Catch the Wave: Palin 2016

The latest polls show those old Republican stalwarts – Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush – running away with the show. Though neither of them have officially entered the race (and Romney has given every indication that he won’t), they continue to dominate the rest of the wide open GOP field. But while there have been many names tossed about as potential Republican contenders in 2016, one name has been conspicuously absent.

In This Corner…

Sarah Palin has thrown her efforts into becoming a media star since leaving her Alaskan governorship. Still, she has not abandoned the conservative principles that made her an overnight sensation in 2008. Some of the most plain-spoken, common sense quotes of the last year belong to the former vice-presidential candidate. A favorite of the Tea Party, Palin has proven herself more than capable of standing up to withering liberal mockery and hatred.

Earlier this month, Palin told an interviewer that she “would love to see a woman on both sides of the aisle shooting for the top spot.” With Hillary Clinton’s candidacy all but assured, that leaves only the GOP side of the aisle to fill. Unfortunately, there are very few – if any – women being bandied about as potential contenders. If Palin wants to see two women go at it in 2016, she may have to take matters into her own hands.

Sarah Palin is one of the few mainstream Republicans willing to tell it like it is. She’s not afraid of conservatism; on the contrary, she embraces it. She preaches it. She lives it. In many ways, she is the closest thing we’ve seen to Ronald Reagan since the great man himself. Thrust into the national spotlight before she was ready, she faltered under the pressure. I have no doubt that this time would be different. She would be prepped, ready, and able to withstand the heat.

Is It Possible?

Okay, let’s come back down to earth. The truth is that a Sarah Palin candidacy would be risky. She’s not a political animal. She would not be able to “come back to the middle” after a hard-fought primary victory. If we were to throw our support behind her, we would essentially be putting conservatism on the ballot. But why not? We’ve tried it the other way for two straight elections, and it has successfully gotten us nowhere. How many times are we going to go back to the same well?

It doesn’t have to be Palin. Dr. Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul bring their own versions of non-establishment conservatism to the table. But Palin has the certain something none of the other candidates have. Her fresh, folksy manner turns off New York liberals, but it could be a lightning rod for heartland voters. She has the charisma, the courage, and – dare I say it – the beauty to shock the world.

We gave the Democrats one historic first in Barack Obama. Maybe we should take one of our own next time.

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  1. I’ve been chanting ‘Run SARAH Run’ since 2009.

  2. Why do they think Americans would be stupid enough to vote Hillary in 2016? She is the idiot that tried to install socialized medicine into our midst!! She backed out so Obama could win and he then put in obama care and now she wants so desperately to dig her greedy fins into the mix. This is the next worse president to elect!! Use caution as we didn’t wanting to have our first black president in office. Wrong idea!! Sarah Palin has values that we need to look at. She is not perfect, but neither are any of the candidates, however I think she shines on many points, and she should be the first female president.

    • Same voters who put Obama in the White House twice will fall for Hillary despite her baggage. Intelligent voters would support someone like former Secretary C. Rice or Ben Carson. We missed a good POTUS in Romney and we will again if we don’t work together to get at least a fiscal conservative elected.

    • Personally I think Sarah would make a better Prez than Obama thought he could be, she would be better than Hillary. That said, there is a ton of money behind HC and there are so many liberals with big money with more access to MSM who worship HC & BHO that the big push for HC will overshadow SP in a big way. They (DEMS) will go completely dirty to stomp SP with any kind of misinformation that can be twisted into pure hatred. She will be slammed and hammered and her family will be humilated with every fart that blows in the wind, no matter the source. So far as I know she would want to play an honest campaign and that will lose the election. She would not bring out what has gone on behind the closed doors of the past Democrate organization, I think she would hammer on the good things that she would propose to deliver and that would be countered with the backdoor lies, dishonesty and distortions, would kill the edge she would normally have. So many, I think the vast majority, do no research and totally believe what they hear from the MSM, that would sway them to vote for the dole democrate ticket – HC. The free loaders would vote with their desire of a no work/welfare ticket that the MSM would crush SP with. With the disinformation that would ensue, “Vote HC for continued benefits, such as unemployment and free ObamaCare which the Republican Party (SP) will take that away” or such advertisements.

