California to Protect Abortionists from Prying Eyes

If we could take a step back and view the United States from an emotionally-safe distance – Mars, perhaps – we might come away with a grudging sort of respect for liberal Democrats. As backwards and dangerous as their ideology may be, they are a relentless bunch. They’re always on offense. It’s not enough that they should succeed in achieving their legislative goals; they want to make it a crime to oppose them. They’re doing it with climate change, they’re doing it with gay marriage, and in California, they’re getting ready to do it with abortion.

Last year, you probably recall, a group called the Center for Medical Progress landed an extraordinary blow against the demonic abortion factory known as Planned Parenthood. With the public release of undercover videos, CMP’s investigative journalism got the whole country talking about the ongoing national infanticide that the left would prefer everyone to ignore. For the first time in years, Republicans (briefly) turned their attention back to abortion.

The GOP’s efforts to strip Planned Parenthood of its federal funding have been unsuccessful thus far, and the organization has not been convicted of profiting off the sale of aborted body parts despite damning evidence.

But merely escaping the consequences of their actions was not enough for the abortionists. Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards is evil incarnate, but she’s no dummy. She knows that her abortion mill survives in only one environment: Widespread ignorance. When the truth about this national stain is obscured in vague phrases like “pro-choice” and “women’s healthcare,” everything’s copacetic. When it’s described like this, there’s a problem:

“We’ve been very good at getting heart, lung, liver, because we know that, so I’m not gonna crush that part, I’m gonna basically crush below, I’m gonna crush above, and I’m going to see if I can get it all intact.”

That was Planned Parenthood employee Deborah Nucatola, explaining to CMP undercover investigators how the organization was improving their ability to preserve fetal organ tissue with more advanced abortion techniques.

That sentiment doesn’t rally young feminists like “Our future, Our choice, Our fight.”

To keep the truth away from the sensitive ears of the American public, California Democrats now want to make it illegal to conduct investigations of this sort. State law already criminalizes secret recordings, but the new bill would add additional penalties for the public distribution of those recordings when healthcare providers are the target.

“If we’re going to protect the right to abortion, we must protect the privacy and safety of medical providers,” said Kathy Kneer of Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California. “We worked hard to craft a bill that balances the rights of privacy and the rights of free speech.”

Not hard enough, apparently, as the bill has attracted sharp criticism from some unlikely sources. Left-leaning institutions such as the ACLU have condemned the bill as an encroachment on the First Amendment.

“We know of no legitimate governmental reason for singling out disclosure of all health care provider communications for special criminal sanctions, making the bill vulnerable not only on First Amendment grounds but also on equal protection grounds,” the ACLU said in June.

It is very telling that Democrats and the abortion industry chose this path. They had an opportunity to clean up their vile practices and they instead chose to prosecute the messenger. Now they want to send a clear warning to anyone else who might try to expose their true nature: Try it, and we’ll see you in prison.

Yeah…Mars is looking pretty good right about now.

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  1. But God has the eyes and no one can hide from God. They will answer to their killing the voiceless. How would they like it if someone torn their body apart while they were still alive? Some day they may feel this, God works in mysterious ways ..

  2. One more symptom of how Spiritually Sick our nation really is.

    • The best part is they are winning the WH again. Here are electoral report: Clinton 302; Trump: 123. Trump and his racists friends are done. You better join us to vote for Hillary.

  3. CA is now run by progressives that believe that they( now the goverment) know best and can simply pass what ever law they want to. The State coutrs are packed with liberals and as a back up, the federal court system is now 70% liberal judges.
    The white liberals wil soon loose their power becuase of all the thrid world scum twey are bringing into the state and helping breed like rabits with white taxpayers and business owners paying the bill.

  4. Grudging Respect? For what? Bringing this nation down to their empty, soulless, shallow, morally bankrupt, socialistic, delusional, narcissistic level? I’d give them grudging respect if they were honest about their aim. Instead of pretending to be the good guys, the ones who care. At least then people would know what they were buying into. But they don’t. They go along with these disgusting pretenders under the mistaken belief that we are the bad guy’s. Because they lie, cheat, misrepresent, manipulate. So people will support them until it’s to late.Unless the very few people like Donald Trump with the backbone to stand up to their thinly veiled hatred of anything good and decent continue to bravely tell the truth.Trump/Pence 2016

    • .
      VOTE TRUMP not NaNa TRAMP.

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    • OORAH Natalie !

    • Yes, yes, yes, they are a Godless, Satan worshipping, power mad, culture of death and the Man upstairs has had enough – all hell is about to break loose! The secularist Left is about to get it’s just desserts!

    • Wow! Right on, Natalie!!

  5. Isn’t California suppose to have a big earthquake that breaks it off the continent?

  6. abortion is MURDER.

  7. All the talk by Democrats about civil rights is now coming into perspective. Civil rights are only for Democratic thinking. Anything else is prison time for opposing it. That does not send a warm feeling about civil rights to me. Apparently moral conscience has no place in Democratic thinking.

    • Explain all the opinionated right wingers on line and in the media if the Democrats are hindering your righ to free speech. Looks the other way to me.

