California Vows to Sue Trump if Citizenship Question is on the Census

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra apparently has nothing to do with his time other than look for ways he can launch litigation against the Trump administration. Already up to his eyeballs in lawsuits he’s filing against the president, Becerra announced this week that California would be on the frontlines when it came to fighting a proposal to add a question about citizenship to the upcoming 2020 census.

According to local news reports, Becerra is concerned that such questions will scare illegal immigrants away from the census, which would in turn lead federal officials to underestimate how many California residents there really are. This would, of course, lead to a decrease in the amount of federal funding the state gets from Washington. And let’s face it, they need that funding if they’re going to take care of all of those welfare-leeching illegal immigrants.

It’s quite the vicious circle they’re running out there in Sacramento.

Becerra joined 19 other attorneys general in writing a letter to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross this week in which they complained about the idea of asking Americans whether or not they are actually citizens.

“What the Trump administration is requesting is not just alarming, it is illegal,” they wrote. “The Constitution requires that, every 10 years, we accurately count every person in our country, regardless of citizenship status. This is a sacred responsibility. It determines how many Congressional seats each state receives and how billions of dollars in federal funds are distributed. At the local level, it should also produce an accurate population count that our communities can rely on to identify the need for critical services such as disaster relief, infrastructure, public health, and police and fire protection.”

In his own missive, Becerra threatened to sue if the Trump administration went forward with a citizenship question. “The California Department of Justice is putting President Trump on notice: if a citizenship question is added to the 2020 U.S. Census Bureau questionnaire, we are prepared to take any and all necessary legal action to protect a full and accurate Census,” he wrote. “This is clearly an attempt to bully and discourage our immigrant communities from participating in the 2020 Census count.”

We hope that Trump does add the question and we hope that illegal immigrants DO avoid the census like the plague. What will you do then, California? (And New York, and Chicago, etc.?) Maybe then you’ll see that harboring lawbreakers and refusing to cooperate with federal law has its consequences, i.e., you lose federal money. Cough it up yourself if you’re so hellbent on providing a “sanctuary” for everyone south of the border!

Sorry, but we can’t think of a single reason why a court would strike down a citizenship question as unconstitutional. In fact, we’re a little surprised that it’s not on there already. It’s about time we got an accurate, updated account of how many illegal aliens actually live in this country. It’s about time we learned exactly the magnitude of what it is we’re dealing with. THAT’S what California and these other states want to keep under wraps because they know there will be enormous sticker shock when that typical “11 million” number turns out to be something much, much higher. A sticker shock that may not play too well heading into the next election…


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  1. California, where once vibrant brains go to die!

  2. When are they going to make it illegal for you to report trespassers on your private property??? It’s only a matter of time. They are moving to the left at such breakneck speed heading on a course directly toward China/North Korea!
    Their New Modified Marching Orders: Left Right Left Right Left Right Left Right Left Right…..

    • Us Californians live in a one party state, and that party is the Communist party.
      The people have lost control of the Elites in Charge.
      The school systems are full of Communist sympathizers and controlled by Unions.
      Good people are leaving faster than they can replace them with illegals.

      It really is quite sad.

      • Your state is so beautiful it’s a shame to see what is happening. I am planning a big move and wanted a state with beaches since my state does not have any, but because of the politics in California I will not relocate there. It would have been much more convenient since I live in the west. If California were run by Republicans, it would be flourishing. The very first item I checked out was to move to a totally Republican state. I wish you luck with what you have to deal with.

        • thank you. Unfortunately, it is wise to sit back and watch CA for a while before you invest.. I would say the next 5 years will tell the story if it even stays in the Union….

          Personally, I don’t think any State that refuses to follow the Constitution should be allowed to stay in the Union.

          • Yes I agree. It’s going to be interesting to see how far Jerry is going to push it, and what “he thinks” he can get away with. You are a much stronger person than me. I would NOT ever live in a Democrat state.

          • We moved to Maine two years ago. It was thought of as a ‘Dem’ state but, trust me–the ‘winds of change’ are blowing here!! Even our ‘RINO’ representative, who was thinking of running for governor here–changed her mind.

          • Maybe they’re getting smart

          • The governor, many mayors and this idiot Baccera should be arrested for refusing to up hold their oath of office. California has become a lawless state and its governor behaves as a dictator!

          • That I agree with. We the People, the law abiding citizens of CA, no longer have the right to keep and bear Arms. The Communists in charge have passed laws (that are being challenged) that will allow them to confiscate Arms that are completely legal throughout the rest of the United States.

          • The right to bear arms does not prevent regulation and licensing – Supreme Court decision.

          • When it infringes it is unConstitutional.

          • Liberal Tears Are My VICTORY!

            Block Mrpoohead!

          • WHY YES IT DOES….. What part of shall not be infringed do you need help with? It really is quite simple to understand.

            Amendment II

            A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

          • I suggest you take it up with the Supreme Court then – they are smarter than I.
            Everybody in W Europe has the “right”, but that does not prevent regulation and licensing. Duh!
            A well regulated militia means the Reserves, does not mean they can necessarily take their weapons home. Does not mean they can take home ammunition, may mean they have to store weapon in certain ways. Regulation – duh!

          • BOY are you ever AFU , Reserves has nothing to do with Militia , they are the support for the active Duty people like they have been using since the 90s.

          • Militia, a military force that is raised from the civil population to supplement a regular army in an emergency. Are the reserves still “in” are they civilians?
            I’m not replying to you anymore. You’re too dumb!

          • Did Poohead get pooped on , can’t get anything right can you !!!!

          • I blocked his ignorance long time ago. I won’t waste my time with him/her/IT

          • He’s dumb as a rock, and proud of it.

          • Good idea. You’re embarrassing yourself.

          • Well thank God for small favors!!!!

          • At the time the Constitution was written we had little to no real fighting force and the civilians were armed for self protection as well as they were when England tried again in 1812 to force us back to their collective. It was also realized that with things as they were, should any one attempt to overthrow the government, if the people weren’t armed as the situation was in England per se, they would be able to fight to preserve their nation! You’ll remember in the War of 1812, the British were stopping our commercial vessels and taking the crews and forcing them to fight their own country! We also had Aaron Burr who wanted to take over the nation. As free men and women, we claim the right to protect ourselves with reasonable force! However with school shootings, I’m beginning to believe that perhaps there should be some sort of universal training involved. I look at Israel, and Switzerland. All able bodied persons are requited to spend time in the military and actually, required to keep a weapon so if needed, response could be more immediate! By the way the election of Brown again after the disaster of his first stint, kind of indicates the lack of reason by many of the citizens!

