CAIR Condemns New “Islamophobic” White House Chief of Staff

It didn’t take long for pro-immigration groups to criticize President Trump’s decision to promote Gen. John Kelly to be his new White House Chief of Staff, and their choir of nonsense was quickly joined by the ultimate voice of division and nonsense. No, not Black Lives Matter…but you’re in the right ballpark.

On Monday, shortly after Kelly was sworn into his new position, the Council of American-Islamic Relations tweeted a warning about the retired Marine general.

“We condemn John F. Kelly’s islamaphopic ideology in the strongest possible terms,” the New York chapter of CAIR tweeted.

Islamaphobic? We thought it was spelled Islamophobic. You’d think that CAIR of all groups would know how to spell that word…

Anyhow, what is CAIR talking about exactly? Kelly has, in the past, been quite measured in his rhetoric about Islamic terrorism. He even used the line earlier this year that only a “small number of Jihadis” were ruining the good name of Islam, which actually drew some condemnation from hardliners like Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch. And while he backed and implemented President Trump’s ban on travel from six Middle Eastern countries, that doesn’t really speak to his personal “ideology” or how it pertains to Islam. It’s what anyone in that position would be expected to do if given a direct order from the President of the United States.

But maybe CAIR was responding to a new story that Kelly, in his capacity as DHS Secretary, had revised Obama’s list of grant recipients on Friday just before taking the new job.

From Breitbart:

The new list replaced an Obama list announced January 13, 2017, and it dropped a $800,000 grant for an Islamic seminary in Los Angeles, and a $393,000 grant for a linked organization, the Muslim Public Affairs Council Foundation.

The foundation is a spin-off of the D.C.-based Muslim Public Affairs Council, whose leaders were frequent advisors to Obama and his deputies, where they lobbied for a national strategy of letting semi-segregated Islamic political communities and groups — but not the FBI — play the leading role in combating Islamic terrorism.

That must be it. Muslim organizations are peeved that they won’t be able to ply the federal government for phony “counter-terrorism” money anymore now that their sympathetic FOOL is out of the White House. And so they’re tossing around words like “islamophobia” in the hopes that anyone outside of their own cult will actually give a damn.

Good luck with that. Pandering days are over.

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  3. Give them their “two cents” worth.

  4. Then just what does that make THEM,racisist,whiteophobics?

  5. The world should be “Islamophobic!” Just like someone who is afraid of being killed is paranoid when someone IS trying to kill them.

    • I really don’t think the Jihadis care about HOW the word is spelled.

      That said, my comment to CAIR would be:

      wah, wah, wah, wah!!!
      You all LOST your biggest US sympathizer with the election so now you are crying.

      Well, cry me a river!!! You deserve NO money. You shall get NONE under this administration.

      • Actually CAIR should be…no…must be given the royal boot to leave our country!! They ARE the ENEMY WITHIN!!!!

        • That, too.

        • Kick them out. They have no business being here much less having a voice.

          • That should also be said about the UN….

          • Yes controlled by Islamic factions, throw them in the river and burn the building down, in case they want to return!

          • Turn it in to a PIG barn.

          • and serve pork in every public place they want to visit in every single town they live in! HA! PORK! America’s food!!

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          • Yeah, and it was all on her back!

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          • Yeah! Well that’s nothing. My half-brother’s dog’s previous owner’s wife’s ex-husband’s stepson made $26,287.59 last month picking fly droppings out of all the pepper shakers in the mess halls on 4 Army bases in the mid west.

          • No use the building to house homeless vets.

          • WOW! What a good idea! and their service dogs! thank you for thinking of that! made my day…..I’m from a military family and that issue really hits home.

        • OldHighlandGuyOne

          And take the UN with you . . . .

      • They have representatives in every small town representing anything Muslim. In our town the Law Enforcement org. was holding a seminary at the local Community College for officers on how to fight terrorism for credits in one of their programs. CAIR fought to shut it down, it was held anyway.

        • If there were more “islamophobics” we wouldn’t be facing this hostile takeover by these barbaric muslim hordes!

      • And they should be deported too.

    • But just because you aren’t paranoid doesn’t mean “they” aren’t out to get you.

      • I`ve said “just because you`re paranoid,doesn`t mean they aren`t out to get you “, quite often for decades. I was joking back then. Now it isn`t so funny. Neither is yours. The moslem population needs thinning out. To much inbreeding has severely lowered their IQ, to the degree of being unable to live in civilized society. Cair is just one of the heads of this evil snake. Vocal,and well funded to be sure. One idea is to expose where their money comes from. How about an audit ?

    • Well said, SammysDad! Any kind of “phobia” is defined as an IRRATIONAL fear of perceived danger. The danger from Islam is definitely NOT IRRATIONAL! It is all too real!!!

  6. CAIR better start leaving the US !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. The created islamphobic stench by muslims themselves are the murdering asses that should have the phobia against an asinine satanic cult ruled by a devils disciple group of crazed idiots that create their own demise !

  8. HopeandChange2016

    Let me see, Obama’s Islamic terrorist supporting friends (CAIR) are upset because we want to protect what is left of the US.
    CAIR, hopefully your days in this country are numbered.
    Stay visible though, so ICE can easily find you.

    • Tells me General Kelly is the right person for the job!

    • Jerry Marlatt Pierson

      The Muslim Brotherhood is also a terrorist organization and should be kicked out of our country. Obama is also a member of The Muslim Brotherhood. Obama refused to label these two as terrorist but they are labeled terrorist in many other countries. Obama is not in the White House (Thank You Heavenly Father) but never seems to be gone but why can’t we get rid of them and him?

    • CAIR should be deemed a terrorist group and thrown out of the country.the DOJ should do that along with the Black lives Matter and Antefa

      • All 4 groups should be listed as terrorist groups and thrown out of the country.. CAIR, The Muslim Brotherhood, Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

  9. Tuff Live with it are there are planes that run every hour

    • I would prefer they leave in leaky boats !!! I’ll even meet them half way. That leaky old boat can go half way back across the pond and then we kick them out and they can swim the rest of the way….

  10. Who cares what CAIR condemns!?

  11. CAIR, the American arm of the Muslim Brotherhood and the organization that the democrats have aligned itself with. This is the organization that funded the march on Washington, organized by Sarsour, the Hamas and Sharia Law supporter whose guest speaker is a convicted terrorist. This is the organization that the dems stand with and support and why we must decimate the dems in 2018. CAIR should not be allowed to operate in this country, proven to have ties to terrorist organizations in the Middle East and yet here we are, giving them a voice.

