Braindead Professor Calls Cops on ROTC Students

Exactly what is going on at our institutions of higher learning? Is there even an interview process anymore, or do these colleges just hire people straight off the street, stick them in a classroom, and hope for the best? Aren’t these colleges charging students enough that they can afford to hire professors that won’t, oh, call 911 when the ROTC students are doing drills on campus? Apparently not. Not at the University of North Dakota, anyway, where the above incident actually happened.

What’s more remarkable about this story is that the professor – the English department’s esteemed Heidi Czerwiec – isn’t even embarrassed about her silliness. Quite the opposite, in fact. Instead of hanging up the phone and praying that her colleagues would never learn how few brain cells she has left, Czerwiec wrote an open letter to the Grand Forks Herald describing her harrowing encounter with (GASP) guns.

“I look up from my office computer to see two figures in camo with guns outside my window,” she wrote. “My first thought is for my students’ and my safety: I grab my phone, crawl under my desk and call 911. The dispatcher keeps me on the line until someone can see if ROTC is doing maneuvers.”

Czerwiec, of course, soon learned that was exactly what was happening. At that point, her “fear” turned to “rage,” as can often happen when one is embarrassed to mortification. She grew even angrier when a university official called to admonish her for calling 911. She vowed to keep calling 911 each and every time the ROTC cadets practiced their drills on campus.

“I guess I’ll be calling 911 for the next couple weeks – and I will. Every time,” she said.

Well, hopefully that will trigger your arrest on the grounds of interfering with the emergency lines. 911 is not a joke, Professor.

But this attitude towards guns is a joke. Don’t think for one minute that this professor every actually thought she was in danger. No one is that stupid, not even a liberal. It’s not easy difficult to tell the difference between an ROTC drill and an attack. Is Professor Czerwiec under the impression that American universities are often assaulted by gangs of white men with rifles and camo, performing elaborate sequences of synchronization? Of course not. She’s using this as some lame statement against guns, against the military, and probably against the patriarchy.

These are the people teaching the next generation. Chew on that.

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  1. Idiots teaching idiots !!!! These “indoctrination centers” that were once called schools or institutes of higher learning are now nothing more than channels to brainwash our kids into being good little robots. That way when our ever benevalent “gubmint” says “squat”, they won’t question the reason or the amount. They’ll just squat.

    • Soon, they’ll be asked to bow down. They will comply as long as the free stuff is provided.

      • You sure as hell have that right. Maybe they will be “ordered” to do even more than bow down while they are down there.

        • It never fails. When a Regressive has nothing to say, there’s always implicit vulgarity!

          • 1edmeadows82: Don’t blame Heidi Czerwiec, remember that she was terrified and in fear of her life because she probably saw some of her ROTC students and had to make a political statement without checking with Bill Ayers first (Karl Marx and Leon Trotsky haven’t returned her E-mails yet, she’s still waiting).

          • Old Ed calls us “regressives”. I wish we were, I wish we could go back to when we had a country that meant something, that was a power in the world. The “progressives” have corrupted this country and destroyed the only country that actually gave a damn about other free nations. No longer, not with Ed and his ilk, and the thing in the white house doing the “wave” after so many people died and were wounded. That is just the tip of this iceberg.

          • You’d think his golf game would improve by now.

          • Does he really golf? I thought he just played with putters and balls…LOL

          • Sorry, but it still made me laugh.

          • It never fails! A comrade always has to stick IT’S nose where it isn’t wanted. Go riot, interrupt a political rally or Occupy a building, but please don’t burn it down.

          • Oh my goodness! Now you have offended me. I’ll probably shed a tear. Just one. I come on these fetid sites just to antagonize the denizens. I know if I sink my hook deep enough some bottom feeder will bite! Thank you for proving my point!

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            You’re like a kid with a stick poking a sleeping grizzly bear.

          • Not really. A bear could do me great harm. Not so with these cretins.

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            Never mind, I see your point… I missed it at first. Sort of a more implied and subtle side-comment, but yes, cretinous. I thought you were trying to instigate an issue with vets. I humbly bow out…

    • Education goes through changes just like society-at-large does, and usually, educators are expected to do what society wants. Before I retired, I had once been able to make a student leave my class if he/she misbehaved and caused other students to lose valuable learning time with me. But then the school eventually came to support students so much that I had no choice but to tolerate very bad student behavior. And of course, this meant that none of my students learned as much as they did when I literally “owned” the classroom. I regretted that tremendously, but there was nothing I could do until students were no longer given free rein to do whatever they wanted. I think the admin came to see students through rose-colored glasses as “customers,” instead of students. And as the orphan “they” says, “When the mice are in control, everybody plays.”

  2. May God send these libTURD slugs straight to hell, where they belong!
    “While presenting a billed dubbed the “Tennessee Student Free Speech Protection Act,” Rep. Martin Daniel, R-Knoxville, fielded a question from Rep. John DeBerry Jr., D-Memphis, about whether he believed ISIS
    should be able to stand in the middle of university campuses and “recruit for ISIS.”

    “Yes,” Daniel replied. “So long as it doesn’t disrupt the proceedings on that campus. Yes sir. They can recruit people for any other organization or any other cause. I think it’s just part of being exposed to differing viewpoints.”

    All proceedings BUT R.O.T.C!!!! Rot in hell Congressmen and teachers!!!

    • Good God, and this moron actually represents people ????????? Frankly, I think it is time for open season on these liberal ass wipes with a NO bag limit ….What they have done to a once great education system is criminal. But that is what we get for not putting down the “hippie” generation. They are now our “educators”. Every damned one of those protestors of long ago should have been put into uniform and sent to Viet Nam with Hanoi Jane in the forefront.

    • But they don’t feel conservatives speaking on campus is being exposed to differing viewpoints

    • I think Rep. Daniel has gone off the reservation. Since it is Tennessee, maybe an “attitude adjustment” by the people is in order.

    • Hell, he is a recruiter for islamic pukes.

  3. Shofar threading

    No words necessary or possible. Just a shaking of the head at the degradation of our so-called “educational” system. I thank God every day that He placed me on this earth when he did and not just now as a youth. And, THAT is the truth!

    • You would probably have been one of the few freedom fighters and a patriots.

    • Agreed, I feel the exact same way.
      Semper Fi and God Bless

      • And back atcha’, Retired Marine!! Semper Fi, and I’m very proud of you and all those like you who stand in the trenches for us and our families, especially for our children.

    • I would love to be one of the young people today–as long as I could be one of those marching outside her window with a gun in my hands. lol

  4. Some day, you ungrateful idiot, you may be glad that those young people in the ROTC learned to use weapons to protect your useless hide!
    If the School”s Leadership had any backbone they would, on the next incident of you calling 911 on an ROTC Drill, fire you on the spot!
    911 is for emergencies, not political commentary!

    • I’d give you a hundred more up votes if I could.
      An old, used to be lean mean Marine.

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        • Will you twits ever quit with this nonsense?

        • I don’t give a shit what you are making bothering other people! This is not an advertisement board! Spend more time working and less time trying to scam people out of their money just so you can get yours back! Accept the fact you got sucked in to some work at home scam that you paid out your hard earned money and leave the rest of us alone!!!

        • Here is someone as brain dead as the teacher!

      • Patriotic USVeteran1776

        Thank you for your service MARINE!!

        • Sharon Jeanlouis

          “my .friend’s mate Is getting 98$. HOURLY. on the internet.”….

          two days ago new Mc.Laren. F1 bought after earning 18,512$,,,this was my previous month’s paycheck ,and-a little over, 17k$ Last month ..3-5 h/r of work a days ..with extra open doors & weekly. paychecks.. it’s realy the easiest work I have ever Do.. I Joined This 7 months ago and now making over 87$, p/h.Learn. More right Hereo!705➤➤➤➤➤ http://GlobalSuperEmploymentVacanciesReportsJobs/GetPaid/98$hourly…. .❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:::::o!705………

          • Don’t give two shits about what your friends friend makes you stupid bitch

          • Good on you, JB! Does no one vet these posts? This is free advertisement for a phony scam, I’d bet! Old Navy Chief, no longer lean, either.

      • a great many us will pitch in….

      • Well, I gave meangreenMarine my upvote for you, and gave you one as well. Good call.

      • Thank you both for your service Gentlemen!

      • Thanks, catman! I can tell you’re still a mean Gyrene!

        • How do you guys feel about Obama sissifying the Corps. by putting women in?

          • Your have a lot to learn. History documents the fact that women have been some of the most significant wariors in history.

          • Short list to get your education started:

            5th Century CE – Princess Sela

            529 CE – Princess Halima

            530 CE – Tomyris

            590 CE – The Christian Synod of Druim Cett ordered that British women should no longer go into battle alongside their men

            598 – 623 CE – Princess Zhao Pingyang

            624 CE – Hind al-Hunnud

            625 – 705 CE – Wu Chao, known as ‘The Empress Wu’

            625 CE – Nusaybah bint Ka’ab

            c.632 – 705 CE – Apranik

            639 CE – Negan

            7th century CE – Dahia Al-kahina

            722 CE – Queen Aethelburgh

            c.730s CE (active in) – Parsbit (also as Prisbit)

            c.750 CE – Azad Deylami / Azad-e Daylami

            c.783 CE – Fastrada

            c.815 – 838 CE – Banu

            890 – 969 CE – Olga of Kiev (Princess Olga)

            869 – 918 CE – Ethelfleda

          • Wow, eighteen, and all during times when it was everyone fight or be slaughtered and when recorded history was greatly embellished. I know, I know, it’s a short list to get me started. But I could have handled the entire list of 36.

          • There are far more than 36 female warriors in recorded history.

            Educate yourself. Try for some maturity, while you are at it.

            More importantly, try to figure out why it is so important for you to deny the historic contributions made by some parts of the humanity?

          • Wonder Woman? Supergirl? Batgirl?

          • There is a place for women in the Marine Corps, but it is NOT in a combat role as ground ponders. The only female Marines that might be in a combat role are those who ply planes or helos, or those who fly drones and push the buttons to launch missiles.

          • Yeah, I don’t know about that dude. I think a woman like

          • Well, Ronda didn’t get her butt kicked, but she was put into cuckoo land by Holly Holm and a well-placed head kick!

          • Point being? Both would make god combat Marines.

          • I don’t think god needs any combat marines! 😉

          • Did you read your last post?

        • Doc, says watch your blood pressure. Want you around for a long time.

      • Once a Marine always MEAN…..Gung Ho & Semper Fi Gyrene.

      • Thanks to both of you, Semper Fi

      • As another old beat up Marine, I am astounded at the idiocy on display at our universities, not by just students but by the totally idiotic staff! When my relatives were called up from ROTC and the National Guard for the Korean conflict there weren’t these jerks in charge of teaching in universities across the country. The same in Vietnam, although the professors instigated the students to protest for Vietnam. An awful lot of fine young men became officers through the ROTC programs and many lost their lives to protect A–Holes like this professor. Is there any reason we should not hold the liberal leftie university professors today in contempt?

        • I DESPISE every last one of them!! Unfortunately, the vermin are in our k-12 schools too.

        • Freedom of speech is one of our most valuable rights. Don’t endanger it.