          • You had me right up to the universal training part. That will be used by the Government to infringe upon our rights to keep and bear arms.

            Owning and handling a gun comes with great responsibility. That responsibility resides in the parents hands until the child becomes of age.

            The primary reason for the second amendment is to keep a balance of power between the people, and their government.

            Amendment II
            A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

            In other words, if the people are not able to arm themselves we will no longer have a free state…

            Just look at all the societies that have been disarmed and then occupied by a dictatorship.

          • Woeful! The right to bear arms is merely an extension of the right to defend.
            Arming isn’t freedom.
            What disarmed states? None!
            Fail again!

          • that is so…the 2nd Amendment is misunderstood as much as the 1st Amendment…the 1st does NOT cover: Lies and fantasy reporting by news(sic) agencies, it does not cover civil disobedience, and it actual does not cover those of us NOT in the media…we actually get to speak our piece at our own peril…

          • The FCC has laws that are supposed to prevent “News” organizations from posting false reports.

            Unfortunately the FCC is not working for the American People either.


          • Ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            This site has nothing factually based.

          • and neither is the fb&i, the BLM (not the darkie $lut club, the guvmnt one) the justice department from 2009 to 2016, the EPA, and other assorted organizations that are pretending to be American based News outlets…

          • So true, the Deep state no longer works for the safety of the people. It is corrupt at the top, and the bottom has not yet spoke up.

          • Still no Deep State – just a plutocracy. Not rocket science!

          • Let me add one more thing about the first amendment, (and this ought to stir up some of that stinky brown stuff):
            There is NOTHING in the first amendment about the separation of church and state as has been used by our liberal courts. The ‘separation’ means the state cannot establish a state religion such as England has. Unless one interprets it in broadest of meanings, (which our founding fathers did not mean it to be), religion can not be restricted.
            If anyone does not like what they see in the way of religious trappings, etc., don’t look. You are free to look the other way.

          • Not necessarily!! Ever hear of ‘massive voter fraud’? Yeah, you know, the ‘thing’ they claim doesn’t ‘happen’?? Governor Brown, 2nd term for Obama—evidence that it DOES happen!

          • You got that right, we have not only heard about it, we have proof of it.


          • More drivel from another discredited source!!!!!!!!!

          • Do you have any real facts?

          • Have you ever proven me to lie? NOOOooooooooo!
            Never refuted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Rex we can protect the children in school, but the panty waist clowns in the anti gun movement think that arming our teachers and staff that are willing is tantamount to making schools like fort Knox. I suggested to one individual that look how things are when you go into government buildings in your own city (of any size) they want to scan you and have you run your stuff through the detector…it is horrible that the mental defectives have taken to attacking our children, but disarming America is not the answer…we have seen where the rags have gone when all they can get is a hand gun….they opt for a rental truck and run over folks at an open market….

          • Why is it that the panty waist clowns “have to do something” to stop gun violence, and the only thing that they CAN do is disarm law abiding citizens?

            I will tell you why, the only action that serves their Communist overlords is to disarm the public…

            One man with a gun can control 100 without one.

            If the opposition disarms, well and good. If it refuses to disarm, we shall disarm it ourselves.
            —Joseph Stalin

          • Lenin didn’t say that.
            Who promotes disarming? No one. Regulation and licensing seem to work in civilized countries.

          • and twat lips is suggesting that a huge amount of Europe has the “right”…not sure about his use of “huge” and “right”…

          • Liberal Tears Are My VICTORY!

            Jesus Brother, block that a A-Hole…
            MrPooHead= blocked
            Chucky001= blocked
            And another “other” liberated troll= BLOCKED

          • Militia was every able bodied man in the state. Well regulated meant well drilled.

          • and the USA was really getting “drilled” from January,2009 until January, 2017….oh and those dastardly roooshans that were screwing around with the elections….they have been putzing around in the USA since the late 1920s…finally have indoctrinated so many morons that they got a rag loving communist illegal alien elected in 2008….



          • “RESERVE’S MODERN TERM USED TO REPLACE MILITIAS !” That’s what I said -see you agree with me. I am after all always right!

          • Hey Dummy a 25 % score is a failure in all class rooms across the globe. Further more Your insinuating with that last posting that MILITIA men were PART & PARCEL to & organised army & given government owned arms.
            ( A HUGE F ) FAILURE.

          • Your previous comment proved me correct. Duh!

          • Whoa are you daft! Clearly you suffer from reverse cranium syndrome. As backwards thinking as a calf with two heads one attached to his arse the other flopping around. Your claim was Militia had not owned their personal provided weapons. And could not take them home. Now onto some consitutional facts #1 because a state of federaL law bans militias. And in their place stands the national guard : (States organize national guards )banning said militias ,the ban the law is not necessarily Consitutional. And has yet to be truly tested. Refuted you are Russ- ski

          • Fail! As per usual!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Liberal Tears Are My VICTORY!

            Block the poohead!

          • The screen name “mrpoohead” fits him perfectly. What ever the subject is he has his far left radical no sense comment(s).

          • I see that. Just blocked him!

          • Poophead always says the opposite of what is real , just like AK a ROBOTROLL .

          • The poo is spamming my account with his crap.

          • No spamming – mostly just correcting your drivel.
            You tell lies, I’ll correct.
            You post garbage I’ll laugh at it.
            Retired is too boring – he thinks he’s being smart but he just changes tack, deflects and avoids. ZZzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz!!!

          • Spam, irrelevant or unsolicited messages sent over the Internet, typically to a large number of users, for the purposes of advertising, phishing, spreading malware, etc.
            Excuse me, but mostly I’m just correcting your lies. Nazi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Might have a bit of connection with malware though – honesty. Best policy!

          • Please highlight the “crap”.

          • Just like AK does .

          • he is just spreading his knowledge around, much like the farmers used to do with their manure spreaders…

          • Liberal Tears Are My VICTORY!

            Simply put, if all of us rational thinking patriots block these a-holes, their perception of relevance will cease to exist… Mrpoohead=blocked

          • You’re absolutely right. I already blocked ‘it’ a couple of months ago. If all of you did that you wouldn’t have to waste anymore time bantering with an intellectually unarmed piece of poop.