    • Democrat Party has been taken over by Islamic leadership and money. Keith Ellison is muslim brotherhoods “plant” here in America. Getting paid to do the bidding of the animals that only know one thing – killing and dominance, not peace and assimilation as they claim. Remember, in Islam, lying is OK if you’re doing it to further the cause according to their “bible”.

      • The refugee program is causing some of our states to lean Muslim, they are beginning to get into politics and changing the state dynamics.

        • Not good

        • finaly had enough

          I did not realize what a huge effort of becoming active in politics and getting elected in local and state organizations and agencies is underway in areas with high Muslim population. I was watching a program about it on TV (do not remember the channel) and it was mind boggling and even a little scary. I think the effort is well organized and has specific goals as part of the plan. They use our constitution and our laws against us and are becoming very good at it. Go to the website of Brigitte Gabriel she has interesting facts and stats on this topic.

          • I have followed Gabriel off and on, I get e-mails from Pamela Geller and she has a lot of information. Just had one about Islam lessons in Virginia schools. Geller has a book “The Islamization of America”. She fought in NYC after 9/11 against the mega Mosque being built.

            It is scary because they will try and change our Constitution. Also, even if your town is not zoned where they want to build their Mosque, they will try and sue the city/town. We had a fight last year and they finally decided to build elsewhere.

            They are well organized and have a lot of money behind their goals.

      • “bible”??? Oh, you mean the koran (or whatever). Hell, I use that book as toilet paper when I run out of Charmin…Just like we did in the old, old days with the Sears catalog out in the outhouse.

      • I’m beginning to believe that the leaders of the ?Democratic? party are all brain washed followers of Mohammed!

      • Trump must be “in Islam” because he lies all the time to further his cause.


    AMERICA better wake up and get wise. The muslims are not and never will be our friends. They want to kill all infidels (non- believer). Question. Have you noticed how many elected Demo_rats are in bed with muslims; Hillary, Weiner, Wassermann-Schultz, et al. Maybe a few RINO’s. REPLIES WELCOMED.

      • WOW!!! Ain’t that the truth!!!

        • The part of the job numbers Team Trump doesn’t want to talk about

          08/07/17 10:40 AM—UPDATED 08/07/17 10:54 AM
          By Steve Benen
          The latest job numbers were released on Friday morning, and they looked quite good. Not surprisingly, Donald Trump has tweeted about the data four times since the employment report was made public.

          But Trump’s re-election campaign, which already exists, issued a curious statement about the job numbers, citing the data as “proof” of something specific.

          Today Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. trumpeted the new jobs report just released, announcing that 209,000 new jobs were created, on top of revised numbers in June of 231,000 jobs, up from 222,000, as proof that the President has already begun to Make America Great Again.

          For now, let’s put aside the debate over whether this administration, which hasn’t implemented any major economic policies, can plausibly claim credit for recent economic news.

          Instead, let’s consider the possibility that Trump and his team haven’t looked closely enough at the data they’re so excited about.

          For example, in the six full months that Trump has been in office – February 2017 to July 2017 – the economy added 1.07 million jobs. That’s not bad. But over a comparable period last year – February 2016 to July 2016 – the economy added 1.24 million jobs.

          For the comparable period the year before – February 2015 to July 2015 – the economy added 1.37 million jobs. For the comparable period the year before that – February 2014 to July 2014 – the economy added 1.51 million jobs. For the comparable period the year before that – February 2013 to July 2013 – the economy added 1.17 million jobs.

          In other words, Trump and his Republican allies are impressed that the economy created a million jobs over the first six months of Trump’s presidency. What they don’t appear to realize is that these are the weakest job numbers over the same period in five years.

          Perhaps Trump World is specifically impressed with July’s total of 209,000 jobs. And while that’s certainly a good number (which is still subject to revisions), the president and his team also don’t seem to understand that the job totals were even better in July 2016. And July 2015. And July 2014.

          OK, but maybe Team Trump believes the six-month job totals is evidence of some kind of economic momentum. That’s a nice try, too, but it’s also wrong: the economy added more jobs the six months before Trump took office. And the six months before that. And the six months before that. And the six months before that. And the six months before that. And the six months before that. (I can keep this going back to 2012.)

          My point is not that the first full six months of Trump’s presidency were some kind of disaster for the U.S. economy. That’s plainly not the case. But to see the figures as “proof that the president has already begun to Make America Great Again” is quite silly. The job numbers have been fine, but they’re not as impressive as they were before Trump took office. That’s not a matter of opinion; it’s simply a quantifiable fact.

          I suppose “making America nearly as great as it was before I got here” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

      • The only good muslim is a DEAD muslim!

        • every time I see one these bitches with there faces covered i want to rip it off.What the hell are they doing here if they dont want assimilate go back to your piss hole country you vermin

      • LOVE IT!

    • They are Globalist and the will use whom ever they can to weaken this nation
      to gain their objectives. Look at Europe, do you think those people are glad
      to see their world invaded by those savages? Never be the same again.

    • NJ Governor Chris Christy is a ‘sucker’ for Muslims! ~ Thank God Trump did not fall for his ‘brown nosing’ to try get a job in his administration!!!

    • I have noticed that too. I finally understand the pull of Muslims for the democrats. The Muslims want to install a caliphat and the demoncrats want to be in on it. But who wants to return to the 14th century? Every female that supports them is a traitor to her gender.


        You’re a lady dear to my heart. I know have a lot more between your ears than the vacuum the liberal women have. GOD bless.

        • Bless you. I’ve known about Muslims from an early age. My grandfather worked on the trans Arabian pipeline and my mother spent several years in the middle east. Oh the stories she tells, she was almost was kidnapped in the Frauk palace. My grandmother stopped that, they then wanted her to sell my mother to them. She told about going shopping and coming home black and blue from her butt being pinched and her breasts groped. The streets smelled of urine and feces. All water had to be boiled. I certainly don’t want to live like that. I think our militias better be practicing and planning. I’m armed.

    • Every mosque should be under surveillance.I don’t trust any Muslim.

