Border Wall Delayed to Avoid Government Shutdown

It was reported this week that President Trump is willing to let Congress delay funding for the border wall he promised until 2018 in the hopes of avoiding a messy government shutdown at the end of the week. But Trump pushed back on the reports this week on Twitter, saying that just because he was willing to push a spending bill through by Friday, it didn’t mean that his commitment to building the wall had softened in any way.

“Don’t let the fake media tell you that I have changed my position on the WALL. It will get built and help stop drugs, human trafficking etc,” Trump wrote.

That was echoed by Kellyanne Conway, who appeared on “Fox & Friends” to defend the president’s priorities.

“Building that wall and having it funded remains an important priority to him,” she said. “But we also know that that can happen later this year and into next year. And in the interim, you see other smart technology and other resources and tools being used toward border security.”

This isn’t really a decision at all, because there likely isn’t enough Republican support for the wall to do it in this upcoming spending bill. And it’s certainly not going to get any Democrat support. The government would shut down, and Democrats would keep it shut for the rest of the year before they caved on the wall. The polls right now are too lopsided. Trump’s supporters want the wall…but no one else is that pumped about it, including many Republican voters. It can wait.

In the meantime, Trump has to back away because the centerpiece of his wall proposal was that Mexico would pay for it in total. That may still happen, but Trump now says that it will be in the form of some kind of reimbursement package. Either forced upon the Mexican government or otherwise. And that plan can still come to fruition over the coming months and years of his presidency. No one expected all of this to happen instantly.

And there’s no hurry, because Trump’s election has already slowed the river of drugs and illegal immigrants to a trickle. The ongoing crisis of the Obama administration has been solved. That doesn’t mean the wall is unnecessary, but it does show you how so much can be accomplished simply by having a president willing to enforce the law.

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  1. Why does the Democrats party get their way no matter who has all the power?

    • Cowardice of the GOP!

    • Because they lie, cheat, steal, bully, harass, slander, and kill to shut down the opposition. Bad guys will always eventually get into power because of their willingness to do anything to get it and keep it. Christians are the only ones who can successfully push back, but usually only if united. Right now Christians are united behind President Trump and God placed him there because he is partnering with Israel. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it. Trump and Netanyahu are God’s men of the hour for this world and Christians to have leadership that God blesses.

      • Jesus will return for us before God will allow wickedness to take over. Trump is doing what he should be doing–enforcing the law. These protesters are law breakers. When war breaks out because these young people don’t know what they are thinking, then they will regret what they are doing and it will be too late.

        • it is only satans children who are anti-america that are fighting against president trump, god is on trumps side and with god all things are possible GOD BLESS AMERICA AND PRESIDENT TRUMP

          • Trump had better be on God’s side.

          • He definitely is. He is PRO-LIFE. He supports Israel; he loves his family. He loves America first and foremost and tries to do what is right. Above all else, he is human, makes mistakes and asks forgiveness.
            God bless OUR PRESIDENT ~

          • Millions claim to be a Christian but after watching them we see that their actions do not match up to what they claim of themselves…. Even Obama claimed to be a Christian and there has never been a more evil and deceptive man in the Oval Office..

            Before Mr. Trump decided to run for president he was supporting both the republican and democrat parties… He was also okay with supporting abortion…

            I realize he is having Bible studies and for now he appears to be trying to live a Christian life, but I have of yet seen a true humbleness within him, only time will tell for certain. I will continue to pray for him and all of his administration.

          • obama was raised islamic and they are taught to lie to any and all who are not islamic. He was never a Christian.

          • Bingo! You win the honor of being the smartest one I have conversed with today.

          • God is supporting Trump because he is trying to do the right thing. These protesters will realize they are wrong but it will be too late for most of them. They don’t realize they are actually on Satan’s side and doing Satan’s work. We are headed for Civil and World War III. We need to keep our eye on the Eastern sky. If you look, you can almost see Jesus coming. It is that close.

          • God’s an idiot then!

          • And you’re an atheist. Jesus is coming for his people and those who are not his will be killed. I feel sorry for your kids. And God isn’t the idiot. He warned everyone but few heed the warning.

          • Agnostic! Still waiting for proof, bit like aliens and ghosts.

            Where has God been for the last 2000 years? Is he on vacation or just really crap at his job?

