California Governor Pardons Two Illegal Immigrants On Verge of Deportation

In a move that is guaranteed to escalate the tensions developing between the Trump administration and the Democrat-controlled California political leadership, Gov. Jerry Brown announced this weekend that he was issuing a pardon to two illegal immigrants who were next in line to be deported back to their home countries. Brown, who made no effort to hide the fact that he was pardoning the immigrants as much for the political statement that it made as for the “acts of mercy” they symbolized, has been one of the country’s biggest pro-illegal immigration politicians, making him a constant thorn in Trump’s side.

From the Sacramento Bee:

The Democratic governor moved as federal officials in recent months have detained and deported immigrants with felony convictions that resulted in the loss of their legal residency status, including many with nonviolent offenses that occurred years ago.

With the pardons, the reason for applicants’ deportations may be eliminated, said attorney Kevin Lo of Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Asian Law Caucus, which represented some of the men in a recent class-action lawsuit.

The pardoned immigrants will still need to ask immigration courts to reopen their cases, he said.

The two men were not convicted of serious crimes – one was busted for “felony joyriding” and the other for a weapons charge in 1995 – but they were nonetheless set to be deported back to Cambodia on Monday. Now that Brown has issued the pardons, those deportations may not take place.

Which, don’t get us wrong – that’s fine. It literally doesn’t matter. What’s important here is not that these two specific men get pardoned or deported or shot off to the moon in a NASA rocket. What’s important is that state leaders like Brown see it in their voters best interests to oppose federal immigration law at every possible opportunity and in every possible way. And they’re willing to use pardons, new laws, litigation, and sanctuary policies to do so.

But to what end? Who benefits, other than people who are not supposed to be in this country in the first place? Who are these voters who are demanding that Democrats put everything on the line to protect illegal immigrants? We don’t get it, we won’t ever get it, and we actually refuse to believe there IS any such demand. This is a donor-driven issue, and the money is coming from Chamber of Commerce affiliated businesses who are making too much moolah off the backs of illegal immigrants to survive a serious crackdown.

Well. It’s getting ridiculous and it’s getting dangerous. 2018 needs to be the year Trump fully makes good on his lofty immigration promises, and Republicans in Congress need to be right by his side. This has gone on long enough.



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  1. On a side note, Jerry Brown unveiled the New California State Flag proudly featuring the new state mascot.

    Ardilla de Fuego..

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    • Hysterical and right on the money…love it.

  2. Forced secession would be the answer for America….

    CA no longer follows the Constitution. We no longer have the right to keep and bear arms. We are taxed without representation, and controlled by one party, a communist party.

  3. The State’s Pardon can be over ruled by Trump if they violated Federal Law. If so, Trump needs to put this guys in Federal prison.

  4. Just Deport them , We do not need them ! We have a whole pack of Somalians that are nothing but trouble ,Columbus does not need them ! Stick with Trump ! Cut out the UN spending , We have paid off most of world debt since WW 2 , They have been rebuilt!

  5. Why do you the People of CA keep voting for Brown, Pelosi, and the others? Do you really agree with these people?

    • It’s the liberals and the politicians, 90%liberal, who have taken over…we will NEVER recover. My town is very conservative but most of California, filled with illegals WHO DO VOTE, have taken over, it’s depressing and disgusting at the same time.

      • AMEN. You could arrest 20 percent of Cal. and still have a crooked gov and illegals to contend with.Don,t forget Hollywood while your at it ………….

      • California needs to be put under a “federal receivership order” where the federal government controls everything they do, financially and legally. It’s sort of a version of marshall law enforcement when the governor of a state deliberately defies federal laws. Put Moonbeam in Leavenworth. He wouldn’t last a week without needing to be put into an asylum.

      • Who is responsible for letting them vote. Are the illegals, foreigners and blacks the majority in ca.

        • The politicians are responsible for letting them vote. No ID is required. As to your second question…it’s getting that way.

    • Sheeple here are too stupid and buried in their devices to think about who governs them. They blissfully go from day to day. without reading a paper (all liberal) or watch any news programs on TV (all liberal except Fox). Now Brown and his liberal cohorts have loaded up the State with illegals, given them drivers licenses and soon, free medicaid. Can you spell “voter fraud yet”? It is now a one party banana republic.