  13. CAIR can stick their CONCERNS over Kelly up their ASS, go back to your GARBAGE CAN YOU LEFT.

  14. Arm up and get training, my fellow Americans, especially the women!
    The one thing that muslims fear above all is dying by the hand of a woman, because that disqualifies them from entering jihad “heaven”.

  15. I agree with Trump and Kelly, don’t let Koran reading supporters in our country who want to do away with our Constitution for Sharia Law, which supports the castrating of young girls and the legal killing of women.

    Europe is paying the price for letting these animals into their countries, thru their open borders which Hillary wanted for America.

    • Glenda you are so right. Also mention the spousal abuse that is allowed. They still practice slavery. It cost a lot of American blood to free the slaves in the first civil war. A second civil war is brewing and the Muslims will be the first to be targeted.

  16. Ya just gotta wonder how many “separation of church and state” whacks would be forming marches on the capitol had our “benevolent gubment” started sending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to, say, The Southern Baptist Organization, Methodists, Jewish Synagogs, or ANY other “religious outfit” outside of the Islam world?? As ole John Stossel might say: “Give Me A Break!”

  17. George E. LeFebvre

    These idiots keep calling the problem Islamophobia, its not a phobia but a fact of whats happening to our country.
    We need desperately to remove CAIR and their affiliates from the country entirely. They along with Obama and his cronies won’t stop until the country is being run by these sick idiots and we can all say goodbye to those freedoms that our Forefathers worked so hard to pass down to our current generations. The Brainwashing started the Day Odumbo came to power, the only problem is far too many people are blinded to actually see his motives. His actions over the past 8 years speak for themselves. WAKE UP AMERICA, PRESIDENT TRUMP WAS A GOD SEND AND THE MEDIA WANTS HIM TO DISAPPEAR. We as AMericans need to turn off the TV’s when the media is spreading lies and they speculate every time he utters a word while they haven’t the faintest idea of what they say. They haven’t the faintest idea what is news or fabrications. Its all about duping the public and money.

    • turn off tv’s and boycott the sponsors of these programs.

    • We cannot stick our head in the sand and ignore what is said, how do you fight something if you do not know what is happening. The best thing to do is, if you have a local paper, write a letter in the opinion section with the truth! Tweet it, do something about the falsehoods.

      • finaly had enough

        Linda Sarsour was a consultant on policies to the Obama administration. Of course, she is so much more angry now that the power is no longer there. She is a terrible agitator for all things anti- Israel, anti-American. Recently in one of her speeches she said that you cannot be a feminist if you are not against Israel. I am not tying to become a ticket carrying feminist but the fact that she is comfortable to say things like this is unsettling. She supports Hamas as a freedom fighters rather then terrorists. She should really go home.

        • I think she was born in NY. I really hate seeing American women following her. She is very deceptive in what she says to them at these rallies and they believe her.

  18. Why would any US citizen care what CAIR thinks or says, other than “good-bye, we’re leaving”?
    Most Americans would probably say, “what’s taking you so long? Bye!”

    • You need to know what your enemy is plotting, especially if they are in your country!

    • We have some US Navy ships that we don’t use any more. We could send them home in them. About 200 miles out the Navy could use them for target practice.

  19. Poor Cair: Don’t like it, there are a number of appropriate countries you can go to. The sooner, the better. We don’t need nor should allow terrorist supporters in this country and we sure don’t need to be financing them!

  20. I can understand why CAIR is against national hero General John Kelly, because CAIR is a terrorist organization. They should be banned from the United States as a subversive organization. They are Americanophobic!

  21. No cares what CAIR thinks.

  22. GOOD. General Kelly just went even higher in MHO.

  23. Why should we fund these groups. They exalt in isolation. They refuse to assimilate. This is America.

  24. I suggest to everyone on this thread to read the Qur’an as I have [way back in college]…you would then know three things
    1) their goal is a One Islamic world and to do whatever it takes to rid the world of infidels
    2) CAIR is a fraudulent organization designed for chaos creation and misinformation about Islam
    3) “Islamophobic” does not exist….its actually called reality…and the Muslims are using our freedoms against us…to demean …and create divisions

  25. CAIR should be run out of the USA.

  26. Sounds like cair has bad Infidelaphobia. Anything not moslem is offensive and threatening.

  27. It’s time we have someone in the WH that recognizes who our enemies are. CAIRE is definitely just that. An implant of the Islam ideology that hates America.. Our government is seeing the truth h behind this evil religion and there should be none of them in positions of power in the government. It’s not being Isomorphic but using p common sense. Islam is not a religion of peace and has never been so. Look at Dearborn Michigan and Europe. Where they are there is terror, rape and a force that is evil. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what is going on.

  28. Screw CAIR!

  29. Why should we even care about what cair has to say about our government or anyone in it? Furthermore, why hasn’t cair been declared as a terrorist organization yet? Lock them all up including Ohomo and set their death sentences!

  30. Good, good call, President Trump. Obama tried to grant money to Islamists to fight terrorism? HAHAHAHA

  31. And who, other than CAIR gives a hoot what they say or think ?
    They are rabid Islamist and our enemy in every sense of the word.

    • People cannot shut themselves off from what is said and going on around them, the next thing you know you will be rounded up for slaughter! Pay attention and spread the word to other sites of what is going on or has been going on. We need to be aware of who we are funding and what foreign group is funding our colleges and universities. I care what CAIR and other terrorist organizations are doing and thinking!

      • I consider everything they say and do coming from a hateful enemy. Nothing they say is new. It is the same rhetoric over and over.

        • So, I guess you knew that our government was giving them grants. You need to post what is going on to other sites so other people will know.

  32. Sharrell Burcham

    I imagine Thomas Jefferson is rolling over in his grave since he declared war on them and the Marines was formed to fight them. I doubt the founding fathers ever imagined the first muzzlim would be allowed in our country. Can’t the people in this country, in Canada, in Australia and in Europe see how they are destroying the cultures? They don’t come in to assimilate, they come in to destroy and take over.

    Theirs is NOT a religion but a cult with the objective to take over the world by any means and at any cost.

  33. My words to see a CAIR just go screw yourself who cares what you think you don’t like it here get the hell out of my country I didn’t lay my life on the line for you want an SOB is the come here and destroy this hiding behind your Islam a phobia bullshit. You people have a good track record of murdering people because they won’t be Muslim. Get over Kelly or get out!