          • Why don’t you ask him? If you read the Bible you would know why things are the way they are and you wouldn’t be the way you are. He’s not going to force you to listen like Satan does. It’s your choice not to believe. You will when it’s too late. But you’re not alone. Once WWIII breaks out it may be too late to change your mind. But God helps me all the time and if you would give him a chance he would help you too.

          • Genesis 19:24-25: Then the LORD rained on Sodom and on Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the LORD out of heaven; And he overthrew those cities, and all the plain, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and that which grew on the ground.

            Done it once, can do it again. Lazy git! No WWIII coming, few skirmishes here and there but the world continues to move forward. Sorry Ol’ Gal!

          • I thought you are an agnostic? And yes, it will happen again. Read the book of Revelation if it’s not advanced for you.

          • So, just tardy for the last 2000 years?

          • Can’t you look it up for yourself or does somebody have to read everything to you?

          • You have nothing or you’d produce – sad and pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Apparently you have no idea how to research for yourself and I’m no doing it for you. If you really wanted to know, you would look for yourself.

          • Nicht, nada, nowt. Sad!

          • You seem to be the only one in here that does not know how to research. Get off your lazy ass and do something for yourself. No one else in here is going to wait on you.

          • “Research” implies you have found facts to substantiate an argument. You have only found like-minded people who also have no facts!

            I might believe the earth is flat, I can find plenty of others that will believe this. Unfortunately factual science would seem to negate the idea.

            Let me know when you have “facts” not like-minded idiots!

            I’m offering $10,000 to prove my missives in-correct yet still you provide nothing. Were’s your heart you don’t want to help a charity? Not very Christian!

          • Thank God for that – the Ol’ Boilers gone to bed.

          • Lets see, so far in 2017,……Forest Fires, floods, open holes that swallow homes and cars, tornados, & earthquakes……….I would say that GOD is speaking……….

            So once again poohead……….you still have satan’s heart………Sorry ole poohead, once again you are wrong, and the world is suffering……….

          • Let’s 2000 years of wars, supposedly in his name. Plagues, famines all sorts of devilment – was he on vacation or just really tardy?

            My friend, a preacher, often invokes him for our football team – they’re still rubbish!

            Current suffering mostly to do with economic crisis America created and fires, tornados, earthquakes all have scientific explanation. Fail!

          • Like I said mrpoohead, do your own research, Nothing anyone can say or do will ever satisfy you so shut up, get off your lazy ass and do your own research.

          • Estell……Mr. poohead has the heart of Satan………..There is no way that GOD/JESUS would ever answer any question from poohead EVIL……….

          • Evidently poohead, you are one of those that GOD/JESUS has never answered………That means you have Satan’s heart and he recognizes you as evil……

          • Actually they won’t be killed, we will go up and leave the world to them for a while, for better or worse, I hate to be left behind, it will be madness until we return to take our world back.

          • Islam is the idiot CULT…………

          • Amusing; considering tht God is Allah is Yahweh. Yes, the same guy, different trousers. The same tree, different branch. Try again!


        • Now I know you’re nuts!

        • I read somewhere that at least one of our “Republican” congressional leaders is accepting palm grease from George Soros.

        • Those protestors just got out of parent’s basement…….they are flexing their muscles and would fight anyone that is not in full agreement with them……They are like Pelosi when she stated……..”Lets pass the BILL and then we will discover whats in it”………that was for Obamacare………Those juveniles in colleges/HS are totally ignorant to facts……….Of course they are being taught the Alinsky method by liberal/mooslum/mexican teachers.

          • You can add mrpoohead to the list of uneducated dummies. He thinks he knows it all but won’t take the time to research anything for himself. He only listens to his version of things.

        • Estella, where have you been for the last 50 years or more? God has given man freewill and man’s wickedness has ran rampant all across this nation, with approx. 68 million babies that have been murdered and that is just here in USA not to mention the child abuse, human trafficking, civil disobedience, corruption everywhere….. But I also believe Christ Jesus is standing a the threshold

          • Are you sure you’re supposed to address this to mrpoohead?

          • I’m sorry it does look as though it should have been sent to someone else.. I am thinking I went to the wrong article or something… Most always I use the excuse, I’m 68. But looking back at some of your comments I must say, Good work girl, keep it up. God Bless.

