Boy Scouts Vote In Gays, Face Mounting Criticism

This May, Boy Scouts of America President Robert Gates called for the organization to finally end its longtime ban on gay Scout leaders. Positioning it as a change necessary to the survival of the institution, Gates referred to the policy as “unsustainable” in the current climate of lawsuits and corporate pressure.

Following his lead, the National Executive Board of the Scouts voted Monday to drop the ban. And if the policy keeping gay adults out of the organization was controversial, it seems that the reversal is even more so. Several religious groups were quick to denounce the change, including one that could have a big impact on the future of the Boy Scouts. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the largest single sponsor of the Scouts, announced that it was “deeply troubled” by the vote. Top Mormon leaders are expected to evaluate the church’s relationship with the Scouts in light of the new policy.

Mormon leaders aren’t the only ones upset by the changes. Roger Oldham of the Southern Baptist Convention decried the change as well. “We express consummate sadness that this once vibrant organization continues to cave to social pressure, compromising its long-held, constitutionally protected tenets.”

Those words, unfortunately, no longer appear to mean anything in the United States. Invoking the Constitution is a bad joke, considering how the current administration has run roughshod over the document. Liberal judges have seen to it that nothing takes a backseat to the LGBT agenda, including the Bill of Rights. Hell, the Supreme Court found gay rights hidden in the 14th Amendment! It’s amazing what you can do with a little ingenuity.

Membership in the Boy Scouts has been on a steady decline for years, and there’s no reason to suspect this ruling will turn things around. In fact, the opposite is likely to happen. Parents who once felt safe putting their kids in Scouts now understand that this is not the same organization they grew up knowing. And those parents looking for a place where their kids can learn wholesome cultural values will look elsewhere.

And so it happens that conservatives have lost yet another safe space. You know that term? Safe space? It’s what liberals call a little hideaway where they don’t have to hear opposing arguments about their wacko theories. But as important as these spaces are to liberals, they want to make sure there are none for the religious-minded. None for those who think this country would be better off without gay marriage. None for those who believe God will have final judgment on this epidemic of perversity and lawlessness. No, if you believe in any of those things, you don’t get a safe space.

When you corner an animal and take away its options, it attacks. It attacks with all the furious energy of a creature trying to stay alive. One by one, liberals are backing conservatives into just such a corner. And they may be surprised when the biting and scratching begins. They may be surprised at how desperately we want to preserve our lives.

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  1. OMG! The Boy Scouts go gay?

    I would expect it to start raining blood, maybe some frogs, locus, you know biblical shit should start happening any second now, right religious enthusiasts?

    • total moron, I mean total moron.

    • I’m not religious, I hate liberals and despise the perverts, that’s their business, my grandsons are now in the The traiI scouts and I canceled my annual subscription and have the 13 acre tract they use to have the use of and turned it over to the local Trail Scout for, the Boy Scouts are no longer my business or concern

      • hey Gerald, got news for you.

        Gay people are not interested in children.

        Those are straight people and we call them pedophiles.

        They are usually older white men like Denny Hastert

        • Hey faggo, I don’t care, my Grandsons are out of there, you lowlifes can do it any way you like.
          Any one stupid enough to leave their children where they are exposed to you ersatz life forms deserves to lose custody of them until they are of age..

    • Go finish your Kool-Aid, little girl !!

    • Yes it is happening right now==660,000 Americans have died of aids with 14,000 just last year and NO cure for aids only very costly medication just to keep them alive..; More than 19 MILLION world wide have died of aids. And you are proof that the devil is alive and doing very well

      • an proof god dose not smile on your kind

        • You seem to think that everyone in disagreement with you morons, is gay?

          And of course you missed troll.

      • Well pretty ignorant human, gay people are not interested in CHILDREN.

        Those are called pedophiles, not gay people.
        It would be nice if you conservatives had a partially working brain.

        “Oct. 16, 2007 — It appears that more people in the U.S. now die from the mostly hospital-acquired staph infection MRSA than from AIDS, according to a new report from the CDC.”

        As usual conservatives are concerned about the wrong thing.

        30,000 people die from guns, you don’t care.

        Ignorant hypocrites are what conservatives seem to be

        • I am 84 years old ,veteran,,college educated with an IQ of over 140 and certainly much smarter than what you appear to be and i never said anything about homosexuals being attracted children. The fact that what you approve of is, some one making love to some one else stink hole which is immoral , Un Godly and super un healthy.. If some one is forewarned of the danger and still does it is i have no sympathy for them. You are proof that the Devil is alive and doing very well. We should try and correct some things that are bad and not make excuses for people who don’t try to do better . Life style of homosexuals will be certain death at an early age. There is NO cur for aids PERIOD

          • Well not too bright old person,
            THE POINT,
            is gay people that you all have your panties in a knot about,

            People who like children are STRAIGHT with mental issues.
            AND we call them PEDOPHILES.

            you are proof that conservatives are mentally challenged.

            actually aids can be controlled so that a 20 year old with aids has a life expectancy of 77.
            again you are ignorant.

          • It appears your are not very bright. Your figures are not only exaggerated but in most cases just plain WRONG… Any one with aids can only be just kept alive by very expensive medicine and in most cases the average aids carrier will not live more than 16 years after contacting the deadly and this again is with the very expensive medication. It is a very horrible way to die and if you have aids you had better try and make yourself ready for a great journey . People like Magic Johnson that have HIV but never got to the aids stage are on very heavy medication keeping him from getting to the deadly stage of aids. Please try and be objective about your research also don’t watch MSNBC and calling people names only shows your lack of intelligence

    • what other answer would you expect from people who believe in gods words an says what you do is a sin—-either way to me its a sin

      • Funny God never seems to care, on the religious crazies care.

        We have been killing babies for 50 years God’s done squat

  2. The irony in all this hullabaloo is if 90% of the “deviants” kept their mouth’s shut, instead of running around proclaiming their “deviancy to the world, they wouldn’t have a problem!

    • You couldn’t tell a gay guy when you meet them?

      Are you really so dim??

      Shit, I knew my friend was gay when I met him at the age of 12.

      I guess you conservatives and your limited brainpower makes it hard for you to discern straight person from a gay person.

      Kind of like you don’t know the difference between a gay person and a pedophile.
      Pedophiles like children, not OTHER MEN.

      You should really look that up

  3. Raymond J Ambrozaitis

    What a horrid thing that our youth could possibly come to understand and accept people as people. Not as Black or gay or lesbian or Wiccan or Catholic or Jewish or Atheist or agnostic, male or female Conservative or liberal. Stupidly today everyone has a label and that is wrong

    • Kweers are not people they are pustulence on the species just like the liberal dem bloodsuckers

      • Madder than Max

        Yes, they are an aberration. Detractors say, “oh, their is homosexuality in animals”. I have never seen that, myself. But even if there were homosexuality in animals, what does that prove? Some aberrant animals eat their young as well.

        • There are homosexaul acts among animals, the perverts love that one.
          They never mention that is almost invaribly when there is a shortage of females and as soon as the numbers of the femals rises they dump the perverts

      • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

        Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding it’s way through our political and cultural life nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge…. Isaac Asimov….. And you are living proof

    • Talk about stupidity. Guess what buddy? You surely are in that class.

    • Kweers aren’t people …….. !!



    • The human brain is remarkable. A young child learns so much in such a short time. The words; “label” or “discrimination” send out a red flag to many people. Yet, as a child grows, they learn things are “hot”, “cold”, “hard”, or “soft”. If the brain didn’t have a shortcut in sorting knowledge, it would become overwhelmed. Some labels have value. If someone is “white”, I am not visualizing a Hispanic person, nor a Native American.

  4. I use to support the boy scouts, gave them plenty of money for various things. not anymore, never again, they have gone beyond stupid.

    • We’ll have to start a new one, just for conservatives, now that the gays have found a place they won’t have to invade the new one. They have no need any longer to cry indiscrimination. They can do what they want in the one they took over and stay out of the new one. The New Boy Scouts can make new rules. Can we do that?

      • No, they will invade the new one too. They could have very well started their own but instead they chose to invade.

        • invading is not their intention, pushing Satan and his works is what is brewing. We are in the last days, when Satan wages war against GOD and HIS people. We must stand against his evil, by standing by GOD, HE does not need us but we surely need HIM.

      • The gals? can call it F.A.G.S. “For all Girl Scouts” and the Boys? Perhaps ‘Chicken Farms’ ???

      • Isn’t there a group called Trail Life?

    • IMHO any parent that allows there son to be part of the boy scouts need to be looked at for child abuse for putting there child in a potentially very dangerous situation. It is true that nothing may happen but it is even more likely that something might happen. This is why I say that the church should move in quickly with a program that teaches those principles that the BSA use to teach.

    • Same here Sharon, I’m also going to stop going to Walmart after they decided that a Male if he thinks he’s a female can use the women’s restroom! I catch a Man going into or coming out of the Women’s restroom while my Daughter is in there, he’s gonna get a Ass Kickin

      • I hear that, same here, I am to old to do that, but I still have something in my purse that will shock him to reality.

