Border Town Residents Ready for Trump to Stop the Flood

According to a new story at, residents of Texas border towns are eagerly waiting for Donald Trump and a Republican Congress to stop the flood of illegal immigrants that have made their cities more dangerous.

In the piece, a Brownsville woman named Pamela Taylor talks about how her cozy little town has changed in the seven decades since she and her husband first settled into their new home:

She would never have predicted her one-story brick home, surrounded by bright pink bougainvillea bushes and mesquite trees, would become a makeshift crash pad and hideout for border crossers, drug smugglers and human traffickers.

“It’s a way of life now,” Taylor told “They come every day.”

Taylor, whose property is on the front line of the border battle, says illegal immigrants have been using her land to sneak into the U.S. for years. One day, the 90-year-old grandmother recalled, she even walked into her living room to find a border crosser trying to evade capture.

In their reporting, found that many residents in south Texas felt like Taylor. They are watching their friendly town deteriorate under the weight of illegal immigration. Local business owners are concerned that the rise in criminal activity will ultimately destroy the viability of towns like Brownsville.

We can point to a million reasons to explain why this is happening, but it really comes down to this: It’s happening because the American people are almost completely unaware of what’s going on. The evils of illegal immigration are ignored by the mainstream media in a concerted and willful way. That was why Donald Trump’s rhetoric against illegals was seen as so shocking and uncalled for. As far as mainstream America is concerned, illegal immigration is barely an issue.

Unfortunately, it is. It’s a big issue. And when you start talking about the ancillary effects of a porous border – i.e., drugs – you’re talking about an issue that is crippling the United States in many ways.

Thankfully, there are news outlets like Fox News that cover illegal immigration with the gravity this topic deserves. And thankfully, we have a president incoming who will make securing the border his top priority. With a little luck, we can roll back the clock in towns like Brownsville and…well…make America great again.

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  1. Every single politician that is for open border needs to live adjacent to the border so it can be seen how many of the snowflakes can survive

  2. ILLEGALS have been a growing problem that both sides of the aisle are too C.S. to deal with seriously. Now with Trump we see a light at the end of the tunnel. (Maybe) What is promising is the fact that ILLEGALS are already starting “self-deport” following Trump’s election. THEY take him seriously and are choosing to leave just like they did in Arizona UNTIL Holder’s injustice dept. sued them to make AZ stop enforcing the law! That should all change now!
    The law IS the law and no more of this cry-baby crap about busting up families. That’s for ILLEGALS to deal with. This is a result of their actions and choices. They and they alone are responsible for their families. Too bad, so sad! AMF!

    • Thank you, TexRancher!

    • “Holder’s injustice department.” No words were truer spoken. Obama, Holder and Lynch, together while they ruled, violated laws and discriminated against the majority and thumbed their noses at those of us who have to follow the rules.
      To me this administration has done more to divide us than to fix it. The hatred shown against law abiding citizens who came here legally and were born here remains simply mind boggling. And those who will no longer be pulling the strings are about to lose their power. Thank you to the millions of people who voted the troublemakers out.

      • send them all to Gitmo

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    • well I don’t care if they bust it up or not I didn’t tell them to come over here …if their families want to stay together then they are more and welcome to go with them …I want them too myself heck i’ll help get them to the border if need be

    • Democrats have found a way to force these people to vote. They do it without the illegals consent or knowledge. In CA Democrat operatives are alerted when an illegal applies for a drivers license.

      The Democrat operative then takes the persons name couples it with a fake SSN, and registers the illegal. In most cases these illegals are not going to vote as all they really want to do is work hard and make some money. BUT, now the Democrat operative can inject his/her fake vote into the system.

      This happens without the illegals knowledge or consent.

      I can think of no other reason the politicians have not closed the border.

      • You have not proof that this is correct.

        • Just my theory. Based on simple observation. I am not in a position to provide proof, but, living here in CA I believe it s more than plausible.

          CA is a banana republic. Controlled by Democrats.

          Elite Republicans = Elite Democrats = Elite MEDIA…

          We assume that when it comes to counting the votes, the Republicans are keeping the Democrats honest, and the Democrats are keeping the Republicans honest, and the MEDIA is keeping everybody honest….

