Boston Paper Rips Elizabeth Warren for Attacking Law Enforcement

The Boston Herald published a searing editorial on Friday, ripping Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) for her habit of attacking American law enforcement whenever she gets the opportunity to do so. In the piece, the editors of the Herald recount the many times that Warren has taken sides against Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and police officers who are putting their lives on the line to keep the peace.

From the Herald:

Last year it was ICE she targeted for expulsion, saying that it should be replaced with “something that reflects our morality.” She bellowed to a boisterous Boston City Hall Plaza crowd that, “This is about children held in cages. This is about babies scattered all across this country.”

That screed included incendiary lines about ripping parents from their families, putting children in cages and treating “rape victims and refugees like terrorists.”

Just days later, a Cambridge man offered to pay $500 to anyone who would kill an ICE agent. Law enforcement officers — the same ones Warren derides routinely — apprehended and charged the man.

Unhindered by critical pushback in the media or the reality in the streets that included the tragic murders of two Massachusetts police officers in 2018, Warren forged ahead, exclaiming at a historically black college in August, “the hard truth about our criminal justice system: It’s racist … I mean front to back.”

Yes, this is Warren’s calling card, and it isn’t just limited to federal immigration agents. She was one of only two Democratic presidential candidates to push the disproven myth that Ferguson’s Michael Brown was “murdered” by a white police officer in 2014. She has made it clear in her rhetoric that she would be the most virulently anti-cop president we’ve ever had, which is really saying something when you take Trump’s predecessor into consideration.

“Law enforcement is under assault in this country,” the Herald’s editors continued. “Several ICE facilities have been attacked this year. On Wednesday, six Philadelphia police officers were shot in the line of duty during a standoff. Those same police also had to deal with being taunted by some bystanders, who laughed and yelled at them in the midst of the gunfire.

“Sen. Warren,” they concluded, “must stop using dangerous and false rhetoric immediately.”

Unfortunately, we’re quite sure the Herald’s advice will fall on deaf ears. But perhaps there are still enough good Democrats out there that some of this sunk in. We need a president who will support law enforcement and police, not one who will encourage – actively or passively – violence against them.

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