California Vows to Sue Trump if Citizenship Question is on the Census

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra apparently has nothing to do with his time other than look for ways he can launch litigation against the Trump administration. Already up to his eyeballs in lawsuits he’s filing against the president, Becerra announced this week that California would be on the frontlines when it came to fighting a proposal to add a question about citizenship to the upcoming 2020 census.

According to local news reports, Becerra is concerned that such questions will scare illegal immigrants away from the census, which would in turn lead federal officials to underestimate how many California residents there really are. This would, of course, lead to a decrease in the amount of federal funding the state gets from Washington. And let’s face it, they need that funding if they’re going to take care of all of those welfare-leeching illegal immigrants.

It’s quite the vicious circle they’re running out there in Sacramento.

Becerra joined 19 other attorneys general in writing a letter to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross this week in which they complained about the idea of asking Americans whether or not they are actually citizens.

“What the Trump administration is requesting is not just alarming, it is illegal,” they wrote. “The Constitution requires that, every 10 years, we accurately count every person in our country, regardless of citizenship status. This is a sacred responsibility. It determines how many Congressional seats each state receives and how billions of dollars in federal funds are distributed. At the local level, it should also produce an accurate population count that our communities can rely on to identify the need for critical services such as disaster relief, infrastructure, public health, and police and fire protection.”

In his own missive, Becerra threatened to sue if the Trump administration went forward with a citizenship question. “The California Department of Justice is putting President Trump on notice: if a citizenship question is added to the 2020 U.S. Census Bureau questionnaire, we are prepared to take any and all necessary legal action to protect a full and accurate Census,” he wrote. “This is clearly an attempt to bully and discourage our immigrant communities from participating in the 2020 Census count.”

We hope that Trump does add the question and we hope that illegal immigrants DO avoid the census like the plague. What will you do then, California? (And New York, and Chicago, etc.?) Maybe then you’ll see that harboring lawbreakers and refusing to cooperate with federal law has its consequences, i.e., you lose federal money. Cough it up yourself if you’re so hellbent on providing a “sanctuary” for everyone south of the border!

Sorry, but we can’t think of a single reason why a court would strike down a citizenship question as unconstitutional. In fact, we’re a little surprised that it’s not on there already. It’s about time we got an accurate, updated account of how many illegal aliens actually live in this country. It’s about time we learned exactly the magnitude of what it is we’re dealing with. THAT’S what California and these other states want to keep under wraps because they know there will be enormous sticker shock when that typical “11 million” number turns out to be something much, much higher. A sticker shock that may not play too well heading into the next election…


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