Border Surge: No One Was Sent Back

According to data from the Executive Office of Immigration Review, approximately 96 percent of the Central Americans who were apprehended at the border last year are still in the United States. The data, which comes straight from the Justice Department, proves that the Obama administration has taken few steps to deport America’s freshest illegal aliens.

Of the 77,000+ illegals who were scheduled to appear in court over the last year, only about 3,000 actually showed up for their deportation hearing. That left 96 percent of the cases to receive some form of amnesty or be deported “in absentia”, which means immigration authorities will take action…someday. A handful of cases have yet to be addressed.

Immigration officials insist that they have improved the situation at the border, but there has been a new surge with the new year. It’s not as bad as last year, but make no mistake about it: illegals are surging across by the thousands. And despite Obama’s vow to keep deporting illegals who have come across in the last couple of years, only a miniscule amount ever go back.

Not only does this demonstrate to us the future of immigration enforcement under the Democrats, it sends a clear message to would-be fence jumpers. Come on over, the water’s fine. As long as you aren’t a complete imbecile, you can easily avoid deportation. And hey, if you stick around long enough, we’ll see to it that you have a path to citizenship.

This is nothing less than an administration that has decided it is not beholden to the law. The fate of President Obama’s executive amnesty remains up to the courts, but it is clear that his general mandate is in effect. That mandate appears to encourage immigration enforcement authorities to essentially abandon their posts. It’s not even clear what would make an illegal immigrant subject to deportation these days. Not criminality, obviously; Obama doesn’t even want his authorities looking for deportation cases in prison.

It wouldn’t excuse it, but at least you could understand all of this if it reflected the will of the American public. If the president had essentially decided to thwart the law due to overwhelming support from the populace. Like, 90%+ type of support. But he doesn’t have anything near that. Most Americans want the law enforced. In fact, many would like to see it strengthened. But Obama isn’t moved by the people, just like he isn’t moved by the law. He’s out for his own agenda, which includes transforming this country by any means necessary.

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  1. 11 counts of Malfeasance in Office.
    There will be a Grand Jury waiitng for you in Feb. 2017 Obama.

  2. Ah, you folks are still making things up. Good for you! Let’s continue to stir the pot of hysteria and hatred!

    • Please prove us wrong. Show us any report that Obama has deported these people. The only ones he has deported from this group went because it was women and children who did not want to be here and put in camps and they were sent back pretty quickly. The others were given court dates and disappeared into oblivion. Obama gave ICE’s orders to stop deportations in 2012. Well known fact.

      • And I may add are or will be sucking the tit of the fewer and fewer tax payers who are left to foot the bill for this corruption. The only hope now is to get someone in office who will shut the doors and start rounding up these criminals who willingly broke the laws of our country to gain entry and have no intention of following any laws that we have. We surely can deport every single one of them, it may take some time but it is doable and worthwhile.

        • And, I sent PutinOnTheRitz a web site that said there is much information on the internet put out by the administration that they continue to deport illegals which is not the case. They do deport, but they are people who they catch at the border (over and over again) that they don’t let pass, this is considered a deportation for the administrations talking points.
          So our government tells us over and over again that we have used up all our resources, water, oil, etc. and that we need to cut back but they continue to allow the illegals in in droves. How does that square with using up our resources? I guess the illegals do not use water or oil. How about the cost to our medical and educational systems? Since our federal govenment just keeps spreading the illegals around to the states and sticks the states with the costs they feel like it is ok.

          • Its all by design to weaken our American exceptionalism that we earned by freeing most of the free world at one time or another from tyranny. My grandfather went and fought the germans and left 5 babies and a wife at home when he went and fulfilled his duty to country. He did not make it home alive.So-I have skin in the game and am sick of what these scumbags are doing to our country. We need someone with the attitude that JFK had when he said….what can you do for your country–and not the other way around. Now – we have criminal illegals demanding their in our country. As much as people scoff at Donald Trump–we need someone who has no secret agenda for themselves–he has shown that he knows how it all works and has proven it. Buy American! Let the rest fend for themselves for a change.

