Buckle Up: The Nunes Memo is Only the Beginning

Devin Nunes and the House Intelligence Committee threw a live grenade into the Russia investigation on Friday with the release of THE MEMO – one of the most controversial documents to come out of Washington D.C. in years.

Within the three-and-a-half-page memo, Nunes laid out a clear accusation of flagrant abuse of the FISA court on the part of Obama administration (and, later, Trump administration) officials in their zeal to put a wiretap on campaign associate Carter Page. Relying solely on the information contained in a political concoction known as the Steele dossier, the FBI and the DOJ deliberately shielded from the FISA court information that would have gotten them kicked out onto the streets with an admonishment from the judge. In their deception, though, they were able to secure the warrant and begin spying on an American citizen who just happened to be close to their primary political enemy.

But if you thought the first memo was a bombshell, Axios is reporting that it’s only the beginning:

The House Intelligence chair and his team have told members and associates they’ve found other examples of politically motivated “wrongdoing” across various agencies, including the FBI, the broader Justice Department, and the State Department.

What we’re hearing: Republicans close to Nunes say there could be as many as five additional memos or reports of “wrongdoing.” But a source on the House Intelligence Committee tells me there’s no current plan to use the same extraordinary and highly controversial process they just went through, with a vote and ultimately a presidential approval to declassify sensitive information.

A Republican member briefed on Nunes’ investigations told me: “There are several areas of concern where federal agencies used government resources to try to create a narrative and influence the election. Some have suggested coordination with Hillary Clinton operatives, [Sidney] Blumenthal and [Cody] Shearer, to back up the false narrative.”

In other words, things are about to get really good, really fast. Buckle up.

We can only pray that by the time Nunes is done exposing the Obama administration, there won’t be a Democrat in the country (besides maybe Joe Manchin) who can get elected in November. It would be a fitting tribute to the lies they’ve been peddling for the last year and a half. But we won’t truly be satisfied until people like Susan Rice, James Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan, Peter Strzok, and maybe Barack Obama himself have to answer for their crimes. Hopefully, that day grows nearer.


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  1. I don’t think that Democrats or Rinos are being elected anymore… It is my belief that Elites go behind closed doors and play rock, paper, scissors, to determine who will be presented at the end of the day.

    Sure We the People vote. But those votes are placed in a shredder, and the results come out in a little vanilla envelope and some talking head on TV, says “and the winner is…” and rips open the envelope. And because the same talking heads have been programming us for a year or more on what to expect as a result. We the People just accept the answer and go home without questioning a thing….

    “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
    —-Joseph Stalin

    I know this is pessimistic, and nobody believes that it could happen in America, but all they really need today is a complacent We the People and the Elites can make it happen.

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    • disqus_7EcB0kPDrU

      As a seasoned election judge in Colorado, I’m convinced that the voting is fair and square, at least here. It’s beyond me why anyone would vote for a Democrat, but they do. You’re looking at the 51 percent of Americans that exist on some sort of government check, and they’re convinced that the Democrats will keep their check on the way, no matter how badly it hurts our country.

      • And therein lies the problem. The Dems have created social slavery to the DNC. After Oblowme got in the Free cell phones went through the roof enabling the debeats more SJW action.

      • I believe you and hear what you are saying.. I in no way impute your honesty.

        But here in San Diego, the last time around a 10 cent plastic bag tax was passed. I worked at a 7/11 and started asking customers if they voted for it. This is not a scientific poll but around 4 people out of a thousand or more admitted to voting for the tax. I had a friend that is a manager of a local super market do the same. She said none of her customers voted for it.

        That means that there must be a city somewhere that voted 100% for the law, and I just don’t believe it.

        I know people who run the polls and they say that the voting system is running as expected at their polls. It is as if, we vote, our votes go in the shredder, and the Elites walk out on their balcony and announce the results. Nobody questions it.

        The corruption here in CA goes all the way to the top. One party controls this state, and We the People are not holding that party accountable.

        Looking back, every tax passed, and those taxes targeted the poor and middle class. Cigarette taxes, plastic bag tax, gas taxes, more education taxes… When the results don’t add up, I no longer trust the people who count the votes.

      • “… I’m convinced that the voting is fair and square, at least here.” Is that why dead residents get to vote in Colorado? “… the voting record of Sara Sosa of Colorado Springs. She died October 14, 2009, but ballots were cast in her name in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.” Voter fraud is real in Colorado, and it is funny but they all seem to favor Democrats regardless if they were Republicans while alive.

        • disqus_7EcB0kPDrU

          Voting in person, you have to have picture ID. Voting by mail there might be fraud possible, but if a death certificate is filed, a copy goes to Election Commission. If you have knowledge of this fraud, by all means contact the Election Commission and it will be investigated.

