Can Trump Get a Conservative Justice Past the Democrats?

Donald Trump won over a host of skeptical social conservatives last year when he produced a list of judges from which he would select the next Supreme Court Justice. The death of Antonin Scalia made the 2016 election intensely important – a Hillary Clinton pick would have taken the highest court out of conservative control for the first time in decades. Now, regardless of Trump’s actual performance as president, many voters in the evangelical wing will be happy to have avoided that gloomy outcome.

But pushing one of Trump’s picks through the Senate may not be as easy as it appears. Democrats are inclined to fight Trump already; when it comes to the Supreme Court, though, they are especially anxious to cause trouble. Republicans sat on Obama’s selection for nearly a full year, and Democrats see this as payback time. They’ll filibuster any nominee who hasn’t personally performed an abortion just to get the GOP back for Merrick Garland.

“We want to wait and see a nominee,” Sen. Dick Durbin told CNN. “And if that nominee is not middle of the road, I’m afraid there’s going to be resistance. I can’t tell you every Democrat feels the same way, but enough of us do to make the point.”

Of course, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell doesn’t have to stand aside and let the Democrats keep the seat vacant. If he chooses, he can invoke the so-called nuclear option and lower the bar for a nominee to a simple majority. That would be inflammatory and the media would treat it like a fiasco, but it may turn out to be the only Republican path forward. If the alternative is letting the seat stay open until all the Democrats are thrown out of the Senate (or picking a “middle of the road” nominee), then it may be necessary.

Republican Senator Chuck Grassley said Democrats would look ridiculous if they filibustered Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, seeing how irate they became over Garland.

“You got to remember how much of a fuss they made after Scalia died that we weren’t going to take it up because we were going to let the people take a vote. So between that and the election they can’t complain about a longer period of time now,” Grassley said.

Sure they can! And they’ll have the media cheering them on.

Hopefully, Republicans don’t let themselves become a victim of the expected bad press. The stakes, in this case, are much too high.

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  1. Selecting a Supreme Court justice is a difficult task. We want an experienced jurist, but more than that the Supreme Court is final arbiter of the Constitution and this requires not just legal knowledge but adherence to the rule of law. Injecting “politics” into the Supreme Court, or, indeed into any part of the judicial system would eventually destroy the concept of “Justice is blind”. Supreme Court justices are a lifetime appointment. In February 2016, we learned, thanks to Wikileaks’ release of e-mails between John Podesta (Clinton’s campaign manager) and Steve Elemendorf, the depths Obama and the Democrats were willing to sink to, in order to ensure the permanent “removal” of the only Conservative justice, Anton Scalia, remaining on the Supreme Court.

    • The demoNazis have been injecting biased politics into every level of the federal court system as well as local state courts for decades. That is why they have been successful in getting “legislation from the bench” accomplished so often. Something definitely needs to be done to get that blatant corruption out of the courts. The most often misused term is “unconstitutional”. Because the SCOTUS justices are politically and socially biased it is ridiculous for them to claim otherwise. But they go far beyond their bias when the very text of the Constitution is interpreted in a totally convoluted manner. If the Constitution used the word “BLUE” with reference to the color of the sky the liberal justices would say “GRAY”. That is how outlandish and perverted their minds are.

  2. I believe Scalia was murdered by Obama or his cronies believing they could get a disgusting LIBERAL into the Supreme Court.

    • John Wesley Bletsch

      There were other reasons Scalia was assassinated. He knew too much about who was involved in child sex trafficking by high level politicians and military. His trip to the ranch was to put those people on notice. PizzaGate is not a fake story, there is too much evidence released by WikiLeaks to be ignored by the next AG and his DOJ. SCALIA’s assassination was hoped to put in place a justice who would be complicit in the coverup.

    • Anyone who thinks Justice Scalia died of natural causes is a fool.

      • that same fool would think that the ho clintoney is a sweetheart and loves the USA so much that she would give her life for her country….well now we know different and she would give her country for her worthless life….

    • Exactly right Jack Smith. But us “deplorables” are out-smarting the Lib’s. We beat out Hitler-y for OUR COUNTRY.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      I thought that from the beginning Jack. And their refusal to hold an autopsy kinda proves it! ?

      • Seeing as that’s illegal in most if not all states, and TX is 1 of them, yes. And it’s definitely not legal to declare a death via telephone, without the coroner actually seeing the body, even.

      • Why would Scalia’s FAMILY, who are all just as conservative as he was, have refused to have his remains autopsied when it was supposedly OBAMA who had the deed done?
        If you’re developing conspiracy theories, try to at least come up with ideas that make SENSE. This one doesn’t.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          His family was under a very heavy threat too. They would have been scared shitless to go against the HNIC, looking at what happened to the judge! ??

        • Justice Scalia was an employee of the We the People. His family actually had no say in the matter. Even if they had objected, an autopsy could have still be ordered and executed.

      • You might not recall, but within days of Justice Scalia’s death, two race horses in New Jersey died in a questionable way, and those horses were subjected to an autopsy. It’s unbelievable that a Justice of the Supreme Court didn’t undergo an autopsy when two horses did.

        • Easy to figure sir. The cliton cartel, the same one responsible for dozens of unexplained deaths, had his family scared shitless, should they even think of having an autopsey done. We will, no doubt, find out plenty about the corruption. I’m still surprized that Mr President hasn’t had her ass arrested!

