Bye? Dreamers Threaten to Leave the Country if Trump Won’t Extend DACA

Not a day goes by when we aren’t shocked anew at just how entitled the illegal immigrants known as Dreamers really are. Both they and their Democrat champions in Congress are astoundingly arrogant in their demands. There are arguments on both sides as to whether or not these people should be allowed to stay and work in the United States without fear of deportation, but we’re unaware of any argument that says they have a RIGHT to be here. Sure people say it, but there’s no logic to the claim. They broke the law. They are not citizens. They are, at the end of the day, at the mercy of our compassion.

Yet they don’t seem to have any realization of that basic truth.

Take some of these Dreamers that appeared on CNN Thursday. One of them, a guy named Alex Velez, actually threatened to leave the United States and go back to Venezuela if the president did not extend the deadline for DACA! “I will leave,” she said. “I will leave America as soon as possible.”

Okay. Um. Bye!

The reason we’re supposed to take this threat seriously is that Dreamers are so important to the economic and cultural fabric of the United States that we will be begging them to stay. It’s the “you don’t know what you’ve got ‘till it’s gone” theory of negotiation, and we can respect that.

But we also have to be honest with these people: You may own businesses, you may be enrolled in law school, you may be a valuable member of the armed forces. But when push comes to shove, your presence in the U.S….it doesn’t really matter. That may sound harsh, but it’s just a fact. Every Dreamer could be deported tomorrow and the world would go right on spinning. That’s not even a comment on Dreamers specifically; it’s just a fact of what it’s like to live in a country populated with 320 million people. No one individual is going to make or break the machine.

We actually hope that Congress can work out some kind of deal for the DACA recipients, but only because Trump has vowed to sign nothing that does not include THE WALL – the central promise of his campaign and the cornerstone of his radically pro-America view of illegal immigration. If some form of amnesty for these people is what it takes to make that happen, fine. But that’s the only way it should happen, because any other way of doing it only invites more trouble down the line.

If that quid pro quo isn’t good enough for the Democrats or their Hispanic activists…if they would rather pack up and leave the country…well, it’s gonna be what it’s gonna be. We’ll get over it.

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  1. More fake news! If a illegal wants to return to the country let them and I encourage all illegals to do the same. The democrats are making a mockery of our country, our constitution, rule of law, court system and we the people are ignored because we don’ Like their communist goal. I never thought I would see the day our country would adopt these open border policies using tax payers $’s to support illegals on welfare, free medical, free public schooling and Free everything! The worst part if we citizens don’t like it we are racists, bigots and need PC training. We are told we are mean spirited and hateful if we don’t give in to the left wing BS. It is way past the time for our laws to be enforced on immigration! If states, city’s and county governments refuse to support our immigration laws then governors, mayors and government employees( including judges) need to be arrested for violation of our laws! This lawless behavior must stop if our country is to survive.

    • Look up NYC and ICE.
      Talk about lawlessness. There’s no consideration of American citizens rights in their policies when it comes to illegal aliens.

    • You “hit the nail on the head”! So true!

    • You are quite accurate in all that you said but sadly the Republicans (at least some) are just as bad. Mitch McConnell is an open border supporter because Soros and the US Chamber of Commerce told him he was. Ditto for Graham, Flake, McCain and all to many more. Clearly these “representatives” do not represent the people who elected them but rather the special interest, big money people. Personally, the next time McConnell faces re-election I plan to financially support his opposition, Republican first, and if McConnell is the Republican candidate again then I’ll financially support his Democratic opposition. Perhaps I should sign off as “One ill tempered, conservative guy from Alabama.”

      • Terry, you are right, but for the sake of space I made the assumption most people realize what I left out! Hang in there we will prevail.

      • It is the Democrats that want to trash this nation ( communist all) and some of the Rhino Repubs, but that is what must be stopped! The Lefters want this One World Order and fatter pockets for themselves, otherwise they could care less what happens to any of us!!…..BOTH sides are at fault and it is time the PEOPLE raise up and demand that they are taken out of office! America must have patriots that DO care! Until we unite again as one nation and get a right government there is no hope for this country and what is ahead for it. Returning to faith that we were founded on is vital too!

    • Dorothy Callicotte

      You are very right.

    • Bill,
      Well stated. Since we voted in President Trump we have seen more corruption than we realized in our institutions, at least I have. Thank God we were able to get Trump in. I really believe that the President should declare Martial Law by state he can do this legally start with CA, NY, IL, etc. This would be the most efficient way to handle all of this lawfulness. Arrest Politicians, Judges, criminals, etc that have broken the law and deport the illegals. Than we can start again with the knowledge of what we know.

      • IF it can be done, sounds like a great idea.

      • “I really believe that the President should declare Martial Law by
        state he can do this legally start with CA, NY, IL, etc. This would be
        the most efficient way to handle all of this lawfulness.”

        I hate to correct you Sally, but I think you meant to say “lawlessness” instead of “lawfulness.” Lawfulness means that they are abiding by the law instead of violating the law, which is exactly what they are doing!!

    • I agree. And Congress doesn’t want to pay for a wall, but they are building the biggest US Embassy in the world in Mexico City? 500M..but nothing for a wall?! And they are voting on Schumers daca bill today, allowing illegal aliens here, all coming in til June 30, 2018 amnesty…10 million illegals.
      78% of daca are Mexican. When Mexicans get citizenship, each one can sponsor 7 family members…if half of the 10 million are Mexican, they will be sponsoring and that 5 million will escalate to 35 million!
      Schumer and friends are selling out the American ppl!

      LARAZA lawyers in Cartel California brag that by 2050 America will be brown!