          • Look at the moron, he has posted three times to my post to you, In one he denies he is spamming. LOL….

            By his own definition, he lies….
            “Spam, irrelevant or unsolicited messages sent over the Internet, typically to a large number…”

            I kind of wear this as a badge of honor… My pet troll.

          • Comprehension, facts, truth – they’re just anathema to you. Funny as!

          • Never refuted! Bullshirt!

          • Troll, a person who makes a deliberately offensive online post.

          • (Troll ) A wart faced evil misfit midget!! I think they’ve nailed your image .

          • Not that one either – I’m pretty!

          • I’m sure bubba thinks you are a doll…

          • Moron, early 20th century (as a medical term denoting an adult with a mental age of about 8–12).
            What on earth does that make you then. Funny as!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • twat, early twenty first century male that should have been ennuchized at birth due to growing a few years older and then commenting on a news site under the alias of mr poohpoohhole..

          • A “twat” refers to the female nether regions or a moron.
            Suspect you are both – definitely the latter.
            Recommend a dictionary for Xmas!

          • I do know what a twat is there twat lips..

          • Wrong: Moron ! Former classification of mental retardation ,having an intelligence quotient of 50 to 69
            Feeble-minded ( 1905-10.
            1. A person who is notably stupid or LACKING in Judgement. Quotes taken directly from Random house dictionary second edition unabridged. Using & age specific OPINION is nolonger applicable. Intelligence & mature OR immature actions or responses are false comparisons.

          • Think you’ll find 1905 is early 20th Century. Moron!!!!!!!!!!!

            Kiss my hiney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • That is why I call them ROBOTROLLS as they are AFU and preprogramed .

          • I don’t get to read poophead anymore. I blocked him/her some months ago. Gee. I hope that I’m not missing anything…

          • Not missing much, the poo still has no honor, will not keep his word, and can not accept when he is dead wrong.

            He has now officially been refuted, by Dinesh D’Sousa, and it is kind of funny watching the fool attempt to insult his way out of it…

            poo has been refuted. For those interested in seeing the post, click below,
            Upvote if you agree that Dinsesh refuted the poo.


          • Yes, I’ve been refuted by an English major over politics and history – my only references are written by doctors in those subjects in their hundreds to one English major.
            I’m honourable MAHB001 is one of Mueller’s “unwitting individual’s” and a Nazi apologist.
            Facts rock!!!!!!!!!!!

          • No up votes after two days.
            Reality is you’re a Nazi!

          • It could very well be the same person. Same ‘style’, same sentiments, same inaccuracies=same ‘person’!!

          • Liberal Tears Are My VICTORY!

            Exactly…I blocked that frigen idiot troll AK…robot !



          • he needs help with all of poohpoohhole is a candy panty coward along with many thousands of others that see or hear “gun” and their bowels turn to water and the panties become soaking wet….well unless they are still in diapers…then the diaper becomes wet and full…

          • He is an insignificant troll, no more significant than a gnat.

          • Who’s never been refuted!

          • Gnats are annoying. Do I make you itch, surely it’s all those lies you tell that make you itch?
            You’ll never get to heaven. Liar, liar pants on fire!
            Still, never refuted!!!!!!


          • No, the Russians were supporting Trump, not Chinese either they supported Clinton but too lazy to do anything. I’m Glaswegian you ugly git, we stuff them all!

          • Bzzzzzzzzz, bzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
            Never refuted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • yes and he called his leg humping honey, American johnny on the spot, so that they could double team me with teenage name calling…now I feel so bad…depressed beyond description…why some ho clintoney supporters that may have voted for kenyan boyo….twice…are all up in the air with so much anger at me….I may have to simply not call them “twat lips” anymore….well maybe just a few more times…ha fact I may send them some professional dry cleaner’s coupons so that they can save money the next time that their Giant Vagina Costume needs cleaning…

          • Once is funny, twice is kind of sad!

          • Outdated like you Poophead !!!

          • Read Heller vs DC. there are limits to regulation.

          • not true–read the US Constutition and the Bill of Rights–you can not change any part of the BILL OF RIGHTS–the media makes us live up to the first admendment–so should we make the country live up to the 2nd–the first 10 amandments can not be changed nor added to by any means or the US Constution is gone and the country. Time the children and the adulkts know who and what this country is–and it is not a commie nor dictairor–.

          • Supreme Court ruling, suggest you take it up with them. Duh!

          • That’s funny. YOU’RE the one that doesn’t know how the Supreme Court ruled.

          • They decided that the 2nd Amendment does not preclude regulation or licensing by the country or the states.

          • Liberal Tears Are My VICTORY!

            Block poohead!

          • But the right to “not be infringed” does!

          • Then take your argument to the Supreme Court they have ruled regulation and licensing does not, just like in all other countries. Duh!
            Doctor of what – comic reading?

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          • flagged you twice scum puppet

          • Still waiting for you refute one thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Mr Crap head is a troll, along the lines of aklady. Dummer than dirt and stuck on asking or questioning others just as in grade school, but Sheldon he is not. He even goes so far as up voting himself. What an ass. Arm up and MAGA

          • Never refuted – kind of makes me reasonably eloquent, they’re not my facts just “the” facts.
            AK is a girl, I am not.
            Seems you can’t get anything right!
            My eidetic is related to history and politics, Sheldon’s is science based. Similar but different – means I have more of a conversation.

          • Aren’t those the same ‘hypocrites’ that were calling Pres Trump a ‘dictator’??? LOL!!

          • The next 5 years will tell the story if there will even be a USA as constituted.

          • You got a point! I fear the voting system is already corrupt. If it were not for Project Veritas and their sting videos that both, exposed the DNC rigging apparatus and momentarily stopped it, Trump would not be in office.

            Note that neither the Republicans NOR the Democrats challenged the Judge Moore election results even though there was plenty of evidence of fraud.

            If I am correct and the Elites are counting the votes, the USA is already gone.


          • The voting system is fine, the corruption is in that politicians are owned by big business not the people.