        • A taser would be a great tool.

          • I have several and carry one in my purse, plus a little extra I can’t mention.

          • It is probably her vibrator. 🙂

          • I know where you carry your brain liberal like all the rest of you morons do in your pants.

          • yeah, it is an organ I am sure you rarely get to have access to. One of Gods greatest gifts.

          • Oh I bet you do all those little boys and all.

          • No I leave those pervy things to you.

          • I have known your kind, and I want nothing to do with them.

          • Oh and what is my kind?

          • Take over everything, only your opinion matters the normal for left wingers

          • If I remember right and you look at your statements here you were the one who was being hate mongering bigot. You have the right to that belief. What you do not have a right to is preventing others from enjoying the same rights that you have. I am straight, Christian and married a long time and for a long long time was a Republican. But once the Republican party became the party of hate I said enough was enough. Fortunately the vast majority of young people do NOT hold your views. Now it will be up to you to try and explain your hate to the Lord about people he created. Yes he created gays as gay and you are telling him he got it all wrong. Also like I told you, you cannot speak for Christians but only for your church as there are a number of very large major Christian churches who do not believe the hate you do.

          • Now your the party of hate, and a brainwashed fool

          • How is the Democratic party the party of hate. Whom do they hate? Women, blacks, Latinos, gays the elderly, or the poor. Oops, it is the Republicans that would deny women basic health rights, it is the republicans that have played with the redistricting so much that even though they get less votes they still win denying especially blacks and Latinos their rights to vote and have it count. It is the Republicans that want to strip Medicare and Social security from the elderly claiming they unsustainable entitlement programs. Guess what these programs would be financially healthy as can be if the congress would keep there grubby hands off the funds that were paid in to pay for these services or allow small increases in what people are paying in to help keep the programs solvent. It is the Republicans that want to kill the ACA and also deny Medicaid to the poorest people so that they would have no health insurance. It is the Republicans that want to deny equal rights to the LGBT community. The only things the Democratic party stands for that you could say is against your church upbringing.are LGBT rights and abortion. While the list for Republicans goes on and on. Think the Lord is going to give the hate mongering Republicans a good whooping when there time come.

          • Obama is evil, he hates America, and white America, and our country. Grow up and smell the roses of truth.

          • Sorry but you are not only a bigot but a racist. I am white and all I see from your types is how to kill anything wants to implement. Besides the birther nonsense (I do not see the racists demanding Ted Cruz step down because unlike Obama who was born in the USA Ted was born in Canada) the Republicans gathered in secret the day he was sworn in to set in motion processes to kill anything Obama proposes. So go join your racist, bigoted, anti Christian Republican Party that only takes care of the rich.

          • Wrong again dummy, we have Obama’s real hospital birth certificate with foot and all now and he was born in Kenya stupid. Also Jimmy Kimmel Live
            3-12-15 introduced Obama as the “first Kenyan-born Muslim Socialist ever
            elected president.”

          • Boy you believe in fairy tales. Hawaii has certified he was born there and the hospital and doctors have certified he was born in Hawaii. Anybody with a computer can make a fake document. It is your bigotry that lets you believe this crap. Also have not a word out of you on Ted Cruz who was born in Canada. Oh I guess by your standards that is ok because Cruz is not black.
            Jimmy Kimmel is a comedian and what he says is meant as a sarcastic joke. Anyone who believes this crap is definitely not very bright.

          • Like I said one of your eyeballs is crooked and your Cock-Eyed!

          • I cannot wait for the day when you visit St Peter and he pulls the trap door for you to descend into hell. Which because of your bigotry that is where you belong for demeaning some of Gods precious gifts (the LGBT community which was made the way God intended for them to be) But I will wave to you from up above. This way you can be with the rest of the turds.

          • ISN’T
            CHAFFED ISN’T IT.

          • Sorry will not need that. You licked it clean the last time. Said it tasted great.

          • That’s for you fag for your good buddy’s to take care of all that. You got the mouth for it.

          • RichWS together and as with the Apostle Peter and you HOMO don’t have to
            wait to do your waving sunny bright, GERMAN WORM! You’re not to wise in the here and now, as anymore
            to the there and then after. That
            professing yourself to be wise is become a fool. [Rom. 1:22] You claim to be of God but you’re not, Mon. [John 8:44,47] The Angels with you, and one art situate over
            your house and another there even at your beside, you need not wait so long to do
            your hell wave and play with the APOSTLE PETER – A ROCK (like you do) and the
            PRIESTHOOD OF GOD is upon you right now and a bill of divorcement! You be dreaming and a dreamer pal [JUDE
            1:7,8]; Mon, the only person you’re going to as wave off into hell will be
            yourself and the living hell in your own pit right now, Mon! I will sing the song of
            Moses and of the Lamb. [LEV. 18:29,30] [ROM. 1:32]

          • T. Wilson. You sound f…ing stupid. First of all I am not gay and guess what you do not decide who goes to heaven or hell. You can read all the bullshit you want. Unless the Lord or Jesus said it, it is hearsay. LGBT people were made by God to be LGBT period. That fact that you dislike them and don’t give me the crap you love them but hate the sin. That is such a piece of crap. You do not know nor do I know what his purpose was in making gays but I guarantee you he is going to be pissed at the way you treat them. You by bigoted friend will have a lot of explaining to do.

          • RichWS. Don’t matter HOMO you’re the same as and no different than and you’re a closet queen. [LEV. 18:29,30] [ROM. 1:32] [JUDE 1:7,8] You can argue your sexual creative links with Sigmund Freud and he’d disagree with you and so would Moses. The only thing that’s going cut your head off from the fagot is cut your dick off and your head with it. Is why you’re a closet queen fag! You’re also a transgressed little bitch sweethaught and your eyeballs are screwy fagot. You can cut your rationalizations screwball you aren’t ever going to make sense of anything. I will the song of Moses and of the Lamb.

          • I have never met any one as arrogant, stupid and ignorant as you. Think what you want but when the time comes the Lord will send all you bigots straight down to visit with Satan. Oh at least I have a dick and not a pimple that you would need a magnifying glass to find it. I guess that is why you are so jealous of gay men (which again I am not but I am educated not like you) because you are afraid there will be no nice dick left for your ugly puss.

          • Hell is licking its chops (also) for that delicate little
            morsel sunny bright. The people shall
            sing, and even the beast shall be in agreement.
            For the horns of the beast shall hate the whore and that little bitch
            fagot like you.

          • What do we need go visit SATAN for? You are SATAN! I’m making a visitation now.

          • I think all that nice dick you talk about is just for you
            and your ugly puss.

          • That for you CLOSET QUEEN [LEV. 18:29,30] [ROM. 1:32] [JUDE 1:7,8] [LUKE
            17:29,30] I will sing the song of Moses and of the Lamb.

          • RichWS. You got a big dick you say?
            Then more sores and putrid should cover it then.

          • Say your educated? I can tell you what your confronting you don’t have enough education to fix!

          • RichWS. Jesus said it. [Luke 17:29,30] He also spoke it in the Revelations are his words. Read it there for yourself. Otherwise go play with yourself fagot!

          • Hey playing with yourself can be fun. I can imagine you yank your pudd several times a day but demean others. Believe all the fairy tales you want. Luke 17 29:30 does NOT say a thing against homosexuality. Sodom was not destroyed because of homosexuality. Get a grip on real life you maggot.

          • Don’t worry it about fagot, because where you’re headed
            it isn’t going to matter anymore for you anyway, in the path row.

          • Sorry but I know the Lord wants nothing to do with low life bigoted pieces of scum like yourself. Prepare for the heat.

          • RichWS. YEA the heat is on you! Talks
            like a faggot, walks like a faggot, acts like a faggot, and it quacks like a
            faggot. Oh crap# it’s a faggot! Yo Mon
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          • Well if according to you I talk like a faggot, walk like a faggot, act like a faggot and quack like a faggot then I am sure you realize you talk like a smelly diuretic turd, you walk like a smelly diuretic turd, you definitely act like a smelly diuretic turd and you oink like a smelly diuretic turd. Observation: you must be a smelly diuretic turd. Have fun in hell, I will wave from up above.

          • Isn’t it time you get back in there and get back on yourself
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          • Guess what it does not matter what you think (majority of the U.S. Also support gay rights) as I have won and you have lost. Even the Mormons are going along with this and staying in the scouts. Now I know you are going to tell me you are going to heaven while I go to hell. Again you are wrong and I do not give a crap what items in the bible you quote. You pick and choose those things in the bible you want to believe. Otherwise I will take you as my slave and have fun beating the crap out of you. So with this I bid you adew.

          • Back in your glass door cage pit closet queen. You been out to
            long and a sad sorry dark cloud with no water in it. I know you can’t smell for
            shit anymore good-buddy have had your brown nose in it far too long. Don’t get to close chump can smell it from
            here. You stink to the high heavens.