      I called Schumer’s office today and expressed my outrage of his violation of oath to defend the Constitution. I called from PA, and the staffer said they welcome calls and comments out of state.
      202 225 6542


      • We will become amerimexico with all the inbreeding and then what;…a mexican pres. Good heavens, people it is far beyond time that we speak up and SHOUT; this is OUR nation!! The damn mexicans can go back home and take care of their own hole in the planet. One of the largest mistakes we have made: letting mexicans sneak in and stay without enforcing our laws that say no one can come here without applying legally etc…….course keep in mind the muslims also have a claim to America and killing us off , so get in line for OUR OWN nation as we are up for grabs and the government DOESN’T CARE- AS THEY DO NOT WANT THE WALL NOR DOES THE ONE WORLD ORDER anyway!!!! OWO is MAKING PLANS FOR THE WHOLE WORLD, NOT JUST AMERICA….as are the muslims making plans to be the new ONE faith in the world too! Does that sound like war to you? YEP, unless you all plan to lay down and let them all walk all over us forever??????

        • We need to keep speaking up, voting and contacting our lawmakers. I call every week, I refuse to be silent and watch my country turned into a 3rd world hellhole. Keep up the good work!

          Watch Border Wars and tell people to watch!

          This is what the invasion looks like on our southern border.

          NO AMNESTY
          BUILD THE WALL

          I HAVE A DREAM, TOO.

          BUILD THE WALL
          DEPORT THEM ALL.

  2. Don’t let the border crossing gate hit ya where the Good Lord split ya!

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      • Spam/Scam. Flagged and reported.


          • But we HAVE to the tune of Billions of dollars and that mindless twit of a Pres in Mexico doesn’t want to pay for the wall! IT IS HIS PEOPLE THAT HAVE COST US SO MUCH AND STAYED WHERE THEY DO NOT BELONG WITH HIS BLESSING! I say another war with mexico and this time take care of it for good taking mexico for the US clearing out all the rabel!

      • You need Thank Trump for good job you have, no one on this board really cares .. unless you used to be welfare mooche

      • Ethel>Broken English in a job offer comment, to me, is an immediate red flag of a scam. They hire lesser known actors to pretend they own nice homes and cars supposedly bought with proceeds from their imaginary job from “google”. Most of the time, it has nothing to do with google at all. They use googles name fraudulently to gain peoples attention and suck them in. Besides we are talking about DACA not google “jobs”

      • Ethel – Try and do something legal. You will sleep better at night and no one will be looking over your shoulder. I bought a new car also, but I bought it with money I earned the legal way. SLIME BALL.

      • Ethel,
        I tried to report you, but the site wouldn’t cooperte. I’lll try again later.

    • They will be like the hollywierdos , all talk and no action . Trump needs to take them up on it and not sign anything that promotes DECA .

      • Unfortunately we know this, don’t we. They raise our hopes and then… stay. It was a weird threat to begin with. (I think they believe the hype that America will crumble if they leave. No, just the slave labor will stop and employers will have to start paying their workers a fair wage. Liberals = slavery… they’re still at it. They’re just not plantation owners anymore.)

    • Ohh Dreamers, please, please keep your word. Leave. Americans in general have little respect for those that feel they are entitled to something. Especially if it is free. Prove you are really a good American after all and leave.

      • NO, that they are really mexicans and need to go home and make their disgusting country a place they can at least be proud of saying they come from!

        • What they have been doing is leave their country and come here where they demand everything be given to them free and then bring with them their Mexican flags. If they are so proud of their country that they want to fly their flags in our faces — instead of the USofA flag, then take their flags and ease on down the road where they came from.

          • So true!

          • Well, to be a little more fair about it, the liberals (Obama specifically) put the call out for them to come here and get on welfare. Why wouldn’t they? Mexico is in shambles with the drug cartels running the place and killing everyone, so they get treated real nice here because the liberals want something from them (help overthrowing America), which they’re ok with because they could care less about America or Americans, only what they can get for themselves.

          • Mexico has been a mess forever. Their Government has been Corrupt for Centuries! Besides, only 55% of ALL illegal aliens are from Mexico, per PEW!

    • Oh wow! That would be awful if we were to lose any of our blood-sucking, money-grabbing illegal immigrants! Sheesh!! We might actually get the economy back on track a bit faster.

    • When can we start a donation site to help them with travel expenses. The Baldwin family stated they would leave the country if Nixon got elected.I believe those morons are still here.

  3. Build the wall, then we will talk…

    Simple, concise, even a liberal can understand it…… Right?

  4. See ya!!

  5. Don’t let the borders stop ya. Git out.

    • It didn’t stop them coming in! I think I can safely say that no one on this side of the border will prevent their PERMANENT departure.

  6. Adios Amigos, and stay out!

  7. Just when I thought the democrats and “dreamers” couldn’t get any more idiotic, they “outsmart” themselves again! What a bunch of morons. So all you “dreamers” go ahead and leave. Good riddance. It doesn’t matter where you are in the United States or what job you might have or if you are in the military or whatever, if you are in this country ILLEGALLY then you are an ILLEGAL period! You threaten to leave? Well “whoop-t-do.” That kind of statement just shows how ignorant you are. We need people to come into America who are educated and will adhere to our laws and be assimilated and enter through the proper channels and will be an asset to our society. The democrats only need you dreamers for one thing and one thing only and that is VOTES! Otherwise they don’t really care about you (contrary to what you hear from them).

  8. Sounds like all those movie “stars” who threatened to leave if Trump was elected president. Alas, more empty threats…they’re ALL still here, just like the ILLEGALS will still be here.

  9. We do not now or have we ever owed you dreamers and DACA a thing. You sneak in and think you can demand from us everything you need to live here. Guess what idiots we will send I.C.E. around and pick you up and deport you as our laws require. Move back to where ever you came from or face deportation. It’s just that simple. The bottom line is that you illegals must go one way or another.