          In CA’s case, NOBODY is keeping the Elites honest.In CA’s case, the elites control who count the votes. The CA peoples votes do not matter.

          “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
          —-Joseph Stalin

        • Ask yourself this question..

          How did Hillary win against Bernie in the Primaries?

          Typical Bernie rallies drew crowds between 3,000 to 10,000 enthusiastic people. And he had a whole bunch of them.

          I think Hillary had three rallies, none with more than 300 people attending. AND those that attended were invited, or hand picked if you ask some…

          It was CA that pushed Hillary over the top to win the primary… I think Hillary’s machine counted the votes.

  3. Get the disease ridden Illegal vermin the hell out of the country they voted 3 million strong In the election and that needs to end !

  4. Good Riddance obama! Glad to see you go!

  5. I live close to the Heart of Texas, those that live in Texas know where I am at. Just this week we had children of illegal aliens checking into our School.
    That is 500 miles north of Brownsville. They get places faster on foot than we can in A pickup.
    You can’t blame them for wanting A better life, that is why the US needs to put pressure on there government to quit stealing the money & start putting it back into there own Country for the people to have A better life there. Hell send Soros down there & let him pay to make it better for the working class in Mexico??????

  6. And to think Hillary would have opened the borders and brought in 65 thousand Quran reading Muslims every year. Tim Caine promised Amnesty to every illegal, within Hillary’s first 100 days.
    Absolutely scary when you think how close we came to losing America, thanks to these sorry low lfe Traitors.

  7. Anyone who DOESN’T see a problem with illegals sneaking over the border into the U.S. is someone that doesn’t have a problem with where our tax dollars go. I’m talking about billions of dollars that could have better been spent on our veterans, senior citizens, schools, military, etc. It is likely because they themselves are reliant on the government for their own lazy, good for nothing existence. I regard illegals as like an infestation of cockroaches that scurry when you turn the light on.

    • I would go further than that by calling anyone who doesn’t see a problem with illegals sneaking into the USA an Idiot!

  8. The problem is that AMERICA has RINOS like Paul Ryan that are against closed borders and are fur the flooding of America’s shores with filthy muslimes. Ryan himself has built an iron fence around his whole property to keep out everyone and everything ,he also sends his kids to an elite private school where they do not have and am sure they would not let in any muslime filth. For him and two faced filth like him “what is good for the goose is NOT good for the gander”.

  9. TEXAS shares a 1,254 mile border with Mexico. TEXANS are damn tired of the federal government’s intentional lax border security and the influx of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. This problem has adversely affected TEXAS. My hope is that President Trump will end this problem. BUILD the WALL – ENFORCE the LAW!!

  10. When our borders are open we get the criminals, the diseased, and the illegals working under the table, taking up our section 8, using welfare and food stamps all at the same time while sending 100’s of millions back to Mexico. In the mean time we have our children, Vets, elderly and disabled suffering in poverty and living on the streets. Then you have Obama, and congress telling us the vets, disabled and elderly can only get a .03% cola while they give themselves a .16% raise because our nation can’t afford to give the people who earned the taxes and paid into them and the ones needing our help a buck or two, yet illegals take billions needed for our own and the DC crowd who have made millions off our citizens and have hefty retirement benefits pay themselves hundreds more because they can’t live on the $250,000.00 plus and primo free healthcare that they make those same vets, elderly and disabled pay for out of the thousand or so they receive each month. So think about who deserves what in our nation. Illegals? DC? Or those who put their lives on the line, who worked and paid taxes, or the disabled who should be cared for? Why are our citizens doing without while the DC elite give billions to imported terrorist, illegals and their own pockets?

    • There’s nothing that inflames the soul as much as seeing the young beauty, Kate Steinle, shot down in San Francisco by an ILLEGAL ALIEN, who’d been deported 5 times previously for criminal activity, running loose in the Sanctuary City of San Francisco because the authorities (gutless politicians, really) were too politically correct to follow the Federal law of the United States and deport him!

      • Or the children raped by illegals who were set free after being convicted of crimes by Obama, there are too many reasons to want our borders closed and when I hear “we have the same type of criminals already” to justify illegals being allowed to cross our borders freely I want to slap a few brain cells into activity in the idiots who think adding more illegal killers, rapists, and other criminals will improve our nation.

