BREAKING: Texts are Missing and Republicans Want a New Special Counsel

Two of the chief members of the House Republican Freedom Caucus are calling on the Justice Department to appoint a second special counsel to look into the FBI’s Hillary Clinton case. Insisting that there is now evidence that justice was not served in that inquiry, Reps. Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan said this week that the American people were entitled to the truth.

There has been a cloud of suspicion hanging over the DOJ’s handling of the Clinton “matter” ever since Jim Comey sidled up to that podium last summer, but suspicion has intensified into anger in recent days. This, due to the fact that the Justice Department failed to preserve five months’ worth of text messages between FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. The two officials, whose previously-released messages have shown their pro-Clinton, anti-Trump biases to be extreme, have become a focal point for Republicans who believe something shady was happening during the election.

On Monday, the public was made aware of new messages in which Strzok suggested to Page that they form a “secret society” within the Bureau – agents opposed to and presumably willing to bring down the Trump administration. But as disturbing as that message was, lawmakers are even more incensed about the missing messages. Between December 2016 and May 2017, the record is blank. The FBI is blaming this on technical misconfigurations…but Republicans aren’t necessarily buying that excuse.

“Unreal. We’ve been asking for the remaining text messages between anti-Trump FBI agents (and former Mueller team members), Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. The FBI now says the texts are ‘missing,'” Meadows tweeted. “If it wasn’t already clear we need a second special counsel, it’s abundantly clear now.”

“First the IRS destroyed emails pivotal to our investigation of their political targeting,” Jordan tweeted. “Now the FBI ‘failed to preserve’ texts between Peter Strzok & Lisa Page following the ’16 election. The time for a second special counsel is now.”

As much as we’d love to give the hardworking men and women of law enforcement the benefit of the doubt, there’s only so far our credulity can be stretched. Yes, it’s completely possible to be “pro-Hillary” and still do a competent and thorough job on the Clinton investigation, but many of these texts go well beyond political preference. These two were scheming about using their positions at the FBI to bend the political process to their will, and we’re not convinced they were going rogue when doing so. They just happen to have gotten caught.

Both the Trump/Russia investigation and the Clinton email investigation are shrouded in partisan theories and suspicious conclusions. A second special counsel would go a long way towards clearing up the public’s doubts, clearing the FBI’s reputation, and ensuring the American people that justice is still fairly and equally applied in this country.

Make the call, Jeff.


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  1. The bid cover up is being unraveled !!!

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  2. Justice stopped being fairly and equally applied in this country the minute Democrats decided their power and control over everyone and everything meant more to them than fairness and equality. I can even tell you when it happened, right around November 2008.
    Ironic, since those were the rallying cries they used to bring about the extreme, targeted level of hate and division we see today. Two FBI agents colluding through text message isn’t really all that big of a surprise when you’ve witnessed an entire administration, it’s bought and paid for media, talking heads, talk show hosts, celebrities, partisan political groups, the grievance industry they created and professional, paid protestors spend almost a decade openly colluding to convince an entire country that the opposing political party is made up entirely of evil ism and phobia laden monsters. While they themselves openly, brazenly practice everything they preach against to do the convincing.

    • It is time to instill Term Limits,

      And laws to dishonorably discharge any politician proven to lie to his/her constituents.

      Every last one of these deep state people need to be thrown in jail.

      • …………and internet usage for retards.

      • Reps 2 2 year terms half being elected each year.
        Sen 2 3 year terms 1/3 being elected each.
        Pres. 2 4 year terms.

        • One and done! One term each is enough!
          ‘Politicians are like diapers, they need changing often, and for the same reason’ – Mark Twain.

        • Better idea: NO individual to accrue MORE than 12 years total in ANY public service position, elected or appointed either one, in a lifetime. That’s ALL levels inclusive. How it’s divided is up to the individual, from local to national, but a lifetime cap of 12 years; no careers.

        • I totally agree. Excellent post. The founders of this country would have laughed if you had told them that there would eventually be professional politicians. They never envisioned people making it their life work. They talked in terms of 1-3 years at most and rotating between different people from different professions and trades e.g. “the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker” . It’s an insult to even apply the term “professional” to the current corrupt occupants of DC as there is nothing professional about them unless you want to consider them as similar to the world oldest profession, if you get my meaning.

        • NOT each Year or they’ll never leave home!!
          Reps ONE 4 year term
          Sen 2/ 4 year term
          POTUS 1/ 8 Yrs term

      • And have them give back to the government all their pay and expenses they had while investigating Trump with Russia and not Hillary with E mails. They sure know how to waste the tax payers money. Maybe we should march on them with signs to remove them cut their pay being we are the boss and not them.

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        • and no lifelong pensions or medical

      • It’s also time to get the “unions” out of DC and FIRE those who refuse to do the jobs in bureaucracies for which they were hired, evenly, according to the job descriptions! NO pensions, no nothing; caught doing that which is against the laws, and you’re OUT NOW! Prosecution should follow as applicable.