      Most smart people have moved out. Businesses are fleeing to other States. We are the 6th highest taxed State in the Union. We have the highest poverty rate and the lowest graduation rate in the country. This was a wonderful place to live 50 years ago. Then they started voting democratic believeing the give away lies of the democrats.

      • Fox has turned left too; try One America News instead. It’s on line or if you have Roku it has an app there.

        • Only a few on FOX are decent and a few on FOX Business, otherwise they are left of center. OAN is terrific. Provides m much more news than any other news outlet and it’s accurate.

        • Yes, I watch OAN daily. I watch two or three Fox shows, Brett Baier, Tucker Carlson, and Mark Steyn. None of those are liberal. Shepard Smith is but 2-3 hours a day of news is MORE than enough for me.

    • Because they are members of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization.

    • They are all wack jobs.

    • Jane, pull up the list of ‘elected Calif officials” and you immediately see how “Brown, Pelosi and others”

      are elected. Nor Cal doesn’t stand a chance unless COS gets lucky!

      • You do realize that Nor Cal is in almost as bad of shape as we are? The whole area from Big Sur up and past the Bay Area over to sac town is way more populated than the rural areas and that’s who votes in the likes of pelosi, Gavin and moonbeam.
        I’m in Kern County and we are one of the most conservative counties in the state….it doesn’t do much good though. LA County dwarfs us. We are better off than them though. At least our head Sheriff Donny thinks it’s our duty to take, pass our test and conceal carry.

    • Because 3/4 of the ballots are invalid, only living U.S. citizens can vote and only vote once, even if you own a house in 2 or more different districts within the same state you can only vote once in a Gubernatorial race.

      Same rule applies to U.S. Senators the 1 vote per state and the Presidency 1 vote period, popular vote my sweet add when it comes to how corrupt states like CaliMexifornia and NY are who do you think will win in a Presidential race.

    • We don’t but the illegals do.

    • No but the illegals & Refugees Do..!!! they have been given Calif Driver’s Licenses not marked undocumented by Jerry the Fart Bagger Brown..!!

    • You know the old saying birds of a feather flock together. The people that keep voting them in are flakes and are clueless. I understand they are now a sanctuary state, now hopefully all the illegals will flock to Ca. it will be interesting when they are not funded by our govt. how they are going to pay for all these people to feed and house them. Maybe Moonbeam will use the money he stole from the taxpayer`s.

  6. Hey jerry in case you have not noticed the FIRES from the wrath of GOD are coming for you😎

  7. Jerry Brown still is Governor Moonbeams.

    • His first term (years ago) created the expression, “California has ‘Brown’ Rot ‘”…an agricultural term for a ‘bad peach’. I can’t believe he won again. I live in CA and the Fruits and Nuts are multiplying.

  8. He can pardon for the state, but not for the federal crime of illegally entering the country for which he will still be deported. He will leave this country pardoned by a governor for sins committed against his fellow Californians. So he can go home feeling good about himself. So sweet.

  9. It is clear that Moonbeam and the Californicator caciques have done a deal with the Mexican ruling class. After secession and Anschluss, the Mexican PRI and our democrats will merge to form one massively corrupt and permanently ruling party that will seek to detach as much as possible of the old United States and annex it to the new state of Aztlan. If enough gang members, drug gang soldiers and released violent felons can be brought over the border and the full crop of “dreamers” (actually sleepers) and anchor babies can be mobilized in the rest of the country, the rest of the states may fall, particularly if the now openly hostile United Nations intervenes militarily as it has long itched to do. Standing behind President Trump is the real “resistance” – resistance to communism, resistance to military conquest, resistance to political deconstruction and resistance to cultural transformation.

    • Don’t forget the ones with all the legal guns too.

    • All of these, except Communism (which he, in his ignorance, fails to be aware of the vast difference with Democratic Socialism) are not true.

      • The “vast difference” between communism and “democratic socialism” is that the “democratic socialist” is a communist who hasn’t shot anyone today. As for the rest, any source of news other than MSNBC, CNN and the New York “Pravda” and Washington “Izvestia” of the deep state will confirm this to be true.