  34. Hey CAIR, “GFYS”, get out of my country we don’t want you here.

  35. So glad that the “FOOL” is out of the WH and he needs to keep moving away from DC and politics.

  36. Trump chose the right person if CAIR does not like him. MAGA

  37. MY question is, Who cairs what they think?

    • How do you fight something if you do not know about them or what they are thinking?? Next thing you know you will be rounded up like the Jews and slaughtered!

      CAIR is in every town in America – small and large pushing their agenda!

      • Sorry for the miss understanding there might be. I agree this is a major problem the world faces. It is not a new problem either. They made a big attempt to overrun and gain control Europe a few hundred years ago. My point is I don’t give a hairy rats ass what these people think about any hire they might not like. Their outrage tells me it was a great hire.

        • This President needs to know that we support him when they do something good. He gets so much negative feed back from others.

 Click on the R in top right corner.

  38. We are all allowed to have our own opinions about things. TOO BAD

  39. Tyronne Shoelaces

    Kill all muslims and let allah sort them out.

  40. I figured the grants were supporting terrorist as well as all those well planned spontaneous demonstrations we are blessed with across the country. Trump should investigate the whole grant process.

    • I think those violent demostrations are funded by Soros, Obama organizations, and the Deep State/Shadow Government that Eisenhower warned us about. We have a lot of government people plotting against the changes that are happening under this administration.

  41. Female genital mutilation? Women covering their bodies with bags? Men slicing people’s throats in the name of peace? And engaging in slave trading? Who WOULDN’T be cautious around such dark cult followers?

  42. Who cares? Can’t wait for you all to leave the country.
    By all means go somewhere you feel safer.

  43. Islam is a threat to all of mankind and should be treated accordingly…with extreme prejudice!

  44. Who gives a $hite what the think. Go home. Get out of the USA.

  45. I’m confused ! Just what does “American -Islamic relations ” mean ? As far as I can tell , other than violence and killings for anyone who refuses to accept the islamic ideology (which has been shown in many European countries as well as the middle east which is trying very hard to emulate “Chicago style” relations by killing each other to gain power and territory) Time for Cair to be replaced by Who really gives a Sh*t ?

  46. Of course the CAIR doesn’t want anything that will help get rid of them and their laws. They will never be able to take the US over now that their Barry leader is gone. LOL!!!!

  47. Screw CAIR & the horse they rode in on.

  48. Malcolm Davidson

    It is time for CAIR to suck it up. Not everyone likes everyone. I realize that CAIR hasn’t noticed, and really doesn’t care, but it is their friends and buddies who seem to be burning people alive, throwing gays off roofs, and beheading people who they do not happen to agree with. I don’t agree with lots of people, but I certainly do not want to kill them. The heck with CAIR- Go Kelly.

  49. Who cares about whether or not CAIR spelled Islamophobic correctly? The main issue is that CAIR and its Muslim Brotherhood parent can spell Christianophobic. That’s what they are and what they stand for. Don’t get lost in the small things when the big issue remains unaddressed and unconfessed.

  50. CAIR can just close shop and leave the USA NOW!

  51. The word “condemned” was used. I think that’s what CAIR should be.

  52. We, Americans, do not give a rat’s ass what CAIR condoms, thinks, feels, or expects! All we want from CAIR is to leave the country NOW!

  53. “Islamophobic” implies an “irrational fear” of “Islam”. My response to CAIR is that (speaking for myself) I do not suffer from “Phobia” of you murdering scum, but I DO have a limitless and overwhelming “HATRED” for you.
    Have a nice day Assholes. ( And I have the firepower to back it up.)

  54. Gee it’s like CAIR is calling the kettle black. CAIR is the legal arm for the racist Muslims in America. That is all CAIR IS, PURE RACISTS. And what a surprise, the racists screaming racism. Nothing has changed there.

  55. Anyone who dares to disagree with Muslim terrorists is quickly labeled as “Islamophobic.” The fact that
    the VASTLy high percentage of all terror attacks everywhere are done by Muslims doesn’t seem to penetrate the
    brains of those who want unlimited access to America for anyone wanting to come and do harm. We had a
    Muslim president for 8 years and now we still have anti-border misguided individuals who are in denial about
    Islam and its violent tenets. Folks who behead and torture anyone who isn’t Muslim are not a friendly bunch…
    The Hillary voters and other deluded folks need to do some serious reading and learn some reality.

  56. When is this terrorist group, CAIR, going to be arrested. There’s a lot of room in GITMO!

  57. Other than JIM ACOSTA of the RIP CNN does anyone Really cares what CAIR a promoter of Islamo Jihadist terrorist Organizations really says???

  58. The take over of America by Muslim immigration was stalled by the election of Trump, and not the Hilderbeast.I question if the democrat leadership is not aware of this planned invasion? A muslim activist in a London rally made the comment ” The fools are letting us in, we do not need terrorists” Liberal ideals do not make sense, they are against christian beliefs, and yet 90% of the most religionist people in America are black citizens and yet they vote democrat, makes no sense.

  59. A more unamerican organization cannot be found in the US

  60. So who gives a damn about what the terrorist organization CAIR thinks. They need to be declared a terrorist organization period.

  61. If only the pandering days were entirely over. Unfortunately far to many democrats learned absolutely nothing from their stunning losses in November and continue to pander to every lunatic special interest group out there. They are literally willing to bend over backwards, and force American taxpayers to as well, to keep their mislead base foaming at the mouth and the special interest groups voting for them. Fortunately sane, rational Americans are waking up to this massive absurdity in droves. And their pandering nets them less and less of the easily led. Let’s hope they keep it up. Pretty soon they’ll be afraid of their own base, because it will be only foaming at the mouth lunatics. Maybe they’ll see the error of their ways then, but I doubt it.

  62. Who the hell cares about what those cair pig muslims think about our new wh chief of staff. don’t like it , get the hell out of our and I repeat, our country. I am sick and tired of the demos bull shit , the dumb ass liberals and muslims who bitch about what the American people wants. Get out or keep your stupid mouth shut.