          • Colorado has been conducting several all mail ballots now in line with having Democrat governors.

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          • Well maybe but I wouldn’t count on it in any state to do the job that they are paid to do. Democrat’s in some of these states would kill there own mother for a dead vote.

          • It has been proven over the years dead people vote, more votes than registered voters in counties & districts, people being bused in to vote, etc. Really hate to think this way, but fact is fact. Also you do not have to show a picture ID in all states. This has been a issue for years.

          • Sometimes they’re alive but look like cadavers..Mad Maxine Waters and Pelosi are proof.

          • The Democraps & NOW (Nags Organization of Woman) have the most coyote ugly woman on the face of this earth. Some years ago there was a video showing the good looking Republican woman with nice romantic music in the background & then it showed the Democrap scags with the background music “Who Let the Dogs Out” WOOF WOOF. Wonder if the likes of Piglosi, Waters, & the rest ever seen it? Wish I saved it!

          • I have a Lefty friend who hates Fox news but watches because of all the easy to look at conservative women.

          • Agree FOX has very attractive women, & they also are very competent news heads &/or panelist.

        • Colorado is nothing more than Eastern Commiefornia. the Socialist agenda is loud and clear in Colorado.

          • Californiecommies are like locusts, they flee the high taxes they voted in, settle in another state, change its laws until they are the spitting image of Commiefornia, and then they leave a Democrat governor and Democrat legislature behind and settle in the next state and cause more devastation.

          • Yea I know, we have them here in Montana ruining our Great State, they have over run Missoula, Bozeman and Kallispell all once Beautiful towns but now everyone is nasty to everyone else Liberal Loonies crawling everywhere. Can’t wait for LIBERAL hunting season to open.

          • LIBERAL hunting season should be 12 times a year that way we don’t miss anyone you don’t want to piss these Californiecommies off now do you.

          • I’m game, as long as U throw a couple of Rinos in there.

          • Every damn Rino in DC

          • I’ll like the treasonous, Globalist Commies when they’re wearing toe tags. I miss killing Commies….in Nam.

          • I don’t believe that are voting the way you think. I hear the same comment made by Texans, Arizonans, Utah, Nevada, even Washington and Oregon.

            I know MANY good solid conservatives fleeing CA. And I KNOW for a fact that they will NEVER vote for a Democrat out of principle.

            I believe the Californians are being used by the Left as fall guys to #1 take the blame, #2 create a reason that things are not going the way of the will of the people.

            For instance, a while back a new tax was approved by the voters in CA. And the people down south were told that everybody in the North voted for it. I happened to have a business trip up north and asked them about it. Funny thing, the MEDIA was telling the people in the North that everybody down south voted for it? Both the North and South were being lied to… We were told the tax law passed, by the MEDIA and nobody questioned it.

            I believe it is the MEDIA’s job to sell the people on the results the Elites want. Once the idea that the people believe that it is plausible. All the Elites have to do is make it so…

            I think the same goes for “all illegals are going to vote for Democrats.” I believe that illegals will vote at about the same rate as Americans.. what is it max 10%? so if there are 1 million illegals, only about 100,000 would vote. BUT we are told ALL of them will vote, so we expect the ballots to be filled with 1,000,000 votes, and the Elites make it happen…. Nobody questions…

            Any questions?

          • the Media is owned by the Globalists and the NWO people. nothing but LIES ALL of them

          • I believe you are correct. The MEDIA is no longer free to tell the truth, even if the dolts that are talking heads knew what the truth was….

            That is why I created http://www.madashellboycott.com To make the Globalists pay for their own propaganda… Do you realize that when you purchase a Bayer aspirin a small chunk of your money is given to the Globalists in the form of advertising dollars that pays to keep the lies on the air?

            Please join the fight: United we will rid the MEDIA of its bias. http://www.madashellboycott.com

          • Yes, join the 0.001% of the population that think like this nut!
            Media is free-ish. Trump doesn’t like that!

          • Find me a lie today in the NY Times. Fail! They report news – duh!

          • It’s time to put a hit on all Californiecommies that leave the state.

          • There is a saying in NC & SC “If you are a Yankee you are welcome, but if you are bringing your Liberal Ways with you go back to where you came from.”

          • In Texas the difference between a Yankee, and a @#*$ Yankee is : one who comes to visit, and one who decides to stay.

          • Where CA goes, others follow… I guess that you others don’t have a choice either…

          • i disagree. With the exposure of the FBI, DOJ and NSA in dirty tactics designed to prevent President Trump from gaining office, I doubt very much if Democratic voters will want to be associated with that party; it would be an embarrassment to them. I suspect the GOP will increase tremendously what with Democrats changing to GOP in order to not be associated with the law breakers.

