California Hires Eric Holder in Anti-Trump Publicity Stunt

The California legislature announced Wednesday that they were retaining the outside counsel of former Attorney General Eric Holder in preparation for a long legal war against President Donald Trump.

“With the upcoming change in administrations, we expect that there will be extraordinary challenges for California in the uncertain times ahead,” California Democrats Kevin de León and Anthony Rendon said in a statement. “This is a critical moment in the history of our nation. We have an obligation to defend the people who elected us and the policies and diversity that make California an example of what truly makes our nation great.”

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, de León said California was poised to fight Trump on a range of issues.

“[Holder] will be our lead litigator, and he will have a legal team of expert lawyers on the issues of climate change, women and civil rights, the environment, immigration, voting rights – to name just a few,” de León said.

Normally, a state’s “lead litigator” would be the attorney general, but apparently Democrat lawmakers don’t have much confidence in Xavier Becerra, who will be taking that post upon confirmation.

Or, more likely, they wanted to do something that would put them in the headlines and make it look like they are the country’s leading sword against the Great Menace of Donald J. Trump. Lots of political capital to be gathered over the next couple of years as Democrats fish around for a potential breakout star. No better way to accrue it than to battle it out with Trump on the front pages of the newspapers.

Republicans in the California legislature saw the stunt for what it was and called the Democratic leadership out on the ploy.

“This is a distraction from the very real problems facing everyday Californians,” said Assembly GOP leader Chad Mayes in a statement. “Donald Trump did not cause California’s transportation crisis, nor did he play a role in our state’s sky-high housing costs. Democrats should focus on solving these real-world problems instead of wasting tax-payer money to score political points before the president-elect even takes office.”

As far as we can tell, though, Californians seem to love seeing their taxpayer dollars go towards leftist causes, no matter how absurd or intangible. We aren’t likely to see “Cal-exit” in our lifetime, but their politics already make them unlike any other state in the union.

If we were going to see the cretins of the Obama years pop up anywhere, it’s no surprise that it would be California.


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  1. If we were to wire together all those liberal brains together located in California
    They could not light a refrigerator bulb located inside [about 40 watts]

    They bring an entirely new meaning to the phrase “as dumb as dog droppings!!!”

  2. Holder belongs in jail.

    • I agreehow about Gitmo with Obama

      • And even more importantly his puppetmaster soro$$$$$$.

        • This is interesting information about one of his sons: “Jonathan Tivadar Soros (born 1970): A hedge fund manager and political donor. In 2012, he co-founded Friends of Democracy, a SuperPAC dedicated to reducing the influence of money in politics. In 1997, he married Jennifer Ann Allan.” He must have been a tremendous disappointment to George, who is certainly unafraid to use his money to influence politics (and politicians).

          • Russia does have a warrant out for George’s arrest. He cause the economy to collapse, in one of their countries, if we’re lucky maybe we can give him to the Russians and let them take care of him.

      • Well, at least that would get Obama out of the U.S.

    • Agreed! BUT as you know OSCUMBAG “protected him” and let him just walk away With his pension intact . If he was a WHITE person he WOULD have been JAILED! Can you say “double standard”?)

    • Yes indeed, for “Fast and Furious” and other unconstitutional activities he performed. Like taking orders to refuse to enforce U.S. laws which he swore an oath to do.

      • How about the guns that they {he and Hillary} got a guy from AZ or N.M. to sell to the terrorists in Libya, the guns were sent to UAE first to cover there tracks. Those guns were used to kill the 4 of our guys in Benghazi. So sad.

        • You are absolutely correct about that. Congress rejected the sale of arms to the Syrian rebels so Obama circumvented Congress with the direct help of Clinton who used Christ Sevens to handle the program thru Libya. That is why when the stuff started to unravel Stevens had to be eliminated to cover up what Obama and Clinton had done. This has never been officially investigated and I would like to know why except for Congress being complicit. This was nothing more than a treasonous crime on Obamas and Clintons part.
          Both should hang for it.

          • I didn’t realize that they had gotten Stevens involved in this mess. Boy anyone that gets involved with Hillary ends up dead, and these people are so dumb that they don’t get it that she is a murderer.

          • I understand that you never heard this because to get that information it took a lot of digging and searching and asking questions of people in the government and the military. As you say doing business with the Clintons is very hazardous to ones health hence the more than 50 suspicious deaths of Clinton associates, employees and even friends starting back in Arkansas. Stevens was used by Clinton because she had “dirt” on him and could blackmail him. He was in the perfect spot in Libya to be used by her so that if the plot was exposed he would be the guilty party. In the end he, knowing all the truths had to be sacrificed. With her private server emails she even exposed Stevens location to the terrorists on purpose. His death was no accident. It was part of the cover-up plan.

          • I understand, but I was getting so many emails that I was spending most of my time erasing them. Plus I have a sick husband and he takes plenty of time, which doesn’t leave me extra time to do the deep digging. Oh yeah, I still work 2 days a week too! Thanks for the extra info.

    • Agree, because Holder was in contempt of Congress but the silly RINOs did NOTHING!!! So sad.

    • Hey Holder!! Hold THIS!!

    • Well, maybe…I just feel uncomfortable putting Holder anywhere that we have to pay for his upkeep–three hots and a cot should not be provided for this “south end of a north-bound mule”. I was thinking of a cemetery, where we would only be paying for the grass to be mowed.

      • What I REALLY want?………….R.I.C.O. and a firing squad!
        If we squeal as loud as the liberals do for what they want we just might get it.
        The “Wall Party” would most definitely be bipartisan and fair.

    • He just might under this new administration. We will see.

    • Roy Fredrichsen

      Wasn’t Holder the one that was responsible for “FAST AND FURIOUS” arming the drug cartels and trying to blame it on innocent Americans? Nobody went to jail over that one. Proves they all were crooked, too.

  3. The California legislature has completely lost it’s collective mind — to go along with economy it has destroyed.

    Oh, well, at least their drought is over — if only temporarily.

    But I fear their insanity is permanent.

    • They lost it a long time ago.

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    • Richard Daugherty

      You cannot remain that stupid forever.