  63. Cair and the rest of these so called Muslim organizations who in Reality are fronts for the Muslim Terrorists and as such, need to be Labeled as such and rounded up and Deported back to where they came from. These people will never assimilate and become Americans like the Immigrants of the late 19th and early 20th centuries did when they came to America. They came to become Americans and most did. Also, they didn’t get government welfare. If they didn’t work, they starved till they got a job. They also went to school to learn to read, write, and speak English. You don’t see this from the Muslim Terrorists, especially those from Somalia, The majority of them want to do away with the Constitution and implement Sharia Law, just like there Muslim Terrorists have done in England, France, Germany, Belgium and the rest of Europe where they have basically invaded and are now taking over, They are accomplishing what there Muslim Terrorists ancestors couldn’t, just think of the Crusades to keep the Christians from either being Slaughtered or being forced to become a Muslim aka Terrorist
    It seems this taking over of Europe and now America is being Aided and Abetted by Sc#mbag Liberal DemocRATS, who Don’t have the Common Sense to see what is happening from these Muslim Terrorists. It is time to get rid of all of these Anti American Sc#mbags.

  64. About a fifth / 20% of “the world” is / are Muslims, is a reasonable attitude to them not, well, reasonable? I am a “Falls Road Fenian”. It wasn’t that long ago the UK state, via its very considerable publicity / propaganda resources, had me, and @ 500,000 others in ‘Northern Ireland’ stamped as a ‘suspect community’…

  65. too fn bad , just leave

  66. Charles Johnston

    If CAIR doesn’t like something in the US please go back to your caves and goats and live the way you want to live. We don’t have a problem with how you want to live. But you will not impose it on us. Do you not understand that?

  67. Oh wa wa CAIR, I really don’t give a flying f–k what you think. You are all a bunch of terrorists and I hope that Trump will relist you as a terrorist organization. Your buddy the muslime obama got you deslisted.

    Everyone needs to write Trump and let him know to get CAIR relisted, that will really fix their wagon–I just did

  68. Personally, I really don’t give a sh*t what CAIR thinks of Retired Marine Corps General John Kelly!! What I and a lot of others in OUR COUNTRY want is for CAIR and the muslim brotherhood to be GONE from OUR COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!

  69. It’s strange to have CAIR worrying about Islamophobia. Should they not be concerned, first, with the prejudice that is rampant in the Koran against Jews, Christians, women, and gays, and by extension every other LBGT group? Is it not time to denounce the Koran-recommended prejudice against all non-Muslims? Why have I not heard of such efforts by the Muslim community in America? Instead, all I hear is how they want to police themselves and do as they do in the Middle East. A lot of that is unlawful, here. Strangely enough, liberals are their biggest defenders!

  70. I am at a loss as to why anything that CAIR thinks is an issue on any level. They have officially been declared a terrorist organization and they need to be treated as such. Actually, they need to leave this country and spread their hate elsewhere!

  71. Well isn’t CAIR by it’s close relationship to the Muslim Brotherhood considered to be a terrorist organization by some countries?

  72. Richard Muccillo MDDCM

    It will wipe cair off the map and islamic trolls with it

  73. CAIR is the American arm of The Muslim Brotherhood a group declared to be a terrorist organization by the United Kingdom in November of 2015. Tell the president to declare CAIR an Islamic terrorist organization

  74. So I guess most of us are liberalphobics. We have a right to be safe and defend ourselves against all enemies.


  76. Joseph Krvekoski

    Islamophobia, what a joke, CAIR is by no means Christian-phobic, or Jewish-phobic, they just want to play the victim card. Islam supports Jihad and Christian and Jewish extermination, but they’re the victims. Let’s stop feeding the Rabid animal known as CAIR. CAIR doesn’t CARE about human rights…

  77. sandraleesmith46

    I wish he was a good bit more “Islamophobic” than he seems to be. It’s NOT merely “a small percentage ruining the ‘good’ name of Islam”; the truth is that ISLAM is ruining the world for everyone else! Jihad isn’t just guns, knives, and other forms of physical violence; it’s moving in and taking over a nation’s politics; it’s producing babies at a rapid pace; it’s demanding subjugation to sharia when people don’t want sharia etc!

  78. I am with you 100% Gen. Kelly !! CAIR is a Terrorist Organization same as Muslim Brotherhood, Black Lives Matter, Antifa and all Obergruppenführer GyrorgySchwartz (Soros) funded Groups. Please List them as such.


  80. Whether Kelly is Islamophobic or not, I think most Americans are, to some degree. And don’t we have reason to be? We see what they do to non-believers & how the extremists are determined to take over Europe & possibly our country. They demand what kind of food restaurants should serve or not serve, want shariah law, won’t assimilate, etc. So if ICE can find illegals among Muslims or even CAIR, I’m all for kicking them out.

  81. “I condemn CAIR’s islamophopic ideology in the strongest possible terms,” Michael Holdcraft

  82. CAIR is a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION and must be dealt with appropriately.

  83. etc. etc. etc

  84. I really cant understand wh CAIR and The Muslim Brotherhood havent already been designated as terroist organizations. Hell, even anumber of Muslim countries have done so.
    Semper Fi