      If Sarah runs, she will have to run smart and get rid of a truck load of RINOs that have been happy with Obama, which have infested the GOP. In fact, I don’t know who the GOP will target to run, the organization has been so wishie washie with platform surport that anyone a tough go of it. American Voters are going to have to get their head out of their behind and get over some preset ideas that have been pounded into their heads by the MSM, quit listening to the liberal MSM and do some research. And, the comment likes the one from arab below, think about it, would you rather have a person who believes in the Bible or someone who would praise Islam, someone who belives in our military or someone who fires our top brass, and like it or not – we do need our military stationed in friendly countries but I think you are pretty much spot on about selling/supplying our military arms to other countries, especially our latest tech. Yes, God Bless America!

      There are many issues but, we need our President surrounded by good honest American by birth people. I further think any politician in the Federal Government should have served in our Military, must live and have lived for 10 plus years in the state they represent. Any appointed head of any Federal Agency jmust have been employed by that agency for 10 years and MUST be approved by vote by Congress. I could go on but for what purpose. Have a great 2015 and pray for American and her leaders. God Bless America.

    • Think about this……….Pres: Romney….VP Cruz…..Secry of state Nute G…..Secry of the Interier Palin…..Education E. Dole. The rest… away with

      • Romney has been around too long; he has no passion; he is a nice man, but a RINO; and he doesn’t have the charisma it takes. Plus his Romney-care in Massachusetts isn’t doing well.

    • I am NOT looking to what gender that we put into office of POTUS, but I am looking for the ALL AMERICAN candidate and SARAH PALIN fits that bill to the TEE!! She was the one, the Republican Party needed back when John McCain was the candidate, but he has gone baffles on us as he has aged!! I would support her, as well, because I believe in her values as an American and a hard working lady, and a natural leader. Now, whether the established RINOS in Washington would get behind her, that would be a big question! Will she be able to get the Big $$ to support her???

      • I think that if that idiot McCain had turned her loose and shut up he would have been president now. Goes to show how stupid he is. And look at him now–what a looser.

      • Not a chance that the RINOs would back her, let alone any other true conservative

      • I think that o’hillary has some very big backers willing to pay to buy the presidency for her; question is do we want 8 more years of misery with the presidency or clean house and start over; Palin would be a damn sight better that Clinton if she ran!

    • The first rule of politics. To make a difference you must be elected. Running for office and having values just isn’t enough, unfortunately.

  3. SARAH! – SARAH! – SARAH! – – You GO, Girl !!!


    • You open with “A BIBLE BANGING DING BAT” and close with “GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!!!!!!!!!!” a little inconsistent, aren’tcha??? As well as quite rude…

    • Well, we have a Koran banging dingbat in there now.
      Sarah has always put America first; it’s who she is, and it’s very evident to her many followers that she is genuine.

    • well mr. arab, who in hell are you swearing at here. WHAT’S UP WITH ALL THE CAPS. Dumb ass. In one sentence you call Sarah Palin a BIBLE BANGING DIG BAT, and then you have the audacity to say GOD BLESS AMERICA. do you have any idea what you are even talking about? I don’t believe you do. What are you just another obomaphone recipient in disguise? sure sounds like it to me. Just sayin!

    • Mr. Arab drank the cool aid that the liberal media has been serving, More proof that “Liberalism” is a mental disorder.

    • Proud US vet/American

      Another words, vote for Rand Paul! Being an “Isolationist” in this computerized world is a lost battle and will kill a country. Just look at North Korea. Since China has pulled their heads partly out of their a**es, they have grown their economy by leaps and bounds. Capitalism is the absolute best scenario for any country if they want to advance their economy, country and government in the 21st century. Putin is destroying Russia because of his Isolationist views-but, the pompous little “commie” will never allow his swollen ego to believe it.