        YOU wana bet,, they will get worse over time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

        • Probably. They act like caged wild animals. I would have been embarrassed to behave that way, even though I was just as disappointed that Obama got elected both times and the damage I knew he would do with his socialistic agenda. He’s a liar and he still lying now all through his “farewell” addresses blaming everybody he can think of except himself and his choice for presidential candidate, Hillary, who should be in jail.


            I am from Illinois, I said he was going to be the worst POTUS we ever had when he was first elected…. Now look at him, he is the biggest PHD their IS, (PHD = PILED HIGHER and DEEPER)

      • The collective kalifornia legislature is STUPID, and in the words of Comedian Ron White—“YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Richard, they should get an A for effort because they keep behaving more stupid every minute of every day.

      • Nellie McConnell

        That’s the one the Origination named Obama after.

        • Now who was accused of groping women during the primary and before the elections? We Democrats never grope women. It is TPs and Repubs and their leader who are being accused of groping..


          • No dems lie,cheat,steal,make false accusations,make horrible decisions,or anything to help hopeless ideas to put money in thier pockets at all costs…Oh what about Clinton grouping many women dumbass ??? Accused but never proven ! That’s how dems work

          • I am thinking we have SIXTEEN years to put America back together! Perhaps the dims will just disappear into the ether!

          • Yeah, You Dem Phaggs Grope Men!

          • Oh, dear. pmbalele is back, spouting ignorance. No, you Democrats never grope women. You’re too busy groping yourselves.

          • No, at least one Democrat president raped women. Maybe you could look up Juanita Broderick’s testimony. He was Arkansas Attorney General at the time and also check up on everything he did as Governor. If course we all know about Monica which was proven by the blue dress when Clinton was president. And we are going to worry about a “goping” rumor that has never been proven and by the way, where are these women now who accuse Trump?

          • They have all disappeared. NO proof

          • Sure. Bill Clinton was a Republican, wasn’t he? Like Hillary never sent classified emails as Secretary of State, Benghazi was the result of a home video and “you can keep your plan if you like it.”

          • Nellie McConnell – what a stupid statement!

          • You democrats have Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy who committed the ultimate war on women.

      • Oh that is hilarious!

      • Look!!! there’s California Democrats Kevin de León and Anthony Rendon. Great picture isn’t it!!!!

    • I thought Holder was attached to Obama’s leg. So, Obama’s coming with him?

      New Attorney General Sessions will wipe out Holder because federal law is on his side. All these funds come through the feds so they can give them or cut them out when California does not obey the law.

      • Nellie McConnell

        Don’t FORGET! Brown is GOING to build wall around CA. I have 4 friends who moved their businesses to Texas. Let tscof places out of business.
        Our government can afford 100 million dollars for Obama’s vacations,vrefugees, illegals but our Veterans are not getting health care and many homeless.
        CA Veteran couldn’t find a job, didn’t qualified for anything because his kids were school age. Seems you have to be pregnant, or child under school age to qualify. No wonder illegals have a baby every year.

        • You are making a statement which does not hold true. Any universal statement like this is never correct. You do not know who many “illegals” have a baby every year. Please speak from known and provable facts.

          • Poor Richard. Hyperbole?

          • They may not have one every year but they reproduce at a high rate and turn the areas they live in into barrios/slums. They are as bad as the other group that have kids almost as fast without fathers in the family. They moved a bunch of them out of south LA to Palmdale….section 8….it’s now known as palmton. I suggest you don’t drive around there at night, or leave your car parked anywhere near there. Obeyme loves his brotha’s so much he should move his racist ass out there.

          • Some “Christians” don’t do that do they?

          • Haha….not like places such as LA, Chicago, Baltimore, NY, St Louis and other large metropolitan areas. Or like the Central valley of California or east LA … maybe on a very small scale in depressed areas…but they are on a whole different level sweetheart.

      • Nellie McConnell

        Obama’s bought house in Indian Wells, CA. I am sure the Jewish community will appreciate this mess he will create.

  4. “To defend the people who elected us”?

    Maybe they are referring to illegal aliens. Many laws they’ve been passing have been for the benefit of illegal aliens.

    • Noel, they’re not passing laws to protect the “IA,” they are not ENFORCING the laws that are on the books, regarding the “IA’s.” When Federal money is held back from sanctuary cities/ States, let the cities/States support the IA’s. Let them figure out who’s going to pick up the tab (look in the mirror). I can’t wait!
      PS I love CA’s point man, Holder, who was held in contempt of Congress when he was the USAG. Only CA would think that’s a good move.

    • Yep… our state is overrun with illegals and they play to these idiots. Wish we would have a terrorist attack in Sacramento and level the junkyard.

      • Sick asshole.

        • What? Just playing like the BLM…you don’t like the fact there are those of us that grew up here…my great grandfather settled here in 1889…this state is going down the toilet with these idiots like brown, boxers and fumblestein. But probably folks like you keep voting them in…I’m sick and tired of you pukes ruining the state.

    • Illegal aliens are not supposed to be here. What part of this do the leftwing not understand. Everyone who helps them is breaking the law and is in fact, a CRIMINAL and Holder should put them into a jail cell where they belong.

  5. The rest of the nation has taken our country back. It is time to retake our state back from these seemingly treasonous elements of the State of California.c

  6. WHEN FOOLS VOTE…..Democrats get elected!!!!!

  7. criminal for a lawyer in a criminal state

  8. It would be nice to give CA, NY, IL a limited way to keep Holder to be their AG and also fund their own way to keep Obamacare for just registered Democrats. They could also give Dems the right of making Sharia law superior to State and Federal law with a 2/3 vote of all citizens. Of course, all will still pay federal tax as the real nation will still protect itself and these states from border concerns.

    • Queer Logic and Islam…both are born of Satan! Hell is a terrible place to reside, and eternity is incomprehensible…you have until your last breath!

  9. It figures, Mexifornia, led by Gov. Moonbeam would retain a sleeze like corrupt Holder. Loony Califoony will be looking for a federal bailout given its propensity for spending other peoples money…Califoony tax payers must surely love their legislators to keep electing such a$$e$ to waste their money. What a bunch of air-headed dolts.