      • homegirl,
        On any issue I side with the Constitution. Currently the Constitution

        says abortion is OK. Therefore,no legislation should even be considered. Having said that, abortion is against morel conscience, at least for people of various religions. That is the real issue which has been distorted by the federal government way too often. Am I saying that the Supreme Court is in error? You bet I am.

        • After reading your post I do get your message- If it isn’t your way it should hit the highway. You would impose your moral beliefs on others. You should be content to live by your beliefs and accept that others will live by their moral beliefs.

          I accept that you are not a supporter of reproductive choice and I would never consider imposing my beliefs on you, why are anti choice people so determined to impose their beliefs on others?

          • homegirl,
            You did not get my message. The 14th Amendment gives all citizens of this country equal rights.That includes women. I stand on that 100%. Therefore any attempt to block abortion is unconstitutional. The issue is with the idea of allowing abortion without explanation of the consequences. So far that has not been done. I oppose the right of the person to understand the consequences. This current California law further blocks that information being given to the woman who is contemplating abortion. But women are not told the real consequences of abortion. since that is the case, it is pointless to try to block abortion.
            Having said that, it is certainly a Biblical issue that needs explaining and it is against the Constitution to block it. The issue for me is that he liberal folks want to shut down moral conscience that Christians follow. That is covered by the First Amendment that has been weakened by the Supreme Court. The effort is to silence Christians which i totally oppose.

          • homegirl it is not moral beliefs it is ethical standards which they have crossed the line….but as a demoncrat you don’t have any.

          • Spoken like a true bully.

  8. I guess the business of murder is paramount in CA, worth protecting from the needed law. Shame on Californians if this heinous action is okay with them.

    • God’s wrath is coming upon them. Earthquake will render justice on them.

      • Quite possible, isn’t it. What’s your feeling regarding America that’s deteriorating because of Obama?

        • We may never fully recover from Obama’s destruction. It will take decades, generations maybe to fix his actions. Or in some cases, inactions. And you still will have the brain dead, die hard Demoncrats backing Hillary or whoever else is waiting in the wings. If Trump wins, and God he better or all is lost, there are so many issues that need to be addressed. The debt for example. Can that ever be paid? Probably not. And what if it’s not? What happens? The major cities are in ruins because of Demioncraps. Sorry, must go, head beginning to explode.

      • Meanwhile God’s wrath is being delivered in the Bible Belt Southern sates. How can you explain that?

  9. If there was a throne for satan and a Vacation Home Throne they would be Washington DC and California. The perverts, the ungodly, the reprobates are pushing out all of the normal, moral, God fearing and respecting people because of their demonic activity. Nothing is too abhorrent for the liberal progressive pukes of CA

    • Then ”God fearing and respecting people” should stop ”their demonic activity”. Remember back when jazz, Elvis, and the Beatles were considered to be “of the devil(like that’s a thing)” by nut ball preachers of the supernatural? LOL. Civilization has survived . Evolution continues. Sometimes I wonder if I missed the Bible verse that reads “The ignorant shall inherit the earth.

      • Evolution has what? Continued? Prove it. Name one thing you and or our recent civilization has witnessed turning from one thing to another except the sicko wannabe gender confused and BTW: That’s in Identity only, not having their genitals make a transformation in the natural.
        How absurd can you be. It’s rehtorical

  10. Richard Omiecinski

    Someday these people will pay for their hypocrisy when parts of California
    on the San Andreas fault will fall into the ocean .It’s just a matter of time!

  11. Much prefer the Republican way of “slut shamming” all women. Because you really can’t tell what woman might be pregnant, therefor might be *thinking* about abortion. So need those hundred plus legally proposed restrictive bills on abortion, pregnancy and even birth control. Because women don’t know their own minds and they have to be constantly monitored by the menfolk. At great taxpayer expense, of course.

    • When do men get to control their bodies, we can be dragged out of our home and thrown into a war we didn’t start. Where are all the women screaming for our rights. Why do you believe it’s ok to put men in slavery just because you chose to have the baby. Where is the man’s right to demand an abortion or have the right to disown the child. After all it was the woman who CHOSE to have a baby. How is it his responsibly to pay for a child he DID not want?

      • Excellent response!
        • I believe in the draft for female and male alike, better yet mandated National Service that *no one* gets exempted from- even the rich and politically connected.
        • If by “slavery” you mean men supporting their *own children*, I am for that. Mandatory DNA tests for every baby born, the correct Dad’s name must appear on every birth certificate, along with Mom’s. No exceptions.
        • A man can’t demand an abortion because it’s not his body. A woman equally cannot “demand” to be impregnated by a man. And Mom and Dad do have the right to “disown” their own child. (Not “the” child, “their” child.) But child can be *legally* abandoned up to 72 hrs after both at most firehouses and churches. (It’s called “Safe Surrender.)
        •I t isn’t a question of who “chose” to have the baby- there is rape and child incest, after all- but who pays for baby *after it’s born.
        • Legally, *both parties*, Mom and Dad, are financially responsible for the kid. Law doesn’t care if you “wanted” it or not.
        • For any man or woman who does not understand that *sex* can lead to pregnancy, which can also lead to birth of a child, mandatory vasectomies and tubal ligations, once teen agers hit puberty. Reversible, in case two consenting adults make a conscious decision to create a baby which they are financially prepared to care for.