          • We all make mistakes. I know Ben Totuous gets paid by Soros and I suspect mrpoohead does also just from his remarks. God bless you also. Hope you have your bug out bag ready. If we don’t get these dummycrats in line we will need them.

          • I don’t know if you have ever seen any of my comments about USA coming destruction. I tell how the 9/11 attack was the first of three major attacks, the second will be approx. 1000 times greater and the third will be like none ever seen, and USA will never rise again… If interested Google: “watchman48 RFC Newsletter #101. God has used me in many way especially to deliver promise of a reunion and of forgiveness concerning abortion… Google: “watchman48 The Greater Message.”
            Yes my wife and I each carry bug out bags everywhere we go… God Bless

          • I’m glad you’re prepared–or at least getting there. Things are going to get a lot worse. The tribulation could break out at any minute.

      • Exactly right. The lying media play a big part also. The republicans are held to a higher moral standard by the media while,as said above, the dems lie,cheat,steal,bully,harass,slander,etc. and the media look the other way. While it probably wouldn’t have made any difference in peoples lives if the govt shutdown, every headline on every media outlet would blame Trump and the republicans.

    • Because there’s so many RINOS and establishment types that are hidden Dems.

    • Because Democrats are progressive-aggressive fascist thugs who know only one agenda – the destruction of our constitutional form of government through the destruction of our culture and values by “educators” and the Hollywood/film and Media/propaganda complex. They also accomplish the undermining of our Constitution with the help of a largely infiltrated judicial system.
      The “Republicans” are happy to just pose as Conservatives as long as they can hold their positions, receive pay, do some insider trading with government info, get lobbying money and are exempt from most of the malarkey they let the Democrats push through Congress.
      There’s no secret about the politicians’ rags to riches transformation. The only way to fix all of this is a Convention of States to regulate the regulators! One term and done, no pensions, pay cuts across the board for all so called “representatives” in all public offices to normal salary levels, politician pay raises need to be voted on by the taxpayer not Congress, no more insider trading for Congress, billionaires donating millions through corporations need to be legally liable for these “straw donations” and exceeding the individual limit just like everyone else, lobbying with straw donations, expensive lunches, airplane rides, vacations etc. needs to be called and prosecuted as what it is “BRIBERY”! No more donations from unions, they are also “straw donations” from union members, that many of them vote against the “union” candidate does not matter, some get to “give” twice and violate their individual limit that way. If you don’t live in a state you don’t get to pump money into it to change the election outcome, that goes for party HQs as well as outsiders like Mr. Bloomberg who has never seen a state border he liked. All of those are examples of how Americans can take their government back, in a constitutional process without Congress nixing it and that has no chance to be “runaway” because it has to be ratified by a majority of state legislatures.

    • I expect that part of the reasons are that both Foghorn McConnell and Weasel Ryan agree with the dems (at least in part), they bow and scrape to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which supports open borders, and both of these “leaders” feel so secure that they have a “screw you” attitude to the voters. The convention of stated is a viable answer t these arrogant establishment types.

    • Because the Republicans are wimps, spineless, no gonads, & too many RINO, Trojan Horses in the party.

  2. The GOP is falling for the same swill, I say SHUT IT DOWN!

  3. David Harrington

    Wow! What a load of bunk. You guys just cannot face that you have been conned by a rich guy…. SUCKERS!!!!!!!

  4. Should take Cruz’s suggestion and have El Chapo pay for a portion of the wall from the billions confiscated.

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      • Well, ain’t YOU the big-ass entrepreneur? DEFINITELY NOT! You are a get-rich-quick con artist cluttering up this forum with pure drivel! Go pound sand!

      • are you donating all you make with this stupid advertising to the wall?

    • I like that idea

    • i so have to agree with you take all money taken from drug dealers to build the wall, it will then stop flow of drugs into texas, and the flow of human traffcing as well

      • My last paycheck was $22500 for working 12 hours a week online.Start earning $97/hour by working online from your home for few hours each day with GOOGLE… Get regular payments on weekly basis… All you need is a computer, internet connection and a litte free time… Read more here
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    • Some dumb Repub congressman from TX (sorry, don’t remember his name) was on TV saying he had been in the CIA for 9 years, etc., and knows the wall won’t help, and there’s no way TX needs the wall, etc.. He also said that confiscated drug money is already earmarked to support the DOJ. All I could think of was LIAR about him when I heard a rancher who said over the past years more than 500,000 ILLEGALS crossed his property and he welcomes the wall. The Border Patrol agents want the wall. It’s the darned NWO, globalists who don’t.
      Bet if the administration started a go-fund-me page, we’d raise the money to build that wall and by pass stupid congress totally, along with using confiscated drug cartel monies.