          • You are correct some Democrats see the corruption within their party. But, most Democrats seem to put hate above reason. They hate Donald Trump and don’t really care if the FBI, DOJ, NSA, IRS etc is lying as long as they are not targets of the lies.

            I wish you were correct, but fear you are not.

          • The democrat’s are as much a target as anyone there just to stupid to know any better. Why do you think they vote democrat. Stupid is as stupid does democrat

          • you say imbarrassment that’s a bid word for democrat’s you cannot imbarrass democrat’s they live on imbarrassment lies.

          • Yes we the people do have a choice he is called TRUMP now and in 2020 if the liberals don’t like it let them start the CIVIL WAR and we the people will clean there clock.

          • Absolutely, MAGA…

            But, if we do not fix the rigged election, 100% of the Entire population could vote for Trump and he would lose to a rock that has a puppeteer named Soros…

            I really believe the system is that corrupt.

        • Same problem in Florida and Cincinnati as well.

      • CO population is far more left than right, in terms of numbers, for all they’re concentrated in the larger cities along the front range, and “outvoting” the conservatives scattered over the rest of the state. It USED to be a pretty conservative state just 45 years ago before an influx of Californians.

        • disqus_7EcB0kPDrU

          Mainly the influx of Hispanics

          • My sister still lives in CO; she says it’s mainly those from CA, with a few from NYC. However, I do know quite a few illegals did head that way when SB 1070 was passed here too.

          • The citizens of California can play a very important role in restoring decency, honesty, and patriotism by preventing Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and Dianne Feinstein from being reelected; retire them and vote for GOP folks, take back America, California citizens.

          • Not as long as they’re outvoted by the illegals in that state. Those will vote for the freebies promised by those hags.

      • Have you seen this? What is so compelling is these people really did believe in the machines.

        What is even more interesting is that this video video has been on YT for 2 years, only has 500 views, 9 upvotes, and 2 comments….. Or at least that is what my shadow banned account tells me.


        • Suggest you go to the FBI today so they can laugh at you too!

        • Here’s a much more interesting and entertaining article.

        • Diebold CEO was Walden Odell big time republiCON Bush supporter in Ohio during the W years. He resigned after scandal. Point is it is all OK with you folks if it benefits you but not if it benefits the other side.

          • Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA….

            Have you ever asked yourself why it is impossible for us to tell which party is in control? There is your answer… The Elites are in control.

            I would like to ask you, do you want to live in a Socialist/communist state? Do you realize that Big Government is just another form of Communism?

            The point is that the Elites in control of the Democrat party are Communist, and they do not represent the Democrat people any more than the Elites that control the Republican party…

            And the FINAL point is that pointing a finger at someone else’s bad behavior does not justify your own bad behavior.

          • Obese wealth buys the politicians of BOTH parties. The ELITES buy all MSM. The Elites CREATE the politicians of BOTH parties as the elites. There is no “democrat” party. That term was something Joe McCarthy pulled out of his butt. The Democratic Party Elite are not communist. They work for the Elites, bought and paid for just as the republiCON party elites are. You as usual, are full of krap if you are accusing me of pointing fingers to justify my own behavior. Wake up and smell the coffee.

          • I think we agree on something. Obese wealth buys politicians of BOTH parties. and controls the MSM.

            The rest of your comment shows just how confused you are. You incorrectly state that there is NO “Democrat party,” If you want to play semantics you are just being foolish, if you didn’t understand what I said, then you are not very smart.

            I think you are just as confused about how and why the corruption exists. The People have entrusted their elected officials with the power to create law.. It takes two to tango when it comes to corruption. The Elites have a choice, they chose to sell the power that the people entrusted to them for MONEY and FAVORS to the Big Business obesely wealthy.

            You falsely and rather foolishly assume that it is only REPUBLICAN elites that are colluding with Big Business, and that collusion (crony Capitalism) is just another form of Communism. Both sides are guilty. And you can not point a finger at one without pointing a finger at both…

            If you as a Democrat, want Communism, you are being represented by the right people. If you do not want to live under Communism, then the Democrat party no longer represents you….

            Wake up, and smell the coffee.

          • Why do the need to control the MSM – they own both parties. Duh!

          • Think you’ll find I’ve already destroyed this idiocy. Public sector workers of employed

            America 17%
            Norway 35%
            China, until recently, 100%

            Therefore America has a small government, in fact one of the smallest. If, you’d like to cut it more I recommend getting rid of a third to a half of the military. You could then raise the bar on requirement and make them singularly more efficient – yes, that means no more dumb idiots and no more shooting our own or our Allies by mistake!!