          • RichWS. Wrong again cock-eye Fairy Queen. Get back in your glass door closet queen. Cock-eye you can’t get through the Bible in the first place and scriptures dummy, much less can you handle what the Mormon’s have and they also have another Bible and two (2) Bibles and in the Doctrines and Covenants and a strong Priesthood there. From in that book they’ll take you fagot and nail your balls to a wooded stump, chump. Before they condemn you all to hell, and the smell of you alone they wouldn’t stand. The only slave you’re going to be making of anyone is yourself slave boy fagot bitch whore, MON. Is like I said; you a dreamer pal; sunny bright. {JUDE 1:7,8} That eliminates you RichWS glass door caged pit closet queen and good-buddy get back into your slave pit fagot and earn your bone head merit badge there sucker butt somewhere else.

            NEWS ITEM CURRENT “At this time, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will go forward as a chartering organization of B.S.A. and, as in the past, will appoint scout leaders and volunteers who uphold and exemplify church doctrine, values and standards,” the statement said. It was issued on behalf of the church’s top leadership groups, the Council of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.
            The Boy Scouts in turn expressed their appreciation for the contributions of the Mormon Church and reiterated the policy of local control over volunteer leaders. “The Boy Scouts of America deeply appreciates our longstanding relationship with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,” said a statement issued on Wednesday by the Scouts’s headquarters in Irving, Tex. “The B.S.A. affirms, and will defend, the right of all religious chartered organizations to select their scout leaders in accordance with their religious beliefs.”

          • PETER IS A ROCK. That you hide
            under rocks and call for the mountains to fall on you – they most certainly
            will. Where you bring your perverted
            self and abomination unto to the APOSTLE PETER and the gates of hell also unto
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            With sores and putrid you will curse also God. The Apostle Peter will witness it and as all
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            That what you’ve come onto you insane moron sunny-bright, Mon!
            You’re sick and quite deluded and deluded in religion. As I said your eye is crooked and you’re totally

          • How
            do you figure fool? Noah was perfect in
            his generations. Put a patch on your
            left eyeball and see if that helps. If
            not go back and pluck it out. Chop your
            nuts off and become a Eunuch the only way you’ll ever make it the Kingdom of
            God. You’re slipperier than a Boy Scout
            with a wiener between his bun at a Sunday church picnic. The way I see a Boy Scout today has a bull’s
            eye on his anus and you’re a rifle scope scouting for boys. A Boy Scout the other day on a Diaper drive
            probably has a bull’s eye on that too. For
            good Dads that care about their son and sons stay away from the Boy Scouts. They’re all washed up!

          • Hate to tell you but the Lord made me perfect just the way I am. I know he is thoroughly disgusted with bigoted turds like you. You accuse me of wanting boy sex? Sorry but it is obviously something that you think about a lot and know an awful lot about. I think others need to question your motives not mine. You sound like a closet pedophile to me.

          • In your glass door
            closet queen and altogether the same that you’re a homosexual good buddy. [LEV.18:29,30, ROM.1:32] In Priesthood you’re a joke,
            pal. I bet everywhere you go is a bigot
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            dummy? Pooh-Pooh you little whining
            crybaby. Will sing the song of Moses and
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            problems. That you’re perfect huh? Not
            near (at all) perfect and the perfect manner of, the Law, of the Lord is
            perfect. You’re not even close fag.

          • Jesus said, I will not Judge you, but that Moses will. And Moses will have your ass. You won’t get that far, you’ll be crying Lord, Lord, and with your teeth a gnashing, when he tells you; I never knew you.

    • No problem they are to more than make up your little contribution with big corporate donations

      • Who cares, at least my kids will be safe away from those weirdo’s

        • Away from these weirdo’s? Hate to tell you that the vast vast majority of pedophiles are straight men who will abuse male as well as female kids. So stick your head in the sand and hope your kids are not abused. Great bigoted mindset you have. Oh by the way any new organization formed could be sued for exclusion of the LGBT community.

          • Your a sick puppy, you and our left wing sicko’s communists are all alike.

          • Just stating the facts. As for left wing they are the ones who Jesus will embrace for they cared about their fellow human beings not like the right wing bigots. When the time comes look up and I will be smiling at your bigoted ass.



    • Sewing a trunk on your face don’t make you a damn pachyderm ! (elephant for you liberals )



      • A quote, attributed to Lincoln hereby paraphrased: “If you were to call a dog’s tail a “leg”, the dog would STILL have FOUR legs.”

        • My statement references little Bruce Jenner deciding he was really a she ! guess it went over someone’s head !

          • Not really. I, too, still believe Jenner is genetically male.

          • Yep. You can change the contours and make changes in some parts but the basic material (DNA) will always be MALE or FEMALE depending on which gender came out of the assembly department (womb). So whichever GENDER one happens to BE when born is what that person will be throughout life. PERIOD.

          • Of course Jenner is a male with a psychotic mental condition. I sure hope he knows those who believe their another sex are aware that they either commit suicide or die not much later. All those phony hormones, etc. kill ’em off. Sad too that parents are saying their little ones or teenagers are transgenders. Stupid, little kids like to dress like the other sex, and teenagers are thinking about maybe this would all right of them as well. You are born with a set of genitalia that decides your sex.



        • You have made a mistake ! You seem to be angry for nothing ! I agree with what you said ! I wasn’t answering any statement you made !

        • Michael Dennewitz

          If you’re a liberal, then YOU are the sick bastard! And if you don’t like that, bring your sorry ass here where a few of we red blooded americans can take our frustrations out on your liberal ass!



          • Michael Dennewitz

            Vietnam vet, asshole, and I know the martial arts better than you know how to take a shit. Bring it on, BOY!!



          • Michael Dennewitz




          • Michael Dennewitz

            Awwww, now you’re going to react like croco shit and the other trolls. Ha! Bring on your ole lady and I’ll show you who’s fag bubbah!!



    • Full General well said, we took our two daughters out of the girl scouts.

  6. Why don’t we let queer boy scout leader join the girl scout and vice versa.

  7. Join the KWEER SCOUTS of America and get a Free Pink uniform
    and Rainbow colored Flip-Flops !!!! Learn to Prance !!

  8. Thus, this must mean that most of those within the top administration and leadership in the Boys Scouts must be gay and hoping to have many new converts to fulfill their perverted sexual desires.

    • That’s exactly right. Then they say the boy scouts voted the gays in. Trying to pass the blame on the kids.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Now we’ll have little QUEERS all over the place. And they may be gay (happy) but they’re STILL QUEERS!!

      • Homosexuals are NOT gay – they are simply what they are – homosexuals spreading diseases that not so long ago were not even on the radar.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          THEY’RE QUEERS !!

          • Exactly, how did they ever hijack the word gay to describe themselves. Whenever we see the pitiful pukes they are whining, griping moaning and pissin about anything that don’t go their way !

          • I rememver the old Movie Titles and Adds. ” The Gay Cabeliero” comes to mind.

        • Trust me !THEY ARE GAY !! And yes they have a disease that follows them !!

          • So Jack you think they are actually gay?
            Gay in the past was attributed to a good and happy time not to a group that uses a lovely word to substitute their deviant behavior that has rampaged the spread diseases such as AID’s and Hepatitis to those ignorant of the fact their sex partner is carrying illness about and does not give a damn should their pleasure threaten the life of another.

            To refer to themselves as gay and with many having a contagious disease and willingly spreading it in bathhouses (and to their ignorant spouses as well) and welcoming areas for sexual union and then tell me that is somehow ‘gay’ is the act of a delusionalist. Sodomy is not ‘gay’ but LUST.

          • Lynn,
            I agree with everything you say.. And in my opinion ‘LUST’ IS probably the major factor.. Look, these low life TOOK OVER the term gay. Only place you find ‘gay’ meaning happy anymore is in older literature. The word gay is what the sodomites call themselves now & I know of no one else that will use that word today except when referring to these queers or sodomites that have turned on our AMERICA trying to eliminate Christianity as MOST, I believe, detest bible morals & are atheists .. We have come to the ‘tail wagging the dog’ concept but its just a twitching of the ear doing it. This Washington administration we have now is DOING ALL THEY CAN to help the less than 5% LGBT crowd destroy all biblical moral standards this country was put together soundly & raised with.. Its a very bad time for this country. I think its gonna get even worse.. Truth is, there is no current administration.. There is only the president & his appointed cronies. Senate & house are SO CORRUPT they can’t/won’t interfere because of Presidential Whitehouse THREATENING to expose the DIRTY DEEDS most H & S folks have in their closet. It is said ” 1 rotten apple will spoil the whole basket “.. I’m not sure you can find a dozen good apples in the house & senate, & with over 500 apples in baskets.. I believe this to be true, I REALLY do ! Most of AMERICA has turned a blind eye to the CORRUPTION BUILDUP over the previous 5 or more decades.. Now you have a full house & senate of 1st class SORRY GREEDY & CORRUPT nothings lead by a seemingly communist, no morals dictator that wants this country brought to its knees.. And for 18 more months this U.S. will be dealt some very hard blows that ARE intended to destroy it.. Only heavens hand can see us thru this.. Question is, does heaven see us as worth the effort ? With over 30 % of this country in la la land & sees nothing bad happening due to care less ignorance, that question is highly debatable…….o

          • Long ago, if people were “happy and gay,” it meant they were happy…ultra happy. Now homosexuals have captured the word to mean their perverted behavior. Actually, there’s nothing “gay” about homosexuality. It’s true that God will judge us and that he did wipe out Sodom and Gomorrah because of their wickedness. Our time is coming because our morals have fallen to new depths. This wonderful country founded on the principals of Christianity and Judaism is being ripped apart. Christianity is being attacked by the PC people who no longer believe in the Ten Commandments (not “suggestions”), The Golden Rule, morals and good people living side by side, helping each other. The Media has corrupted the mindset of our youth and numbed them to the atrocities around them.
            God help us!