    • Patrick Murphy, if only it were that easy. First we need to get rid of the viruses called Democrats. There are even some Republicans that are a disease as deadly as the Dems. All we an do is fight in the ballot boxes and vote them out and just hope and pray they wont be Republican fakes like Mc.Cain, Flake etc.

  10. Does anone out there, who is LEGAL, fear being dported? I KNOW I don’t! I never have to worry whethere ICE or any deportation sqaud is following me to deport me! Wonder why that is? Answer; because I am legal, that’s why! Maybe people ought to take the example! GET “LEGAL” OR GET OUT! IT’S NOT HARD, JUST DO WHAT IS LEGAL!

    • I am a legal immigrant and I am probably more angry about these illegal scum because it is not fair to break the law of the country you live in. I never took anything for free worked all my life here. Get these line jumpers out and build that damn wall for crying out loud. Put the military on the border. Could be a good training for sharp shooters. I have paid taxes for over 50 years here and it burns me to no end that my tax money goes for law breakers instead of the people that lived here or at least came here legally. Burn the Democrats at the stakes, they have destroyed my once beloved California and if they are not stopped they will destroy the entire country of America.

  11. Take your wet back criminal ass and get out of Dodge, jerks

  12. Richard Bagenstose

    that’s why democrats want them here ,. their to stupid to know that’s what they are suppose to do , leave and don’t let the border hit you in the a** on your way out , well if you read about it military having same problem, give me ,give me ,

  13. “Threaten”?? LOL! As the great President Trump yelled to a loony Leftist during his campaign-“BYE BYE!!”. LOL!

  14. Richard Bagenstose

    maybe women will leave to , if guys don’t stop supposedly abusing them , i thought sexual abuse , domestic abuse and rape , where matters for the courts , now you have a sexual problem go see congress and put it on cnn , what a bunch of b/s

  15. Let them go. Not only is Trump winning but so is America. Their threats are like the Hollywood Stars.. Nobody goes they just stay here and bitch.

    • Unfortunately the Hollywood “stars” failed to make good on their threats to leave and I expect this threat is just as hollow. Crank the ICE deportation buses and gather them ALL, 8 hours to 80 years; don’t cull any. And take them to their embassy’s so their government bears the cost of their trip back to whatever is home.

  16. Can they take “that” part of Hollywood with them? (They promised to leave earlier!)

  17. Well than…Bye!

  18. Adios dreamers. Go dream in your own country.

    • plus never return it is a one way and no return ever . !!! With all the stores closing there will be plenty of people to replace you in the work force.

  19. Let me show you to the Deportation gate. (Please, take Cher, Rosie O’Donell, Whoopi Goldberg, Robert De Niro and a few others with you). We’ll serve cookies! 😉

  20. According to the article, ONE dreamer threatened to leave the country. I suppose the target is the Democrats with the goal of keeping them from leaving. Perhaps if the Trump border wall were presented to the Democrat congress as a barrier to the departure of illegal aliens it would get more votes.

  21. Apparently, CNN failed to tell Mr. Velez that his homies in Venezuela are leaving his country in droves. Hmm, I wonder why?

    • the stench of burning sulfur ?? oh wait probably due to no food or gasoline or other necessities since old stinking chavez showed the US how to run a country….well how to run it into the ground that is..

    • Rampant lawlessness, Little to NO healthcare, dissidents being jailed, HIGH inflation, lack of basic food needs, etc. About 600,000 have ILLEGALLY “migrated” into the country on their southern border, trying to escape the disaster of Maduro’s “presidency”.

  22. Build the wall and keep them out. Bye!

  23. Good Bye and DON”T BOTHER COMING BACK!

  24. One of the best things that could happen if the Daca’s show their pride and leave voluntarily. Even if good people break the law, they should pay the penalty. If they can’t clean up the mess they made coming here they pay the price, they had enough time instead it has become worse all do to a renegade President.

  25. The only ones that will be boo-hooing are the democommunists that will lose their illegal VOTERS, as for the rest of us, Good riddance to bad rubbish. We are tired of keeping” your “entitled butts” in “free stuff” and “special treatment” “provided” by the DEMOCOMMUNISTS.(and PAID FOR by “we the TAXPAYERS”)

    • DNC won’t loose their voters! Those votes will continue for another Hundred Years!

      • They will lose MANY, IF the ILLEGALS LEAVE…But you will NEVER see THAT happen, the DEMOCOMMUNISTS will continue to use OUR TAXPAYER MONEY to “give” these SCUM, ALL the “free stuff” and “special treatment” they can, to BRIBE and KEEP them here to USE for their “loyalty” and of course ,”VOTES”. (then they will be “tossed aside” and “forgotten” until the next election.)
        (just like they have doing to the BLACK “voters” for DECADES.)

  26. Good Bye & Good Riddance!!! Putting it politely, they should have had TRUTH instead of reporting their own sick opinions!!!

  27. thank god don’t leave 1 illegal behind

  28. Good By and don’t let door hit you in the butt on the way out. None of you are here because you want to become Americans.

  29. i remember a day in Los Angeles when the illegals stated home and off the freeways
    it was wonderful…

  30. Heard the same SOS from the singers and actors and they are still here.

  31. “Dreamers Threaten to Leave the Country if Trump Won’t Extend DACA”

    Then I suggest that they pack their bags and leave, IMMEDIATELY, if not sooner!!!!

  32. Do they need help packing?

  33. Is this all it took? We could have done this years ago! Bye! Write often.

  34. Hurry up and leave NOW!!

  35. The problem appears to be that not enough of our “Elected Elites” can even spell Illegal. And none of them seem to know what “Illegal” means!