  5. Sarah Palin is not a “mainstream” Republican and anyone who would call her so is a moron. Sarah does not believe in big government, reckless spending and doesn’t like Common Core or Amnesty. Jeb Bush and Romney are mainstream Republicans. Paul Ryan is the same.Sarah Palin does not want to leave the Republican Party but she said the Party was leaving her. The truth is mainstream or establishment republicans are democrats in elephant skin= rino. I would like to see Sara’s name on the ballot in some capacity. Sarah does not pull any punches. If we want a first female president at least we would elect a true representative of her sex. A much better choice than a homosexual, illegal,lying, half breed Kenyan for the first black President. He is a traitor to his race.Sara has enough “common” sense to make up for all the demoncrats in Washington. I don’t know if she has enough to overcome Boehner McConnell and the rinos. Sarah. Sarah would be a good running mate with Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson, Rick Perry or any other Constitutional right winger who would run. Just a Republican is not going to get us out of this mess.

    • Scott Walker and Sarah Palin !!!!!!!

    • Rick Perry and Sarah Palin

      • Rick Perry and Sarah Palin and there was a third thing……um…what was that…… ooops

        They could call the ticket “DUMB AND DUMBER TWO, or was it THREE”

    • RINO = Republican In Name Only

    • Pretty much well said, you and I think a lot alike. I can not think who she would best run with, either as P or VP. Pairing her with McCain was a bad mistake. Either McCain or the GOP pretty much told her to keep her yap shut, would not let her defend the charges against her or the GOP platform. McCain acted like a RINO, in other words, I do not think it was meant for him to win, no proof just my take on what I saw and heard, I was pissed that she never went on the defense, think I know why?? I believe that if the gloves could have been taken off, she would have kicked some arse but, was not allowed, why??? MSM was relentless on her, why? Big bucks in the wind/win of politics. It seems it is no longer an election of honest politicians but how dishonest politics can control elections through MSM, money + greed + power, or someform of that equation. Voters to get an honest election, that is good for America, must regain both the DNC & GOP and not through bailing to the Libertarian or Independent party, cleaning house is the order of the day but, how? Money talks and BS walks.

    • TED CRUZ IS NOT ELIGIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone who brings up his name as a candidate for POTUS is a MORON and has no clue what the Constitution says!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Proud US vet/American

        Thank you! How many times does this point have to be emphasized? This is what part of the problem is-people don’t read up on the politicians and the Constitution before they throw their two cents in on a comment. If Conservatives want the WH back, you better start doing some research and studying, or we will just get another RINO who will bend and break under the Progressive-Communist politicians already in the DNC and in the RNC.

        • Actually this is not true. I wouldn’t vote for him, but Ted Cruz is eligible to run. He is a natural born citizen, having been born of an mother who at the time was an american citizen Although he was born in Canada he had dual citizenship. So it looks like you’re the moron Rattlerjoke

  6. I love Palin, and would vote her.
    But, it’s not called “being Palinized” for nothing.
    The Insane commie left would denigrate her with the commie Lap Dog Media leading the charge.
    Still, she is certainly worth being considered, and would be a force in the 2016 campaign.
    Now, key the looney toon dolts slamming Palin in 3…2….1….

    • Yeah that Damm commie media would ask her questions like, “What newspapers do you read” Real hard “gotcha” questions like that.

  7. Ben Carson and Sarah Palin. The only true ticket to WIN. There you have the best mix of the healer doctor vs. the Mama Bear. Ben’s already making connections with world leaders and he has great rapport with those outside the party, about the only one alive that could even attempt to get others (including myself) to vote the R side again. This would also heal and strengthen the party – not that it matters much anymore. Voters want real people, not party people – and these two are about as real and non-party as one can hope for.

    • That sounds like a good ticket.

    • I have the greatest regards for Ben Carson but I don’t think our country is ready for another black president. They can’t think beyond “color” after what -0 has done to our Nation even though Dr. Carson would be a great president.