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            Hey AKLady, I know our agreement/disagreement ratio is hit and miss… Although I will agree Freedom of Speech is one of our most valuable rights, if not maybe the most valuable — abusing it to harass emergency dispatchers (there to do a job ensuring our citizens safety and security) isn’t exactly what the founding fathers had in mind I am 99.99% certain…

          • Yeah, I’m sure those guys were very careful not to abuse the 911 people.

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            ROFL! I’m sure you understood my intention.

          • not only that, it is illegal to knowingly place a false 911 call.
            Now this idiot knows what is going on, she needs to be charged if she calls again.

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            I agree 100% Herb!

        • Semper Fi, Brother

        • The students are children, and as such , they look to “adults and teachers” for guidance. Children learn by example, repetition and by being directly taught. Is it any wonder that Americas children are so ignorant disrespectful and clueless? If that “professor” is an example of higher learning… after 4 years of her type of thought process, our uninformed children will have no clue how to deal with life.

      • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

        Used to be? Once a MARINE always a MARINE!

    • I agree. There are laws against using 911 for non-emergencies. But there is no vaccine for “stupidity”.

      • there is a lead injection, but then black lies matter would be bused in by kenyan boyo and georgi soretoes to dance around and steal other’s possessions and then set fire to anything to big to load in their buses…

        • Lead supposedly works against the brain so they will be safe there and probably nothing left to damage.

          • Agree, my grandson was aCol. om Jr. AFROTC, offered an appointment to a Mil. Acad., turned it down, because he wanted to be a Cop. He held more than one sharpshooter award, she better hope there are those around her, if needed, that are sharpshooters.

          • Don’t know if these people even think anymore as there are so many articles of these kind of brain dead people. Trouble is nothing is ever done to get them out of their position. It is like when someone in the government screws up they are more likely to get promoted than fired.

          • God Bless her!

          • I had not considered that…maybe it would shatter the motor sensors and everything would stop starting with the ho’s mouth…

          • We could only hope

          • They wouldn’t rob and steal if they could get the lead out of their asses, and find a job.

          • Why should they as our government will take good care of you if all you want to do in life is sit on your ass.

          • Therein lies the rub.

          • Yes it is a way of life and that is why today we have more on the government dole than working

      • If there was the amount needed would cause a great shortage.

      • Maybe she should be given leave without pay for harassing the school and 911? She must have known ROTC was a presents there. Was that her 1st day on the planet?

    • they should fire the teacher anyway for calling 911 and for using the school for her politics ..I bet clintons her hero

      • If she’s a professor she is probably tenured and can’t be fired.

      • You can’t fire minorities no matter what they do

        • That is the number 1 reason people try to avoid hiring them. My boss always said “never hire someone you cannot fire”. He was referring to me hiring my step brother one of the times.

          • I don’t see the problem as a white man is easy to fire but all others you would have a problem with. As a manager for over 30 years never had a problem firing a white man but all others were a problem. In 1975 during the great recession had a Mexican come off sick leave and the job he was doing was no longer needed. The other guy doing the same job was already laid off. Told the boss don’t have any position for him and he said you have to make a position we can’t lay him off as soon as he comes back. So I did but it got to the point so many were getting laid off had to lay him off. He took us to court for discrimination and even with all the facts presented the judge ruled in his favor.

          • Your boss gave you great advice. Did you mess up and hire your step brother?

        • But you can fire idiots. I taught college for many years, and I know that there are some great people doing difficult work at that level, but there are also some sheer fools who make it through and get there as well. It’s a shame, but true, nevertheless.

          • Once heard a USMC Full Bird Col I respected to the max call them “Educated Idiots”….believe he knew what he spoke to….this seems to indicate that I have to say here….

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            ROFL! I used that term all the time! It describes a good 30%+ of the US population today… “I went to Harvard but sometimes forget to breathe air…”

          • Same here..LOL

          • That is absolutely correct MGySgt. I love F….errrr…..messing with them every chance I get. They all need a wake-up call.

            I remember a Drill Sargent who woke us up that first morning of basic beating on a garbage can lid announcing our “New World Order” wake-up call and how effective that was for announcing things around town had changed up and that nasty man with the cool looking hat was running the show!…no doubt about it….a huge change.

            It was effective so I do a similar version of that with ill informed “well-educated devoid of common sense” lib-tard people on the current political circus we American’s get to watch every four years. We get to participate in if we choose, and even though it is a rigged game, I’m having lots of fun.

            So far, I haven’t had to use the self-defense measures with my hands or feet I have more or less perfected over past 10 years, but have been ready to go a couple of times when they realize I am very sarcastic and are calling them out for the fools they are. Mr. Trump is absolutely right about a couple of things. One of which is PC.

            It Is almost hilarious at times when you figurative leave a hot steaming pile of controversial BS on the table to consider. A pile no one sitting there with their mouths open looking like fish out of water trying to get another breath wants to talk about or even believes you mentioned in mixed company! I have started laughing a couple of different times which of course accelerates it if it is going to go. A little push here…a nudge there….and they come out in all their righteous glory waking up to the fact they are facing a person who thinks they are fools and has said so more or less.

            I have learned over the past few years that speech and how “free” it is for we mere mortals is something they think only they can decide for all the rest of us. I learned how to read early in life and do so well. We studied the US Constitution for a number of weeks in a high school civics course which I aced. They seem to think they know best and their interpretation of it is always correct and they will decide for all of us what is free to talk about and what isn’t. Done deal. Sit down and forget about arguing with us. ….chuckling here as I type. “Yeah! sure thing!” …you bet!

            Then, here I come along with others who think like me. We are like 5 year olds running out a day care door after a rain storm and seeing that great puddle of water, which of course, we have to go jump into right way with both feet laughing merrily as we do so.

            I’m a really popular guy at some events!…..LMAO as I press send.

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            Oh yeah! Boot you are in “Yes Drill Sergeant’s” world of “Yes sir” where he is your momma, pops, judge, jury, executioner, and God.

            PC is BS – it infringes on your free speech. Why can’t I say it? Because it offends you!? Well ain’t that about the biggest crock of cow sh–dung I think I ever heard! The kings of Europe would not allow you to say things that offended them… Usually under penalty of death! That is what the first amendment is all about! The right to say things that piss in another’s Cheerios! It the greatest weapon, well, aside from the USMC, to prevent tyranny and government despots from taking our God given freedom! If you see something, say something. It works. “Hey that guy said he is going to kill the president and declare himself emperor!” Hell, if I am in earshot he’ll be a dead emperor wannabe. Well, dunno about Obama… Might let him shoot then shoot him. I’d definitely delay a little.

            When you were in high school they still had Civics huh? That makes you at least 30ish. We had civics too… Not this “social studies” crap. Socialist studies.

            Well, anything written is up for interpretation and should be viewed from all angles. Unless they have James Madison on speed dial I doubt their interpretation is any better than anyone else’s. If they claim they do… LOAD YOUR GUN AND RUN! They talk to guys that have been DEAD for 180 years! Seriously though, reading old writing is like reading the King James Bible… It has it’s interpretations. BUT – there are a lot of concrete, clear, and timeless points in there that you CAN’T read any other way than what they meant. Like the 10 commandments. Kind of hard to find a way around certain terming. These liberal lawyers sure do try though…

            I am sure you are. You seem like you be a fun guy to have around at events. I tend to piss off everyone in most any room I am in. However, as I walk away, and fire up a Marlboro red, I think to myself… Damn, I love a land where I CAN speak my mind and piss everyone off… It just feels right. Holding everything inside leads to the Aurora Theater shooting…

            Have a great night and a Happy Easter!

          • You as well Gunny!….hahahha! Big smile on my face as I read your words.

            I am an old Army dog whose ass was saved on my 21st B-day – TET Offensive kick off in 1968 – by a number of US Marines who came running up the road to us when we started taking incoming 120MM Rocket fire. Myself and a number of others got blown to hell in a bunker that took a near miss.

            Almost killed a few of those guys coming in the door as I was regaining consciousness from the blast, couldn’t hear anything because of the bells ringing in my ears and couldn’t see them very well and thought they were NVA. I was trying to get a Grenade under control to pull the pin when they disarmed me. I started fighting them off and they overpowered me then wiped the blood out of my eyes from a scalp wound so I could see who they were. I got my shit together there real quick along with the other survivors and with those Marines, we fell back and let the mortars go to work. I couldn’t hear anything at all for 24 hours then my hearing started coming back gradually over the next few weeks. Still not what is was but I can hear …without hearing aides believe it or not. I’m really a lucky guy…I know that.

            Also as you might have imagined, as a result of that night a long time ago, the USMC and the men in it are all good friends of mine…all of them …..any Marine….any age…any color from anywhere. And unless I miss my guess Gunny, I am a bit older than you.

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            Master Guns… 😉 and… Yes sir, that you are. I was reading your account below. 1968, you are my uncles’ age. After that account you have earned my respect. My mom’s dad was US ARMY Intelligence in Vietnam and Korea (even through the 1980’s he would disappear on random missions he couldn’t talk about), my dad’s brothers were both MARINES in Vietnam. Dad’s dad and step-father were both NAVY. My biological grandfather was a turret gunner in Pearl Harbor and Leyte Gulf aboard the USS Tennessee. My step-grandfather was a Seabee.

            I was in the 22nd MEU(SOC) II MEF in 2002 [OIF] at FOB Victory (now VBC) in Baghdad then in 2005 deployed to Hit, Iraq to work alongside the 1/2. (still can’t believe we lost the Al Anbar province to ISIS not long after we left… weak politicians) We were primarily there for logistics. In fall of ’07 we pounded the Taliban remnants and Al-Qaeda across Afghanistan with the AV-8Bs while providing aerial and logistics support during OEF-A. It’s a real shame the cluster that’s become over there now. It always was kind of… but it WAS being contained. (Rootin’ for Putin 2016)

            In 2010 got to work with the 3/2, HMH-461, and CLB-22 in Haiti during OUR (Op. Unified Response) to protect the UN Supplies going out for the relief efforts to the earthquake victims and suppress local insurgents and pirates that were trying to steal the food, medicine, lumber for housing, and water being provided to the victims.

            That is where I met my current employer and best friend, also a MARINE. He started a relief effort providing clothing and canned goods as well building modular homes out of the shipping containers (like the makeshift sandbox camps we had). He owned a US based security agency that is bidding UN and DHS/FEMA contracts. We met through the UN guided local security forces training programs. They were hired in as outside civilian federal contractors.

            You know, most of my friends are gyrenes and doggies. Actually, my really good friend Zack just got back from killing… reeducating Somali pirates around Djibouti (trying to stop them from joining up with ISIS) because he blew out his knee during an aerial insertion and is now considered permanently disabled.

            We snatched him up immediately. Our agency is sort of a haven for former military and law enforcement. We all live in the real world and understand each other. It is nice to have familiarity and common life experience with some crazy individuals.

            You know, it is really ironic that the cozy world that is taken for granted, even cursed and spit upon, is forged in the blood of our friends and family.

            I know that no one expects it, but thanks again for your service and sacrifice! I’m super tired… I have to be on post in 3:45:00 and need to finish sending schedules out…

          • Master Guns…sorry. It has been awhile….chuckling.

            So then, given what you say here, I place you…emmmm….late30’s early 40’s or so from a whole family of USMC and Navy mil vets….multi-generational. Very impressive.