          • I agree with you about Trump and so do some people I know but he says all of the wrong things and will never get elected. We need a strong president who will protect this country against people like Obama. The Liberals are still trying to pretend that he is not a socialist/progressive man who wants to see this country fail then be taken over by someone like him. If it keeps going the way it is now there will be no pay checks going to individuals all the money will be collected by the government and they will control everything and dole out little bits of cash to the population and enrich themselves like all of the other socialist countries do now. I happen to like that I could pick the house I live in and own it if I worked hard and paid my bills. That is all disappearing with the public section 8 housing that all the people who chose not to work are living in. I have a relative that has not worked since he was in his 30’s, at least at anything he reported and paid taxes on. He has been on Social Security Disability and Long Term Disability (an insurance policy) that he paid into for the

            few short years that he worked. During this period he rehabbed houses with his partner and made thousands of dollars. He is well enough to do that but was so impaired from artheritis that he could not hold a job. The last few years he has been a care giver under the table for several people. Well, last year when he became eligible for regular social security it was a very low amount as you can imagine as he had not paid into the system. So he lost his SS Disability, not sure about his long term disability, but he had to move into section 8 housing so that he could get government assisted living. But let me tell you the section 8 housing is in one of the best cities in California and they amenities are as good or better than you and I could afford. Why is it that people get away with this and our government entitles them to have this kind of abuse?
            We need to get rid of some of the old regime under both parties and get back to the basics of encouraging people to work.

      • From Pew Research: “High rate of deportations continue under Obama despite Latino disapproval” – Sept. 19, 2013, well after your supposed “order to stop deportations” in 2012.
        From ICE’s 2014 year-end report: “In FY 2014, DHS conducted a total of 577,295 removals and returns, including 414,481 removals and 162,814 returns. ICE had a total of 315,943 removals or returns, and CBP made 486,651 apprehensions.”
        That seems like an awful lot of deportations in light of your claim that Obama told ICE to stop deportations in 2012.

        • After all the proven lies they have been caught in daily–you keep believing what they tell you to. It must be true-its on the internet! Also-its been proven that the vast majority of these scoundrels lied about the reasons for coming and this info came from the govt. we have now. Another example is the lies that they tell about the unemployment each week and then have to correct the lies after getting caught again. They don’t even care if they are caught deceiving us anymore–just another smirk out of them.

          • Tell me: Do you think the DMV is lying to you? Because they, like the ICE, are a non-partisan, non-political entity whose workers are not hired on the basis of politics, and who serve during all administrations, Democratic and Republican. So I find it hard to believe that the hard workers of the ICE — they may even be your neighbors — are lying to me. They have a job to do, and they do it.
            Now, that begs the question: Are the people who write for this website, part of a larger entity that exists to generate traffic for the things that they sell, lying to us? Their motive is certainly clear: The more traffic they generate, the better their sales are. So the question is whether you want to trust a career employee whose income is not dependent on the numbers presented in his or her report, or do you want to trust a team of sales people who want you to buy their books, their survival gear, etc.?

          • Ice has not had any authority to do anything with the illegals in years.

        • Who said that they were deported after they got out of prison? they were not deported, he just opened up the prisons and said goodby. he has no clue if they left or not,

      • He hasn’t deported one damn person,. Your right. He hasn’t deported anybody from Colorado in years,

    • And, when they came for me, there was no one to stand for me.

    • Liberal jerk, unnecessary, that hatred is at a low boil, nothing more needs to be done to it.
      You liberal garbage are hated with a dept and intensity that has no bottom.

      • Thank you for that expression of hatred; I don’t hate you, even in return, and I’m sure God will forgive you when you finally come face to face with Him.

        • Yeah. But will He forgive you and your fellow socialists for destroying the greatest country on earth that was given to us by God-fearing patriots?

          • Actually, Jesus was, by today’s standards, a Socialist. (Alas, I am not…) So… well, I guess if you consider treating our fellow Americans well and seeing to it that they have access to affordable health care, etc., “destroying the greatest country on earth…” then I’d have to plead guilty.