    • I live there, and I AM NOT one of the dolts! I did not vote for that A-Hole, but he got back in anyway, and brought the scumbag Newsom with him! And now, with Holder in the mix, they have tainted an already RANCID landfill!!!

      • Hey Jeff… help us understand… isn’t California in debt somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 billion dollars?? … and they can ignore that debt to hire a big gun lawyer-sarc on/off- group like Holder… Something doesn’t smell right there….

        • Exactly. I live here. Biggest bunch of idiots ever.

          • Are you the one whining why the media does not respect Trump? Well, if Trump wants “RESPECT” by the media he should consult Rodney Dangerfield how he got his respect in this Country or call Erica Hill who is wondering where etiquette has gone. I doubt if there has been respect or etiquette in this Country; looking at and listening what FoxNews and Repubs who grope women. These morons spent 9 years whining about President Obama – that is before and after he was president of US and the world. FoxNews and especially Sean Hannity did not show any respect. Anyway they lost for 8 years. Now Trump wants RESPECT! I doubt if he will get any from the media.

          • Trump deserves zero respect. Fuck him.

          • You want to f**k Trump? Are you a CA gay?

          • Well, you’re probably right about that, pmbalele. They hate what they can’t control and this time people opened their eyes and showed up at the polls and handed them their head. Now they are floundering around like fish out of water and making total fools of themselves. The so-called “recount” found more votes for Trump. They didn’t see the need to recount in the states that Hillary won narrowly. Now they are going to demonstrate at the convention. I understand thousands of Trump supporters will be there including bikers. This could be interesting. Personally I’m looking forward to seeing the protesters continue to show the world how stupid they are. Additionally, I don’t think it would make any difference to many if Hollywood acts on their threat to strike. I would look forward to that, too.

      • Me too and it doesn’t do any good to talk to those who don’t think and won’t check out both sides. It is in their DNA but those of us who know better keep on trying to get CA back on the Republican track.

      • Thank you. I did not vote for him either. We are 2 billion in debt, homeless everywhere, and the snowflakes. ..geez

      • In FL, we heard there was actually a strong Trump organization in CA. True or not?

  10. Eric Holder? Really? This corrupt goon was the only U.S. Attorney General ever to be held in Contempt by the U.S. Congress for his refusal to supply accurate and timely information to Congress in the “Fast and Furious” gun debacle. It seems only natural then that two state democrat politicians would nominate Holder to protect California illegal immigrants from the “wrath” of legitimate Federal Immigration Laws. Since Governor “Moonbeam” Brown has essentially destroyed that state can’t we just allow California to succeed from the National Union? Or, perhaps when the Trumpster builds his border wall he can build along California’s eastern borders, too, thereby protecting the rest of the U.S. from all those crackpots in San Francisco. Just sayin…

    • Actually there are benefits to kaliforniA’s secession:
      1) No federal money to kaliforniA ever again;
      2) kaliforniA could never again skew our elections;
      3) We could seal the kaliforniA borders with Nevada and Oregon;
      4) We could embargo kaliforniA.

      • Sounds about right to me…if the rest of the country can inoculate itself from these California screwballs, we’ll all be better off.

        • You do realize better than half our population came from outside our state lines. Hollyweird is predominately east coast Midwest. Our weather brought in many from east of the Rockies. The street I grew up on is now all Armenian.

          • Apparently kaliforniA’s weather is a magnet that attracts freeloders from everywhere, BECAUSE it is “free”. The irony is that (due to a preponderance of freeloaders and horrible government) kaliforniA has become one of the world’s most expensive places to live. Conclusion: there’s nothing more expensive than “free stuff”, and the worst part of it all is that the CREATORS of this mess actually do GET their stuff for free, on the BACKS of the taxpayers.

          • It not only attracts freeloaders it attracts fruits and nuts…. we have got to have to highest percentage of wingnuts anywhere and the fruits…damn do we have a lot of fruits.

          • Oh, yeah, for sure and whine, jeez, do they ever…one wonders how 3 percent of the population can have more rights than the other 97 percent.

          • Must be something in the water…there’s not another state that has two female senators, both progressive loons, and both having served since Moby Dick was a minnow.

          • “progressive loons”

            You do realize, don’t you, that “progressive” is a “four-letter” word?

            I think I hear a note of skepticism.

            “Progressive” equals “PROG” for short. Q.E.D.

      • The flaw in your stupid plan is Cali contributes far more than It gets back.

  11. They hired Holder, not to protect American citizens from felonious crimes, including murder and rape, and violent home-break-ins, but rather, to defy our federal immigration laws, as he did under Obama’s reign, purposed to increase the democratic voting machine. They should both be deported, or thrown in jail for defying federal law.

    • Albert, the incoming “refugees” that Obama is bringing in (unvetted, of course), are mostly being sent to 5 States, which are red States. Could this be a move to increase the Dem vote in those States? Of course! This planned obstruction that the Dems have in mind, will not be good for this Country, but when they see the jobs, HC, Illegals, etc, being addressed for the benefit of American citizens (including Dems!), they will look like fools, which will show up in the 2018 election.

      • That’s true, but what we are fighting is not only a rebellion against our written law, but the democrats have now taken their rebellion to the next level; totally in defiance of the laws of God. The good news is that, the people unanimously rejected their ideology by placing Trump in the White House–it’s imperative that we stand fast against liberal tyranny, and to realize that the war to survive the American of old, has just begun.

        • What is this “American of old”. Are you advocating a return to some former time in our history. When would that be?

          • To simply abide by the written laws of our Nation. If someone has a problem with that, change the law.

          • Republican idea of the best days was Jim Crow.

          • Where in the world do you get your information, Bill, Sat. Night Live?

          • A time when our written laws were adhered to, No man/woman should have the right to disregard our laws to favor personal ideology, with the stroke of a pen. If we give in to dictatorial rule, we will not so much lose our freedoms, as gain our enslavement

          • Are you what a Russian communist? Are you here legally? Are you on assistance?

      • The vetting process for refugees takes 19 to 24 months. But I’m sure you already knew that.

    • They should be nothing less than snuffed for treason.