      • To mallen111 & thebearded1 – I have to agree with mallen11, Obama has done some bad damage to a black ticket. Carson has lots of damage to walk over plus all the radical racial news of the last couple of years that has mostly been caused by a twisted MSM reporting news generating twists. All that puts Carson and others at a disadvantage, enough to cost a victory. If things cool off, I that he would stand a good chance in 2020, as I indicated, places like Ferguson are working out against any black candidate – I think – and that is bad. Basically, I think “0” with the help of Sharpton and others has shot himself in the foot (arse).

        • It’s not about color, it is about having a strong and true understanding of the Constitution, which Carson does not. Carson has already made statements against the 2nd amendment (then recanted), and sided with the black/libturd side in the Zimmerman trial, saying “he should have been convicted of something”. Where was Carson during the 2008 election or the 2012 election? Carson only became known, after the second illegal election of Ovomit, when he opened his mouth about Ovomitcare, and that is because it was a threat to his profession. Carson is the type that will only speak out when it concerns the black community or his wallet! Let Carson be the Surgeon General, nothing more!

          • James H. Humphrey

            Before I vote for anyone, I will do a great deal of research. I don’t know a great deal about Carson, only what I have heard in the news and that is always biased and not true or untrue. Personally I don’t care for him but I try to not let those feeling get in my way, like I wrote, I need to do research, as far as Surgeon General – maybe. You are dead on with we need people who know, understand and use the Constitution to further the U.S. I support it the way it is written, if something needs to be changed ONLY with 75% of Congress, until then, vote only for those that support it. I think we need a couple of changes to strengthen it and give more power to congress and less to POTUS and clarify what the Supreme Court can’t do, term limits to all appointed positions. I could go on but it only gets worse. Guidelines to keep America strong and healthty, reinforce power to the voter, we elect representatives to do the majority will of the people not misgujided vocal minorities.

          • We don’t “…need a couple of changes to strengthen it and give more power to congress and less to POTUS and clarify what the Supreme Court can’t do”, the Constitution is very clear about their abilities and limits. The problem is that the American people have allowed congress, POTUS, and SCOTUS to have free rein and have failed to hold them accountable for their arrogant abuses of power and violations of their Constitutional authority. A few hangings and dozens of incarcerations (and confiscation of ALL of their wealth) would quickly stop those abuses. Additionally, ALL of the bills and amendments that have been written to profit legislators, like their retirements, healthcare, and salaries, should be rescinded. Legislators should only receive compensation for actual work they complete.

      • Repeating what I wrote to greyfox: Hold out hope… I have family that say the present
        administration has completely trashed any hope of a minority gaining
        favor for the oval office. That is not true at all. People get the
        race baiting that’s been refueled since 2008, and I find so many now are
        working together to heal what the real antagonists (and you all know
        the names by heart) keep fomenting. Thank God more people have eyes and
        ears – and reason – than even I gave credit to! Make 2015 the year of
        extinct party politicians and 2016 the year to ‘true the vote’ (aka, get
        the dead and duplicates out of the voter rolls) and we will have the
        fairest elections in over a century.

        • I hope you are right but it doesn’t look that way out in public.

          • Ignore the media spin cameras. Do you really believe the voters want Romney and Bush? That plays to a very small audience. They’ll embellish it to a big audience, same as before. Never give into the popularity contest.

          • I am ignoring the media spin cameras; I am talking about what I see in public. It isn’t what it use to be when I was working 10 years ago. I have too many friends who are still out there and it has gotten worse. I can’t stand the thought of Romney or Bush. The GOP needs to start catering to the general Republican members who know what they want: a good conservative Constitutionalist who love America and will stand up and fight for her. However, this is not going to happen unless enough people are willing to put God first in their lives by learning His written Word and applying it to their lives — not religion or traditions but what God says.
            Psalm 46:10 Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.

    • Yeah, thebearded1!!!

    • A great ticket, but not a chance. I would be more than happy to be wrong.

