British Politician: UK Must Confront…Islamophobia?

Demonstrating a complete lack of awareness about the rising tide of cultural antipathy towards Muslims who infiltrate the West before carrying out attacks on their hosts, British politician Sayeeda Warsi said this week that there was “no point” to the UK applying extra scrutiny to Muslims in the wake of terrorist incidents in London and Manchester. In fact, said the baroness, the UK should instead focus on Islamophobia in an effort to make sure anti-Muslim “extremists” do not disrupt the life immigrants have made for themselves in Britain.

Warsi said that the public should resist calls from right-wing pundits and politicians who believe that law enforcement authorities should pay closer attention to what is happening in Britain’s growing Muslim enclaves. She insisted that British Muslims were the last line of defense when it comes to combating Islamist extremism. Warsi insisted that, with “imams and young people taking to the streets,” the resolve to fight terror was even stronger within the Muslim community than it was in the rest of the country.

“I’ve never seen as much anger,” she said. “The language used to describe the terrorists has never been sharper, angrier, and, I would say, the level of anger towards the terrorists from British Muslims is even greater than it is within the mainstream.”

In an interview with The Guardian, Warsi said, “There’s no point saying we need to go deeper into the Muslim community, because in all cases they reported [the terrorists]; it was obvious to them who was radicalized.”

Warsi’s warnings about Islamophobia were echoed by London Police Chief Cressida Dick, who was out in the press this week wringing her hands about the rise in “hate crimes” against Muslims in the wake of the London Bridge attack.

“The terrorists seek to divide us and we must not let them do that. London is a fantastic, diverse, integrated city and that that’s the way it needs to continue,” she said. “What I will say to the Muslim communities is that we must all stand up in the face of terrorists. The London Metropolitan Police are here to work with Muslims, to protect them and to work with them to stop crimes. If you are a target, we will work hard to protect you. If you are suspicious of anybody and have anything and find yourself a victim of a crime contact us and we will support you.”

That’s fantastic, but maybe these politicians and law enforcement authorities can spend less time worrying about the Muslims and more time worrying about the people who don’t want to be run down by a van or blown up at a concert by Islamic radicals.



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  1. We can accept Muslims as soon as they accept Christianity. I am sure that by playing nice with these Islamists, all the senseless killings will stop!!

  2. I love the irony. The English, in the last World War, proved that they weren’t about to simply lay down when it came to Hitler and Hirohito: now the UK has flipped over to the process traditionally used by the French, one that involves immediately hauling down the tricolor and putting up their white bedsheets (the new French national flag) at the approach of foreign armies. Once again, Europe falls and the fighting is left to us.

    It isn’t Islamophobia that we should concern ourselves with: it’s Islamofascism that will destroy us,

  3. UK must confront Islam or perish.

    • Well said, Patriot47!!

    • That can be said about all the countries they have immigrated (more like invaded) to. Even the USA. It is said over 85 percent prefer shariah law. Nothing about shariah law is compatible with the US constitution. Therefore, no muslim will assimilate into this society. The only ones that do are the reformist who more or less follow Zuhdi Jasser.

      By the way Islam is NOT a religion.

      • islaM is a geographically borderless nation that intends to engulf and to annex all other nations.

        • True and a 7th century barbaric culture of savage pedophiles and goat humpers. They are a product of their own making, INBRED!

        • There is little doubt Islam is NOT a religion of peace in fact I suggest, it is neither a religion or even a cult, although it is close to a cult because it is in itself evil, what it is is an ideology, a way of life, a dictatorial system of government that is communistic in nature. It more emulates the KKK than a religion. In fact it is total and absolute control of everyone and everything 24/7/365. Therefore it is worse, much worse, if in fact that is possible, than communism or fascism. It considers females less than human and actually sexually mutilates them. It is even legal to beat and or kill them within the Islamic so called religion. Honor killings are not uncommon among muslims. Females have no rights at all.

          Islam is disguised as a religion in order to garner acceptance among the populations of the world as well as government(s) recognition and protections which allows it privileges it would not otherwise be afforded (Especially in the United States of America). It could be impossible to get farther from a religion than is Islam’s shariah law. Its objective is “world” dominance. Its objective is complete and total control of everything and everybody, by force if necessary, through a caliphate. It means to rule the world and those who cannot be converted to Islam must be “killed.” It is total control because it is so superior nothing or no one is its equal in the minds of muslims. It is perhaps much worse then hitlers Third Reich, or any barbaric dictator during the dark ages, like Genghis Khan and it is just as barbaric, probably more barbaric if that is even possible. Keep in mind these people are still living in the 700’s AD. It also uses the make believe religious belief as leverage to keep members in line because of the fact it, (religiously) declares they be killed if they leave Islam. It preaches killing of non believers as well as is true about all other religions, including atheists and rewarding the murderers with virgins if they themselves are killed performing these brutal acts. This is not even close to a religion? If it were to be defined in short manner it could best be described as a mental sickness. Anyone outside of Islam is considered an infidel (all infidels are inferior to its members in their minds) therefore they must be killed. Gays and lesbians have no place within the so called religion. And are brutally murdered. Sometimes thrown off high buildings. Individual freedoms do not exist. There is no right to life within Islam.

          Islam respects no other law or rules other then Islam (shariah law). Once again because it regards itself superior to everything and everyone. It is NOT compatible with the American constitution! A believer in Islam cannot assimilate into American society as well as any nation not ruled by shariah law, it is not allowed. It is punishable by death. The Qur’an displays the fact their prophet Mohammed was mentally ill and so were/ARE his followers. It motivates with fear and permeates ignorance as well as hate and death not love as is normal for all religions. There is no good within Islam. Islam in itself demonstrates perversion. Islam and its followers beliefs are in complete direct conflict with everything American. And certainly everything religious. Absolutely everything. Individual freedoms are not allowed within Islam. It is recommended muslims lie to Christians and Jews in order to defeat and murder them to acquire total control over them. Islam still practices slavery.