  10. This lowlife anti American rat is aiding in the escape of a felon from federal law enforcement. If the justice dept. had any boofs they would charge this rat with a federal crime and put him behind bars and his cronies. If th illegal commits another crime then the gov. Rat should be also charged with accessory before the fact of that crime. Justice depth. can easily put an end to these sanctuary rats quickly by putting them in a federal prison with the criminals they are having a love affair with. Same cells for convenience.

  11. Gov. Moonbeam strikes again! Jerry, if you love those illegals so much, make sure that you keep them in your pathetic state of Californicate! I don’t want them living anywhere near me!

  12. This fool has been the death of California.

    • The fools that voted in all the socialist’s have been the death of a once great state, they have turned it into a third world hellhole…and the water dams are falling out of the mountains its so bad here.

  13. West Central Texas Cowboy

    Under the “Pickering Decision” June 11, 2003, Cite as 23 I&N Dec. 621 (BIA 2003) Interim Decision #3493, Governor Jerry Brown is now complicit in a federal charge of “obstruction of justice, evidence tampering and harbouring criminal aliens”. Get off your dead arse Jeff Sessions, stop this crap and prosecute this commie bastardo.

  14. Adding -abetting to cal’ criminal is violation of standard law! Jail house for governor!

  15. Go arrest Governor Brown and any lawyers that are involved in this illegal action and take them to federal court. Immigration is the purview of the federal government not the state level.

  16. ALL municipal employees, elected or otherwise, who violate Federal Law should be arrested and jailed by Federal Marshalls and prosecuted in Federal Court to the full extent of the law. It would only take a conviction or two to stop this insanity. They continue their illegal activity because they know they can get away with it, and it’s high time the so called Justice Department did it’s job and stopped them.

    • DO IT NOW!

    • GREAT IDEA! (and long overdue) Throw these lawbreakers into their OWN prisons that are full of the crooks THEY helped send there. (and we will see how long THEY last)

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    • Got to find session’s first!!

    • Wishing our governor and many of these dimwited liberal politicians here in Kalifornistan would be prosecuted of breaking the law (Federal).

    • you took the words right out of my mouth.
      these people NEED to be prosecuted!!
      Jeff Sessions…………..WHERE ARE YOU???

    • From what I understand though being in this nation illegally is not a Federal offense otherwise Moon Beam Brown would not have the authority to grant a pardon that would lie within the realm of Executive power meaning Donald would have to grant the pardon.

      • Where in the world did you get that impression? Immigration is governed only by federal laws. That is why liberal LE people don’t have to take them into custody or even ask for proof of legally being in the US. Beyond that Brown can and should be prosecuted.

      • I don’t know where your understanding comes from – it must be from a liberal socialist communist democrat lemming troll source.

    • You are absolutely correct. Immigration is governed by Federal law and Moonbeam has no authority when it comes to federal law. Moonbeam should be arrested for impersonating a federal official in addition to being a total asshole. Trump should direct Sessions to prosecute Brown to the fullest extent of the law.

    • Problem of trying the Californians in Federal court is most if not all would be heard in the Ninth Circuit Court. Innocent by reason of irrationality on the bench.

  17. By whose authority, ugly lefturd idiot??
    Brown, another sob pos who thinks he’s God!

  18. We all knew back east Jerry Brown was a cook from day one. The Americans in California had to know, so how the hell did they put him in office. Outside of liberal spending for un Americans he has destroyed one the most beautiful States in the Union. When I was younger after the war people were flocking to live there, now normal people are leaving in the numbers. ????????

  19. When you look at the California government – from Jerry Brown to Nancy Pelosi – with “Mad Max” Crazy assed Maxine Waters in the mix is there any wonder why California is so screwed up. I don’t feel sorry for them as they have continued to re-elect these morons again and again – they get what they deserve. California has an almost trillion dollar debt and 34% of ALL the people in the United States that receive food stamps live in California. I see businesses with high paying hi tech jobs leaving that state – the good paying jobs are going. The people with any brains/the taxpayers are going – California is going to be left with the lunatic fringe and the illegals ALL looking for handouts. It’s a pity we can get the good people out and replace them with the rest of the left wing loons from around the country – they would be free to secede even if a little push is necessary then they could form their own country – the IRC – Idiotic Republic of Calimexafornicatia. I think it would be a win win – they will be free to fail and the rest of us will be free to move on. As they will be anti-American and America haters NO U.S. monetary aid.