    • Scary thought but thinking you are absolutely correct.

    • I believe that they just finally caved under the pressure. They had resisted for a long time. But just like Islam, liberals are relentless in their effort to force their will on us.

      • Yes, and they may think they are winning their battle against the Christians…. But in reality they are not only losing, they are also destroy their lives, and all that is descent.
        The liberals believe that having many diplomas or great knowledge on many issues means that you have wisdom beyond most individuals…. This is a great deception seen throughout the world in every society in the world.
        To know the fear of the LORD is to have godly wisdom that no liberal will ever understand… The Bible tells us that the prince of this world, Satan has blinded those that are not Christian; therefore they believe the lies of homosexuality, abortion, evolution and the rejection of God’s WORD that the liberals embrace.
        We Christians have failed to stand firm against the liberals’ lies and in doing so we now are about to see the destruction of United States and it will be nothing like this world has seen since Noah’s Flood. After reading the Engineer’ Report of the WTC #2 Tower bombing in Aug, ’94 I began warning everyone I spoke with for the next seven years that, “Terrorist would ‘Hit’ the WTC #2 Tower again and ‘Take’ the #2 Tower all the way to the ground.” God has never allowed the destruction of a nation nor people before first sending His warnings hoping that the hearts of the people might turn to Him… I now tell how the 9/11 attack was the first of three major attacks.. Google: watchman48 RFC Newsletter #101

        • Michael Dennewitz

          I’m anxious to see how many follow thru with their promises NOT to support the scouts. You know, there are scores of organizations that financially support them, some that most of us have been accustomed to donating to! UNITED WAY is one of their biggest contributors! Will we REALLY follow thru with our words, it is this just more rhetoric!! THINK HARD!!

          • Michael – the Boy Scouts were losing money big time as more and more corporations started to with hold their contributions because of their bigoted stance against gays. They were on a downward spiral. The scouts compromised and made it that troops that wanted a gay leader could do so and troops that did not did not have to hire any.

          • I never liked United Way anyway because my employer kept trying to push then down our throats to get their United Way brownie points. The revelation that their leadership was using donations to buy themselves gold plated bathroom fixtures got them off my back for awhile.
            But soon United Way was back and they took the side of the gays over the boy scouts. As a former eagle scout I felt that I had to support the scouts by refusing to donate to United Way. Well I didn’t like United Way anyway mainly because of their coercive tactics against employees.
            I have had occasion to meet gays face to face lately and most of them do seem to be good people. Perhaps that is because at my age I don’t have to worry about them accosting me any more. I figure that if God wants them punished he can do it without any help from me. It seems that it was us straits who trashed the institution of marriage a long time ago. At least when the gays break up they don’t leave a herd of brats behind for us taxpayers to support. I believe that the thousands upon thousands of unwed mothers out there are doing far more damage to out society than gays are.
            But their activities should be for adults only and not pushed on children. Not allowing men to be leaders in the girl scouts hopefully keeps the likes of Ted Bundy out and not allowing gays to be leaders in the boy scouts hopefully keeps the likes of John Wayne Gacy out. Even without gays in the scouts there was an incident where one of the younger boys was branded with a wire coat hanger that bent in the shape of male genitalia. Parents tend to take a dim view of stuff like that.

        • Quit saying we “Christians” as there are at least five major Christian churches that support LGBT rights. Including Episcopalian, Evangical Lutheran, etc. baptists, Mormons and Catholics do not get to make statements declaring that “Christians” are fir or against something. They can only speak for there own religion. They cannot speak for Christians as there are different Christian beliefs.

          • Rich – Those that support LGBT rights may call themselves Christian, but that doesn’t make them Christian…. Christians are know by their action more so than by what they say… God is never changing, He is the same today as He was approx. 5000 years ago when Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for their sexual perversion…. True Christians are they that do His will….

          • Watchman48 – I hate to tell you but Sodom and Gomorrah was not destroyed because of gay sex. It was same sex perversion. Get your story straight. Also, like I said five major christian church denominations have looked at the bible and came up with a different understanding than you have.

          • Actually, God didn’t destroy Sodom and Gomorrah for being gay. According to Genesis 19, the men of Sodom threatened to gang rape God’s messengers. Their threat was about power and humiliation, not sexual orientation.

            Not only does the Bible never connect the sin of Sodom to same-sex relationships, it explicitly teaches that the sin of Sodom was about something else entirely. Ezekiel 16:49 says, “Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were
            arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy.”

            It’s worth pointing out that America has been guilty of those kinds of sins of oppression since our founding, from our brutal treatment of indigenous peoples to our practice of
            slavery and segregation. The Bible’s teachings about Sodom certainly highlight
            some of America’s sins

          • RichWS, you are totally mistaken. Genesis account says the men lusted after the angels and wanted to have sex with them. Read the Septuagint which was written from Hebrew to Greek around 300 BC. These denominations are apostate and have written bibles that are apostate.
            Sadly most who claim to be Christian or to know God are not true Christian nor do they have an actuate understanding of God’s ways… And why is this, most likely it is because they don’t commit themselves to a daily routine of studying of the Bible in its’ entirety and their knowledge of His WORD is weak at best….
            Romans 1King James Version (KJV)

            1 Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle, separated unto the gospel of God,

            2 (Which he had promised afore by his prophets in the holy scriptures,)

            3 Concerning his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, which was made of the seed of David according to the flesh;

            4 And declared to be the Son of God with power, according to the spirit of holiness, by the resurrection from the dead:

            5 By whom we have received grace and apostleship, for obedience to the faith among all nations, for his name:

            6 Among whom are ye also the called of Jesus Christ:

            7 To all that be in Rome, beloved of God, called to be saints: Grace to you and peace from God our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ.

            8 First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for you all, that your faith is spoken of throughout the whole world.

            9 For God is my witness, whom I serve with my spirit in the gospel of his Son, that without ceasing I make mention of you always in my prayers;

            10 Making request, if by any means now at length I might have a prosperous journey by the will of God to come unto you.

            11 For I long to see you, that I may impart unto you some spiritual gift, to the end ye may be established;

            12 That is, that I may be comforted together with you by the mutual faith both of you and me.

            13 Now I would not have you ignorant, brethren, that oftentimes I purposed to come unto you, (but was let hitherto,) that I might have some fruit among you also, even as among other Gentiles.

            14 I am debtor both to the Greeks, and to the Barbarians; both to the wise, and to the unwise.

            15 So, as much as in me is, I am ready to preach the gospel to you that are at Rome also.

            16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.

            17 For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith.

            18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;

            19 Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them.

            20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

            21 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.

            22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,

            23 And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.

            24 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:

            25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

            26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:

            27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

            28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

            29 Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,

            30 Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,

            31 Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:
            Thus they are without TRUE understanding and they mislead others….

          • Continue to believe what you want. As an educated person I will do so also. And no I do not believe what you wrote. That is only one interpretation of the bible. There are others which state otherwise. Oh the Lord nor
            Jesus ever blessed the bible.

          • WOW! And where did you get this great education? You should reread your comment.
            For your information, every word within the Bible was inspired by the Holy Spirit of which is a member of the Trinity with God the Father and God the Son, Yeshua…
            Sadly many who claim to be Christian are not true Christians in that they fail to seek God with all their heart… They are Christian in name only not understanding the works of the Holy Spirit…

          • Masters degree from George Washington university and worked as an executive for a major oil company. Had a 98 average. So yes I am highly educated and know how to think and not follow like a sheep to slaughter.