        • Excellent points all, Kay, and I agree completely. I just hope the Trumpster sticks with his hard-nosed approach to the ILLEGAL flow of migrants into this country. We help other countries – South Korea, for example – to secure their borders against invaders while our own borders are left unsecured, and our people are left to deal with the resultant aftermath of criminal activity and cultural disruption. Trump’s AMERICA FIRST policy should take care of this.

          • All the US citizens can do is arm ourselves and ammo up. Practice at the range and OC/CC up. Form a neighborhood militia. After all, the local police are only a few minutes away, while the response time of a .38 revolver or .45 semi auto is 0.01 seconds.

          • I’m down with that, reagangs. Lock’n load…

          • That’s right. Just kill them. Good advice, Bucky.

          • Just took possession of a new Smith & Wesson 357 on Friday, had to wait 3 days to get it, took it to the range Saturday she shoot straight and true!

        • I guess you don’t know anything about our border control system. You should look it up and learn a few things.

          • Having grown up in Tucson AZ and dealt with illegals and the destruction they have brought to AZ I am well aware of our border laws. It is the ILLEGALS WHO DO NOT USE THE LEGAL BORDER CROSSING WHO HAVE THE PROBLEM. Maybe you should look them up. Illegal means against our laws. In plain language if you cross into this nation illegally you have broken the laws of our land and need deported not given free housing, food stamps, medical and educations. I also learned first hand how they work under the table while collecting benefits and my bank told me about the millions just their branch sends back to Mexico. Please do not tell me what I know and do not know. I suggest you visit any illegal crossing these people use to enter our nation and then tell me why those states aren’t pissed off a lot more than they are.

          • You didn’t tell me what you actually know about our border crossing system. And how many of these “illegals” are causing problems. All of them or just a few. And how many of your average white dudes are toking up on joints or shooting stuff into their arms?

          • Let me see, as I have gone to Mexico several times and returned at a proper border crossing where I had to produce proof of my citizenship, declare anything I bought or received and having been behind Mexicans wanting to legally enter I watched as they had to produce Visa’s and the reason for entering, how long they planned on visiting and when they planned on returning, then led off to be check for anything illegal they might be trying to bring into the country. I also went with a friend of mine who forgot to bring her proof of citizenship and they held her at the border crossing while I drove back to Tucson, AZ got her proof and drove back to prove she had a LEGAL RIGHT TO ENTER OUR NATION. We have laws and if you enter legally you do so at border crossing where border patrol verifies your right to enter our nation.
            As for white, brown, or any other color of skin I know that might be doing drugs, is neither here nor there as it just proves our nation has enough criminals of their own without allowing more to enter when ever they choose. Also knowing a family in Wilmington, DE whose daughter hooked up with an illegal Mexican who had Aids and spread it to her, her two sons, and a few other females he slept with, by the way they all died from it, I understand why they have immigration laws to prevent such diseases to enter our nation as we have enough of our own.
            As for how many are criminals and how many are not, ALL ILLEGALS ARE CRIMINALS BECAUSE THEY KNOWINGLY BROKE OUR LAWS, but some are murderers, rapist, robbers, drug dealers, etc and we do not need to add to the crooks and killers and criminal element we already have. I have never met an illegal who was not a criminal as the second they crossed into our nation illegally they broke our laws knowingly thus are criminals. That could be why they are called illegals.

      • That was one person involved in the shooting. It does not speak for all immigrants by a long shot. Get a grip.

    • We emigrated from England, had to wait 10 years for Green Cards, but we waited inline. Now when we go back to visit the UK we see exactly the same as it is here, thousands upon thousands of immigarnts many of them illegals let in by the pathetic Governments, mostly during Socialist rule, they take the housing, school places, hospital beds, Free Money given to them, they have all the latest gadgets, big screen TV’s, cars, the best iPhones, designer clothes etc and the poor hard working Brits see their Taxes being given to those who have contributed zero to their country. My relatives are fuming mad but still the moronic idiots in power stand by and watch as these people flood in to swamp the British Isles. Bear in mind that the whole of Great Britain would fit into Texas almost 3 TIMES and has 65 to 70 million residents!