      • Hold out hope greyfox. I have family that say the present administration has completely trashed any hope of a minority gaining favor for the oval office. That is not true at all. People get the race baiting that’s been refueled since 2008, and I find so many now are working together to heal what the real antagonists (and you all know the names by heart) keep fomenting. Thank God more people have eyes and ears – and reason – than even I gave credit to! Make 2015 the year of extinct party politicians and 2016 the year to ‘true the vote’ (aka, get the dead and duplicates out of the voter rolls) and we will have the fairest elections in over a century.

  8. Sure like to see Sarah run, but she’d be given the mean treatment by MSM and the Republican establishment. Hope people are able to see through that, and vote for her.

  9. I would so vote for Sarah Palin in an instant. For Prez. or Vice Prez. As far as I’m concerned she would be fantastic as either. Go Sarah, please run…

  10. I don’t know what “polls” you are quoting, but I can assure you they are polls that have EXCLUDED conservatives (you know, the voters). A ‘real poll’ would not have shown either Romney, or Bush on top. Names like Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Allen West, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Sarah Palin, Scott Walker, Rick Perry would be way ahead on the list.

    • You forgot a big one…. Mike Huckabee. I think Huckabee/Palin or Palin/Huckabee would be a great ticket too. We truly have a large group of first class conservatives to choose from. Any of the above would be 100% better than anything else they throw at us.

  11. We dont need to see Clintons Bush, or Obamas Rotten Clit you might as well start the american death march if this happens. I like hearing what Palin has to say. Ole fat faced Hanoi Hilton John is a fence setter hes a monday morning quarter back and would have, should have, could have never did a damn thing on his watch.

  12. I’d like to throw the cod to her but I still wouldn’t vote for her. But, I would kiss her good night.

  13. NO WAY. That air head is the last thing we need.


  15. Recent inquiry has indicated Sarah as a candidate for a Senate seat. This , I think, would be attainable for her and an excellent spot for another solíd conservative!

  16. seersuckerandapanama

    I like Palin. I voted for the McCain-Palin ticket in ’08 because Palin was on it. However, I wish that she had stayed in the governor’s office in Juneau through the end of her term.

    • Agreed, her goods would not be damaged at this point and with a good running mate, think it would be a winning ticket. She was standing was hurt bad running with McCain.

  17. You opened your piece with: The latest polls show Jeb and Romney running away…? I don’t think so! The poll you cite was CNN’s the Clinton New Network, up to their old tricks trying to pick our candidate for us knowing the GOP base has moved appreciably to the right and that neither Jeb or Mitt will be President.

    The GOP had damned well better quit deamonizing their base, turn their attention and campaign fundiing to real candidates and new candidates, or nobody will turn out to vote. It’s past time to ditch Karl Rove picks because that old stale formula is going to lose and lose badly. Sarah will make a great Secretary of the Interior.

    • I agree but, under Clinton, her hands would be tied as to what, etc. just like when she was running with McCain, you have to follow orders and she would never be S.I. with H.R.C.

  18. Ms Sarah Palin would be the answer to a lot of prayers! Please run for POTUS!!!

    • Yes like the prayers of all of the comedians who would be provided with an endless stream of material as she tops everyone of her stupid comments, with something even dumber

      Run Sarah Answer our prayers

  19. Mrs. Palin would be a great president. Much better than Hitlery could even pretend to be. Besides, I heard that Hitlery isn’t running,,,,,,she’s accepted a position as poster girl for Depends Undergarments for Large Seniors.

  20. I would like to see Sarah run, the problem is the lame stream media. They would dig up everything they could on her and if they couldn’t destroy her with that, they would invent events. What am I talking about? They already do that.

  21. Too many candidates splits the conservitive votes so many ways, that the libral Dumbocraps get an easy win. Shalom!

  22. I’d vote for Sarah Palin in a heartbeat. However, if the GOP insists on running another weak left wing RINO like they did with both McCain and Romney I’m not going to even bother. There’s no difference between a Democrat and a Tea Party bashing RINO. They’re both worthless. And if the Republicans insist on Jeb Bush, they’re in for another loss.