          The crusades have been criticized in modern times and even by former president obama. Proving he is at the very least a muslim sympathizer. However, it is becoming obvious why there was a necessity for such action as the crusades. This war on the world started before 700 AD by Islam. The wholesale killing of muslims may very well become necessary again and very soon. If Christians as well as all other religions, and non believers are to survive it will become necessary to fight perhaps to the total and complete annihilation of Islam. Islam is determined to kill everyone in the world who thinks differently then they do. No group on earth has killed as many for as long as has Islam. Everyone who does not believe in Islam according to the Qur’an MUST be killed. That is a religion?

          Even those muslims who claim to dislike, or not approve of jihad, by their silence approve of the way of jihad if they worship via the Qur’an. It is said some 87% of muslims believe in shariah. Since it is not compatible with the American constitution how are they to assimilate into our society? Any muslim who will not publicly denounce these jihads are their ally.

          However, if Americans especially women know this why or, perhaps better asked, how could any women support such acts against them. Consequently, the question begs; is it fear or ignorance that makes Americans welcome these people among us? And if it is fear is welcoming them the thing to do or is that the equal of suicide?

          • Thank you for the reply. I believe that the reason why “our” SO-CALLED “government” is welcoming mosleMs is that said government has been largely taken over by the Globalist CABAL, through said CABAL’s control of the mass media, through its control of the democRAT party, and through its infiltration of the Republican Party BY THOSE TO WHOM WE REFER AS RINO’s. I believe that the PURPOSE of this welcoming of mosleMs is to wipe out our Constitutional republic, BECAUSE we dare to resist the Globalist CABAL’s plan to subject us to a FOREIGN, ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT. There is only ONE other nation I know of that also dares to resist said one-world-government takeover, and THAT nation is: RUSSIA. This to me fully and entirely explains why the domestic minions of the Globalist CABAL (most notably soro$$$$$$ and his SUB-MINIONS) are incessantly throwing all manner of “collusion with Russia” accusations at the Trump administration. I believe that what the Globalist CABAL fears more than it fears the sum total of the aggregate of everything ELSE that it fears IS: the formation of a friendly alliance between the United States and Russia. WHY? Because such an alliance would CRUSH the Globalist CABAL. Accordingly, long LIVE the DEATH of the Globalist CABAL!

          • Interesting you sound like me! So I guess you know I will not be critical of you! I’m certain if I put together all the writings I have done on this subject it would likely be a 250 page book. At least!

      • The FACT that islaM is NOT a religion COULD BE the KEY to our SURVIVAL, if our SO-CALLED “representatives” in “government” would grow some NUTS for a long-overdue change, and draft up a Constitutional “Definition of Religion” Amendment that would clearly EXCLUDE islaM as a religion. What that would accomplish is that it would HALT the practice of letting mosleMs get away with all manner of CRIMES, on the PRETEXT of “freedom of ‘religion’ “.

    • Islam is a complete package – a religion and political cult/ideology. When it is convenient for them to be a religion they are a religion, when it is convenient for them to be a political ideology they are a political ideology. What ever works to push their agenda of world domination over us “Infidels” and make sure we pay the “jidza” or “right to exist tax” (failure to pay will cause our heads to be removed from our bodies). Just a note – Italy has decided not to recognize Islam as a religion and has forbidden the building of any more mosques in their country and Poland doesn’t have any use for Muslim refugees. I have to wonder if the mayor of London, Sadig Kwan, is a member of the Moslem Brotherhood whose goal is the conquest of all western nations for Islam. UK wake up you have been invaded, learn how by reading “Muslim Mafia”.

      America has been at war off and on with Islam since the late 1700’s just after the war of independence. The Barbary Pirates were Muslims who raided ships (including American) in the Mediterranean and Atlantic. Because America had no forces to protect their interests in this area they agreed to pay “jidza” for protection. This jidza rose to 20% of the GDP at that time. We finally stopped paying the pirates and used the money to build warships and declared war. Over the period of 1750 to 1850 there were 1,500,000 Europeans and Americans (many taken as prize off captured ships) that were either killed or sold into slavery. They, especially girls and women, were never seen or heard from again. “Americans sold into slavery” how ironic.

      A law was passed in 1952 that forbade the immigration of Muslims/Islam into the US. The law is still on the books – Obama decided to ignore it.

      • I’d like to see that law and pass it on to all our “SO CALLED” politicians.

      • If anyone tweets, please remind our President of this!

      • When the law is broken your supposed to go to Jail !

        • True enough, but an insignificant fraction of soro$$$$$$’s wealth can purchase outright an entire legion of judges and LOY-YIZZ, so FAT CHANCE of ever seeing an equitable outcome from a SO-CALLED “court of law” where obamA is concerned. Remember, soro$$$$$$ bankrolled johN kerrY’s failed Presidential bid, not just one but TWO obamA campaigns, AND hillarY’s failed Presidential campaign. I believe soro$$$$$$ is unstoppable by any SO-CALLED “legal” means because, through his network of money-laundering subversive organizations, he receives and distributes unimaginable amounts of money coming in from foreign global elites. He needs to GO, and his sons (heirs to his evil empire) also need to go.

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          • Yes I believe you are correct he is actually a puppet / disitributor of funds to the traitors up and down the line they need to be extinguished !

      • No surprise there. IF he really was a citizen he was a TRAITOR!

    • The UK, stick a fork in it.

