the Army and no one stopped us from praying. NO ONE.

          • headonstraight

            Why don’t you try to “give in” to some simple common sense and give up your silly-ass, ludicrous mis-perception of the President’s alleged desire to kill all Christians? When you speak your disordered mind, the result is unmistakable proof that you are a brainwashed dupe. In your case, I suspect that all that was needed was a light rinse.

          • Have you seen him try to stop the killing of Christians? Bet you can’t answer that idiot.

          • You obviously fail to acknowledge ISIS KILLING CHRISTIANS throughout the Middle East and RECLAIMING victories for all territory (such as Ramadi) once controlled by the allies. In effect nullifying any advances America and her allies shared over the last 14 years.
            President Obama is an absolute coward with no resolve on his Crayola crayon red lines, and both Hillary and Kerry are failures at International policy.
            You defend the worst of mediocrity !!!

          • It’s pretty obvious to me that you have never read your bible & having read your comment tells me you have completely lost your freaking mind!!!

          • I think you are about to lose more than your f-cking mind Faye. So be careful what you say. It could come back and bite you in the rear. I have a Bible at home and one in my car. You like being stepped on then let it happen to you and I think you will change your mind fast. And honestly Faye. I don’t really care what you think.

          • If you really don’t care what I think, then why did you respond to my to my comment ? PEA BRAIN!!!!

          • At least I have a brain. You lost yours for sure.

          • Faye,
            I am not sure anyone understands your opinion with the statement you make. Therefore this is my only comment that you clarify yourself. I am also bothered by the language and less than decent comments posted here. Can we not be a little more decent?

          • Thanks for coming out with your statement I was getting worried.

          • You were worried about my statement? I don’t understand since I tend to be rather open and hopefully not at all ambiguous.

          • @Diane – As I have no problem with being identified as Caucasoid, might I presume you’d have no objection to the occupier of our Oval Office and the family of that half-Caucasoid being characterized as Negroid? How about the Southern-accented “Nigra” then? Or is it that we should all now bow to the Blackfoot Native Americans as being misnamed in the English language, as that tribe would, in a politically correct “Dianoid” world be spoken of as being from a No-Particular-Tint-Footed people?

            De Oppresso Liber

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            Ah there it is… sorry, disregard my former question about your faith.

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            Diane (I am not picking on you) but what is your faith? I mean, unstated, we have no clue what you may be referencing?

          • Yes, being bigoted and even prejudiced is protected by the 1st amendment but hatred and harm of another is not.

            It seems to me that many Christians are ignoring attacks upon other
            Christians and actually helping to promote discrimination towards those who may not share in their specific Christian faith.

            I fully understand that the atheists and the pagan’s and even the hypocrites who openly express a membership in one church may well be undermining even their own faith. The hypocrites such as Obama, Pelosi, Biden and so many others would have you think of them as being Christians but most ideas they promote and every effort on their parts on so many levels is in opposition of any tenet of faith, especially the one they profess falsely as their own.

          • headonstraight

            Were you born a racist scumbag or did you get there by diligent study at the KKK University?

          • Is that hitting close to home? Look homeboy. Go drink your cool aid and maybe smoke a little weed.

          • I hope he’s got salve to heal those “burns”. LOL !!

          • Hey I got a good link for you!!
            You wanna see what Barney Franks (D.) and his HUSBAND think of BLACKS ??
            The DEMOCRAT PARTY uses people of color like tools !!
            BLACK PEOPLE get no respect from DEMOCRATS !!!
            Follow this link YOU TOOL !!!!


          • Yup. The nasty ghetto-skank w a face like a baboons butt… thats the one.. lol

        • You’re forgetting Obama is also half white. Whether you like Obama or not, it doesn’t give you the right to be a racist bigot, like your buddy Bobtrhn. You should be ashamed of yourself for using the N word on this forum & you need to shut that filthy mouth of yours.

          • If you had 1oz of gray-matter, you’d know that reminding Obammy of his being a Mulatto is not the smartest thing you could ever do. He may be ‘half-white’ but, he self-identifies as black… as he should. Nappy hair.. wide nose… complexion of a black person.. ebonics-speaking when he desires… and has the brain/thought-process of a negro.

            You need to be real and not so PC-IDIOTIC. I am not one bit ashamed of calling Obammy exactly what he is. YOU, on the other hand…. should be ashamed for being a large part of the problem in our beloved country.