      • LOL! Review the Rostenkowski issue. From 1959-1995 Dan “The Rotten Man” served in government. Even after his “felony” conviction, and during his 17 month jail term, Rostenkowski received a federal pension of between $97,000 and $125,000 per year, plumb up to his death in 2010! As we converse, that “criminal” IRS doll baby, Lois Lerner, is living large, in retirement, off of the same tax payers she targeted, probably at the desire of “The Anointed One.”

      • Recommend getting involved in Convention of States, our founding fathers gave us Article V for such a time as this. We the People can ammend our Constitution with 2/3 of the states. Time to take back our America!

      • and all sanctuary politicians who intentionally refuse to obey the law

      • Congratulation MAHB001, I love your fantastic idea.

    • And don’t forget weaponizing the IRS against conservatives.

    • Thank You for your observations. You are not alone.

    • No, that happened under LBJ, when Affirmative Action was passed, then signed into law. O simply brought it out into the light of day, with the complicity of Holder, then Lynch, and their DoJ underlings.

    • I believe we the people have been driven down a road of political wrangling and lawless leaders for the past 30 years we were told to go to work pay your taxes and let the government do what is best for you. Thus government run amuck has brought us to the edge of destruction. Now that we have begun to expose the perpetrators of the crimes and lies we have to overcome the push back and finish taking the head from the monster.

    • you are right on point, well said

    • Well said.

    • I agree with you, Natalie, but I would go a lot further back and say that Presidents Hoover, Wilson, FDR, and Johnson were all involved deeply in the perversion and corruption of our system of justice. All of them used the institutions of the federal government to destroy political rivals and to get around the provisions of the Constitution that were supposed to protect our rights and liberty. Nixon, Carter, the Bushes and Clinton all contributed to the deepening swamp in DC. Obama may have taken a giant trackhoe to the job and tripled the depth of the swamp, but he didn’t start the excavation, by any means.

  3. This level of corruption can now be expected from the Elite Politicians running this country.

    0bama and the Clintons made sure of it.

    When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.

  4. This level of corruption does not surprise me anymore… My gut predicted this when Clinton and Lynch met on the tarmac.

    My gut also tells me that the Russian Collusion story is just a RUSE to cover up the real voter fraud… The ELITES rigging the elections….

    That means We the People no longer put these Elites in office…

    “That which does not kill, makes stronger” If Trump does not kill this now, these elites will come back and We the People will lose control of our Country.

    • Lookalike, conspiracy drivel – take up screenwriting

    • Yeah; with Clintons BOTH under DoJ investigation at the time and Lynch DIVERTING several hundred miles from her intended midwestern destination, to meet Bill on a blistering hot tarmac in Phoenix in July, what could possibly be wrong there? And you’re right, if Trump doesn’t stop trying to “deal with” the Leftists and just SLAP them down HARD for good, we WILL eventually lose, especially if he signs ANY kind of amnesty. IF he does that, none of whatever else might be in the bill will matter a hoot; the floods of illegals will overwhelm us anyway.

      • Did you know that Lynch’s pilot was dead? Can’t remember if it was Arkancide or actual murder…….either way it was murder, I guess. Chalk up another one for the clintons

        • NO, I hadn’t heard that. However, I can’t say I’m surprised; if called, he’d have to explain that wholly unnecessary variance from his filed flight plan, to the FAA, the NTSB, and anyone else asking. WHAT possible emergency could compel an ATTORNEY to divert that far from the filed flight plan? Thunderstorms and tornadoes aren’t that big. And lying on a filed flight plan is an enormous “no no” for pilots.

      • they already have

        • I live in AZ, I know that; I’m talking to the point that we will not only be the minority, but “second class” citizens in our own homeland.

  5. There needs to be more than 30,000 missing texts before it will get a second look because we already know that 30,000 missing emails weren’t enough to raise a single eyebrow within the DOJ.

  6. Multiple missing emails and texts over the past 4 years seems a bit much to be believed. Especially in a system that should have all personnel in the department with the same cell phone. Did strzok and page use their “own” phone for official business? Did it overflow so that the upper echelon have one kind of phone and the actual workers have another? Seems strange they had NO- 0- nada communications for 5 months? But the rest of the FBI was working? If there was a “glitch” why are not ALL messages lost for that 5 months? Something is rotten in DC. There have been too many of these hidden things since the Dems were in power.

  7. What needs to be done, is FIRE the first “special council” and ALL his corrupt anti-TRUMP “team” and put their BUTTS on the “hot seat”. This witch-hunt has gone on long enough and wasted too much taxpayer dollars on an “investigation” that was started on a FALSE “document” to get the FISA court to grant a warrant to “spy” on AMERICANS for “political reasons”. The “judge” that was bamboozled, should be ticked off because HE was LIED to so the CORRUPT DEMOCOMMUNIST SCUM could get their “WAY”.

  8. DirtyDaveyDownEast

    I don’t want a new special counsel. I want a new gallows for the perps; from the bottom all the way to the top.


  9. Carol Juliano Popp

    Deep state has to go. They are not working for the benefit of Americans. Drain that swamp.

  10. Remember Capone, as in Al? Cuddent git him for racketeering or MURDER, so they dug long enough to send him up the river for “tax evasion!” Collusion? COLLUSION?! What part of “collusion” was Manafort and Flyn involved in? What “crime” is involved in collusion? Hope springs eternal that this Coup attempt bites the true “Criminals” so hard, in their nasty posteriors, they will have to stand up to sleep IN PRISON!