  36. Isn’t their leaving what we want? And if they all left, it would solve the DACA problem. I’d like to hear the statistics of how many of the Dreamers are contributors to society because I’m just not seeing it here in NM. What I do see is a lot of heavy drug use and living on Welfare as taking advantage of other government programs that just cost the taxpayers money.

  37. Send them all back to wherever they came from. They are a bunch of ungrateful illegals and have already worn out their welcome and cost us taxpayers enough. Now they are making demands…………they show no loyalty or respect to our country ……………………… go home!

  38. well if they leave at least they can openly cross the border instead of sneaking across :}

  39. I say lets get some donations started, fund free rides Mexico, no qestions ask, just get on bus

  40. Great news – they should all leave – anyone give a sh–!

  41. Do they even realize what they are saying? Great, they should leave if they are not willing to be true Americans by living by our laws and stop taking advantage of our system of welfare — instead; work and support yourself or go back an make your own country better.

    • The tax dollars that have been spent on these ingrates should have been spent on our vets, elderlies, education for our kids and any social services should only go to Americans, hate these free loaders and enforce these laws that are in place and withdraw all Federal dollars to cities and States that are sanctuary. Prosecute these mayors, governors, police chief that defy federal immigration laws. That would put a stop to it very soon if these f.. ing. liberal judges wouldn’t constantly stop Trump. So let’s deport these nut job judges as well.

  42. Don’t hold your breath – We are still waiting for the Hollyweird celebrities to leave who threatened to go if Donald Trump won the 2016 election.

  43. Let all the so-called “Dreamers” go back to where they came from. Who with more than an ounce of brains, and that excludes the majority of Liberals, gives a rip?

  44. Bye, Alex and take Nancy and Chuck with you.

  45. So what’s the problem? Goodbye,adios,whatever!

  46. Most of American will help your people pack. They might even give you a bus ride to the Border.

  47. If only they’d take the disgusting liberals with them. “Here’s your coat, what’s your hurry?”

  48. give them the BUS FARE

  49. Don’t let the door hit u in the ss when all of you leave.don’tc come back.

  50. Liberal Tears Are My VICTORY!

    Hell, I’ll even offer up my dump truck to haul their snotty arrogant a$$es back!

  51. Each one MUST take 2 Dem’s with them.

    • Yeh I’ll vote for that and let’s start with Pelosi and Schumer and I have a very long list of recommendation for further deportation of Democrats.

  52. Do they actually think that Trump’s going to beg them not to leave?

  53. Hey Patriot news not fine NoDacaNoAmnesty .never these terrorist politics are over .I’m deleting you from my life as well goodby


  55. Its time to go back to your country of origin. There are much more of these so called dreamers who have not attempted to become citizens while they are here. That in it self tells me they don’t have the desire to become citizens. Last night on Fox news there was a dreamer being asked some questions. His first comment was that he is not going to leave. He has a degree and a business in California, also property’s he has purchased. Yet he is not an AMERICAN CITIZEN. As a Vietnam veteran who had fellow soldiers and sailors that have died protecting our constitutional rights these dreamers have no saying what so ever. AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED PATRIOTISM IS NUMBER ONE.

    • Try going to Mexico, buying property and establishing a business. Non citizens and even legal immigrants are constitutionally prohibited from such in Mexico. It appears that the Mexican government is smarter than our own: they will not be over run by illegals, refugees and other refuge.

  56. Great ! Help them pack. Leaving just might save their lives.

    • Robert or maybe it will save many American lives. They are more prone to commit crimes here since they seem to be protected and given free legal representation which the citizens do not get. San Francisco spent 200 million on lawyers to keep the illegals from being deported and they will fight tooth and nail for these law breaker free loaders.

  57. I think that is all bluster. When it comes down to the nitty-gritty, they will chicken out, because they are weak people whose hand has always been held out to the government, i.e. taxpayers, to help them start a life at our expense.

    However, if they are serious, then Trump needs to take advantage of that and show them the door and let the Dems say ‘Bye, bye’. Then what?

    It is all an attempt to put the fear of God in the feckless Dems to keep them on the government dole at our expense and, after all, we should have a say in what happens to these people and not through our elected representatives whose only goal is to stay in power and draw a big salary.

    In my view, if they don’t self-deport, we need to see them all deported back to the countries they say they never knew. Maybe it is time that they found out.

  58. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.

  59. DACA has no legality to make a threat concerning any immigration policy. Nevertheless, if they need the South side of the door to hit them in the ass to give them that extra push out of the country, so be it.

  60. Don’t break your promise, bye !!!!

  61. Excuse me, but you aren’t supposed to be here anyway. By the way, DACA was and is illegal, even Obama said he didn’t have the authority.

    • And now dopey McConnell is tripping over his shoe laces in an attempt to make it the law as well as give the reward of citizenship to a bunch of illegals who came here saying “yes we can” and an unspoken “screw you” to our law.

  62. PLEASE!!! Break my heart and LEAVE!!! I’ll pay your bus fare to the border!!!!!

  63. one word says it all: ADIOS

  64. Good riddance! We don’t want law breaking people in our country. Good bye DACA.

  65. Thank God, they are leaving on their own accord. Venezuela is a Socialist paradise, where they will be much happier!

  66. Maybe we can start removing all the signs in Spanish to hasten their departure. What about being illegal isn’t understood?

  67. Oh, I so wish they would leave! Think of all the money we will save! They have an inflated idea of what they are worth to us (the real American CITIZENS)!