          • It is without doubt that the Clintonistas have a way of taking care of business. They have done so throughout the years. If we had had a legitimate federal government, the government could have ordered an autopsy, but the criminals in charge made sure one did not happen. In regards to President Trump not having Killary Rotten Benghazi Clinton arrested, that is not really within his purview. That is the job of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and I am hopeful that he will move aggressively on this matter. If President Trump does anything which might even be “perceived” as punitive, he will be hammered by the media. Let’s hope that this evil woman will finally receive an appropriate punishment for her many crimes in the not too distant future.

    • It has been rumored that the Chilton’s sere behind his death. something in the emails she played with for so long. A lot of people who have been involved with the Clinton’s one way or another have died strange deaths over a period of many years.

      • Cherie Lynn Davis

        Yep, and anyone who doubts it should go to and look up “The Clinton Chronicles.” The information is all there!!

    • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

      I think that too.

    • I have read that Hilary was behind his death. We may never know.

  3. The Democrats have no one but Harry Reid to thank if they refuse to co-operate and force the nuclear option to be used. This seat is too important to let the Democrats play their political games with. “To the victor go the spoils”. Get it done Republicans anyway that the Demo-Commies force you to do it.

    • thank you Harry Reid!! Damn did I just say that……

    • Harry the Hack gReid screwed over the Democrat Party almost as badly as Barack Hussein Barry Soetoro Obama. The Democrats can’t stop a thing, and after 2018, the Republicans will pick up another 8-10 Senate seats. For now, and the immediate future, the Democrats are toothless tigers.

      • At least we HOPE they pick up a few more. I guess I am less of an optimist about that than some .

        • You have good reason to be skeptical, but I feel fairly certain, the GOP will pick up a significant number, because the successes of President Trump will become the driving force.

    • Harry Greed proved that Washington had passed being a swamp and went straight into becoming America’s septic tank !

    • The democrats particularly Schumer, Warren, and Lewis are acting like a bunch of spoiled brats who didn’t get their way. It is their own fault they lost the election and no one else’s.

    • Exactly! It’s time to take the gloves off and start playing smash mouth. No more Mr. Nice Guy and worrying about what the media might say or do.
      It’s time that Mitch grows a pair and exerts some control. Carry out the will of the people for a change.

      • Mitch McConnell, with or without the “pair” you say he should grow, is the best legislative strategist in the Senate, now or maybe for the past half-century. You may want more action, or faster action, but HE KNOWS what he’s doing. Let him DO it.
        Also, keep in mind there’s really NO SUCH THING as “the will of the people.” WHICH people? The ones who agree 100% with YOU? Who elected YOU to determine the will of anyone else? The ones who agree 100% with ME? I’ve never MET anyone who agreed 100% with me — about 90% is the best I’ve ever found, and he died.
        But I KNOW I don’t speak for “the people,” any more than you do. We are just SOME of “the people” — ALL of whom have their own will. And NOBODY, not McConnell or President Trump or anyone else, can “carry out the will” of ALL the people, because they (we) don’t ALL THINK ALIKE.
        That’s why this nation is, despite rhetoric to the contrary, a REPUBLIC and NOT a democracy. In a democracy, EVERYTHING would be decided by a popular vote — a “plebecite” — in which a MAJORITY would be needed to “win.” That means the choice would have to be between just TWO options, as there’d be no way to get a MAJORITY (50%+1) with more than two choices. And let me remind you that if we required a majority vote to choose a president, HILLARY CLINTON would have taken the oath of office yesterday.
        In a REPUBLIC, on the other hand, we ELECT leaders to sort out the options and arrive at a decision — which MAY OR MAY NOT CLOSELY REFLECT OUR OWN VIEWS. But we realize that “WE” are not the only ones who have the right to be consulted, and that sometimes our side will LOSE. Basically, the difference is this: a DEMOCRACY is a day-care center where the kiddies vote on whether to have orange juice or apple juice at morning break. A REPUBLIC is a decent restaurant in which every diner has the choice of a LOT of options from the menu. It’s for GROWNUPS.

    • well said! Or, as Barack Obama himself once said, “WE WON!” (he said “I won,” meaning just himself). He meant he could do what he damn well pleased and we could do nothing to stop him. Well, now the shoe is on the other foot!

    • Let’s not forget Upchuck Schumer also had a hand in this. He also already given the Democrats their marching order to stop or stall ANYTHING Trump tries to do. The good part of it is, the Pubs now have the votes to over ride him IF enough of them grow a spine ! We can count out the RINOs, they are worthless.

  4. We, the people, gave congress the power. Now they need to do the job we put them there to do and do it quickly.

  5. Thought the people had control of Congress; didn’t we defeat the Dimwitocrats in November?

    • yes, but it could prove to be “only on paper”….we have watched them before when they snatched defeat out the hands of victory and then turn to the cameras with a schit eating grin telling Americans “if only we had the house, senate, and the oral office”…..

      • The republicans are on the job and are ready to go as soon as Saturday rolls around. They have been meeting with Mr. trump on a regular basis and are now working on the health care situation. Do your research and read up on what is going on. If you paid attention to the news you would know they are working on items.

        • I have been “paying attention” to the news…Trump and others are gearing up for a democrapo azz bashing with the african’s legacy right up front. What is not being talked about is all of the elitist establishment ahole rinos like mcshamey that have talked schit during their campaigns and go right back to DC to vote with the traitors instead of voting for America and for Americans…you know the folks that elect them…I would like to camp out in the oral office and watch as the Don signs one order after another overturning all of the commie BS that the african commie “decreed” simultaneously discussing strategy for legislation that should be voted on in the next 72 business hours and on his desk for signatures as well as putting a Real American on the supremo courto using the nuke option….oh and send a letter to that old dried up hore to “retire” he needs to put another Real American in that commies spot…..should also tell justice that whatever they decide on the the execution of the clintoney hore is just fine with him, especially if the treasury can liquidate the clintoney crime family holdings….