  12. They better hope he does a better job for them then he did for the U.S.

  13. This filthy gun running Holder roach belongs In federal prison there were agents killed with the guns he Illegally ran Into Mexico ! Father Trump smoke this maggot !

  14. Eric just announced that he will will start this job after he defends the Chicago 4 from kidnapping, torture, making terrorist threats, racial hate crimes and a few more felonies.

  15. California & Holder? They go together like horse manure & stink.
    unfortunately ,fools must have their say. I have a feeling DT will deal with this
    as everything else on his plate… MAY BE we can pry the state lose & let it float away.

    • In the aftermath of a brutal kaliforniA divorce, I imagined this cartoon (which I need an artist to draw, since I can’t draw decently at all):
      A picture of ME, at the top of a 100-foot crowbar with its BUSINESS END wedged deep in the San Andreas Fault, yelling, “Hey, kaliforniA, alimony THIS!”

  16. Holder and the CA legislature…. they deserve each other. Let’s not forget that he was held in contempt of Congress…. and it is that same contempt that the CA legislature is deserving of.

  17. Them California snowflakes got a surprise coming. I predict that Holder will face charges for his election tampering (the Black Panthers voter intimidation flap) and especially for Holder’s and Obama’s Fast And Furious gun running.

    • You are absolutely right. They think things are going to be like it has been the last 8 years. But President-elect Trump will be keeping an eye on Hold her in his operations. And he will put his a$$ away. It is going to get interesting here in a few months what the new President will be doing with these scandals. Drain the swamp is coming whether you like it or not.
      The cleanup must happen. We can’t keep going the way we are going.
      The time has finally got here. Time for pay back. Let’s get it done. So the President can get on with the real business that we are faced with from 8 years of FAILURE.
      We the People,movement want action, that’s why we voted Mr. Trump in.

  18. Does anyone remember Eric and his friend in the White House selling guns to the Mexican Drug Cartels? Wasn’t that little problem swept under the rug just like all the other criminal activities perpetrated by our own governing officials?
    Maybe Eric can work a deal to sell California back to Mexico since they control it now.

  19. BUILD THE WALL AND INCLUDE CALIFORNIA ON THE MEXICAN SIDE…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111

  20. Looking at the quality, the orientation, the proclivities of the people the voters of California sent to the state legislature, are you surprised??

  21. The truly disgusting part of this is that here you have two Chief Law Enforcement Officers, the Attorney General of the United States and the Attorney General of California, who are not only aiding and abetting the criminal illegal immigrants, but spending the hard earned tax dollars of working American stiffs to do it! These two are supposed to be leaders in supporting and defending our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and yet both chose to ignore these documents and spit on the memories of all those who fought and died to ensure they remained the law of the land!

    And it is no surprise that both are staunch democrats who believe in a socialist communist agenda of wealth redistribution. Not that most of us are wealthy, but the democrats believe that if you are working and paying taxes you are wealthy and must have your hard earned pay seized and passed out to others who don’t work for their living. But you do work for their living. If you had to go to the bank on payday, cash your check, and then turn around and hand a goodly sized part of it to the stranger standing behind you, you would refuse. But your government decides that you have no choice in their being generous with your earnings. They don’t give you a choice in how they redistribute that”wealth” you worked all week to earn.

    And now, the democrat politicians in California are deciding that you not only will lose that big chunk of paycheck to support Americans on welfare, but now must also support their newest voter base, the illegals who entered this country without proper papers. The government of California have decided that you will lose even more of your paychecks to support common criminals. Ain’t that just great?


    YOU AND YOUR KIND WILL BE THE RUINATION OF THIS NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • What is our “Kind”? I live there and I do not like it anymore, too old to move, I am not one of their “Kind”, anything else, you asshole!!!!!!!!

    • of course you are talking about the democraps. i m one of a very few who have lived in Cali 4 generations
      deep. i can’t believe what has become of our state and it is ENTIRELY due to democraps and illegals ! i have thought long and hard about leaving this state…so have many other original californians. however, i
      don’t know if that is good enough. i am soooo tired of all the immigrants, legal of not. i am tired of all the black violence. i am tired of the taxes and living expenses ( you can’t cross the street without being taxed ). you have to spend nearly $1mil to buy a decent home in southern cali. i’m thinking that New Zealand is a better place to live. imagine having to leave your home country just because the people we elect have their own agenda…and it’s NOT to support the citizens of our country. the democraps would not survive if they didn’t promise freebies to all the minorities and illegals…just buying votes with our tax money. i am willing to give Mr Trump a year to start righting this sinking ship. i would love to see how obama likes living in hell !

  23. Holder belongs in jail for being in contempt refusing to provide information in fast and furious scandal. Absolute, insanity Obama’s armies of walking brain dead want to return to power.

  24. It will be quite simple for Trump to ridicule kaliforniA’s “publicity stunt” against him to scorn. All he heeds to do is to point out whom kaliforniA hired to do it: eriC holdeR! It’ a classic case of “consider the source”.
    Besides all of this, kaliforniA’s taxpayers have GOT to resent this egregious waste of THEIR MONEY!

  25. America”: Please know that NOT ALL Californians agree with this openly treasonous
    act by the CA legislature, and are making note of the participants!!!! This is purely an agenda item al la Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. These are the fellow travelers that Putin has so cleverly used to “influence” the election!!!!!

  26. Richard Daugherty

    Calif is going to pull up a chair at the table gobbling like the turkeys that they are. They WILL be talking Turkey we push comes to shove.

  27. Let kaliforniA’s state government hence and forevermore be known to the world as “The Bunglers’ Emporium”.

  28. How much exactly will this cost the taxpayers? Are they paying him a salary??

  29. What can you expect from a state government that is a major member of the Communist Democratic Party of the U.S. They are as un-american as it gets. This is what will continually tear down America the basic selfish liberal agenda that has effected America for so many years.

  30. Is californicate great,or is it a cesspool of diversity.Maybe the west coast should be its own country.Let the conservatives move out and move the liberals to the west coast.See how long it lasts.Holder could be their new liberal king and barry could be vice king.

