Breaking: Trump Announces 2024 Run For President

Former President Trump’s influence over the GOP has come under question lately, and yet this did not stop him from announcing his 2024 candidacy for the White House on Tuesday.

Trump’s announcement was made during an event at Mar-a-Lago in his private estate and club in Palm Beach, Florida. This announcement came only a week after the “red wave” failed to materialize in the 2022 midterm elections. A performance that has led to many shifting the blame among one another in the GOP.

Trump has been teasing another presidential campaign since he lost to President Biden in 2020. Following the 2020 election, Trump has continued to make unfounded allegations of widespread voter fraud that led to the elections being “stolen”. Some within the GOP have stated that it is these allegations that cost them the midterm elections.

The announcement marks the third presidential campaign by the former President, who first announced his intention to run for the White House in 2015. However, his position since 2015 has completely changed ahead of the 2024 presidential election. While in 2015 he was predominantly seen as a businessman and reality TV star, he is now also the former President.

A President whom many Americans believe to be a “political pariah” who is willing to stop the peaceful transfer of power for his own gains. This in part is because of Trump’s attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 election, which has led to a congressional investigation.

 Trump is also facing a number of legal challenges, which include investigations into his business’s financial dealings and his role in the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol attack. In August, an FBI raid into Mar-a-Lago also led to questions about the handling of classified documents by the former President.

Trump has said that all of these attempts are politically motivated. More importantly, the lackluster performance by GOP candidates in the midterms has led to Trump announcing his presidential bid from a weakened position. This is why many advisers had recommended that Trump should wait before announcing another bid for the Presidency.

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  1. Your commentaries are obviously skewed by your own ignorance and oblivious understanding as to what is actually happening. Voter fraud is very real the Dominion machines and others are hacked very easily and have already been shown to have flipped votes lost votes and so on two states that did forensic audits came up with tens of thousands of fake votes but the state’s attorneys in those corrupted States elected to do nothing about it.

    • Yes it is very real this happened in many other countries with these machines besides all The Ballot Box stuffings the illegal voting states that require no ID if tells you right there it’s all set up this country is so screwed I don’t know if Trump can save it or not but I’m willing to give him one more time and people that don’t believe that he didn’t win in 2020 you really need to just go away because you’re stupid.

    • Where you got all that false information from is something. It’s all lies. It has been proven over and over again that there was no fraud. And the company that owns those machines is sueing the lawyers and trump for the lies. There was no ballot box stuffing. That has been proven. It’s amazing how you keep pushing the truth aside. To listen to the lies that continue to come out of the trump cult. About thirty judges has ruled no fraud. Wake up and save yourself or go have surgery on your ears.

      • How is it that I have been a diehard Republican since the day I registered to vote and then in 2020, I was handed a ballot to place my votes and it clearly read I was a registered Democrat. The only good Democrat is a DEAD Democrat

      • And if that’s all true why didn’t they allow one single Republican to watch the viewing if something that’s been alone for years??
        What are “they” trying to “hide”?

  2. I don’t know why this animosity between Trump and DeSantis, but it is UGLY!! I hope that they would ‘ kiss and make up ‘, because they could do great things together, for our country. So PLEASE, gentlemen, don’t act like DEMONICrats! Show some class!

  3. If the advisor’s recommendations are dismissed, why have advisors?

    This is akin to a person thinking they’re so intelligent, they’ll defend themselves in a court of law.

  4. The recorded number of people voting in 2020 was tallied 154,628,000 but the official number of ballots cast in the election are just more than 158 million. That’s nearly 4 million votes. Compared to 2008 there was a slight under-reporting of 131,100,000 having reported to have voted while the official election results showed 131,300,000 ballots cast. Your a fool if you don’t believe nothing fishy was going on in the 2020 elections

  5. frederick fetty jr

    I voted for trump twice. I will not vote for him again. I do not care if trump is a loudmouth (which he is) or even if he is overly impressed with himself. What bothers me is his temper when anyone disagrees with him. He will attack his own family if they do not do exactly as he commands. He has a God complex and has become deranged. Putin has the same illness and he has/is killing tens of thousands of his own people. Trump would/will do the same. There is not to much of a difference between Putin, Soros and Trump are in the last stages of a very public life and each wants to leave a legacy that will be remembered for the next two hundred years. Your life, my life and the lives of all citizens of the world are secondary to propitiating the legacies of these three self-proclaimed supermen. All three would start a nuclear WAR in any country if they felt this would make the citizens’ capaulate to their wishes. A rabid dog needs to be destroyed or it will destroy whatever it touches,

  6. Brad is right! where did the other 4 million votes come from??? Deceased people??, people who moved from one state to another but has votes in both states??Illegals?? People voting on mail in ballots under another person’s name?? remember the list of registered voters does NOT get updated but it should! The requirement of Voter ID should be a LAW! Everyone MUST vote in person, even if they vote early. Early voter ballots should be counted then & then audited to ensure the counts are correct. Waiting until the polls open is stupid, that’s why we don’t have results today.

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