            My family are almost all Army Vets. One of my uncles was USMC in the early 50’s after Korea, then Grandfather served with the US Army in France at the Bella-Woods in heavy combat, Dad served with the US Army Air force in Burma for three years under fire a lot from the Japanese, then me in the Vietnam era along with a younger brother who served in Korea in the late 60’s. Have a nephew is going in the USMC in August this year…so we have a couple in the crew that went USMC.

            My one and only son chose another path of service. He is a Deputy US Marshal and a member of their SOG group and is cursed being a high performing young man of 29 with no combat experience operating along side guys who have a lot of it. He has realized he will not be in command for quite some time. I have been telling him that just the fact that he is only 29 and performing well within the top 10% of those guys who have that experience is a statement itself. They are very selective in that group and Sport impressed them coming in the door. They pinned the star or him just before he turned 23. He was a dual major honors student, multi-lingual and is an expert marksman with all the tools. He can shoot with the best of them and often better than them. He is very good with all their tools…. Pistol, rifles, shotguns and has become a certified weapons and tactics instructor for the USMS.

            Lately, he has been looking at the USMC Reserve to get those empty boxes checked. It is going to be interesting to see how that unfolds here in the coming months. He told me about a force recon reserve unit in California that he is talking to some of his team mates about. They are guys who are all much older than he and most every one of them has had combat experience. Fellows who were former SF, Seals, Force Recon etc….etc…and they are offering advice, counseling and hookups with people that can answer his question. I have also been encouraging him to consider looking at Counter-Intel as another career path. It will be interesting to see how this plays out for him.

            All the best to you and yours brother for Easter, and thanks for your continued service to our country.

            I sleep real well at night knowing there are US Marines awake somewhere in the world on watch just itching use their weapons. …hhahahahaa!…. That is right out of the mouth of a Former Marine nephew – forgot about him – who commanded a Force Recon Unit in Iraq there in the Bagdad area in the first Gulf war.

          • …missed this post yesterday!… up the coffee I just spit up on the desk I was laughing so hard at that last paragraph with the image of a tat encrusted Former US Marine Gunny lighting up the Marlboro Red….you even smoke my cigarette of choice when I smoked them! …..and walking confidently away from a group of wide mouth lib-tards!…..perfect image!…….USMC Forever!…..uuuuuuaaaaagggghhhhha!….hahahaha! Oh man!..that would be a very interesting act to watch!

            It would probably not be a good thing for the both of us to be together in polite company and alcohol. However!…..LMAO as I type….it sure as hell would be a very good time even in jail!….hhaahah…Happy Easter Marine!….

          • Jesus! I have a grandson who may be older that you!!! He’s 37.

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            I will just say thank you… 😀 — I’ve aged well. I looked older and uglier at 16! LMAO!

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            Technically this isn’t work, was eyeing up my new sights on last year’s Thanksgiving turkey… in the kitchen… after it came out of the oven… I cooked it… 160 degrees through… succulent… Now my fat-azz is hungry… ;D

          • I believe this is a Texan shopping at Walmart.

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            ROFL!!! Naw, my buddy owns R&W guns! And I’m from Florida.

          • Ah yes! The state of my birth! The last good thing Florida has produced!

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            Where were you born?

          • My parents told me I was born in St. Pete. I left with them when I was 6 weeks old and spent the next 21 years on a farm in East Alabama. In my opinion, you live in the best part of Florida. I got the worst sun burn of my life while in bathing trunks, in a small motorboat, crossing from Ft. Myers Beach to Sanibel Island in 1949. Sanibel was very primitive then, just a semi-fancy restaurant that would not serve us, (4 others had crossed via a ferry, no bridge then). The very prim little old lady thought we were under-dressed for her fine establishment. She told us there was a “roadhouse” down the road that would serve the likes of us! I am the only one of that young group who is still alive!

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            One of my best friends was from Selma Alabama! He was a great guy. I passed through a few times in travels but never really visited. I was born in a town called Millville NJ, and raised in Port Norris (a small fishing villiage). I couldn’t take the cold people in the north, the cliques, and cult mentality. I love the South.

            Yeah, Fort Myers is nice. Very Suburban for a Metropolitan area. I like calm quiet places, the warm friendly people, and the sunshine. It just makes you happy. Well, warm friendly people 3/4 of the year… Right now all the yuppie city slickers are here throwing their garbage everywhere and congesting the roads…

          • Spent some time in Ft. Myers in the mid 80’s….loved that beach there with all the shells…and Dolphins….spectacular actually. I mean…if it was good enough for Al Capone to winter there back in the day, who am I to argue with that!….nice little city.

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            LOL… that is what I did with my Gen 2 Glock 19. ROFL! Still counts as a pistol!

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            Work pictures… 😀

          • Yes, having served under the Muslim, one would need lots of liquor, drugs, whatever else would help you forget?

          • The problem with stupid people like you, is they don’t realize they’re stupid.

          • Not so stupid that I would ever vote for a Dim. Now that’s stupid Edbird.

          • Well, Sickysteel, you just exhibited your lack of cognitive ability when you refer to us Liberals as “Lib-tards” A person of learning would not have to rely on ridiculous made-up names to call people who are more intelligent than he. The pathetic thing about stupid people like you, is that you can’t realize how stupid you are!

          • Well my man, isn’t America great!…we can call each other all kinds of names over the imaginary fence without gun fire….so far.

            And yes, I do feel you folks are retarded or at least delusional about most everything that goes on around you and in this country. You wouldn’t recognize a serious threat even if it was sitting next to you with a explosive vest on reciting the Koran.

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            I’m sorry but I am soooo stealing that line!

            You wouldn’t recognize a serious threat even if it was sitting next to you with a explosive vest on reciting the Koran.

            I can just imagine 10,000,001 applications already…

          • Your more than welcome MGS!…hahahaha! be shameless and call it your own!……..I love this medium way to much to ever be stingy!

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            Sounds like something DS Ruiz would’ve yelled at some dumb kid back in MCRD PI.

          • …chuckling….

          • MGySgt——-Come to San Francisco ( New Sodom) or Berkeley (New Havana / New Pyongyang) …….. ( don’t waste your money or time ) and there are hundreds of thousands of folks just like that English professor with the ROTC thing here……..I joined the American Communist Party (6501 Telegraph Av. , Oakland (Berkeley line) (just to see what they were about) with a phony CA D/L and some other phony stuff…… was an unbelieveable experience—–I highly recommend the experience to everybody willing to do this; so that they can see what ‘ progressives’ REALLY are like………….Fidel Castro is gOD ALMIGHTY to these scum……….communist themed t-shirts are everywhere ——Horrific. beyond belief, snot, sub-human (sewer rats) to say the very, very least everywhere —–I have 4 yrs reg. USN and 17 yrs in the AZ NG—-(UH- 1H / M/ gunships …AH-1 ‘Cobras” OH-58’s-)—and feel just like you………..about the ‘progressives’ …communists…democrats—-What the hell is the difference ? I almost hope Obama forces the USA into some sort of Civil War; I, like you; would happily destroy as many ‘progressives’ as I could—-starting with the SFO City Hall——It would be my pleasure……..

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            Honestly, I have no problem with communists, progressives, gays, liberals, whatever one aligns themselves with. I have a problem with stupid people making stupid decisions. It’s not progressives, it’s “THESE” progressives, these liberals, these communists, these gays, BLM (the monster it has become not what it originally was), etc… These people want to ram their values down your throat until you turn purple but you can’t present any counter argument no matter how logical. That is the issue I see… There is no compromise. The US is ideally built upon compromise. You want to be gay, be radical, worship Castro, or even Satan himself for that matter – by all means! Go right ahead… However, not EVERYONE’S values can be popularly represented on a national level! It doesn’t work that way. What works in a place like San Francisco may not work in a place like Washington Iowa or Amherst Nebraska… Liberals scratch their head and ask why? Because in those towns you have 5 liberals, 2 commies, and 1 homosexual. The rest of the demographic are conservative American Christians. National “blanket-laws” NEVER work well for the “better of all,” because they infringe on the rights of the multitude for the sake a handful. This is why the original concept of the power of final say residing in the hands small localized governments is optimal in the US and tyrannical Federal branches forcing conformity will not work in the long run. There is only so much you can push the small man into the corner before he decides to fight back… We’ve been yammed into that corner very hard for a pretty long time…

          • MSGT——-You BETTER !!!!!! have a PROBLEM with the first line of your answer!!!!……..I live just south of Stanford University (Palo Alt0) and have seen and continue to see on a daily basis the total ‘ideological’ war they have inflicted around here—-the PRIMARY goal of the American Communist Party (of which I was a member for 4 months; just to see what they were all about) is “to infuse and inject communism into every facet of American life” unquote—–you can check this all out by ‘google’ American Communist Party- Northwest Region—–……..Berkeley 6501 Telegraph Rd. (actually just over the Berkeley/ Oakland city line; in Oakland-)——-I know tons of info. about the ACP and personally know about a dozen hard-core commies from the ACP hq at 6501—–a ‘used bookstore’ front shared with the New Black Panther Party—another fine group of fine folks——all of your first line list are inter-twined/ inter-connected basically like a spyder’s web ……..I know these scum very well…..Did you know that all the commies (like me; at the time) were transported by bus, motel ‘ed’ and fed and driven to the Fergerson riots—–(the commies thrive on this kind of stuff)…..the ACP uses the NBPP as their “leg breakers”–“skull crushers”s” etc—–In saying that you “have no problem” with those scum—-you had better wake the fu–k up !!! I think you said you were a cop along with the USMC years—–you should know better………….my fellow hard core commies wrap them self up in fluffy pillows and thick warm blankets and try to say “we are harmless; like the muppets)——-Again; YOU better have a problem with these sewer rats/ dung beetles———-look how far and fast they have come since 1968;; all the way to the White House and the House of Reps=====Pelosi IS a hard core commie and will tell you that to your face in certain circles—-like mine; as is Barbara Bell (D-OAK) for examples…….I wish I has a small pocket recorder when Pelosi said what she said to a small group of us’ regular’ commies. She is VERY proud of that fact also…………….Underneath the calm, surface , exterior of the ACP lies a ‘wolf’ pak’ of U-Boats……..BELIEVE me; I KNOW of what I speak…..Pelosi/ Bell idolize Fidel Castro; ESPECIALLY Bell; publically saying what a ‘great man’ Fidel is …………….the only person that can deal with these scum is Trumph……….if Hilly wins; picture the US turned into another San Francisco/ Berkeley and the commies will take over everything like the black plague; very subtle-ley and lo-keyed——If the San Francisco City Hall Council could hang the old USSR flag over it—-THEY WOULD in a new York minute…!!!!………As is taught in the UC college system today “COMMUNISM IS THE WAVE OF THE FUTURE AND YOU BETTER GET DAMN USED TO IT !!” via my freshman 19 yr old nephew………….NOW DO YOU GET IT !!………

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            There was never a point that I didn’t get it. The thing is, for so long as the people freely choose what they choose – that is the epitome of the republic and democracy. The problem that I see is that most people I talk to, in common life and on the net, didn’t choose what we have now. It was thrust down our throats by tyrannical leaders that subvert the Constitution. I am against anything that would undermine the Constitutional processes of the US. If 51%+ of the US citizenry wants a commie leader for 4 years, let them have it, but if 5% want it and 95% oppose it… yet it is still thrust upon us, then lock and load, we march off to war!