    • By a huge landslie. E got the white House, Congress, 31 states have republican governors and 69 out of 99 legislatures are republican. The democrats are history.

      • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

        I sure hope so.

      • We only have 52 Senate seats and it’s impossible to make the Senate run efficiently without SIXTY. As long as we have THAT problem to deal with, the Democrats WILL NOT be history — they may be wounded, but not killed.

    • Not by enough! We need 60 Senate seats (we have just 52) to be safe, and to get past the filibuster stumbling block they will throw in our paths on any important bills. But mainly, give it TIME. Congress only convened on Jan. 3, President Trump wasn’t sworn in until TODAY (& thus couldn’t propose legislation until Monday). Plus, because of NY Sen. Charles Schumer’s game-playing, the new President has only TWO cabinet members who could be sworn in today and one more on Monday. (Obama got SEVEN approved on HIS first day — not because his were good and the GOPs were bad, but because WE didn’t throw up roadblocks and Schumer & the Dems DID.)

  6. Hey, Reid used the nuclear option, right, why can’t the Republicans. Lets win this fight !!!

    • The Republicans can and should use it at every opportunity until the commies are driven out of America.

    • The problem with using the nuclear option is that the next time positions are reversed again (and at some point, that WILL happen), THEY use it on US. And escalate. And escalate AGAIN. And then WE have to do the same…over and over and over. Better to WIN fair and square, and beat them back to Square One.

      • The only forsee able problem with the Nucler option is This Democrats erased the tradition of a 60 vote requirement to end a filibuster, 4 a vote to fill cabinet positions or lower court justices. Now the dumbo-rats find they are now on the short end of the stick they picked. I say Republicans will be wise to repay in kind the dirty lying thieving treasonous demo-rats. I would also utilize the nuclear option to fill Supreme court vacancies 8 years of Conservative Federal Appeals Applete courts, circuit courts ,supreme Courts Justices would set this nation up well for the next 50 years or longer

        • Fine, but just remember: IT WILL COME BACK TO HAUNT US. Nothing in politics lasts forever, and one day before too long the Dumbo Rats will be back in control, and WE will be the ones taking it on the chin. Maybe better NOT to escalate now, especially since we CAN win without doing so. You may not like McConnell, but he’s a MASTER of Senate strategy, and if anyone can get our people confirmed WITHOUT nuking the opposition, he can.

      • Francisco Machado

        The Democrats have already used it on the republicans. And are now, for the moment, in a bit of a quandary: They’re proud of Reid for his “Nuclear Option” but they’re upset that the Republicans now have it. When the Republicans took over the Senate the Democrats lost the power to remove it, and – since they expected veto-power Hillary to win, might not have wanted to do so.

  7. Why does it always boil down to the “press” controlling our government? We have elected officials for that. They just need to do their job without looking over their shoulders! Term Limits!!!!

    • Controlling / owning the communications media industry IS one of the first planks found in the Communist Manifesto. How many media empires are not owned by the liberal progressives? Few if any.

  8. If you voted against LBJ he would pull the military base out of your state and move It to Texas and the people who worked there would be out of a job.

  9. This is now up to Mich McConnel, thanks to old dingal ball’s Harry Reid

  10. Mitch If Dumbo-rats wish to filibuster NUKE THEM,JUST AS DIRTY SCUMMY REID NUKE REPUB’s . Who knows Maybe some on the Far left of the court will go the way of the Honorable Antonia Scalia .SURE IT WAS BY NATURAL CAUSES: ” MY ARSE.”

  11. The Democrats are not the issue here. As stated in the article, the Republicans allowing themselves to be victims is the problem. Hopefully, they will show some spine and get Trumps nominee through. If not, NUKE’em.

    • All depends on how many Rinos there are in the GOP. I say even one is too many.

      • You’ll be surprised at how well even the people you think are RINOS will behave when they have the guidance of a firm hand in the White House. In fact, you likely won’t be able to tell the RINOS from the REAL Republicans, because all of ’em will be doing what President Trump wants. You think ALL the Republicans in the House and Senate were just thrilled to do what President Reagan wanted? (A LOT of those people were REAL RINOS, much more liberal than ANYONE in the GOP today!). Of course they didn’t, but Reagan was a LEADER. So is Trump.

    • The republicans are working very hared with trump and come Saturday, a lot will happen. The republicans are not allowing themselves to be victims and people need to stop peddling their gossip.

    • Yes, the democrats are the issue. They are acting like spoiled little brats because they didn’t get their way so they are going to pout and whine and fight the republicans on everything. That is no way to run a country and work to get her for the betterment of the people. They have not considered shat is best for the people for a long time nd it is time they grew up, gained some common sense and worked to make our nation better. Schumer’s speech at the inauguration today disputed everything he really stands for given his attitude toward the republicans on a daily basis and his pledge not to agree with them on anything. Harry Reid, the second. He needs to read his speech and tack it up in his office so he can read it every day when he walks in his office.

      • The Democrats are not running the country now. The Republicans are. If there are problems, they own it…now matter how much the Dems whine. I am a conservative Republican. There are very few of them left in government. The non-conservative Republicans have been responsible for letting the Dems do a lot of damage for a long time.