          • First off let me say, I just barely graduated from high school and I am an old retired truck driver who spends most of his day reading God’s WORD or sharing His WORD with others…

            Degree from George Washington University, that explains your theology. Degrees and diplomas only means that you have gained worldly knowledge and worldly wisdom which means nothing when compared to godly wisdom. Godly wisdom in understanding God’s WORD comes from the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Sadly, even most Christians can’t understand the difference between worldly wisdom and godly wisdom either…

            Have you ever studied or read through the Bible? My guess is no or you would have read of many truths in the Bible that only scientists have proven hundreds if not thousands of years later as being true…. Here is a website that you should check out, I would hope this website would cause everyone who might read this to wonder how could this be that these facts were written 600 to 2500 years or more before the birth of Christ? Here also is a video that might help you in your search for God:
            Within the Bible there has been found several thousand prophecies which has already been fulfilled… 330 or so that were written approx. 600 to 1500 years or so before the birth of Jesus all speaking of the His birth, life, death and resurrection.
            You can think whatever you want to think, but if your thinking is not in line with the truth of God’s WORD than all the sincerity in the world will not change a lie into the truth…
            Oh, besides revealing the history of the beginning, the Old Testament was written to help convince man that he could never keep God’s Commandments and live, thus we see the need of a Redeeming Savior.

          • Believe that if you want. I do not believe that the Lord did not want us to eat shellfish or pork, that we should stone our children if they disrespect us, that we should not wear clothing made of two different fabrics, that is was OK to have a slave as long as they came from another town, that you can beat your slave and if you are a slave bow to all your master wants, that you should stone your wife if she does not bleed on her wedding night and on and on and on. You can believe all this nonsense if you want. I personally make educated decisions on what is from the Lord and what was written by man. Oh by the way, who was the person or persons who decided which of the lost sea scrolls belonged in the bible and in their interpretations? If the statement in the bible does not directly quote the Lord or Jesus I believe it is suspect to being from the Lord.

          • Seems to me that the Bible was always kind of vague on the subject and never spelled it out clearly.

          • I agree Warren. But I also believe God made gays gay and who am I to down his creations. This is from a man who is straight and married for 48 years to the most wonderful woman on earth. I do have gay friends who I strongly believe deserve the same rights that I have. I am sure the Lord did this for a reason even if I do not know what it is. My gay friend couples love each other as much as I love my wife. Love is Love, period.

          • GO PLAY WITH YOURSELF [LEV.18:29,30, ROM.1:32]

          • Look in Leviticus. It says that if a man lays with a man as with a woman, it is an abomination. Seems pretty clear to me.


      • In the words of the North: Friggin Cowards!

    • infiltrate divide conquer the socialist liberal way. Go away stay away from little kids play with boys your own age .

    • My thoughts completely ! ~Rick Magee, “MOLON LABE”



  10. If conservative women remain silent, the radical rush to the left will roll along even faster. Ladies, take off your goody-two-shoes and put on your designer steel tipped boots!

    • Thank you, JustAnAmerican. Americans who believe in traditional marriage, must make our voices heard!

      • beagal,
        I hope to soon have some Constitutional issues to present to Congress that are being abused, actually by both parties. I am ved up with the behavior of all federal courts who do not seem to pay any attention to states rights. That was the real issue in the Civil War. Now we have forgotten what that war was really about. we better wake up.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Personally, I call a potato a potato, and an apple an apple! I just wish everyone would stop referring to them as gays (happy)! They are documented Q U E E R S ! Meaning odd. And yes, I’m still one of those that considers two boys/men honing each others tools, or ramming it in each others asses, Q U E E R S !!

    • Sodomy will do to America exactly what it did to Sodom and Gomorrah.

      • truthsetter,
        We may be closer to the last days sooner than many think. I do not expect another Sodom and Gomorrah destruction because homosexuality is being spread all over the world. is too widespread. We are never to endure another great flood. That leaves only one other option that I can see in the Bible.

        • Jerry,
          We are indeed racing into the last days. The difference between the USA and the rest of the world is: To whom much is given, much is required. The USA fits perfectly with the end time description of Babylon. I believe we will see America consumed in smoke.

          • truthsetter,
            I see the evil in Islam and see that it is bringing us closer to the end. The bloodbath will be horrible and it will be short. But those of us in Christ will be long gone before any of that happens. When the trumpet sounds, we are out of here.

  11. I wish the queer A-Holes would stop screwing (pun intended) with the scouts and everything that is decent. If they want to press their agenda, go to some other country that will accept their chit….

  12. This is what happens when the president is a queer.

  13. When I was a scout we never heard of “gays”, our leaders were mostly parents or school teachers, now the scouts are being “pushed” by homosexuals. When my kids were in the scouts I was there with them. You parents better “check-out” who is teaching scouting to your kids.

  14. This will be the end of the Boy Scouts of America! Do you want a queer influencing your son during his formative years? Not me! Those perverts really “like” little boys. I would not let my son join now. I’ll find something else for him to join.

  15. Time for parents to find a viable alternative for BSA. Churches with similar doctrinal positions could band together and create a new organization or several new organizations that specifically exclude all queers while providing our kids with all the outdoor adventures, advantages, and coming of age experiences that were an integral part of BSA.

  16. Change the name from Boy Scouts to Boy Toys. These kids are just sacrafices to the LGBT community.

  17. Google “Inside the Perversion Files”:

    “The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has files, dating back to 1919, documenting ‘ineligible volunteers’ in an attempt to keep sexual deviants and other undesirables out of their ranks. Although the BSA has tried to keep these files secret, the Los Angeles Times has acquired 5,432 of these files, from 1947 to 2005, from court files. This is documented on their webpage, ‘Inside the Perversion Files’. Around 1,900 of these records are accompanied by documentation, which can be viewed on that website.”

    Almost all of the incidents were men-on-boy crimes. So much for the homosexual apologists who claim that “homosexuals do not prey on children”. Yeah, right.

    “Apologists and other detractors will try to deflect this issue, saying that it is nothing compared to the abuse scandals in the Catholic Church. But the facts are:

    1) 5,432 confirmed perpetrators of abuse in the Boy Scouts of America. These are not just allegations, these are confirmed cases that made it to the courts. Of course, as mentioned earlier, this means that allegations (and incidents that were never reported) are much, much higher. This is from a population of only 3 million Boy Scouts and leaders.

    2) 4,392 clergymen in the Catholic Church were accused of abuse between 1960 and 1984. These are accusations, not court cases, where guilt is established, which would be much, much less. This is from a population of 77 million Catholics and clergy, from a pool 25 larger than the Boy Scouts.

    If you do the math, you can see that the sexual abuse problem in the Boy Scouts of America is at least 50 times worse than in the Catholic Church.”

  18. Gates was a douchebag and I see he still is… What a butt monkey

  19. I am pulling my kids out of the Boy Scouts. I don’t want them indoctrinated by some damned queer.

  20. Next, the BSA will be marching in homosexual Parades wearing their new Pink Thongs.

  21. What happened to everything that was good in this country. Everything now is perverted and third world.

    • Madder than Max

      Yes, although, actually, the “third world” is more righteous with traditional morality than us. It is the so-called “modern” countries (like the U.S. and Western Europe) that are doing away with morality.

    • Short answer: Communist Democrat party
      Just look at the damage they have done in the past 6 1/2 years.

      • look at the damage we have let them do

        • The GOP establishment is getting as bad the Democrats I worked for our Republican headquarters, making hundreds of phone calls, knocking on doors, and had the largest landslides in 50 years, rather than fighting Obama, they’re giving Obama everything he wants….We’re supporting Trump first, Cruz second, and Walker third. If JEB gets the nomination, we’re going third party. JEB supports 99% of everything Hillary does.

          • I agree on Jeb, If your going to vote for Jeb, you are throwing away your vote. A vote for Jeb is a vote for Hillary.

          • It makes me wonder to WHOM newly-elected Republican Reps/Senators owe their allegiance. Certainly NOT to the voters who elected them!

      • It makes me shudder just to think about it.
        This is NOT the country of my teenage years. : _ (

    • People became disengaged. Many no longer vote. Parents do not attend school functions or check on the child’s homework, join and participate in the PTA. Citizens do not go to town council meetings. We are more interested in the current celebrity reality shows or the sports channel, than we are in what is happening in our community. We allowed the progressive liberals to infiltrate our governing bodies and bought into the humanitarian rhetoric even when we knew it was wrong.

      • There was a show on cable about Joseph Stalin. Many troubling policies–including having children REPORT their parents to the “authorities”. It can happen here, folks!

      • There now is a trangender show called I am JAZZ ….I guess now that Bruce/Caitlen Jenner is our New AMERICAN Heroe… This is so destructive to our society . A sick Mengele experiment

    • there are just to many lib-tards voting in this country under the party of dumocrats ! they will all eventually go to hell , and that is good ! the sooner the better !

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Depends on who is “bank-rolling” them Tim, and usually it’s soros… Mr Trump finances HIMSELF!

  22. Let’s insert the LGBT into the NAACP or CAIR and see how long tha lasts.

  23. I don’t think this is in the best interest of the young boys in the BSA.

  24. It doesn’t help matters having a queer Muslim for a president.

  25. Parents, get your kids out of the rump rangers, formerly known as the boy scouts. It will now be a magnet for pedophiles, the next issue for homosexual activists.

    • Madder than Max

      It’s been a magnet for pedophiles for years. Google “Inside the Perversion Files” to find an exposĂ© by the Los Angeles Times on this matter. 5,000+ incidents of pedophiles in the Boy Scouts, and that was when the Boy Scouts was trying to keep the perverts out! Now they are letting the deviants in with open arms!

