CA Governor: Trump Wins, We Build a Wall Around State

California Governor Jerry Brown said Monday that if Donald Trump became president in November, he would co-opt his idea of building a giant wall. Not, of course, to block the border with Mexico.

“If Trump were ever elected, we’d have to build a wall around California to defend ourselves from the rest of this country,” Brown said at a dinner in Sacramento. “By the way that is a joke. We don’t like walls, we like bridges.”

Brown used the line as a way of criticizing his Republican detractors and propping up the state’s position on drawing in young tech-savvy workers. He said “old white guys” didn’t understand that the future of California was dependent on “young people coming into this country and into this state.”

You know, the reasons to vote for Donald Trump just keep coming. A wall around California? Bonus! Miley Cyrus is going to move out of the country? Bonus! The Republican Party is going to be forever changed? Bonus! You would almost believe that Trump’s legion of exaggerating critics are actually secret admirers of the real estate magnate. Their hyperbolic promises are enough to turn a Rubio voter into a Trumpster.

In fact, we should make a deal. If liberals will self-deport after the election, the illegal immigrants can stay. Oh, and by the way…how many of these idiots who are vowing to leave will be moving to Mexico? Any of them? Why not? If Mexico is this beautiful paradise of wonderful citizens – no rapists to be found – why wouldn’t Americans be flocking to move there? Strange.

Frankly, if liberals like Brown stay in power for much longer, we will have to build a wall around the state. Because it’s getting to the point where California is home to more Mexicans than Mexico itself. Between the sanctuary city policies of San Francisco and the illegal immigrants being elected to office, the state is becoming a big fat wasteland of lawlessness. The city of Berkeley alone makes a strong argument for forced secession, to say nothing of Hollywood.

Over the last year or two, Gov. Brown has signed legislation that gives illegal immigrants drivers licenses and a law that allows illegals in college to benefit from public financial aid. And he’s been one of the loudest Democrats lobbying Washington to push immigration reform through Congress.

That makes him nothing less than an enemy of the United States. If despicable liberals like him are opposed to a Trump presidency, it must mean Trump is doing something right.

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