  12. Frankly, it might be in our best interest (as Conservatives) to have the democrats behave like spoiled, whining brats and pave they way for their destruction in the next mid-term elections. If they weren’t paying close attention to the election results that made Donald Trump the next president…and excluding the cesspools of populations on each coast wanting the free-ride…then they will get what they so richly deserve….FIRED! The anger that has finally permeated those of us who truly want to preserve America is nothing to ignore, unless, of course they are just plain ignorant.

    • That is exactly how the dems are acting. They are still trying to cope with their huge loss and being blasted out of Washington. They are not in the least organized. More democrats will be up for election to Congress and may be replaced by republicans. if they don’t start acting like adults.

    • Twenty-three (23) Senate demonicRATs are up for re-election in 2018. If the demonicRATs keep misbehaving (and if the Republicans themselves can keep from misbehaving), the Republicans may just get a filibuster-proof Senate in 2019.

      Let’s hope the demonicRAT senators’ constituents pay attention to their childish antics over the next two years.

    • You have a good point. The more the public sees of Democrat obstruction, the more likely they are to 1) complain like hell to any Democrat purporting to represent them in Congress, and 2) vote to kick out any Democrat who might hold a Senate seat in their state and didn’t go down to defeat last year. Of course, that COULD mean 2 more years before the arrival of Heaven on Earth….

  13. I’d say give the democrats one opportunity to come to their senses, then I’d invoke the nuclear option. These are lifetime appointments and the GOP doesn’t need to waste time pandering to democrats about nominating some limp-wristed, loony leftist, jurist on the Supreme Court. The GOP has the wherewithal to put constitutional conservatives on the Court for the next 8 years. Do it! Scalia’s replacement is first up. Judges Breyer and Greenberg are soon to follow, surely, in the Trumpster’s first term.

    • I assume you mean Ginsberg. Isn’t she the old biddy that threatened to move to New Zealand if Trump was elected? She like all the Hollywierd morons like to shoot off their mouths but never seem to be able to carry through. Too bad we can’t force them to leave.

      • Yes, sorry, I did mean Ginsberg, maxx. And she is the old biddy that threatened to move somewhere if the Trumpster assumed the throne. I’d take anywhere if she bolted the SCOTUS. She’s nuttier than squirrel droppings and came to the Court from the ACLU which really tells one all he needs to know about Justice Ginsberg politically. That means she has a heavy port list, i.e., half-a-commie ideologically, and votes for every loony leftist idea that finds its way to the Supreme Court.

        • “Justice” Ginsberg is the old biddy who said during an interview in Egypt a few years ago that she did NOT believe in the U.S. Constitution.

          Is anyone else concerned about a “Justice” of the U.S. Supreme Court who does NOT believe in the U.S. Constitution?

          • You’re right, I remember that. Here’a goofy old broad serving on the highest court in our land, and she doesn’t even believe in the U.S. Constitution?? She must have been a Slick Willie nomination…probably suggested to him by by his dippy wife. the cyber expert!


            in other words, she’s been in violation of her oath since the day she sat down at the dais.

            This is where the difference between Republican and Democrat control of the Senate matters. A Republican-controlled Senate would never have confirmed her on that basis alone; the Democrats voted her in without a second thought. But the problem with using the “nuclear option” is that the minute they’re in control again — and it WILL happen — THEY will do the same, or worse, to US. I’m for leaving this up to Republican leader Mitch McConnell, who is one heck of a sharp legislative strategist.

    • Breyer and Ginsburg — in fact, she will probably quit when the term ends in June (she’s almost 83). And Anthony Kennedy, the supposed “swing vote” who usually seems to swing the wrong way, is past 80, too. Most likely all 3 will go before Trump’s first term ends.

      • Yes, you’re right, Kennedy does too often swing the wrong way. One would think, since he was a Reagan appointee, he’d be a bit more reliable. We need constitutional conservatives on the SCOTUS and some websites have suggested that since Fox’s Judge Andrew Napolitano has been huddling with the Trumpster, he may be in the running as the next nominee. Your thoughts?

        • Remember, Justice Kennedy was a Reagan choice only after his REAL choice, Robert Bork, was “borked” by the Democrats. The selection team at Justice and in the White House didn’t have another good choice at the time, and Kennedy was picked by default.
          As for replacing Scalia, I love Judge Napolitano but I don’t think he’s really in the running. He was a Superior Court judge in NJ, and it’d be VERY unusual to move someone from that level to the Supreme Court — sort of like bringing a high school quarterback down from the stands to start for a team in the NFL. My impression is Napolitano is “advising” the Trump team, not that he’s in the running.

          The Federalist Society (an org. of youngish conservative lawyers) and Heritage Foundation last year put together a list of 21 really solid conservative picks for the Supreme Court bench (or for important circuit court seats, since Trump will have over 100 of THOSE to fill right away – they’re vacant) . Trump pledged during his primary campaign to choose from that list. That’s where the names of Bill Pryor, a solid conservative on 11th Circuit, and Diane Sykes, an equally good choice from the 7th Circuit came from. Pryor would be hard to confirm UNLESS the GOP in the Senate are willing to use the nuclear option, and Sykes is perhaps a little older than the “perfect” candidate, but there really is NEVER a “perfect” candidate. And as you may have guessed from her name, Sykes is a woman — right now all 3 women on the Court are liberal Democrats. I HATE the fact that stuff like that matters, but it DOES.