            Here is the problem I see… 0.00156% of the US citizenry is actively Communist/Socialist (which aren’t the same but often lumped together). 17.2% Hispanic Latino; 13.1% black/African, 13% Atheist/non-religious, 5.6% Asian, 3.8% gay/lesbian, 1.56% Muslim, etc… At the same time the US is 77.35% Caucasian (62% non-Hispanic Caucasian) and 83% Christian/Catholic/Apostolic.

            Therefore, all these laws and ideals being forced upon us are clearly not the choice of “the people” but of a few people. We are not assimilating these outlying demographics but conforming to them through forcible means. This is the problem. It is not the whole of these demographics, just like the majority of Muslims are great people, it is the few, the radicalized and fanatical self-proclaimed leaders of these groups that are the problem. The sleeping majority needs to get active again in politics and social trends but must not allow themselves to again fall into the same kinds of corruption we see now.

            I see the US set in a trend across the last 3 or 4 decades of trading off one evil for another. We the people must realign ourselves with what is good, right, and Constitutional with consideration for all but supremacy for none. That is why everything feels so out of whack right now is we are experiencing supremacy of various “protected groups” beset against the common social majority. We could wrangle these issue back in easily but it would take organization, work, and action! Something those who have been oppressed for so long willfully will do and those who have been the oppressors have no interest in doing. Just offering my unbiased and logical observation.

            A government by the people for the people it must remain always. Citizens must do their due diligence to keep it so. If they choose to be inactive and allow it then that is also their choice and the consequences they (and all) will suffer from.

            I think that it is just that optimal time for “New Rome” to suffer a fall. Will we learn from the skinned knee and step and fight again or will we allow the fall to be a continuous descent into oblivion and 3rd world status? Only time will tell.

            Personally, I am ready to fight (always ready for a good fight), but the problem I see is the idea of the Robert LaVoy Finicum murder… I will stand and yell “CHARGE!” rushing forward, guns ablaze, while the mass behind me stands there motionless… I get gunned down and my kids grow up without a father and are shamed by the liberal majority children who are unable to understand what I was doing. I will die a criminal nobody and for nothing. Not the way I want to go. Convince me that the people want a change they are willing to stand and fight for and I will personally wave the battle flag foremost in the front lines!

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            Forgive me for not wanting to needlessly waste my life and for failing to understand why our very own military generals have incessantly failed to act upon the countless atrocities our nation has endured throughout the last decade. Choose your battles wisely and live to fight another day.

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            The mental imagery it paints is golden brother…

          • I could give you my IQ and my educational level but you’d be entitled to assume I’m lying, and that is the reason I never embellish my intellect on these fetid sites. On a site, similar to this, a guy told me, after a protracted argument, that his IQ was 185, 5 points higher that Einsteins! The poor guy could barely spell IQ! But I will say, I’m confident my intellect is considerably higher than yours. Consequently I’m not offended when you assume I’m retarded. What other insults do you have to hurl? Come on, I need a good laugh!

          • I don’t have any thing to say to you at all about any of that.

            Given the level of intelligence you seem to modestly imply you possess, I think it would be a frustrating exercise for the both of us given the tone of your post. You have no interest in communication.

          • You haven’t been right about much but you’re right about that. Have a fruitful day.

          • Usually the effort and cost to do so when taken to court stops the process. It is more likely to be settled out of court and the idiot usually wins either way.

        • Minority? Looks white to me…but could be homosexual based on her appearance. What kind of minority is she?

          • Was referring to minority as anyone except a white male. They had an article in Red Book years ago for women. Told them to use their sex to get ahead and if they didn’t get the promotion go to court with a charge of sexual harassment. They said you win either way.

        • Are you in a contest for who can post the dumbest remarks?

          • You seem to be the only one making that statement and no upside so would say it is you on the dumb side.

          • It seems that I’m talking to juveniles so I’ll respond like a juvenile. OK. Whatever.

          • That is probably the best you can come up with. Having worked in management for over 30 years know how hard it is to fire minorities but it looks like you have never been in such a position.

          • WOW!!! You are really a great person!! I never dreamed that you are so important. 30 years in management!! You are so far above me, I feel privileged even to be able to correspond with you. Maybe I shouldn’t. Yeah, I don’t think I shall.

          • Never said I was great but I do have a lot of years of experience that a lot of others making comments are making without the experience.

      • No dudie, I don’t think she’s that smart!

    • I agree!!

    • You nailed it! Semper Fi

    • Too bad we can’t separate those idiots so they can fen for themselves and let our military be used to protect those of some intelligence.

    • I agree with you completely. These idiots are the ones that will get on the truck willingly to go to the camps “so the government can take care of them”…and they will.

      • Thanks, Sicklesteel! Good to know that you’ll be backing us up!

        • ….smiling …..always Marine…always.

          My 21st B-day – Tet Offensive kickoff 1968 – celebration started at 0:Dark 30 when a 120MM rocket attack woke me up. Rolled out of my rack, grabbed my gear and was heading for the door when the lights went out. When I came to consciousness again, my hearing was muffled noise and their were soldiers coming in the door!….. I came up off the floor with a grenade trying to pull the pin when one of those guys saw me and started yelling to his buddies who took it away from me. Still groggy but coming out of it in a scramming warrior’s death rage I grabbed a piece of pipe still not aware these guys disarming me were US Marines coming to dig out survivors.

          We took a 120mm rocket damn near on top of the bunker and I was bloody from a scalp shrapnel wound which always bleed like you hit an artery. Again, I was disarmed by another Marine who started yelling “Stand down Marine!…stand down! We are here to help you man!” ….all this time the rockets continued to rain down around the busted bunker we were in with rifle rounds zipping by our heads.

          It was pretty intense until I wiped the blood out of my eyes…saw they were Marines….and yelled the first thing I could think of with my ears starting to be able to detect sound again which was …”I’m not a F***ing Marine!” ….screamed out because of the lack of hearing I had at that moment as I pointed my shaking finger at the NCO in charge. Everyone started laughing their asses off as I sat there in the rubble trying to get my shit together as they dragged me to better cover.

          That was one of those weird moments in combat when everyone around you cracks up laughing because of something someone says in the heat of a fire fight as it continues. Usually, someone states the obvious which I did that night.

          Then, still staggering with the bells ringing loudly in ears, looking for my rifle which another Marine handed me along with extra Mags and we went to work. Got our collective asses out of the bunker and when we cleared far enough back to the rear the mortars guys went to work.

          Those Marines were attached to a group of Sea-Bee’s down the road from us and had come running when the firefight started. From then on, we Army Dogs always invited those Marines to share our Steaks and Beer when we had them.

          Great group of guys whose faces in my old pictures of America’s finest warriors still give me warm feelings to this day about our own little version the “Band of Brothers” in the jungles a long time back..

          Semper Fi Marine.

          • After reading your experience, I’m sure that those Marines that came to your aid that day considered you as a brother! When that Marine gave you that K-Bar, that’s as close as you can get without wearing the EGA!
            Welcome Home, Brother! Semper Fi!
            (RVN – ’65 – ’66, ’70 – ’71)

          • That is exactly what a couple of my close friend these days have told me who are former Marines. Actually, as I think about it here, most of my close men friends these days are “former” Marines…interesting. Hadn’t considered that until just now.

            Thinking about that I find myself thinking about the words “Former vs X Marine”.

            A full bird Col. who was the commanding officer at the Marine Corps Logistics Center in Albany Ga 1984-1987, explained it all to me in a tight clipped tone one afternoon there in the summer of 1984 when I reported in to him beginning my first day on the project I had been hired to help him build. It was the USMC’s Military Standard Supply System (M3S) a new concept in logistics being built from scratch. I left the project in 1987 and I have been told recently by another “former Marine” Mil Contactor that it was in fact completed and is now functioning for them in the field.

            Anyway, the Col. always interviewed all new incoming IT Consultants and in that first conversation I used the term X-Marine. He corrected me immediately!

            “Be advised!…There is no such thing as a “X-Marine Trooper!”…there are only former Marines! You will do well here to remember that son.” He always referred to any former Army guy who worked there in the logistics center for him “Trooper”.

            “Yes sir. Roger that.”….. and we went on to work really well together for the next three years and got a lot done.

            I remember the Col with great fondness. He was my kind of guy. He surrounded himself with Subject Matter Experts and gave them the freedom and the resources to get the job done and whoa be to anyone who didn’t get with the program. He was one hell of a leader and in that time there, I never heard one person say anything really bad about him as a commander and a person. I have witnessed him take control of a long festering problems – more than once – and ruthlessly relief the officer or contractor in charge from that duty and put another in his place immediately to continue the march.

            Phew!…it was very effective to see as a civilian working with a Marine OIC and immediately getting the support you need because no one wanted to go talk to the Col in his office about a problem you were causing for him or were responsible for solving and were behind the curve. Those were always stressful meetings even if your ass wasn’t on the menu as the main course. Believe you know exactly what I am talking to here.

            Wish we had more like him in that mess of illegal special interests called the US Congress. Perhaps we might get through what is coming our way rapidly.

      • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

        As those rattlers get older they get more cranky, irritable, and easy to anger… and they give a less a crap about striking. ROFL!

        • …well, they pick their battles very carefully and strike when they are ready and not when provoked. Been down the road a lot of years my man and still moving along nicely without to many issues and never go looking for trouble. …..LOL!…it always seems to find me even when I am being really good!…know what I mean?……chuckling as I press post…

    • You are spot on. The police are the ones who should arrest her butt for purposely using 911 for inappropriate things. The school should also step in and let her know that if she does it again she will be terminated. They need to let her know that 911 is for emergencies ONLY and not to perpetuate her anti gun agenda. ROTC is a great program. It gets young men and women ready to lead troops. It teaches them discipline and builds strong men and women if they choose not to make the military a career. Thanks for your Marine. Semper Fi.

      • Thanks for the backup, 7papa7!

        • We veterans need to stick together. We have an administration who wants to take the military down and us veterans.

          • This administration wants to take the whole nation down. Problem is that they can’t as long as there are so many current and former military out here and we mostly all have guns. If it weren’t for that fact, they’d have pulled our flag down and burned it by now. It has to be driving them nuts.

          • Pray for the kids and teach them, if this keeps going on to the generation after next their not going to know any better. And that is driving me nuts.

          • Agree, if it were not for veterans and patriots the isis flag would be over the WH by now.

      • While We Are Still Free

        What a stereotypical libTARD! This professor has the same moronic paranoia that voted to take away everyone’s guns across the planet. The theoretic illogical argument that taking everyone’s guns away will keep everyone safe doesn’t actually work, here in reality.

        The moronic Opposite World “logic” that gun haters are actually trying to make everyone swallow is the inane notion that while criminals are ready, willing, and eager to rob, rape, and kill us, they would never dare violate a gun law. Gee, there I go again, assuming that the word criminal was self-explanatory. Silly me, here I just assumed that an English professor wouldn’t be so confused about the English Language!

        Nations like Britain and Australia that have banned guns, still have a heck of a lot of folks being shot by criminals every year. Why? Because criminals, by definition, don’t conform to the law, and, knowing their victims are no longer able to defend themselves now that they’ve all been disarmed, has only emboldened those who disregard gun laws now that all the law-abiding citizenry have lost their right to bear arms, as Czerwiec pines to violate American’s 2nd Amendment rights.