          • 3

            The POINT is poop for brains…
            The Bigger our Government gets, the more like China we become…
            Democrats are the party of Big and Bigger Government…

            Only a traitor would advocate for a smaller government using the arguments you are using.

          • The Republicans are in power and don’t think there’s much difference in public sector employed either or.
            You’re ill-informed as per usual!
            No one else requires such a large military, no wars and no real threats. The world is a smaller place and we have the UN for dialogue. Get a life!
            Plus, the US war machine is singularly inefficient – all that hardware and manpower and still can’t finish; Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. Whereas the British stopped the “Domino Effect” in Malaysia with a fraction of the hardware and manpower..

        • Interesting, but not surprising since it was recently proven votes were changed by the machines. I am old enough to remember going behind a curtain, closing it, manually pressing down levers, then opening the curtain. When the curtain was opened the votes were tallied. Modern day technology is not always good!

          • I agree, I think we need to remove the curtains, and make the whole thing public. Or just go back to the ink on the finger method…

          • Think you misunderstood my comment. The old way of voting could not be changed as in the new electronic age. The only way I can think of changing the lever you pulled is if there was a person on the other side of the board to pull another lever.

          • OK. But I think we are going to have to give up on the whole privacy thing.

            The voter walks up to the front of the auditorium with 1,000 observers. They could be behind a curtain so that the observers see only from the knees down. The tally screen is in full view of the voter and the observers. The voter votes, and notices if the numbers move correctly. Stamps his/her foot once if it does. Tears down the curtain if the numbers and starts screaming if they don’t.

            The observers scream if that person gets more than one vote… One vote, one person. Voter ID required.

            I don’t know, just thinking out loud.

          • Or, let Mueller do his job and present a report.

          • If Mueller was honest, he would realize that ANYTHING he acquires with a improperly obtained warrant would be dismissed in a court of law, and he would have already shut down his investigation.

            Mueller is dishonest and has nothing.

          • Where’s your proof of Mueller’s deceit – hyperbole and BS. So far he seems to be just getting on with it and ignoring the media and the retards. Epitome of professionalism.

      • There are no democrats left any longer, at least under 80 years old. Those just dont realize that what used to be the old, halfway honest democrat party has morphed directly into the Communist party today. Commiecrats is the appropiate name for them, and they have followed in the footsteps of the worlds worst Communists (and Nazis)!

        Today, if they accuse their adversaries of something, you had damn well know that they have been doing it themselves!

        And for some time!
        Alainski’s instructions being followed to the letter and the end, always justifies the means no matter how foul!

      • Well I am a disable combat Vietnam Vet. I get a check every mouth not because I as for it it’s because the government screw me up and I do not vote for any communist sorry ass democrat

      • Your reasoning is flawed. I am a retired federal employee & I get my check regardless of which party is in office. If you are not referring to retirement checks, but those on welfare, section 8 housing, food stamps, & other handouts then you are correct. Those are the people who vote Democrap.. Also, how do you account for those votes that the voting machines changed from the candidate(s) voters voted for? This was proven. How do you account for the current TREASONOUS acts which happened in the last election? It was not the Russians, but Killary, the DNC, the DOJ/FBI, the Intelligence Community, the far left wing press, & GOD only knows who else! One has to be gullible to think our voting process is on the up & up. So much goes on behind closed doors.

      • I’m convinced that with legalized marijuana (in your wonderful state of Colorado), there are more and more potheads who vote Democrat. You’d have to be “high” to vote “D”. I’m just waiting to see if Sessions really means it that he is going to start enforcing Federal law on pot!

      • Not so here on the Left coast where illegals who receive a driver license and welfare bene’s can vote. California is officially a Banana Republic.

    • You’ve got a whole bunch of valid points in there, but those states that use paper ballots preserve them for some period of time. I don’t think they ever shred them. Those states that don’t have paper ballots, should.

      The results of elections in states using paperless Deibold touch screen machines can be altered by anyone with the ftp password to the right site. It wouldn’t even take a big conspiracy. One person could do it, assuming they haven’t already.

      Elections are rigged today by choking the information stream with diversions, flooding it with propaganda, and payments from monied special interests to legislators in exchange for favored treatment.

    • I think you maybe a lot closer to the truth of how results are determined than many imagine.

      • If I am correct, and NOBODY so far has presented a compelling argument against my theory, America is no longer Of the People, By the People, and For the People….

