California Dems Want to Excuse Black Students For “Willful Defiance”

The perils of disparate impact policies have come home to roost in state after state. Under the Obama administration’s guidance, several states enacted policies meant to bring down the suspension and expulsion rates for black students. They did this not by finding out the root causes of their behavioral issues, of course, but by…well, simply eliminating the suspensions and expulsions. It’s kind of like the left’s view on the illegal immigration crisis. If we just stop criminalizing illegal immigration, why, we no longer have a crisis! It’s like magic.

California Democrats are just stupid enough to believe in this kind of magic, and they are proving it by forwarding a bill that would forbid schools from suspending students who show “willful defiance” of teachers and other school administrators. The reason for this absurd legislation? The same as always: Black students are getting suspended too often.  

“African-American students made up 5.6% of enrollment in California schools in 2017-18, but accounted for 15.6% of willful defiance suspensions,” reports CBS Sacramento. “Conversely, white students made up 23.2% of statewide enrollment but made up only 20.2% of willful defiance suspensions.”

Now, call us crazy. But is it possible – just possible, mind you – that the reason black students are suspended at this rate is because…they commit offenses at this rate? Or is it a foregone conclusion that if we have a suspension rate this out of whack, the only reasonable explanation is that the teachers and school administrators are racists?

If only we had some statistics to show how these “stop suspending black students” policies actually work out in the classroom…

“After New York City made it more difficult to remove troublemakers from the classroom, schools with the highest percentages of minority students were more likely to experience an increase in fighting, gang activity and drug use,” reports the Wall Street Journal. “A federal report on school crime and safety released last year by the National Center for Education Statistics found that 25% of black students nationwide reported being bullied, the highest proportion of any racial or ethnic group.”

How about that. You stop suspending the black kids who are disrupting our educational system, and guess who suffers? The black kids who are actually there to learn.

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