Canada Awards Al-Qaeda Terrorist With $10 Million and an Apology!

Canada has been one of our finest allies in the war on terror, but their judgement has been called into question this week after their decision to reward a man who killed a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan. According to reports, Canada’s government is getting ready to hand an official apology – an $10 million! – to an Al Qaeda terrorist fighter who spent some time in Club Gitmo for his war on American forces. Omar Khadr, who is a Canadian citizen, will supposedly be compensated because Canadian security forces “oppressed” the poor baby when they interrogated him. So says the country’s Supreme Court, anyway.

Khadr went to join up with Al Qaeda in Afghanistan when he was only 15 years old. He later confessed to killing Sgt. Christopher Speer, a U.S. Special Forces medic, with a grenade in the midst of a shootout.

Asked for comment this week, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would neither confirm nor deny reports of the payout.

“There is a judicial process underway that has been underway for a number of years now, and we are anticipating, like I think a number of people are, that the judicial process is coming to its conclusion,” he told reporters while in Ireland.

Making matters even more angering, Sgt. Speer’s wife won a wrongful death lawsuit against Khadr in 2014 which would have given her $134 million. Of course, because Khadr lives in Canada, Speer’s lawyers did not have much expectation of getting the money. Now, apparently, Khadr himself is well on his way to a tidy payout courtesy of the Canadian government.

In a CBC opinion column, writer Jonathan Kay argued that the terrorist deserved every penny he had coming to him.

“The question of when a human being – especially a child – is morally culpable for his or her actions is complex and wrenching,” he wrote. “Finding the correct balance becomes impossible in a climate of hysteria and paranoia. Khadr deserves his apology, and his money – even if it won’t buy him back his lost Gitmo years. If the outlay helps us remember not to lose our moral compass the next time a child soldier comes up for judgement, it will pay dividends for years to come.”

Ugh, what a weaselly argument. Fifteen is not too young to divide right from wrong, and neither the U.S. nor Canada owes Khadr anything more than the war-crime sentence that was handed down when he was captured. And in a climate where ISIS is busy trying to attract young jihadists to come and fight for them in Syria (and carry out terrorist attacks where they live), this is a crazy message for Canada to send to any underage Muslims who might feel compelled to answer the call.

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  2. The should have set him on fire and suppressed the flames with ice picks!

  3. Canada has elected an Obama twin. It will kill their country!

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    • Hasn’t the world had enough examples of failed Socialism with the USA being the latest big example?

      • We know it doesn’t really work, but you’ll never convince DemonRATS of that.

        • Stefaniedbaldwin

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        • We can’t let them pull this BS.

          • That’s why we elected Trump. To stop it!

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        • Stephen Griffith

          Very true & oh so very sad as well!!!!

      • This is Sharia law and Muslim Tradeau They have chosen to be our enemy.

      • This is beyond socialism, I’ve seen socialism at work since 1938 and it of course has been abandoned several times during that time. This is insanity. We have educated criminals for government officials elected by the same.

    • Enough's Enough

      I was thinking along similar lines.
      Canada…Obama’s third term.

    • From what I have read here, it really does appear that way, Gvette!

  4. This is so much BS, most of that money is going to fund terrorism.

  5. This is the result of the liberals taking over the government. I hope the high court overturns this outrageous decision, but it doesn’t look promising. How did he get out of GITMO after killing an American soldier??? Please don’t tell me it was that Fing obama let him go?

    • BINGO!!!
      What does Canada say when Al Quida/Issis puts a suicide belt on a 15 year old &/or women and tells them to go kill Americans & yourself?