          My own idea might surprise you: I thought naming Ted Cruz would, as they say, kill 2 birds with one stone. We know President Trump doesn’t LIKE Cruz (and neither do a lot of his Senate colleagues), but we also know that Cruz is an outstanding lawyer and that NOBODY quarrels with his abilities. Presidents and for that matter Senators don’t HAVE to LIKE Supreme Court justices; once the latter are CONFIRMED, they barely have to TALK to each other, ever again! Naming Cruz would 1) fill the seat with an outstanding candidate and 2) get Cruz OUT OF THE SENATE, where he IS likely to be a thorn in the side for both Trump AND the GOP Senators. I suspect a good many Senators would confirm him just to get him off of “their” turf.

          But I read the other day that Trump HAD offered Cruz the seat — and Cruz had turned it down. Could be fake news, but the source was usually reliable.

          That said, ,the Heritage-Federalist list has almost 20 more very strong names on it. I’d be satisfied with anyone on it.

          • Excellent comments! I appreciate your input and agree with just about everything you said, even the Ted Cruz analysis. There is no doubt he has a first rate legal mind and before he went off the rails against the Trumpster, he was my main man early on. But the more I saw him in Town Halls and on the campaign beat, I detected a Jimmy Swaggart “preachy/ smarmy” quality to the man that turned me off.

            I had seen the Federalist Society’s and Heritage Foundation’s input earlier but didn’t recognize the names any of the judges, except for Pryor who’s from Alabama, the neighbor state to my Florida where I live in the Panhandle, about 40 miles from the Alabama line. But, I trust the judgment of both the Federal Society and the Heritage Foundation and believe the names on that list provide what President Trumps had asked for: someone with the judicial temperament and wisdom of a Justice Scalia.

            Again, RightWriter, thanks for taking the time to respond.

          • My pleasure! In fact, it’s a RARE pleasure to meet someone here who can discuss ANY topic intelligently and without a string of 4-letter words. I’m not a prude; I curse occasionally myself, but sometimes it’s just plain excessive (see: MARLENE). Anyway, nice talking to you!

  14. For me it remains to be seen what the republicans will do or not do. They haven’t done anything for the past 20- years so I ain’t holding my breath.

    • You are wrong, Fred. George W. was president until 2009. That has not been 20 years. What the democrats did while Bush was president is what caused the recession and the deficit. They didn’t pay any attention to bush so blame them for what happened to our country and our deficit. the only thing the democrats have done is hand us a health bill that is a scam and unaffordable and loaded with taxes and was passed late on a Friday night and stuck in all the pork barrel they could think of. tell me what they did that helped the people – nothing.

      • Correct me if I’m wrong lovinspooful but wasn’t it George W. Bush’s term that we (republicans) had the House, Senate and Oval office and Bush couldn’t even get the female nominee for a federal court appointment? Don’t remember her name but I remember the event. I also remember that the dems pretty much had their way during that time. Just saying.

        • You could be right Fred. I was not that involved in politics at that time. I do know he had a democratic congress his second term and they ignored his advice on putting regulations on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and they ignored him, thus causing the recession.

        • Harriet Meirs, and she was a nominee for the SUPREME Court, for which she was NOT qualified by experience. The nomination was shot down by REPUBLICANS who didn’t want a lightweight on the Court — it’s too important a LIFETIME appointment.
          Democrats “had their way” during that period (it was only 2 years when GOP had White House plus both houses of Congress) because GOP had 52-53 votes in the Senate and at that time the filibuster stood at 60 votes. Republicans couldn’t get legislation (or nominees, even when QUALIFIED) past the Senate — SEVEN votes short of breaking a filibuster.
          The Senate was designed to make it HARD to pass legislation. Changing that would require some pretty basic tinkering with the Constitution, which NOBODY would approve.

    • Most oif the time George Bush was president (2001-2009) Republicans DID NOT have control of the Senate, without which they couldn’t get their bills passed, so to say they “did nothing” is really unfair: if you don’t control BOTH houses of Congress you’re pushing a BIG boulder up a very steep hill. Now Republicans have a real leader in the White House and DO control both houses of Congress, although we don’t have a FIRM grip on the Senate (you really need 60 votes in the Senate to be in control; we have only 52). But Republicans’ failure to “do much” in 2001-09 period was NOT for lack of trying. They just didn’t have the muscle.

  15. Trump can wait until we give him a brand new Congress. Do NOT re-elect the corrupt members we are now stuck with.

    • We already have a brand new congress. Where were you on November 8, 2016? The republicans took the White House, Congress, 31 states now have republican governors and the republicans took 69 out of 79 legislatures. It was an unequaled landslide – never happened before. Try listening to the news.

      • I said RE-election, you freaking idiot!

        • I saw that and there is no re-election coming when Trump becomes president, you freaking idiot!!!!! Too bad you don’t have any diea what is going on in Washington, dumbo liberal

          • Your proctologist called. He found your head, you bottom feeding scum sucking MORON!

          • You were looking in the mirror when you stated all that weren’t you? You have definitely proven you are a liberal.

          • LOL – you’re too stupid to be a conservative. Troll much, shit for brains?

          • You’re too stupid to be let out on your own. Ye with no brain at all – just empty space. Saw you say the same ting to someone else on another forum under a different URL. You might want to change your nasty foul-mouthed words so people don’t catch on to you.

          • STUPID is your favorite word because you’ve heard people call you STUPID all your life – LOL! Personally, i’d say you go way beyond STUPID to being mentally deranged,

          • Are you programmed to be nasty to other people? Or, is that your personality?

          • Only to those who are STUPID enough to ask for it. Is there any other psychosis of yours you’d like me to help you with?

