Breaking: Russia Says They Will Help Assad Rebuild

President Trump authorized a calculated U.S. airstrike against Syria’s Assad regime on Thursday, a strike that reportedly crippled the very airbase from which the dictator launched a brutal chemical weapons attack earlier in the week. But while leaders from all over the world praised Trump’s decisiveness, Russian officials criticized the action and promised to help Assad rebuild his air force arsenal.

“The very presence of US troops and other countries on the territory of Syria, without the consent of the Government or the decision of the UN Security Council is a gross, obvious and unwarranted violation of international law,” said the Russian Foreign Ministry in a statement. “If before it was due to the task of combating terrorism, now there is a clear act of aggression against a sovereign Syria. US Actions taken today further destroy the Russian-American relations.”

Putin needs to rethink this position, and he needs to rethink it in a hurry. He had a golden opportunity here to make headway in the U.S.-Russian relationship, and he had an opportunity to show the world that even Moscow would not support a regime that practices this kind of brutality. Instead, he’s digging himself into a hole from which there is no escape.

Putin is in no position to challenge the U.S. militarily. It’s time to stop with the rhetoric. Trump wants to get along with Moscow, and he’s made every effort to turn the page. If Putin isn’t interested, fine. But if he thinks his statements will stop Trump from defending American values abroad…he might want to think again.

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  1. Don’t worry, everyone; gassing infants is part of the war against ISIS.

    • Isis well known for murdering small innocent children. Maybe if the former President did not withdraw from Iraq without leaving behind a force of 10,000 U.S. Troops as a security measure people whom blame Trump, might not have to show they have no common sense.

      • I read somewhere else that we know where the lab is that makes the chemicals; we should have hit that.

        • That might spread the gas all over the region.

          • Those people have totally different moral standards than do we. Those causing the problems will PURPOSEFULLY try to “blend in” with the general population because they know that the American people do not want to hurt innocent civilians!

          • Correct, and that’s why we don’t want them coming to America. It is totally ingrained.

          • They are already here, you mean at least trying to keep as many as possible from infiltrating the United States.

          • Bulls**t!

          • He’s right.

          • Do you watch ANY news, ikfman? Right, left or in between? Any news?

          • All the time and not just the BS put out by the US propaganda machine!

          • Then why did Sodamb Insane put his weapons in populated areas to cause the deaths of civilians? These people try to make us look like the bad guy. That murderess dictator gassed his own people. You’re just a mindless liberal drone.

          • Simple solution is, they have done NOTHING to us, LEAVE THEM THE HELL ALONE. I really couldn’t care less how another countries leader runs THEIR country! That’s their business, NOT OURS! The worst part is, America chooses to be God over the world, forcing our will, laws and beliefs on countries and people who do not want us there. Seeing I’ve voted Republican (sadly) starting with the mad attacker Reagan, hoping for the best, the only thing that’s happened is more and more violence against countries whose business we have no right or reason to get involved in! Skippy, why don’t you just go back to your jar of penis butter!

          • That’s the same thing you morons said about Hitler before WW2. You need to go and study history.
            That crap you said about Reagan, you must have forgot about the marine barracks that was bombed.
            Why don’t you go and study history and this Country’s founding. So you can stop being a mindless liberal drone.

          • F off! I guess if you had your way, the US would be another Nazi Germany, attacking, invading and destroying any country you choose! The marine barracks were in Lebanon, NOT Libya, Grenada, Nicaragua, Angola, etc. which Ronnie and his stooge Ollie wrongly chose to attempt to destroy with their wrongful interventions and attacks! FYI idiot, I condemn the atrocity committed by your king 0 and Hitlery with their assistance in the slaughter of Libya’s Col. Qaddafi. Both should suffer the same fate as this great leader!

          • Wow what a bunch of dribble from a mindless liberal drone. Are you really that stupid?
            If it was up to you morons Hitler would still be in power, and long since finished the final solution. You’d still be saying it’s not our Country not our problem, until he invaded our Country. If it was up to you buffoons we’d be speaking German right now.
            I don’t have time right now to break down your buffoonish comments right now,but if I did it wouldn’t do any good, because you’re too much of a mindless drone.
            Where have I said we need to invade other countries ya moron?