      What kind of social experiment is that? It will end in disaster.

  26. the death told of the boy scouts–no trust—not one second for a gay scout leader–not ever

  27. Vicki Kuner Mattingly

    i.m sick about this. i hope the scout cave over this

  28. Joseph L. Light

    Doomsday is on the Horizon…

  29. Gay leadership in BSA pushing gay agenda on small boys. This is like putting the fox in the chicken coup.

  30. Obama, an ret. gen. gates is a retired Marxist degenerate in the full sense of the word, they have surely been to the grove in California to chase little boys around the woods,( they are satanic luciferians,) gen gate an his boss are the ones trying to circumvent our constitution, they are degenerates of the first degree, not- fit- to be around -decent christian children. do your research

  31. We have three young girls, two adopted, our oldest girls ages 12 and 13 begged to get out of the girl scouts because boys (if they think they are girls) can now join, our youngest is 3, so she is too young. If we had boys in the boy scouts, we would take them out in a heart beat, just like we did our girls. The scouts are dying organizations, it isn’t like it was when my Dad and brother were boy scouts. Who in their right mind would support leaders desiring their sons body?

  32. “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the largest single sponsor of the Scouts, announced that it was “deeply troubled” by the vote. Top Mormon leaders are expected to evaluate the church’s relationship with the Scouts in light of the new policy”
    I personally find it very troubling that the national vote on admitting gay leaders was taken during July–when LDS (Mormon) national members were out of the office. this is irresponsible, as The Church of Jesus Christs of Latter-Day Saints IS the LARGEST SINGLE sponsor of the Scouts. It wouldn’t surprise me if Church leadership were to decide to withdraw membership and start their own organization.

  33. For quite a while I felt that the Scout organization had more backbone than all to many Churches, I guess not any more. Common sense has left. Here is what I mean. It is amazing to me that simple standards and pre requisites for certain positions can no longer be understood without the objection rooted in discrimination or entitlement. There is a natural attraction of male to female. I suspect this is in part is why there are few if any Male Girl Scout leaders. Granted we are talking about Teenagers, but that does not mean potential problems could occur, even False allegations. I am sure parents of girls are more at ease with Female leaders.
    COMMON SENSE. Then is not the same concern with Homosexual Male Boy Scout leaders relevant. Are not Male Homosexuals attracted to other males. It is time Adults grow up and except consequences of choice. If my sons were younger and in Scouts I would not be comfortable with there Scout ?Leader being Homosexual, and therefore attracted to other males, BY THEIR PWN ADMISSION.

  34. Michael Dennewitz

    Now all the “straight” daddy’s will keep their “straight” kids away from there and all we’ll have is nothing but little QUEERS running around. And, no doubt their QUEER daddy’s will be attending.. Geeze, what will they rename the organization, “QUEER Souts of America?” If the dukes join in they should just call it “Faggots United !” Is this country F….d up, it what??

  35. Talk about shooting yourself i the foot or maybe in the head on this one. The one time honored shouts will never see another penny from me. You can toss all your popcorn in the trash as well. A once proud organization reduced to _______ well you can fill in the blank.

  36. I will never again donate to, or purchase from the Boy Scouts of America. RIP Boy Scouts, you were once an honorable program. Neither should we give to the United Way or any other fund raising organization that may then give to the Boy Scouts.

  37. Michael Dennewitz

    I won’t further donate to either of them, Queer Scouts of America, or Dyke Scouts of America! They may get their cookies off, but I won’t buy anything related to the little QUEERS!

  38. BSA Boy Stoopers of Analizm ( or America)

  39. After all we have allowed up to now in this society…..I will also be surprised when the biting and scratching begins.

  40. You make your choices freely, but you do NOT have a say on the consequences of such choices. That is why people should always be aware of what you do and what you say can come back and take a big bite out of you and it will hurt big time.

  41. i will make sure my kids,grand kids and great grand kids never have any thing to do with the scouts again ! i will also campaign against every thing they now stand for ! take your gays and go to hell !

  42. With the Boy Scouts now not only accepting homosexual members into their ranks they now invite the homosexual wolves into even what was once a protective area for young boys, many of whom need good male examples there being little for them in their homes and neighborhoods.

    Add this to the Girl Scouts donating money to Planned Parenthood and the message is clear – deviants of all types now control the chicken roosts. Pun intended.
    I will never donate one single penny to either of them for to do so is funding homosexual and lesbian intrigues as well as the murder of innocents in the womb.

    • “many of whom need good male examples there being little for them in their homes and neighborhoods.”
      You brought up a good point–thanks!

  43. Time to take your children out of scouting… maybe if the Mormons and Baptist withdraw all their support for scouting the Boy Scouts of America Board of Directors will reverse their position… better be quick or permanent damage will be done.

    • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, a major supporter of the BSA for over a century, will not abandon its policy on leaders that are “morally straight”. If need be, I believe they would start their own program.

      • Let the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints declare their intent to start their own program… Scouting is not the sole proprietary franchise of the BSA… let it be the CBSA or CLD-BSA.

  44. The Boy Scouts of America organization is as dead as the GOP establishment. We will now only have Gay Scouts of America, as no sane heterosexual parent would allow a young Son to sleep in a tent with a bunch of young gay boys and scout masters. Another Christian organization destroyed by “Political Correctness”.

  45. Having suffered sexual advances by a Boy Scout Leader at the age of fourteen, I can affirm the lasting effects. I will be 80 years old in a week-and although I have lived a completely heterosexual life- I can still remember the creepy , crawly feelings I had and the lasting question of “could I become Gay”? And that was even though nothing more than being approached happened!
    When I was Executive Director for a Big Brother program, I made sure we carefully screened OUT homosexuals through Police Records and careful screening and testing!
    This is as sick as Planned Parenthood murdering babies to be able to make money selling body parts!

    • Sorry to hear about your negative Scout experience. Thank you for protecting boys on your “watch”.

    • “This is as sick as Planned Parenthood murdering babies to be able to make money selling body parts!”

      well THAT is not true,
      so where does that leave your tale?

      anyone after a 14 year old boy was not GAY, they were a pedophile.
      at 80, you should know the difference.

  46. Vernon Cunningham

    How do you separate the homosexual who has a consentual relation from the one who might be attracted to someone almost 18, and then slip a little futrther thinking that a younger one is gay so it is OK? Without strict standards you have no protection for the young scouts. even before chamnges like this there were gays that slipped in and took advantage of the uncertain youths. I would not allow my sons to be scouts today.

  47. The Boy Scouts have become nothing but a hunting ground for queers/homosexuals! I wouldn’t encourage any child to be a part of such an abnormal organization! The Obamanation of America continues, and we still have 538 days left!

  48. Michael Dennewitz

    I’m beginning to believe that all we have running thus country are mooselum terrorist traitors and QUEERS !!

  49. What troubles me is that a major supporter of the BSA, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, did NOT haveinput. It seems during the vote on Gay leaders, church representatives were out of the office during July. Was the vote taken with this in mind? I believe that if the church is not allowed to select its leaders, it may leave the organization to develop its own program.

  50. they will never get a dime from me again!

  51. Stand Up And Send Them Running You Spineless Organization.

  52. Michael Dennewitz

    Ummmmm.. Hey folks! I just finished a “search” on the sponsors of BSA/GSA… Good God, almost any organization you can think of supports and donates to them. Hey, be FIRM in your decision. It’ll effect a shitload of organizations!! I’m not backing down!!

  53. Queer Logic…one of the most destructive forces on this earth!

  54. Several years ago they were letting homosexuals in and at that time I pulled my son out for I knew this would happen. These perverts prey on children because they are naive and easy and afraid if they say anything. I swear if any prey on any of my grandchildren I cant say what I would do.

  55. They just made a breeding ground for pedophiles.

  56. Have you ever heard the term “Wood Badge”? When the founder of the British organization that became known as Scouting — Lord Robert Baden-Powell — needed to begin training adult leaders, his course eventually became known as Wood Badge. I am a Wood Badger, humbled and very proud of all the work needed to earn the privilege of wearing my Wood Badge beads. Why is this important? Baden-Powell applied his concepts of right and wrong, moral responsibility, and selfless leadership to the Scouting movement, which at one time had Scouting units in many countries around this planet. Each troop and pack was defined by responsible adult volunteer leaders, to meet the needs of the sponsoring organization and the participating families. And behind all of these activities and developments, I believe that children, parents, and leaders of all ages would base their actions and decisions on a simple question… “What would B-P do?” If you decide not to become active in the Boy Scouts of America, consider Trail Life USA — This organization has begun to grow and develop as a vehicle for Christian parents to raise their children in responsible environments. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that LDS leadership leaves BSA for an organization like Trail Life USA.

  57. Next it will be pedophiles in preschool programs, camp counselors, or any other program for young children. The LGBT weirdos are taking over leading to the moral decay of the country. And we have numb nut legislators & the SCOTUS allowing this depravity to happen. How in the hell did the USA get so phucked up?

