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U.S. To Open Borders to Thousands of Syrian Muslims

With the U.S. still in defiant opposition to the Assad regime in Syria, government officials hint that we could soon see a wave of Syrian Muslim refugees be welcomed into our country. This wouldn’t be anything new; the U.S. has welcomed more than 200,000 Islamic refugees into the country since the early 90s. That it is happening isn’t necessarily a ...

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Missouri House Scores a Big Victory for the 2nd Amendment

It’s increasingly rare to see the government – state or federal – make the right call even in the face of well-funded opposition. That’s one of many reasons why the Missouri House of Representatives are PatriotNewsDaily heroes this week. After Democrat Governor Jay Nixon vetoed a comprehensive and protective gun-rights bill, it seemed all hope was lost for 2nd Amendment ...

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America After 9/11 – The Unification That Could Never Last

Every time we roll into the second week of September, thoughts inevitably turn to the events of 2001. The media has lightened up on its in-depth retrospectives in recent years, but no one who watched the Twin Towers fall that day will ever forget. It was a time of intense rage and fear, but it was also a very special ...

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