          • to some extent there mr poohpoohhole…those morons in the democrapo party rack up a serious net worth gain after getting contracts let to those that bribe them and morons in the editing business produce books for criminal hores like the clintoney crime family and of course we can not overlook those outrageous speaking engagements like those that billy “the rapist traitor” clintoney got from not only the chinkees, but the rooooshans as well…surprised that the hore clintoney did not buzz over to Moscow for some Vodka and other things…yes and there are the rino GOP that have proven to be liars…run on the GOP ballot, then vote with the congressional darkie carcass scum. Wonder what that idiot, maxi headwaters, net worth is after nearly 30 years of representing some of crapafornia’s intellectually challenged twats..or how about nanc pe$lutsi..that airhead for san fransicko, or the othr former $luts whose husbands got huge government contracts while the $luts were supposedly representing the great citizens of crapafornia…

          • Both parties are owned – it is a plutocracy. Duh!
            No party has the moral high ground. Duh!
            Uranium One however was nothing to do with the Clinton’s. CFIUS approved it, that’s why there’s no investigation, there’s nothing to investigate. Duh!
            Were you born dumb or got dropped on your head?

          • cfius ??? is that another disorganized organization like the fb&i that was unable to get the clues out of the clue closet on a 19 year old mentally disturbed child that they had been told about ?? the records of your hore hero’s actions are available twat lips…unfortunately twat lips cummy and his buddy twat lips meuller and the other scummy senior bureaucrats in the fb&I were too busy coordinating with cnn and the dnc to make a fantasy about Trump look real enough for the morons in the fake media..your other hero twat lips kenyan boyo is on the griddle as well…there are other agencies in the Federal government in addition the the meuller – cummy phony investigation organization….and guess what there mrpoohpoohhole twat lips ?? one of those groups can actually take legal action….only time will tell…

            Another dummy who doesn’t know how things work. Uranium One – nothing to do with Clinton or Obama. Suck it up!
            Trump brought the investigation on himself – idiotic!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Stop: Cease & Desist from acting the ASS clown : FACT #1. As secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton approved of the sale of 20% of US uranium. To the Russ-Skis Ur people. FACT #2 The entire sale was organized by Bill & Hillary & ASSOCIATES. Hence $700,000.00 speaking fees paid by Russ-skis 2 Bill Clinton Just 2 weeks prior 2 finalizing said sale. Fact# 3 . Obama himself had final approval . FACT #4 shortly after said sale Russian interest, approved by Putin gave over $150,000 000.00 Dollars 2 Clinton foundation.
            The above are all facts which can neither be disputed or refuted.

          • Thank you for highlighting your ignorance of how the country works.
            CFIUS, approved the deal. Nothing to do with Clinton, Obama or Putin.
            Refute that with reputable reference and I’ll pay $10,000 to a charity of your choice. Moron!

          • ( Read Bye Partisan Senate Report PRECEEDINGs on sale of US Uranium sale Dufus.

          • Send me a link from a none conspiracy theory site. Good luck!

          • Conspiracy theory site you say ??? Hmm : I would have never ever concluded a By partisain
            Democrat – Republicain endorsed Judiciary Committee report 2 have been contrived or conspired !!! . Hmmm: It seems qiite clear to all honest persons here you won’t ever except actual facts. So then what does your action inferred Implied or suggested statement say about You my friend ???. Answer Your little more then a RUSS-SKI INTERLOPER , ANTAGONIST ,

          • The only place you can find a report on the supposed “Committee” is on conspiracy theory sites. When it gets reported in real newspapers let me know!

          • the information that the justice department has says that it had everything to do with the hore clintoney and the phony foundation that she and her former leg humper and their little hore vacuum money out of…now that the darkie hore that kenyan boyo put in there is history the truth will finally come out there drpoohpoohhole…

          • But, bizarrely you can find no proof to substantiate this. Funny as!

          • You are correct. What has been proven so far with more to come our electoral process has already been compromised. Compromised not by Russia, but by high ranking officials within the USA. Our foot is on a banana peel from the USA becoming a Banana Republic.

          • Well California would be better off financially.

          • Hopefully that happens along the San Andreas…..I’d be 30 mins from the beach.

          • Better take Oregon and Washington to MAHB001. Of course it’s mostly only their costal people who want to be liberals. The others are sensible.

          • Without CA 50 electoral votes, the United States would be all Republican…

          • See, never a truth do you emit.

          • That’s reassuring to hear!! Thank you!!

          • both coasts…

          • OBAMA Is Head of Snake Leading A FAILED Globalist Gov COUP Against America

          • So very true… Do not turn your head on 0zero. Even the head severed from the body is dangerous.

          • Why? What can he do? You Nazis are more trouble than he is/was!

          • that is why everything should be roasted together…

          • Maybe we’ll get lucky & californication will fall into the Pacific Ocean AND take that bunch of free loaders with it ~~~~we can dream can’t we?

          • Except I live in CA… I am going down with the ship…

          • move east young man move east…

          • Can’t, Family, Friends, We plan on creating an underground railway. I will be the last dissident to leave….

          • Liberal Tears Are My VICTORY!

            I feel your pain, born and raised in Commiefornia…kids, grandkids, how can I leave… at least in my county the Sheriff issues CCW… I also added Arizona and Utah as non resident… carry everyday everywhere.

          • “Live”, really. Surely you just exist with your lies and bigotry? Nazi!

          • Sorry to hear that….sell and get the hell out…remember when your governor dated Linda Rondstadt the singer…no wonder he’s a flaky asshole !!!!!!

        • I used to love to travel to the Granola State. (Fruits and nuts surrounded by flakes!) Now I won’t set foot there. Sadly, what we see in CA is the future of all America when the radical left succeeds in establishing permanent control of the nation as they have in CA.

          • Do you ever wonder who will pay the bills when California turns totally Communist? There won’t be any one working–only welfare recipients. Hopefully, we will by that time let them secede from the Union. When that happens, we will need to move all Federal monies out of CA, including moving all Armed Forces bases to other areas. Of course, that means that the United States will no longer receive any revenue from that state. I suggest we need to weigh what it would cost us in loss of revenue compared to what the Federal government receives from that state. Just wonderin’.

          • Both Russia and Red China have already encountered and solved this problem. The cure was to allow certain capitalist ventures with strong leashes of course firmly in place. The Communist governments then settle in to suck the life’s blood out of these ventures.
            This is the greater manifestation of the failure of socialism and its eventual destination – communism and then the future globalist empire as once envisioned by Plato and now playing out nationally and internationally in incremental steps.
            Kinda like a parasitical bloodsucking leech keeping captive its host for casual dining at will. Nothing new. Parasites have been doing this since the beginning of time.