    • Sounds like the Brits are getting tired of waiting for “the problem” to
      go away on it’s own. The leaders need to grow some balls, do what is
      necessary and forget about being politically correct for a while.

    • Personally, i think it’s WAY TOO LATE ALREADY ~~~~~~~

  4. MUSLIMS learn to torture & kill from a young age:

    • ALSO to teach kids how to wear explosive vests. That shows just how great having kids are to them and why they keep having kids. Another thing to use for them against the rest of the world. They Couldn’t care less for the lives of their kids.

  5. You have to DEPORT ALL MUSLIMS!!! Especially that ASSHOLE in London.

  6. That would be about as easy is finding a way to love cancer. Doctor: “You have necrotic, metastatic lymphoma.” Patient: “What are we going to do?” Doctor: “We are going to open our arms and smother your tumors with kisses.” Patient: “Will that get rid of them?” Doctor: “No, but it is the politically correct thing to do.”

  7. Hopefully the Brits won’t start handing out AK-47’s to their invaders . . . if they do expect our elected Leftist IDIOTS in Washington, deCeit to do the same thing.

    There would be no problem with Islamophobia if the invaders who don’t want to become productive taxpaying citizens would take the daily free flights on C-130’s and C-5’s back to the sand pile. Airdrop, with parachutes optional.

    Every nation needs to start a daily shuttle for the unhappy invaders

    • Save fuel and get more of them out daily: let them become FISH FOOD twenty miles out, then turn around for the next load.

  8. I guess you believe that if you continue to bring them in, they might appreciate it and live by your beliefs? Ok, I just feel sorry for your acceptance of terror and murder over trying to sort out whom might be a risk and whom not? Like Obama why should ge give a shit if we get murdered by his immigration policies he held. If he did it to help people and not politics, why did he not help his own people with the billions he secretly funded illegal immigration with? We do not want truth, we want more Obama lies and bullshit, we to finance all people whom hate us we owe them? We want self destruction to force us into the new Globalization new world order our fuehrer given dictatorship powers Obama planned for us.

    • He always WAS a foreign raised and born Moslem, perverted as they tend to be, gay with a tranny “wife”, he was anti-American from the start, and SAID SO.

    • Totally agree, but remember: obamA’s SUGAR DADDY is soro$$$$$$. soro$$$$$$ has had many puppets before (including johN kerrY, obamA, hillarY, very likely mccaiN, and quite possibly romneY); he can effortlessly afford a legion more of them. The puppets of soro$$$$$$ and his sons are like certain species of trees: it does no good to fell them, unless you also dig up all of their roots; otherwise, they just grow back again in multiple places.

  9. If anyone believes this bozo, I’ve got a house in the Sahara desert for sale! This is another ploy of a muslim trying to turn the tables back onto the Brits for having the audacity to think Brits should get rid of those terrorizing the country. It is not a phobia, it is reality and anything contrary is a lie.

  10. They Muslims are here in the UK to kill you and take over your government. It is not a phobia if they are killing people and they are.

  11. Dennis Anderson

    Lorka this is dorka thinking and more thinking like this will only get you killed. All countrys have bent over backwards to understand them only to get themselves more of the same treatment. The burkas and and dresses have got to go. There idiology is nothing less than criminal and there is no dealing with it. There very book called the quaran calls for the over taking of the world. This is not a book of love its a book of conquest. There is no living with that, and there is no comprimise to an idiology that calls for irradication of anyone who doesnt think like they do.

    • Craig Vandertie

      Not to nitpick about spelling Dennis, but people take you far more seriously when you do not spell words like ideology ideology or eradication irradication, or did you mean irradiation as in incinerating them with a nuke, not the ones in the U.K., but those in their 2 most sacred cities of Medina and Mecca.

      Spelling aside I find no flaws with your reasoning and completely agree.

  12. Politician sound like she has a real case of Infidelaphobia!

    • Not really; she’s just loyally serving the interests of her own people, with absolutely no concern whatsoever for “collateral damage” to infidels. The net total amount of islaM that the universe needs is none whatsoever; MATHEMATICAL ZERO.

  13. Here we go again with the Liberal bullshit. Islamophobia is not even a word. It’s a term created by Liberals to put normal people on the defense. Islam is the most murderous religion in the world and Muslims get along with no one including each other. If Britain does not start the deportation of Muslims, they will have civil war. No if’s, and’s or butt’s about it.

    • Lets not wait on the UK to initiate muzzie deportations; lets start loading them on any available transportation and shipping them out now, beginning with the “refugee” slime that recently raped a 5 year old and walked away scott free.

    • sandraleesmith46

      It was created by CAIR and disseminated by their liberal lackeys. CAIR is a Muslim Brotherhood “tentacle” that has its operatives embedded in all our law enforcement and security agencies as well as many others, at ALL levels

      • Sounds pretty evil.

        • sandraleesmith46

          Don’t take my word for it; read the Muslim Mafia by David Gaubatz. Can’t think of the co-author’s name just off the top. But Gaubatz should get you to it. Decide for yourself.

          • I listen to the Muslims themselves, and what comes out of their mouths comes from their hearts, and it’s all EVIL. It’s all about FORCE and forcing other to submit to the demonic spirit of Allah and the laws of the Koran which are EVIL. Islam is the most murderous religion in the world.

          • sandraleesmith46

            The basis for the book was a young man, son of the author, who infiltrated CAIR’s DC headquarters posing as a Muslim convert, and literally carried out from that establishment, BOXES of documentation in writing of their activities in the US over the previous decades (it was written about a decade ago, now); how they were infiltrating our gov’t to bring it down etc. But reading the Quran and other “sacred” writings will get you the same information as well; since that’s where they get it from too. Islam isn’t actually a religion at all; it’s a full political system wrapped in a very thin veil of religiosity (form without faith), so that it can sneak into other societies; and pretend under their religious tolerance laws.