        We now have a Government that votes Elites in, and is a Government Of the Elites, By the Elites, and for the Control of the People…

        That is just another form of Communism….. 🙁

        • Between the dead, illegal and other fraudulent voters, many of whom vote multiple times in an election (HOW else do you get a vote count that’s up to 150% of the possible registered voters in a precinct?), and the fact that Soros owned companies program the voting machines and tally the votes, both off shore in other nations, I don’t see how it can be of, by, and for the people of this nation any longer.

          • true….and we must get rid of the soros voting machines and go back to paper ballots…..actually in some locations you can ask for a paper ballot……….

          • See if your district has a permanent mail in ballot program; it should for the disabled, at least. I got on my county’s years ago and have paper ballots every election.

        • Your theory is seriously flawed and is only supported by 0.001% of the population. The funny farm for you!

        • No, it is actually capitalism at its finest.

          • Crony Capitalism is just the collusion of Big Government and Big Business…

            Why does that sound familiar??? Because Crony Capitalism is just another form of Communism….

            Do you even know what Capitalism is? Do you realize that when you run from Capitalism you are running right into the arms of Socialism/Communism?

          • Yes I know all about Crony Capitalism, sheesh. Crony Capitalism is just that. Crony Capitalism. In Communism government owns the companies. In Crony Capitalism the Capitalists own the Government.

          • Oh silly one, it takes two to tango… The Elites do NOT have deal with Big Business. They do so out of free will. They are corrupt.

            Elite Democrat Politicians = Elite Republican Politicians = Elite MEDIA = Liberal Progressive Big Government Communists.
            Big Government is just another form of Communism. Both the people work for the Government.
            The Elites have fundamentally transformed our country from:
            Of the People, By the People, and For the People,
            Of the Elites, By the Elites, and For the Control of the People by the Elites…
            This is Communism. The elites are the traitors.
            There are still people within our Government that are still working FOR the people, but we must root out all the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

          • Think you’ll find I’ve already destroyed this idiocy. Public sector workers of employed

            America 17%
            Norway 35%
            China, until recently, 100%

            Therefore America has a small government, in fact one of the smallest. If, you’d like to cut it more I recommend getting rid of a third to a half of the military. You could then raise the bar on requirement and make them singularly more efficient – yes, that means no more dumb idiots and no more shooting our own or our Allies by mistake!!!

          • 4

            The POINT is poop for brains…
            The Bigger our Government gets, the more like China we become…
            Democrats are the party of Big and Bigger Government…

            Only a traitor would advocate for a smaller government using the arguments you are using.

          • The Republicans are in power and don’t think there’s much difference in public sector employed either or.
            You’re ill-informed as per usual!
            No one else requires such a large military, no wars and no real threats. The world is a smaller place and we have the UN for dialogue. Get a life!
            Plus, the US war machine is singularly inefficient – all that hardware and manpower and still can’t finish; Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. Whereas the British stopped the “Domino Effect” in Malaysia with a fraction of the hardware and manpower.
            Read and weep!

          • Think you’ll find I’ve already destroyed this idiocy. Public sector workers of employed

            America 17%
            Norway 35%
            China, until recently, 100%

            Therefore America has a small government, in fact one of the smallest. If, you’d like to cut it more I recommend getting rid of a third to a half of the military. You could then raise the bar on requirement and make them singularly more efficient – yes, that means no more dumb idiots and no more shooting our own or our Allies by mistake.!

          • 2

            The POINT is poop for brains…
            The Bigger our Government gets, the more like China we become…
            Democrats are the party of Big and Bigger Government…

            Only a traitor would advocate for a smaller government using the arguments you are using.

          • The Republicans are in power and don’t think there’s much difference in public sector employed either or.
            You’re ill-informed as per usual!
            No one else requires such a large military, no wars and no real threats. The world is a smaller place and we have the UN for dialogue. Get a life!
            Plus, the US war machine is singularly inefficient – all that hardware and manpower and still can’t finish; Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. Whereas the British stopped the “Domino Effect” in Malaysia with a fraction of the hardware and manpower!

    • And We the People accepted the results without question…. The Elites counted the votes. Elite Republicans didn’t want Moore, so he didn’t stand a chance.


    • Actually in our CA votes are counted by number on enclosed computer.

    • They just pass the hat —- look at clinton and the support she had in DC….

    • Pessimistic, but in light of all the corruption in government & the criminals not going to jail it leads one to be so. Hell these yahoos spending all this time on Russia “supposedly” subverting our election process when they know it is the Trojan Horse in the USA, e.g. Killary, the DNC, DOJ/FBI, the Intelligence Community, & the far left press (PRAVDA). All citizens are not stupid, but all we can do is vent on sites like this. Yes, Russia may try to influence our elections, but the USA tries to influence our adversaries elections also. Anyone who does not believe this are not too bright. If many of the higher ups including the Muslim/Commie do not go to jail, if not hung for TREASON, in the current investigations we are living in a Banana Republic!

