Boy Scouts Vote In Gays, Face Mounting Criticism

This May, Boy Scouts of America President Robert Gates called for the organization to finally end its longtime ban on gay Scout leaders. Positioning it as a change necessary to the survival of the institution, Gates referred to the policy as “unsustainable” in the current climate of lawsuits and corporate pressure.

Following his lead, the National Executive Board of the Scouts voted Monday to drop the ban. And if the policy keeping gay adults out of the organization was controversial, it seems that the reversal is even more so. Several religious groups were quick to denounce the change, including one that could have a big impact on the future of the Boy Scouts. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the largest single sponsor of the Scouts, announced that it was “deeply troubled” by the vote. Top Mormon leaders are expected to evaluate the church’s relationship with the Scouts in light of the new policy.

Mormon leaders aren’t the only ones upset by the changes. Roger Oldham of the Southern Baptist Convention decried the change as well. “We express consummate sadness that this once vibrant organization continues to cave to social pressure, compromising its long-held, constitutionally protected tenets.”

Those words, unfortunately, no longer appear to mean anything in the United States. Invoking the Constitution is a bad joke, considering how the current administration has run roughshod over the document. Liberal judges have seen to it that nothing takes a backseat to the LGBT agenda, including the Bill of Rights. Hell, the Supreme Court found gay rights hidden in the 14th Amendment! It’s amazing what you can do with a little ingenuity.

Membership in the Boy Scouts has been on a steady decline for years, and there’s no reason to suspect this ruling will turn things around. In fact, the opposite is likely to happen. Parents who once felt safe putting their kids in Scouts now understand that this is not the same organization they grew up knowing. And those parents looking for a place where their kids can learn wholesome cultural values will look elsewhere.

And so it happens that conservatives have lost yet another safe space. You know that term? Safe space? It’s what liberals call a little hideaway where they don’t have to hear opposing arguments about their wacko theories. But as important as these spaces are to liberals, they want to make sure there are none for the religious-minded. None for those who think this country would be better off without gay marriage. None for those who believe God will have final judgment on this epidemic of perversity and lawlessness. No, if you believe in any of those things, you don’t get a safe space.

When you corner an animal and take away its options, it attacks. It attacks with all the furious energy of a creature trying to stay alive. One by one, liberals are backing conservatives into just such a corner. And they may be surprised when the biting and scratching begins. They may be surprised at how desperately we want to preserve our lives.

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