          • I agree with you. We have the Atheists, homosexuals, devil worshipers and Muslims all vying to try and take over the nation. The good news, is that the Lord see’s all of this. The Lord says the United States, and Israel belong to him. Which means the left will not succeed in taking our nation. The Lord says the Liberals and Muslims die everyday trying to prove the Word of God wrong. All you have to do is watch the news at night to see that truth.

          • sandraleesmith46

            So far as I know the Lord blessed this nation because our early settlers and Founders chose to dedicate it to Him; but I don’t see where He says it belongs to Him on a par with the way Israel does, which HE chose to found and establish in an unique way. The fact that our leaders and much of our population have now rejected the Lord and His ways puts this nation in mortal peril, and, in fact, judgment has already begun against her, so far as I see.

          • What you say is correct. The good news is God didn’t go away and Trump is God’s anointing. That means Trump is God’s wrecking ball. Who ever tries to injure Trump will be injured. That is why the Liberals are going crazy because they hate spiritual light, and they want it destroyed. Trump is bringing order back to our nation and it’s driving the Liberals crazy. The Liberals think they are gong to control the U.S. God says, no they are not. God uses the U.S. to protect Israel, and that is not going to change. The Liberals know they can’t have a one world government until they get rid of Christianity. The Liberals want to play God, ruler and decide on who lives or dies in the world. The Globalists are so evil, that they think 80% of the world’s population needs to be destroyed, because of resources of the earth may run out. That it is how insane the Globalists are.

          • sandraleesmith46

            God hasn’t gone away, and won’t; His plan is still working out, unfolding almost daily before our eyes, yes. Trump as his “annointed”, maybe in the sense that He chose Judas Iscariot for the role he was to play too, but not in the sense of saving anything, and he’s showing less and less inclination to return to Constitutional principles even, let alone Godly principles. He’s doing SOME right things, yes; but so did Judas. And God was protecting Israel without US help just fine, including in the 20th century. I don’t believe He needs our help now.
            Agreed the NWO agenda is Satan’s agenda, but I read the end of the Book and it won’t fare so well. Only it won’t be any better for the US than for the rest of the nations; in fact, the US doesn’t even FIGURE in end times prophecies.

          • God chooses who ever he wants to carry out his plans. Trump is completely about the U.S. Constitution. Limited government in all phases of our lives. You are proclaiming to think for God, which is never a good idea. God does what he wants, and we can’t stop it. God could let the U.S. fall or he can save it through Trump. It’s up to the Lord. The U.S. could be completely left out of the end times. That is a possibility.

          • sandraleesmith46

            I said no such thing; I simply pointed out what SHOULD be some obvious truths, to anyone open minded and aware enough to see them; I didn’t “speak for” or claim to think for God; and HE didn’t come down and call Trump His anointed. BTW, there is NO mention of the US in the Bible! Not even anything specifically pointing to the US.
            As for Trump’s “for Constitutionality”; not so much. IF he truly was, he wouldn’t be listening to bench legislators about issues of national security for which the laws have long been in place as an EXECUTIVE branch duty, not subject to judicial oversight, among OTHER key issues.

          • Yes, you are correct about the U.S. is not mentioned in the Bible, but the Lord does communicate with his modern day prophets in telling of what is to come. God says Trump is his wrecking ball. That means who ever tries to injure Trump will be injured. Trump is bringing order back to the United States and the Liberals hate it. Which keeps the LEFTIST’s from trying to take over the United States and trying to bring it under one world Government connected to the modern day Nazi Party of the EU.

          • sandraleesmith46

            Prophecy today is more about FORTH telling than foretelling; as it has been since John the Baptist was killed. Even John the Revelator was forthtelling, not foretelling; those claiming to be foretelling, question very seriously because that’s not Biblical.

          • You sound like a Liberal that has bought into your own lie. The Lord has told me a half a dozen things that would happen in my future. And they all came to pass exactly the way the Lord said they would happen. I am not a prophet though. But, there are prophets out in our world who predict with accuracy what is going to happen, even when most of the time you would say NO WAY because it does not appear that God’s prophecies would ever happen, and then they HAPPEN. You have much learning in front of you about the Lord.

          • sandraleesmith46

            Yes; and there were FALSE prophets in the OT days as well, claiming to speak for God when they weren’t! Probably 75% of prophecy in general is NOT “foretelling” of anything, but forth telling of the Word already given and correction of the wrong behaviors and attitudes, being practiced along the way! We should be like the Bereans, and if it doesn’t fit the written Word, REJECT any such prophecies!

          • How do you know that? Only God knows that and no one can predict what God is going to do!

          • sandraleesmith46

            No; He gave us the plan in plain language, in His written Word, all we have to do is LEARN it and watch it happen! He also warned us sternly to beware of false prophets! ALL true prophecy will fit into the context of the written Word and any that doesn’t ISN’T from God! Satan has prophets too….

          • What did Jesus say? He did not come to change the law of the prophets, but to fulfill the law of the prophets. Jesus came to do what the Old Testament prophets foretold. False prophets are known by their false prophecies. If they do not come to pass, then you know.

          • sandraleesmith46

            Yes, and not all that has been completed; but HE also told us that after Him there would be NO FURTHER revelations; that He’d told us all that the Father wanted us to know!

          • That is not correct. The Lord has told me several things that were gong to happen in the future and they all came to pass exactly the way the Lord said they would and I am not a modern day prophet like others.

