Capitol Hill Dem Busted for Assault and Battery

The office of Washington, D.C., Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser confirmed on Wednesday that Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice Chris Geldart, 53, was suspended for allegedly grabbing a man by the neck outside a gym on October 1. In a statement, Bowser’s office downplayed the alleged assault and battery, suggesting it “sounds like something that happens to a lot of people — a dispute over something minor.”

According to Arlington Police, around 12:25 p.m. on Saturday, outside Gold’s Gym in Arlington, Virginia, Geldart got into a verbal confrontation with a smaller man, Dustin Woodard. Woodard works as a trainer at the gym.

The shouting began after the door of the deputy mayor’s parked car allegedly struck a vehicle belonging to the victim’s girlfriend. The interaction escalated, and Geldart allegedly seized Woodard by the throat.

After the incident, Geldart drove away. He was later informed by telephone of a warrant pertaining to assault and battery charges, at which time he turned himself in. Geldart was ultimately released on a summons.

Woodard told WTTG that Geldart is “way too big to be trying to be a bully, especially with his position. Something should be done.”

“We’ve been dealing with him for a while at Gold’s,” said Woodard, alluding to multiple other instances in which the deputy mayor allegedly abused his power at the gym.

Geldart has been charged with assault and battery and placed on administrative leave. He has been the deputy mayor since January 2021.

Geldart was previously director of the Department of Public Works. He resigned from the post shortly after the Office of the Inspector General issued a report claiming he had committed two ethics violations, including having used his government office to benefit a “close personal acquaintance.”

In 2017, four Bowser-appointed members of the Board of Ethics and Government Accountability dismissed a formal investigation into Geldart regarding potential ethics violations, having found “there was insufficient evidence to support a reasonable belief that a violation occurred.”

Geldart has also served as director of the D.C. Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency.

Woodard told WUSA9 that while it was prudent to “show some compassion for him in this matter,” what Geldart did “was wrong and shouldn’t go unpunished.”

“Do I feel that he should be in the position that he’s in now? No, I don’t,” added Woodard.

When a WTTG reporter presented the footage of her deputy allegedly assaulting Woodard, Mayor Bowser refused to look or respond.

According to police, during the incident, Geldart was cursing and shouting, and it was this that prompted Woodward to turn around and tell him to “shut up.” The alleged choking can be seen in the footage obtained by WTTG.

Original Article: Democrat DC deputy mayor for ‘public safety and justice’ busted for assault and battery – TheBlaze

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  1. OMG…he barely touched him…assault and battery? I don’t think so.

  2. The big moose likes to show off his so-called manliness, he’s actually just a big buffoon, aks known as an AZZ hole! What a creepy jerk, he’s right where he belongs in the crooked and crime filled city of WDC, a crap of a hole to live in!

  3. Assault and battery??? what a pansy – walk down a busy city street and people bump into you more than the low testosterone jock touched this guy – but i give the lightweight credit for standing up to muscle boy, but shouldn’t have called the cops.

    • Big guy has been a problem at the gym. Good thing Woodward reported him. The big guy on purpose touched him first. End of story.

  4. Well technically he did commit assault and battery, but it was so minor it doesn’t call for a warrant to be issued. At most he should simply apologize to Woodward who seemed to have no problem confronting the bigger man and defending himself. If this guy has a history of A&B then he needs to answer for his actions and intervention from the Court just might be a decent way to go.

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