  58. Alleged Comment

    IT is shame you all are backing down and letting the foul sodomites cast a rule and spell over you when they ought not.

    You should stand up and REBUKE THEM!

  59. Look, yu have to grow up and realize there are people out there that are different from what your beliefs are, these people have been in the population from the beginning, gays didn’t just show up yesterday. What’s wrong with them being equal to all the rest of us? My best friend I was in the Army was a lesbian. She was smart, quick, expert Marxman and I trusted her to have my back and she sure did. I’d take her over the guys in a heart beat in the field. My whole way of thinking changed because she knew she was gay at 6 years old. I am sure that is the same with all of the others. They should be able to have the same rights and freedoms we have. They are no different. So those that think gays should still be banned from life, ya’ll need to re-think those thoughts.
    They are still humans and should all have the same rights as we do. Get to know a few gay people and discover for yourself they are all the same humans as anyone else is.

  60. You don’t let the fox watch the chickens and that is what you’ve here.

  61. I just have to wonder how many women will trust their little boy to a gay master?

  62. Michael Dennewitz

    Soon the country will be made up of nothing but little”pecker-checkers!”

  63. Reality check you don’t seem to understand simple biology. I eluded to it earlier. If Homosexual males are attracted to males, then putting them in the position of Boy Scout leaders is at best case scenario unwise, At worse case, well much worse. This is not simply about pedophiles. It is about the basic Principles Scouts used to be based on in this Country. That said , it has nothing to do with discrimination, rights or any other warped excuse. If Lgbt really cared about anything other than themselves, and tearing down healthy growth in children then we wouldn’t be seeing this.

  64. My boys call them the Butt Scouts. I found this hilarious and refreshing. Why anyone would let their kids become potential sex dolls for these perverted and sick chesters is baffling!! WHY!!! When they ask me for money in front of various shops, I say,”Nope! ” then I look directly at their folks and say, “Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves.” Everyone should do this, boycott and ostracize them and teach your son’s to disrespect these fools. Shut ’em down!

  65. No more donations from me period. The damn faggots can pay for their own weekend get a ways !

  66. …they may be really surprised when the reaction is a bit more serious than biting and scratching.

  67. To Jimh77 Is it really a question of equality. I have watched this movement for 25 years. The activists of this crowd wants more than equal rights. They want to normalize what is not normal. First why is the sexual preference have to be everyones business. You described someone who did a job. Fine do the job leave the sex at home. But that is not good enough anymore. Can we say Oregon Bakers.
    If this was really about equality then what happened to the equal rights of a business owner to conduct business according to principle. Then there is the equal right ( or I should say the consumer responsibility) of the customer to find a baker that does not have an issue. COMMON SENSE The people would have their cake, another baker , business, and the first baker left alone. ???? But all LGBT wants is equality.

  68. where are the fathers? They need to be involved with their sons. They need to be the leaders to teach their sons, or else others will be.

  69. This is all totally sick and remember it was brought to us by the community organizer!

  70. ISIS is training their young boys to hate GOD and brutally murder and the Boy Scouts are training our young boys to hate God and brutally rape other young boys and spread deadly disease. Sounds akin Planned Parenthood hating God, killing babies and harvesting body parts. Is this the Lefts idea of population control? Sure seems that way since they approve of all these sick behaviors.

  71. JUST turn your backs on the apologists.

  72. I was NEVER a boy scout!
    I flat out refused to be made scout leader!
    I will have absolutely nothing to do with scouting!
    I will never support financially or in any other way scouting!
    Just waiting to see if the LDS Church ahs the moral integrity to divorce itself from the BSA!
    the hell with queers, LGTB, faggs, sodomites etc…!

  73. “Parents who once felt safe putting their kids in Scouts now understand that this is not the same organization they grew up knowing. And those parents looking for a place where their kids can learn wholesome cultural values will look elsewhere.” Uh, ya think? I don’t have a son, but no son of mine would ever be a member of an organization where he would be at risk over a weekend campout (for example) from such a ridiculously easy risk to avoid (such as NOT having queer scout leaders). I have already seen sickening images on the internet of Boy Scouts – kids in their Boy Scout uniforms who looked like they were around 10-12 years old, holding up that repulsive “queer rainbow” flag. I wonder where they got those props? From homosexual perverts who just want to keep their indoctrination bullshit to themselves? Really? These bastards are indoctrinating these kids already!!! These sick bastards need to go back into the closet where they belong and keep their sick perversions to themselves. God will sort out the ones He doesn’t want in Heaven (see 1 Corinthians 6:9-10). By the way, since “flag burning” has been deemed “Constitutionally-protected Free Speech,” maybe we should hold a few thousand rallies across the nation where we publically burn the “Fag Flag?” Would that be “hate speech?” Maybe I think burning Old Glory is Hate Speech, or don’t MY opinions count because I’m a white male legitimate American citizen???!!!

  74. Does everything in America, have to have the STINK of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, attached to it. Can’t the Little CHILDREN be….. FREE …… from Lesbianism (Girl Scouts!) and now the little boys (Cub Scouts, and Boy Scouts), from ANY SEXUAL Infulence….. AT ALL….. (GENDER – IDENTITY ) AT ALL ?????????? WHY Can’t CHILDREN Be CHILDREN…… WHY???? ALL THE SEX-STUFF??!!!! It is pure nonsense !!!! Let kids BE kids!

  75. All folks with any semblance of decency and that have moral values based upon God’s word, need to withdraw all support from this organization, period.

  76. First the U.S. forced the Christians to accept the murder of infants and now we’re having sodomite marriage and being forced to deal with all these right, being handed out to sodomites. What’s next? Will the liberal faction, in Washington force us to accept drugs, accept porn being handed out to children in elementary school (let’s not forget, they’re already being told of this sinful alternative lifestyle and made to believe that sodomy is a God-given right.

    And. lest anyone forgets, Moses, wrote in Leviticus 20:13, this lifestyle is an abomination and the sodomites should be put to death.

    Again, I ask: WHAT’S NEXT?

  77. Don’t ask don’t tell was good enough for the military, but why on earth would a gay man want to be around kids when his lifestyle denies him children. I was a Scout and I am sad to say I am no longer a supporter.

  78. Clara Anne Turner

    more deviant behavior, more moral rot, more perversion, goodbye BSA. Goodbye USA

  79. muskat antonopolis

    very unfortunately there is little that can be done in the current environment to prevent
    inclusion of the lgbtq agenda into the bsa or the gsa…..if main stream denominations
    are double thinking their participation in the scouts then it appears that the bsa as
    it has been known for years will soon be a thing of the past…..there have always
    been homosexuals involved with the bsa…where there is the opportunity those with
    a different agenda will be always be attracted ……opportunistic…..but there were
    better safeguards in place and what was considered normal kept things pretty
    much in control….in other words back then if a male bsa leader made advances
    or encouraged an act that was verboten and then discovered,,,,,he most likely
    would not have made it home that day……but…….that was a long time ago and
    now it appears that the more weird you are the better…we as a people have
    been feed a rich diet of government sponsored tripe….men no longer respond
    as the alpha male to provide and protect but have surrendered to the thinking…
    emotions are good…crying like a baby is good….etc…..what has REALLY happened
    to this Nation?….ok so I am a dinosaur…..but I Do Not rape children nor teach
    that the agenda of the lgbtq is NORMAL…I hold to traditional values and will NOT
    apologize for it…..if you think that I am wrong just check out one of the gay pride
    parades in key west or san fran or elsewhere….do YOU as a parent want your
    sweet baby girl or your handsome young boy to grow up using one of the
    ass and genital displaying, feathered, sequins covered persons as a role model?
    Sure I will stay out of your bedroom and what you do there is your choice as long as it dosent involve children or force but stay the hell off of MY streets with your
    weirdness…..if regular everyday people do not REALLY stand up and be counted
    then it will only get worse….consider what is happening with the scout organizations…think about it….and what will you say or do about it????

  80. Dr. Robert Schwartz

    The greatest enjoyment and excitement of my grade-school days came with any and all Scouting activities. I was the most avid scout in Troop 102, St. Bernardine’s, in Forest Park, Illinois. I quickly became a Star, then Life scout and with it, a leader. I worked feverishly at achieving Eagle, during which time I also earned the Ad Altare Dei award.

    Scouting is meant for boys, boys who will grow up respecting leaders, authority and achievements both personal and in groups working together. Sometimes a boy may be effeminate, but remedies abound for supporting his manliness through Scouting. An adult leader with such characteristics is and would be a gross error. Scouts and their parents want and expect the scout to see and participate in the virtues embodied in the scout’s motto, which all scouts learn from day one. The manliness of Scouting contradicts the character of adult leaders who do not portray the male image of a leader of boys, boys who expect a thorough genuineness in all aspects of the character-traits that are embodied in the outdoor activities of Scouting, as well as the personal achievements of the individual scout as he forges new pathways in his own mind, stimulated by accomplishments both personal and collective, both physical and intellectual. It is an organization for boys and men who act correctly in shaping future leaders of the self and the other.