            While all niggers are black… not all blacks are niggers. Obammy and Moochy are niggers. I’m not a racist-bigot…. just REAL. Much unlike yourself. Now, run along.. bye-bye Obama butt-kissing pc-zombie.

      • It’s not so much being “thin skinned” as being a professional whiner. People today love to bellyache and whine about everything. They look for things to be offended by. They also love to make mountains out of molehills and seem to get caught up in the emotional high that comes from running wild and yelling loudly in the streets. They need to just shut up and get a life.

    • Too damned thin skinned!

    • Not thin skinned but allowing idiots to tell us how our religious art work can be seen by fools and those
      who hate religion on any level. Primarily atheist and leftist liberals who hate few values and
      little to no morals.

      • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

        No values, no morals, no religion, no culture… It is all counter-culture and anti-values, anti-morals, anti-religion… The Left is as far from RIGHT as possible… it’s just wrong.

    • John Allen Dickinson

      I bet you’d like a statue of a Catholic priest “preying” over an altar boy, eh?

      • or how about a teacher “taking advantage” of a young boy. Oh but slutty teachers are lefty so its OK.

        • It’s not the same. You’re comparing apples to oranges. When a teacher molest a boy or girl, they are fired & lose their teaching license. They are then arrested & have to face charges in a court of law & if convicted, they will most definitely go to prison. I have never seen or heard of any priest being tried & or convicted for being a rapist & a pedophile. Therefore, your comment is totally bogus .

          • public schools are not denigrated. All teachers are not suspect. Lefty outrage is always Selective/biased.

          • Most Catholic churches are definitely denigrated & in denial big time. I said when a teacher is accused of molesting a child, they will face the consequences. As opposed to a priest, who will never see the inside of a courtroom. They are perverts & need to be treated as such. How many more young boys will be raped before The Catholic Church finally takes notice ?

      • Don’t pull any punches. I say it as I see it & if Christians find it offensive, tough shit!! I would describe it with more detail. I bet Catholics would love a statue of a priest, bending over a little boy , sodomizing him against his will. Then the church turns a blind eye & covers it up. The priest never gets prosecuted. They just send him to another church, in some other state, so he can continue to violate other helpless little boys. This has been going on for years& The Vatican does nothing to stop these pedophiles. You Christians must be so proud .

    • Spirit of 1776

      Everyone wants all American to kiss the backside of everyone else, all this from the muslim squatter in the oval office.

    • highwayman1955

      The comment that little pig made at that school was not an American. That was a comment from the mouth of a brain dead socialist already indoctrinated into the same mind of thought of the types that are coming out of our schools these days. These are not americans.. They are pitiful little idiots who have given up their ability to actually think for themselves and have become little socialist. What is worse,, it is not getting any better ,, it is getting more aggressive with these kinds of people coming out of our schools. White people are slowly becoming hated and are the cause of all social ills . remind you of anything? Hitler did this with another race once . kids are no longer being raised anymore. Government Is doing it and you can see what government is now teaching them.

    • Matthew V. Brown

      Pretty thin-skinned, I would say. Or “small brained”.

  5. Remind the students of the constitution which lists the natural right to freedom of speech (expression) and send them off to IS land.

  6. If it wasn’t for your “white supremacy” blog the underprivileged would never have been brought into the world of the “white supremisists” and therefore left behind. You smart-ass kids think the world started the day you were born.
    only because History and Geography is no longer taught in schools

  7. Any one who uses the terms of color is self discredited. The student’s education is defective.

    (People who think with KOLOR cannot be believed.)

    THOUGHTS ON COLOR–Do not label by color but by the content of their character..

    by Samuel A. Nigro,
    MD 2015

    “Color” as designating people has not worked. Color divides; fragments; creates hostility;
    puts chips on one’s shoulders; offends automatically; depersonalizes to
    incivility; makes one to be a professional victim, begging or demanding without
    productivity; paralyzes one to “poor me” ineptness; inflates with
    loud self-deluded arrogant Narcissism; dehumanizes to violence; makes people
    crazy; and enables evil leaders to manipulate weak suggestible peers to
    un-virtuous acting out of emotions. And