          • sandraleesmith46

            SOMEBODY maybe told you and got it right; but that doesn’t mean it was the Lord. Since Jesus bothered to tell us there would be NO MORE revelations after Him; I expect there was a good reason for that, and it should be heeded.

          • I know you want to be right, but you are not right. Mark Taylor is coming out with a book on July 4. It’s title is Trump Prophecies. Every prophecy Mark Taylor has given from the Lord, about Trump has come to pass 100%. I would highly recommend you get it. Good luck to you.

          • sandraleesmith46

            It’s not about “me” being right; it’s about Jesus being right; He’s the one Who said that. I believe Him; and I don’t waste my money on false prophets.

          • Exactly right ~~~~~~~~

          • I think that is why hitlery DID NOT become president……the LORD would NOT let her bring this country down AND we all kno she would have ~~~~~~

          • We need to stop calling islaM a religion, because each and every time we do that we take one more step away from removing the protections and exemptions that it receives under the cover of “freedom of religion”. We must enter a pact of unanimous nationwide solidarity in proclaiming that islaM is NOT BY ANY STRETCH A “RELIGION” OF ANY KIND WHATSOEVER! We need to be mindful of the fact that islaM USURPS First-Amendment rights, to which it has no rightful entitlement whatsoever.

          • Islam is evil from start to finish. There is nothing good about Islam. But, the Globalists like Islam because it’s not Christianity and Islam is all about control over the people which the Globalists desire. Remember the Lord says spiritual light and spiritual darkness share nothing in common. Islam, Nazism, Socialism, Communism, Satanism, all have the same spiritual root. Satan. That is why the LEFT embraces all the evils of this world.

          • SOOOOOO TRUE ~~~

          • i’ve been saying that forever………NOT A RELIGION ……….CULT CULT OR WORSE if there is worse

        • Just about as evil as evil can be !!!!!!!!!!

    • TRUE but PRAISE THE LORD MIGHTILY so HE sends the scum somewhere else…..deep sea, hopefully ~~~~~~

  14. Trying to get muslims to stand up against terrorist is like pulling teeth. Calling the police and reporting suspicious behavior among them will only get you thrown in jail for being islamophobic. Just be calm everyone and sacrifice a few citizens once in a while to keep them happy. IDIOTS!

  15. Herbert W. Love, Jr.

    Islam has no respect for any other religion on earth, (teachings in Quran) and allows punishment to seek infidels and (terrorize & kill them) where ever you find them… justified in Sharia Law. It teaches no respect for women and this helps to explain the extreamly high birth rate of families with no means of support for those newborns? This is
    a (tragic method of civilization jihad) – by bringing children into the world without concern for their well being. It’s an
    Islamic tradition to have more wives & children than resources to care for them.

    No wonder Islamic children grow up to despise & hate other religions & the lifestyles of the Western Cultures. The all in one lifestyle of Islam is a growing threat to mankind’s peaceful living on planet earth. It’s more like a disease.

    • Not to worry we will soon be fighting muslims and blacks in the streets of America and very soon.So get ready.

    • At last I comprehend the actions of the crusaders; too bad some of the muzzies were left to reproduce.

      • They DO PRODUCE QUITE a bit also because the are running out of Kids to help blow themselves up for the Koran.

        • They rejected the prohibition of breeding within close family, as a result they are already verified as having lowest IQ of any group, already have destroyed any possible future they could have had. Perverted and SICK individuals, dumb as rocks.

      • Vlad the Impaler has been demonized largely because he understood that any measures short of what he DID would not have WORKED.

  16. Is this one of the allies that the liberal dem bloodsuckers are concerned about alienating?

  17. This woman is a full-brown nut-case! There is no such thing as “Islamophobia”. It is a word that was made up to silence anyone refusing to agree with this barbaric and evil cult/ideology, period. Look at how Europe is being destroyed for ABSOLUTE PROOF! Religion of peace? Bull-sh*t Obama!


    • Welcome home.

    • mosleMs are being USED (as useful idiots) by the Globalist CABAL for the PURPOSE of softening up our country for one-world-government takeover. Through soro$$$$$$ and his network of money-laundering subversive organizations, the Globalist CABAL owns outright both the media and the entire democRAT party; it also owns many PLANTS in the Republican Party. Said PLANTS are otherwise known as RINO’s. ERGO, the first order of business for stopping this abuse is to get rid of soro$$$$$$ AND his sons.

  19. British politician Sayeeda Warsi insisted that British Muslims were the LAST LINE of defense when it comes to combating Islamist extremism. Shouldn’t they be the FIRST LINE. The Islamic community knows who these radicals are and don’t report them because they all support Sharia, Mahammad, and Jihad

  20. Islam is a threat to mankind in general! There will never be peaceful coexistence with Islam…their leader(Satan) won’t allow it!

  21. These idiots. They’re saying if you see something say something. But the a-hole in the latest killings was turned in 3 different times by 3 different people and they did nothing.

  22. Malcolm Davidson

    We live in a world of really stupid people, and this person proves how blind, dumb, and really out of touch she is. Unfortunately, there are many more out there like her. I think it is going to get much worse before buffoons like her wake up- if they ever do. I wish we lived in a world where we all could get along, but that has never been the case throughout man’s history. When one tribe decides to inflict damage on the other tribe, usually the tribe that has been wounded says, “Wait a minute”, and then proceeds to defend itself. The wounded tribe doesn’t say what did I do wrong, or maybe if I just I just stop practicing my own customs in my own country will they stop their boorish behavior, and we can live peacefully. Well, guess what? That never happens, We here in the west look weak, act weak, and the bully takes advantage.
    The only time that I can think of when passive resistance really worked was in India by Gandhi. He went on a hunger strike and drove out the British, who may have been imperialists, but they weren’t totally irrational, as they looked inward and said to themselves we need to leave India, as it is to big for us to govern, where today there is a religion, (not everyone involved in it of course), that views capitulating to one’s enemy at any time as weak. When we show weakness, they go in for the kill. In other words, if we went on a hunger strike the west would ceast to exist.