          • You seem to be the jackass so gung ho about Ronnie, Donnie and the rest of these warmongers attacking sovereign countries! If it wasn’t for Japan attacking our base on our territory, we might never have entered WW2! You really are a sick person to seem to like the US overthrowing/murdering leaders of other countries, WHO POSE NO THREAT TO US, with the outcome leaving their country in ruins. I was happy to hear Russia is sending warships that way. It’s nice to know a few countries have enough sense to help President Assad fight the terrorists there, be it ISIS or the “rebels” and their supporters!

          • Hay genius these weapons could be used against us. It only takes a small amount of these gasses to kill alot of people. So yes you idiot they do pose a threat to us. I’d rather take care of the problem before it reaches our shores ya moron.
            You’re so sick and twisted that you say it’s ok for dictators to commit genocide, as long as it doesn’t effect us.
            You’re a hopeless mindless liberal drone that’s too far gone, with a twisted view of history.
            By by drone.

          • As if we don’t have these very same weapons in our arsenal. Thanks for the laugh!

          • I have a t-shirt that I wear for people just like you. The definition of Sarcasm the bodies natural defense against stupid.
            You can’t fix stupid, So BY BY ya mindless liberal drone.

          • Just a true American!!

          • That’s right I’m a true red white and blue American. That’s the only truthful thing you’ve said!
            We had a saying when I was in the military You just can’t fix stupid, by by mindless liberal drone.

          • You really are a joke! Wow!

          • You’re really that stupid! Wow!

          • BTW, I think I figured out your warped mental state. You either suffered brain damage from concussions from your supposed stay in the military or you have that BS PTSD!

          • I figured out why you’re such a mindless drone. You don’t have the mental capacity of a cockroach. That’s why it would be a waste of time to put forth facts before you, because you wouldn’t understand it. You would just say I was lying, even though it would be historical facts. So go crawl back into your safe space with your binky, booboo bear, suck on your baby, and continue to live in you own little fantasy world. Us real adults will live in the real world.
            I’ve got an idea we will put your fat butt out on the front lines, and you’ll find out PTSD is real. TTFN you brainless wonder!

          • Some real facts, if you can provide any, to back up your worthless, warmongering, hateful dribble would be nice. As far as I’m concerned, the only 2 legit occasions we should have ever been involved in, in the last 80+ years, were WW2 and the hunt for Bin Laden after 9/11. Any and everything else was nothing short of plain, needless, US aggression. And I will always say PTSD is BS! It’s just an excuse for sick behavior once you’re released!

          • Here we go, now pay attention mindless liberal drone. Before WW2 started, Hitler was building up Germany’s military, which was against the Treaty of Versailles. Yet the impotent league of nations did nothing. Hitler took back territories that used to belong to Germany. Then people started to get scared of what Hitler was doing. Neville Chamberlain went to Germany, made an agreement that they could keep what they got if they didn’t attack any other counties. Neville Chamberlain came back to Brittan waving that peace of paper claiming a victory. Well we know what happened after that. That’s why I said if it was up to morons like you WW2 would have ended differently.
            When Reagan ordered the strike against Libya it was in response to a bombing in Germany. Not to mention on two separate occasions, two Libyan fighters were shot down, because the engaged two F14 Tomcats.
            I have more, but I’m not going waste any more of my time with you a mindless liberal drone.

          • OK here we go worthless warmonger! For some ridiculous reason, you seem to have a fixation of Hitler! If your brain dead mind could comprehend simple English, you would see I was for us being involved in WWII. Are you comparing Assad to Hitler for simply fighting terrorists (rebels) in Syria? Are you comparing Putin to Hitler for assisting an ally? What would the US do if any of it’s allies governments were attacked by terrorists? As for Libya, feeble minded warmonger Ronnie was 100% wrong in his choice to put warships off the Libyan coast to threaten them and play his sick games. The nightclub bombing was in retaliation for Reagans act of aggression and the fighters being brought down. The Lockerbie incident was in retaliation for old Ronnie’s attack on Tripoli. PLEASE let me know if the US would have acted any differently than Col. Qaddafi, if another country chose to conduct aggressive war games off the coast of, say, Maryland!! BTW, Russia and Ukraine, for the most part, had no problems UNTIL the Western backed overthrow of the legitimate President and putting in their puppet leader. Hence Putin getting involved to protect the Russian citizens, and the Russian naval base in Crimea and the Russian citizens in Eastern Ukraine who did not want to be “under the thumb” of the west and the US!