  31. Holder is a CROOKED PRICK! Did any Californians get to vote on this appointment? Why would they want to drag California further into the hole they have already dug? This state is already the laughing stock of the other 49 states! That is because of the mind numbing stupidity with which Jerry B and the rest of his crooked mafia cronies, run this state!! I would move out, but I am too old to pull up stakes and start over! I just wanted to express my dissatisfaction and disappointment with the State government! I tried it at the voting booth, and that did not work, but at least I tried!!

  32. If I recall correctly, Holder was cited for contempt of Congress over the “Fast and Furious” scandal, but was never prosecuted for it. My question is: is there a statute of limitations for this prosecution? If there is not, then I would hope that the new AG proceed with such an action.

    • You are right. So go on out there Holder, you idiot and see what will happen.
      The new Sheriff in town, has the guts to put his a$$ away. And will break him down like a Shotgun.

  33. If California is an example of what makes Nations great I think we have a problem. When compared to the other States, they have the highest State income tax, the highest sales tax and they are operating in the red. They are a State on the verge of bankruptcy and they feel they should set an example for the rest of us? Just goes to show that the “Left Wingers” don’t have the brains they were born with. It is truly sad when the citizens of this radically Liberal State are so delusional.

  34. Don’t you this this money (millions for Holder) could be put to much better
    use in CA?

  35. It was my understanding that californication was wanting to leave the Union of the other 49 states. Why do they need to fight Trump over these stupid issues. We the Republic don’t care what those idiots do, just as long as they are not a part of us!

    • They need our money of course. Libs can’t make it on their own. They have to steal money from hard working people who try to do right. I believe in helping the elderly and the sick ( mentality and physically) and someone who is temporarily down but, we’ve got millions of people who are able to work and won’t, as long as you hand them a check every month. Just plain ole lazy.

  36. It’s about time to purge my state of KALIFORNISTAN of these idiots… If this is what they are spending my tax dollars on I think they are stealing from me. If they were to rob me in person I would more than likely put them down and be good with it.

    Personally I hope the heavy rains we have flush the northern part of the state into the ocean….only problem is they are toxic.

  37. Get rid of illegals voting,draining welfare programs, deport the criminals,cut off money to sanctuary city’s and California will implode as it should. Eric holder needs to be in jail with the rest of them.

    • Actually, if the reforms you suggest were implemented, kaliforniA would probably be restored to solvency.

      • Either way it’s a win, win situation for true Californians.

        • You peckerwoods can just leave. Don’t let the door hit you in the fucking ass.

          • I don’t believe it was Trump supporters who threatened to leave the country. I’m sincerely hoping that the people who did will follow through, which of course, they never do.

          • They are ALL talk and NO action. They think other people will listen to them and follow them, but it not working any longer.
            President-elect Trump has a leadership plan and that is what he is going to do. Come hell or high water get use to it. Going to happen.
            The CHANGE has to happen.

  38. This commie state doesn’t have to worry about “The Big One” because they will be vanquished very soon by their communist tsars that are spending it into the ground, as all communist regimes do – good for them for electing these Godless power mad ghouls!

  39. The Californians that elect the legislators are the ones the obviously “have no minds”. California should be sold to Mexico.

  40. Holder, really? This guy is a clown. He was a corrupt AG and now he’s working for the most left wing government in the US. What a joke.

  41. eric is a idiot, race baiting, asshole, himself

  42. Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder IS A CRIMINAL WHO BELONGS IN PRISON RIGHT ALONG WITH THE REST OF THE obama GANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • For what exactly, you goddamn fool?


    • What are the charges? Being black?

      • Maxine Waters all of them. Look up their ties to communist Cuba cop killers black panthers and obtaining federal funds for personal gain. Look it up if your question is sincere

      • His being Black has nothing to do with his being a criminal traitor!!!! He could be PINK WITH PURPLE POLKA DOTS and still be a CRIMINAL TRAITOR OF THE USA!!!!!!!!!!

        • I know racism when I see it. And it is.

          • Au contraire!! You couldn’t be MORE wrong, since I have MANY FRIENDS WHO ARE BLACK!!!!!!!!!!

          • Obviously you hide the racism from them then. Or would would not be typing.

          • Just how many times do I have to explain to you that Eric Holder’s being Black has nothing whatsoever to do with my opinion that he’s a criminal???? I would hold the same opinion of the man if he were WHITE!!!! Are you stupid or something???? AGAIN, MY OPINION OF ERIC HOLDER HAS NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH WHAT RACE HE IS, THAT I WOULD HOLD THE SAME VIEW OF HIM IF HE WERE WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, ENOUGH OF ACCUSING ME OF BEING RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Most are sick of the “race” thing. Some of you have made total fools of yourselves accusing people of being racist. Some that I know have been accused of being racist and then found that they not only are not racist, but have mixed race individuals in their family. After you do that, nothing else you say makes any difference.

          • That’s getting old. Is that all you got? Comes up every time when the FACTS are laying out to you. Do the research. He should of been prosecuted for contempt of congress for Fast and Furious gun running in Mexico.

  43. Those who have worked so long and hard to destroy our Nation think this is their time to succeed and bring our Nation and Citizens to our knees. They do not understand that at last Americans are waking up to the threats and will not hesitate to respond in an extremely strong manner and repel them by what ever means necessary. They have succeed in corruption the minds our the Youth of our nation over the past 60 years but their common whore educators will be removed and replace with honest
    education without the social media lies and corruption of the truth. Our history is
    a rough one over the 200 plus years and it was not always pretty but it is ours and
    we learned from our mistakes. I would suggest that the buffons in the entertainment industry, those in the media outlets and others who have lied and fornicated the
    truth carry through and leave before you are caught and thrown out by force or
    place in jail where most belong.

  44. I live in CA, I did not hire EH, he is a criminal an is not acceptable work or any where

  45. just a question but why hasn t Holder had his law license revoked because of his contempt of Congress?


  47. Nellie McConnell

    Holder made a mess under Obama, CA citizens need to boycott Holder, kick him out of CA. We don’t need anymore damaged to our state.
    Support TRUMP.

    • Still waiting for somebody to tell me what Trump offers in the way of progress. Getting rid of everybody who is not white is his entire plan. Racist to the core.

