British Politician: UK Must Confront…Islamophobia?

Demonstrating a complete lack of awareness about the rising tide of cultural antipathy towards Muslims who infiltrate the West before carrying out attacks on their hosts, British politician Sayeeda Warsi said this week that there was “no point” to the UK applying extra scrutiny to Muslims in the wake of terrorist incidents in London and Manchester. In fact, said the baroness, the UK should instead focus on Islamophobia in an effort to make sure anti-Muslim “extremists” do not disrupt the life immigrants have made for themselves in Britain.

Warsi said that the public should resist calls from right-wing pundits and politicians who believe that law enforcement authorities should pay closer attention to what is happening in Britain’s growing Muslim enclaves. She insisted that British Muslims were the last line of defense when it comes to combating Islamist extremism. Warsi insisted that, with “imams and young people taking to the streets,” the resolve to fight terror was even stronger within the Muslim community than it was in the rest of the country.

“I’ve never seen as much anger,” she said. “The language used to describe the terrorists has never been sharper, angrier, and, I would say, the level of anger towards the terrorists from British Muslims is even greater than it is within the mainstream.”

In an interview with The Guardian, Warsi said, “There’s no point saying we need to go deeper into the Muslim community, because in all cases they reported [the terrorists]; it was obvious to them who was radicalized.”

Warsi’s warnings about Islamophobia were echoed by London Police Chief Cressida Dick, who was out in the press this week wringing her hands about the rise in “hate crimes” against Muslims in the wake of the London Bridge attack.

“The terrorists seek to divide us and we must not let them do that. London is a fantastic, diverse, integrated city and that that’s the way it needs to continue,” she said. “What I will say to the Muslim communities is that we must all stand up in the face of terrorists. The London Metropolitan Police are here to work with Muslims, to protect them and to work with them to stop crimes. If you are a target, we will work hard to protect you. If you are suspicious of anybody and have anything and find yourself a victim of a crime contact us and we will support you.”

That’s fantastic, but maybe these politicians and law enforcement authorities can spend less time worrying about the Muslims and more time worrying about the people who don’t want to be run down by a van or blown up at a concert by Islamic radicals.



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