          • BTW, I base my facts from many different reliable news sources! NOT the BS provided by the US Government propaganda machine designed to promote war and hatred towards other countries who choose to not be controlled by us!

          • I’m not going to waste anymore time on your worthless pea brain. First of all I don’t believe you that you supported us being involved WW2.
            The reason I brought up WW2 and Hitler is to prove a point. The point is moron, and I’ll try in away your pea brain. So I’ll try. If it was up to morons like you Hitler would still be in power, but it was people like me that defeated Hitler.
            The war ships were in international waters. Now Libya was supporting terrorism. Now the Libyan fighter planes that were shot down. The Libyan fighters decided to engage the Tomcats in international airspace, and lost.
            Now I didn’t support your hero Obama democracy project that overthrow Qaddafi. Qaddafi was contained, because he was afraid of the U.S.
            The Ukrainians wanted their independence from Russia and got it. The Russian government signed a treaty that Putin has broken.
            Yes brainless wonder I’m comparing Assad to Hitler. If you believe that Assad used chemical weapons on terrorist you’re more stupid than I thought. Assad murdered innocent people including women and children in that gas attack.
            I don’t know were you got the idea that I’m a warmonger. If you think that I’m one because I support the strike on the airbase that the attack was launched from, to prevent further attacks on innocent people. Well I’ll wear that as a badge of honor ya brainless wonder.
            I got an idea since you hate America so much and like Syria, and Assad so much why don’t you take your fat butt and move there. I’m sure he’ll be happy to take you. Good by brainless wonder I’m not going to waste anymore of my time on you, because you’re a lost cause. To bad a cockroach has more brains than you.

          • I think I found a place you can get some help for your twisted mind.
            Bellevue Hospital Center
            462 First Avenue
            New York, New York 10016
            Phone: 212-562-1000

          • That’s what’s wrong with you, you live with a bunch of other mindless liberal drones in New York. I knew you had to live ether in New York, or California. So long brainless wonder!!!!!

          • I love how you continue with your nonsensical assumptions! NO FACTS, just RIDICULOUS ASSUMPTIONS! FACT: I live in Atlanta, GA!!

          • Hay brainless wonder I did give you facts, but you’re to stupid to understand. I don’t care where you live. I know you’d be happier in Syria with your idol Assad.
            You’re one of the brainless wonders turning the great GA. Into a blue state. Since you hate America so much just leave. Go to Syria or North Korea.

          • FYI jackass, those were facts not pertinent to today’s world! I love America. I praise her when she’s correct and I will condemn her when she’s wrong. I loved it when I vacationed in Libya, despite a-hole Ronnie’s ruling, in 1988. The citizens were friendly along with the government military I had the honor of speaking to. Sadly, due to American political paranoia, it took a while, and a roundabout way, to get there, much like my visit to Cuba in 2001. Col Qaddafi promised, no harm would come to Americans who were in the country, and was true to his word. I, for one, refuse to believe the propaganda put out by our government against anyone they choose to determine as “our enemies”! N. Korea is wrong, just like America, in it’s threats and acts of threatening aggression against others, but, like any country, they have every right to protect themselves, I really have no idea what the US wants to do in Syria except to destabilize that region even more with their support of the terrorist rebels there who want to turn that country into another Libya controlled by terrorists who want nothing but anarchy! BTW, I’m voting Republican, like I have for the last 38 years, hoping one of them has at least a little common sense, unlike yourself. Please get some help for yourself, you saw my previous post which you should really look into to help with your insanity!

          • The mindless liberal drone is throwing a temper tantrum. Go crawl back into your safe space.
            If I’m going insane it’s, because of you mindless twerps. NOT!
            I don’t believe you ever voted Republican, because you’re too much of a mindless liberal drone. You have proven you hate and distain for our Great Country. As much as you heap praise on the communist dictators, you must really love communism. So move to a Communist Country where you belong. I’ll suggest Syria again.

          • FYI, Syria is NOT communist. Just showing more of your shallow minded ignorance!

          • I know Syria is not a communist country ya brainless wonder. I just suggested Syria, because you’re so much in love with Assad I think that is were you’ll be the happiest.

          • Hey you POS before you say anyone needs to check themselves into a mental hospital, you should take a long long look in the mirror.

          • Ha Ha Ha!

          • I’m glad you think that’s funny, because that’s probably where you truly belong.