    • I agree 100% The state of california should be isolated from our country then they can fill it with the illegals and no funding from the govt. They can use the money they stole from the tax payers to feed and house them.

      • Also look at the housing left for the illegals, as the Feds will have to close how many fed offices and military bases?

        • Well, I can assure you that many cities in California would go bankrupt if the federal government pulls out. San Diego being one of them.

    • Yeah! And the border with CalCom is smaller than that with Canada
      and Mexico!!

    • Excellent post what I can`t understand is why an idiot like Brown and the rest of them can defy a president and do what they want to. Why do judges have the power to over rule the president of our country.

  20. I realize that what this idiot is doing is the dumbest thing ever. He is pardoning an illegal for a felony he committed in California to keep him from triggering a deportation! Gov Brown is the most ignorant SOB to ever serve in an official capacity…ever!

    • Great post thats why Trump is draining the swamp rats out so we can fill it with fresh water. sorry to say most of the flakes are from california. Jerry Brown is a good example of an anti american swamp rat that has to be removed. He is just a brainless idiot.

    • it is long overdue for the people of California (the patriotic ones that is) to have a recall of Governor Brown. He is slowly eroding the rights of state citizens. He has passed laws which violate the 2nd amendment in that he has indeed infringed on the right to bear arms. Time to get him out of office.

      • No Repub has it in him to run against the libs in this state. Last time we voted we had the choice of two libs. Pray for a miracle. Thank God we’ve finally got a great American in office now!!

    • More Again than ever. He was just as bad the first time around, but then dems took over.

  21. Brown is a constant, piercing thorn in EVERYONE’S SIDE!!!!

  22. Trump wants to protect the country. Brown wants to make himself look tough.

  23. Unless I’m mistaken Federal law “TRUMPS” californacate law (pun intended). Brown must be guilty of some if not all of what West Texas Cowboy says in the next response. Deport them anyway they are ILLEGALS.

  24. This corrupt governor made a deal with these criminal illegals to vote democrat, so he’s sacrificing the people’s safety for his own evil political empire!

  25. no one is doing anything about this crap. brown has never been any good for government service

  26. He looks at as two more votes for me (Jerry). The only reason this governor and all the liberal politicians let this stuff slide is because they get a vote from the illegals even though the shouldn’t vote. The only way liberals can win an election is gaining votes from ineligible voters.

  27. The feds should go in and arrest these men based on the fact that they broke federal law and deport them. At the same time they should arrest Governor “Moonbeam” Brown for defying federal law.

  28. Well, CA did not get the name Land of Fruits, Nuts, & Flakes for no reason. Jerry Brown, refuse to refer to him as Governor, should be removed from office, arrested & put in jail for breaking Federal Law, if not stripped of his citizenship & deported. It is well known he is a commie & has more than a few screws loose. You could not pay me to live in LaLa Land. Wish they would follow thru on seceding from the USA!

  29. PatriotParatrooper

    There should be a law passed that states all illegals are clandestine invaders, then anyone that harbors or helps these invaders is tried for treason.

    • Or shot. I have tried to explain the difference between Illegal and Legal to the left wing loons like this – If someone is your house LEGALLY they are a guest and welcome. If someone is in your house ILLEGALLY they are crooks and up to no good. I don’t know if it will ever sink in though.

      • Of course, just execute them, never mind the messy and inconvenient Due Process, just like the despots in Russia, Turkey and the Philippines that Trump admires.

  30. Thank you Governor Jerry Brown for welcoming these two deportees into your home, to play with your pets, relatives and especially you!


  32. Can the federal government not charge him with a crime? He’s disobeying the law! I wish they could do something to put him in his place! One of the higher courts has already told the Justice Dept that they can’t withhold federal funding. Anybody that gets hurt, or has a family member killed by an illegal, needs to sue the state of Ca.

  33. What the hell does that even mean, he’s an illegal alien deport forthwith. When a member of Governor Moonbeam’s family is killed he will change his mind and blame President Trump for the killing.