    “color” makes one forget that being born in America
    is the luckiest thing that could happen to anyone–otherwise, one would be dead
    or destitute in some other miserable country.
    Color means “unworthy content of character” and that one can
    do anything one feels like doing without consideration of virtue. Color
    makes one to be a Klu Klux Klan thinker of old: “I am better than those
    different and they must defer to me!”
    Any one who uses color should be rejected as a KKK (kolor,kolor,kolor)–which
    is the same as a CCC
    (color,color,color)—beige, black, brown, pink, red, white, yellow–empty
    wavelengths signifying nothing. We must
    identify as HUMANS: African, Asian,
    Caucasian, Hispanic, Negro, and by other words which bring the personhood of transcendent human history: Life, Sacrifice, Virtue, Love, Humanity, Peace,
    Freedom, and Death without Fear by commitment to Life, Liberty
    and the Pursuit of Happiness. Color does
    none of that and is just an empty wavelength.
    Color does the opposite. Tell those dealing with “color” to
    stop and deal with humanity based words instead. Color makes matters worse. “Color” is superficial and
    skin-deep thoughtlessness. Color always
    fails. It will always fail because it is
    not fully human because it ignores the
    content of one’s character. Instead,
    people should be known by the content of their character as Dr.
    King stated. If you really want to help everybody,
    stop mentioning color. Color hardens the
    heart and dissolves the brain.

    • The Old Hippie

      Creatively acquiring for further dissemination. Very well written. Thank you.

    • We’ve made every discerning difference in people, a means to promote LIBERAL politics.

  8. Nothing more wasteful than spending some ones hard earned money on this kind of racial crap. Why not just forget history, period. These “enlightened” morons have never worked for a thing in their lives and they want history changed to meet there ignorant needs! I pity them when they go out into the “real” world and attempt to obtain a job. What there time would be better spent doing, would be to, learn the words, “can I supersize that for you?”

    • Oh, they will get a job all right … as paid agitators, protesters, and anarchists; that’s all our universities are teaching these days!

  9. Catholic University, you have lost it!!. One holy man showing his love for his fellow man by praying over them, for them or with them and you cave to those who see something else. I bet they’ll find a picture of God or Jesus doing the same thing, then what. Shame on you.

  10. Sick liberals. You would think the Pope would stop this or has he thrown in with obozo.Being a Catholic this is pretty sad.

  11. American Patriots must take back our Country out of the hands of our enemies and soon, or we will be no more!!!

    • Relax. Take a deep breath, grab a beer& a bag of chips & lie back in your recliner. I know Duck Dynasty must be your favorite show. So, grab your remote & enjoy. I know it’s hard , but try not to be so paranoid & always obsessing about Obama. If he wanted all Christians dead , he would have done by now. LOL!!!

    • @Semper Fi – We need not be concerned or “fayezed” about trollibiottes like Faye Hayes who denigrate our sacrifices and those like us, as well as the support and sacrifices of our families. There will always be warriors willing to hazard their lives so that others can exercise the resulting freedoms they have to vilify us. Got your 6 ─ and Semper Fi, Marine!

      De Oppresso Liber

  12. This shows the extent that some folks will go to please anyone who may disagree with any statue, or monument that has any Christian meaning or content. DISGRACEFUL TO THE NTH….

  13. Yet one more student that knows NOTHING just regurgatates what his professors have filled his head with

  14. The Jesuit missionary was fulfilling the Great Commission, given by Jesus himself, to proclaim the gospel to the ends of the Earth. No apology is required.

  15. Michael Dennewitz

    I didn’t even finish reading the entire article before I was upset. To begin with, AND I COULD CARE LESS WHO REACTS, The native Indians of this country hated to be called “American Indians!” They were native to a country that technically had no name. They loved the vastness of their country, and they were intelligent enough to KNOW that a super being created their country. This is why they worshipped the “great spirit” in the sky. My great-grandmother was full blooded Cherokee. Then….along came foreigners and decided, “What a beautiful country, let’s just take it!” And since that day, we have become one hell of an aggressive country! Still, we had the inhabitants, and if they had outnumbered the invaders, most of us would not be here today.
    But this has become a very greedy country, and thanks to the AIC, now, a very “woosie” country. This country will trade off its entire heritage, just to keep from pissing off some liberal!! Most know NOTHING about how this country began, yet they’ll jump on any band wagon for excitement..
    When that mess first went down in the Ukraine, there stood idiot Biden telling them, “America stands behind you! NO ONE has the right to come here, decide they like it, and then just take it over!” wasn’t but a moment, someone elbowed him and said, ” Hey dipshit, how do you think the united states was formed!” My point being – Take the “great spirit” out of the picture, take away everything that depicts God or the holy trinity, wipe out every religious building and let the little halfbreed mooselum’s people take over. Once their “warriors” have finished raping your wives and daughters, try to, TRY TO THINK BACK to how gloriously this country began. And while you watch them behead your family and friends, ask yourself, “How did we ever allow this to happen?”…..

