CAIR Condemns New “Islamophobic” White House Chief of Staff

It didn’t take long for pro-immigration groups to criticize President Trump’s decision to promote Gen. John Kelly to be his new White House Chief of Staff, and their choir of nonsense was quickly joined by the ultimate voice of division and nonsense. No, not Black Lives Matter…but you’re in the right ballpark.

On Monday, shortly after Kelly was sworn into his new position, the Council of American-Islamic Relations tweeted a warning about the retired Marine general.

“We condemn John F. Kelly’s islamaphopic ideology in the strongest possible terms,” the New York chapter of CAIR tweeted.

Islamaphobic? We thought it was spelled Islamophobic. You’d think that CAIR of all groups would know how to spell that word…

Anyhow, what is CAIR talking about exactly? Kelly has, in the past, been quite measured in his rhetoric about Islamic terrorism. He even used the line earlier this year that only a “small number of Jihadis” were ruining the good name of Islam, which actually drew some condemnation from hardliners like Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch. And while he backed and implemented President Trump’s ban on travel from six Middle Eastern countries, that doesn’t really speak to his personal “ideology” or how it pertains to Islam. It’s what anyone in that position would be expected to do if given a direct order from the President of the United States.

But maybe CAIR was responding to a new story that Kelly, in his capacity as DHS Secretary, had revised Obama’s list of grant recipients on Friday just before taking the new job.

From Breitbart:

The new list replaced an Obama list announced January 13, 2017, and it dropped a $800,000 grant for an Islamic seminary in Los Angeles, and a $393,000 grant for a linked organization, the Muslim Public Affairs Council Foundation.

The foundation is a spin-off of the D.C.-based Muslim Public Affairs Council, whose leaders were frequent advisors to Obama and his deputies, where they lobbied for a national strategy of letting semi-segregated Islamic political communities and groups — but not the FBI — play the leading role in combating Islamic terrorism.

That must be it. Muslim organizations are peeved that they won’t be able to ply the federal government for phony “counter-terrorism” money anymore now that their sympathetic FOOL is out of the White House. And so they’re tossing around words like “islamophobia” in the hopes that anyone outside of their own cult will actually give a damn.

Good luck with that. Pandering days are over.

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