California Deals Blow to Pro-Life Groups

The California State Assembly this week passed AB 775, a bill that they are calling the Reproductive Freedom, Accountability, Comprehensive Care and Transparency Act. But while Democrats are insisting that the bill marks a step forward for women’s healthcare, opponents say it is a bill aimed at limiting religious freedom. As part of the bill, pro-life pregnancy centers would be forced to advertise and promote abortion to their patients under threat of a fine.

The wording of the bill states that it requires “a licensed covered facility, as defined, to disseminate a notice to all clients, as specified, stating, among other things, that California has public programs that provide immediate free or low-cost access to comprehensive family planning services, prenatal care, and abortion, for eligible women.”

It has come under attack from groups like the California Family Alliance, which wrote last month that the new regulations would force pregnancy care centers to tell their patients that they could get an abortion as one of their options. As if every single pregnant woman does not already know that abortion is available.

This is another shot across the bow at pro-life Californians who want to offer pregnant women an opportunity to make another choice. But that’s not good enough for abortion advocates. After years of insisting that they should be known as “pro-choice” and not “pro-abortion,” they have stripped off the mask and exposed themselves for the bloodthirsty monsters they really are. They only care about choice insofar as women have the “choice” to get an abortion. Anything that encourages a woman to make an alternative “choice,” they don’t want anything to do with.

It’s disgusting. These organizations – Planned Parenthood the chief offender – are now driven as much by profit as they are by their so-called moral responsibilities. The more women get abortions, the more money they have flowing into the system. They have set up an abortion industry, and their legal efforts are designed to line the pockets of everyone who is profiting from it.

In the process, those who support the right to life are finding themselves being pushed further and further out of the mainstream. They are made out to look like America’s woman-hating villains. The left has successfully brainwashed the country into buying the “it’s my body” argument, as if the little person growing inside them is not a separate entity.

But this goes beyond the legal right to abortion. Now it’s not even okay to give women options. Religious organizations fight for women to make different decisions about their babies. They expose them to alternatives like adoption. They show them how taking care of a child may not be the burden they see it as. They are standing up for the rights of the unborn, a concept the left despises. This is not just about healthcare; it’s about religious liberty and free speech.

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