  68. line the buses up and take the hollywood scum and politicians with

  69. This is just more B.S. about leaving the country. Sounds familiar

  70. Adios!!

  71. And they think this threat bothers us? They’ve been listening to the lefties waaay to long.

  72. Here’s hoping they all leave soon with a muslim under each arm!

  73. One of the qualifications to stay should be “helping to build the wall”. First they would earn good skills, second they would help keep out others and truly make America Great Again. Their earning could be put toward the freebies they got while living here. They would feel better about themselves if they “earned” their citizenship. Of course serving in the Military would be another great option,

  74. These DACA and every other ILLEGAL here are nothing but PARASITES, they SCAM and STEAL $135 BILLION DOLLARS a year in WELFARE not including the cost of EDUCATION and MEDICAL EXPENSES and sending a lot of TAX PAYER MONEY back to MEXICO to support their families. We should start eradicating the butt wipe POLITICIANS who keep lying to us telling us how they are hard working people and they are so innocent as they were brought here by their parents and the only HARD WORK they do is STEALING that $135 BILLION DOLLARS WELFARE from the American Tax Payer.

  75. They should all leave now and avoid the rush.

  76. Bye, Bye, and take Rosie, Char, Simmill, and a few others with you. Oh and stay the H*ll out.

  77. Call me if you need a lift.

  78. So No DACA deal and they are leaving – sounds good – but don’t get to excited – a lot of Hollywierdo’s said they would leave the country too if President Trump was elected – so far we’re still stuck with them. Their word ain’t worth squat.

  79. Here’s where “GoFundMe” can perform a huge patriotic service. Let’s start a fund to help these people relocate to the lands of their birth. Actually, all that needs to be done is to start enforcing the law, but that may never come, so let’s do everything we can do as private citizens to cleanse our land of these “guests.”

    • calf. and n.y. wants them send them there

      • bttrap I hear you and I’m sorry to say I’m from California and believe me I feel like all of you. They have invaded our State not because we most of citizens here want them it’s just because our rotten Democrats want them because they all vote even dead people vote Democratic in my State, that is why they don’t clean up our voter registrations. I want the wall stop Obama’s illegal Daca BS, stop chain migration, lottery and also anchor babies. We are the only stupid country that does these things. CA is ruled by Soros and billionaires like Tom Steyer and the ultra liberal idiots of Hollywood and the filthy rich high tech CEO’S are supporting the traitors like Brown, Newsom, Feinstein, Harris, Waters. We have no idea how many illegals are in California, they don’t fill out the censors and the Democrats will never release correct information. CA is no longer a Democracy but a dictatorship and this State is lost. The only thing I hope for is that other States take a good look and do not allow their States turn into a California or New York. Communism has taking over and is endangering the rest of our country. Many Californian’s are moving out and pretty soon all we have left is illegals and criminals.

        • bttrap I forgot to tell you something. When I had to renew my drivers license I needed a new rule book and when I went to the DMV they had 14 books translate in other languages but none in English. I had to go back twice before they had one in English. Can you imagine they allow people to have licenses that do not even real or speak the language. They also allow interpreters for the people. I was also very mad about the costs this printing must cost our tax payers. So just be aware when you visit my State there are millions of people out there that are driving but don’t know what the signs mean. Just saying can only happen where fools legislate.

  80. I started a hashtag, #BuyThemATicket

  81. Why wait. Leave now. You have no right to be in our country anyway and you’re certainly in no position to dictate to the American people as you feel you can.

    • Unfortunately our politicians have made them feel so wanted and welcomed that they feel so emboldened. We should also dismantle the radical Latino groups. I bet we couldn’t do that in their countries without being imprisoned or killed.

  82. Am I missing something? Just kill them and be done with it.

  83. I just hope it’s true and they get out. Threatening to leave is not a threat, it is welcome.

  84. DO IT NOW!

  85. That’s the harvest of unconstitutional executive order created by Hussein, now republicans are so desperate to give Hussein a victory why don’t they just finish the fricking program is unconstitutional anyways as usual they don’t have the guts to protect the constitution they just follow whatever demorats orders so so sad

  86. Please president Trump don’t extend DACA, let’s just see how many of these so called dreamers will actually pack their illegal a** up and leave the country or will they pull a liberal leave the country threat if you were elected president and keep on staying like the liberals did when you were elected, all a bluff they think they are so indepensable like the so called stars did, that they will realize that we can and will get along very well without them

    • The Democrats are openly fighting for the illegals and against the citizens because they want the votes and these idiot illegals must think that the Dems actually care for them.

  87. George E. LeFebvre

    Boy isn’t that a real scary thought. Need help to pack your bags?

  88. Maybe Cher, or Samuel L. Jackson, or Al Sharpton, or whoever else said they were leaving can give them a ride on their way out of the country………just wishful thinking.


  90. Great responses !
    Again DO NOT LET THE DOOR HIT you ALL on the way out …
    Seriously who in the hell do you think you all are ?
    I’m sorry but your parent/s BROKE the LAW coming here and then either had a family or felt comfortable to start one FYI your still their blood line and it’s still makes NO difference …..
    ” Your illegal as well ” but your all under the mind set that just because you were born here your of legal status NEWS FLASH – your not !
    I’m sick and tired of my kids ( WHO ARE LEGAL CITIZENS ) Taking a back seat to you all just because their names are not of Mexican decent, and then having to walk into any given store and having to put up with English or Mexican/ Spanish print ….
    If this all supposed to be on a level playing field then where is all the other nationalities and their languages up on the boards in all the store isles ?
    Again your NOT ENTILED to jack shit I’m sorry your parents made the mistake by originally braking the law.
    How about this what if we just walked into your homes and helped ourselves to what ever i.e eat your food, drink what ever you have watch T.V use your restrooms etc just walked in unwelcomed uninvited etc I’m pretty sure you all would be pissed off and tell us to get OUT !
    Get the idea now ?