  11. Do not want special counsel again, takes up too much time and money and is used as political football. Let the Justice Department handle it on orders from the president. That is what that department is for.

    • “The Justice Department handle….?” Who/whom do you suggest should dig through that maggot infested rot to find someone NOT maggot infested?

      • O.K. then who would you suggest? It would have to be someone who is not biased or easily influenced and have a goal of not taking a full year. Also they would have to have the authority to get info and form a grand jury and hold enyone not complying with request for info in contemp and put in jail. In other words with authority to get the job done in a timely manner. The authority is the main thing.

        • Bubbling up daily are more revelations tying that DOJ/FBI/other intel agencies into the “true” collusion regarding this recent presidential election. With so many of the Strzok and Page types STILL holding positions in both/all agencies, asking either of them to “investigate” anything having to do with that prior farcical administration is the same as turning the Fox loose in the hen house! Not sure where you might find an “impartial,” “a-political” individual to run an investigation, but his name won’t be Mueller.

  12. Not anymore; the LOST are FOUND! All those missing texts have turned up as of this morning! Should be very entertaining reading for whomever gets that job.

  13. Unfortunately it looks like another special investigator is needed to truly search out who is responsible for what and when it all happened. If Mueller was truly independent, he would have let legislators know about all of the activities that had gone on in the FBI and DOJ, but he tried to brush it under the rug in his hurry to go after members of the Trump campaign. Eventually someone is going to have to clean up this special investigator process, because like most things in DC, it is totally broken.

  14. Lock them up ………..period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Just make sure the new special counsel is not a swamp nor a democrat.

  16. Hell no, I don’t want another special counsel. I just want the DOJ to do its job, pull the offending FBI people in and prosecute them. It’s really not that hard.

  17. Is this old news? All the other sites are reporting those missing texts have been found. The orchestration of this corruption points right at Barry whoever the hell he really is. There are many people in and around the FBI who have been hiding behind their desks – turning a blind eye on what has been going on – trying to protect their retirements. Well if this information is true then the time to try and cut a deal is over those who have hesitated have lost. Anyone uncovered not doing their job should be dismissed with NO retirement and NO benefits. They had a job to do and they failed – why should they be rewarded?

  18. Dorothy Callicotte

    I think what has happened has been going on since the Bushes were in office, today I wouldn’t call them and ask them for any help as not sure what they would do. It shouldn’t make any difference who the President is they should take care of him and all the business that needs to be done and forget Politics. They allowed Congress Obama to break the Constitution he said he would uphold and never did. We need to respect those in law enforcement but how when we see this going on.

    • LOL! “The Bushes?” You must be a youngster? Far earlier than “the Bushes.” Just recalling the interlude between “the Bushes” would have you learning how that “Clinton Crime Family” tried to remove (as in pilfer) everything but the dust mites from the White House after they were done!

  19. The DOJ and Congressional Committees need to get serious about weeding out the rampant corruption in so many of our government agencies. Send subpoenas to to those who are clearly covering up and ENFORCE the darn things.

  20. When can we expect action?

  21. Thee texts surfaced today. They are really boring just chitchat between lovers nothing about a secret society or conspiracy to overthrow the president.

  22. What in the hell took them so long? A new Special Counsel is also needed to investigate Muller for the COUP he is running, his alleged lies about 9-11 & his & then AG Eric Holders complicity in the sale of Uranium to Russia, & only GOD knows what else. The guy is DIRTY.

  23. IN as Much as Obama/HOLDER/Lynch/ COMEY reduced the DOJ/FBI into the INJUSTICE and CORRUPTION Departments there is a Present DANGER to REVIVE JUSTICE and HONESTY in BOTH via a REAL INVESTIGATION IN THE CLINTONS e-MAILS (TREASON) and Foundation ( TREASON ALSO) if we are to PRETEND to be a NATION OF LAWS once more.

  24. Do you really think that anything is going to be done to hillary and her billyboy? Get real I just do not see it happening, I truly do hope I am wrong, but afraid I am not. Why she will probably be running in 2020 for the White House. Her and obamie ought to be living in the big house. The one with armed guards, block walls, fencing and razor wire across the top of the fencing. They both could find their selves some really good buddies in those new surroundings.

  25. Why do Strzok & his lover still have security clearances & still working? They should have been fired pending investigation to put them in jail. Retired from the Intelligence Community (4 years USAF & 31 years civilian) & had TS/CRYPTO/SCI & foreign clearances. During my career I & my colleagues were subjected to polygraphs & personal interviews about our lives, e.g., drugs, excessive drinking, association with foreign nationals, extra marital affairs, etc. These things caused you to lose your clearance immediately & subjected you to a $10,000 fine or more, 10 years in prison or more, or both. This is what really pisses me off about Killary walking! Why are not Killary, Comey, ex AG Lynch, ex AG Holder, ex Deputy FBI Director, ex FBI Director Mueller, etal. held to the same scrutiny? This is a very legitimate question?

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