BREAKING: Texts are Missing and Republicans Want a New Special Counsel

Two of the chief members of the House Republican Freedom Caucus are calling on the Justice Department to appoint a second special counsel to look into the FBI’s Hillary Clinton case. Insisting that there is now evidence that justice was not served in that inquiry, Reps. Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan said this week that the American people were entitled to the truth.

There has been a cloud of suspicion hanging over the DOJ’s handling of the Clinton “matter” ever since Jim Comey sidled up to that podium last summer, but suspicion has intensified into anger in recent days. This, due to the fact that the Justice Department failed to preserve five months’ worth of text messages between FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. The two officials, whose previously-released messages have shown their pro-Clinton, anti-Trump biases to be extreme, have become a focal point for Republicans who believe something shady was happening during the election.

On Monday, the public was made aware of new messages in which Strzok suggested to Page that they form a “secret society” within the Bureau – agents opposed to and presumably willing to bring down the Trump administration. But as disturbing as that message was, lawmakers are even more incensed about the missing messages. Between December 2016 and May 2017, the record is blank. The FBI is blaming this on technical misconfigurations…but Republicans aren’t necessarily buying that excuse.

“Unreal. We’ve been asking for the remaining text messages between anti-Trump FBI agents (and former Mueller team members), Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. The FBI now says the texts are ‘missing,'” Meadows tweeted. “If it wasn’t already clear we need a second special counsel, it’s abundantly clear now.”

“First the IRS destroyed emails pivotal to our investigation of their political targeting,” Jordan tweeted. “Now the FBI ‘failed to preserve’ texts between Peter Strzok & Lisa Page following the ’16 election. The time for a second special counsel is now.”

As much as we’d love to give the hardworking men and women of law enforcement the benefit of the doubt, there’s only so far our credulity can be stretched. Yes, it’s completely possible to be “pro-Hillary” and still do a competent and thorough job on the Clinton investigation, but many of these texts go well beyond political preference. These two were scheming about using their positions at the FBI to bend the political process to their will, and we’re not convinced they were going rogue when doing so. They just happen to have gotten caught.

Both the Trump/Russia investigation and the Clinton email investigation are shrouded in partisan theories and suspicious conclusions. A second special counsel would go a long way towards clearing up the public’s doubts, clearing the FBI’s reputation, and ensuring the American people that justice is still fairly and equally applied in this country.

Make the call, Jeff.


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