British Schools to Begin Teaching Five-Year-Olds About Gays and Transgenders

How young is too young when it comes to teaching schoolchildren about gay and transgender relationships? Well, if you’re a parent in the southeastern United States, you might wonder if it is ever really up to the public school system to teach your kid about gays and transgender people. But if you’re a liberal in New York – or an educator in the United Kingdom – you might think otherwise. In fact, you might think that kids should be learning about Adam, Steve, and Eve-who-used-to-be-Evan at the ripe old age of five!

From the Daily Mail:

Primary school children from the age of five are to be taught about gay and transgender relationships as part of compulsory lessons. Guidance about the new lessons, which will be rolled out nationally next year, will be published tomorrow. It will also outline plans to withdraw parents’ rights to remove their children from sex education aged 15 from 2020.

As part of the changes, secondary school children will receive at least one compulsory term of sex ed lessons by age 16, including lessons on the damage caused by female genital mutilation .

Sexting, online grooming, domestic violence and forced marriage will also be put under the spotlight.

The announcement comes after more than 300 parents and children gathered outside of a primary school yesterday to protest against lessons on homosexuality and gender.

You might say, oh well, it doesn’t really matter what they’re doing all the way over there in Britain, but that would be a mistake. More than a few times, the social justice train has started rolling in Europe only to find its way to our shores – on many occasions, quicker than we would have ever believed. And you can’t deny for a second in a country where we already have legal gay marriage and high school transgender athletes competing “as girls” in sports (and dominating, naturally) that LGBT activists would love to start the indoctrination lessons as early as humanly possible. And if those nasty old conservative fuddy-duddies try to get in their way, they’ll smear them as backwards hatemongers.

We understand the value – in due time – of teaching kids to be inclusive and discouraging them from bullying those who are different. But that kindness can be taught without books about Katie’s two dads or the girl who always knew she was really a boy inside. That crosses a line that many millions of parents have a very reasonable objection to, and that objection needs to be respected. Teaching kindergartners about the ins and outs of gay relationships is unnecessary, confusing, and downright disturbing. We hope this is one export that Britain keeps to itself.

But we’re not optimistic.

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