          • So you believe that a dictator can murder his own people, Innocent women, and children with some of the most horrifying weapons of mass destruction? These people didn’t die a quick and painless death. You truly are heartless. You’re so pathetic.

          • I don’t consider terrorists people. Exterminate them by any means necessary! Sadly, it was your master muslim, king 0, who chose to support the terrorists instead of President Assad which brought about this whole mess including ISIS in the area!

          • You’re such a confused idiot I never supported Obama that was your master ya mindless liberal drone.

          • Only in your wet dreams!

          • Again you useless idiot Assad gassed innocent people including women and children. Boy you really are that stupid.

          • No different than the US in Vietnam.

          • It is not a debate of the people being gassed but who is gassing them. Actually the videos from the last attack in Idlib is questionable if the victims shown were gassed at least not with sarin. The group of Swedish doctors debunked those videos that where posted by rebels and WH- who are both AQ, stating that these “doctors” did more damage to these infants or actually killed them by improperly inserting the syringe, etc.
            YOu should listen to Eva Bartlett, a Canadian journalist that has been to Syria on numerous occassions and what she has observed is totally different from the MSM, UN and USA

            Dig a little harder and you will find many contradictory stories. Look at history and how we have destroyed or are destroying secular muslim nations (where christians and all sects of Islam live together). Ask yourself why? HOw about the Qatar and Saudi gas line that they want to go through Syria but Assad said no. ALl of a sudden “rebels” show up in Syria and starting killing christians and muslims. These”rebels” aren’t even Syrian. I am a republican and an independent but I have always voted republican so don’t go spouting some libetard shit at me. I also voted for Trump and voluinteered my time to campiagn for him for the primaries.

          • Most poisonous gas is instantly destroyed when exposed to extreme heat, I do not recall the name of the bomb, but I believe it is capable of producing heat as extreme as 5,000 degrees.

            Heat is how they destroy all poisonous gas, and as you say, if it is not completely incinerated it will spread.

        • there is always a chance for a second try

        • Experts should explain why people like Assad and N. Korea moron want to stay in power indefinitely. Can’t they learn from Idi Amin, Gadhafi, Bin Laden, Hitler etc? These wanted to stay in power for life; but they are now dead because other human beings would not let them traumatize them for ever. I know it’s embarrassing for Assad and many young powerful people to leave their positions to become regular civilians. But they should remember that they did not come into this world to live and be powerful forever. I know most young people think so. But as adults, they should have learned from past dictators – that eventually time catches with them and they can be deposed. I wish Assad and the N. Korea moron see my point. They should give their powers to the people of their countries.

          • Did you fall history?

          • I hated History; and that is why I am not a lawyer. Thank God we have strong private sector in this country.

          • History USED to be fun. That was before they started teaching revisionist history and leaving out huge chunks of the truth so our poor babies would not “be traumatized.”

            History should NEVER be abridged. If we don’t learn from it, we are doomed to repeat it.

          • Oh Yeah, like the garbage dump the once beautiful country of Libya has become since the senseless slaughter of Col. Qaddafi! What the Hell gives the US, S, Korea and other “supposed” allies the right to test weapons among other things yet condemn N. Korea, Iran, etc. from doing the same?

          • But can you imagine somebody thinks killing children is virtue or ramming jets in the two towers was price for 12 virgins in heaven. There is something wrong we do not understand. Are you college professor to tell us what ISIS member really want? If they want women, why can’t they get married and shut up.

          • What are you holding in your hand near your mouth – a snake. That snake my swallow you eventually.

      • Instead of being so concerned about muslims in primarily islamic nations I would be more concerned about ridding ourselves of those we have here.

        • Majority of Muslims are hard working and honest people. In Iraq during OIF III we had them working for us on the FOB, never did they steal, or show dishonesty. Here the majority of our Muslims aware as well good people. The ability to mix with them as secret radical terrorist is why the President put hard screening and limits upon accepting them for asylum. Remember how Obama forced illegal immigration upon us by calling them and ordering them be labeled as immigrants in our government offices. All this terrible stuff goes back to one guy. Now members of the daily news newspaper whom are morons anyway, and supporters of BLM want a petition to allow a sailor not to be punished for refusing to stand for our flag? She feels because not all folks are treated fairly she has this right. What about the 330,000 Union soldiers that died under that flag to end slavery? Oh my choice, honor our war dead or black lives matter anarchist? Thanks Obama

    • that’s because they hide behind children and women they can’t face an all out war if they did they would get their butts kicked

  2. Well, I guess we have a problem with the Russians. The little banty rooster, Putin, had better be prepared to deal with President Trump.