          • Two things you need to study: first the Bible, and second Obamacare. Communism has killed as many people as Islam (by order of the Qur’an), or more. Obamacare is killing people by taking their insurance and their doctors and replacing it with inferior care and skyrocketing insurance costs. The same people who are getting affordable care, for the most part, are the same that were getting free care before Obama. You need to leave the house, and walk around in the real world for awhile. Oh yes! And read the Qur’an through slowly, or study it as I have since 2006.

        • Hatred??? You liberals call hatred of sin hatred of people when it is actually you that hate people AND God and His standards. You take God out of everything decent and replace Him with things like legalized sodomy, an abomination to God and formerly an abomination to America. What is really strange is the fact that you Obamanites love the religion, Islam, that hates sodomites! WOW!!!!????

          • Oh, I haven’t taken God out of anything, and I’m willing to bet that Obama knows more scripture than do you. You might put your cynicism aside for just a… oh, sorry; there’s no chance you’ll let go of your hatred for people whose opinions aren’t the same as yours. Have a blessed day, Aubrey, and feel free to toss more epithets my way. I’m done with this thread, so you get the last word.

          • I’ve presented you with facts supported by both the Word of God and the Quran. I’ve studied His game plan both politically and theologically. I do not hate any people. I do, however hate Communist-Islam doctrine and feel sorry for those of you who are to blind to realize they are tearing our entire world apart. That includes Obama.

          • putin, obama is a muslin and he himself said on TV, He does not believe in ourr God, , He doesn’t even know how many states in America, remember he said there were 57 states? You are a first class idiot.

        • While i have little in the way of religion, i have enough to know that when a person or group of people continue to besmirch his word, he can become angry and is truly an awesome God. and that he expects us to hate you and do terrible things to you..
          I will tell you this, I have no idea, what God will decide is the fate of some one that has altered his word , on the grounds that he is wrong and has to be corrected.
          But brother, i have to tell you, I hope that i don’t die anywhere around the time that you do.
          I don’t know what could be worse than spending an eternity, with your person in flames, but I do know that, I don’t want to know, brother you will find out, i almost feel sorry for you.

          • So… and let me make sure I’m getting this right… you’re saying that I’ll be going to hell because I disagreed with the thesis that the author presents in the article we’re all commenting on?
            Wow. Just… wow. And, silly me, I thought Jesus was all about loving one another. I’m amazed I was able to get through Confirmation Class with a passing grade!

          • I have already told you, I have little in the way of religion, If I am wrong, so be it.
            If I am right, my friend, if I could get further away from you any other way than leaving the planet, I would
            Brother I have no idea what God has in store for you and people like thou that have altered his word and Brother, promise , I don’t want to know..

          • I’ll tell you what, Gerald: If He is upset with me about something, I’m sure He will find a way to let me know. As for you… well, I doubt very much that He speaks through you, and you really haven’t exactly explained how I’ve “altered His word.” And He might be a little upset with you for not capitalizing the H in “His,” so I’d be careful around thunderstorms if I were you. Have a nice life.

          • i have already told, you, I have little in the way of religion.
            i suspect that i will pay a price for that, at some point
            I don’t try to pretend, that God is wrong and he should change his ways, you do.
            i don’t think that you are going to get a pass on that, if, I’m wrong, you’re good to go.
            If I am right, i don’t envy you and perverts, I wish I could wish you luck, I don’t and can’r I hate liberal dem bloodsuckers with a depth, intensity and bitterness, that has no bottom

          • Clearly, you are either hearing voices or you are confusing me with someone else. Perhaps you can quote the passage where I said that “God is wrong and He should change His ways…”
            Sorry to hear about your hatred; I would think that even you would know that Jesus preached love. Again, have a nice life. I don’t know who you’re arguing with, but it’s clearly not me.

          • Clearly, you are simply another lying liberal dem bloodsucker, who , has no morals, honor or integrity, in your shoes, I would take options on a site outside the USA, I have a suspicion, that the decent conservative people are running on the ragged edge, when they start, it will be no mercy.

            Please don’t concern yourself about my hatred, I keep it close to my heart and when appropriate, bring it out to help, motivate me.