  16. Since when is prayer being negative of anyone? This is absurd.

    • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

      The students are Christians in name only. The sad part is, the church can’t see that it is wrong. I slowly drifted away from the Catholic Church, but now I’m running.

      • Joseph,
        While I am not catholic, I do respect them as a Christian denomination. I find it appalling that godless students could be so demanding that the Church would give in to them.

  17. Edward J Baker

    To the administration: If you cannot find a non-airhead among your faculty capable of challenging the student body’s moronic ignorance and assumptions, have the honorability to resign.

  18. Concerned Citizen

    As an American of Cherokee Indian ancestry I AM OFFENDED by the liberals who insult my heritage [and the fact that a priest was praying for two American Indians]. Bowing to this “politically correct” nonsense is destroying the multi-cultural [and multi-racial] background of our nation. Too bad these less than intelligent nuts don’t understand how working together builds a nation [while their divisive tactics only works to destroy it].

    • This was never a multi-cultural nation… America’s historic culture was JUDEO/CHRISTIAN… Western European and more precisely comprised of a majority ENGLISH culture, language and laws. The Marxist Insurgency has been undermining our culture and government for decades… it is the author of Cultural Revolution and multi-culturalism. It is time to soundly reject the foreign invaders, illegal aliens, defeated native populations and others who would attempt to alter our true heritage.

  19. And why should I put money in the envelope for the annual collection for Catholic University? Well, add another to the growing list of “no dough” Catholic (sic) agencies and charities.

  20. So here we are on the brink of WWIII and these morons are worried about a statue. Students are so spoiled and dumbed down they have no clue what is going on in the world. But then again, their liberal teachers don’t have a clue either. God help us, we can’t.

  21. As a 1970 graduate of St. Louis University and a Navy vet, I am pretty well ashamed. When I was on campus, the new student union had many murals of the “black robes”. These were subsequently taken down and painted over. In this same student union, I have a picture from 1990 in that student union during a peace conference of a black militant who is wearing two bandoleros with live ammunition. In fact in 1970, there were student demonstrations on campus. There were threats to burn down the campus. I went to class and saw a riot bus filled with riot clad police. The president of the university, the Rev. Paul Reinert, gave the demonstrators fifteen minutes to leave campus which echoed the statements by Father Ted Hesburgh of Notre Dame. Reinert subsequently backed down and gave in to demands of chitlins in the cafeteria. There are 28 colleges and universities in the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities. The president of SLU, the Rev. Lawrence Biondi, was recently forced into retirement. The new president is Dr. Fred Pestello. It was his “bright idea” to put up a statue to Michael Brown and the bois. He now has gone one step further and removed a monument to a 5 ft 4 giant among men. I have already written a letter to the president of the board of trustees to have him removed as president. If you look at a picture of the statue in question, the real problem is not with colonialism. The real problem is that the cross represents Christianity. The Jesuits have been training the laity to take over the running of the Church. In fact, we have a Jesuit Pope. In reality, Marxists who hate Christianity have taken over the reform movement. This is not about reform but the suppression of Christianity. The idea is to unite church and state with the ideals of the French Revolution. It also must be remembered that the real exorcism on which the movie was based occurred in the College Church of St. Francis Xavier on the campus of Saint Louis University. In fact, a Jesuit told me while I was a student that there was an apparition in the choir loft during the exorcism. It was not known whether it was of an angel or of the devil. With the unfolding of recent events on campus, there is no longer any doubt as to the identify of the visitor in the choir loft.

  22. Michael DiDonna

    Did they run out of things to complain about!

  23. The sculpture of the Jesuit missionary and two native Americans was replaced by a sculpture of Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and Obama, encouraging blacks to loot and burn the suburbs of St Louis.

  24. I seriously question putting up a statue representing Ferguson. There was a crime committed there to precipitate all that happened. The death was were other death around the country. Perhaps a statue on the Races….but keep it generic and not state specific. Former graduate of SLU.

  25. Nothing unusual here. Just more left-wing PC bullshit. The Catholic Church is skidding out of control with this Pope (man in a dress) who is more than willing to give up gods message in order to be politically correct. Just more PC BS. This is absolutely ridiculous.

