Border Surge: No One Was Sent Back

According to data from the Executive Office of Immigration Review, approximately 96 percent of the Central Americans who were apprehended at the border last year are still in the United States. The data, which comes straight from the Justice Department, proves that the Obama administration has taken few steps to deport America’s freshest illegal aliens.

Of the 77,000+ illegals who were scheduled to appear in court over the last year, only about 3,000 actually showed up for their deportation hearing. That left 96 percent of the cases to receive some form of amnesty or be deported “in absentia”, which means immigration authorities will take action…someday. A handful of cases have yet to be addressed.

Immigration officials insist that they have improved the situation at the border, but there has been a new surge with the new year. It’s not as bad as last year, but make no mistake about it: illegals are surging across by the thousands. And despite Obama’s vow to keep deporting illegals who have come across in the last couple of years, only a miniscule amount ever go back.

Not only does this demonstrate to us the future of immigration enforcement under the Democrats, it sends a clear message to would-be fence jumpers. Come on over, the water’s fine. As long as you aren’t a complete imbecile, you can easily avoid deportation. And hey, if you stick around long enough, we’ll see to it that you have a path to citizenship.

This is nothing less than an administration that has decided it is not beholden to the law. The fate of President Obama’s executive amnesty remains up to the courts, but it is clear that his general mandate is in effect. That mandate appears to encourage immigration enforcement authorities to essentially abandon their posts. It’s not even clear what would make an illegal immigrant subject to deportation these days. Not criminality, obviously; Obama doesn’t even want his authorities looking for deportation cases in prison.

It wouldn’t excuse it, but at least you could understand all of this if it reflected the will of the American public. If the president had essentially decided to thwart the law due to overwhelming support from the populace. Like, 90%+ type of support. But he doesn’t have anything near that. Most Americans want the law enforced. In fact, many would like to see it strengthened. But Obama isn’t moved by the people, just like he isn’t moved by the law. He’s out for his own agenda, which includes transforming this country by any means necessary.

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