      • That’s a great idea!

      • CIA is conducting business strictly in DC or in foreign nations, as for that idiot’s claim of being in the CIA I am highly skeptical.

      • Damn them all, cut off all money to all sanctuary cities and states… Call out the US Navy Seabees and build the wall..

        • carla AMERICAN

          That’s exactly what i’ve been saying ! American Military builds bridges, dams, roads all over for foreign countries plus we give all of them foreign aid ! Stop all of it ! America First !

          • It is the only thing that makes sense… There would be attempts coming from the Mexico side to stop the construction. If I were president I would give the Mexico government stern warnings that our Seabees would be heavily armed even with snipers as lookouts and any attempt to create an incident or to stop this construction will be met with extreme consequences to the point of injuries or death.

      • raffaelecafagna

        Stop Foreign Aid to Mexico ; Stop Benefits to Illegals .

    • Man – Just collect the fines owed for crossing into the US – reimburse for taking support —– I have YET to see the courts take fine money from these people but yet they brag about paying thousands to smugglers…..

  5. Let the bloody govt. shut down. The RINOS are putting this off for some reason. Build the wall! Let the lame Congress shut down. All they do is take time off anyways.

    • KDC, that is something I wish we could change. Why the Congress takes off 120 days per year (supposedly “working in their hime districts” – FUNDRAISING every day even when in DC) and the Senate 93 days is beyond me. Where I worked, we had two weeks off – if we had earned that number of days. That was it, plus the legal holidays.

      • Totally agree. What needs to change are term limits, what they vote for us, goes for them too,( no special perks) and time off down to two weeks vacation. They get paid very well.

    • The one good thing about congressional “holidays” is that while they are off at least they aren’t messing things up. (I wonder how much their salaries amount to on a per day basis.)

  6. Let the Democrats shut it down !!!

    • They did it a few years back and somehow the country did end. Obama imposed his shutdown aimed at making it inconvenient for visitors to national parks and the Mall, in his pathetic attempt to say: “see what those nasty republicans caused”. And every person not familiar with how the government actually works believed him. Actually a government shut down impacts only those nonessential jobs, the civil servants can use vacation days to offset loss of pay and as many of them did filed for unemployment, they did not loose any benefits.

    • The worse part about waiting till 2018, is that the Demo- rats will pull the same manure that they are doing now………….They are acting out their egotistical juvenile manure because they want to be elected via the illegals……….If those ego maniac politicians want to shut it down and not get paid…………I SAY lets go for it………….Have a feeling they get paid for doing nothing tho………

  7. I TOTALLY, love the idea Sen. Cruz has put out! Take the Millions’Billions, of dollars that “El Chapo”, had & that the U.S. Confiscated, when they Finally arrested him & put him in Prison–Use THAT Confiscated money, I believe, perhaps $14/Billion, to, at least begin the building of the Border Wall! It is a Fantastic idea, & & OBVIOUSLY, coz it was “drug Money”, “earned”, by El Chapo, from U.S. “USERS”, it should be used to keep FUTURE “El Chapos”, outta the U.S.! Go, CRUZ!

  8. Michelle Minze-Bryant

    I’m so glad Trump is enforcing the law. It’s crazy that no other President cared. It’s even crazier that Obama let them all in, against the laws of the country. That should be an impeachable offense. The safety of the country is at stake, I mean especially when no one was documented. Another way for terrorists to cross our borders without being detected. I mean it could be one of a terrorist other governments are looking for. I know my thought are far fetched, but MS-13 may just be the tip of the iceberg.

  9. CRUZ had a GREAT idea,let drug money pay for the wall. EL CHAPO $16 Billion…..great start!!!

  10. Sold out again? Excuses, excuses, but nothing gets done! What a bunch of do nothing people we elect. Sad time for America!


      • Brenda, I hear you, but republicans control it all and the house doesn’t need any votes from democrats. Trump should be able to get his agenda accomplished thru the house at the very least. The senate needs to force the vote and if the demoRATS do not want to participate then let them shut the government down. Why compromise with the devil, you will loose every time. It appears to me we have very poor and weak leadership in the house and senate. We the people gave them the house, senate and President and they act like children with their trivial fighting over who’s on first! As America declines we have sold out globalist committing treason right before our eyes.