      • We can do more than just vent on sites like this. We must unite and take our Country back..
        It is up to the people. They MUST wake up, and start fighting back.
        If the election process is corrupt as I think it is. Then We the People NO LONGER elect these yahoos, and we are no longer in control of our Government.. It is more like a Kingdom or a dictatorship.

        One of the things you can do to fight back is to join my website at: http://www.madashellboycott.com

        We must start dismantling the machine, and the MEDIA is a key component of the Lefts machine.

    • If the 0zero admin was capable of this, they were capable of voter fraud.


  2. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    How is it that some of our people in some States putting Democrats in office?

  3. From your mouth to Gods Ear, let’s hope we can see this happen. The only thing I fear is that Sessions is a plant and he won’t let anything happen to the real culprits. He may be being black mailed by Obambam, the Clintons, I think he is dirty and they have him by the short hairs.

    • You should write a novel. Seriously.

      • Thanks, just saying as I see it. We know that the Clintons collect information on people so they can control them, I also think Obambam does too. Why else would someone put his carrier on the line and risk loosing everything and going to jail. so they just play dumb, not very hard for some, and turn a blind eye to what they know is going on.

    • I don’t think so; enough has been leaked, albeit not widely, to show that he is working behind the scenes and close to the vest on investigations of their illegal activities; this is a difficult case to prosecute, both are very slippery and difficult to keep live witnesses and viable documentation against; to get those into court and the case will have to be virtually airtight or they’ll walk and be untouchable. That’s tougher than nailing Gotti was.

      • Lets hope you’re right. Sometimes I think that and then he seems to be doing nothing. It could be that all of that back and forth with President Trump a year ago was for show and he really is digging up skeletons. I trust the President but not many others.

        • I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more going on than is being let on about; but with the FBI and other aspects of DoJ compromised the way they are, it’s difficult to let anyone know much, and not lose the case.

  4. This begs for a high level non partisan special counsel with super subpoena powers with a wide lense to investigate political corruption in our Govt. and when that is announced watch Pelosi. Schumer and Schiff go ballistic. And start with them!

    • This begs for a committee to investigate political corruption made up of Americans not connected to the government. They should be able to question anyone they wish without the person being able to use the 5th amendment. I do not trust government officials including the leadership of the DOJ and FBI.

    • Like Mueller? I don’t think so. He’s gone so far off the “reservation” of his mandate it’s obscene; and still found NOTHING he could tie to the campaign.

  5. The Nunes memo is a big fat fake soy burger.

    • I don’t think so scooter. Why not try reading instead of just listening to your MSNBC and CNN and being told what to think.
      Think for yourself. Do the research

      • Scooter..funny. I have read. I don’t listen to msnbc or cnn. Maybe you should try looking at/fox, breitbart, this and other extremist sights. It’s a nothing burger, full of omissions and holes. Lying by omission, the most favorite dirty trick of the right for years.

      • Pay no attention to equalizer he is a filthy satanic Russian pig pretending to be an American. He would not make a pimple on an American’s a**.
        He keeps spreading the filthy fascist propaganda.

    • Don’t ya just wish little flake.

    • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

      The memo is just the summary from the government documents that
      Judicial Watch has sued to get. They won their right to the information under
      the FOIA. If this was false info, then why did they have to sue to get this info?
      If it was full of omissions or errors then why were there omissions and errors
      in these official documents? This is just the first of many memos and documents
      to be released. Stay tuned ehart, for the fireworks are just beginning. Enjoy!

      • There aren’t omissions in the official documents my dear. Nunes just omitted pieces just to make his “case”. Like I said, lying by omission is the oldest dirty trick. Oh I’ll stay tuned alright. Wouldn’t miss it for all the tea in China. You better too 🙂

        • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

          Don’t worry, Nunes will bring out the official documents to prove what went on.
          Like I said the memos are just the condensed summaries of what the official
          documents say. Since the people who oppose the memo say that there are
          omissions, tell us what they are. No one is specific in their accusations. The left
          has written the book on dirty tricks , as we are finding out.

          • I’m not worried in the least. Maybe you should be though. I’d be delighted if the whole schmear were released. Fresh off the press: According to Kelly, your president* will not likely read the Dems counter memo because it is “too lengthy”. Ten pages. Too lengthy. Might make him late for his golf game more like it.

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            Dems have redacted their counter memo from what I understand. Hiding stuff?
            Ten pages of lies. It took ten pages to try to think of excuses of why the
            truth isn’t the truth. I love that my President can play golf, just like old-bummer
            did. At least President Trump owns most of his courses. It should be a hoot to
            see what the lying leftists come up with. Just wait until the other memos start
            coming out. Then they will really start scrambling!