        Reality check: After Florida passed its recent conceal and carry law, Floridians experience an exponential increase in follow home robberies from the airport, because that was the only place the criminal element could be assured that their prey would be disarmed, having just left a GUN FREE ZONE! Professor
        pinhead Heidi Czerwiec’s myopic tunnel-vision denies the reality that the Virginia State shooting ended only after the nut submitted to the gunpoint of the LAW-ABIDING patriots who proactively left the gun-free-zone of their campus to retrieve their fire-arms from their vehicles. The leftist media had these facts, but chose to spin-doctor the event claiming the shooting spree ended when the nut was “Tackled,” when that only occurred AFTER he surrendered to a few people holding him at gunpoint.

        Aurora Colorado shooter James Holmes was within walking distance of three theatres. He neither chose the closest, nor the largest screening room. No, Holmes chose to target the only theater that had been declared a GUN FREE ZONE.

        As usual, liberal policies usually have the opposite effect. It is always so much more important to pay a heck of a lot more attention to what people DO, as well as the actual consequences of implementing their political agendas actually DOES
        here in the real world, instead of what they may politically correctly SAY to
        be able to truly be able to discern who and what it is people actually ARE,
        regardless of how politically incorrect it may be to dare notice the reality of
        their false narratives.

        In 1755 Benjamin Franklin wrote: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

        Not only does Professor libTARD deserve neither liberty nor safety, she needs to be required to post a huge “GUN FREE ZONE” sign in front of her residence.

        Will this leftist radical will be more, or less likely to be a future victim of crime,
        having informed her predators that she is defenseless easy prey?

        Heidi Czerwiec is more than welcome to earn herself a Darwin Award, but she has no right to try to take the rest of us down with her.

        Liberal elitists love to pontificate that their “pious” agendas are always purposed to be done “FOR you,” so why is it that the implementation of their policies always seem to be done TO you? Professor Pinhead needs to poke her head out of her spider-hole of alternate reality academia once in a while for a fresh breath of reality!

        Wow! People actually pay money to be re-educated by this nut?

    • Bravo, you hit the nail on the head about this twit professor.

      Fred Speckmann
      [email protected]

    • What is really hysterical is those “weapons” that were being used to teach close order drill were more than likely non-firing weapons! I know for sure they had no rounds loaded in them! Maybe if this freaked out idiot would have taken time to inquire she would have found that out! Was this the first time ROTC drilled in that location?

    • HELL YEAH!

    • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

      If there WAS a shooter on school grounds she’d be the first to jump to the front of the line and SWEAR she ALWAYS supported the ROTC (for the evening news cameras anyway – like Hillary/Obama does). Liberals merely swear by whatever is trending as per the liberal media via Twitter anymore. “I get my news from Bill Maher!” Cult mentality, even the articulate buffoons and educated idiots do it now (like this “professor”).

      • Well said, Master Gunny!

        • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

          Thank you… I was starting to get a little ranty though. These kinds of attention seeking idiots make me wanna puke. Coddled little nancy-pants sissies with hurt feelings all the time. Jesus, anywhere from the 1990’s on back (that is where it started going wrong) you wouldn’t had survived grade school… and if you did, you’d be easy to find in high school… The kid hanging from his locker by his underpants elastic! That stuff seemed more durable in my day. Then again we weren’t in a 80% obese society either.

          People ask me, “Do you condone bullying!?” Yes! I was a little fat Twinkie eating jelly-roll in grade school that didn’t get any respect. In the sixth grade I even had a girl, Wanda Rodriquez, beat the tar out me for only reasons Jesus and St. Peter knew in front of a crowd of fifty kids. Now… I’m a six-foot-four, two-hundred twenty pound slab of stomp your face into the dirt! I exude respect and get it without trying. I’ll be damned if the bullying didn’t build my character! Rivalry creates a necessity to be better or die trying. By God if you die trying then you simply earn Darwin a point because you didn’t deserve to be better. A competitive spirit is needed to succeed…

          You cannot learn that in a world where everyone wins and gets a trophy… You cannot succeed if there is no adversity. If there isn’t, what the hell did you succeed in!? Little fat kid runs to the top of the hill and dances like he’s Rocky-friggin-Balboa. I ask him, “what are you doing son!?” He tells me “I won!” I ask, “what did you win?” He tells me, “the race!” I look around seeing no one but a woman on a bench with a baby stroller fiddling with her phone. I ask, “against who!?” He tells me, “aw no mister, I wasn’t racing against anyone, it was just for fun.” Well, that ain’t exactly the definition of a race is it? Just think, another 20-30 years and Porky there is going to be running for President, Senate, Congress… pick one. He and his ilk will be running the world… Raised with no moral compass, no idea of team work, no concept of respect or authority, no idea what this nation is all about, no accountability or responsibility… AND THEY SWORE TO ME THAT IDIOCRACY WASN’T A PROPHECY! Damn liars…

          This is how the age of the apes begins… with liberal nonsense. Maybe we’ll get lucky and one of them trigger-happy Gestapo boys in blue will be sent to respond to her next stupid call and end her shenanigans for good. Keep seeing it happen to all these darling black boys maybe they can one right and make up for one or two of them. Dear God and she is a teacher! Leading tomorrow’s leaders by ridiculous bi-polar examples. Doesn’t make you feel all warm and fuzzy? >Blech<

          Okay that was very ranty… hopefully mildly entertaining even if also relatively scary.

    • Leftist Democrats are demented. Being a professor just magnifies that dementia. If she continues to call 9-1-1, then 9-1-1 has a moral obligation to begin billing Ms. Heidi per call. A similar thing happened when nuisance false alarms were being triggered in our state.. The 9-1-1 officers gave warning that the next call would be billed and it happened and the bill was presented. Maybe if she is billed enough she will eventually get tired of calling or get tired of paying for her calls.

      The only thing this professor saw was NOT an ROTC drill but two men in
      camouflaged utilities carrying rifles. She did NOT call because she
      saw the ROTC drill. Also, the college administration did not give
      advance notice of the ROTC drill. She did not know they were ROTC
      preparing for a drill. She actually did the right thing to proactively
      protect the college especially with all that is happening these days
      along with the ISIS threats.. What she did was “see something, say

    • I agree with you completely. Old Vietnam Marine vet. Not lean either, but will make great cannon fodder. Bring’em on! OOoo…! Rahhhhh…! Semper Fi..!

  5. That is why liberals are not fit for any service that requires guts. Heidi hoe you need to protest your administration for not putting out the notice about the training that would have kept you from getting dirty knees. Unless that is the typical position of the faculty.

    • steppin, if you don;t mind, let’s alter your statement to, “liberals are not fit for any service that requires common sense and guts”. There, that’s better. TRUMP 2016!!!

    • I read in another article that notices were sent out about the training

      • @Vassiliki thanks, this tells you that either she can’t read or she doesn’t care what her superiors have to say. Which ever is true it explains why the youth of today has no ambition or moral compass. If she gets under her desk out of fear of ROTC I can only imagine how she would handle the punk that punches teachers.

  6. I don’t recall exactly which year in the last portion of the 1950s, I was in the ROTC for a year or maybe less. Family did some moving back then. We were temporarily given use of the M-1 Garand Rifle. The amazing thing is that, there were no firing pins in them. In other words, we had a 9 lb. wood/metal stick. We learned how to clean them and march around with them. In 1960, after joining the USMC I was issued a fully working model of the same make of rifle.

  7. Maybe the Police will arrest her for calling in false alarms.

  8. Our universities are full of such far-left subhuman garbage.

  9. If you want to really upset this lame asshat, inform Heidi that Grand Forks AFB has ICBMs and nearby Minot AFB is still loaded with B52s capable of delivering an atomic orgasm of epic proportions and unforgettable magnitude. She’s also near the epicenter of Russkies’ Prime Target List for any potential nuclear strike.
    Irony, English Professor? How about some of those same ROTC students you belittled, graduating and being assigned to NODAK’s abundant nuclear arsenal. Better their inexperienced but optimistic fingers on “the button” than your internalized shit for brains attitude. Our diligence gives you the opportunity to overuse 911 and fill kids’ minds with your silly, libtard crapola. Heidi, teach English, not real world stuff. You’re ill-equipped for real world.
    Professor, stick to Jane Austen: “It isn’t what we say or think that defines us, but what we do.” In your case, you cowered under your desk while calling others to respond to your imagined crisis.
    I did nearly 3000 hours underneath Kansas manning ICBMs and had 1000+ flying hours and even more Nuke Molehole underground Alert hours. Our “safe place” differed from yours– but we didn’t have to suffer fools like you or experience any horrible microaggressions either. Your ROTC kids don’t even drill with live weapons. Maybe you’ll move up to Univ of Missouri now that Professor Click’s no longer teaching her Lady Gaga course.

    • Not only did she cower under the desk to protect herself but she left her students out in the open. As a teacher our first responsibility are our students and to make sure they are safe. So did she follow protocol and close all the window coverings, turn off lights, and keep students low to the ground away from the windows? It seems she was more concerned about her own lesbo arse and hid while her students where left in the open. She is a freaking disgrace!

    • Spent 62 to June 66 at Minot 455th Missile sqdn..This so called Professor should be transferred to Iran or China, Better yet North Korea. She is a disgrace for a teacher..

      • And for what it’s worth, there are still many, many wonderful teachers in the educational trenches doing tremendous jobs with our youngsters every day. In my tiny town, a speech teacher has a group of 20+/- small town kids in New York City this weekend, and they are getting an enormous education in much of a life many of them has never seen before–going to a Broadway show, seeing shopping areas and a busy bustle on the streets which they had only seen on television until now. Going up in the Statue of Liberty and seeing Ellis Island where many of their own ancestors first caught sight of the New World. So the bad teachers are few, but they are still out there, and deserve to be culled from the profession.

      • Same to you, Two Rivers!

        • mean green marine,,I spent 68/69 in Nam was in Indo China in the fifties sure as hell changed alot, Anyhoo have a good day. when I was in Nam it was not air force..

    • HOLD IT!! I have a granddaughter going to UM and I do not want her on campus with such idiots. I have no guarantee that there aren’t plenty of them at UM, but I do pray a lot, and so far, I haven’t heard of any.

    • Thanks, Greg,for being ready to defend this formerly wonderful Cointry!

    • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

      LOL!!! Why isn’t the university sending this woman for a psyche eval? I mean, doesn’t she sound unstable?

  10. Perhaps she should be fired?

  11. This Professor should be fired and many others like her, in all level of schools.

  12. Arrest the turd for 911 abuse next time.

  13. Why do I smell a Feminist Rat. Pull that mask off The Bitch! I think I smell a Glick… Just enough Academic Stupid. Fuck the useless Bitch. Throw her over the Wall to the Neckbeards. They can give her a Bone of Contention.

    • I agree, but you should never use that kind of language, or the politically-correct-police (not to be confused with 9-1-1 real Police) will argue that obscenities are OK only if used toward conservatives.

      • Fuck ’em. I haven’t got a PC Bone in my body. They try and treat me like one of The Sheep and THIS Old Mountain Goat and them are gonn’a be Buttin’ heads. You ever see The National Geographic Special? FUck Off Doggie! I’ll pop yer Mellon and Piss on your Brains… LOL

      • I haven’t got a PC Bone in my body. The Wolves try and treat me like one of The Sheep and THIS Old Mountain Goat and them are gonn’a be Buttin’ heads. You ever see The National Geographic Special?