  24. No you moron, The UK must confront and destroy Islamo-fascists

  25. When anyone is so unknowing as inviting the enemy to live with you, one should also known that it is also an open invite to be attacked and/or killed! And, with open borders your country is no long “a Sovereign Country”!

  26. Unless this ignorance of Islams twusted culture is addressed by the countries that “let those fake refugees in”, those same countries will fall into ruin and be destroted by the people they cluelessly tried to help.

    That baroness and the Chief of Police are completely ignorant of what Islam is truly about. Their complete STUPUDITY has already cost many of the Natural Citizens of the U.K. their lives and still those two misfits don’t see the writing on the wall. Sad for the true citizens of the U.K. Sad for Tourism in the UK. Soon NO ONE WILL WANT TO VISIT THE U.K. BECAUSE IF THE RADICAL JIHADISTS RUNNING LOOSE THERE. Time to kick those remaining Muslims out of the U.K. — and for the rest of Europe to follow suit including the U.S.!! Want to get rid of ISIS? DUMP all of the muslims that have fraudulently invaded other countries back on top of ISIS. LET those FREAKHEADS figure out what to do with the millions of people invading their areas. That is a good way to immobilize ISIS and return muslims to their homelands like they should be!
    Think about it. If ISIS gets bitchy, there are masses of Muslims to smother them out.

    Time for ALL NATIONS WITH INVADING MUSLIMS TO CLEAN HOUSE AND DEPORT THE MUSLIMS BACK TO WHERE THEY CAME!! It’s the only answer that works for our world. Otherwise, more and more non muslims will die and be hurt including our children. STOP the Muslims now to end this Jihadist nightmare. Deport, Deport, Deport and make our Nations Muslim free!!!!

  27. so despite centuries of proof otherwise, these liberal loonies believe what they are being told by their islamic overlords.. DUH! Hey dummies! Wake UP! Their own ideology “preachers” say they WILL rule you and the rest of the world. They also teach and admit that they WILL LIE TO ANYONE NOT ISLAMIC!!!! Get real and throw them OUT of your country. Lock down your borders and don’t let them in. I used to want to visit Europe sometime during my life. I no longer wish to go ANYWHERE in Europe as long as I stand a good chance of being murdered in the name of satan. The UK already has many areas where non islamics are not allowed. Start taking out the trash or lose your country!

  28. Those two dumb ass liberal females should be locked away now! If London doesn’t take a hard stance now and eliminate that camel humping mayor and deport all muslims, the city will be lost! And when it falls, so will the rest of Britain. Liberals have only one purpose in life, no matter what country, That is to destroy the country from within.

    • Right and install a caliphate. The Brits will no longer have a country. But they are asking for it. The Islamist terrorists will take over. You can take that to the bank!


  30. Muslim communities must all stand up to the face of terrorists.They will when “HELL FREEZS OVER”And hell is to hot to freeze over.

  31. Craig Vandertie

    Proclaim it far and wide that her new name and title is baroness brainless box of rocks, no folks you simply cannot have less of a grasp on reality than this figurehead bitch.

  32. Craig Vandertie

    Theresa May and the MPs are completely delusional to the point of stupid, the only 3 other nations that are equal to them or in the case of Sweden whose leaders are brain dead are France and Germany the leaders of all mentioned European nations need to receive serious psychological treatment immediately.

  33. Craig Vandertie

    The term islamphobia is not delusion on those who feel it, the fear is sufficiently justified the ones who are completely delusional are those who protest against the emotions of those who are enlightened to the evil of islam.

  34. The problem is that the problem is Islam, it’s very structure itself. it will always breed extremists. Sharia law supports the Islam environment and is incompatible with basic principles of western civilization. if Islam is peaceful why have the sunni and shiite aspects been fighting each other since 1258 AD.

  35. If the British govt. had any sense at all they’d start rounding up these muslim maggots and offering them two choices. They can either be shipped back to the middle eastern shithole they came from or the firing squad. Unfortunately it looks as if not only the UK, but the whole continent of Europe consists of idiots and cowards who are either too stupid or too scared to defend themselves and their countries. What a waste of American manpower it was during WWs I and II defending worthless countries like England and France. We should have let Hitler have them. But then Germany is nearly as bad as England and France too.

  36. This guy is nuts! The Brit’s had better wake up.

  37. These idiot’s just don’t get it do they, I guess that means they will just lie down and take up the %$#&, moron’s!

  38. Know that Islam is a complete package – a religion and political cult/ideology. When it is convenient for them to be a religion they are a religion, when it is convenient for them to be a political ideology they are a political ideology. What ever works to push their agenda of world domination over us “Infidels” and make sure we pay the “jidza” or “right to exist tax” (failure to pay will cause our heads to be removed from our bodies). Just a note – Italy has decided not to recognize Islam as a religion and has forbidden the building of any more mosques in their country and Poland doesn’t have any use for Muslim refugees. I have to wonder if the mayor of London, Sadig Kwan, is a member of the Moslem Brotherhood whose goal is the conquest of all western nations for Islam. UK wake up you have been invaded, learn how by reading “Muslim Mafia”.