          • I’m not sure I agree with Marlene that you’ve proven you’re a liberal, but you sure have proved you’re the RUDEST person on this board — and maybe on the Internet. What’s the matter, can’t you EXPRESS yourself without NAME-CALLING?

          • Start from the beginning to see who called whom what first. Frankly, I don’t care if you agree with me or not, Preach to someone else. As far as lovinspoonful is concerned – THE SHOE FITS!

          • i DON’T GIVE A DAMN WHO “started it” — you sound like a 6-year-old being told by Mommy or Teacher not to get into fights on the playground. If sounding like a 6-year-old is really your goal in life, you’ve achieved it. I’d have thought an ADULT would have higher ambitions. And it’s mainly your FOUL LANGUAGE I’m objecting to. There is NO excuse for that, except arrested development and a terrible disposition.

          • Go to your safe room, you whiner! I don’t give a damn about what YOU give or don’t give a damn about. Get your head out of your butt and learn to use it!

          • I don’t have, need, or want a safe room! I have been fighting for conservative principles probably since before YOU were BORN, certainly before you were old enough to vote (if you ARE, even now). I will NOT be denied the right to say — that people who “argue” with nothing but FOUL language like yours LOSE THE ARGUMENT no matter HOW strong their positions (and yours aren’t very strong, anyway). I have been using my head for a VERY long time, but I use it to MAKE PROGRESS toward conservative goals, something YOU will NEVER accomplish with your stupid charges and foul mouth. I don’t care whether you give a damn or not: it’s MY RIGHT to say what I think, and if it’s YOUR right to have your own arguments DESTROYED by sounding like a lunatic, so be it. Just don’t bother ME with any more of your BS.

          • LOL – take your meds. Nobody gives a damn what you need. I’m the only one who upvoted some of your comments. Try another fish.

          • Hey, you’re making progress! Not a single 4-letter word in that last post (I don’t count “damn”)! I don’t give a damn what YOU think, or say, but I do think you do your CAUSE more harm than good by your rude, foul-mouthed comments. Think about it: MOST people pay ZERO attention to trashy comments like yours. As to uploads, I get more than I can handle, since I actually have a LIFE that extends beyond PatriotsNewsDaily. From now on the second I see anything from YOU, I will delete WITHOUT READING, so you can’t even enjoy getting my attention anymore (and of course, I know if you DIDN’T “give a damn” what I think, YOU would not be responding to ME.)

          • Of course you “don’t count ‘damn’ because that was YOUR curse word to ME, and hypocritical. No, I still don’t give a DAMN what you think. I just don’t want your illogical comments to go unattended. But now, you can spew whatever you want to continue spewing, and rant to yourself. Bye.

          • Looks to ME like YOU have no idea what goes on in Washington. Trump won a FOUR YEAR TERM, and if he wants a second term (no more than that allowed) he will have to RUN FOR RE-ELECTION — you can bet the Dems will be loaded for bear when the time comes, and maybe they’ll find a better candidate than Hillary. Meanwhile WE NEED SIXTY SENATE SEATS TO TRULY CONTROL WHAT HAPPENS IN THE SENATE, AND WE ONLY HAVE 52. THAT is the problem, and if you can’t see that, YOU are the “freaking idiot.”

          • Why are you interfering in comments made between two other people and adding your nasty hateful diatribe to it? You know nothing about and assuming is futile. Name-calling and ridiculing someone is a low mentality ruse. You are just as rude and hateful as your cohort, marlene. DO NOT REPLY TO THIS as this conversation is closed.

      • Marlene is just pointing out (correctly) that WE NEED 60 SEATS IN THE SENATE and we HAVE 52! That means we CANNOT push all the needed legislation thru the Senate. Maybe YOU should start by reading the Constitution.
        Also,, there have been MANY elections in which one party did as well on governors, senators, and house members as we did. What made our win look so huge was the 69 of 79 state legislative bodies (not legislatures: in most states the state House and/or Senate, but NOT necessarily BOTH). PROBLEM IS, CONTROLLING STATE LEGISLATIVE BODIES DOES NOT HELP US CONTROL CONGRESS, which is where FEDERAL laws are made and Obama policies have to be overturned. Controlling state legislative bodies is like winning high school football games and finding you somehow didn’t wipe out the competition in the NFL.

        • Legislature is the same thing as legislative body. There has not been a landslide such as on Nov. 8 before. Maybe you should start by reading the Constitution. I am swell aware of how the government works as I am not as stupid as you like to indicate I am. If you are going to correct people do it correctly but apparently it fed your ego.

  16. The answer is: YES!

  17. When Obama assumed the Presidency in 2009 he said we won now the Republicans need to set down shut up and let us get on with transforming America. Maybe Trump should remind the Dems of this. He should then instruct Ryan and McConnel there will be no compromise, no backing away, Congress goes straight ahead full

    steam with Trumps plans and let the DemSocialists scream all they want.

    • When in January 20th 2009 Obama assumed the office of President. He stated to the nation. If the Republicans want to get on Board fine If not They can get to the back an sit Down we won we don’t need or want their Help. Now along those same lines. Might very well be the advice House speaker Paul Ryan & Senate majority leader Mitchell McConnell my wish to reiterate To the lunatic losers the demonic democrats.

    • They are already going full steam ahead. He has accomplished a lot before he was even sworn in. Did Obama do that? No. What he did best was spend our money and take vacations.