  91. Oh no! Where will the Democrats get their votes now???

  92. Good bye … maybe now my dream can be realized.

  93. Dorothy Callicotte

    Do you remember when they promised President Reagan a wall if he would okay amnesty for the ILLEGALS, Did they become citizens????? Now they are working President Trump and I am against giving these law breakers anything but DEPORTING THEM. It cost the citizens of the United States $116 Billion a year for them to be here they get everything free and what do the homeless Veterans get, they need medical help and a place to live. Some saw things that have hardened their hearts and they need counseling to help them cope. COME IN THE RIGHT WAY.

  94. Sounds like the “dreamers” are starting to believe the globalists like GWB who think America should be thanking “migrants” for coming here. Goebbels was right – tell a lie long enough and people will start to believe it.

    • Excellent attribution. This is the midset of these elitist, Socialist bastiages. The world owes them a living (sound familiar)? The entitled… the illegal… the WETBACKS!

  95. Actually, they are going to leave the country, like it or not. The Demoncrats will NEVER make a deal with Trump that he will accept, so they can say bye bye!

  96. Tootles, good bye, sayonara, ciao, aufwiedersen, vaya con dios muchachos y muchachas! If they want to leave — escort them to the Border to make sure they go and do not return. They won’t be missed!

  97. help_us_survive_this

    Great, best news we have had. Ah, while you are at it please drop of you share of the $1 Billion spent on you illegals. The right thing to do. Not so glad you came but ecstatic you are leaving. Don’t come back and take your ilk with you.

    • They cost this country at least 130 billions each year and I bet if all be known it will be a lot more when you include all of the free stuff they take from us.

  98. Bye, Have a safe trip.

  99. YEH YEH YEH!!! We’ll leave if this doesn’t happen! RIGHT lying crybabies. First all the HOLLYWOOD ELITES PROMISED TO LEAVE IF TRUMP BECAME PRESIDENT! Only one did, the rest are cowardly liars!!! Now the DREAMERS CARE PROMISING TO LEAVE IF THEY DON”T GET LEGISLATION TO GRANT THEM AMNESTY! Goodbye Audios, Auf Weidersein! Don’t let the fence hit you on the a$$ as you leave!

  100. DACA dreamers threaten to leave the country if they don’t see DACA extensions! Too funny. Leave. Take your relatives friends and neighbors all with you. Adios.

    • Yeh, take the whole illegal clan you have here with you. Adios, good by, sayonara, Aufwiedersehen and don’t come back. We can at last take care of our own people and stop wiping your ungrateful butts.

  101. I wish we would get more threats like this, it would be easier to clean house this way.


  103. Alex Velez is bluffing. Go to Venezuela? The country is in anarchy cayous. He has no incentive to leave voluntarily. Good idea though if he and the rest of them would go at their own expense. Just do not hold your breath waiting for the first one to go.

  104. Stupid artical. They will be forced to leave if Trump does nothing. Haha dumb dumb dreamers. Leave now. F ing retarded foreigners

  105. Can’t keep them all shouldn’t keep them all. Those who are working and paying their taxes and not on welfare can apply the others must go. This problem needs to be addressed too, your a US citizen if born here only if the parent was here legally.

  106. Yeah! Let’s help them pack! give ’em each $20 spending money…and a bottle of water…

  107. Just leave NOW! You weren’t invited to begin with. You are all criminals and should be treated as such. NO AMNESTY, DEPOT THEM ALL IF THEY DON’T LEAVE OWN THEIR OWN!

  108. Facts mostly turn out to be fiddles playing that lonesome look in the rear mirror too!

  109. So long, farewell, alveeterzain, goodbye.we don’t need you. We don’t want you. Have a nice trip.

  110. Claudia Morin Garland

    This is good. All we have to do is nothing and the illegals will leave. You have to wonder what this bunch think of the U.S. and haven’t they been listening? Go ahead threaten us with what we want, but follow through please!

  111. And children will hold their breath and turn blue until they get their way. Okay, hold your breath or b’bye. You’ve been in this country for years, ever try to legally become a citizen or try to come here LEGALLY like legal immigrants do?

  112. If you are good productive people as you claim than go back to your country of origin and help make it a better country.


    • They steal our jobs cost us billions for free stuff and than demonstrate and demand more and more. What they earn here mostly under the table they send billions back to their God forsaken shit countries and help that economy and not ours. Who are the stupid ones?? I fear it is the crooks that run our country. Now we have Trump and he is being swallowed up by the stinking swamp and we need to vote these Democrats out of office or it will never change.

      • The liberals are not the stupid ones, this is HOW you overthrow a government like America. We are a kind and generous people and they used it against us. Then once there were enough (millions and millions) illegals, they used them to bring California down, Texas is next, and to take most elections a liberal wins by fraud. No, the liberals are not stupid at all. We have been the naive ones letting things get this far. But, the only silver lining in this whole fiasco is that if we will trust God and pray to Him for HELP! He sends us someone like Donald Trump and we actually start turning things around. I don’t think it will be permanent because scripture in Revelations tells us the NWO will happen and gives us a picture of what things look like right at the end, which, if you look around, this is pretty much spot on to what God tells us it will be. Don’t despair. Look to God. Eternal life is the real issue anyway. All this other stuff is only temporary. God bless.