          • The whole truth will never come out UNLESS you send them all to GITMO for some water treatment .

          • Susan, you seem to be confused. Both memos are supposedly redacted for national security measures. It took 10 pages to fill in the blanks that Nunes left out. I guess you are not familiar with the practice of taking things out of context in order to make things appear as something other than reality…or in other words, lying by omission. The point was 10 whole pages is far too big a chore for your president* to bother with.

            Yes, the golf thing. Perhaps you weren’t aware that your president* plays nearly twice the amount of golf than Obama did, thus costing twice as many of my tax dollars as well as the cost of the rental of golf carts and accommodations for security personnel, money that goes indirectly into your president’s pocket. I personally would be fine if he played golf 24 hours a day 7 days a week! It would all be time he couldn’t screw things up :). The only problem with all this golf talk is that he always complained of Obama played too much golf at too big of an expense to taxpayers. The hypocrisy abounds. As usual.

            Goodbye Susan. Have a lovely life swimming in your little world of alternative facts and figures.

          • Golfing is probably the only place he is fairly confident he is not being listened to by someone who will leak it to a liberal.

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            Ain’t that the truth!

          • you must be one of those un-American democrap plants

    • You must be one of stalin’s useful idiots.

  6. Who in there right minds can trust a government run voting station if all the corrupted FBI NSA doj are not arrested no Justice no country

  7. I don’t believe that with the media being a cheerleader for the Communist / Left / Progressive / Democrats that it will change much.
    Academia and the press have done a great job of making over half of Americans “useful Idiots” as Stalin would say. They have no idea about the truth of the Left and its ways.Communism is the most brutal ideology ever devised by man. Our Media is pushing it with everything they have, Satan is the father of lies and this is what we are in for if we don’t stop it. PRAY for America

    • I’d say Islam is giving it a good run for that money! Might even be more so.

    • “Communist / Left / Progressive / Democrats” What a pathetic lying chicken s**t cowardly anti-American Putin pecker sucking POS you are.
      Is the illegitimate orange headed fascist maggot that is squatting in our White House going invite you filthy IRA pigs to march in his North Korean stile military parade?

  8. Do not be fooled,. I have said many times that there is corruption in the voting of the USA. Going back to my memory of LBJ in Texas& I am not stupid enough tho think it does not happen all over the country.
    The trouble with most American citizens is that they do not investigate their candidates before they vote.
    If their parents voted one way then they vote the same or on the campus of America the too liberal professors fill our young adults with nonsense that they do not investigate or think for themselves . It is called brain washing. I have seen it happen to my own grandchildren on a liberal campus
    In the case of Obama the African American community was so excited to have a half African & half White American man to run for president they never vetted the man. There were so many others who were qualified & would not have caused the destruction that EX- President Obama has caused to this great country. for example
    Condelizza Rice would have made an excellent President & been the first woman besides
    Before you vote again check out the candidate . See if they are qualified to run a business, as starters
    Running a country is like running a business, See who they have been in bed with socially & who owns them See if they are legal or have broken any of the laws or supported anyone who have broken the laws of this country.
    After you have done all you can make up your own mind & VOTE ONCE do not be coned into being bused to another area to vote more than once. You are cheating yourself & your fellow Americans if you do

    • I would vote for Condelissa Rice.


      • Years ago parents were Democraps, as were mine, but glad when I got older I seen the light! Not saying all Republicans are good, since there are the RINOS & whack jobs also. But believe the Republicans are the lesser of evils. Would love to see a strong third party too keep the present American & National League honest, if not unseat those present crooks we are saddled with.

    • In the case of O, NOBODY ever vetted him. NONE of the 49 out of 50 states’ voter supervisors, whatever the title, even questioned the wrongly worded affidavits signed and presented by Nancy Pelosi claiming he was eligible to run; only HI received the properly worded affidavit. Congress never vetted him; and neither did the courts when people tried to complain that he wasn’t eligible under the Constitution.

  9. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    It is about time for the whole truth to come out and indictments begin, to get rid of the crooked Hillary
    and her ilk. WE the people are waiting for the stupid MSM to have to report the truth. Obama and all
    of his evil administration need to be outed. Get Soros and his minions, then you will see the money
    trail and where it leads. Enough is enough, we want to see these people brought to justice at long last!

  10. I hope this finally pulls the lying masks off them enough to penetrate the indoctrination of the leftists, especially the under 40s who will be voting for a long time to come yet. It really needs to happen. They need to see how they’ve been used and lied to; that generally really angers people to learn.

