California Dems Sue Trump to Protect Welfare-Leeching Migrants

California, the official sponsor of the illegal invasion of the United States, has decided that they cannot stand idly by and watch President Trump protect the taxpayers of this country from the fleecing they’re being subjected to by poor, welfare-leeching migrants. Proving that they will go out of their way to protect legal immigrants as well as illegal ones, California Democrats seem ready to represent anyone and everyone…as long as they aren’t actually American citizens.

So that’s why San Francisco, Santa Clara County, and the State of California are filing suit against the Trump administration, desperately trying to block the federal government from implementing the “public charge” rule, which would limit green card visa access to immigrants who either take advantage of welfare programs or who seem likely to do so based on their income.

“We think it’s un-American and unlawful, and we believe it would destroy good portions of our economy if we allowed a rule like this to take effect,” said California Attorney General Xavier Becerra. “We rely on the hard work of people who understand what it means to toil and to somehow overcome to be able to have a state like California that’s become the number one state economically for this country, and the fourth- or fifth-largest economy in the world.”

Becerra, who has yet to smell an anti-Trump lawsuit that doesn’t make him salivate, told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that he expects the state’s legal challenges to be successful.

“The process by which it’s being implemented is, we believe, illegal,” he said, suddenly concerned with what is legal and illegal in this country. “The terms it would impose on people we believe are illegal, and we also believe that it violates the Constitution’s equal protection, so under the laws of this country, we don’t believe that rule will stand.”

The Democrats are laughable in their view of the law. The Trump rule is merely enforcing a law that has been on the books since before the turn of the 20th century. It is so eye-opening to see that Democrats have more fidelity to a poem on the Statue of Liberty than to the Constitution of the United States. Apparently we can violate the Second Amendment with free abandon, but God help us if we violate the precious words of poet Emma Lazarus.

There’s no reason why the American taxpayer should be burdened with the responsibility of caring for immigrants who can’t take care of themselves. We hope that the courts will view it the same way, but knowing how the liberal judiciary has handled matters in the Trump Era, we’re not optimistic.

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