    America has been at war off and on with Islam since the late 1700’s just after the war of independence. The Barbary Pirates were Muslims who raided ships (including American) in the Mediterranean and Atlantic. Because America had no forces to protect their interests in this area they agreed to pay “jidza” for protection. This jidza rose to 20% of the GDP at that time. We finally stopped paying the pirates and used the money to build warships and declared war. Over the period of 1750 to 1850 there were 1,500,000 Europeans and Americans (many taken as prize off captured ships) that were either killed or sold into slavery. They, especially girls and women, were never seen or heard from again. “Americans sold into slavery” how ironic.

    A law was passed in 1952 that forbade the immigration of Muslims/Islam into the US. The law is still on the books – Obama decided to ignore it.

  39. I guess the UK is officially DONE as a country. THAT is what happens when you are “complacent” and allow these ANIMALS to invade. I am afraid that this is going to also be OUR fate in the U.S. if we do not get our heads out of our butts and stand up to defend ourselves against these INVADERS.

  40. The U.K. must confront the logical reasoning disconnect and neural dysfunction in its politicians. Nowhere does it say that the people of a country elect politicians to have them dispossess them of their country by giving it to foreign invaders that represent a medieval death cult that is diametrically opposes to all of that country’s values and culture!

  41. They keep forgetting that it is okay to lie too the infidels.

  42. I don’t believe in bigotry but you have to careful and watch all perceived enemies. Whenever there is a group found to be violent, watch them closely. You won’t know which one is peaceful and which one is not until it is too late. Better safe than sorry. The illegals need to be deported due to the fact they are a high risk for being militants. I feel sorry for the children but if the parents are militants, the children will grow up to be also.

  43. Bye, England

  44. Another Muslim nutcase.

  45. Neville Chamberlain’s way? Lord help the Brits. How many Brits would have died if Chamberlain had actually confronted Hitler rather than appease him? How would the Brits of the WW2 generations feel about the number of Brits who will die due to radical Islamic terrorism?
    I like the Brits for many reasons. It is sad that their own government allowed them to be disarmed just as our government has been trying to do. So many people duped by propaganda and lies, false data, etc.

    • REALITY SUCKS and you can’t fix “STUPID”.

    • The entire scenario becomes much easier to understand when it is noted that the MONEY behind all those campaigns to DISARM US is COMING FROM the very global elites who want us under THEIR one-world-government THUMB! THEY consider all that money they’re pouring into anti-gun propaganda to be an “investment”.

  46. NO! they must confront Islam, itself, and NOT the phobia (fear) of it! They have every reason to fear Islam, because if they do not stop the muslims, they WILL take over their country!

  47. islaMophobia is an oxymoron, because it is logically impossible for any fear of islaM to BE any kind of a “phobia”, as a phobia is DEFINED as an IRRATIONAL fear. ALL fear of islaM, however, IS rational, because islaM is a real threat. On this basis, we KNOW that anyone who accuses anyone else of being islaMophobic is a liar and a deceiver.

  48. sandraleesmith46

    Another deceived apologist! The ONLY Muslim with a prayer of stopping terrorism is 1 who has denied sharia and the Quran, both of which along with the Sunna and Hadiths, CALL for terrorism against any and all infidels! All a Muslim sees in one who tries otherwise, is an apostate to be killed too!

  49. The Charities/Churches that are asking for refugee’s are HOLDING CLASSES for those already here to contact representatives and others in support of more refugees. The Charities/Churches have seen a reduction lately and they want more to come to America so they can be paid. They are teaching the refugees how to be vocal at Townhalls, etc. THIS IS HAPPENING ON JUNE 20TH. On that day we need to be vocal and contact our representatives and say “no more refugees”. Contact the WH Click the top R corner to send a message to our President! Make a note to do this. We need to be heard and support our President.

  50. All the history behind Islam and it’s never ending jihad and still these apologists don’t get it. England is considered part of Europe yet for some reason they don’t remember the 1000 years+ that Muslims attacked and occupied parts of Europe. Did they ever apologize for taking millions of Europeans for their slave trade. The Muslim slave traders were in business for over 1200 + years yet people only hear about European and American slave trading that went on for barely 300 years. Granted 300 years is not good but as compared too over 1200+ years and 10s of millions more slaves I find it ironic that the civilized world in the 21st century gives Islam a pass.
    Europe has supposedly become enlightened and has tried to come to grips with their past transgressions, Islam has yet to become enlightened and in fact are still living in the 7th century.
    Maybe sissified Prince Charles could drop the fraud of global warming as a hobby and try and live up to King Richard the Lion heart and stop the new colonization of Europe by the Muslim invaders, or at least England. But I fear it’s not to be with all the apologists making excuses for the Muslims and compelling British citizens to summit to their new soon to be rulers. It will be an uphill struggle for English patriots like Tommy Robinson to continue to lead the information war.

  51. UK liberal politician is out of touch with reality=Islam wants to destroy your culture and take over your country even if they have to be-head you !!!

  52. Your liberals are in the process of getting you conquered.

    “Quoted from the “Muslim Mafia”
    – In the initial stages, when the Brotherhood is weak, the plan is to accumulate power through peaceful means. Then in the final stages, when the Brotherhood is strong, the plan is to use coercive power — including violence if necessay — to take over the govenment and enforce discriminatory Shariah
    The Plan:
    Phase I: Establishment of an elite Muslim leadership, while raising “taqwa”, or Islamic consciousness, in the Muslim Community.

    Phase II: Creation of Islamic institutions the leadership can control along with the formation of autonomous Muslim “enclaves”.

    Phase III: Infiltratiion and Islamization of America’s (UK) political, social, economic, and “educational sytems”, forming a shadow state within the state. Esclation of religious conversions to Islam. Manipulation of mass media and sanitization of “language offensive” to Islam.

    Phase IV: Openly hostile public confrontation over US (UK) policies including rioting, and militant demands for special rights and accommodations for Muslims.