          • There you go again! You still have not explained what I said that you interpreted as “God is wrong and He should change His ways.” Lying liberal dem bloodsucker? Fascinating! How would you know what my politics are? (I’m a registered Independent, by the way.)
            You’re probably headed for a stroke, my friend, with your unprovoked expressions of rage and hatred. In any event, I, like every other citizen of America, have all the rights afforded me by the Constitution, as do you. (Presuming you’re an American, that is…) And so I have no intention of leaving, and I’m flattered that someone like you hates me. I don’t hate you in return, by the way, but I do forgive you. Have a nice life. Maybe cut back on the caffeine and/or booze, though, huh?

          • Sorry, liberal ,dem bloodsucker, I am only able to bear you garbage for ,short periods of time, you have exceeded that, you may go away, now.

          • Right. Like I take orders from you, bub…

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          • Gerald Hughes: “Yes, very soon now, the decent conservative peopl are going to have to decide, are we going to physically separate ourselves from the liberal dem bloodsuckers, or, is it going to be civil war?”
            “No religion here, liberal garbage. i can hate you, without needing religion to propel it. Your post wasn’t even very good, just another fing liberal that ran out of anything to say. Your next post will be to hammer christians who don’t support the perverts. Very soon, we will partition the USA. All of you fing liberal parasites will get to do what ever you want to do as long as the money holds out.”

            Jesus: “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” – Matthew 5:43

          • Just go away nastly little squishy erasatz l

          • PutinOnTheRitz

            Dude: You can call me all the names you want; I’m not going anywhere. It’s a free country, if you haven’t heard. Did you know that the First Amendment comes before the Second Amendment?

          • Not name calling liberal dem bloodsucker, those are identifiers and typifiesr.
            I can say those everyone knows what you are about, i adon’t have to type a paragraph identifying you.
            Canada, England , Australia, France, germany, Spain, Portuga;l, used to be democracies, they, they confiscated all of the weapons, now, all of those countries have laws that will get you arrested and locked up for saying something nasy about the governmnet.
            That i s not going to happen, here.
            The Founders saw you garbage coming over 200 years ago.
            They gave us the Bill of rights, then nailed them to wall of every governmnet office, with the 2nd Amendment, continue to trifle with them, at your own, conssdierab;le peril.
            This is not about politics, any more liberal garbage.
            Reality is about to reach your home.

          • PutinOnTheRitz

            I am very familiar with people like you, Jerry. People who say they love America, yet profess hatred for their fellow Americans. People who claim to love democracy, but who threaten anyone who disagrees with them. In your America, the only “freedom” belongs to the person holding the gun. And what if the person across from you also has a gun? Then, I suppose, “freedom” belongs to the best shot. Or the quickest. Or the luckiest.
            I don’t believe this is what the Founders had in mind. And all this vitriol you’ve aimed my way — what’s that about? You haven’t identified a single grievance, other than your believe that I’m a “liberal dem bloodsucker.” Oh well. In my lifetime, I’ve seen my fellow Americans threatened and vilified for being Irish, for being Italian, for being German, for being Jewish, for being Black. I suppose you’re just continuing a proud tradition.
            Reality is about to reach my home? I presume that’s a threat. I don’t really care, Jerry. Real Americans can disagree with one another without resorting to death threats. Real conservatives aren’t afraid of dialogue.
            Have a nice life.

          • Kill yourself liberal garbage, you are not Americans, you are leeches, parasites and ticks.
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          • Bitter much? No, sorry, I have no intention or desire to kill myself, but you can feel free to take your own advice. Or you could just rejoin humanity.
            You know, you haven’t cited one thing that I’ve done or said to set you off. I guess you just spend your days raging at people, right? Too bad. You’re probably an old divorced guy living by yourself raging against anybody and everybody. You know what? Hate does terrible things to you. I see you advise many people to kill themselves; is this what Jesus would do?
            Take care, Jerry. Get some help. The world is a big and wonderful place, and all the hatred you express just poisons it. Perhaps you can find a Bible and read the New Testament a bit.
            Anyway, I’m done here. You’re just another seventy-something-year-old crank ranting on the Internet, and you have nothing of interest to offer me or anyone else. Have fun yelling at people and hurling insults; I guess it’s the only joy you have left in life.