  26. Keep the statue generic..not for Ferguson. Ferguson began with a crime…should not have ended in death..but crime is not rewarded. So a statue of the races….

  27. Those offended should enroll in another University… the Catholic Church should step in to discipline the University Administration for taking such action… fire the Chancellor… post haste and anyone that objects furlough them.. weed out the heretics in every Catholic University… start with Harvard University.. These are private ‘religious’ Universities with known doctrine and religious affiliations… if you enroll there you have no right to be offended by their faith and artifacts.

  28. retired cop in marana

    What is this communist doing at a Catholic University? Most likely sent there to destroy the Catholic faith!

    • They are in control of all the major Catholic universities, i.e., ND, BC, Georgetown, Marquette, Loyola, Marymount, etc.

  29. The statue depicts Christian COMPASSION, not supremacy of any kind. But who can expect a mindless, leftist liberal to be smart enough to understand something that complicated.

  30. you don’t put up a statue that is honoring crime. Ferguson began with a crime…sorry about the death. But don’t honor crime…honor races but drop the geographic location.

  31. Those poor misguided missionaries who thought bringing the message of Jesus to the natives was a good thing. How horrible that they wanted to teach them about God’s love, His gift of saving grace and eternal life. Those poor natives that were doomed to Hell without receiving Christ were brow-beaten by these white supremacists into accepting a message that would save them. And those awful teachings from Christianity that proclaim men should treat their wives with love and respect and men should be the spiritual head of the household and teach their children the lessons of love and respect for life and their fellow man. Yes, those missionaries were certainly a thorn in the side of those natives. In a world where the old were put out to die, teaching them the sanctity of life was a truly terrible idea.

    It’s a shame the young college newspaper editor didn’t use his space for something more useful like the lack of education being given on this very college campus. How many of these students who are “offended” by a missionary praying for the souls of natives even know the very history of the Jesuits, or for that matter, the history of their own country. Another waste of time and talent.

  32. Yeah, in this world… everything is upside down, flip-flopped, and whonky-jawed… good is bad, and what’s worse—bad is good… up is down, out is in. I’m so confused. Where am I?

  33. Email the President of the College. They need to understand the reaction of the general public to their cowardly behavior. We can’t keep letting the tail wag the dog. There will always be someone who finds offense in everything. Stand up for what you believe in. Shed the white guilt, the Christian guilt, the heterosexual guilt, the American guilt, etc. etc.

  34. FUCK whomever it has offended!!!!

  35. This is idiocy! Crazy! Nuts! The world has gone so far overboard we are all Orwellian!

  36. Someone should remind those boneheads that their place in that university is only temporary and it is at the will of the college staff. They can be discharged from there to move on any time! Otherwise have their selfish little asses kicked all over for thinking they were more important!

  37. Gee. I wonder if the People of Greece and the People of Italy are offended by statues of the Apostle Paul preaching to THEIR peoples? Do they consider that JEWISH SUPREMACY and are they offended that Paul should have imposed his Eastern religion on them as though they were just ignorant pagans ?????

  38. William Dinwiddie

    I am not a practicing Christian but I think its pretty shitty when an institutution of the church gives in so easily to the disease of political correctness and the mental illness of liberalism neither of which stand for anything. I would rather stand for somethingand have people hate me for it then not stand for anything. when you stand for something there will be people who will not like ti.

  39. William Dinwiddie

    for you people that think I am a bigot I wear it proudly.

  40. William Dinwiddie

    and I am not even a catholic.

  41. I am white, but I still bow before the Cross. So why does a Catholic University listen to probably someone who doesn’t know about the faith as it was.

  42. Mark N Starla Traina

    NAAWP calls “BULL$HYT”

  43. St. Louis U. took the statue down before ir could be destroyed bt the angry mob. It’s valuable piece of art.

  44. How about the first man who had slaves? It was a black man named Anthony Johnson.

  45. If it upsets the students, tell them to go elsewhere to a school of their liking !!!

  46. More evidence of Catholic cowardice. If any of the staff or a student does not like images of Catholic saints then let them teach or be educated at another school – preferably a Muslim one where only Sharia is taught and anyone wearing a cross would be beheaded.