  7. this is simply revolted I agreed set him all in fire

  8. Where are the Candian taxpayers? Has the country gone insane?

  9. Stupidity knows know borders. Did Nancy and Maxi slip into Canada while no one was looking?

  10. If I was Sgt speers family I would make a visit to Canada and make sure the jihadi never got to spend a penny

  11. CindyLouTerror

    My first reaction to this Canadian insanity was Fuk Canada, stop trading with them and seal our border and leave them to the own frozen liberal devices. However, America is not doing any better as long as the left is permitted to suborn treason and sedition. The U.S. government needs to get that blood money for the widow of the medic, Sgt. Christopher Speer, that POS muslim terrorist
    murdered as well as sue Canada for the entire sum awarded to her as they view him as a victim instead of a murderer – fifteen is not a child but a savage muslim murderer who should have lost his Canadian citizenship after his crime. Trump should call the petit fille Justine when he returns from the G-20 and inform him that rewarding this murderer, (who should have been immediately killed by American troops not pc’d into trying him and sending him to Gitmo – and how did he get released for his crime?), is an overt act of disrespect to the U.S. and this money as well as the rest of the lawsuit she won should be turned over to Mrs. Speer from AW Canada or else there will be serious repercussions. The northern border is just as dangerous as the southern one and both need to be sealed. The Canadian puppet of Britain presents a danger to American security and they and their 27 million libs should not be permitted any entry into the U.S. be it for medical care or any other reason. We do not need their ilk and their disrespect and goody two shoes liberal bs.

  12. A new source of funding for ISIS – Canadian taxpayers! Who would have thunk???????

    • Freeze Canadian assets in the USA.

      • Yes, freeze them and close our borders on land, sea and airways. We don’t need anything Canada has to offer. We need to start cleaning house now and start deporting every anti American like, Geo. Looney, Michael Moore, Joy Behar, Whoopie, , the Obamas & Clintons, Alex Baldwin, Al
        Sharpton just to name a few. All the liberal demorats will continue to disrupt everything that President Trump does but that want matter to him. HE WILL STILL MAKE AMERCA GREAT again if everyone that voted and put him in the WH sticks with him till the end. Voters we have to do that and we have to be vocal and strong in order to getter done. If it takes face to face protests lets getter done. It’s a must…we have to save our country or the infidels will take it over. Conservatives we are in a serious condition right now and it isn’t going to get any better. So we need to take a stand right now and not let it happen. So reach out right all across America and lets help President Trump GETTER DONE. Amen ….God give us a hand if you will.

  13. I can only hope a retired sniper (Canadian or American) succeeds in a mile long shot to the head of this puke.

  14. I would like to know if the U.S. had done this for an American who had joined Al Qaeda terrorists and shot and killed a Canadian solider how they would react to it? I would think that the Canadians would be totally outraged, and as well they should be. Trudeau is Obama on steroids, and will destroy Canada and the Canadian citizens.

  15. Now Canada owes the World an apology & a good explanation!

  16. Canada you are spineless, weak and brain dead. How do you look in the mirror. This man deserves a death sentence NOT 10 million dollars.

  17. More liberal madness. Just how stupid can liberals get? There seems to be no end.

  18. Idiocy at it’s ultimate! Those of Canada’s government are unleashing greater threats than N. Korea on the world. How could people who are supposedly responsible for a country’s safety and welfare possibly come up with such an idiotic, stupid, insane action? They should be ASHAMED for even THINKING of such!

  19. More & more liberal idiots taking down all the barriers for the communist pukes. They won’t be happy till the whole world is destroyed by their liberal policies.

    • MUSLIMS HATE COMMUNISIM, LOOK AT THE MUSLIMS COUNTRYS WHEN THE USSR WAS INTACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    that court is crazy. i bet that settlement money will be used to fund more terrorist attacks.

  21. carla AMERICAN

    They inform their citizens not to work, harbor terrorists, recieves American aid, their citizens in America that have claimed Merican citizenship have become rich and publocky put America down. Strip them of aid, deny entry and send the ones here home.

  22. If ANY of this is true, Canada has gone off its rocker. That SOB should have been HUNG, not paid off……..For what is unclear.

  23. Need to build the longer walls up there too

  24. I feel so sorry for the Canadian citizens. Surely there are many who believe this is an absolute travesty. Canada is not the country it used to be. 🙁

  25. RichFromShowMe

    Great move by Canada . . . wonder how many explosive vests $10 million will purchase, or maybe, just one dirty bomb.

    Great move . . . Canada 🙂

  26. Canadians and pc idiocy is going to blow up in their faces. Do you not see what is happening in Europe? You have a globalist in charge and he is giving away your country. You can not think that these slime ball refugees have any intent on becoming good little Canadians . They are there to either kill you or convert you to their sick ways. Islam is a cult and history has shown how they are.

  27. Islam is a threat to mankind in general! Canada is operating on Queer Logic! California is in lockstep with both… This is beyond stupid!