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  3. Sorry, but there’s no evidence President Assad maliciously attacked his own people.
    Rebels were using that area to stockpile chemical weapons. There’s much more to this than what the fake media is telling you. Just like in 2013, it was the rebels, not Assad. ~> Also, read about the evil, thug doctor who was treating the patients. ~>

    • Are you FREAKING KIDDING ME?????????????

      1. We KNOW that Assad was behind the attack in 2013 — It was SYRIA that allegedly REMOVED “All of their stockpile of chemical weapons” in 2013 — NOT THE REBELS.

      2. We ALSO have SATELLITE PHOTOS of a SYRIAN WAR PLANE taking off and RELEASING the gas bombs to their own people.

      Some people’s kids, I swear.

    • You watch too much fake news.

    • Rebels were stockpiling chemical weapons on a Syrian Air Base! Are you making a joke? No, you actually believe that! Then you must be very stupid or indoctrinated by your lefty gang!

      • The stockpile of CW was in a rebel missel factory that Assad targeted. He attacked this factory unknowing there were chemicals there so when he bombed it there was a second explosion that released the CW which drifted towards the town. Eye witnesses (non rebels ana non WH) said they saw a green cloud coming towards them and could smell it. You need to Google the truth about the WH (white helmets) and the Swedish doctors that have debunked this gas attack by Assad. Before you start spEwing leftist hate crap at me, I will tell you I have never voted democrat and I am a big Trump supporter and even volunteered during his campaign. But I am not blind and read other reports and look at history. The destruction of Iraq, Egypt, Lybia and now Syria, why? Other ME countries have horrible laws that dehuminize women and are run by royal families or dictators but we do not attack the. The countries I mentioned above all had one common theme: all muslim religions and christianity were allowed to be practised, there were not radical Muslims where women had to wear burkas, women could vote and go to school and drive a car, they were a stability in the ME countering the radical muslim countries. So ask yourself whe destabilize the region (starting with Carter) by destroying secular muslim countries and not go after the real violates of human rights?

    • I have been saying this all along. So many cannot see or read other news ,like the UN rep in 2013 that said Assad did not do the chemical attack but the rebels did. People need to see the whole picture of why we want Syria to fall. It is a secular muslim country, does not persecute other muslim sects or christians, has oil fields in the north that Isreal wants, to destabilize the region further and destroy any non radical muslim country (like we have done in the past), it is not controlled by the World Bank. The media has depicted Assad as a horrible dictator when the opposite is true. we funded the rebels that started trouble in Syria in 2011. These “rebels” were mistletoe foreigners that were paid to create insurrection. They raped and killed Orthodox nuns, destroyed whole towns by killing and looting, killed Muslims that tried to protect their christian neighbors, gassed civillians, kidnap civillians and use them as human shields. The Syrian people want these rebels who are really AQ and ISIS out of their country and want the peace and prosperity that they had before with Assad. Thank you for posting the truth. This is one thing that I am do disgusted and disheartened with Trump. He knows the truth but he is being played by the globalist and the war mongers as well as his son-in-law who should not be his advisor!

  4. Lol incredible bullshit from a retarded patriotard. Americans are really stupid and should be nuked and so should the state of Pigrael.

  5. “IF Putin thinks his statements will stop Trump from defending American values abroad…he might want to think again.”

    This is what ISLAM is all about, Forcing THEIR VALUES ON OTHERS, and IF you refuse, you are murdered.

    Did Trump do the right thing? In my opinion YES. Poison gas or Biological weapons do NOT select only BAD People, it Wounds and KILLS everyone whom it touches, regardless of who’s side they may be on…

    IF I was Trump I would have struck down Assad with a drone attack… Then EVERY Country would have received our message loud and clear – – IF you, as a Leader, Choose to harm innocent men, women, and children, your actions will be your death sentence…”

    • There are NO AMERICAN VALUES in that area! Why do the fools in our government try to keep forcing them to accept them??