          • I don’t yell at people, liberal dem bloodsucker, only at liberal dem bloodsuckers, who are without, merit., worth, value, morals honor or integrity.
            I refuse to allow you liberal pigs to pretend to be decent human beings
            You need not concern yourself about my life liberal parasite

    • OK Mr. Wizard…now –go play in traffic….running along…

    • putin is so happy that now he can marry his boyfriend eh?

  3. Gee, let’s just deport Bathhouse Barry and his merry band of Muslims. Then all will be sweetness and light.

    • dont stop there deport ALL MUSLIMS and ALL ILLEGALS, if they Refuse, put their asses into labor camps for 5 years hard labor, I bet they will want to go home then and tell their friends not to come back

  4. Its clear that this complete failure in the former white house has utter contempt for any laws that were enacted previous to his corrupt time in office. Its his way of watering down of the people who are citizens of this once great country and is now taking any chance at the Americans dreams of prosperity away from the working people.

    • you are so correct………the frustration of putting up with this regime’s criminal actions……is probably bigger than anything else. This hack Obama…….purposefully everyday contrives an attack on the American citizens. WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO WAKE PEOPLE UP? His agenda is pure destruction … evidenced by his hate for the nation. He is a commie, muslim whose sole purpose was to destroy the U.S. No logical person can actually believe the garbage he does is GOOD! It’s all hate for whites, the middle class and taxpayers………he is the devil and we cannot get rid of him fast enough.

      • America has been on a death spiral since at least the mid 1960s…. It started with the removal of prayer from our schools with the intentions to remove the presence of God from every aspect of our Government and our daily lives…. If only everyone would open their eyes to the truth of God’s Holy WORD… For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12 (KJV)

        America’s destruction is deserving for her rejection of God’s Holy WORD… This is not to say that everyone is deserving, but as God’s WORD does tells us… All have sinned and even the best of us is as filthy rags compare to God’s righteousness.
        The Bible also tells us that no power exist that God’s didn’t allow… Thus, Pres. Obama is God’s instrument that is being used to bring about His Judgment upon all of America… And this we can believe having read of this happening to the Israelites seven times as told in the Old Testament.

        You may actually believe or even prayed as I have that this all can be turned around after Pres. Obama second term…. But I have known for several years now that it to late for any turn around and this past week with the decision of the Supreme Court on gay marriage was just another nail driven into America’s coffin. Of this I am certain, America will be destroyed and she will never rise again….
        God has clearly been warning America since the mid 1980s but most of those that I have been sharing this with have laughed or screamed, “God will never allow that to happen.” When questioned as to their faith, attendance in church and their prayer life the response was most always met with anger or cursing….

        Consider that there were most likely several children and maybe even several babies in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah when they were destroyed because of the sexual perversion present within those cities… Thus the innocent were swept away with the wicked and this is about to happen here in America….
        I have travel all across America since April 1994 warning of America’s destruction and in Aug.’94 I began warning that the terrorist were coming back to hit the WTC #2 Tower and when they do they will take it all the way to the ground. Since Oct. 2004 I have told how 9/11 was the first of three attacks… The second attack will be 1000 times worse than 9/11 and most likely the third attack will most likely be forty days later. Google: watchman48 RFC Newsletter #101
        Neither Pres. Obama nor all of America’s Armed Forces can save America… Today is the day to choose who you will serve, if you will only repent of your sins and accept Jesus as your LORD and Savior the promise of everlasting life is yours.
        If you are not familiar with the Bible begin reading in the Book of John… Seek a strong Bible believing church..

        • the true DARK AGES are comming back, a time without God,

          • No, it definitely isn’t going to be the dark ages… If there is an EMP attack those in that area will be living as though they were in the 1700s or so… The age of God’s grace will cease and great persecution is coming for those that don’t know God, and judgment upon all the world.