  28. F**K Omar Khadr and F**K Canada – bunch of candyasses – I remember when there were real men in Canada – pity how things have changed.

  29. Guess we can scratch Canada as an ally. Socialist, Muslim-loving country. And how easy it is for Muslims to infiltrate our country from Canada. Maybe it’s time to build a wall there, too.

  30. Once the Liberal judges are appointed there goes justice down the drain! Thank god for our President.

    I understand that there are 140 judges that have not been confirmed for their positions by the Senate. What the “H” is the hold up?? We need these people in place asap! If you have a Republican Senator, you need to get on his rear end!!

    • sandraleesmith46

      DEMS of course; they don’t want us gaining control of the courts again and actual justice being dispensed therefrom.
      All I have is a couple of RINOs; McAmnesty & McFlake.

      • Contact them anyway – you are better off than I am – I have Kaine (KILLARY’S EX-VP) AND WARNER- (5TH RICHEST PERSON THERE-BOTH DEMORATS~!

        • sandraleesmith46

          They might as well BE Dems, the way they vote much of the time; and contacting them is a convoluted and iffy process at BEST! They both make themselves inaccessible to constituents.

  31. Ladies and gentlemen this shows fear and submission to Islam and should totally disgust all nations that want freedom and liberty. They have opened their doors to total destruction. Believe me Islam will take every advantage of the situation.

  32. Blair H. Shaffer

    If this “terrorist reward” is granted, I shall never again visit, patronize, or in any other way contribute ONE PENNY to the Canadian economy!!! – B. H. Shaffer

  33. Funny 15 years old is not culpable, but a 9 year old girl can be married and raped. Barbarians through and through. How can educated and civilized culture be so ignorant?

  34. build a wall on the Canadian border. never like them , don’t trust them

  35. Canada….UGH,,,,A good place to send our cowardly DRAFT DODGERS

  36. California, Washington and Oregon should become part of Canada. Then we can charge those idiots for our overwatch on them, protecting them since they will have no guns, no army, and nothing but poosies running their governments.

  37. Canada is losing its soul and moving more and more against Christ and toward globalism, they had better get it right before Canada is another bygone byword among the nations in history. They have LOTS of work to do to restore their crooked and damaged nation!!!


    I want protection from nuts who want to chop off pieces of the united states and give them to canada.

  39. bet you can buy a lot of guns and bombs with 10 million

  40. This guy may be 10 million Canadian dollars richer, but he will still wind up in Hell where his new found wealth will do him absolutely no good! He is a murderer and he is a terrorist! To boot, he is a Muslim and those who adhere to Islam will not see heaven, since they deny the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and His resurrection! There is only one true God!

  41. sandraleesmith46

    Dear Canada: Rewarding bad behavior and evil acts will ONLY buy you more of the same!

  42. YOU JERK OFFS!!!

  43. Ransom Thulcandra

    Poor Canadians. $10 million poorer, to be precise.

  44. O Canada … what in the heck is wrong with you!!! You’re just re-inforcing negative behavior…now, prepare yourselves…you can expect more of the same.

  45. What Canada has done is an insult to law and justice. That garbage killed a soldier, It could have been any countries soldier . But it was our soldier and that is down right disgusting. That socialist Tredeau will have trouble with our Pres for sure.!

  46. Liberal logic is going to get us all killed. They love to stand smugly on their fake high ground talking about others losing their moral compass, but will in the same day casually call for the most sickening violence against conservatives and whimsically wish someone would murder our president while aggressively defending a woman’s ‘right’ to kill her baby. Seems to me their ‘morals’ are very selectively applied.

  47. Craig Anderson

    Canada has been pretty much taken over by the Muslim, just like they are doing here, except they’ve been at it longer there, yeah it does sound like Obama went up there to roost. When I was in war anyone that could lift a gun and point and pull a trigger was a combatant, now the only one’s I felt sorry for was the ones that the women used, as they strapped charges on their own children and aimed them into a target, however a 15 year old and I don’t care boy or girl, that is a combatant and is a potential target.
    I once had a Lt. tell me that I couldn’t shoot across a river at an enemy, because it was interacting in another country, but now your telling our soldiers that they have to look at IDs and make sure that they are of age, before one can kill them.
    This is BULLSHIT I’ve been stabbed by a 12 year old and if I could have gotten a shot off he would have bought the farm. War is war and there are no age limits on the a bullet or a hand grenade and I for one say that if he is ever caught in the US he is the one that should apologize, just before we put him up against the pole and shoot the filthy little terrorist.