  34. Brown and Gavin Gaysome Newsome should be run out of office, and the whole state Government investigated for the crimes that they perpetrated , and the money that was used for their crimes , witch where for other things like our roads , but was used for their special interest, like taking away our gun rights as law abiding citizens, but they do nothing about real criminals and their guns that are either stolen or gotten on the black gun running market, then when the money is running short they implement more taxes on the people , and some of the taxes are on the top of taxes that are in place already, the hell with the fools all of them, Democraps in office , THEY NEED TO GO …………………….

    • The GOP MUST organize a team of members and place them in CA where they can educate CA citizens as to why they should no longer vote Democratic but should change to being GOP folks. It could work if enough money is infused. This team can point out the criminal actions of Pelosi, Waters and Feinstein.

  35. If you wish to beat partisan boobs like Brown build the wall! Brown survives on new immigrant voters and has no problem making you and I pay for their stay!

  36. Brown should be deported, somewhere…pie in the sky land.

    • Jerry Brown is one of the U.F.O `s Harry Reid spent millions of tax payer dollars on to research . Both Brown and Reid should be shot back to outer space where they came from with Pelosi, Hillary, Rosie and the rest of the crazies from Calif. And last but not least Obama.

  37. ALL Federal funding should be ‘stopped’—–let that state burn down. First of all, that murdering illegal alien kills Ms Steinle and now this?! Well, if things go according to plan, the bad health news coming from this demented governor (his days may soon be numbered) may he soon rot in hell.
    PLEASE GOV MOONBEAM homosexual Brown—Secede —CalExit NOW!

  38. Jerry’s def outlived his functionality since he’s just added 2 counts of felony ‘obstruction’ charges to his (old and grey) curriculum vitae. Someone get a metal cross so we can burn the image into this Jesuits’ forehead…

  39. Is it legally possible for a State Governor to pardon for federal crimes (ie- illegal immigration and illegal presence in the US)? I don’t really know.

  40. Since when can a State Gov. overlook that those criminals are in Federal custody? Gov. Moonbeam thinks who he is, & he’s a POS for sure! Why Calif. puts up with this moron makes you wonder.

  41. First off, people here ILLEGALLY are NOT “immigrants” they are INVADERS! That makes them criminals the instant they set foot on our soil; no excuses! Second, every day they remain here illegally, they are compounding that first crime with an host of others from identity theft to fraud, and just plain theft. These are NOT “nice people” deserving of anyone’s protection. Then there’s the fact that the majority of them openly HATE America and Americans. It’s past time that DoJ cracks down on these law breaking “governments” whether cities, counties, or states and the Chambers of Commerce that are fueling them to get cheaper labor. Arrest those who make these “laws” in opposition to the Constitution and violate the laws contained therein as well as the US Code. In the meanwhile, shut off all Federal funding to them; why should law abiding Americans continue to fund their illegal acts against our wills?

  42. Just what you would expect out of this clown. When they end up committing crimes in his fruity city I assume he will have a dumb answer.

  43. Lets not let a moonbeam “pardon” stop the deportation, Notch their ears so they’ll be easily identified as sneak-ins if they should attempt reentry and ship ’em out on the nest bus leaving. (Too bad we can’t send illegal loving Moonbeam with them.)

  44. Well, well, well, we don’t want to hear any sob stories when they go out and murder someone. You all voted for Brown, man up and deal with it. I’m so glad I don’t live in California, land of liberal idiots.

  45. 8 U.S.C. 1324, which in part contains criminal sanctions for “any person who knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to or entered, or remains in the United States in violation of law, attempts to conceal, harbor or shields from detection, such alien in any place, including any building…or in subsection (iv) encourages or induces an alien to come to, enter, or reside in the United States, knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that such coming to, entry or residence is or will be in violation of law, or (subsection (v)(I) engages in any conspiracy to commit any of the preceding acts or (II) aids or abets the commission of any of the preceding acts shall be fined and imprisoned for up to 5-10 years.” WHY NOT ENFORCE THE LAWS ALREADY ON THE BOOKS

  46. Someone explain to me exactly how a state official has legal jurisdiction over FEDERAL LAW????

    Immigration law is Federal… Moonbeam Brown is State…. can he spell “no legal authority?”
    Read the link above to see the Federal Law that Gov Brown broke, and the punishments for breaking it..
    Time to get serious and hold people who do this accountable legally….