      • Our nations have made it worth wild for illegals to invade our nations and take advantage of our working class while being rewarded for breaking our laws while the very same government punishes the tax payer and citizens by raising their taxes, cutting the benefits that could help our poor and disabled and vets while telling us that the law breaking illegals deserve a better life at our expense. If the millions of illegals are so unhappy with their nations then why are they not there fighting to change it? Because we give them a free ride off our own citizens and pay the politicians to endorse it.

        • The illegal aliens invaded the U.S. to vote fraudulently for the corruption they fled in their home countries. It makes NO sense.

    • You have full proof that you accusations are 100% correct, I assume.

  11. I would have given that invader a third eye had he invaded my home to avoid capture!

  12. it shows just how STUPID they are, they came here, on here say, an then they abusied the system, an now they are crying, they brought this on them selves. come here thru the legal front door, an your familes will not get busted, up, an they won,t , because you all need to go back, babies born here by illegals are as illegals as their parents.

  13. A wall must be built and, as all other countries do, it must have armed military guarding the border. If anyone tries to cross illegally. The military have the right to shoot them. Just as all other Nations in the world do. We of course would give them ONE CHANCE TO SURRENDER.

  14. The bikers should chase that “coon” out of town to the nearest oak tree and hang the “nigger” for attempting to ruin our country.

  15. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    We do need our border closed period.

  16. It’s bad enough that Brownsville residents have to deal with hurricanes, something we cannot control, but they are faced with on a daily basis the inflow of illegal aliens who are breaking the law–something we should be able to control. Build that wall!

  17. Illegal is still illegal. Deport all of them they are Invaders! If they leave of their own accord and have not broken other of our laws they can apply for legal admittance (not ahead of others awaiting legal entry for citizenship)
    and must swear allegiance to the USA and the Constitution and our form of government with no exceptions! If they do no leave of their own accord they shall never be allowed re-entry.

  18. For all the supporters of illegals it must be great not to live with the problem. Maybe politicians, supporters, msm and hollywood self declared stars should move in or at least spend a month in some boarder town and see the real truth for themselves. These supporters can ignore the immigration laws because they don’t have to live with the consequences.

  19. The real reason is that the globalists who actually run the government want an open borders, free labor migration, one world. They believe it will be a utopia and push that agenda. Sounds like a book I once read called the Bible.

  20. Friday. No more illegals. It’s a new day!! Build that wall

    • Why not just say: No More Spics?

      • That’s offensive. As offensive as OBAMA building a wall around his mansion to keep poor plantation blacks out. Mexicans may be divided as those who are legal might call illegals spics. Blacks call the ignorant uninformed blacks plantations. That part you probably know more about that question than I do. Are you Mexican?

      • Ok. No more spics. Happy?

  21. This stuff started under Clinton. I worked (LEO) along the border in the mid 90s. When OTMs (other than Mexicans) were caught, we could not detain them, as Clinton designated them as refugees. All we could do was fill out a hour of paperwork on each one, and give them a summons to appear at an immigration hearing within 3 days. Yeah, like they were going to show up.

  22. Bring some of Our Military home from Germany or Japan to cover the Border while building the wall.

  23. I love how OBama claims these people are an asset to our country. In what way is a non skilled, uneducated muslim that will never acclimate to American customs, religions, holidays or laws an asset to any country? They are nothing more than an infestation of deadbeat entitlement leeches that will never serve any purpose other than to bleed taxpayers dry and vote for a living rather than get a job. JUst the way the democrats want it.

  24. I am sick and tired of being told they do the jobs we don t want to do…they work in resturants, factories, construction even electrical while we have millions of unemployed citizens of all colors who would gladly do those jobs! The bulk of the females come here for the freebies and we pay for them to give birth over and over again while our young people can t afford to have children of their own!

