Catholic Charities CEO: The Church is “Racist” Because We Made Jesus White

Deeply concerned that the George Floyd moment might pass before he got a chance to throw up the brightest virtue signal he could conjure, Catholic Charities CEO Rob McCann sent out a message to staff and clients last week in which he pontificated sorrowfully about the racist nature of the Catholic Church while praising the Christ-like movement known as Black Lives Matter.

“Our Catholic faith tradition was built on the premise that a baby born in a Manger in the Middle East was a white baby. So how can we be surprised to know that we are a church that must still fight against racism even now,” McCann lamented.

Soon enough, McCann went even further off the rails.

“I am a racist. That’s the hard truth. I am a racist,” McCann wrote. “How could I not be as a white person living in America where every institution is geared to advantage people who look like me? It’s seemingly impossible for me to be anything other than a racist. I know that I have routine bias, even if it is unconscious bias, as we all do. But I also believe that my bias is dangerously different. My bias, the bias of white people, supports and feeds into powerfully racist systems in our country.”

Gee, Rob. We don’t habitually call on people to commit suicide, but aren’t you concerned about all of that oxygen you’re selfishly drawing in to your white, privileged lungs? Are you telling us that you’re going to stand there for the rest of your life and deprive oxygen from some theoretical future black baby who could have benefited from that life-giving air? Talk about racist!

“Catholic Charities supports Black Lives Matter. We simply cannot stand outside of something as significant as this movement, even though we know full well there may be a price to pay for walking into it, we must walk in any way now. In its purest nonviolent form, it is a Christ-like movement that honors the Church’s teaching,” he continued, using up precious internet space that could have been preserved for a black writer.

“Our own Catholic Charities organization that does so much good and fights for so much Justice still has also been unknowingly part of the institutionalization of racism,” he wrote. “Here at Catholic Charities we have a staff, a leadership team and a board that is mostly white, even though those we serve are often disproportionately people of colour. We need to be better than that. We at Catholic charities even in our love for serving others are still at the same time part of the problem.”

Right. Because even if you feed and clothe every disadvantaged black person in the world, you’re still racist if you don’t have a perfectly diverse board of directors. Makes tremendous sense. Better to disband the organization than to continue on under the veil of so much whiteness.

Jesus (regardless of his skin color) taught us to love our enemies. We’ll be damned if it doesn’t get harder by the day.

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