        Fuk Off Doggie! I’ll pop yer Mellon and Piss on your Brains… LOL

  14. This woman should be terminated. She is too stupid and anti-American to be allowed to teach!!! She should be HAPPY to have ROTC on campus. What a dolt!

  15. Truly sad to see our higher education taken over by such idiots, it has gotten to the point that I am beginning to wonder if there is any real benefit to allowing our offspring to be exposed to such idiots. Once these were places of higher education, now just places of indocrination in the leftist mindthink, is such can be claimed to thinking. Just cannot cure stupidity!

  16. Unfortunately these are the people who’ve been teaching several generations, the damage is done!

  17. Stupidity like this doesn’t come naturally, it must be praticed! This type of instructor should not be tolerated on any campus! There are enough idiots running around loose without having our institutions of higher learning infected by them! Fire this idiot!
    It will be no surprise if some Socialist (corrupted former democrat) comes to the defense of stupid. After all, look what they have morphed into in Congress! i.e. Sheila Jackson Lee, Elija Cummings, Hank Johnson, Nancy Pelosi, just for a few examples.

    • That is true. I believe if we take all safety warning off of products nature will take it’s course. We could have Darwin award winners and thin the herd at the same time.

      • Even the “Do NOT remove this tag under penalty of LAW” compliance-training-tags? I’ll bet it won’t effect the Conservative or Objectivist population very much, but colleges might not need to raise tuition because of massive staff reductions.

        • I agree. Conservatives and Objectivist have a large amount of common sense. I can also see removing the warning on plastic bags. But reducing the leftist educators would be a real win for America.

          • Rodney, do you remember Nikita Kruschev banging his shoe and swearing to bury us? Well his prophesies are coming to pass.

    • Tex: Quite a list but very incomplete. They say that people evolved from apes but your list proves the opposite is true, these people ( your list of morons) are evolving into apes.

    • Well, I have to admit you know what you are talking about. You’ve managed to list the names of all the very worst of them. That is, unless you move over to the White House and begin a new list there. LOL

    • And ‘the beat goes on.’ 50 years ago I sat on a case of hand-grenades in a muddy rice paddy, perusing a Stars-n-Stripes military news paper. In near disbelief, I read about college students spiting on returning vets and calling us “Baby killers.” I didn’t believe it myself until a year later when I returned home and was, spat upon and called a “Baby killer”. I realized universities are pits of Communist corruption. SEMPER FIDELIS

  18. Institutions of higher learning and their staff should never be misconstrued as measurement of learning ability. The atmosphere of academia is littered with misfits. Curriculum activity awareness is the responsibility of the staff. Being unaware or disagreeing via personal protest is derelection of responsibility and the violater should be censured if not removed from position.

  19. Patriotic USVeteran1776

    Do Not Waste Your Money on this So Called College. Unless you are a liberal, then you belong there under her class.

    • Patriotic, along with University of North Dakota, include Emory College which is combing through student applications. If a student supports Mr. Trump, they are refused entrance. How about that for idiots in charge? Lib/progressives have ruined education and what you see today is the result of their hateful views of the USA. It is truly time to make America great again – TRUMP 2016!

    • No, not even then. We don’t need to replicate this. LOL

  20. anAmericanByChoice

    Can’t cure stup|d! (Getting tired of writing this, but heck, stup|d is as stup|d does and as stup|d goes and there seems to be an epidemic of stup|d these days!)

  21. Professor, perhaps you can recall what happened to the little boy who cried wolf? Perhaps not, because it has been replaced by “the giving tree” and “the rainbow fish.”

  22. Typical liberal, loves to talk about openness, diversity, acceptance, tolerance, inclusion and so on, but if you say or write anything they find unacceptable, they will bring down the wrath of the heavens upon your head. She would make a perfect enforcer for Stalin’s KGB or Hitler’s Gestapo.

  23. another fine example of the commie indoctrination that has infected our halls of upper academia for many years…this $lut is probably way overpaid for her tiny intellect and what possible amounts to more indoctrination of her students, rather than their being “educated”…

  24. Give her one more call to 911 then give her the number to the unemployment office.

  25. She is out of her Rabbit A–ED Mind..This is what we have teaching students, she needs to be GONE…

  26. Send that filthy,white,scumbucket of a twat packing, along with the filthy muslimes. I would suggest they do the ROTC drills outside that liberal whores office door and if she peeps her head out she should be given a six gun salute. I am sure that would fix her fixation and situation towards guns and our military.

  27. Idiocy and criminality is now a prerequisite for political office and teaching…. the dumber you are, the more power you get, the higher your get on the ladder of civil destruction. Crime and stupidity pays.

  28. What’s this shit? My roomies were all ROTC. Dad did Navy. I went to military school, although I was a bad cadet.

    If we didn’t have our military, where would we be? I am on the left wing of the red brigade, but I do support our military.

  29. Lonnie Williamson

    Fire the professor and make it plain that she is not fit to instruct. Then she will not be calling 911 in her stupidity. From another less than lean but still Marine.

  30. You can’t make this stuff up!! How did our country get so many stupid people? Vote out ALL democrats, if you want AMERICA back.

  31. I wonder how this woman? remembers to breath!

  32. Why is she not arrested for continuing to use 911. If she keeps it up the cops may not come if there is really a problem.

  33. SHE or is it a –IT– should be — Fired –!

  34. Parents: Pull your kids from such schools and let them feel the financial pinch. This is the only way we can eliminate the progressive indoctrination of our kids.

  35. Maybe her students should call 911 everytime she stands in front of her class.
    “Impersonating someone with brains”.

  36. They hit the nail on the head when they called her brain dead. I would suggest the next time she calls 911 because of ROTC training, she be dragged off campus in handcuffs and taken to the local cop shop and let her cool her heels for a few hours. Then they can fine her the appropriate fine for misuse of the 911 system. Then if she does it again, double the fine and continue to do so until she gets the message.

  37. She got her degree out of a Cracker Jack Box. How long has she been at the University? This is who is indoctrinating you kids!

  38. Question is, where on earth did the University get this moron? She needs to be fired and shipped back to where ever she came from. What was she smoking? Hmmm, makes you wonder where these stupid idiot morons came from. Yup, off the street.

  39. “isn’t even embarrassed about her silliness”.
    You think someone this brain dead would even know the “daffeenition” of “Silliness”????
    The only other person I can think of who is as brain dead as her is the person who hired her as a “Professor”.

  40. marine by choice

    She needs to be charged with illegal use of the 911 system, if the University refuses that, then the State of North Dakota should cut off the funding of the University until she is gone, retired, fired or committed for mental issues. Further all parents who have entrusted their children to her for their advanced education, should sue the university for child endangerment.

    • I wonder if there is any support out there for a retraining center where people like her could be retrained how to be an American citizen, and not just a Democrat.

  41. This was her intentional pathetic “protest” against guns, ROTC, men, the military, or whatever. Her thought process probably is not too developed. End result she is endangering the students with her cries of wolf. If she feels intimidated by ROTC she is free to resign and go to a school without ROTC. She is very quick to interfere with the interests of others, students who are interested in a military career.


  43. Well the only thing that I may disagree with is the statement that “not even liberals are that stupid”. You sure?? Im just sayin……

  44. As a former ROTC cadet myself, and having been in charge of the drawing, issuing, cleaning, and subsequent return of fully-automatic weapons to the armory, I can state with authority that nutjobs like Czerwiec can only be handled one way: they must be made fun of. A lot.

    Ridicule, delivered in large daily doses, is the only thing that these Libtard Whackadoodle Douchebags have any understanding of. The ROTC unit, the students, the faculty and the staff must keep this kind of ridicule going for a while yet, since it is clear that this nutjob just has not gotten the memo yet.

    Q. How many Libtard English professors does it take to change a light bulb?

    A. Two. One to actually change the lightbulb and another to dial 9-1-1 to report the very un-PC crime of “illumination”.

    Let’s keep it going, people. There are plenty of other Libtards that need to be ridiculed.

  45. Fire the stupid, leftist bitch now!

  46. just because some degreed teacher is a college educator does not mean that they possess common sense in addition to their career subject matter.

  47. Braindead, brainwhased. Another (one of thousands) example of how people (mostly kids) have been fooled, lied to by the liberals.

  48. This is why they want universal free coliege. Brainwash 100% of these so called students.

  49. Reading the first 3 paragraphs, I just thought she was just an overly panicky person. But the succeeding paragraphs revealed that she is truly a lying Liberal subversive indoctrinator protected by a feckless University system of higher learning. Oops, did I say ‘learning’?, I meant Socialist Anti-American Indoctrination. Who would have thought N. Dakota had slipped SO Low ?

  50. This incident is a updated version of the Hitler youth. In this case the Obama youth!

  51. she should be fired

  52. She is going to call 911 every time? What would happen if it were a real attack by terrorists? Who would believe the lunatic teacher who ‘cried wolf’ every week? Just sayin’

  53. Can this idiot walk and chew gum at the same time, I suspect she is void of brain cells, if they were terroists she would probably try to reason with them as they cut off her head. Thank God my kids are not in her classroom. Next time she calls 911, fire her ass !!! BTW could someone tell me what planet she is from ?

  54. In this upside down, dying secular society it is likely that this poor “professor” will come out smelling like a heroine and the ROTC students will be cited for “terrorism”! What next?!

  55. a combination of cranial rectal and vaginal impaction

  56. She is an idiot that should be terminated, ASAP. This type of idiocy has been tolerated for too long and doing nothing about it only breeds further idiotic outbursts. prosecution for fraudlent use of the 911 line comes to mind. we cannot address the fears of a paranoid person.

  57. Fire the bitch!

  58. soldier for liberty

    Just another communist pinko doing her part to destroy the fabric of America. And if she really is that stupid? What does it say about the people who pay for the class. this so called higher education is nothing more than education camps for Marxism! The leadership is never going to do anything but cover their tracks they really support this type of activity.They just play the game so the public all think they are just teaching the kids engineering, history,biology, social studies you know real subjects.Wake up America !!

  59. Whoever interviewed this woman for the job should be fired along with the woman. She is a closet mental case.

  60. Next time she should be arrested for filing a false police report. Now she knows who they are. Of course, if the police showed up, she might call 911 if they bring guns.

  61. This paranoid “professor” is in serious / desperate need of some psychiatric help, and maybe some medication…… and jailed if she continues to abuse 911

    SMH… When I was in High School, circa 1963-66, I was in the ROTC program… the California Cadet Corps. We also did drills during class time, WITH guns — rifles — they were 1903 Springfield rifles, with the breech welded so they could not chamber a round, and the bolt welded shut… I STRONGLY doubt that these students guns were capable of firing either !!
    Then again there was not a whole lot of “politically correct paranoia ” around, and sometimes other classes would come out in the sunshine and watch us drill… and cheer us on when we got good enough to be really snappy like regular services.

  62. Well if the University administration has any brains, the next time she calls will be her last time. She can find a job somewhere else.

  63. With liberals like this pointy-headed one, their ideology takes precedent over everything. This boob has convinced herself that “guns are bad.” She believes that. Period, just like Obama told her that you can keep your doctor and health care plan. Period. So guns are bad, no further thought necessary. Whenever I see one, I’m going to squeal like a little girl – the thought process goes. It’s that kind of thinking that allows our borders to be like Swiss cheese in a world where radical Islamic terrorists want to murder us! Hello?

