Californians Not Welcome in Mexico!

Several locals of Mexico City aren’t happy about the thousands and thousands of Californians moving into their country and cities, even going as far as to say that the locals “f–ing hate you.”

The Locals Revolt

The image below went viral on social networks.

The sign was posted in Mexico City’s Roma’s neighborhood, saying “New to the city? Working remotely?” fliers popping up around Mexico City reportedly said. “You’re a f—ing plague and the locals f—ing hate you. Leave.”

What Are Mexican Residents Saying

Residents in Mexico City have complained about the droves of Californians that moved in, who work remotely. In a LA Times report, they noted local Mexicans are “fed up” with the growing number of Americans, mainly from California, who are moving to or visiting their country.

The article said that what used to be taquerias and local corner stores have been morphed into yoga studios and coffee shops. Very American.

Not only are Americanized businesses popping up everywhere, but the English language is also commonly spoken now. Some residents claim that white people from America and other foreigners are changing the character of their neighborhoods, called gentrification.

Mexico Is Attractive

According to an article by the Mexican Daily Post, when the world took daily work remotely during the pandemic, many employees were forced to work from home remotely. Some employees were granted a freedom they might not have otherwise had before remote working was a ‘thing,’ and could spread their wings and fly to more affordable or desired places like Mexico City.

Cities in parts of Mexico are a destination for Americans in part because of affordable housing, lower rent, and you can stay there for six months without a visa.

Some experts revealed Californians who moved to Mexico were fleeing from Gavin Newsome’s policies, inflation, and soaring living costs, causing a decline in the population two years a row in 2021. CNBC reported that about 800,00 Californians and 1.8 million American citizens live in Mexico.

A month’s rent in Mexico can average as little as $430 per month, while rents may average $1,500 north on the border of San Diego. Local Mexican citizens fear they will soon become outpriced.

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  1. They’re not only a plague on Mexico but the US as well. Take a hint nobody likes your woke bullshit and if you don’t change your ways you will likely see more of this everywhere. Want to virtue signal and push transgender issues? Stay in California because the rest of us don’t. You truly have to be a piece of human garbage to be unwelcome in Mexico!🤣

    • I agree. Californians are a plague on our country and it’s no wonder Mexicans are fed up with those idiots. I also, however, think we should have those same signs posted here in america. We’re sick of your invasion, changing our culture, expecting us to speak spanish. We have them here by the millions!

      • EXACTLY…..When I call my pharmacy to order a prescription, it gives me the option to hear it in Spanish….SAY WHAT?? Lets make a comparison on the illegals we have coming in here to those going to Mexico from USA…..WAY MORE COMING HERE and costing the US taxpayers MONEY….Americans gong to Mexico pay their own way and bring revenue into Mexico unlike the illegals coming in…

        • I don’t believe in open Boarders like obama, susan rice, valerie jarret who run the country illegally. Tho for Obivious reasons No one likes California people bringing in their culture and politics to their neighborhood.
          Heck we Don’t Want Here in Texas ! Ha Ha

    • Well you said about everything I was thinking…I think it’s just to funny that Californicaters aren’t welcome in Mexico….If they’d take a real good look they might find they aren’t welcome here in the majority of the states either…Silly faggots, Dicks are for Chicks…

    • I have travelled all over the world and many Americans are not welcomed to their country. They are rude, obnoxious and uneducated as far as respect for other countries.



    • Now you Mexican can appreciate the fact that you have been invading our country illegally for the last 40 + years.


      MEXICANS like the Money coming in to their economy and promoting Business. READ THE STORY AGAIN. Its the Culture and Politics
      that these California people bring in. If You like People who talk about Good and Half of them are on Drugs bring them to your town. If You like people who Pride themselves on Equality and have their Cities with Human beings crawling in the streets homeless bring them to Your town. If You like Crazy Gay Rights bring them to You town, High Taxes, If Like to teach Your kids Porn as they do in Calif bringing them to Your town. HA HA. Wellcome those Self Righteous Idiots to Your Town. Those Mexicans are Smarter then You !! Ha Ha.

    • You are right on Raul, shoe is on the other foot now.

  3. How about trading one for one? One Californian for one Mexican!

    It’s a lose lose situation!

    • There is no more friendly, accommodating, outgoing people any where. If you really have pissed these people off, you really have done something wrong!
      Me and my boys went down to Mexico to go surfing almost every day for years. We always showed respect (except for the taxi drivers LOL) and always had a grand time. The locals we met were also surfers and we were invited into their homes many times. We all became like family. First rule…don’t rub your Americanism in their face. Second rule…don’t rub your money in their faces either.
      3rd rule…don’t try to change them. Enjoy the different atmosphere there.

  4. I totally understand how a Mexican might feel about a bunch of Americans causing the cost and character of their neighborhood to change. When people from California sell their crackerbox home and move within the U.S.A. they usually offer above the market on their next home, pushing up prices and property taxes for local people. It’s no wonder that they’re not exactly loved at times.


    • PAT !!


      From a Native American…

      • We don’t want Californians moving to our states. They come here because they don’t like what is happening in California, then they vote Democrats! Democrats are the biggest threat to our nation… Republican and your state will be red, safe, and government has common sense.

  6. Conservative1960

    Gavin Newsome has become a liberal pain in the ass, and if Californians want to mess up their own state by allowing this moron in office, then they get what they deserve! but fleeing over to Mexico and overwhelming their country without giving any thought or consideration that The Mexican people may not take kindly to “Gringoes” coming into their own country and adding to their cultural and economic inferiorities is hardly a good idea, which sends the wrong kind of message-and if that is what Newsome is doing to Americans in California, then get his ass out of there, because turning California into a woke, queer, liberal paradise may seem to some as a great idea, but The Mexicans are clearly not happy about Californians defecting to their country, and Americans-especially the ones in California, need a rude wake up call, especially when they cause folks to try defecting to a country that has enough misery and strife, and, as i said, California got what it deserved for allowing Idiots like Newsome into office

    • First off folks, not all Californians are a bunch of fruits and flakes! And as far as Gavin Gruesome , we hate that bastard far more than y’all can imagine. What was once the Garden State is now sadly the Garbage State. We who are living here by choice or not have and are suffering through all this mess. And please don’t lecture us on getting rid of these pricks. We try every election! But when there is a totally corrupt govt. allowing illegals to vote with the promise of more freebies at our expense, well…we just keep trying. Sorrry, I hate the illegals who have invaded this state and totally changed the whole culture. I used to have a heart, I don’t anymore . And you folks bad mouthing us need to talk to the Californians who are true and loyal Americans and agree that we don’t need the libtards or the illegals anymore than you do. As far as Mexico … they are as corrupt as any country in the world and you deserve what you get!

  7. No one in their right mind would want to go to Mexico anyway, the drug gangs run wild, gun battles in the streets, crime runs rampant you just might end up dead, robbed, and or raped, you never know. I’ve been there 4 times and will never go back! It’s a filthy dirty Country with the Police on the take.

    • BIg D, Welcome to Mexicalifornication! You think that California is better, Chicago, Portland, St. Louis, NYC, Minneapolis ? Give me a break, I have been to some great cities in Mexico, and I would rather go visit Mexico than visit any of these cities with their BLM rioting, burning and murdering! I have been all over the world and this USA is getting a lot worse with their Pedophiles, teachers unions /CRT, rapists, murderers and the Democratic Mayors who have no idea what the hell they are doing.

  8. Hey Mexico, at least they are coming legally. Now you know how so many Americans feel. I sorry if tthis sounds racist but this is what happens when people for a better life but refuse to assimilate. If we say this we are called racist. Welcome to the club.

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