  25. MyronJPoltroonian Note to one and all: It’s “Illegal Alien”, in law and in fact. (To paraphrase the most famous line from the movie “Treasure of the Sierra Madre”: “¿Passporta’s? ¡We don’ need no stinking passporta’s!”) Anyway: “Don’t Worry, Bob’s Here!” That was the punch line from a rather memorable commercial for a temp agency from a few years ago. I took that line, applied it to illegal immigration and came up with the following tongue in cheek essay: “Don’t worry, B.O.B.’s here!” “B.O.B.” stands for “Bag limit? Or Bounty?” (If Bounty, “Dead or Alive?”) It went on from there. Unfortunately, it’s lost somewhere in the old, real old computer it was created on. You, however, I believe, get the idea. It’s even been suggested that we pay “Bounty Hunters” for capturing Illegals, however, the trouble with bounty hunters is, as I see it, at least twofold; a. the cartel’s and their coyotes would take it personally and put out contracts on the known bounty hunters; and/or, b. the cartel’s would become the bounty hunters and collect at least thrice on their human cargo. First to bring them in, second, to turn them in and then third, to await for the illegals to want to try to come back and pay them for their help again. And that, my friends, would be a vicious cycle indeed. I’ve suggested that we fire up the nation’s “Mothball Fleets”, work out a suitable deal with say, Argentina’s Terra del Fuego, or Singapore, or maybe Somalia, to serve as debarkation point(s) and have their country of origin applies pay us a barrel of oil a day (or week, or month) for each and every day an illegal is here. These ships would be convoyed all the way with US Navy protection on training exercises in the area(s) involved. Another suggestion I’ve made over the years was to clear a ten to twenty five mile wide swath along our southern border (If they complain, we’ll just put it on their side) – salt water to salt water – and turn this strip of land into a live fire, combat training range subject to continuous, unannounced live fire exercises. From small arms to howitzers, aerial bombardment to shore batteries, booby traps to bouncing betty’s. 24 hours a day, everyday of the year, there will be continual and unpredictable live fire exercises and armed patrols, aided by UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) equipped with electro-optical/infrared sensors, with standing orders to interdict all attempts to go through, under, around or over this combat training ground and intercept all trespassers. Then, when convenient, remove them to a staging area to be subjected to a biometrical scan and entered into a national database, then unceremoniously taken to the furthest border crossing and either sent packing immediately, or sent to a FEMA Detention Camp and prepared for a sea voyage. Oh, yes. It should be called the General “Black Jack” Pershing Military Reservation. Why? “In 1916 Pancho Villa and his Bandido’s raided the town of Columbus, New Mexico, and in response President Woodrow Wilson sent General John “Black Jack” Pershing into Mexico after him. Back then, American authorities at least did something when the border was violated.”

  26. We need to stop the flow of illegals into our country. We must deport all criminal illegals immediately (crimes out than illegal entry). We need to strip those given citizenship under the Obama administration by accident citizenship. Quite frankly entering the United States illegally is a crime, but we tolerate that for that for awhile. We need to make it clear that they will not receive any government benefits or assistance from now on. We must deny federal funding to sanctuary cities and all government aid and benefits to their citizens and illegals as long as their local government tolerate illegals.

  27. well if he can’t then we won’t feel the position cause we sure are not going to put a dem. one you can count on that

  28. The border is bad enough but those same people passing thru go inland and night after night you see the crimes they are doing. Big cities like Tucson and Phoenix are overrun with them and it is getting worse by the day. Time that the border patrol be given shoot to kill on drug and those smuggling in people, that would slow them down.

  29. Tomorrow we will have a true American as our President; he knows the danger the illegals bring to America. He has a battle on his hands but we true Americans are ready to clean our country of illegal immigrants, out of control black mobs and muslims. Go get the President Trump; True Americans support you. Semper Fi. 51-=56 GOD BLESS AMERICA

  30. This article is about right , But as always Foreign Criminal Invaders are referred to as illegal Immigrants , My fellow American Brothers and Sisters with the Border Patrol have become so cynical in the last 8 years they say Unregistered Democrats , The Liberal Lefty Loonie Idiots still try to push the narrative that Crooked Hitlery Rotten Clinton won the popular vote which is beyond ridiculous , It has already been proven that no less then 3.2 million illegal aliens voted for Shillary , Not to mention all the other Voter Fraud

  31. President Trump, build that wall and round up the illegal’s and put them on their side of the wall.

  32. Get the border wall up ASAP……….save our country from drugs, criminal illegals and save taxpayer money, state money and get rid of ALL sanctuary cities………HUGE BEGINNING!

  33. The nit wit politicians in CALIFORNIA ( Soon being renamed ) call them unregistered citizens….and give them EVERYTHING THEY NEED.
    There are none that are homeless….as opposed to Veterans, thousands of them living under Freeway bridges
    and such. It is absolutely CRIMINAL what is going on here, just disgusting and very sad.