  114. So leave already and shut the hell up, we are sick and tired of your ingratiation unto OUR country, that you have NO business being in! AND then there are your lazy parents who could NOT have cared less to become one with us and citizens!! None of you are worth the money you have cost us or the mess you have caused! If I were President we would have made sure you got back and NEVER returned to OUR country! If others can sapply legally why have the lto of you not done so and think you belong here? NONE of you are any more citizens than a drawing in a book is! Arrogant, ungrateful, spoiled, wastes of space, that do not even know how to pledge the Flag, sing the Anthem, know the Constitution or the heritage of America or obey the laws of OUR land! All you care about is the free handouts you have helped yourselves to; free education, free medical and food on OUR backs in the BILLIONS of Dollars that you can never pay us back for!! You have only helped with bankrupting the money of OUR nation! Rude and disgusting all of you with your noisy chatter, instead of English…you belong in mexico trying to make that s*** Hole a place that is decent. Not here butting into OUR lives and taking OUR money! You will always be interloper/illegals for what your parents and you have done! It is a disgrace to your nation and YOU…not us! YOUR parents came here and had you on our money, raised you knowing that only American babies are citizens rightfully…you are NOT citizens! All of you are takers and criminals that should be shipped to Mexico to deal with! What part of that do you all not get? IF you came the right way and stood with us, we would welcome you as rightful citizens, but you have not and are not………………………………

    • Ruth Hammons, right on girl I fully agree. One addition please let’s add to the Mexico list also, the Middle East, Russians etc. and South American countries that bring gangs and drugs. Merit based immigration should be the only way people can come here and only than if we need them and can benefit for them coming here. A healthy country takes care of their one people first. our politicians want to take care of everybody else first. Stop all of this foreign aide until we fix the problems in our own country. These scum bag illegals get free health care etc and so many of our own people can’t get and afford it for our own. The insanity of all of this is mind boggling.

  115. So they are leaving great news, it will save us time and money in deporting them!!!!!!! They can leave now. Illegals are entitled to nothing!!!!!!

    • Andrew, unfortunately our systems have allowed them to be entitled to everything free the American’s are the ones that are not entitled. Deport them all and build the wall.

  116. Good so when are they leaving.

  117. Somebody, please! When & Where are Departing? I want to be sure & WATCH the “mass exodus”. IT can’t happen soon enough!

  118. OMG please tell me this is true! Do I need to send money to help them out of the USA? What else can I do to help?
    I’m really sorry to see you go but don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out!!!!! Oh, BTW, don’t bother to call, write, text or email because we don’t want to hear from you. Adios ya’ll.

  119. Your here illegally, and threaten to leave. Stop, I can’t stop laughing. I’ll hold the gate.

  120. Adios lazy one! It’s time, we’re tired of paying you to stay! We certainly wouldn’t have been as well treated had we gone to your nation. Don’t know about the other nations, but I do know Mexico. If I’d gone there and done what you’ve been doing these past eight years or so, I’d have ended up in jail until I could pay my own way!

    • REx maybe you would have been in jail but a good chance would have been you would be dead now. Mexico is okay with cleaning out the low skilled undesirables and pushing them to our country. They bring their dugs and make billions and their gangs come and terrorize our people. Not just Mexico but from all over. America is the only country in the world that has a welfare system for criminals.


  122. It’s called the Southern Border! Before leaving, how about paying us taxpayers back for all billions in welfare you got for nothing, thanks to Obama?

  123. A win win for us.

  124. Hot dog! This is the best news I have heard since Donald Trump won the Presidency. If they decided NOT to go, send them out on a ship that can never touch dry land as long as the passengers are alive.

  125. I guess we’ll just have to struggle along without the MS-13, the welfare bums, the trouble-makers, the dope peddlers, etc. I expect we’ll survive somehow.

  126. It is not a bad idea to have the LAW ABIDING ‘dreamers’ to have a 10-12 year path to citizenship. I don’t think citizenship should just be immediately ‘handed to them’ because the fact of the matter is, through probably no fault of their own, they are still here ‘illegaly’. If the ‘Dreamers’ were issued GREENCARDS during that 10-12 year path to citizenship, The path to citizenship would give time to ‘weed out’ any criminal element that could exist in their ranks and deport them. During that time, they should NOT have the right to vote, along with a few other rights enjoyed by AMERICAN CITIZENS, and MUST work and pay taxes, as well as stay off the welfare rolls. There will be NO entitlements.

  127. Don’t do like the movie “stars” and not keep your word! Please keep your word, follow through with it and leave snowflakes!

  128. Oh no! Dreamers are going to go home to their own countries?! Oh what will we do without them? Let’s see~~ we’ll have more money in our pockets; Americans will have more jobs; our teachers won’t have to speak Spanish; we can give food stamps to Americans who honestly need them; we won’t have criminals roaming the streets killing Americans; need I go on………..

  129. Alejandro M Castro

    Nothing make a lot of us happier than to hear such good news. The Dreamers are discontented and intent to move on to other countries. Don’t let the doors hit you on the a– on the way out. Don’t disappoint us.


  131. The guy is going to leave and go back to Venezuela. Maybe if the genius goes back he could help straighten out His country. That takes care of my sarcasm for the day.

  132. I saw a photo of the “Dreamer” protestors. There was 8 of them. 8 out of 160,000. (But at least it’s a start.) Hey Dreamers- don’t be mad at the U.S. citizens who only want LEGAL immigrants. Be angry at your parents for coming here with you ILLEGALLY!

  133. Its REALLY unfair if they got into medical schools, law schools, ivy league universities, or got any job because of racial quotas and affirmative action, and got subsidizes tuition.

  134. bye…you are no better than the American citizen.

  135. Bye bye Cupcake!

  136. As my very wise and wonderful dad used to say:” if you have to have an answer right now, the answer is NO”. I think that philosophy pretty much applies here as well. If you don’t want to do what it takes to be a citizen in this country, we may (or may not) miss you, but bye, bye.

  137. Their arrogance merits NO compassion. NO AMNESTY

    Today, Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018, the Senate is hearing 3 bills for daca, McCains, Schumers, and Grassleys. Schumers bill would grant amnesty to up to 10 million illegal aliens in this country, up to June 30, 2018!
    Mexicans that become citizens can sponsor 7 family members each. 78%of daca are Mexican. This 10 million would at least include 5 million Mexicans who would bring in 7 more to escalate the total to 35 MILLION! There are 320 million American citizens now…and the LARAZA Lawyers in Cartel California are bragging that by 2050, the United States will be brown!