  85. As President George W. Bush’s top speechwriter, Marc Thiessen ( The Kelly File on FOX ) was provided unique access to the C I A program used in interrogating top Al Qaeda terrorists, including the mastermind of the 9/11 attack, Khalid Sheikh Mohammad (K S M).
    Now, his riveting new book, Courting Disaster: How the C I A Kept America Safe (Regnery), has been published. Here is an excerpt from Courting Disaster:
    Just before dawn on March 1, 2003, two dozen heavily armed Pakistani tactical assault forces move in and surround a safe house in Rawalpindi. A few hours earlier they had received a text message from an informant inside the house. It read: “I am with KSM.”
    Bursting in, they find the disheveled mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, in his bedroom. He is taken into custody. In the safe house, they find a treasure trove of computers, documents, cell phones and other valuable “pocket litter.”
    Once in custody, K S M is defiant. He refuses to answer questions, informing his captors that he will tell them everything when he gets to America and sees his lawyer. But K S M is not taken to America to see a lawyer. Instead he is taken to a secret C I A “black site” in an undisclosed location.
    Upon arrival, K S M finds himself in the complete control of Americans. He does not know where he is, how long he will be there, or what his fate will be. Despite his circumstances, K S M still refuses to talk. He spews contempt at his interrogators, telling them Americans are weak, lack resilience and are unable to do what is necessary to prevent the terrorists from succeeding in their goals. He has trained to resist interrogation. When he is asked for information about future attacks, he tells his questioners scornfully, “Soon, you will know.”
    It becomes clear he will not reveal the information using traditional interrogation techniques. So he undergoes a series of “enhanced interrogation techniques” approved for use only on the most high-value detainees. The techniques include waterboarding. He begins telling his C I A de-briefers about active al Qaeda plots to launch attacks against the United States and other Western targets. He holds classes for C I A officials, using a chalkboard to draw a picture of al Qaeda’s operating structure, financing, communications, and logistics. He identifies al Qaeda travel routes and safe havens and helps intelligence officers make sense of documents and computer records seized in terrorist raids. He identifies voices in intercepted telephone calls, and helps officials understand the meaning of coded terrorist communications. He provides information that helps our intelligence community capture other high-ranking terrorists.
    K S M’s questioning, and that of other captured terrorists, produces more than 6,000 intelligence reports, which are shared across the intelligence community, as well as with our allies across the world. In one of these reports, K S M describes in detail the revisions he made to his failed 1994-1995 plan known as the “Bojinka plot” to blow up a dozen airplanes carrying some 4,000 passengers over the Pacific Ocean. Years later, an observant C I A officer notices the activities of a cell being followed by British authorities appear to match K S M’s description of his plans for a Bojinka-style attack. In an operation that involves unprecedented intelligence cooperation between our countries, British officials proceed to unravel the plot.
    On the night of Aug. 9, 2006, they launch a series of raids in a northeast London suburb that lead to the arrest of two dozen al Qaeda terrorist suspects. They find a U S B thumb-drive in the pocket of one of the men with security details for Heathrow airport, and information on seven Trans-Atlantic flights that were scheduled to take off within hours of each other:
    * United Airlines Flight 931 to San Francisco departing at 2:15 PM
    * Air Canada Flight 849 to Toronto departing at 3:00 PM
    * Air Canada Flight 865 to Montreal departing at 3:15 PM
    * United Airlines Flight 959 to Chicago departing at 3:40 PM
    * United Airlines Flight 925 to Washington departing at 4:20 PM
    * American Airlines Flight 131 to New York departing at 4:35 PM
    * American Airlines Flight 91 to Chicago departing at 4:50 PM
    They seize bomb-making equipment and hydrogen peroxide to make liquid explosives. And they find the chilling martyrdom videos the suicide bombers had prepared.
    Today, if you asked an average person on the street what they know about the 2006 airlines plot, most would not be able to tell you much. Few Americans are aware of the fact al Qaeda had planned to mark the fifth anniversary of 9/11 with an attack of similar scope and magnitude. And still fewer realize the terrorists’ true intentions in this plot were uncovered thanks to critical information obtained through the interrogation of the man who conceived it: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.
    This is only one of the many attacks stopped with the help of the C I A interrogation program established by the Bush Administration in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.
    In addition to helping break up these specific terrorist cells and plots, C I A questioning provided our intelligence community with an unparalleled body of information about al Qaeda.
    Until the program was temporarily suspended in 2006, intelligence officials say, well over half of the information our government had about al Qaeda-how it operates, how it moves money, how it communicates, how it recruits operatives, how it picks targets, how it plans and carries out attacks-came from the interrogation of terrorists in CIA custody.
    Former C I A Director George Tenet has declared: “I know this program has saved lives. I know we’ve disrupted plots. I know this program alone is worth more than what the F B I, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the National Security Agency put together have been able to tell us.”
    Former C I A Director Mike Hayden has said: “The facts of the case are that the use of these techniques against these terrorists made us safer. It really did work.” Even Barack Hussein Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, Dennis Blair, has acknowledged: “High-value information came from interrogations in which those methods were used and provided a deeper understanding of the al Qaeda organization that was attacking this country.” Leon Panetta, Obama’s C I A Director, has said: “Important information was gathered from these detainees. It provided information that was acted upon.”
    John Brennan, Obama’s Homeland Security Advisor, when asked in an interview if enhanced-interrogation techniques were necessary to keep America safe, replied: “Would the U S be handicapped if the C I A was not, in fact, able to carry out these types of detention and debriefing activities, I would say yes.”
    On Jan. 22, 2009, President Barack Hussein Obama issued Executive Order 13491, closing the C I A program and directing that, henceforth, all interrogations by U S personnel must follow the techniques contained in the Army Field Manual.
    The morning of the announcement, Mike Hayden was still in his post as C I A Director. He called White House Counsel Greg Craig and told him bluntly: “You didn’t ask, but this is the C I A officially non-concurring.” The president went ahead anyway, overruling the objections of the agency.
    A few months later, on April 16, 2009, President Barack Hussein Obama ordered the release of four Justice Department memos that described in detail the techniques used to interrogate K S M and other high-value terrorists. This time, not just Hayden (who was now retired) but five C I A directors – including Obama’s own director, Leon Panetta objected. George Tenet called to urge against the memos’ release. So did Porter Goss. So did John Deutch. Hayden says: “You had C I A directors in a continuous unbroken stream to 1995 calling saying, ‘Don’t do this.'” In addition to objections from the men who led the agency for a collective 14 years, the President also heard objections from the agency’s covert field operatives. A few weeks earlier, Panetta had arranged for the eight top officials of the Clandestine Service to meet with the President. It was highly unusual for these clandestine officers to visit the Oval Office, and they used the opportunity to warn the President that releasing the memos would put agency operatives at risk. The President reportedly listened respectfully, and then ignored their advice. With these actions, Barack Hussein Obama arguably did more damage to America ‘s national security in his first 100 days of office than any President in American history.
    But how many people know this? Only the few that read this email from beginning to end.



  88. The founding homeland of islam makes it a crime to possess or read the Bible in their countries. They continually preach the hatred of Isreal and Jewish people and Christians, and will threaten or kill anyone who criticizes their pedophile rapist founder or his teachings. When they openly accept me and my beliefs in their homelands, I will accept them and their beliefs in America. In the meantime go back to your homelands and start changing things or shut up! You don’t belong or are needed, or are wanted, here in America!

  89. I am with you 100 % Gen. Kelly !! CAIR The Muslim Brotherhood, Black Lives Matter, Antifa and all Obergruppenführer Gyorgy Schwartz (Soros) Groups are Terrorists Groups Please Designate them as such.