  48. Vincent Marcantelli

    Well, the best way to handle these type of situations, [firefight: those that are not dead {simple} they are all found UNABLE to comply – i.e. they are no longer combat qualified] Question, what’s this crap about age? What’s this “child soldier” business?. In the world we live in today be it in Chicago or some field in Afgh, any one who is approaching with a weapon, 10 – 15 – 35 or any age you want to put on the target, he’s looking at or coming toward me, sorry world just count one less A.H. for dinner. His case WILL be closed. Canada, the only reply for you is SHAME ON {U}. Good luck, but hell, your just (X) the river from DETROIT, DEABORN and Ham TOWN, can anyone top that?

  49. Let’s build that wall between the U.S. and Mexico. Then, it will be time to build a wall between the U.S. and Canada!

  50. Now that obama is not able to hand our tax dollars to the terrorist looks like canada will take up the slack for obama. Just don’t come crying to us for a bail out when your people are walking around hungry and cold in the streets canada turncoats

  51. How much for each of the Canadian servicemen killed by IEDs planted by this “child?” Will Trudeau offer them an apology as well?

  52. If this is really true, Canada would be the stupidest country in the world.

  53. This is disgusting. Canada if they’re not for us they’re against us. Canada owes Spears wife Out a linen in Canadian goods. Consficate Canadians holdings in USA. If they don’t pay their bills like MEXICO treat them with their earned disdain dishonor and disrespect . Muslim Tradeau it’s just going to get worse.

  54. Thanks Canada, I hope that the terrorists don’t think that they should come to Canada!!! Maybe turn the ‘second Britain’ into the hell that is London! Think about that idiot!!!

  55. Crazy???? Its insane. We’ll have jehadists on our northern border now. And we thought the Mexican border was porous.

  56. Herbert W. Love, Jr.

    Liberal courts are making terrible decisions looking at issues with the wrong lens. They need more common sense.

  57. I feel confident Trudeau Jr. will not survive another election – and this “proclamation” reinforces that confidence.

    I firmly believe Canadians are good people in general. Perhaps they have experienced a temporary lapse in judgement? Perhaps it is a British-guilt over the Seven Year’s War, but who knows?

    It is disappointing, but Canada is yet a free nation able to correct mistakes, just as their brothers and sisters here in the US can strive for better information and better judgement.

    May Providence guide us both.

  58. Terrorists are taught to kill the enemy from the cradle. Just go on the internet any day and you can see photos of children in training to committ Jihad at ages under 10 never mind 15. Canada has gone bonkers in this decision and the people of Canada should be severely protesting this decision and they should be deporting this guy not rewarding him. This is truly disgusting!

  59. The military men killed or wounded should file suit against this individual and with luck this ISIS a-hole will not see a dime.

  60. Seems like Canada has a deep craving for what’s going on in Europe. Is a northern wall in our future?

  61. Stephen Griffith

    Yet another reason to build a Wall to the North as well. The Dumb Donkey Party, is spreading their toxic propaganda everywhere. If Canada does not wake up their Bacon is fried!!!!! Deport The Libertards to Moscow or North Korea or Russia or Syria or China. God save America!!!!!

  62. Remember: It isn’t Islamaphobia if they’re really trying to kill you!!! Check out Islams 20 Commandments and have your mind blown:

  63. I think he would deserve every peace of lead sent his way into his muslummm body . But if Canada want to turn muslummm maybe we should close that border also They will make it easy to send them over here

  64. Invade Canada! It’s the obvious solution, send the Papist-Muslim Trudeau back to France!

  65. I am ashamed to admit I was born in Canada as I see the terrible liberal policies of the current P.M. the communist Trudeau. His father was a disaster when he was PM and it seems Canada has not learned from it’s own history and mistakes.

  66. The United should bomb the shit out of Canada and then blow Mexico into another pile of dust and while we’re doing that take all those shit head liberals that don’t like the USA and throw them in the ocean,lets see how much water they can drink.

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