    Phase V: Final conflict and overthrow (jihad).

    They are already in phase III is the US and in the UK.

    This information along with a manifesto was discovered in a FBI raid of a terrorist home in the US.

    They attacked us on 9/11 head on but they have been coming in the back door ever since.

  53. Americans, Islam is trying to take over the world. Christians cannot let
    this happen. Hillary Clinton, she and Obama are in love with the Muslims and
    are crazy people that want to destroy America. Americans see what the Radical
    Islamic Terrorist are teaching in the Muslim Islamic Mosques, then they are
    sent to become radicalized and come back to kill Americans, Jews, Christians
    and non-Islamic folks. This tells the story and this is not a religion, instead
    it is a cult and taking over the world. Americans need to close all of the
    Mosques and deport all of the Muslims that practice the Sharia Law, get them
    out of America. Americans need to understand that Islam is not a peaceful
    religion and they are out to change Americas Constitution, laws, rules,
    regulations and try and take over the world. Obama and Hillary Clinton want to
    allow thousands more into the USA which will cause more of these barbaric
    savages in our country and more people killed.

  54. If you had doubts that the forensic psychiatrist Doctor Lyle H. Rossiter Liberalism is a “Mental Disorder”

  55. One must remember that the Muslim holy book enjoins ALL Muslims to pursue a global Caliphate. And in that pursuit they are required to convert, enslave or kill ALL infidels. Warsi has her head firmly and permanently implanted where the sun don’t shine

  56. Fortunately, we’ve a much smaller contamination here so eliminating the disease is still a possibility.

  57. Totally agree with that UK guy, however I believe all these people who are pushing this phobia crap and this racism crap or demonically imperiled.

  58. Sayeeda Warsi is a Muslim! She knows what Islam stands for! Islam with its Sharia Law is NOT the friend of peaceful democratic nations! It would be wise for the other members of Parliament to read the Koran and see what Islam truly calls for! Perhaps then they would get their act together! This would also be a good idea for members of the Senate and House of Representatives and members of State governments in this country! If you don’t know the enemy, you cannot protect yourself from him/them. Islam is spreading across both nations and it will not integrate into our societies!

  59. WHEN WILL THE WESTER DEMOCRACIES WAKE UP TO THE FACT THAT MUSLIMS WANT TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  60. Any Muslim who claims disgust with Muslim terrorists’ horror and are strongly against it, it’s too late. Any ways they have to help fight it they should have been doing these days and because they have done so little, if anything, they’ve lost trust in Muslims to even care. The fault for why it’s important that Muslims not be immigrated into any nation they brought on themselves. IMO.

  61. “the UK should instead focus on Islamophobia in an effort to make sure anti-Muslim “extremists” do not disrupt the life immigrants have made for themselves in Britain.”

    Why must every politician use “extremists” in every case of muslim violence? Read the koran! They are to KILL or Subjugate EVERY ONE who does not bow to allah. Does that sound like a religion of peace? If you don’t believe me read Koran 8:12.

  62. Maybe the Brits should take all those terrorist hating young men and arm them so they can go back to their cesspool countries and overthrow the dictators and so called terrorist perpetrating all these terrorist acts.
    If the Brits allow them to stay the Brits might as well convert or die.

  63. I really feel for you Brit’s on one hand and on the other hand what the Fuck is the matter with you?
    There is no question in my mind that Apartment Building Fire was a Terrorist Act.
    Watched how fast that Building became engulfed.
    Thought you Brits got your Marbles back when you elected Theresa May.
    Than you Lost them in Your current election, what the fuck is the matter with you?
    This is a fight about survival and your throwing your opportunities away.

    Total lack of good old fashioned Commonsense will get you killed every time.

  64. OMG you people are toast – blaming victims. They say in 10 to 20 years England will have war on its streets. The longer they wait the higher the death toll. God Bless Visegrad

  65. Stop the islamifacation of America
    ACT for America founded by Brigette Gabriel
    ACT is now 750,000 strong, 225,000 in the last two weeks. But we are capable of being a 6 million + organization. JOIN ACT today its free. Show up at the rallies on your feet is the best donation.

    Stop the islamic indoctrination in public schools.

    Join CAN Christian Action Network Its free and you need not be christian to fight islamic indoctrination and sharia law in our country

  66. Open Borders and diversity have had their price, now the UK is over run with lowlifes, breeding like manic rats, until they complete their “Population Bomb”.

  67. …a phobia is not a phobia if what you are afraid of turns out to be true. People around the world who live in a civilized society have every right, and should be concerned about Islam, particularly when their stated goal is to spread Islam by force and subjugate or kill all who aren’t Muslim. This is a stated war, it is called jihad…you can stick your head in the sand and ignore it until it is too late (like the Europeans are doing) or you can address it head on….I choose the latter.

  68. This guy is either a Muslim or mentally ill. To say UK needs to confront Islamophobia! Police Chief Dice is a Muslim – why else would he not be happy there is a rise in attacks against these Muslim terrorist wannabes.

  69. What they need to confront is their muzzies who refuse to accept where they are. Extermination is the solution. (It worked for the Romans…. Just ask and Carthaginian;-)

  70. London has to get rid of their Mayor.

  71. UK REALLY needs to get rid of most of the idiots it has put in office. And stand up and put down ALL these Islamic assholes, supporters /enablers and apologists. C’mon Brittan the world knows you are much better than the “mush” you have in office.

  72. PC=BS. They’re committing suicide via their Leftist retarded PC mentality. Sad. Goodbye, not so “Great Britain”.

  73. David VanBockel

    The Britons will soon consider clandestine surveillance for all Muslims. They will follow suit of the Americans and Canadians, and not a moment too soon.

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