  90. CAIR should be dissolved as a terror organization.

  91. If CAIR doesn’t like him, That’s a big Plus in my book.

  92. Dump this rotten muslim piece of crap. Those yelling “Death to America” is not wanted or needed in my America.

  93. CAIR is an enemy to the USA, PERIOD!!!

  94. “cair is yet another “organization” that needs to be BANNED from the UNITED STATES. Their ”views” are anti-American and destructive to our Judaeo-christian values that MADE this country what is is. Of course we are “islamophobic” and suspicious of them, and any other “group” by any other “name” that are out to attempt to KILL US. I call that being cautious. Best to keep our guard up and not be taken by surprise.

  95. A terrorist organization that supports other terrorist organizations… and I care for what they think or say why?

  96. Why isn’t CARE listed as the Terrorist Group that it is?

  97. Who gives a shit about what CAIR thinks or does? They are a bunch of terrorists anyway!! Go back where you came from!

  98. All the more reason to love Kelly. Anyone who does not fear Muslims is a fool. Their aim is to control everyone and they have no qualms about using unspeakable violence to achieve their aim. Women should be absolutely bonkers against them.

  99. Who really cares what the heck CAIR, a terrorist supporter of the pretend religion of peace, even thinks or does? Send the org out of the US, deport it!!

  100. Throw the bums out! This is NOT an Islamic country, no matter how much CAIR wants to make it one. Tell CAIR and all the rest of the Islamic bellyachers this country will never be Islamic….don’t like it(?) want to gripe(?) hit the darn road and don’t look back! Merkel is calling you!!

  101. There’s a difference of being Islamophobic (fear of Islam) and just hating Islam! Islam is a terrible, terrible thing! All one has to do to realize this is look at what it does all around the world. These are not just “radicals”, but they are the ones that enjoy murder, rape and pillage. You can bet your last dollar, that if the “radicals” were in power, your friendly Islamic neighbor would be right there with them; yelling to kill you, your spouse and your children! Mohammed never intended for this “religion” to go any further than himself and that’s one reason there was no designated person to replace him. He merely came up with the idea of using a made-up religion with rules for disregarding human life, unless you belonged to his club! By claiming all the atrocities are being done in the name of religion, they can do virtually anything they want to do to “infidels”, including murder, torture, rape, lying, stealing property, slavery, etc!!

  102. They are the most hateful, divisive crime group in America other than BLM. If they don’t like the policies of this country they are more than welcome to get on their camels and haul themselves back to their sandbox. No one wants them here anyway. THis is what they are doing to the EU…

  103. Throw Cair out of our country who the heel wants them here.They are tied to the Muslim brotherhood.These terrorist should be silenced for good

  104. The government nead to take that money back and youse it on us

  105. We should figure… if CAIR is for something, then we should be against it and vise versa!!

  106. Dexter L. Wilson

    When CAIR can show that it is not the requirement of the Koran to kill unbelievers, Christians, and Jews, that is when we can listen to CAIR. They can’t because that is some of the evil requirements of their Holy Book.

  107. It is the comments we got before WW 2 as to Hitler-and China and the Japan–as to their wars– and idiots and spies were all against us and our actions.

  108. F-ck them and the camels they rode it on! It’s called self-preservation. If they don’t like it, let’s all chip in and buy them a one way ticket back home.

  109. Finally!! Islam’s CAIR is no longer is getting $$ to fund their supposedly clandestine Jihads here and around the world. This makes me laugh so hard because these anti-American muslims that obamalama welcomed into our once pristine White House only kissed his black butt so they could get $$$ out of him. Now, they will get nothing!!! YAAAAY!

    This is just the beginning of the restrictions coming against the muslim communities in our Country. Personally, after reading all the info about the Jihads done by American born muzzies raised in our country, YOU CAN TAKE EVERY LAST TOWELHEAD AND DEPORT THEM RIGHT BACK TO THE MIDDLE EAST…WHERE THEY BELONG. None of them belong in the U.S.! They refuse to assimilate and accept our customs and traditions, so send them back to the Middle Eastern deserts where they can do anything they want and only the lizards and snakes will witness their actions. Better that than having one of their sons visiting the M.E. and then blowing people up a year later in the U.S.!

    I worked with some muslim men and found them to be arrogant and snobbish. They would NEVER recognize any women’s work, no matter how excellent it was done…always put women down and made nasty sexual remarks. Not anyone I wanted to be friends with and obviously no one else either. Most of them were loners, smart, but had no ideas how to communicate without sounding arrogant and misleading. People get tired of those behaviors and pretty much walk away to find someone else to chat with.

  110. CAIR is a terrorist organization that kisses up to our Muslim ex President! Everyone in the US should be Islamophobic! If you don’t want to be Islamic they want to kill you! Why shouldn’t we be paranoid!

  111. And c.a.i.r. is STILL in our country WHY???

  112. American Patriots should just kill these whiny, pedophile moslems already…

  113. Who cares, just get rid of all of them then webcam call them Gone!!

  114. CAIR is a terrorist organization as is any islamic group formed by them. They deserve to be purged from United States soil, NOT given money to continue their jihadic ways, or should I phrase that jihad ick. Anyhow, no taxpayer money should go to these guys as they are part and parcel of the muslim brotherhood which is out to kill any who are not muslim. If they object to Gen. Kelly, then that means he is a good man for the job.

  115. I’ll bet Machine Gun Kelly really cares what cair says or thinks

  116. I’m impatiently waiting for the day when President Trump declares the muslim brotherhood and ALL
    The so-called islamic subsidiaries of it ” TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS”, which is what they are. Once
    He does that, the members of these organizations can be Jailed and/or deported for crimes against
    our laws and our constitution. It needs to be done, and soon. Members of these organizations are
    being elected to the senate and congress, and appointed to judicial branches in all our States! This
    is how the sharia law will be enacted…while the citizens passively let it happen!! Wake up America!

  117. Boycott Cair I say

  118. Barry is gone now and real Americans can step forward and remove the garbage

  119. CAIR can suck camels and goats for all I care because they are racist and anti-American.

  120. This is still America !
    The Us has a Constitution, it is the law for America and those who have chosen to “Make America Great Again’.
    If you do not like the US laws and to observe these laws. you are free to leave.
    It was East Berlin that put up a wall to keep people in.
    The US needs a wall to keep those who oppose US laws out.