  47. Another sacrifice to the perpetually offended.

  48. The early colonist would have died if it wasn’t for the hospitality of the native American. Maybe this country would have been really great if it respect others. There are still problems in the world, so one race of people don’t have all the answers. However you are so arrogant that you can’t conceive that someone from a different race could have the answers.,

  49. STUPID. If whites were truly “supreme”, we wouldn’t be removing statues because they are of white people and we wouldn’t be putting up with flash mobs, race baiting politicians, black racist teachers, and violent, rioting black thugs. It’s black “supremacy” that is racist and dangerous! Better to remove the black president because he’s racist.

  50. See the United States’ future. Watch the Movie “Idiocracy”.

  51. Africa for africans!
    Asia for asians!
    White countries for everyone!
    Diversity means chasing down the last white person.
    It’s genocide.
    “Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.

  52. We are having the same problem at UT Austin. There is a statue of Jefferson Davis on the campus and there is an effort underway to have it removed. However, there has been some pushback. Some of the students are counter-protesting and reminding the crybabies that Jefferson Davis was an important part of our history and was more than just the president of the Confederacy.


  54. Defanged and declawed- thats Christianity. it has no future unless it gets its act together. White Supremacy is the result of white exceptionalism. Christianity is a reflection of White European culture and Western Civilization – so EVIL (lol) that hundreds of millions would flood its borders in a heartbeat if they could. The Left hates White exceptionalism/ Christianity for the force that it is or rather the force that it once was- the slut left can go shove it.

  55. Those ugly invaders stopped the wild Indians from killing each other & brought them the “wheel” & horses.

  56. What would happen if a Christian complained about a statue of Mohamuudddd. Would the fools of Islam remove it to another “private” location ?

  57. there are far more catholics that ssux up than we know

  58. And the insanity goes on and on and on………just like the energizer bunny…

  59. If people are upset by the fact that this University finally did move the statue into a museum , they most likely don’t know as much about the real History of Catholics and native Indians . With all due respect to the Catholic Church, i must point out how the facts are not pretty . Too many years of too many tears from too many children that were forced into Catholic submission in unspeakable ways. It happened. It is in past but can not be forgotten and must not be .

  60. Alleged Comment

    …depicts a history of colonialism, imperialism, racism and of Christian and white supremacy.”

    But then, that is what the accuser is practicing, but only their version of it. Just don’t get it!!! Negro worship, now Indian worship.

    How could anybody fall for this lieberal idiot tactic?

  61. Further thoughts–The Native American victimhood scam seems to have destroyed what Fr. DeSmet did with the Indians, who, regardless of unhistorical sanctification, were violent, uncivil, unlearned, enslaving, and brutal. When a child, with related kids, gathered about grandpa of middle Kansas, we would always get grandpa to tell us how, when the Indian tribes came thru, all settlers gathered together to meet and be cordial but guns were always drawn to stop the chiefs from sacrificing young girls into the local unusual big and deep hot water spring which the Indians adored and visited each year. Child sacrifice was their goal. Decapitation was not a Native American theme as ISIS but castration and torture were. DeSmet engaged and converted the Native Americans to decent civilization–a miracle then, just as would be if someone did the same with ISIS. Maybe the student should give it a try. Until then, he is just another better-than-thou, arrogant, well-intending, self-deluded, ahistorical, Narcissistic, know-it-all showing his liberal idiocy. Quite frankly, then as now, ONLY the Church can be trusted, but it is always too weak or too strong, depending on one’s point of ignorance.

    The Church…Ancient Secrets…A Loveolution…a touch of the
    pre-Big Bang pre-Universe Eternity Statimuum–messages from God to wake up
    because THERE IS MORE THAN THIS earthly CRAZINESS…the Church gives a touch of
    the other world…