      • Americans value human life. That is why we are fighting isis. As far as I can see that is the only reason Pres. Trump took out the air base. To destroy chemical weapons that, under obama, were not supposed to be there. When it comes to genocide anywhere in the world we have to take a stand. Otherwise we are faced with it coming to our shores.

        • The ones with CW are ISIS and the rebels. There were no CW ar Assad’s airbase otherwise there would have been gasses released when we struck. Last Wednesday ISIS attacked Mosel with chlorine or mustard gas against the Iraqi army. There have been 19 chemical attacks by ISIS but where is the news coverage and outrage on this?! How did rebels and ISIS get the gasses? Read up on Gaddafi and what happened to his stockpiles after he fell. Hint: has to do with Obama and Hillary just like running the arms to the “rebels” aka Al- Queda.

  6. I am president of a Trump fan club and if Assad really did this then Trump did 100% correct
    but legally America is wrong. The real question is what is the truth here? My bets are no one is telling the real truth. I am sure we will never know. Just like we never saw Osama Bin Ladens body nor did anyone on the ship he was buried at sea on! ! Politics is more important than truth. Russia sells Syria lots of airplanes so they gain. it is a win win for everyone!

  7. Wow, the Russians think the UN will do ANYTHING? What a waste of time and our money paying for the UN.. WHEN are they actually going to do anything against any of these regimes that continue to kill people?

    • Yes, we need to get out of the UN and move the headquarters out of NYC.

    • They are mostly ‘DICKTATORS” killing people in their own country, do think they will do something against themselves?? They are on Human Rights committees treating the women in their country unequal to the men.

  8. Thank you Russia for doing the correct thing in assisting President Assad in his fight against the terrorists in Syria! I condemned King 0 and his queen Hitlery for their atrocities in Libya (their assistance in the ridiculous torture and slaughter of Col. Qaddafi) which turned that once beautiful country into a garbage dump. Personally, I condemn Trump for doing the same in Syria. You eradicate terrorists, and their supporters, by any means necessary! What does the US not understand that President Assad and Russia are fighting both the rebel terrorists and ISIS in Syria? When is the US going to bomb Israel for their attacks on neighboring countries?

    • You are out of your mind. Have you SEEN the mess ISIS left in Mosul after the Iraqi Army took it back??? I have.

      All Trump did was bomb ONE air base — the SAME one the chemical attack originated from.

      Was Russia fighting terrorists when they LEVELED a HOSPITAL in Aleppo — you know, one full of SICK PATIENTS? I hardly think so.

      Further, WE KNOW that Syria WENT BACK and tried to destroy evidence of its attack by, hello . . . . . . . . .



      Were his GRANDPARENTS terrorists?
      Were his PARENTS terrorists?
      Was his WIFE a terrorist?
      Were his baby TWINS terrorists?
      Were his other BABIES terrorists???
      Were his BROTHERS and SISTERS terrorists???

      I hardly think so.

      Vladimir Putin is a PIG. He is a thug and a murderer of the highest order, or have you forgotten his UNJUSTIFIED and UNPROVOKED invasion of the Ukraine?

      • The only difference between 0 and Putin is Putin is fighting them and not supporting them like 0 and Hitlery chose to do, and like Trump is doing now! Unfortunately, some innocent people die in war, but, if they choose to support or harbor terrorists, the blame is on them.

        • And just HOW do you know the 25 people in ONE FAMILY were “supporting and harboring terrorists?”

          I think Trump was right in bombing the airfield. Putin is NOT fighting terrorists. He is MURDERING INNOCENTS. So is Assad. Pull your head out.

        • If the American Revolution was happening today, the militia would be CALLED “terrorists.” Are you aware of that??

          • Fully aware! You don’t know how bad I was hoping those protesting the officers upholding the law, were shot dead on the spot!!

      • That hospital in Aleppo was taken over by rebels and was already bombed. It was an old pic. You should listen to a reporter named Eva who lived there and she reports a whole different story. There are some good you tube videos of her talking to the UN. I can’t remember her last name. She does mention that hospital in Aleppo and the media is not telling us the truth.

        • My comment was NOT about Aleppo. It was about the most recent gas attack in Iddib (sp). I was just making a comparison.