  81. The Boy Scouts are about to change their motto “Be Prepared!” It’s now “Be Prepared for Faggots!” Parents beware. Maybe we need a new go-straight program such as “Campfire Boys!” Sponsored by religious groups!

  82. I went through the Scouts leader ranks all the way to becoming a Commissioner. I was proud of what I did and proud of teaching leaders that scouting was for the boys. I just can’t fathom this as BSA was always about love of God and Country. Being gay does not fit in with love of God and they have no business leading children down the wrong path. Parents should pull them from troops that follow the gay direction.

  83. If you have a child in the Boy Scouts be careful. Nothing against gays but pedophiles are a different story.

  84. I am LDS and I find the idea of the Boy Scouts of America’s stance on gays as scoutmasters highly troubling. “What better scenario for a gay man on the prowl than being alone in the woods with a scout troop of impressionable young boys who trust him implicitly?”.

    • Gay men want MEN not boys.
      try to get you silly prejudices straight.

      Pedophiles are after the children, not the gay men.

  85. My goodness… I’m n-o-t offended or intimidated by vulgarities. But to me, it is sign to me that the author lacks the mental acumen needed to express themselves otherwise. “But I like and agree with the sentiments expressed below nevertheless.”

  86. The Boy Scouts did what was morally correct. There are five major “Christian” churches that support gay equality. The main churches opposed to the Boy Scouts granting equal rights (churches can still hire who they want and do not have to hire gay men) are the Mormon, Catholic and the Southern Baptists. These churches pick and choose which statements in the bible are true. I.e. Divorce, eating shellfish, wearing clothes of two different fabrics, stoning your children for talking back, stoning your wife if she does not bleed on her wedding night, able to own a slave as long as they come from another town, able to beat your slave etc. etc. So instead of buying into the what are obviously the norms of the day go by what Jesus said, Love one another.

    • Hate the sin …. love the sinner. “Go … and sin no more.” Personal interpretation of the Bible has its own perils. I believe you have demonstrated it herein.

      • So you believe that Christian churches such as Prespitarian, Episcopalia, Evangelical Lutheran all do not know what they are doing? You can preach all you want but most people that can think for themselves will tell you go and believe what you want and we will make intelligent decisions as the Lord wants us to.

        • “The Lord” is quoted as saying, “Keep My commandments.” Not, “make intelligent decisions”.

          • The Ten Commandments make no mention of the bible or homosexuality. So making educated decisions about what is correct in the Bible fits in with my statements.

          • Seriously?! What about, “You shall not commit adultery.” I know the “10” were originally on stone that limited details, but does that not speak to sodomy?

          • Neither did the ten commandments. And come on, if God wanted to say something about sodomy (which by the way many straight married couples do also) I am sure he could have found a way to add it to the stone tablets. Using the excuse that the stone limited details you can’t be serious.

          • Jesus was quoted as saying He was the fulfillment of the Old Testament. Nowhere in His 3 years is He quote as rebuking the OT’s damnation of sodomy/homosexuality. Unless, that is, if you can direct me to it. What about “adultery” that is on the limited space of the two tablets? Or do you think the “10” were written out on papyrus so Moses could bring them down to the Israelites and that they covered a myriad of particular offenses, not just those general in nature? BTW. I offered no excuse but rather tried to refresh you as to how the “10” were presented and I did reference the one that addresses homosexuality directly.

          • Homosexuality is not in the Ten Commandments. Nor is sodomy.

          • Oh, I did not realize all sinful acts are noted in the “10” and that anything not mentioned is not a sin in the Judeo-Christian tradition, regardless of what is later written, clearly stated, in either the OT or NT. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

  87. Robert Baden- Powell is most likely turning over in his grave.

  88. Good Bye BSA. I use to be one when boys were men not shems. Not only are they spineless but have a death wish.

  89. just another sign we’re going 2 h-ll in a hand-basket.

  90. … Were going camping this week-end ….
    …… where’s my pink TuTu and flip flops ??

  91. i wouldnt let my kids go,ever. what sickos

  92. Just wait for the “FIRST INCIDENT” – which we all know will occur -that will end it, unfortunately at the price of a young boy(s)’ mental health, safety and more….

    • Didn’t end the Catholic Church, so….

      • no, and that was a horrible scandal but they are 1 billion strong, have strong moral principals (they don’t always live up to) and they are MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN. MOTHERS do not want their young boys pressured, even exposed to gay boys, gay literature, gay knots gay anything – try a poll on that – you lose.

        • I think you will find that there are almost NO
          boy scouts/molesting cases.

          except in your hate filled mind of course.

          the church has thousands.

          gay knots

          god your stupid.

  93. As a long time Cub and Boy Scout leader who’s been in many of the discussions, my take on it is this. It all comes down to money. Let’s face it, Popcorn does not fund the program. They offer our boys so much at such a reasonable price, the only way they can do that is with corporate donations. When the issue of the gay ban first came up, they started losing sponsors left and right. Not only that, non-profit groups started dropping them too. So, either they bent to the liberal agenda and openly admit gays, or the program closes down due to funding. And, quite honestly, I don’t really see what they uproar is about. Sex, either Hetero or Homo, is not a part of the scouting program. No person, leader, scout or other should be touching or in any way being alone with any scout. We have Youth Protection Training for that exact reason. And parents, you need to be talking to your kids about it openly and honestly. If someone crosses that line, they absolutely MUST tell someone. To say a gay leader is automatically a pedophile is ignorant. Our kids need to learn to protect themselves in any situation, scouts, school or otherwise. So, use the opportunity to discuss this with your kids to give them the skills to survive in the world and stop blaming everyone else. I would much rather have the program with gay leasers than none at all. IMHO

  94. The cancer is spreading to everything.

  95. Well that settles that. The Boy Scouts of America have fallen prey to the politically correct mental illness. My Grandsons, SHALL NOT PARTICIPATE in that particular “organization”. Instead of teaching Rugged Individualism, they now teach, Until it gets tough, then roll over and pee on yourself and snivel about it.

    • You must be a card carrying member of the “old fart club”.

      Since when did Cubs and Scouts teach “rugged Individualism”.
      your old brain has turned scouts into some kind of “rugged Individual fantasy”.

      Hate to break it to you, you may recall the whole program is based on a “pack”.
      for the challenged, that is a “group” not “individual ruggedness”

  96. THE BSA???? As an old Scout I went thru them all Tenderfoot, 2nd & 1st class, Star, Life and Eagle Rose from Platoon Leader to Jr. Asst. Scout Master. Also Order of the Arrow. And Explorer Scout. Now? Forget it ! The Gay and Lezzie groups with our POTUS, have destroyed the basic fundamentals. If you walked ‘light in your Loafers’; that was your business ! As a Leader who is expected to go camping with young Scouts?? NO Way Jose’. You were expected to teach by example not demonstration of your desires! I have ceased to support the BSA and I can only imagine of those who have passed before me, for their reactions. ~Rick Magee, “MOLON LABE”

  97. goodbye boy scouts. don’t ever ask me for a donation. if you send me a donation form I will write you back and say, when you go back to being upright and moral, than will I send you a donation, until then, $00.00

  98. Boy Scouts? We still have Boy Scouts in this country? More like sodomite explores.

  99. Any decent parent would not let their child in the fagscouts.

  100. Well my dollars will no longer find their way into Scouting. I have loved the program and what I have seen it do for young men. But I will not support its death spiral by liberal ideology in giving money to the program. Let these good churches form their own programs.

  101. One reason the Boy Scouts have “caved” to political correctness is because the Scouts have been sued a number of times in the past. The Scouts have always won; however, they had to go to court, hire attorneys, and incur court costs in order to win. These costs reduced their funds and led to a decrease in donations. Some who sued the Scouts had “unlimited money” to spend. My question is that since the BSA is a PRIVATE organization, why is anyone allowed to sue them for “inclusion” of LGBT scout members or counselors?

    • Why is it that mostly homosexual males want invade the Boy Scout, or claim that the are living as a male and want to be able to use the female’s bathroom and showers. You seldom hear of female homosexuals even want to join the girl Scots or used the male’s bathroom or showers. The Boy Scout units should move all into churches. Let the homosexuals start their own chapters.

  102. I’m just waiting to hear about the first sex assault on one of those little boys.

  103. C’mon folks. Most of these commentaries (below) are hateful and disgusting. Keep it clean. Keep it on point. Men, there are women who are present…. Do men still care? About being gentlemen? We, women should also keep to commenting on the issue. Let’s be adults. This is about protecting our children.

  104. Looks like I’m going to have to deny my youthful membership in the “Cub Scouts”, Boy Scouts”, and “Explorer Scouts”. People might relate to the “modern” Boy Scouts and think I joined for the perverted sex! Such a shame normal boys will be missing out on a wonderful experience just so perverted boys can have their way!

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