Can America Survive Biden’s “Big Deal”?

Presidents who are considered among our greatest win their place in history primarily by winning wars or making huge cultural changes.  George Washington – besides being our first President – won the Revolutionary War.  Lincoln the Civil War.  Wilson and FDR are known for both winning wars and making dramatic social changes.  Lyndon Johnson managed to salvage his reputation after losing a war by making dramatic social changes.  Obama also lost wars of sorts but brought about fundamental changes in our healthcare delivery systems.

One should recall that then-Vice President Biden – in a stage whisper – declared Obamacare to be a “big f-ing deal.” 

That may have been a momentary breach of protocol. But it may have also revealed one of Biden’s internal driving forces.

Democrats love “big f-ing deals” because they want a BIG f-ing government for them to run.

There is every indication that Biden wants to go down as another President Roosevelt (not Teddy) and President Johnson (not Andrew) — as a President who fundamentally changes the nature and economics of America with programs that are – to use his term — “big f-ing deals.”

But the big deals of FDR and Johnson pale compared to what Biden has in mind.  Roosevelt and Johnson lived at a time when people considered billions of dollars huge amounts of money.  This came at a time when the entire National Debt was less that what we now pay in debt service (interest) each year.  Biden Democrats seem to view billions as rounding errors.

Under Biden’s leadership, Democrats quickly passed a $1.9 trillion stimulus, relief, welfare, goodies package.

It was not necessary.  One might think that would have been enough of a blow to the budget. Enough to push the accelerator on inflation, and enough of a burden on the American taxpayer.  But that apparently still fell short of Biden’s concept of a “big f-ing deal.”

Both sides of the political divide understand that America’s infrastructure needs rebuilding.  And as long as you believe that fixing local bridges and building tertiary treatment plants is somehow the unique role of the FEDERAL government, then another congressional big spending package is in the offing.

While responsible Republican legislators could not stop the first round of the Democrats’ fiscal insanity, they could try to keep the cost of the infrastructure bill within the bounds of marginally outrageous spending.  We are actually talking about merely billions of dollars — $579 billion and counting.  Fiscal restraint in infrastructure spending, however, has been at least marginally successful because of the filibuster.  It gave Republicans some leverage.  Imagine what it would have cost if the radical leftwing Democrats had been able to get rid of the filibuster?

Weeell … after two rounds of reckless spending in Washington, Biden & Co. left their biggest “big f-ing deal” for last.  And if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer can prevent a few Democrat legislators – just one in the Senate and 3 or 4 in the House — from taking responsible action by voting against the behemoth so-call “human infrastructure bill,” we just might stop – or at least slow down – the Biden spending spree.

Biden’s boldness is in the fact that after already spending too much money on the first two phases of his “big f-ing deal,” the third installment is off the financial radar.  That will be in the neighborhood of $3-plus trillion dollars according to the White House.  And because of economic accounting shenanigans, the real figure will be north of $5 trillion dollars.

To the extent that Biden legacy “big f-ing deal” has support among the public, it is due to two things. 

There are greedy people who do not give a damn about the country of the future generations as long as they get “theirs” – which is really “ours.”  And those who just cannot comprehend the real meaning of trillions of dollars and the concomitant grab for more power for the folks in Washington.

And if you think all this money will alleviate poverty, bring millions of children out of poverty, and make our segregated inner-cities islands of prosperity, you have forgotten how many times in the past that Cempty promise was made.  You need to recall Johnson’s War on Poverty.  After trillions of dollars invested in that bogus program over the years, the only casualties of the War on Poverty have been the poor huddled masses currently dodging bullets when they go out to the store.

America has been slowly sliding down the slippery slope of financial disaster. And with it an incremental loss of our personal freedoms and the rewards of our personal labors.  Biden may push America to a point beyond which we can no longer recover from the political and economic disaster.

FDR has his New Deal, President Truman had the Fair Deal and Biden will go down in history for his “big f-ing deal.” 

In his “big f-ing deal,” Democrats get the “big” and the “deal” – and we the people get the “f-ing.”

So, there ‘tis.

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