          • a wonderful description of communism and the morons like the bern wants socialism as though it is something far removed…socialism is communism in drag…we already have experienced and embraced it to a great degree and other manipulations by government agencies have in essence given us at least 30% socialism…the idiots want 100% government involvement in all business…

          • You need to research that statement! And Please don’t attempt to say but we are 1/5 of the U.S. Economy, without mentioning the fact that California is the most bankrupt State in the Union and if it was not for Federal Assistance your Damn and Levees would be in the Pacific Ocean. oh, and by the way how about the fires and mud slides, who do you think paid for them, certainly not California, it is too broke to even afford to clean the human feces and urine from the parks and city streets. The State resembles a 3rd world Country. Do the rest of the U.S.A. a favor please oh please secede.

          • Just re-read your entire statement, sorry, but it pisses me off big time when I hear following two put together, money and how much California provides to the well being of the US. So I jumped the gun and lashed out at your post before I realized we basically said the same damn thing.

          • You forget silicone valley? They’re as blue as you can be as well as south, but there are a whole lot of people who live there who would like to see a change. It’ a possibility that the electronics people will be forced to leave China soon. China will continue to manufacture because their people have learned from us. They will most likely go on producing and the electronics companies will have lost all patents and licensees. They likely won’t export to the USA, but there are a whole lot of other people in this world!

          • unfortunately Silicone Valley may be going the way of the gold mines…just the cost of housing alone shows what kind of insanity has gripped the area…my guess is that many companies will be researching a move to a near climate equal with out the astronomical costs of living….wow the housing busts the last two times around will pale in comparison to what will happen when folks rush to put their houses on the market to follow a job/career…

          • For what California is ‘costing’ us to support their ‘illegals’, what makes you believe we’re receiving enough revenue to ‘balance’ that out?? If California has been generating enough ‘internal’ revenue to support all ‘illegals’, why do they need to jack up their taxes so much?? They are crushing their ‘working’ forces–idiots!! We simply can’t afford to keep supporting their stupidity!!

          • It’s too bad that someone can’t break the hold that the Democrats have.

          • After watching them this past year, it might be safe to say they’re doing that to themselves. They’ve lost all credibility with most of us!! The ‘so-called’ polls, that I don’t trust at all, are even showing a ‘disturbing’ trend away from the Dems! Hmm!! ‘Telling’ us something??

          • That’s great news!

        • Correction, their State was beautiful in the 70’s but beginning in the early 80’s it began to change for the worse. Now, cities like San Francisco and Los Angels have become open cesspools and safe havens for gangs!!

          • And the politicians do not want to do anything about it…..they see nothing wrong

          • No, you are right they will do nothing because between the Liberal Left Democrats and the College Professors (more Liberals with an axe to grind) namely brain washing their students to their way of thinking where they become like zombies incapable of thinking for them selves, they control the law makers. The Law makers live in a well guarded community of personal guards and re-enforced by the police and could care less until their gravy train is in danger of derailment!! The best option for what few conservatives and true Independents who believe in the actual rule of law is to leave the State and don’t look back!!

          • Yes I agree and don’t give them ANY FEDERAL MONEY as long as this continues.Just imagine what it would be like if Republicans were in power…..totally different.

          • Better still let them have the money on a loan basis. Parts of the state to stand for the money! The government picks the part, and when they can’t repay, put it on as a territory where the US government picks the political appointments. It won’t be too long before the government will have control over enough of the state to enable it to control the rest. This would also affect the voting in the seized areas.

          • They do represent a good deal of our manufacturing (especially electronics) but these can and will eventually moved to more productive states, and within a few short months electronics will have moved to other more favorable states. I have family living there, and they are as distressed as we are! One Is a teacher with a short time left before she can retire. I tell her that it’s likely that they will bankrupt and she’ll never collect it, but she has a short time to go.

          • According to the latest available info the state represents 1/5 of total US economy, however. due to mismanagement by Liberal Democrats who basically control everything in California, it is the most dependent state for Federal Assistance due to their policies that allow free education for illegals all the way up to and including college. Housing restrictions are so sever it takes years and years to gain the ok on building new homes. In the mean time the homeless living in the streets, parks and underpasses on grows.
            If the above problems were not enough, the illegals are treated better than legal citizens in all respects. I wish you and your family good luck in attempting to stay until you feel it is time to go. Believe me you will need it

          • hope she does not suffer the “politician’s revenge”…unfortunately we have endured one very big mistake over the last 30+ years…the unionization of government….that alone creates a huge unfunded debt that will befall younger taxpayers…

          • mo people mo money…

          • Obviously that’s ALL they care about

        • Smart decision. I’m one of those heart broken Californians who are stuck here for various reasons, one being I’m a senior and my healthcare is tied to my pension and won’t be covered if I leave the state. ):

          • It may be a smart decision but I don’t know which of about 3 states I should go to.

          • Got a brother there who’s on a state pension. He’s back in California now, but he lived in New Mexico for a time and collected his pension there.

        • Well, Lexus, I’m wishing you ‘luck’, as well. If you’re looking to move to a Republican state on the West Coast–let us know if you find one!! I understand that would leave out Washington and, possibly, Oregon as well.

      • Part of the problem I have seen with Californians leaving California is that they take the California mindset with them. Instead of enjoying greater freedoms they receive from moving to a more friendly state. They soon want their “new” home to become more like California. If they are going to do that, just stay put.

        • I have heard this before, but doubt it is true. I think that the Left created this myth and uses it to insert uncertainty into the election results….. When they fix a close election, it can be explained away as those dirty Californians did it…

          The Left does that here in CA right now. Several years ago, another tax was “miraculously” passed. I asked everybody I knew if they voted for the tax, nobody did, even my democrat friends. At the time the “News” was reporting that a lot of people up North voted for it and that is why it passed.
          I happened to travel up north to the heart of San Francisco, I asked numerous acquaintances up there and nobody up North that I talked to voted for the Tax…. As I was driving to the Airport, low and behold the radio “News” blurted out that the people down South were responsible for passing the tax….. Nobody, up North, or down South, questioned the results…. We are paying the tax today.

          My belief is that the Left controls who counts the votes in CA. All they have to do is get the people to believe that the results are possible and they swallow the bitter apple without questioning it.

          “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
          —-Joseph Stalin

          We no longer know who is counting the votes…. But I do, the Elites are.