          • I know. But I was referring to the Aleppo hospital and how it was used as propaganda against Assad. How do we not know the same happened in Iddib? Really check out Eva, I think her last name is Bartlett, on you tube . She is a reporter and lived there and saw first hand. What we are told, conservative or MSM, is not what is going on. Try and keep an open mind and look at other reports that aren’t publicized. The MSM try and hit us with an emotional response but they fail to report of multiple gas attacks by ISIS and rebels on civillians. Why? The rebels and ISIS are not Syrians, they do not care about those people which is quite obvious by their atrocities, crucifying and beheading christians, raping and mutilating them, used as human shields, taking over their homes and possessions, etc. Assad is defending his country and people from a foreign invasion of rebels and radicals.

    • You have completely lost your mind. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. It is idiots like you that will be the downfall of the entire world. Best thing for you to do is sit in room alone and keep your mouth shut.

  9. I call false flag! Why would he use gas when he’s winning Isis is on the run. Now if Isis used gas. They would get the best army in the world to cover their movements

    • ISIS is NOT on the run in Syria.

      • Yes they are
        Mad dog just kicked ass

      • Before the supposed gas attacks in Iddib, Assad had regained control of 80% of Syria ISIS was retreating, , he had Trump saying that he was not looking to oust Assad, the sovereign government of Syria, why would he do this and have the wrath of the whole world against him?

        • So, I suppose you also think that the gas attacks were just a false flag incident, and all those dead kids were actors, just like Assad recently said in an interview.

          My point was that ISIS will never stop. They are like a bunch of rats. If one place becomes unavailable, they will find another.

          • So why go after Assad when he is trying to get rid of this plague as well as ISIS? You should go google the Swedish doctors group that are following the Syrian war. They have debunked the gassing based on what they saw on the videos and how these kids were treated and their symptoms (not as a chemical attack). They actually say that sticking a hypodermic needle into an infants heart will kill the baby! They also did not push on the plunger to release the adrenaline into the heart (which doctors said will kill a baby instantly). They say that these White Helmet doctors actually killed the babies by improper medical care. This whole situaton is sick and all I ask is you look into other side of the stories that the MSM or some conservative news are not reporting. 1 week before the Idib gas attack there were 250 people kidnapped in a neighboring town by the rebels. These same kidnapped people are being identified by their relatives in Iddib. How did they get there and why? There so much to sift through. But they are a lot of reputable people and sites that have been on the ground in Syria and are reporting a whole different story. I am not at home but I have many links and interviews of people speaking out about the truth in Syria, it just doesn’t get the media attention because the rhetoric is to destroy Syria and oust Assad and to destabilize the region further by taking I out stable and secular nations especially 9nes that have a bigger Christian population and that are not persecuted. Look at Iraq, Egypt, and Libya…we should learn by history….

          • I think I will believe what the FATHER who had to BURY 29 MEMBERS OF HIS FAMILY had to say as he was sitting by their graves crying.

          • 29 members, don’t tell me, all his children, no 1 is disputing people died, but who killed who, no proof it was the Syrian military.

          • Only his HISTORY of MURDERING his own people — 1400 in 2013 by the same means.

            His wife (singular);
            His children;
            His parents;
            His brothers and sisters;
            His grandparents;
            His cousins, etc.

            They live in a very communal society. It isn’t like in the US where we move away from each other.

            And if you don’t believe that Assad is a murderer, then I don’t know what is left to say.

          • You are/have been wasting your time, he is convinced Assad is guilty.

  10. Keep on bombing the shiot out of all of them next time

  11. Putin is not against Trump…

  12. Until the U.S. can establish without a shadow of a doubt that it was the Syrian government responsible for gassing their own people I think Trump had better withhold maing any decisions he may make.

    Considering those cases of people being gassed by the Syrian government proved to be false, it could very well be terrorists responsible for the attacks this past week.

    • I agree with you! I wish more conservatives thought the same!

      • Spectacular photograph by the way, my concern in regards to Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, CAIR is it is difficult to determine if there is any distinction between them at all.

        At 1st CAIR was ISIS, then they were labeled as Hamas, toxic waste either way, but now I have read that there is a verified ISIS cell in the U.S., time to stop worrying about what is going on 1/2 way around the world and more corned about a terrorist attack right here at home in multiple locations.

        The infiltration of true islam into the United States are compliments of that “homosexual, illegal Kenyan nationalist moonie muslime puddle of toxic waste Bathhouse Barack Osama.”