        • Your first point is slavery. Putintrump dodged 5 times and now wants to command the murderers. This sounds like a fascist idea and so fits right in here.

          • you missed the part about “…better yet, National Service. Americans have no real stake in their country anymore. (At least with the draft, they HAD to care.) Citizens performing 2-4 years of service- where they will perform a useful service and get an education- to their rather nice country is not slavery.

        • There has not been a draft in the USA for almost three decades. Get real.

          • 18yo males are still required to register for the draft, even if we don’t use it. Said I believe in the draft. We should never have discontinued it after the Vietnam War and “replaced” it with the Volunteer Army. And the reason Congress did that was so it doesn’t need approval to send “volunteers” any where it wants. Just like not declaring a war, but having it anyway, and paying for it on a credit card.

          • Thank you for your accurate and informative post. Perhaps we should adopt the military conscription policy of some Scandinavian countries. Every male serves one year at the age of 19, with expansion to include 19 year old females.

          • Sounds good to me!

      • Hey cig: if you had kept your tallywhacker in your shorts you would not of had the situation
        Would you? PAY ATTENTION, diddlebrain !!

      • You wanted the sex act as much as the woman. Did you miss sex ed in middle school?

  12. This from the contingent that relentlessly strives to control women’s bodies and lives. Tons and tons of projection of their own misogyny and hate.

    • That contingent being the gaggle of judges found on this blog, right ? It seems ‘crackgirl’ misunderstood….shhhh, she upvoted you, tee hee.

  13. California is/has been an immoral toilet bowl that seems to breed liberalism/socialism. Living here is frustrating at best but there are many of us bucking the trend. Voting just doesn’t seem to be a viable fix…so…guessing this will degenerate into violence at some point! For GOD or against GOD! Hell is coming!

  14. Perhaps we can get the same Blacks that tore up Ferguson to single out each Planned Parenthood Facility for their next “bash & trash” show? These nasty evil facilities are never going to go away unless their doctors and practitioners are SHAMED BEYOND BELIEF or if their facilities come under attack.

    Educating the masses didn’t work when those investigators took incriminating films of the owner casually discussing selling individual baby parts to the highest bidder — and the high end car she was going to get with the proceeds. Now SHE IS THE DEVIL INCARNATE THAT CAN DISCUSS BUTCHERING TINY INNOCENT HEALTHY BABIES AND BUYING AN EXPENSIVE CAR — ALL IN THE SAME SENTENCE! Anyone capable of doing that has not one ounce of moral respectability but is filled with evil through and through!

    She IS, however, trying to cover up the fact that her “centers” have been killing women lately — complications from bad procedures, unsanitary conditions and untested practioners with little experience. God forbid she misses one abortion and has to postpone the purchase of her shiny new sports car. What an ugly disgusting creature she really is!

    Where are those Ferguson Blacks????

  15. The demonic demoncrats continue to kill babies and get a way with it . Let’s face it Jerry Brown, Governor Moonbeam, has been thrown out of the Catholic Church and cannot receive the Sacraments. The same with pelooooozzzzi. The whole lying demoncratic party is as corrupt and crooked as killary. God’s will be done – and I personally hope it is the earthquake under the 9th Circuit Court and the State House in Sacramento—-while they are in session. We need a return to our fathers’ moral values and standards. Wait till they start taking down the seniors. I was just refused an operation based on my age and the excuse is because of the anesthesia—this same line – in the same words was said to three of my close friends. Let’s face it the demoncrats take our money and give it to people who won’t work and to illegals so that they can steal the election again. You can trust a demoncrat as much as you can killary–you may be on the extended suicide list–what is the count up to now? 59?

  16. Since these killing mills use our tax dollars, they should fall under the freedom of informations act, and should have no expectation of privacy.

  17. It is a Federal crime under HIPAA to reveal the private medical records of others. The law makes no distinction between abortion and any other medical procedure. It also makes no distinction between revelations based on a particular patient and those based on a particular provider such as Planned Parenthood.

    Why would a source that pretends to support the law demand that the State of California break that law just to support the prohibitions of a particular religion? Why would a source that pretends to support the Constitution ignore that the Establishment clause prohibits the enforcement of one sect’s prohibitions as law while the Equal Protection clause prohibits laws that have a disparate impact on one gender, age group and those NOT adhering to a particular religion?

    Has hypocrisy become holy?

  18. These are the Morons that took the greatest State in the Country & turned it into a Corrupt Socialized Democratic Wasteland. This Country is not a Democratic Society we are a REPUBLIC

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  21. The devil likes to work his evil in a veil of darkness and that is why light reveals the truth and this evil bastards hate the Truth! The bereft Left is a culture of death as this article helps illuminate! God said: let there be light!

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