          After viewing the Project Veritas videos, I am convinced that this type of voter rigging is throughout the United States…. We just don’t want to believe that it is happening here…..

      • Please seek counselling.

      • I hear ya brother. We are natives to the state since 1889 when my great grandfather moved here as a blacksmith. Wish I could get out of the state but I have two boys with their families living here and the boss said we have to stay. We at least moved to a conservative county (Kern) but still have to put up with th the rest of the state. I’m also a Marine 1973-83 and if the $hit were to hit the fan I want to be around to help them. I remember the good old days growing up in SoCal and the small area we grew up in….that place now is a cesspool, I have a hard time even driving through the old area…makes me sad. At least the kids aren’t around there but the area they grew up in is slowly turning liberal because it grew to big.

        Man can liberals turn a great place into a “$hithole”

        • Do you still have any of the gold your great grandfather had? That would be so way cool…. What a awesome family history you have.

          I too have family here, and will not leave. So it is you and me bro, we are going to have to maintain an patriot underground railroad to smuggle good Americans over the border after secession. 🙂

          I am from Trona….

          • lol…..secession. You will read about me if they do it.

            I used to ride out near Trona….Pinnacles to the south and Ridgecrest to the west, camped at wagon wheel off Trona Rd … Old desert rider.
            We are outside of Tehachapi in Bear Valley Springs

          • I’ve been there, lived there, ridden there. I actually rode my bike to those places off my back porch. All in the dirt, because I didn’t have a street license.

          • Should’ve stayed!

          • Go back, go out in tot he dessert – don’t come back!

      • You are so right. You only read about a few of the extremely liberal stupid laws passed in this state. Yea, I live here.. This is a beautiful state run by the left of the left loons.

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  3. He is concerned that Illegals will be scared away from the Census….

    That should be no problem for him, they just make up what they want the Census to say anyway.

    The procedure is no different than the election results…

  4. California needs to be aware that the citizens of the United States of America will bring charges for meddling in the affairs of immigration law and vital statistics against the renegade state of California, its governor Jerry Brown, and its attorney general Xavier Becerra if the question about citizenship is excluded, and since it is a question about citizenship every citizen of the United States of America has standing.

  5. Screw you California, Sooner or later it will get to the Supreme Court there they will throw you out, assuming we don’t force California out of the USA, first

  6. Federal TRUMPS state, so STFU and DEAL WITH IT!!

  7. when the DONALD builds the wall is should not go to San Diego…it should turn north at Yuma and then back west across crapafornia just north of sac of cremento…

  8. Cut out the clatter Just dry up ther coins! coin purses!

  9. Trump does not know what to do with these statistics. He’ll go to his bedroom, snort his cocaine and tweet crazy shit about them like he does everything else.

  10. Why is asking anyone if they are citizens unconstitutional?
    Why should taxpayers be required to pay to the federal government to allocate funds for illegal immigrants?
    States that knowingly allow and protect illegal immigrants from federal agents should be willing to bear the cost involved. They are more than willing to pay for legal costs!

    • Better yet, the governors of crapofornia, Oregon and Washington should be arrested. The majority of the county’s in these states are not being represented and are controlled by Marxist/ communist/ socialist. Rural counties across America are being controlled by our welfare mentality city’s full of the lazy and illegals! DRAIN THE SWAMP OF THESE CRIMINALS!

      • Send me your address and I will happily tie, package up, and mail you mine in Washington State. I assume you have suitable disposable facilities?

  11. Another Democrat Obstructionist that is making their own laws to go by like their Dick Head Governor.


  13. Every real American needs to take a long, hard look at what California has become under permanent Demorat rule! What you will see is the future of ALL of America when the Demorats realize their long term goal of permanent rule of the entire nation! That goal is within reach, would likely have been realized with the “in the bag” election of Hillary. Which is why the Demorat/Leftist hate Trump so much. His unplanned for election snatched that goal, temporarily, right out of their hands. They are livid!

    • “the Democrats realize … ” – ? Do you recognize what you are asking in light of past Dem failures – bizarre and incomprehensible, to even perform simple 1st grade math?

  14. What a state suing the federal government because it does not want to follow the law. And this is allowed WHY!!!! The laws are for Everyone even the far left libs.

  15. Citizen/non-citizen has been on many past census questionaires.
    They usually also asked where you were born and where your mother and father were born.
    That law suit would be a waste of time and money.

  16. Someone remind Xavier no one cares what he thinks…

  17. I have fantasies of strategic arrests of “certain” politicians guilty of variously and already identified crimes (i.e. – sanctuary cities) and acts of treason should being started in California. Bring in the national guard and make sweeping “gatherings” of suspected illegals for questioning. I’m going to develop this fantasy broadly.
    What have we got to lose at this point? The tactics of the left throughout their entire spectrums of existence, influence, and activities make it obvious that an exponential increase of “anything goes” and the end justifies absolutely any means at all, make it plain that things are threatening to get out of hand – anyway.
    There are rumblings of impeaching Trump. The left doesn’t give a rip how it’s done or by whatever pathetic charges they can bring against him. If the Dems regain the house in this year’s elections, they can orchestrate anything their evil little hearts desire. They have manifested an utter contempt for law Constitutional or otherwise, total lack of any value of human life, and tactically indulge in outright to the extent of the bizarre – lies, corruptions, manipulations, treason, rigging of elections in countless ways, violent street activities, and laughable passes on investigations of Dem politicians, state department officials top to bottom, and civil servant officials also top to bottom. Text messages and emails are arrogantly erased at will by the tens of thousands, cell phones and computers hammered, and mountains of Judicial Watch evidence all over the map sit and gather dust.

    If tactical risks are not taken at some point, there may be revolution whether we want it or not.


  19. one Olympic pair skater, in order to become a German citizen, had to pass a language test. not unusual.

  20. Hey! We the people should sue the State of California for…oh wait, according to the courts, We the People have no standing.

  21. Aren’t these turkeys close to state bankruptcy? What then?

  22. the U.S. Constitution requires an “actual enumeration” for apportionment
    of House seats. This has a direct effect on the Citizens of the United States, Non-Citizens are NOT permitted to vote and therefore should not be included in the census at all. The number of Illegal Aliens living in CA would more than likely double their number of House seats, which I’m sure would please the Democrats.