    By Dr. Samuel A.
    Nigro copyright c Samuel Nigro,MD

    December 2013,
    August 2014, January 2015

    The Church seems to be the only
    organization committed to “Nature and Nature’s God” which gives it
    life and synchrony with the universe, so much so, that it is the only group
    which professes linkage with the pre-BigBang Eternity of a Loving Transcendent
    God waiting for our return enabled by Jesus if freely followed by each of us. The Church has not lasted over two millennia
    because it has done all the bad which the anti-s accuse. Even though criticisms are usually
    uncharitable and magnified, the Church rebutts all criticisms, but the
    complainers have proven so deaf that the Church rarely bothers with the same
    old stale attacks any more. And
    sometimes, the rebuttals fall flat, because the leaders are human and
    imperfect. And those who criticize have
    closed minds and do not want the truth. Regardless,
    the Church somehow stays afloat with a big rudder and bumbling crew. As my father would always say, “The Church
    must be divine to survive even 50 years with the leadership it always
    has.” It does not help being filled with
    sinners trying to be healed by mercy and forgiveness. Maybe it has to do with Jesus creating
    it: Mathew 16:18 properly translated
    from Aramaic (to Simon Peter, “You are Kephas, and on the kephas I will
    build my church.”) or from Greek, “You are Petros (male word needed
    for Peter), and on this petras (“rock” is grammatically feminine in
    Greek), I will build by church.”
    There is no reasonable questioning the creation of the Church by Jesus,
    nor its identification with the Body of Christ from about 22 other verses.

    A major characteristic of the Church
    is that it is the oldest organization routinely antagonizing all because it
    says there are “sins”, which means that one must assume responsibility for
    wrongdoing. It will speak up; it must
    speak up; it should speak up. It does so
    by a discrete clarity and gets condemned for both, i.e., trying to being too
    discrete and being too clear, depending on who is hearing—the Church is always
    “not enough” or “too much”. No one wants
    to hear such, so, not surprisingly, they attack the Church any way possible—it
    is sort of a “how dare you tell me I am wrong or right” kind of automatic
    reaction. Also, it is the oldest group
    doing this by synchrony with the environment, the animal kingdom, the earth,
    and the universe by commitments to Nature and Natural Law morality—and, again,
    people have an almost automatic tendency to
    pollute physically and behaviorally (original sin again), so they do not like to
    be told they are out of synchrony with the planet either (original sin as
    usual) especially by legitimate authority trying to overcome original sin. Also, the Church is the oldest organization
    promoting Life, Liberty, and
    Pursuit of Happiness, metaphorically at least as Father, Son, and Holy
    Spirit. It is the oldest Transcendental
    organization ever which promotes Being, Matter, Identity, Truth, Oneness, Good
    and Beauty. It is the oldest
    organization promoting Liberty and
    Love for all. It is the oldest democracy
    in the world electing its leader.

    From contemporary science which it
    created, the Church is committed to the physics of the Big Bang and to the pre-
    and post- Big Bang called “the Statimuum” (or traditionally the “Beautific
    Vision”). It believes in the “Big
    Bust-up” of Adam and Eve’s freedom to choose against biology and
    biochemistry, and thereby began the potential to sin in every human. The Church originated from and is committed
    to the “Big Bailout” of Jesus as Incarnation, at the Last Supper, on
    the Cross, and Resurrection. By the
    Sacraments, it brings a touch of the Pre-Big Bang into the world and avers that
    the miracles are examples of the Statimuum also. The Church tries to be transcendentally
    identical to Jesus as the Body of Christ by Grace and by the Seven Sacraments
    as “2 X 4s up side the head” trying to wake everyone up (and no one likes that
    either) in a peaceful and merciful way.
    The job is impossible given original sin, but it is the only
    organization so committed. The Church is
    a LOVEOLUTION…unique, ancient, mysterious–that there is more. The Church is an ongoing “touch” of
    the pre-Universe by divinely given metaphors about “why you are you.”

    In summary, the Church is an always
    sinking barque ponderously floating to a pre-Big Bang world advertised as
    “There is unbelievably more than this craziness in which we are living.” One-third of the Church crew is always in blundering
    mutiny (one in 12 is a traitor); one-third confused; and one-third paddling (with
    8 oars—Baptism, Penance, Holy Communion, Confirmation, Extreme Unction, Holy
    Orders, Matrimony, and Grace) like their lives depend on it, because it does
    for all including millions of passengers, of whom one-third are unwittingly or
    arrogantly poking holes in the hull; one-third are plugging holes; and
    one-third are savoring the ride by reliving the Last Supper, by Sacramental
    living, and by living the Last Words of Christ.
    In a way, the leaders of the Church do not really count and certainly celebrities
    are almost irrelevant no matter who they are—especially if they are
    non-believing teachers of “there is
    nothing but biology, biochemistry, and matter” (but they contradict themselves
    whenever they celebrate birthdays among other events beyond the capacity of
    subhuman matter-confined non-spiritual animals). Basically, the Spiritual messages are what
    count, especially the Mass Mantra participated in by actively phrasing 2000 year old WORDS of ancient
    secrets, which somehow seem suppressed by the contemporary electronic-celluloid-ink
    culture of celebrity, violence, unNaturalness, disgust and selfish arrogance. For the Church, words are angels–matter/form
    compounds which should, properly used, spiritualize the world enabling return
    to the pre-BigBang Eternity with an unimaginable Statimuum with God.