  64. Fire the fool! As noted this is one idiot less to teach our next generation.

  65. Wait until the signal is given for the muslim terrorists who are currently in our country to attack all infidels (non muslims). She might be happy to have an ROTC student or anyone with a gun to help protect her. She is just like all liberals. There is only one point of view on every subject and it is theirs. The liberals have a rude awakening and even then they will find some excuse. Just like obama who is always apologizing to other countries for America. I only wish obama had been in the airport when the bombs went off and he had been one of the casualties.

  66. Just another left wing ding bat that can’t think for herself, put two and two together to figure out it was the ROTC…then stating she would continue to call 911 after being told what was going on. She should be fired just like the journalism teaching assistant was fired at the University of Missouri for calling to “strong arm” a journalism student trying to do his job.

  67. is Heidi Czerwiec even an American citizen?

  68. Henry J. Gilbertson

    This Professor is living proof that if gasoline was brains she wouldn’t have enough to drive a nats mini bike half way around a bb not to mention there isn’t enough brains to pour piss out of a boot. USN Ret. 1970 – 1993

  69. The Master Chief

    Doesn’t surprise me,she was probably a “snowflake” herself when being indoctrinated in our Liberal Colleges.. Agree with menangreenMarine. I spent 25 yrs in the Navy taking fire and 2 in Vietnam on the PBRs,. That “prof” should be lucky those young people are taking time to learn things,that one day will probably save her worthless Ass.

  70. These very same Commie propagandists applaud every anti-American demonstration, especially when they use guns and bombs against us, and attack those trying to defend the peace.

  71. She probably wanted to have it with those boys and they turned her down!!

  72. George E. LeFebvre

    Bet she works for HITLERY. lol She must be a BLOND ; lol.

  73. Is there no end to the blatant stupidity of our supposed higher learning college instructors? Absolutely unacceptable! Of course the majority ARE liberals with no idea of what is actually happening around them, i.e. ROTC Cadets training.

    I used to think that you could “reason” with a liberal, but it has been discovered that ALL of them are lacking the “In the Present” gene; therefore, as things occur around them, they are tucked securely inside their tightly woven cocoon of obscurity. If we want good instructors for our offspring, perhaps we need to hire only down-to-earth Conservatives that see it as it is and not panic but quietly investigate anything out of the ordinary.

    Of course all higher institutions “POST” any and ALL “out of the ordinary” actions (like ROTC Training) occurring on campus IN THE TEACHERS LOUNGE so all teachers would be aware of the activities. If that idiot teacher would take her head out of a book once in a while, she wouldn’t make such a FOOL of herself! She may be smart in her given field but she definitely is missing her “Presence” Gene!

  74. These liberals have a death wish! God has given them over to a reprobate mind and these imbeciles can not discern between right and wrong and good or evil! They must be stopped or all of “US” will be dragged down into the hell that awaits us if we are not successful in stopping these Godless ghouls!


  76. Another highly educated buffoon!

  77. Ken Dometriosis .

    Czerwiec? $10 says the stupid c**t is a jew. I can’t pray for it, but I can wish for it: A big, white revolution and the day that will come soon when I can look up at the lamp posts and see wastrel hippies, commies, antifa, criminal, sub-human minorities and traitors to America, swinging from them all.

  78. Hahahahah…

    I’m so scared of guns I call for a cop, who carries a gun, to come “do something” about these people with “guns”, because, you know.. all guns are dangerous…

    What this idiot needs is “sensitivity training” at an army base… for … say… 120 days of Boot Camp… so she can “get in touch with her inner self and learn to respect others who carry guns”….

    Yep.. that should be fun to watch…

  79. This anti-gun business is getting ridiculous. Some will be glad there are guns in the hands of both ROTC and civilians when ISIS starts attacking them. In December 1941, the Japanese DID NOT attack California because they knew everybody had guns. If,as German citizens learned when Hitler confiscated ALL civilians guns, the means to resist his dictatorship was lost.That IS the reason WE have the second Amendment to prevent such a thing in this country from would-be dictators like Hillary Clinton and Barack O’Bama.

  80. Yep – I would chew on long enough to say, “Professor, you are too stupid to be teaching at this University, You are FIRED.”


  82. The 911 operator aught to call the police on her the next time she calls. She is now aware that the ROTC runs drills on campus thus her 911 call is a nonsense call that ties up 911.

  83. She is bat-$hit-crazy, drag her out of the classroom, place in an asylum and demote who ever hired her in the first place.

    • As empty as her head is, she would make a good drum for the marching band.

      • Bruce sounds good BUT when her head is plucked from her colon a large amount of sticky, opaque colon mucus will dull the sound. And then there are the “Water-boarding is a TORTURE” cabal who would complain it would be cruel & unusual TORTURE! I still say fit her with a strait-jacket & ship straight to a Funny Farm.

  84. The Hippie Generation; the one currently running the show here in the United States; imo; IS the most Effed Up Generation in American History. I KNEW that to be True when I was a Fifth Grader on Safety Patrol 46 Years Ago.

  85. Where would this country be without us soldiers and our guns???????

  86. Obviously a bad appointment. She is not qualified to the position. Too mental.

  87. It’s a shame but this is what’s teaching our kids, God help us.

  88. If she is truly that messed up she should be dismissed ASAP ??? University of North Dakota~~ WOW not even Kali.

  89. As Ron White says in one of his routines, “You can’t fix stupid.” This woman proves it.

  90. These are the people teaching the next generation. Chew on that.” may I add they will or are voters CHEW ON THAT

  91. I wonder if the professor has to sleep with a light on. Too many monsters.

  92. As Ron White says, “You can’t fix stupid.” This professor proves that point.

    • Charlie; I hear you and I heard Ron White say it too. Apparently “Stupid” can’t be educated either.

  93. This old Air Force vet agrees with the meangreenMarine. And isn’t against the law to place frivolous 911 calls? Our emergency system has better things to do than listen to the wining of a liberal nut case. Lock her up!

  94. I hope this moron bitch is charged with abusing the 911 line; if she ever really needs a cop, I hope they refuse to come. IDIOT!

  95. I just lost my eyeballs they rolled so far back into my head.

  96. What comes to mind is the punishment of the “Man without a country” If they don’t like what goes on for the protection of the country then kick their asses out of it

  97. ‘At that point, her “fear” turned to “rage,”’
    This shows rather than accept her mistake (stupidity?) she shows her arrogance and pomposity by threatening to harass 911. How dare the administration admonish her for calling 911!! She should be fired for making threats and being hysterical and unstable.

  98. Libtards on display you don’t need a zoo to see animals actually animals are smarter than Libtards

  99. Sharon Gallagher

    Poor choice of words to hook someone into reading the article……hope you never experience someone in your personal circle with diagnosis of “brain death”….. chose not to even finish article…….

  100. The professor is insane and should be arrested and be tested for her mental illness. She is definitely instable.

  101. An obvious total nut job. The frightening thing is that she is in a position to influence young pliable minds before they’ve reached a mature state where they can make sound assessments and judgements.

    Incidentally, is it not a criminal offense to use 911 for anything other than an emergence? Oh wait, I forgot. Unwanted laws do not apply to those of the progressive mind-set.

  102. Now wonder our colleges are turning out NITWITS with teachers being NITWITS. PITIFUL!!!!

  103. Stupid like this is usually incurable.

  104. The utter stupidity of educated idiots like this character; Heidi Czerwiec. A truly educated idiot. Heidie, in the real world we sane people live in, uniformed men usually use guns to protect the defenseless. A soldier with a weapon doing drills in front of your class room window does not mean that he is there to kill you. If you were born again of Christ, you would not have fear foolish woman. Only a fool believes in leftist and liberal values. For the very nature of their insane ideology makes them victims of those who are lawless.

  105. Isn’t that called an oxymoron? If she is a teacher, that implies that shew is brain-dead. Calling 911 for no reason is a crime…she should be charged. Last time I called 911, I got a recording that all ‘lines were busy…please call back later’. That is like a nightmare come true. Shows you how busy 911 is. She could cause someone’s death by tying up the line.

  106. Calling 911 in a non-emergency is a crime. Maybe her and Hillary can share a cell.

  107. She is NOT a professor. She is an associate (assistant) professor. Also, she is short on credits for a music minor. Also, she is an idiot. She says she lives with her husband and son. Is her husband a man or a woman?

  108. What a idiot but this is why our students are brain dead too. Like dumb bitch had to have counceling because some one wrote Trump on the sidewalk! You can bet she is a Obama and Hillary voter! How to they get to be teaches and how do they get into school! I went to college in early 70’s There were idiots then. But what I read about now! My God!

  109. Maybe the higher ups should have made sure all of the idiot professors were warned in advance that the ROTC actually do training maneuvers and carry guns. I am so glad I don’t have any school age kids but do worry about what kind of education other people’s kids and my grandkids will get. This country is on a downhill slide, I just hope someone will be able to stop it before it is too late.

  110. Emory University had to set up emergency counseling of its “limp-wristed-students” when someone used chalk to write “Trump – 2016” on several sidewalks around campus . . . so far, no student(s) have had heart attacks, but that may be next, after the Emergency Counselors laugh through each session with a “limp-wristed-student”

    This “professor” and others, like Emory University, are partly the reason why we have raised a generation of deadbeats . . . . thank goodness we still have those few who believe in America and will defend it.

  111. Pathetic.. she needs to go over to Cuba

  112. Hoje eu foi no firo eles me enrolarao, e pegarão meu celular, e levarão pra sala fe computadores. E Tirão cópias dos meus dados do celular, foro de São Leopoldo, próximo a estação do trem surbe unisinos, ele estão com tramóias pelas minhas costas, eles estão mexendo. Nos meus negócios através dos dados que eles, tirarão do meu celular, quando eles mentirao que iam ver se tinha, alguma coisa de processo, pra mim cendo o que eu pedi é pra receber minhas, COMMISSION que VEI os ofícios por email, pra receber no foro ou justice. Quero alertar que eles, estão juntos com os linguarudos e falcatruas, e corruptos e malandros, que se acham esperto. Estão roubando informações, e fazendo lavagem de dinheiro, e depois FALANDO a ele veio aqui, nos entregamos os pagamentos, pra ele a ele já sacou no banco que ele tem conta, na CAIXA ECONÔMICA FEDERAL eles estão. Usando de falcatruas e corrupção, e roubando todos os pagamentos, que já veio de navio e que já veio de avião, e que já veio pelos correios. Gerentes de todos os bancos, e agencias estão metidos nessa falcatruagem, eles estão usando os serviços de terceiros e de laranjas, pra efetuar os pagamentos e fazer saques. Os próprios gerentes de bancos, juntos os foro e prefeitos e VICI PREFEITOS, estão todos os mencionados nas mensagens, anteriores estou autorizando, a REUTERS minha extra big corporação, financeira e também de INVESTIGAÇÃO. Estou autorizando a prisão de todos, esses linguarudos, falcatruas e corruptos e malandros que se acham, esperto sem direito a fiança. Quero que façam uma limpa desses falcatruas e corruptos, que desviarao os meus pagamentos, que veio de avião e que veio de naviu, dentro dos containers.Estou autorizando que me mandem 345 CARROS com três agentes da FBI, em cada carro pra Novo Hamburgo, Bairro Santo Afonso, Rio Grande do Sul, BRASIL me trazerem um pagamento, valor$500 milhões de reais tudo em nota, de cem reais dentro dos porta malas, um motorista da FBI com carro particular, me localizem pelo mapa, ou GPS eu estou agora no Bairro Santo Afonso, hospedado na casa de um amigo meu. Eu estou autorizando a instalar dentro do SHOPPING CENTER de Novo Hamburgo, bem no centro uma COMPANIA de creditos pay pal, e DEVELOPAMENTO escrito o na frente da COMPANIA o meu nome bem grande, bem assim ‘NELSON NUNES, DA U.S. ELE É PROPRIETÁRIO DESSA COMPANIA E DESSE SHOPPING CENTER TODO” e colocar 47 agentes da FBI da U.S. de confiança pra fazer a contabilidade, e me mandar por email a confirmação dos depósitos, na minha conta da MASTERCARD que sera feito o DEVELOPAMENTO, e a transferência estou autorizando, que comecem agora com esse trabalho, e também Quero que coloquem, 12 limousine com meu nome escrito, bem grande assim ” NELSON NUNES, DA U.S.” escutem ninguém podem se ENTROMETER, nessa missão e ninguém, podem mudar meus projetos, nem representantes e nem advogados e nem contabilistas, e nem prefeitos e juiz e nem ninguém, não importa quem seja. Comecem e termine o projeto, solicitado e ordenado não é pra parar, uma equipe para e outra equipe continua, e me mandem as fotos quando, terminarem por email. Estamos entendidos sim ou não. ASSINADO GOVERNAMENTAL.GENERATION.NELSON NUNES, DA U.S. E TAMBÉM DA CIA EXECUÇÃO CONFIRMADO DO PROJETO AGORA.