    An actual and accurate Population Count is necessary for the government to be able to plan for roads, schools and other facilities. By knowing exactly how many Illegal Aliens are in this country would allow the government to be able to schedule enough buses to transport them all back to Mexico.

  23. They already know there are hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens in the state of CA. That’s why this Becerra pig and the rest of the left wing extremists are so defensive about the census.

  24. Sue and be dammed. The Constitution is referring to US Citizens. Laws restrict Non-citizens from voting in National Elections so just like all the other BS lawsuits it will be overturned. But here is a thought for Becerra. The U S. just refused to pass all four bills, that would have given safe haven or citizenship pathway, but Democrats effectively stop all 4. March 5th, approaches and if the Democrats continue, it will be time for deportation and Becerra will have to find some other reason to sue!!

  25. Good luck with that. The enumeration started in 1790 and is constitutionally “mandated.” Ought to be interesting to read the argument from the Californians.

  26. Democrats DO NOTHING for the American Citizens!!!! They are a disgusting race. They are NOT Americans.

  27. Fine. Then simply kick them out of the union. Let these liberal a**holes shift for themselves.

  28. The politicians in California obviously believe that they’re in control of the entire country and not the Federal Givernment. Governor Brown and the other liberal/progressive uber-left politicians in California obviously believe they’re above the law of the United States of America. Why haven’t they suceded from the Union I say repeatedly threaten to do. That will, of course, work out for all Americans in which the people of California will be happy and the American taxpayers will be happy because California will no longer get any of our money. California must have a lot of State taxpayer’s money to be filing all of these lawsuits, thereby spending California taxpayer’s money, against our Federal Government. There was a recent report about how big of an increase there is of so many people moving out of California and going to more tax friendly States to the American people. No one can blame them at all

  29. So what Mr. Foolish Becerra, we are living in a free country, not in to a communist one as yours ! If you don’t like it, F…k you, you repatriate rapidly back into your native South America country ! And do it quickly, Mr. Traitor Beccera !

  30. Hey Attorney DA you don’t deserve Government funding!!!! Remember you want to take California out of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMA

  31. Not only should the citizenship question be put on the census but a penalty for lying should be IMMEDIATE deportation.

  32. When are charges going to be made against Becerra and his like for breaking the law and wasting American taxpayer money. I want to know who is illegal. I want to know how many illegal votes are cast in California every election. I want civil servants breaking the law held accountable.

  33. The Federal Government can stop giving funds to CA now as they do not obey federal laws. The only efficient way I see to correct all these issues is for President Trump to declare Martial Law by state. CA has to be first than NY, IL etc. Arrest all the politicians, Judges, Police etc no obeying the “Rule of Law or their Oath of office. Round up all criminals and illegals and deport. Better than having a second revolution isn’t it.

  34. California is nothing more than a third world country any more. There are illegals all over the streets, some sleeping behind fences and in schools, others are in libraries hiding out. But that is livable. The most pathetic thing is the totally CLUELESS LIBERAL DEMOCRAT GOVT THAT HAS LITERALLY DESTROYED MY NATIVE STATE THAT I HAVE WATCHED SLOWLY GO UP IN FLAMES — FLAMING GAYS, TRANSGENDER IDIOTS, AND ILLEGALS CIRCLING THIS STATE LIKE FLIES ON CRAP! If any of those government officials stood before me and tried to tell me they had made California a better place to live, I would spit in their faces, then punch them in the nose and while they were falling down, I’d give them a good swift kick in the arse, out the door and down the street.

    Do you think I’m mad? Hell yes! This state was such a nice place until Swartzenneger took over and destroyed it from the inside out. He was the beginning of the end of California and the rest of the liberal lunatics are just pushing, stomping and throwing the legal California residents under their delusional bus of emotional need. If they had actually done something good for California I could accept some of this, but they have only torn and shredded her to the point that Northern/Central/Southern California wants to secede and leave that den of inequity called San Francisco, the birthplace of the wicked witch of the Left Pelosi, to be the only remaining Democrat area in the state. Actually, I am all for that. But they need to include Hollyweird in that destructive liberal group too.

    Don’t know about you, but unless the legislature in California straightens up and sees what it is doing to Cali’s residents, there might be a nice Revolution right here in this pathetic state. I won’t be participating because we are selling our property and leaving this pathetic state to the illegals, the muslims, the transgender he/shes and the Gays. If enough working families leave this state, there won’t be enough money the govt can steal to support their subculture of weirdos. The govt will have to fork over their own monies. They created it, they can live in it!

    Believe me, there are so many other states that are cheaper to live in, nicer surroundings, less illegal issues and those other two subcultures don’t really exist there. You can live a nice, peaceful life enjoying the monies you make — not handing them over to the govt to give to the illegals. And then there is that matter about a HUGE TSUNAMI that is due to hit the West Coast any time. All the more reason to leave that state to better INLAND areas and let California learn how to surf off the backs of illegals!

  35. I have a better idea. Let’s arrest the attorney general for aiding illegal entry into the US. As for the AG arguments i believe that it is intended for citizens of the US to receive benefits, not citizens of another country. The constitution preamble says “We the people of the United States…….promote the general welfare.” My take on this is that the people of the united states refers to citizens. Further “promote the general welfare” does not mean it is required to fund welfare items or control them. congress has an option of funding the states for general welfare but it is not mandatory to do so, one of the reasons is the 10th amendment where the state has a right to control things not a federal mandate of the constitution.

  36. Really illegal census? funny they haven’t objected to all the past census since first started in 1790, but now they object ? doubt if that’s gonna fly.

  37. Probably closer to 30 million. They are costing the rest of the country that is not harboring criminal illegals a lot of money. Freehold schools in Freehold, N.J. probably can attribute 1/3 of their students to be illegal aliens. This is costing the taxpayers a fortune in dollars and reduced services to the children of legal immigrants and citizens.

  38. Can we also vote California out of the USA because it is a rogue state led by rogue leaders who are also just as stupid as one can get?

    • I am from California and every election AMERICANS get voted down. Judicial Watch, using the U.S. Census Bureau and the federal Election Assistance Commission data, found that there was 3,551,760 MORE registered voters in 462 counties in 38 states than adult U.S. Citizens residing in those counties. 11 of those counties are in California. Wish there was a reason to investigate the California State Legislature to see how much influence Mexico has over them. Governor Moonbeam is more Communist than Socialist in my opinion even though there is really that much difference in the two.