    Its most effective message is the
    Mass Mantra of: “Break the bread and bless the wine and join Jesus and all others so
    sanctified in a Statimuum of all with all and for all, Incarnated by Life,
    Sacrifice, Virtue, Love, Humanity, Peace, Freedom, and Death without Fear, in
    the universe received and receiving one time for all time praising God in
    unlimited Spirituality of Consubstantiation Transubstantiation. Amen.”
    Just listen and understand the words of the songs of the Church. Provided
    are “reality metaphors enabling the good life by knowing who you are and
    why” better than those from any other person or group. Without Christian virtues, overt or covert,
    as part of any culture, nothing will work because too many people will be no
    good and there will be insufficient traditional “family” love for
    civilized and pro-social living.
    “Laws” will be needed instead.

    Thus, somehow, criticisms of the
    Church fall flat over time, because the criticisms are from those who do not
    want to understand or have other agenda, usually fiendishly selfish and
    self-righteously denying of wrongdoing, while they encourage others to commit
    acts of varying degrees of evil (understood in physics as willful entropy). Usually
    attacking the Church is to distract from evil seductively promoted by the
    person attacking the Church–What lies have you heard about the Church? Was not the anti-Catholic bigotry learned
    from someone who wants to control you–by self-promoting deliberately dishonest
    bravado turning you into a robot-like mindless lie-driven promoter of entropy
    if not hate, and hardened your heart against the good and holy ancient secrets
    of good humanity at the same time?

    To get a better understanding of the scientific basis for
    all this may be found in my books, Everybody
    for Everybody and Soul of the Earth. The Theogeocalculus
    on the Web should help too. Checking
    out Matthew 26, 26-30; Mark 14, 22-25; Luke 22, 19-20; John 6, 41 -59; and 1
    Corinthians 11, 23-26 will help. Also
    check for semi-secular version.

  62. Anything we do, anything we say, they label us. “Progressives” categorize and label people more than anyone else does. Only a vile, devious mind thinks like they do. They’re allies of the great accuser, so they operate like him. They can’t stand Christians spreading the Gospel. They’re at war against individual freedom and liberty. They call good bad, and bad good.

  63. Until the students and parents of those students stands up against such stupidty
    this will continue to happen. Actually if I were an alumni of that college I would withdraw any and all contributions from it.

  64. As historian and an Idahoan I know who Father Des Smet was and what he meant to the Native Americans he encountered. I would be hard pressed to consider him any less than worthy of the memorial to him at the university. I find it appalling that the university would make any sort of compromise.

  65. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    First of all, there are NO native Americans, they walked here millenia ago over a land bridge that exsisted at the time. If you need proof, compare their facial characteristics with those of Aisians.

  66. This whole nation has gone MAD, at the whim of PC motivated, mob rule demanding, degenerates.

  67. Here are not and never white supremacy, Majority are white, and what won a left? small minority be supremacy? Left don’t realize what price consequences be will paid and why are a looser.Now left became minority.

    • Holy Shit!! What the hell are you trying to say? You really need to rewrite your comment so it makes some freaking sense.

  68. I am a Catholic, but the “Catholic Church ain’t what it used to be” when I went to Catholic Grade School and High School! It appears to me that the new Pope Francis is a social liberal and some the leaders and members of Church are following like the good sheep they are!

    He is, in my opinion, the Obama of the Catholic Church and is running contrary to the basic tenets of the Church.

    Having said that, if Mr. McKinley is so upset, he should go to another school. How many other students agree with him?

    My Latin is a little more than rusty but my favorite phrase is ” I came, I saw ,I conquered; which is what the early Pioneers did!

    • The Pope’s silence in these extremely moral issues, is deafening. But coming from socialist Argentina, what else does he know?

  69. I remember when Catholics were known as the “Marine Corps” of Christianity – not anymore. The fathers of the so-called “Diversity (read: Division) Movement” have been a bunch of Christian-Hating, Left-Wing Jews.

  70. Please, for the sake of integrity and accuracy, remove the term “Catholic” from this university’s name. The Catholic Church is supposed to stand for Truth, not Political Correctness.

  71. Statue for Ferguson? Is this a SNL skit?

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