  23. Sarah has done A LOT of frivolous things in her campaign to personally put the Democrats in their place. I have seen several Sarah videos in which she says a lot of good things but her delivery is 16 year oldish. If she would consolidate the planks of her platform and then be provided with handlers who can mold her to make her delivery plausible, then she could win hands down! Can you see a Presidential debate between Sarah and Hillary? Just from sheer beauty everyone would be hanging on her every word!

    • And then laughing their asses off as the homecoming queen makes one stupid remark after another. Thats whats wrong with our country Terry. We care more about Kim Kardashian than we do about politics. You judge a presidential debate on “sheer beauty” Who gives a fuck about beauty I want a president with brains. Palin doesn’t have enough of a brain to debate my toenail

  24. For the last Year Every Poll that had Sara Palin
    in it She Won the Only Polls Someone Else Won
    Sara Palin was not a Name on the List. And
    then Whom ever did win it was NOT by as
    Large a Percentage.

  25. Because of our worldwide political situation a woman as president could be dangerous for our nation. Allow me to rephrase that… Would be dangerous!

    Most of our concerns involve the Middle East, and Russia. These are highly male oriented societies. Especially the Middle East. On the economic side there is China, along with the rest of Asia, and European States which are all male dominated.

    The next President will face issues of War in the Middle East, along with Social breakdown & Economic problems in Europe and the United States.

    From my viewpoint Governor Palin would make a great President if issues were limited to the United States. However, this is not the case.

    The case can be made that another Democrat President and very likely a RINO Republican will usher in War on a far large scale than we now experience.

    We are now in an economic war over Energy that now engulfs the world. The spark of War has already been set.

    Ask yourself, how have Politicians throughout history responded to similar situations?

    • Golda Meir, Catherine the Great, and Margaret Thatcher are 3 women who come to mind who bestrode the globe with panache.

      What is needed is for some to get out of the way, so that what needs to be done is accomplished.

      Feel free to take a look at the twitter page, facebook page, and youtube channel of Mudar Zahran, and then extrapolate to see who else, from Marrakesh to the Hindu Kush mountains, agrees with him.

      There are folk who are our friends in that part of the world, and frankly showing we believe in them is time well utilized.

    • But….she can see Russia from her bedroom

  26. If you want to select the best candidate look to see who the Democrats & RINOS attack the most with all the venom they can muster, Sarah scares them Sh**less !!


  28. Proud US vet/American

    Why is gender still a 19th century topic? Male or female, who cares if the person can/will get the job done and set America back on her rightful path to a conservative, Christian nation once again! What about Nicki Haley, or, Ayotte, or even Jan Brewer? These female conservatives have the tenacity, courage, and experience to be President. Let’s quit labeling candidates as male, female, black or white and look at their political voting record, their vision for a future America, and their inner values that really define them. These are the real qualities that make a good, honest candidate for the future of our country.

  29. Mrs. Palin is just what the country needs but our liberal media would never give her a break. They would destroy her. I’d love to see her win, but don’t think she can take home the prize. She has my vote but is it enough?If any of the media would break ranks it would be interesting fight but it will be all Hillary all day every day. All free press and Nothing Sarah does will matter and it is a travesty the way our media lines up.

  30. Sarah Palin a true all combat opponent.

  31. Palin 2016!!!!!!! I’m in

  32. The Republican Party has two major needs in the top spot in the General Election. This person has to pull the Hispanic vote, because we cannot get the black or Muslim votes, since they are welded to the Barrack Plantation of robo-voters. Second, we have to have a thick skinned fighter, with no desire to beat on Tea Partypeople, the base, or Conservatives, but a bloodthirst to pound the left and commies in our country to jello, politically. A veteran would be nice.


  34. Palin has my support if she decides to run. God bless her.

  35. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Have Sarah Run. It would be worth it JUST for the comedy that comes out of it

  36. Who in the hell would vote for Sarah Palin? She is about as clueless has George W. Bush.

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