    • Politicians in Kalifornia call them “guests” and “unregistered democrats”. I still call them “illegal aliens”.

      • We can only hope the tide will turn and folks will see, finally SEE , what is happening to the State we all loved and is being ruined right before our eyes.

  34. Let’s get all panic-stricken, folks. We can have “them” near us. If the guy even looks like a “spic” then we should just throw them out. There all, well, you know, just what Donald Trump said about them.

  35. Arizona is a constitutional carry state as well a border state, all border states should be that way, maybe the illegals will think about that then.
    Laws that say if mom and dad are foreign nationals so are kids, need to be implemented!!!

  36. No more problems on the border if I were running things?
    Fine Mexico doesnt want to help with the border this is what we do. Lay land mines and dont tell anyone where they are with the exceptions. It would be a 2 time deal some will have to explode for the illegals and drug dealers to fathom crossing into the USA is over.With a small group of people and budget you have drones now use them. Shut off money transfers to mexico. Tell the illegals if they are caught there will be a 10 year hard labor sentence no exceptions. I remember what they did to Tamoressi. I would still be in jail if it hadnt been for a spanish speaking man from San Diago. My friend and I were robbed in T.J. Mexico by a group of mexicans. I beat the shit out of 2 of them the rest got away with our money. It wasnt 3 minutes before I ran into this guy. My clothes were torn and I was bloody. A TJ policeman walked up behind and grabbed me. It was the wrong thing to do, I didnt know who it was. I picked up his wounded pride and opologized. The mexican explained to him what I just told him. I didnt bother asking to get my money back ! I concidered myself lucky its the last time I have been in Mexico. Let them all know they have 90 days to vacate the USA the right way! If they dont go through a border check they will loose their lives running back into Mexico on the trails.

  37. Please there are People Like Myself Living here in Miami, South Florida that Feel Your Pain. I started in the Ceramic Tile and Marble Business back in 1984 and at the Time Wages weren’t to Bad. At the Time We were making about $1.00 a Square Foot Laying Tile and about $2.00 Laying Marble! A little Better. Then in the Last Part of 1984 I Moved to Rochester NY. Up there We were getting about $4.00 a Square Foot because things were a little Different! Difference was Here in South Florida most everything was going Over Concrete Floors! Up North Most Floors were Sub Floors 1/2 Inch Plywood over the Floor Joists We had to either Apply Luan to the Floors and Lay Our Tile or Marble Over that. Then as Time and Material Progressed Wonder Board and Durock was Starting to be Used.
    Anyway I got kinda Lost talking about Wages here in South Florida at the Time Illegal Immigrants were cutting Our Prices back then that is another Reason I moved to NY. Just a Little Tile and Marble Installation History!!!!

  38. My In-Laws, both now deceased, had to sell Their little Ranch in Vista , California due to Campaneros ( illegals camping in the hills) breaking into Their Home every time They were out of town for a few Days. The problem at Our border has been ALLOWED for over Fifty Years and needs to END NOW.

  39. Can’t have any of them, you know, “illegals” (we call them spics here) hanging around with all their drugs and sex traffic and stuff.

  40. Build the wall.
    Deport EVERY single illegal alien—–every single one—-OUT!
    bye bye

  41. Your being lied to. I actually live on the border illegals are not crossing into AZ through the desert.

  42. We can do something novel after Ogayarabnegros lawless run. It is simple and does not need a congressional vote. ENFORCE ALL laws dealing with illegal aliens to the max.
    if you are here illegally , you are gone. If you employ an illegal alien, you are prosecuted

  43. There are people here that think the 20% tax on Mexican imports is a good way to make Mexico pay for the wall. Stupid.

  44. The townspeople might like the wall. It is a disaster for the landowners. The wall can’t be built right on the river, so a hundred yards or so of people’s land has to be put on the other side of the wall (already happened along the existing fence).
    A farmer that made a good living farming 400 acres, found that after the fence cut off 110 acres he could barely make a living on what was left.

  45. It is now 8 days in office and the Democrats are still delaying in giving the President his Head of the Justice Department. You can’t trust those Democrat Senators to do anything for the good of the country.

  46. The disease ridden vermin are here by the millions and they are voting get them the hell out !

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