      • There is absolutely no validity to that accusation about Trump. He has given high level positions to people of other races in his businesses, he has, unlike Hillary, paid his female employees at the same rate as men, neither of which, of course, will never be pointed out by any mainstream reporters.

  48. Sparkitus_Maximus

    How puny and futile.
    Another waste of taxpayer money.

  49. California works hand in hand with the Obama Administration. They are all a Bunch of Misfits. The only ones that agree with them are the Dumbass Nitwits ! I have No respect for Morons !

  50. Evil begets evil.barry,holder ,reid,pelosi,winestein,kerry,biden and many,many more.It is evident that they have a death wish for AMERICA.


  52. The Communist MAXINE WATERS needs to be thoroughly investigated. Pelosi, next. Eric HOLDER should be in prison, too. GITMO

    • What is the charge? Being black?

      • Read on MAXINE WATERS. Not my place to educate you. Do the work. She’s a communist and she’s a dishonest crook ed con, for starters read the complete story. That’s why.

      • Black or not, Maxine is and has always been a vicious, mean socialist. I wonder what she thinks her lifestyle would be under a socialistic government.

  53. Where is that massive earthquake that is promised to us in the “near” future. Just when we need it!! I think that they should let California– great cereal bowl, land of fruits, flakes, and nuts,—succeed from the union. They have more nit-wits per square mile than all of the other 49 states combined!!! Who needs this???

  54. Southern Cali has lost it’s ability to decipher moral from immoral. It is a poorly run state full of more illegals than legals. Its laws are outlandish and reek of looney liberalism. AND MORE AND MORE NATIVE CALIFORNIANS ARE LEAVING THAT STATE FOR A PLACE TO RAISE THEIR KIDS THAT HAS A SENSE OF SANITY — NOT COMPLETE LUNACY.
    However, a populace so ignorant to re-elect Brown deserves the land of fantasy and side show circus acts…they voted in the worst governor they ever could.

    So “kiss” that land of make believe goodbye. Soon it will only be the Land of Lunatics, Hollyweirds and Illegals…a nightmare for most sane Americans!

    • You voted for Trump. Do you really want to be spewing BS about the ability to decipher moral from immoral?

      • You voted for an egotistical narcissistic PATHOLOGICAL LIAR. You wouldn’t know the difference between “MORAL” and “immoral” because she was constantly acting in an IMMORAL STATE! How sad that her supporters are so dumb downed they don’t even know the definition of the two words, muchless understand the difference.

        Why do you think she lost the election? Because she was “morally bankrupt” but her supporters just weren’t smart enough to see her for who she really is. Everyone else could, so she lost. That’s a bitter pill to swallow, but it’s the truth.

        FYI: You need to open your eyes. The Liberal Left promised the Black population new lives, more jobs, better LIVING CONDITIONS. None of that happened. The inner city Black neighborhoods still are crime filled and kids quit school so young the only people they can fall back on are the gangs and drugs. What has improved there?
        CHICAGO’s Black population experienced almost 60 murders over Christmas time – a supposed time of Peace.

        Take a good hard look at what your muslim brother obama “actually” gave you — nothing. Are you happier in your life today? Is your family happier, more secure from crime, have good paying jobs? No? Amazing how the libs lie and lie and lie and you folks just keep on believing them. That IS ON YOU, NOT THE RIGHT, NOT TRUMP, NOT ANYBODY BUT YOU. Get smarter than the liberals!

        You may not like Trump because you listen to the lying liberal media instead of researching on the web or archives. However, TRUMP WILL MAKE YOUR BLACK LIVES BETTER – AND REALLY DO IT! He is committed to improving our Country – ALL RACES, not just throw empty promises st you – and won’t just “use” your Black race to get votes.

        But you will need to help your race too. Remember: “God helps those that help themselves”? That means you will have to work to achieve a better life – Trump will get you the jobs, but you have to work hard to keep them so YOU can improve your lives!

        There is a lesson in that for all of us. If we want a stronger Nation, we ALL have to get off our butts to make it happen. It will require work and adapting to new things, but it will work. Trump will give us ALL the opportunity to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN — OUR AMERICA, THE PEOPLE’S AMERICA. He wants you and I to be successful and he will not categorize you for profit like the liberals did.

        Have faith! Trump means what he says whereas clinton’s speak was manipulative to make you think she cared (she did NOT – YOU were a means to an end). Sorry to break that bubble, but she never cared about you, me nor our Nation – she just wanted Power and would have destroyed everything that built our Nation and made it strong – because she could.
        God Bless…

        • Pure Bullshit

          • Go ahead. Keep showing your clueless liberal mindset. It won’t help but hurt you now. Our America is going to change for the better for everyone, not just the elitist who really have hurt your race to get where they are.

            Again, are you living better? Does everyone in your family have a “good” job? Are your siblings going to a good school or have they quit and are involved with crime. Is your grandmother/mother living in a safe neighborhood where she could walk her little dog if she had one. Ask yourself those questions. Then know if none of them are positive answers, someone has been Politically lying to you to get your vote! Your own party!

            You are free to believe what you want, but atleast find out the “real” truths, not lies. Many of my friends are Black and angry AT the Liberals for all the lies they were promised and never received. They have decided it won’t hurt to see if Trump will keep his promise to give them better lives. They, atleast, are willing to give him a chance. Why? Because they are tired of liberal promises that bend the rules for everyone but them. Think about it. Don’t shrug it off and don’t let your unknowing friends keep you in the dark. Ignorance does that.

            Check it out yourself, read, research, investigate, surround yourself with people WHO WANT A BETTER LIFE AND ARE WILLING TO WORK HARD TO GET IT! Trump will bring the opportunity to do that, you just have to make the “good” choice to grab the brass ring!

            It’s a brand new day in a brand new year and you will be given a chance for a brand new life – we all will be given that chance! The Smart ones will grab the opportunity, while the others will whine that no one cares and feel sorry for themselves. Which one will you be? I’m going for the brass ring!

          • Give the man a chance and we will see. That’s just your opinion and you know what that means, everyone has one.

        • Very well said. Let’s all come together and get it done. AMERICA FIRST!!!! We can do it, if we work together as a TEAM.