    You decide.. I already did.

  47. That’s our Moonbeam – Brown is a pusillanimous piece of pig dung. The state is being taken over by mexican gangs and moonbeam thinks people driving around too much is a problem.

  48. If looney tunes Brown can pardon criminal illegals it should be no problem or stretch for Trump to pardon Flynn for a lie.

  49. Governor/Wuss Moonbeam turns illegals loose. He doesn’t give a damn about federal law, he’s above that. The whole state of California is one big illegal playground, ie., killing at will and getting away with it. Wussy Beam will keep up this crap because he knows nothing will ever be done about it … he and his liberal/commie buddies are hoping for a democrat/commie take over in the next elections.

  50. what in the hell is wrong with California???talk about a bunch of damn morons !!!

  51. Why doesn’t Trump smoke that POS ?

  52. Just goes to show you what hypocrites these left wing turds like Brown are. One of the illegal Mexicans was busted on a weapons charge. Lib lefties are always yapping about outlawing guns. But apparently they have no problem with guns if they’re owned by illegal criminals.

  53. Imprison Brown for obstruction of justice. He is an intentional lawbreaker that needs to be dealt with. That is an act of treason.

  54. Which is why being in this nation illegally needs to be categorized as a Federal offense which means no state governor would have the authority to grant a pardon.

    The state of CaliMexifornia needs to be put under lockdown, Martial law no 1 in and no 1 out.

    • Good point. In the first place, the crossing of an international border illegally, even if it is also is a state line, is a federal offence, not just a state one. I would think that the federal law trumps (no jest) the state one, and if the state interferes with the federal operations, there should be some serious reprocutions

  55. Glad CA Gov. is so generous with criminal elements…that still isn’t an end-around Federal Law. Now, get the Fed’s to pick them up and deport their criminal backsides. Fed Law still Trumps State Law for federal crimes. The state has forgiven them, not the Fed’s…..poor babies.

  56. Federal court justices are crusaders of the NWO/OWO themselves you would have to charge them for failure to follow the law themselves and that time is way past due.

  57. Obama’s DOJ crucified Arizona’s Sheriff Arpiao for upholding Federal law and deporting them. Trumps DOJ needs to go after Moonbeam the same way

  58. It is all about money, nothing else! Brown is nothing more then a criminal himself. Sad what California is becoming!

  59. Governor Moonbeam thinks he can do as he pleases. Why do you think the California debt is over the top. He is your typical Leftist — who runs things by the seat of his pants with no vision or research to back his actions. What a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT for California!

    Interestingly, many long time residents are leaving that state to live elsewhere that uses intelligence not pot smoking parties to decide legislation.

    So sad for those residents that think that all states are run like Cali. They definitely aren’t – except for Michigan that seems to think along the same loser lines of over taxation and environmental hyper issues.

    Many states put their people first. Don’t hold your breath, that’s not going to happen in Cali any time soon.

  60. These 2 illegals should have a bounty out on them at once, dead or alive, and Brown should face some king of jail time for his treasonous acts against our Constitution!

  61. Things will not get any better in the CaliFORNICATE state as long as the voters keep on supporting the out- in -left field democRATS. As I have stated many times before, any country that does not control its borders is DOOMED.
    And we are well on our way. I would love to see them secede–once the conservatives leave for a saner state.

  62. If either of these criminals that Gov Moonbeam pardoned injures or kills anyone – Governor “Moonbeam” Brown needs MUST be held personally responsible for their actions!

  63. Who died and named Jerry Brown-noser the head of Law and Order in America? He and that idiot in NYC should be deported from our country for putting all our citizens in danger by not following the federal laws regarding the deportation of illegals. If they are committing crimes, then they can be given the option of agreeing to deportation or our death penalty choices.

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  65. When they come back in (as they always do) and commits more crime, Gov should go straight to prison for facilitating their crimes.