  40. Am on and every census of record available asks if you are a citizen by birth or naturalized. Also asks how long here. So how is this a new added question?

  41. I’m still waiting to see people illegally in this country described as ILLEGAL ALIENS”NOT” ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.
    Describing as an immigrant provides a degree of legality which in fact these folks are not. Do I empathize with the so-called dreamers, YES! Obama issued an illegal executive order, Trump has over-ruled/canceled whatever term you wish to use, and is trying to get CONGRESS to do their damn jobs. Congress controls immigration not the President per say. LaRaza and some of the similar organizations can kiss my American a–, you don’t want to abide by US laws, pack your shit and go elsewhere.

  42. If the California vote count cannot be identified re. whether only legal voters voted, the count can (?)/ should be thrown out.

  43. Problem is how are you going to know if they lie on the census form? Voter fraud happens so why not on the census. Deport All Illegals and make them go thru the proper channels to become citizens like those already waiting with their paperwork already done!!!!

  44. Becerra is apparently poorly versed in US law. He likely is a second generation person who still believes that California really should belong to Mexico, however he would like to have it without the American governments say so. Frankly, all Californians don’t feel that way and don’t look at Mexico as a pattern for a good nation!

  45. Who cares if they sue? The government has asked the same types of questions forever, that’s the purpise of a census, to get information, of course the left doesn’t understand. How stupid van the get, it’s a census idiots, purpose is to gather info, duh…..
    don’t answer if you don’t like it! Oh that’s a problem for them isn’t it, so sorry……..ha ha!

  46. Time for Texas to GTFO of COMMIE amerika, I think it’s time We The People know who is a citizen and who isn’t. Also I’m sure that there are quite a few other States that would follow and join us and if we had to go to WAR to break away it would be worth it.

  47. It is time to just KICK California out of our Country. They do not like or abide by our laws and steal our tax dollars to fund ILLEGALS.

  48. Actually, we can speed the process up by simply ‘defunding’ these states that declare themselves ‘sovereign’/sanctuary’ states!! California has done that and no longer should qualify for Federal Funding. Every time they are threatened with such action, they are defiant and declare they don’t ‘need’ those funds!! Well, if the funds are ‘un-needed’ why are they being given to them? Now they’re worried about a ‘reduction’ of funding based on number of ‘declared citizens’–oh, sorry, population!! As ALWAYS, proving themselves to be hypocrites–through and through.

  49. Greeting all, Donald Trump wants your funds to build the wall.
    funds that’s yours. if he wants to build that wall let him use his own money not yours.
    to prove his point.

  50. Time we put these commie idiots who think this is another country instead of the USA–either they start living up to the federal laws–of the federals stiop supporting all California expenses and actions–and tell them either live up to US laws and rules –or go to another country, The people in California ruling party in office –start appling US laws or step down or be charges with some very serious crimes–like treason and a few othersaws -YOUR OATH OF OFFICE SAYS SO…..Maybe a charge of a very serious crime will get you to understand the law

  51. You know you could be kicked out of office – for not living up to ypour oath of office

  52. Like a state full of spoiled children in bad need of a good spanking.

  53. Hey California get rid of all those left wing liberals and you will once again have a beautiful state, right now it just looks ugly.

  54. non citizens are not included in the census count….

  55. If you stumble upon an intruder in you home I am guessing that it is illegal in California to ask them where they came from?

  56. Bye California…..I wonder what the average citizen in California thinks??

  57. What doesn’t bacerra understand about the word ‘ILLEGAL?’ How did he get his law degree and pass the bar?

    M A G A !!!

  58. CA is corrupt as Hell! As a former resident of that state, I wised up and moved back to TEXAS. I do NOT miss the high taxes, high cost of living, water shortages, droughts, wild fires, earthquakes, left-wing politics, etc. Furthermore, I do business in AZ and NV, but I boycott COMMIEfornia!

  59. If Kalifornicate refuses to allow a census of actual American Citizens in their state, they should have all Congressional representation cut off and all federal funds stopped. Those are only for real citizens of this country, just as the Constitution only applies to real American Citizens. Kalifornicate won’t permit proof that there are any American Citizens within the state’s borders, so there must not be any there.

  60. “Sue” THIS! LOL!! MAGA!! TRUMP 2020!!

  61. When will the US DOJ Indict California lunatic LEFT political hacks. For what one might ask ? Easy question To Answer! For indanger the lives & wellfare of honest LAW abiding American citizens, As well second charge treason.

  62. OBAMA Is Head of Snake Leading A FAILED Globalist Gov COUP Against America!

  63. California your behind the eight ball, ICE is in your backyard! I can’t stop laughing

  64. It used to be a census question as well as to where your mother and father were born

  65. There’s an old adage that goes something like this:

    “For every action there is a reaction, and for every reaction there is a consequence”!!

    Sage advice I learned well…and the same sage advice was handed down to my child as well. Life has been grand for both of us.

    Point being, California has yet to understand the dire consequences of their actions as they have put their citizens in harms way, due to their wanton negligence in thumbing their nose at the law of the land.

    Politicians in that state need to be treated as the law breaking, oath breaking criminals that they are, and they all need to be arrested and held up on charges of insurrection and treason.

  66. I would LOVE to see ColyFONya sue the Federal Government to protect their sedition. That would be studied in law school for decades.

    “Fathom the hypocrisy of a government that requires every citizen to prove they are insured… but not everyone must prove they are a citizen.” – Ben Stein

  67. Hey, ANYTHING to cut down on OUR tax dollars going to California, so they can use OUR money to SUPPORT ILLEGAL ALIENS! Put citizenship question on the Census Forms, POST HASTE!

  68. CA Leftists can create a new place for themselves: Hellifornia and they can STAY there.

  69. California – Please secede – you are no longer part of America.

  70. California, please expedite the division of your state.
    Welcome to the union, New California!

    The rest of the country will be happy to include your new border with the area to be walled.

  71. Let them sue. We want to know how many criminals there are in this country and how many voters who shoud be illegal.

  72. Carol Juliano Popp

    What the libtards want is to allow ILLEGAL aliens to vote. That is against our laws and proving WHO YOU ARE when you vote is a MUST to prevent at least some of the Democrat sanctioned voter fraud. This is dishonest.

  73. Sue and be damned!


  75. The federal government (or no one else) cares what the illegal population of California is. They are a Sanctuary State and can go their own way… as long as they stay within their borders.


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