  11. And now John Kerry involved as well and I think we will see many more both in Congress, maybe Adam Schiff, as well in the FBI and CIA. The more the merrier for America!

  12. RELEASE IT ALL – Let it all come out so we can get on with it……..Americans have been absent and too tolerate of DC and the state houses for far too long…..

  13. Barack Obama: “The only people that don’t want to disclose the truth, are people with something to hide.”

    As more and more of the truth comes out and people are starting to look at some serious prison time some of them will be trying to cut a deal. I have said before Loretta Lynch must be wondering whether she wants to spend her golden years with her grand children or if the people she is protecting are worth rotting in prison for. Most people doubt that the Clintons or Obama (or whatever the hell his real name is) will ever go to prison – that may be true – but – ALL the talking heads thought Hillary would win too – and they were wrong.

  14. If many high level people from Ovomit, Directors, Deputy Directors, AG’s, FISA Judges (believe they are complicit also) do not go to jail for a long time, the USA is a Banana Republic!

  15. I read a few years back, it may have been Charles Ortel….or someone he was working with, but he said that if and when the entire ‘biggest charity fraud in history’, as he refers to the whole ‘Clinton Global Initiative’ (or one of it’s permutations) , is uncovered and all facts revealed, at a minimum, 30% of every elected official in D.C. would be subject to immediate arrest. And he stressed that number as the ‘minimum’, while suggesting it could be much higher, and capable of collapsing the entire government. He stated that the Clintons have enough dirt on enough people, for everything from pedophilia, money laundering, weapons deals, human trafficking, drug dealing……and the list is longer. He also said that the actual amount of money that’s been laundered through the Clinton Crime Cartel may well exceed 100 BILLION dollars! The job he’s been working on for years has tracked through the many many countries where there’s an outlet of the ‘charity'(sic). And it’s anyone’s guess who they have on the hook. Trump’s been on the Lolita Express at least once and once said that particular pedophile was a great guy. It also may be a clue why Sessions still has a job…..for all I know, because there’s enough known, public evidence that the fact that Hitlery wasn’t behind bars months ago stinks bad. Guliani (spelling may be wrong), but the NY prosecutor who’s everyone’s pal, and should have been in jail himself years ago, and he’s identified 21 publicly documented felonies she could be charged with….now or five years ago…….I hope the whole septic shithole explodes on all of them….whoever ‘they’ are.

  16. wherever Obama is hiding is not far enough to put him in jail as he deserves, and Hillary better get her pampers because she also will be indicted, too many crimes and too many laws broken by her, Obama and many others that right now must be shitting on their pants. Democ/rats have always been the dirtiest people on earth. Too many people involved in covering up for Hillary, it will cost them all their freedom, FOR WHAT???? people should have known better to be involved with the Clintons they are bad news since Arkansas. The worst still is yet come and Huma Abedin, will have to testify as well as Podesta, they broke the laws many time.

  17. imagine now, California will let all illegals to vote even if they are in jail. Illegals will have driving licenses and work papers, These judges in California must be taken out of court and replace them, The President can do that. that is breaking the constitution when a Judge uses his power for an illegal these people must be deported and those judges in jail.

  18. Those misfits are going to be shown that Americans can no longer tolerate their insane behaviors. As document after document turns up implicating more clueless behaving Democrats, their rosy worlds are going to turn “Black”…their choice! No one in their right minds would be doing what they have done…no one!

  19. Why did the article leave out Hillary Clinton, the BIGGEST OFFENDER to date??

  20. Unfortunately, Obama will not have to answer for all of his crimes against this nation. Would certainly be fun to watch him hauled off in an orange jumpsuit for Gitmo though.

  21. Declassify sensitive information, of this can and should be declassify. And I will Buckle up and say here,here when the Obama’s,and the Clintons and the DNC are all in jail, Tell then it’s still smoke up the peoples ass.

  22. We are in the fight for our lives America.
    Trump is our man.

  23. Apparently those leftists in DC are really dumb. When I heard what was in that Dossier I had to laugh out loud literally. President Trump has much more class than that which they (leftists) apparently don’t. If someone will fall for that mess without proof, just someone’s word, then I must question the intelligence of those that have put him in Congress. He is head of the “Intelligence Committee” which is the biggest oxymoron I’ve ever heard.

  24. It’s time the DOJ put on big boy pants and went after the weaponizing of the Federal Government by Obama. It falls on no one else but Obama. You don’t think he was aware of the unmaskings? Aware of the dossier? Aware of who funded it? Even before Trump’s win, he was hard at work attempting to ensure a Clinton win by using the power of the NSA, FBI, DOJ, to shield Clinton and harass Trump. A lot of people need to answer for this extraordinary abuse of power at every level.

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