  66. The governor of California is a disgrace. He is putting two dangerous criminal illegals back on the streets instead of having them deported. This is all the more reason to vote liberals like crazy moonbeam out!!! Deport do not support!!! The American people and taxpayer do not want illegals!!!


  68. sandraleesmith46, you are correct. OANN IS THE BEST. LOVE GRAHAM LEDGER’S

  69. California resident and this should surprise no one..Jerry Brown is nothing more then a piece of shit. History will look down on Mopnbeam brown when they start cutting those pensions…Now that will be fun

  70. Brown needs to be arrested and put in jail to await trial.

  71. Who and what authorized this “person” to pardon anyone? . now what citizen has the fortitude to file and back up legal actions against this person????

  72. Jerry Brown of California, Rohm Emanuel of Chicago, Gov Cuomo of NY and Mayor De blasio of NY City, should all be arrested on Treason charges. They have done everything they can to protect illegal criminals, MS 13 Gang members, and Muslim terrorists over legal Americans.
    Sick excuses for Americans.

  73. The Moonbeams should be charged with obstruction of justice .

  74. I have an idea. Let Jerry Brown and Maxine Watters take the illegals place on the deportation list.

  75. The Governor’s Pardon for illegal acts does not prevent deportation by Federal authority.





    *COUNTIES* Election Map !!!
    *RESPECT* THAT !!!

  78. Deport them anyways

  79. JW Butch Brakebill

    Mr. Trump is an ELECTED official. He did not win by POPULAR vote, but through a out-dated Constitutional technicality/legality. The devisiveness in our nation is PROOF that our democratic republic is broken and needs to be brought up to date with the technology that presently exists.

    We no longer light our rooms with candles and oil lamps, we no longer use the Pony Express, we don’t dip feathers in ink to write nor do we sail across oceans anymore. We NO LONGER NEED to elect people to go to a central destination to “carry” the votes of the constituents. TECHNOLOGY has made our system of government OBSOLETE!

    We NEED a new style of democratic republic that allows EVERY citizen to have a vote on EVERY ISSUE or proposed bill for law. Mr. Trump is a President, NOT a dictator.

    My view, being only ONE VOTE in 230+ Million citizens is, IF immigrants are in this country, living and working, NOT on welfare – put them on the tax rolls too. AS LONG AS THEY ARE NOT habitual criminal offenders, nor taxing the welfare or healthcare systems, leave them alone. Even ordinary American citizens occasionally cross the paths of the law, but not necessarily for major crimes, such as a barroom brawl or a speeding ticket. Forgive or punish them as you would a natural born citizen. BUT, IF they have been arrested for severe acts of violence, stabbings, killings, drug dealing, felony crimes, etc…, by all means, send them, and their loved ones, back to where they came from. But if they are striving to be good people, hard working, and law abiding citizens – then they are just as good a people as you, your mother, or even our President. In which case – leave them alone. A house divided CANNOT long endure, and we had better resolve our problems, we are being torn apart from the inside out! And as I recall, while campaigning, Mr. Trump also promised that he would bring us together, instead of being a dividing factor to anyone who doesn’t agree with his approach. I prefer he work on that promise.

  80. JW Butch Brakebill

    I just read multiple posts. You people are so filled with such judgmental hatred. I cannot feel anything other than sorry for, pity you. But my point EXACTLY. It’s blind hatred that causes so many problems, and will likely be what brings this nation to it’s knees, or starts another civil war.

  81. Vote Moonbeam out!!!This is all the more reason not to vote for Democrats. They care more about illegals than their own citizens who put them in office and pay their salaries.

  82. This is a fool on a fools errand; a puerile example of the stupidity and ignorance of get-even with President Trump politics. In this case, one of which is damaging America. As Americans we have been suffering from this fad of Sanctuary Cities protection of illegals – everyone involved should be sent to prison – WHAT THEY ARE DOING IS AGAINST THE LAW! This governor should be the first to go to prison, and he should also be charged with every crime committed in his state by illegals as an accessory. Sanctuary City Mayors (AND GOVERNORS, ET AL) Must Go To Prison

  83. I do not understand how the governor of California can pardon someone of a federal crime?!? I understand if it was a crime which broke state laws but not federal laws.

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