  55. easy solution, extend the wall farther north and let it become part of Mexico then call it “Mexifornia”.

  56. Kathleenhfullmer

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  57. Wethepeople Freedomnow

    Inept Eric Holder retired early as US Attorney General or be impeached. Holder owned by marxist George Soros, placed in California, to help threaten a secession, should President Trump intervene legally through The Constitution to turn off the illegal unconstitutional funding of 48 illegal sanctuary cities harboring roughly 6.5 MILLION illegal aliens [FELONS] gaming our welfare system [FELONY] and well over 2 million voted in 2016 elections illegally [a FELONY]…California is a bankrupted state, under inept governance, and as far as The Constitution is concerned American soil, secession is not permissible, illegal aliens must be returned to their country of origin as per The Constitution. Both Soros and Holder are no match for screw political correctness, no nonsense… President Donald Trump

    • Lots of blather without any truth at all.

      • Wethepeople Freedomnow

        Well friend…What part of your so called ‘blather’ is not true…Holder…Soros… Constitution… California’s 48 illegal sanctuary cities…6.5 million illegal aliens residing in California….t2 million illegals that voted illegally…California being bankrupted? Please do challenge… But please don’t give us one liners…LOTS OF BLATHER WITHOUT ANY TRUTH AT ALL, implies, my friend, you know nothing abound what’s happening to our Country and you should! Have a nice day… my friend.

        • You hold the burden of proof on all the shit you spewed, shitstain. All the imaginary felonies you made up. Just STFU.

          • Wethepeople Freedomnow

            incorrect my friend, you dispute it, ball is in your court. STFU, whatever the heck that means ditto to you!

          • It means shut the fuck up, dumbass.

          • Wethepeople Freedomnow

            We see you were not taught any manners in your upbringing and haven’t learned any as an adult, you should. Only immature individuals start cursing when they cannot converse with others intelligently without resorting to cusses. Grow up Son and learn, then discuss matters as an adult. Have a nice life and this ends any further communique with us!

      • Facts to prove your word please.

  58. AlabamaSouthernBelle

    Does the whole state of California rely on a script written for them to even walk or think? Everyday in the paper something even more stupid than the day before shows up. They’ve lived in their little make believe world so long, they don’t know how to deal with real life or know what world they really live in.

  59. What does one expect from the land of nuts and fruits. Holder for prison!

  60. well I’m just waiting for all the normal law abiding legal americans people to leave ca. then all we’ll need is a big enough earthquake to float it out in the ocean way way out in the ocean for good

    • Sick bastard. Some are waiting for the neighborhood of Trump Tower to look like Venice. He is doing his part to accelerate global warming and make it hapoen.

      • global warming is a hokes and a proven one at that started by john kerry and that queer idiot obama we are finely getting rid of out of the white house and finely putting a true American in it just in time …I haft to give obama credit though he came closer to destroying America as anyone else has ever done with the help of hillary the lizzy clinton but they didn’t gitter done and they’ll never have another chance yahoo…go TRUMP make us great again

        • You are clearly an uneducated hillbilly, so I will cut you some slack. Just try to stay celibate and not further pollute the gene pool passing on your idiot genes.

          • Well, Bill, do you have any proof that Dude is uneducated or have you just solidified the impression that you are totally ignorant?

  61. California seems to have a taste for crap, they re-elected jerry brown which they should have flushed down the sewer, and now they want more crap with eric holder.

  62. Screw Holder and the Dem. Donkey he rode in on!! He’s more Uppity Azzed than O’Bamm Bamm!

  63. The assumption that all Californians follow this line of thinking is just plain wrong. Some do follow your like of thinking, but many don’t. Blanket statements never apply.

  64. This group of Pedophile Loving, Bigoted, Elitist, Racist need to be removed immediately if not sooner, Pure Scum as well at that thing Jerry Brown, if brown flush is down

  65. It’s funny. “The people who elected us”. Were they all illegal? Law? Forget it.
    Holder is an outlaw. What a waste of time and money.
    DOJ will just skip the complexities and do what it can. Trump will build a wall.

  66. This is assuming holder does not get prosecuted for providing guns to drug cartels in the “fast and furious” scam. It is a felony to sell guns to criminals, especially drug cartels. I certainly would promote such an indictment.

  67. Mary Lee Norris Cobabe

    Too bad for the people in California who have to pay so much taxes that go to waste on stupidity like this ! (I am glad i do not live there any more !

  68. Defending the people’s rights from the fascist dictator Trump is a publicity stunt? Some of us love the country enough to fight. Thank you , Eric Holder.

  69. Fuck all you right wing racists up the ass.

  70. Michelle Minze-Bryant

    Technically, regarding some things, the power is going back to the States, so, why in the world put the cart before the horse right now. A bunch of panty waste cry babies who want to cry without any reason. Well, as soon he cleans the swamp, I guess they’ll have to worry then. But as for states as far as their rights, they should get some back, so shut the f up!

  71. There sure are a lot of RepunliFascist dopes here.

  72. BILL FULTZ:What you is my man,is wun o dem obumer brayn washt fuus.So,what you say don mak me no nevamind.Did i post this so that you can understand it,i know that it is very difficult for a liberal to comprehend any thing posted in english,especially if its not on a teleprompter such as your hero barry buttface uses.

  73. How many DEA agents were killed with the guns this maggot ran Into Mexico he belongs on death row Father Trump are you listening ?

  74. It goes to show how stupid and unintelligent the California legislature is.

  75. Trump is a treasonous turd. He will be impeached before his un-American ass knows what happened.

  76. Holder told Ca that he will run guns with them again.

  77. Eric Holder has been hired to help the very wealthy owners of mega-corporations cobble together a California secession plan they can sell to the migrants and low-information crowd.
    The State is under the impression that he knows the Constitution and the Law so their exit from the US will allow them to scarf up all the money from trade deals with other nations. Trump knows the Us is being scammed on trade agreements as well as loans and many ultra-rich Californians [Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer, for example] are aiding and abetting the scam as long as they get plenty of money from it.
    Maybe Holder’s chits or markers in DC play a part in it.
    This is pure gambling at the highest level.