        • Thank you about my photo – a friend of mine took it. Even though it is 1/2 way around the world we do need to be concerned. If we didn’t have the globalists to try oust Assad and in the past destroy Iraq, Egypt, Libya we wouldn’t be having these Islamists refugees settling in Europe and the USA to create havoc, terror and change the demographics. I am also concerned of what is happening in Syria with the rebels and ISIS as they are killing my fellow Orthodox Christian brothers and sisters. Syria was a stable country till the globalists got involved – we need stability in the ME. They are destroying or destroyed every secular muslim country there is in the ME – Egypt, Iraq, Syria (Lebanon and Jordan will be next – well Lebanon is already in the works- the muslims (all sects) and Christians lived side by side with no problems or persecution not like other ME countries as Iran, Saudi, etc.

          • I have mentioned that way back during the Winter of 2009/2010 I read an issue of NatGeo that was probably about 6 mos. old, the article was about Christians in the Middle East it mainly focused around the Lebanese Freedom Fighters it’s members being members of the

            Some islamic people were interviewed by the NatGeo journalist a woman whose young daughter had fallen I’ll, her and her husband thought she might die, they went to some place where allegedly sometime in the past Mary, Jesus’s mother appeared and prayed soon after their daughter got better.

            I am a strong believer in mind over matter, being afflicted with the symptoms of ADD my ability to concentrate especially on that level has never been possible, but things like Stigmata or willing yourself to get better if you believe strongly enough such focus can manifest itself physically.

          • Or it is a miracle. The Jordan river at the exact spot where Christ was baptized changes direction every year on January 19 but only with the Julian calendar not the Gregorian (January 6) when the crosses are dropped into the river. Orthodox Christians from all over the world go every year to watch this phenomenon and to pray and dip in the water that Christ was baptized. There are many miracle that abound all over the ME, Greece, Russia, etc.

          • You win, but only because I never make it a habit to argue with young beautiful women.

            Actually I saw a documentary about the River Jordan that shows how polluted it has become.

            Calendar created by Saint Gregory, was their not a calendar created by Saint Cyril as well?

            As for miracles, some may begin to differ, if for instance a meteor came in at just the right trajectory where it happens to skim across Arabia in a North to south or south to north direction destroying Mecca and Medina, does islam take that as a sign they have been bowing to a false god for 1,400 years and denounce allah, or do they interpret it as a sign that they have not been killing and/or converting infidels fast enough?

            Strange where as I am an Agnostic who was raised Catholic which was essentially the Church of Rome and you are Eastern Orthodox, I could have sworn that people who adored religious icons under Leo III were executed, which I figured was why Constantinople was plundered during the 4th Crusade, that and for the wealth.

            If the Church of Rome and Eastern Orthodox had learned to get along then the Ottomans would never invaded eastern Europe and Constantinople would not have fell on May 29, 1453.

          • Thank you for accepting defeat and the kind words 🙂 It was Pope Gregory XIII, who introduced the Gregorian calender in 1582. The only ones that accepted this revised calender were the RC. I think in the late 1700’s or early 1800’s the Protestants and Anglicans accepted it as well. The Orthodox have not accept the Greeks which adopted it in 1924. I still follow the Julian calendar for religious holy days. Cyril and Methodius (both monks and blood brothers) went to Russia and gave them a written language, hence the similarities between the Russian and Greek alphabet.
            The crusaders plundered Constantinople every time they went to the Holy Lands for the reasons as you stated above. The crusaders were just as much as barbarians as the Ottomans. You are correct this weakened the Byzantine Empire and finally we were not able to keep back the Ottoman horde and we fell which led to the rest of Eastern Europe to be invaded by these barbarians.

  13. this is a good idea the Russian can spend Millions rebuilding and we can spend an hour destroying it all over again practice makes perfect

  14. I’m glad that Trump launched the missile strike against that murderess dictator. I back him 100% on this matter. It’s time we prove to the world we mean business when it comes to gassing your own people.

  15. Not even, Trump is in Putin’s pocket! Hows that for some fake news? I actually have heard very little lately about the Russian conspiracy!

  16. With what ?
    The Russian economy is animic at best. Russia is a relatively poor country . Syria needs massive infusion of help to rebuild.

  17. Moe is as disillusioned about “Moonie Muslimes” as “Moonie Muslimes” believing they worship a god rather than the truth that they bow to a Paranoid Schizophrenic, narcissistic, and sadistic desires afflicted puddle of toxic waste man by the name of Muhammad.

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