  18. nuke em Prez Don

  19. So glad that Harry Reid left and went home, now we have a few more to go, including McCain. Now my pick for Scotus is from Fox news. He has so much common sense and he believes in God.

    • Napolitano? If so, I totally agree! He would be a perfect choice for Scalia’s open seat.

    • You mean Judge Andrew Napolitano? I don’t think he’d take it — he’s having much too much fun with the stuff he’s doing (Fox News, writing, etc). Also, he was a NJ Superior Court judge, and it’d be VERY rare for a Supreme Court justice to be picked from a state Superior Court. That’s like picking an NFL starting quarterback out of junior high school.

      • Thank you,, I didn’t have nay idea how they picked the Supreme Court judges. I still really like Napolitano, a very smart man with common sense.

  20. The ENTIRE Democrat Socialist Party of America needs to immediately go straight to Prison awaiting Execution for TREASON they have committed every time they have opened they’re sphincter holes on their faces.
    Since when has Sedition, Subterfuge and Subversion become lawful protest??? This party of Treason that I more realistically call the IslamoCommuCrat Cabal of Criminals has to be Outlawed, Removed and Criminalized. There is no moral nor Constitutional Right for these anti-American subversives to continue their reign of Terror, Lawlessness, Destruction and TREASON, HANG ALL OF THEM NOW!!!


    If this does indeed go down, be advised —- This is IT!!! This will be the False Flag pre-arranged to ensure an Obama DICTATORSHIP Confirmed….

    On that Friday Jan. 20, ALL Patriots, Militia’s and lawful citizens should be fully armed with anything and everything you have. Our Second Amendment is still INTACT. Have a plan and preferably done with a like-minded group.
    Stay out of the city in whatever State you reside.

    If this is a “peaceful protest” sit tight, keep your head on a swivel.
    Should this turn into a violent riot with gunfire, bombings, looting and vandalism of private and public property, open fire and shoot to kill any and ALL Subversives/agitators and do your part in draining the swamp.

    “When Injustice becomes Law, Resistance becomes Duty.” Thomas Jefferson

    DO NOT RELY ON NOR TRUST Militarized Police, Military Units and most especially ANY U.N. Soldiers/Mercenaries, most if not all will be part of the take-down. Hussein has shipped most if not all U.S. Combat Troops overseas, 4000 to Poland just the other day.

    If Trump is assassinated, there is a BLACKOUT of T.V., Radio or Internet you can be sure that this will be Martial Law —- the ONLY WAY Hussein Obama WILL remain in the White House.
    There WILL be Mass arrests of us, the American Law Abiding Citizen IMMEDIATELY before and during Firearms/Weapons Confiscation conducted mostly by U.N. Mercenaries both Identifiable and in American and International Military Uniform — DO NOT YIELD TO THEM — DO NOT TRUST THEM, shoot them because they are ordered to KILL ALL American’s who resist.

    If you comply you WILL be taken to the nearest FEMA Detention Facility/Prison and will be held for “processing.” If you are on the LIST you will NEVER leave these Prisons alive. Resist at EVERY opportunity,
    Exterminate as many of these DEMONIC NWO Mercenaries as possible for yourself, your Family and Loved ones and your Constitutional United States of America for—- It is better to fight Evil and die in the process than to kneel and submit to it’s enslavement…..

    • According to news reports from January 4, stashes of guns and ammunition were found along the Potomac River.

      Apparently radicals want to ensure the “peaceful transfer of power” will NOT be so peaceful.

    • Relax! There were a couple hundred protesters of various sorts, scattered along the parade route but NOT near the Capitol, and they didn’t have much moxie. SIX people received “MINOR” injuries (cops’ choice of words) and about 30 were arrested. NOT a big deal! In fact, it shows the complete bankruptcy (I’m not talking about money) of the liberals. There IS a big march scheduled for Saturday, but it may well peter out because obviously there’s NOTHING they can do. DONALD TRUMP IS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES Period. It may take these nutcases awhile to get that into their thick heads, but they’re not likely to do much damage except acquire an arrest record for themselves.

  22. Rep’s are in charge so it should be a no-brainer with President Trump’s choice. However, we do have those RINO’S to consider. We definitely DO NEED TO GET RID OF ALL THOSE RINO’S to bring our country back completely.

    • Sure, go ahead and replace the “RINOS” (They really ARE NOT RINOs; they’re moderate Republicans. The RINO is an extinct breed.) Problem — you’d be replacing them WITH DEMOCRATS (conservative Republicans just don’t WIN in some liberal states). WHAT GOOD WOULD THAT DO??? NONE, that’s what. It would make life HARDER for President Trump AND the Republicans who remained in office. That makes a whole bunch of sense — NOT!

  23. I fail to see why he couldn’t… he will have a solid majority in both houses of Congress to deal with.

  24. There is no cooperation with Dems. Their idea of cooperation is you shutup set back and let them have their way. Trump should just shove his agenda down their gullets and let them cry and stomp hankies. The Dems are insignificant obstructionists.

    • The demowits have adopted the communist mantra. To them “coexistence is NOT an option”.

    • trump may just do that. Well, re-election for quite a few of them is coming up soon. They better be thinking about what they are going to do when their seat is taken by someone else because they did not represent their constituents. They are in it for their own satisfaction.

      • Oh, so you want to DEFEAT everyone who doesn’t toe the line the way YOU want (never mind if that’s what President Trump wants, or anyone else — YOUR objectives are all that matter), and you want people YOU don’t think are perfect to LOSE THEIR SEATS to a DEMO RAT, putting Republicans FURTHER from true control of Congress and the chance to implement President Trump’s program???? And you claim you’re NOT a LIBERAL? Nonsense!