  121. Anyway these muslim turds were banned from this country back in 1952 so why in the hell are they here use this law a send them all out of this country Trump.

  122. TREASON
    The crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.
    Are the members of CAIR US citizens?
    Then the law would apply, otherwise it falls under the following which makes them an enemy of the US to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
    CAIR fits this description.
    synonyms: treachery, disloyalty, betrayal, faithlessness;

    Thus there is no connection to being Islamophobic.
    CAIR should be classified as a terrorist organization and dealt with accordingly.

  123. CAIR should be declared a subversive group. Every action our government takes to defend itself against radical Islam is called Islamophobic by CAIR. Islam is a death cult founded by a psychopathic pedophile that stole bits and pieces of the Christian and Jewish faiths and added things that supported his perverted view of the world. There is no love or compassion in Islam. It’s view of the World is join or die.

  124. screw you camel turd. You don’t belong here if you disrespect our president,our laws and our way of life. I love our way of life and I hate anyone who wants to violently change it. I stay locked and loaded, ready to take out anyone who wants to take away my freedoms.

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      • Why are you wasting you time telling us? You should be out their with her turning tricks? You round-heeled wench!

  125. we dont want them in our country, period.

  126. Who “CARES” what those psychotic wicked demons think, get them the hell out of the United States pronto, viral infection that needs to be eradicated and I mean islam, as in all Moonie Muslimes.

  127. CAIR is Toleranceophobic! It is a lobbying outfit for Jihad!

  128. kick them and fake ass dog eating Obama with them muslim pos what are they doing here this is the country they hate

  129. Stephen Griffith

    CAIR is a vile, evil, dispicable, disgusting, slimey, degrading, corrupt, & totally Satanic Jihadis Hate filled bunch of Dirtbags. They have no rights to any Money from America. Gen. Kelly is right! They should be treated as enemies of the United States. Their pal Hillary lost, their fellow Muslim Obama is in hiding, the coward. They should round the whole rotten bunch & ship ’em off to Guantanamo Bay!!!!!!!

  130. Suggestion to them all…… don’t like who is in office, or the way things are run……PLEASE go back to where you came from……right away!!

  131. The USA is a blessed nation. It is industrious, prosperous, pro education and pro freedom. One question: Is there a predominantly Muslim nation anywhere on this planet that can compare to the freedoms and opportunities that this great nation has to offer?

  132. It these CAIR maggots hate Gen. Kelly then he must be a pretty good guy.

  133. So sad; too damn bad!!!

  134. Wah wah wah wah poor jihadis now no one cares for this terrorist organization.

  135. General Kelly is an excellent choice, and could even be our Franco or Pinochet if the Obammunists manage to overthrow President Trump and establish the one-party peoples republic controlled by Soros and the globalists that they were working on before last November’s miracle. The mohammedan equivalent of the German-American Bund clearly wants communist and islamic convert Brennan, now revealed to be connected with the murder of Seth Rich and quite probably others inconvenient to The Mongrel and The Drunken Lesbian Witch.

  136. TS, leave our country, the real GOD doesn’t want your kind in America. Go back to your dessert hovels and screw you goats and ugly women.

  137. We are Islamaphopic, but they aren’t Christianphobic, no not those peace loving, gentle, tolerant, loving, goat pokers.

  138. Obama refused the list from the UN that had both the Muslim Brotherhood and the CAIR listed as terrorist. Obama supported them with our tax money as well as with his own. They should not be given money. They need to be removed from the positions in our government that Obama gave them control of. They should be removed from our country as enemies of the state. .

  139. I do not think this condemnation of General Kelly by Cair scares him one damned bit!

  140. It is quite alright to have Islamic prayers five times a day anywhere but The Lord’s Prayer almost anywhere is forbidden. What is wrong with that picture?

  141. Carol Juliano Popp

    CAIR is a terrorist organization. Call a spade a spade.

  142. OldHighlandGuyOne

    IF CAIR hates it then I love it! Go General John Kelly!

    Let’s build a wall around all muslim countries and throw away the gate keys.

    There, how’s that for islamaphobic?


  143. CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, aka the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD on our soil, in our country, can take their crappy Islamophobic terrorism and get the he!! out of our country. Good riddance and don’t come back unless you learn how to assimilate to OUR LAWS and OUR CUSTOMS AND VALUES!!!!

  144. CAIR should be run out of the USA.

  145. Mr. Manfredgensenden

    The whole problem is NOT that most of America MAY be Islamophobic, its that Muslims ARE, without a doubt, no question about it…INFIDELOPHOBIC. Radical Muslims want to kill us and ‘moderate’ Muslims want radical Muslims to KILL US. And if they say they don’t, remember…they are allowed to LIE about it.

  146. Roy Buster Ranic

    Really don’t give a pigs azz what cair thinks about our Gen Kelly! These bacon hating, smelly bastards deserve nothing from this country! Their country would have had there ugly heads rolling down the road even thinking about defending a Christian! Come hear to live off us stupid Americans! POS

  147. And we don’t CAIR what they think or want.

  148. just pis==dbecause they lost there grant . they never should have had a grant in the 1st place .OLD VET

  149. LMFAO —– Proof – We let in too many…..

  150. Tell C.A.I.R if they do not like this country to return to the SHIT HOUSE they came from.

  151. Dear CAIR

    We don’t care…

  152. Start limiting the immigration of Islamists to one per 1000 Christians or Jews, an no federal grants.

  153. Why is CAIR a nonAmerican allowed to even get involved. This is a group who does not champion for integration of all religions and seeks to issolate Muslims from the rest of America which has happened consistently.

  154. Just Who the Hell gives a Flying Crap what CAIR thinks ?

  155. CAIR is the Muslim brotherhood and Obama gave them select positions in our Government. Their plan is to take over our Democratic freedoms and govern the US by their sharia law. We are stupid if we fall for this raw data.

  156. He’s not islamaphobic, he’s AMERICAN!

  157. Did you read about all the supplies, dollars and helping hands that CAIR sent to Houston after Harvey? Neither did I.

    Did you read about all the supplies, dollars and helping hands that BLM sent to Houston after Harvey? Neither did I.

  158. every idiot that is a part of CAIR should be put out of our country.Who the hell cares what these bastards thinik

  159. Cair should be designated a terrorist organization and thrown out of our country

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