  113. Elizabeth Whitehouse

    Oh, boy. Where to begin?

    There have been so many campus shootings that is is not entirely unreasonable for this woman to think that she and her students were in danger.

    Would it have been totally unreasonable for the university to inform their faculty that there was going to be an ROTC training event?

  114. Similar event at a local university. A group of LEO’s taking PR24 qualifications and someone (from the school) calls in the local LEO telling them terrorist fighting on campus. Local PD arrives (SWAT) AR’s ready for action. Nothing happens to the moron that calls 911.

  115. How does a moron like this get a job as a college professor? And then smugly act self-righteous about her stupidity? UND, please fire this idiot NOW!

  116. “Oh! I didn’t know we had an ROTC program here in the wilderness. By the way, what does ROTC stand for? We don’t have much contact with the rest of the campus I mean it is scattered over ten acres of it”. Heidi C. (How would you like to conjugate my verb?)

  117. College Professors do not have the respect that they used to have. Sociology, and studies in related fields have diluted the overall intelligence required of teachers in general. As a result, just like the current media people no longer listen to them.

  118. While We Are Still Free

    What a stereotypical libTARD! This professor has the same moronic paranoia that voted to take away everyone’s guns across the planet. The theoretic illogical argument that taking everyone’s guns away will keep everyone safe doesn’t actually work, here in reality.
    The moronic Opposite World “logic” that gun haters are actually trying to make everyone swallow is the inane notion that while criminals are ready, willing, and eager to rob, rape, and kill us, they would never dare violate a gun law. Gee, there I go again, assuming that the word criminal was self-explanatory. Silly me, here I just assumed that an English professor wouldn’t be so confused about the English Language!
    Nations like Britain and Australia that have banned guns, still have a heck of a lot of folks being shot by criminals every year. Why? Because criminals, by definition, don’t conform to the law, and, knowing their victims are no longer able to defend themselves now that they’ve all been disarmed, has only emboldened those who disregard gun laws now that all the law-abiding citizenry have lost their right to bear arms, as Czerwiec pines to violate American’s 2nd Amendment rights.

    Reality check: After Florida passed its recent conceal and carry law, Floridians experience an exponential increase in follow home robberies from the airport, because that was the only place the criminal element could be assured that their prey would be disarmed, having just left a GUN FREE ZONE! Professor
    pinhead Heidi Czerwiec’s myopic tunnel-vision denies the reality that the Virginia State shooting ended only after the nut submitted to the gunpoint of the LAW-ABIDING patriots who proactively left the gun-free-zone of their campus to retrieve their fire-arms from their vehicles. The leftist media had these facts, but chose to spin-doctor the event claiming the shooting spree ended when the nut was “Tackled,” when that only occurred AFTER he surrendered to a few people holding him at gunpoint.
    Aurora Colorado shooter James Holmes was within walking distance of three theatres. He neither chose the closest, nor the largest screening room. No, Holmes chose to target the only theater that had been declared a GUN FREE ZONE.

    As usual, liberal policies usually have the opposite effect. It is always so much more important to pay a heck of a lot more attention to what people DO, as well as the actual consequences of implementing their political agendas actually DOES
    here in the real world, instead of what they may politically correctly SAY to
    be able to truly be able to discern who and what it is people actually ARE,
    regardless of how politically incorrect it may be to dare notice the reality of
    their false narratives.

    In 1755 Benjamin Franklin wrote: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

    Not only does Professor libTARD deserve neither liberty nor safety, she needs to be required to post a huge “GUN FREE ZONE” sign in front of her residence.

    Will this leftist radical will be more, or less likely to be a future victim of crime,
    having informed her predators that she is defenseless easy prey?
    Heidi Czerwiec is more than welcome to earn herself a Darwin Award, but she has no right to try to take the rest of us down with her.
    Liberal elitists love to pontificate that their “pious” agendas are always purposed to be done “FOR you,” so why is it that the implementation of their policies always seem to be done TO you? Professor Pinhead needs to poke her head out of her spider-hole of alternate reality academia once in a while for a fresh breath of reality!
    Wow! People actually pay money to be re-educated by this nut?

  119. She sounds like the kind of women that rapes male students and have them call 911.

  120. Pulling the handle on the fire alarm box because you like the noise it causes or because you are easily amused or out of simply deviltry, and or all of the above is a violation of the law also, isn’t it?

  121. That is why most of the kids in college are such screaming libs. What a sham. I can’t believe colleges are hiring goons like this. I’d want a refund.

  122. I cannot believe this total ignoramus still has a job. She does not sound like she has the mental capacity to work at MacDonalds, let alone teach in a college classroom. Let me guess she is probably teaching one of those off the wall classes in “modern literature” which really means various types of porn. We recently had to ban some of that garbage from our local high school classes. As my father always said, education is useless without common sense.

  123. once,..I could see…now that it has been “clarified”…she should be admonished for continuing this stupid behavior!

  124. When the muzzie rapists come for her will she change her “mind”?

  125. These are the people ‘teaching’ our kids! Not only that, they are making lot of money and cannot be fired because they have ‘tenure’! God save us.

  126. Amazing how ignorant some of our teachers are, it is embarrassing.

  127. I do believe that ROTC practice should have all instructors at the college notified when they are holding their drills. I question the college for the lack of notification. With all the attacks in schools that have taken place, I admire the instructor for reporting it.

    In addition, your article is poorly written and obviously biased. You should have more training before allowed to publish in any news vehicle. I hope you are aware that good propaganda is not as obvious as your article.

  128. To: Heidi Czerwiec
    Please move to Syria (or Cuba, whatever) to enjoy the peace, quiet and safety there so you do not have to put up living here in this horrible U.S.A.


  130. “Exactly what is going on at our institutions of higher learning?”
    The REAL PROBLEM is that they are Institutions of HIGHER INDOCTRINATION….NOT LEARNING…

  131. 1PierreMontagne1

    Complaining of an offense and causing law enforcement to respond when you know no offense is committed is Jail time
    If that is what the Professor wants that is what any Judge will give her.
    Universities are not known to condone professors who practice mischief against law enforcement, the public or 911 emergency lines.
    Hopefully Professor Czerwiec will be able to commiserate in a Jail cell at some future date.

  132. This Byotch is still working there after her Statement?


  134. Sounds like an ignorant, drug sucking POS liberal to me. If Anyone else had done it they would have been arrested and taken to court. The double standard at work again.

  135. Lord help us! I’d make sure she didn’t share any of her crazy thoughts with my grandson! why isn’t the college cancelling her classes?

  136. Another brain dead liberal!

  137. the sad part is she will continue to teach our young! Most likely has ten year and can not be fired! How did WE allow this mess and WHY do we put up with it?

  138. OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

    I can assure all there were no firing pins in these rifles and there was no threat whatsoever outside of the mentally unfit, unbalanced, and unstable professor mentioned herein. She knew there was no danger. Just making a scene. Next week she’ll be parading around nude at SlutWalk yelling obscenities at men because Hillary said so.

  139. Sharon Jeanlouis

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  140. What happened to “If You See Something, Say Something”?

  141. The universities need radical nut cakes so we have a point of comparison to identify the real intellectuals.

  142. The simple answer,……..remove this “turkey-brain” idiot for a professor, from the campus!!! THEN, maybe the ROTC can carry on their drills on campus in piece!!! This FOOL should also be stuck into a mental evaluation facility,…..she COULD be dangerous!!!!!

  143. Just when you think ‘they’ couldn’t get any more ridiculous ‘they’ step right up and prove they can.

    The only thing this professor saw was NOT an ROTC drill but two men in
    camouflaged utilities carrying rifles. She did NOT call because she
    saw the ROTC drill. Also, the college administration did not give
    advance notice of the ROTC drill. She did not know they were ROTC
    preparing for a drill. She actually did the right thing to proactively
    protect the college especially with all that is happening these days
    along with the ISIS threats.. What she did was “see something, say

  145. CorrectionPlease

    It’s the likes of the ROTC that enable Hillbilly Heidi to speak freely, even to make dumb political statements,
    to embarrass both herself and her school.

  146. StupidConservativeValues


  147. First off, they should have posted Heidi Czerwiec’s picture in the article. It would be a good visual aid for future proctologists. Many of whom would probably say, I didn’t know that any looked like that.

    Secondly, her vow to keep calling 911 as a political stunt is against the law. Let her find out what the local jail is like from experience. Give her the deep seated satisfaction of having to post bail for her political ideologies, then give her an even greater sense of satisfaction when she is ordered to pay a fine and possibly serve jail time. After that, she can call herself a political activist, a stupid one, but an activist none the less.

    I have no idea whether this idiot has tenure or not, but here is a good example why tenure needs to be ended altogether, or be redefined in such a way that foolishness such as this ends in immediate unemployment.

    • Hamilton–where you been Rip Van W? This story’s old news. Your points were belabored months ago! If you read the more timely posts, you’ll find even more humor.
      Your proctologist vis aid comment was, however, great.

      • So what? My point is as valid now as it would have been when this story was originally posted. I just received a link to this story, and didn’t notice the date. These professors ought to have their faces shown and my point that tenure needs to be addressed. This last point will always be valid until it is addressed.

        • Don’t shoot the messenger.

          This Jackwagon didn’t have any tenure. She was only an English Dept Assoc Prof who taught required classes and wrote (bad) erotic poetry.
          Emails were sent to her ROTC unit CC, Dept Head, and School President. The ultimate irony is that a SAC Base nearby is a good percentage of her enrollment.

          I even had a few old AF buddies drop a line or phone call to her chain of command etc.

          These small state college NODAKS embrace PC values and hate being the butt of a national internet and Twitter shit storm. Doubt if they pick up her option now vis-a-vis tenure.

          But you could have seen “her face” if you had googled. Also you could’ve read a selection of her slimy poetry and noted her undistinguished academic career. She may not even still be there by now. That’s what.

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