  78. Like I said before, Just another creep that should have been thrown in prison for TREASON, and being a TRAITOR to the American People by having his “surrogates” selling weapons to enemies of the U.S.

  79. California politicians all need special investigations on their finances. Questions they asked cabinet nominees should be turned back on them. Feinstein procures money from the military for uniforms, MAXINE WATERS 15 million dollars for her husbands failing bank. HOLDER should be investigated thoroughly also. Term limits also would be helpful.

  80. Don’t they realize that doing things like this made people angry and that’s why they lost? They are idiots.

  81. Holder’s “Fast and Furious” gave Mexican Cartels hundreds of guns paid for by American taxpayers and one of the guns was used to kill a border patrol officer. The only person dumber than Holder, is Obama. California deserves Obama and Holder.

  82. Leave it to CA to be Anti-U.S.A. in declaring the marxist, muslim, & illegal foreigner support for invasion on all the Patriotic U.S. Citizens that protect the Constitution and National Security .. ! More bo type libtard treason & racism costing tax payers more wasted money for democrat libtards whims & ways in a dictators hell !

  83. A small group of contiguous States, with the RIGHT legislators, could render California impotent! We need to demand our States support our President!

    • We certainly should have input into just how many of our tax dollars a stupid liberal state govt like that of CA should be able to suck from the pool we all have to draw from.

      • Good point. Money should be spread around equitably, not as a bribe.

        • Absolutely, things will change down the road. Chock the funding they will sing a different tune and they will come around. It will be hard for them at first, but they will get the message.

  84. Simple solution! Don’t give them federal $ each time they violate our constitution, our laws and just see how long the commie state survives. It’s time to clean up America and California has plenty of swamp that needs draining! It’s becoming obvious these misfits want a revolution and are not Americans.

  85. Eric Holder is a criminal as for as I’m concerned! He made a RELLY bed showing in the recent past! Why in hell would moonbeam and his cohorts even consider hiring this man? Should the people have a right to vote on his appointment!

  86. Eric Holder zzzzz what a disgrace to our country like so many Obama forced on us. Racist, opportunist and crooks. The country of California hired him as a foreign agent to stir up trouble or create more havoc

  87. You got to remember that eric was in charge of one of the greatest cover up scandals in our history,,,,called Fast and Furious.

  88. Once again, the democrats of California prove they are more interested in their agenda than the people of the state.
    With high tax retaes, businesses and people leaving, the coffers are going down. The state will colapse with the waste of money on looking good and being the leader in insanity

  89. It would be refreshing to hear Demonazis stand up for and defend we the people as they do the ILLEGALS.

  90. California is one F—-ed-up state

  91. That POS still has his license? Unbelievable!


  93. “We have an obligation to defend the people who elected us” – Given the illegal status of the people they are protecting, is it unreasonable to assume that those just might be the people who illegally “elected” them?

  94. California is screwed if they think Holder can defend their sanctuary cities from Trump.

  95. He is as crooked as Obama and Hillary

  96. I need to get out of this state.

  97. Well now, aren’t we surprised; California liberal legislators spending tax $ on really important things, like Holder, bullet trains and on and on. Most expensive state in the country to live and or work. If I could hit the delete button and solve the problem I’d only have to delete San Francisco and Los Angeles, I wish.

  98. I am so grateful that Trump won. I was born in California and have lived here most of my 86 years. I think California should go along with Trump and support him. The hiring of Eric Holder is one of the dumbest things California has done. I’m ashamed of them.

  99. This is what happens when you legalize Marijuana!!!

  100. California looks like a BIG Target for God’s wrath to be poured out. See…God doesn’t change! He still hates the same sin He did from the beginning.

  101. CA is a mess .

  102. Why does the left consistently reward criminals? Holder has been given a free pass like Killery.

  103. vindictive, arrogant, liar, ignorant, immoral, baby killer, cheat, American hater, muslim lover, racist, = Obama

  104. I thought California said and preached that if Trump got elected for president that they would recede from the union. Why are they not gone yet??? Inciting riots and protests that we all know will lead to violence and maybe even death should be stopped and ALL THOSE LOSERS ARRESTED and charged with inciting riots against the POTUS. That I would think is considered a felony. No o e is above the law…Time to show these idiots they can’t get what they want when AMERICA HAS VOTED FOR OUR NEW PRESIDENT. WE HAVE SPOKEN. We put up with out complaints for their choice of Obama but we were adults about it. Grow up Dems..Quit your pouting and crybaby ways and get a life. You are an embarrassment to our. Country and make America look foolish in the eyes of the world.

  105. This gun running roach belongs In jail years ago !

  106. So the state is 1 TRILLION in debt. High Speed Rail is a political disaster riddled with massive political malfeasance, machinations, and most importantly illegal shenanigans and they are now wasting money (they do not have) on a subpar legal dolt for what gain? I know political pay offs! LALA land keeps on giving while taking and sucking the blood out of the taxpayer’s giving it to illegal criminals! Damn, how’s that working moonbeam?

  107. California is going to get just exactly what they deserve. I feel bad for the Republicans that live there. I still think that Nancy Pelosi should have to put up a bunch of the illegals at her house and feed them out of her pocket.

  108. And the total combined IQ of all of CA just dropped another 69 points! There is no intelligent life left there. And when the Big One hits the next time, I hope it takes the capital and all the polecats out there along with 90% of the illegal immigrants too!

  109. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    To kill the snake you nut off the head, but beware, the body can still strangle you. Even after he has left the White House, after eight years in ropes and chains Hussein Obama’s hate and rage Agenda of REVENGE will linger on. Such is the mentality of the beast. HATE, RAGE and REVENGE. Even the wicked whore of Babylon riding the beast with the seven heads and the ten horns will keep on ramping and raving in the wake of her defeat. Such is the mentality of a poor loser.

  110. That goofball of a state does not need lawyers, they need mental health doctors and they need a bunch of nut houses. And straight jackets for the politicians.

  111. Roy Fredrichsen

    California is so left wing they are almost right of center. They are the hot-bed of democratic demogrogery being the instigators of divisiveness. No wonder Washington needs to have “THE SWAMP” drained. They cannot agree on anything except raising as much wasteful noise as possible. Feinstein in particular.

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