    • How WI ever re-elected Ryan over Paul Nehlen or AZ re-elected McCain over Dr. Kelli Ward is beyond me. Both traitors, RINOS, and despicable.

  11. The republican party campaigned on building the wall and repealing the insurance rape, last year.
    Not repairing the insurance rape, nor replacing the insurance rape.
    Suddenly the RINO c-suckers are talking about not bullding the wall or repealing the insurance rape.
    We don’t care if the governmnent gets shut down we want the wall built and we want the insurance rape repealed.
    20 years you rino scim have been doing this to iusa.
    If the only to get rid of the RINOS is to leave the republican party lying in the weeds bleeding after the next election, so be it, we are tired of talking to you.


    • We had better or we are doomed. In Sec. Prices’s former seat, Handel in GA needs your help, folks. Donate to her – she is running against a slick demoncrat Ossoff and she MUST defeat him. Please help her, make calls, donate, do whatever you can. I’ve already donated and President Trump is flying there tomorrow to help her.

      • No such thing as a “Slick Democrat” just ones who think their slick, because remember we are just dumbass voters in their dysfunctional minds.

  13. You won the election. Lets get your party together and put Schumer and his political midgets on the bubble. DON’T back down on the wall. Let the dems commit hari kari by shutting down the government. The wall is what got you to the White House, build it NOW!

    • As you pointed out, we WON in November. Don’t we have more votes in both branches of congress to bulldoze the leftists aside? (I’m talking the option of a simple majority to pass something here.) If allowed, the putting aside of the wall and the implementation of Obamacare 2.2 (aka Ryan’s RINO care) will sit and fester while these useless “representatives” continue just as before, wasting the opportunity to reverse course. No excuses, build the wall now and completely repeal Obamacare getting government out of the insurance business.

  14. Building the wall should not have been delayed. The dumbass notion of building the silly-ass wall should have been ABANDONED ENTIRELY!!! Half of Trump’s absurd ideas about the wall have already been scrapped, namely the insane idea that Mexico will pay for the thing. Time now to scrap the wall itself!

  15. Boycott travel to Mexico! Vacation in the USA and Mexico will Gladly Pay for the Wall! US Citizens​ spend billions for vacations to Mexico every year! Don’t do it! USA is way prettier and Safer!

  16. A government shut down won’t hurt Trump!
    Not building the Wall is suicide.

  17. Bull $cheeieit the border wall has nothing to do with it. You greasy cork sucking libers didnt count on Trump and real americans. We will kick the dog $cheieit out of you.

  18. Interesting! This is all abt the Border Wall WHICH WAS ON THE SAME BILL THAT DeFUNDED PLANNED PARENTHOOD. Nothing abt P.P.D.?

    SO, is P.P.D. still getting defunded or did that conveniently get tabled too – to the dismay of millions of American voters? Come on President Trump! You said you were working for the American people and would do what they wanted! So what’s up? Are you still stopping Planned Parenthood’s federal funding?

    It has been found out that their (PPD) biggest source of income is from abortions – Not women’s health care which is the lowest of their incomes…not to forget “selling baby parts” to private companies – which brings in part of the ABORTION income and makes that category fly off the charts!

    American tax payers should NOT be paying for personal choices that give the Planned Parenthood CEO riches beyond compare. This is immoral and wrong on all counts! Fix this please!

  19. Let the Dems shut the gov’t down.This only shuts down non-essential areas anyway. A great way to slim down the obesity of government.

  20. Confinsscate all monies that are being sent to foreign countries by western union and other companies for six months, stop all social security checks given to illegal immigrants, confinscate all charities going to mexico, africa, take all proceeds from straight talk phone services that belong to a rich mexican sold at walmart, and send our military that is building for foreign countries to build the wall and patrol it. Our military is suppose to protect America from both domestic and foreign. So let them remove communist liberals , all 12 million immigrants, both Mexican, black and white gangs. Let congress shut down the government then Americans can fire them with no trouble since they left the jobsv they were voted to do, demand Trump to allow them to shut the government down since they threaten to do it every six months. Demand It People ! And get ready to fire them !!