    Think about it…where do most of the illegals come from? 3rd world hellholes…is that what we want our country to turn into?!


  138. Good ridden Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  139. Adios, goodbye, and kiss my a**.

  140. Leave now—why wait. The Democrats have had years to settle the issue of DACA And like typical Democrats they’ve done absolutely nothing. They’ve known from the beginning that the March deadline was scheduled. If that deadline runs out because of the political games that the Democrats are playing and using these poor dreamers as a political pawn, then the Democrats own it.

  141. Right they didn’t make Holly Wood Yet,And the hollywierdos never left!
    I think Donald Trump is RIGHT ON!

  142. Good bye, Amigo. You won’t be missed.

  143. If the Hollywood liberals and democrats made that threat, we could kill 3 birds with 1 stone. Get rd of the illegals (1), get rid of Hollywood liberals (2) and get rid of democrats (3).

  144. CAN”T COME SOON ENOUGH!!! I cold say it don’t gate hit you in your ASS!!

  145. All Dreamers need to do is go take the classes like every one else has done. Why do polititions in congress put them before our boarder security and those of us here
    Now they demand entitlements
    You earn them
    A wife of a Vietname Vet, daughter of Dad in the 2ond world war with a purple heart he earned Vet,
    And mother of s Son that served and is a vet. OUR boarder security should matter
    Or our troops will have faught in vain. GOD BLESS AMERICA
    Freedom is not free.


  146. I hope they start leaving immediately. The more that leave the greater America will become!

  147. Leave, and take the Hollywood crowd and the snowflakes with you! Now, wouldn’t be to soon!

  148. Put your finger in a glass of water and pull it out. That is how much any illegals from anywhere will be missed .

  149. This is the most, insanely hilariously threat I have heard for a while. All we wish for is for them to get out of our country. They are threatening us about leaving?

  150. leave-maybe it will keep us from kicking you out later or suppoting you —illegal have broken the law and the off spring can not br US citizens until it and they are legal–a person who comes here illegally is breaking the law and all their off spring have also, all persons mustenter this country legally–Mr. Reagen in 1987 said we will let those who are here illegally stay –but this is the lST TIME—i know why the Commie/demos wants the illega;s to stay and their offspring–because they can get them to vote for them illegally–because the law says you must be citizen to vote–no excuses

  151. Good! Saves us the cost of having them deported.

  152. I have a granddaughter who is 5 years old. She is a U.S. citizen. She is my little dreamer. CITIZENS FIRST

  153. These people make demands as if they had rights under the US Constitution. The only rights they have is the right to a speedy trial and a bus ride back to the boarder. If they really want to see what their rights are they need to read the Constitution of Mexico.
    P.S.: If you need a ride to the bus station leave me a note at this comment page, I’ll be happy to drive you adn all of your friends and family there free of charge.

  154. Just remember to leave your EBT cards here.

  155. Promises, promises, I hope you keep them. If you do leave take one of your white trash advocates with you, Rosie O., Schmuck Schumer, take your pick. Every time one of you leaves our crime rate drops and jail over crowding is eased.

  156. I won’t miss anyone who entered our country illegally. ‘Bye. don’t come back.

  157. Perfect! Why wait?! Pack your shit and head for whatever border you crossed when you came here! Adios!

  158. Adios, sayanora, goodbye. Don’t let the door hit you in the a**.

  159. One of the aphorisms of a great American, General George S. Patton III: “Anyone who believes he is indispensable, AIN’T!” If these folks think America will fall apart if they all leave, then let them remember that WE THE PEOPLE have survived REAL catastrophes such as natural disasters, wars, pandemics, and other calamities without missing a beat. Haul your sorry asses back to wherever your parents originated. The sun will still rise in the East, people will still go to work, and we will all still be here in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!

  160. just like democrats that were going to leave when Trump was voted into office but they are still here

  161. Really! Maybe when they go they could take all the liberal snowflakes that said they would leave the country if Trump was elected”

  162. Do any of them need help packing? I might be able to fit it into my schedule.

  163. Well, it’s going on 7 days. Has HE Left Yet?

  164. Good bye. With all the educaiion and knowledge you have received here in the USA you will be quite an asset to your home country, Mexico.

  165. ! Complements to those Dreamers who have decided they will leave the country. They are showing Far More Sense than Obama did in his eight years in the White House.
    I believe- – All DACA should be subjected to a background check by the FBI (I would suggest the State Department but I think they are still trying to recover from the Clinton fiasco.). That investigation would determine IF the DACA individual has any criminal activities in their background and if they would pass the same checks as any Legal Immigrant seeking entry into the U.S. — Based on a successful investigation the DACA would be
    — ——- Be offered Self Deportation.
    ——- Those passing the investigation and self Deporting would return to the country their parents brought them from!
    ——- Many of the DACA say they do not know the language there or any of the customs; self-deporting will allow them to learn about their country and they may decide they like it. If they do they can remain there and live happily ever after.
    BUT – if they decide they do not like it and want to return to the U.S.
    – – —— They would have 18 months to decide to remain there or apply for return to the U.S.;
    – – – – – – – – – – -They would be allowed, based on their background, to apply for permanent Legal Immigrant status into the United States – AND – Be Given Head of the line privileges over ALL OTHERS applying for Legal Entry following the day the DACA filed for return to the U.S. and legal immigrant status.
    —————– Those returning (previous DACA) would return as part of the annual Congressionally established legal immigrants allowed into the U.S.

    • NOT real sure about DACA “kids” NOT knowing the language of their “home” countries. MOST have been acting as translators for their Family members for DECADES!

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