California Hires Eric Holder in Anti-Trump Publicity Stunt

The California legislature announced Wednesday that they were retaining the outside counsel of former Attorney General Eric Holder in preparation for a long legal war against President Donald Trump.

“With the upcoming change in administrations, we expect that there will be extraordinary challenges for California in the uncertain times ahead,” California Democrats Kevin de León and Anthony Rendon said in a statement. “This is a critical moment in the history of our nation. We have an obligation to defend the people who elected us and the policies and diversity that make California an example of what truly makes our nation great.”

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, de León said California was poised to fight Trump on a range of issues.

“[Holder] will be our lead litigator, and he will have a legal team of expert lawyers on the issues of climate change, women and civil rights, the environment, immigration, voting rights – to name just a few,” de León said.

Normally, a state’s “lead litigator” would be the attorney general, but apparently Democrat lawmakers don’t have much confidence in Xavier Becerra, who will be taking that post upon confirmation.

Or, more likely, they wanted to do something that would put them in the headlines and make it look like they are the country’s leading sword against the Great Menace of Donald J. Trump. Lots of political capital to be gathered over the next couple of years as Democrats fish around for a potential breakout star. No better way to accrue it than to battle it out with Trump on the front pages of the newspapers.

Republicans in the California legislature saw the stunt for what it was and called the Democratic leadership out on the ploy.

“This is a distraction from the very real problems facing everyday Californians,” said Assembly GOP leader Chad Mayes in a statement. “Donald Trump did not cause California’s transportation crisis, nor did he play a role in our state’s sky-high housing costs. Democrats should focus on solving these real-world problems instead of wasting tax-payer money to score political points before the president-elect even takes office.”

As far as we can tell, though, Californians seem to love seeing their taxpayer dollars go towards leftist causes, no matter how absurd or intangible. We aren’t likely to see “Cal-exit” in our lifetime, but their politics already make them unlike any other state in the union.

If we were going to see the cretins of the Obama years pop up anywhere, it’s no surprise that it would be California.


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