  21. Trump sold out. Thought he was tough……. Shut down the government, who cares. Last time republicans won more seats in the House. Next sell out and I get really worried about Trump.

    • I wish I could argue with you. It surely does seem that he gave up too easily. I’m also more than a little disappointed in his “new” position on the so called “dreamers.” In my estimation those who come here illegally are simply looking for a free ride on our dime. A one way ticket to the sewer of origin with a guaranteed “may NEVER apply for citizenship” indicator placed by his/her identification sounds about right to me.

  22. So tired of these damned worthless politicians.
    They all need to be replaced .

  23. Destroy the Democrat Party/NWO. The Globalists can go pound sand.

  24. This is frigging unacceptable! Build the damn wall!

  25. you idiots—the govt never shuts down—nothing stops except for congress doing things stupid—the rest is open 24 7 365

  26. Wish the hell the would shut down the government except for essential services. Like shut down, e.g., the DOE, the IRS, Dept of Agriculture, EPA, and so many useless Agencies within our government. The best thing that could happen is send Congress on a permanent vacation. The further they are away from the District of Corruption the better.

  27. The wall WILL be built – It’ll save the US hundreds of billions in welfare – SS – food stamps – education – medical – etc….put these welfare wonders to work —— WELFARE IS NOT A CAREER CHOICE…..

  28. The wall delayed again?? We have a Republican President, Congress and Senate and we are still allowing the Democrats to call this shots? We can’t even get 1B$ in the budget to start the wall or we are once again threatened with a government shutdown. You either have the power or you do not, or, you are to corrupt to use it. It appears Trump has been betrayed both political parties.

  29. Build the wall!

  30. STUPIDITY!! and Wait Isn’t the President supposed to submit a Budget or has all of that been lost?!?!?!

  31. This delay is a crock. So let Chuckie shut down the government, the GOP controlled congress has done little to nothing anyway so shut her down Chuck, we apparently are loosing nothing. This delay is a lame excuse to keep putting off the wall so the illegals can continue to come in and all the while hoping that the taxpayers will give up and shut up. I recommend that we invest in some salt water crocks and flesh eating fish and add a moat to the wall to dispose of would be illegal crossing attempts.

  32. Forget the “do nothing” Democrats (acting as the enemy) and go over Their heads. We are at war and have been since 9/11—Our Government is spending Billions watching Americans from within and yet, THE BORDER REMAINS UNSECURED—-this make no sense at all. USE OUR MILITARY AND BUILD THE WALL, the Army Corp of Engineers, dummy.

  33. Tell Ryan and McConnell to keep the promised border wall or quit and go home so someone else will keep the promise.Just get it done,

  34. Government shutdown a sham. Federal reserve system covers full budget deficits by Quantitative Easing electronically.details are included in

  35. Mr. Trump again is caving to the whims of the Demoncommiecrats and RINOs if the Demoncommiecrats fail to vote on the budget then vote without them they are failing the people by failing to do their job, even if they fail to get the 60% of the votes in favor of the veto the nay sayers.

  36. We have been “at war” since 9/11 and one excuse after another has been put forth by Washington with one thing in common: NO SECURE BORDER.

  37. Sell pieces of the wall just like they sell land on the moon at moonestates dot com. Sell advertising space to help defray the cost of maintenance and upkeep. There are 2 sides to the wall so Mexicans could buy advertising space on their side and politicians could buy campaign slogan space on both sides. There are many ways to creatively finance this thing. OR we could take the DemonCrat approach and just let them in and watch the cost of our public schools continue to skyrocket as the quality of education plummets and the drug problem worsens. A Dumbed Down America means more demoncratic voters and more defective politicians like Reid, Pelosi and Waters, to name a few.

  38. carla AMERICAN

    Re end agreement Trump ! Let them shut the government down ! Those who have families to feed, mortgages, medical will toss them on their assets ! Let them face the supreme court’s for Treason ! Don’t do it Trump ! America could face obama’s dictatorship in five months !


  40. Build the wall; or shut down the government. No more excuses.

  41. Gary Von Neida

    REAL SIMPLE! Consider Our ongoing Invasion (some of Them have to be Radical Islamists) acts of WAR.: enlist the Army Corp of Engineers (BY-PASS THE IDIOTIC CONGRESS and spineless Republicans) to “take on” the WALL PROJECT. Start at the Pacific Ocean, NOW.

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