  25. Michael Dennewitz

    I would hope his first challenge would be to get rid of as many mooseslimes as he can first. OMG! I can’t wait to see the shit hit the fan. I think he has a trick bag full of surprizes for all the dumbasscraps and many repooplicoons!! ???

  26. One SCOTUS? Actually the court can be changed for the next 30 years. Some even say 40. The choices must be the best of the best!

    • That’s a very good point. Unlike the Cabinet, who can be fired in a week if they screw up and at best serve only until the president who appointed them either asks for their resignation or leaves office himself, A SUPREME COURT JUSTICE CAN SERVE FOR LIFE. He can’t even be fired: he can only impeached for violating “good behavior” — basically, that means committing MURDER, or maybe TREASON. Otherwise they can stay and stay and stay. There are THREE right now who are over 80! So picking a second-rater for the Court, or a supposedly conservative justice who just turns out to be a LIBERAL (that’s what happened with Anthony Kennedy, and several others)

  27. michael schimanski

    The democrats are the ones who screwed it up . They thought they were screwing the republicans with the nuclear option and now will pay the price for there stupid move . I have a BIG smile on my face .

  28. Trump wants to appoint Pryor to SCOTUS, he’s as Conservative as Merrick Garland. He’ll have an easy time getting him through, he thinks just like a Democrat. Great job folks, you were hoodwinked.


  30. Remember the “nuclear option” Reid pushed through? Last I heard, 52 was a simple majority over 48…

  31. lil dickie turbin and schmucky churcky schumer need a dressing down from whimpy mitch. mitch can tell them that they need to behave or he will harry reid them. This is change voting rules in the senate.
    Harry set the example by changing voting to 51 votes carry. Mitch can change the vote for SCOTUS to 51 votes. It will realy pissoff the left and would be fun to watch

    • The problem with eliminating the 60-votes needed to break a filibuster is just what happened to the Dems….once THEY lost control of the Senate WE used their rules change against THEM. But if now WE change the rule like you suggest, then next time the Dems win control THEY will use our rule against US. And on and on and on…
      Mitch McConnell may come across like a wimpy old guy, but he’s the sharpest legislative tactician in the Senate. Let him do it HIS way: he knows how to bring the Dems to heel.

  32. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    PRAY that we keep these democrats out of our WHITE HOUSE.

  33. SCREW the Lame Stream Media and liberal demowits. Let them scream their heads off. Use the Nuclear Option and get it over with. If they decide to exit the chambers and hide somewhere else, like the liberturds did in Texas several years ago, or do a 1960s style “sit in tantrum”, go ahead and put a new justice in without them. SCREW the commies.

  34. Conservatives must pay NO attention to what the mainstream media says. They have become probably the most effective part of the radical liberal agenda! listen, rather, to those conservatives we have grown to trust!

  35. Democrats are islamophile janissary despotics !

  36. Carline D. Long Jr.

    He can and HE WILL!

  37. No filibuster should be allowed on any nominators. Let go nuclear on the Democrats.

  38. When it comes to the Supreme Court selections if the dems do not come aboard and do the right thing in confirming a Conservative selection then the GOP must invoke the nuclear option! We must have Justices that will support the Constitution.

  39. Give the nominee the Merrick Garland treatment!!!


  41. It is time to use the nuclear option, and if necessary to make recess appointments. It is essential to destroy the Traitorcrat party before the ongoing insurrection it is now launching can erupt in the communist revolution they now plan to celebrate the centennial of Lenin’s triumph in Russia. Progressives who do not want a marxist system and an Orwellian dictatorship with themselves as the Inner Party – if there are any – can form another liberal or social democratic party that is not tied to radical islam, black nationalism and a borderless world dominated by Soros and the Chicoms.

  42. The Democrats bit more then they can chew with their nuclear option move now they must pay the price and all they have to thank is good Ole Harry Reid.

  43. Ater the dems play games for a week or two over an nominee, Mitch the wimp can call the Senate to order, thank Harry reid for the example of changing the confirmation process, and holding a vote where 51 votes confirm a SCOTUS appointee.
    We will hear violent anguish about this.
    Just say , I would like to thank Harry, Nancy, and Barry fr showing us how to rule with an iron hand


  45. They dont have the votes to stop, unless some Rino turncoats arise

    • Take all of the RINOs to the back room and do an LBJ on them. LBJ was one of the demowits bullies from Texas that used an in-the-face tactic that was effective with his bulky size at 6’4″ and 300 pounds along with his smokers and alcoholic breath and an occasional threat to “meet him out in the parking lot for a knuckle sandwich”.

  46. The Dems need to change their name to the Communist party of America!!!!

  47. Use the nuclear or constitutional option that the demowits wanted to use the last decade. It’s only natural to use their original weapon on them. BOMBS AWAY. Remember the movie where old Slim Pickens rode the atomic bomb as it exited the B-52 in the famous movie. BOOM. LMAO


  49. I believe they killed Scalia…so he didn t die..he was murdered!

  50. Even though the read installed nuclear option does not cover supreme court nominees now it soon can. Because it can be installed with just a simple majority.

  51. Wethepeople Freedomnow

    WITHOUT A DOUBT, UNEQUIVIQUALLY, ABSOLUTELY, AMEN! And you can take that to the bank, and Communist Senator Schumer and his fellow comrades can start counting the days before the democrat party of corruption and deceit ceases to exist 2018!

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