        • that was very well spoken, heck you sounded alot like my pastor, good job

        • it’s gone beyond religion or following God. A large part of the population has been “prepared and delivered” over the last 30 or so years to be so dumbed down, duped, side tracked and indoctrinated through our schools and political system to become lemmings, robots, ignorant drones who have had their minds corrupted from common sense, using JUDGEMENT, maintaining personal and national values, which help provide identity. Instead the Marxist, commie operative that gained power, perverted those connective values, self responsibilities and patriotism into self loathing, hate for the nation, denigrating religion except for the brutal cult tenets of ISLAM, which is untouchable under this regime. It cannot be criticized, exercised, or denied from our culture as intolerant, incompatible and threatening to the well being of western culture. The parallel to the short lived Nazi regime in Germany is so obvious, the techniques, the brainwashing, the threats, removal of rights, massive government control of every aspect of life. Most oppressive forms of government follow the paths that we are experiencing from Obama and his racist, anti American dogma. The Germans too had a large portion of the population mesmerized by their messiah until they were destroyed. The few who were cognizant of the fraud were first ostracized, the executed when they opened their mouths against the regime. This party occupying government at this time has worked hard to stifle, and suppress the “knowing” who reject this disgusting group who are at the beginning of their quest. First it’s private weapons, then speech, movements, ideas that are denied…….before kidnapping and execution.

      • no he is not the devil, but he is the devils second greatest servant next to hillary, but you are right that obams agenda like hillary is TOTAL POWER! TOTAL DESTRUCTION of the country THAT GOD CREATED!

        • be it the devil, or his workers, the path is the same and the outcome planned. They are in a coherent objective, while the rest of us are not allied, not cognizant or even slightly aware of the gravity and danger of this regime’s objectives. They have been so dumbed down…..staring into their ipods, tablets etc…… them walking around with their heads faced down walking around everywhere with their head staring at a screen, while they think all is just fine. Ask most HS or college students simple questions about current events, news etc,,,……most of them are clueless or have a twisted comprehension of issues. It is not an inspiring observation. Religion, praying is not going to bring around enough people to wake up and change the direction of our politics, economics, security and reality. Although I believe that religion does have a unifying aspect and brings order to a society, at this point it will not be enough.

    • how can working americans have a dream of prosperity when we have to support all the illegals? I’m sure 72000 homeless american citizens would have appreciated the free meals, free clothing free beds free blankets OBAMA gave the illegals

      • And now when Trump (like him or not) exposes this nightmare of illegals as one of the biggest threats to our existence……he is criticized, called a clown and denigrated by the corrupt media and politicians that have been bilking the system for years. Trump told the truth and the rabid dogs came out drooling and biting. More the reason to ignore and push back against the Bushes and Clintons……..we’ve had enough of them. All the mainline politicians babble the same words and clichés to the public……..and after decades of failure…….they still feed us the b.s. ILLEGAL IMMGRATION… one of the most dangerous policies of our time. Not only are criminals, gangs, entering the US in unacceptable numbers, but the rotten Obama spread those diseased kids from central America all over the nation…….into many small communities…… Clinton did with the Kosovo muslims years ago. Some small communities were “bribed” with temporary money to take on these illiterate kids, some of which were not “children” but young looking gang members. When they discovered that they could not support or teach the or had the funds to house, medicate or feed these people…….it became their newest problem……….and Obama spread them all over farm communities, and predominately white areas to “integrate” the new IMMIGRANTS to diversify these rural areas for the future and to set a root for future turmoil, dissent and criminality.

        • Angry American

          So you like I think the government thinks we are mushrooms keeping us in the dark & feeding us BS. This is what I have been saying since the early 70’s when the mass invasion of America began

        • Yeah Trump is a clown alright, a clown that is worth more money than just about every citizen of this country & he earned every penny of it too. If he becomes president (I hope) he will help to make America great again. It’s time we had someone that understands the markets & he sure know how to negotiate, all I see with Trump is someone that is for America, he sure must be because if he becomes president it will be several steps down for him. He makes more money than Obama did after almost 7 years as president, Trump makes that per year & with the “smartest president ever” the only thing he is good at is reading teleprompter & lying & with a his lies he is not really that good at it either, surely there is something he can do & get it correct the first time

      • Angry American

        Not only that but they have ben putting these people that use “outsiders” & sleep on the dirt floors up in 5 star resorts, I guess that is to show them how god it can be for them here rather than where they came from. I think they should do what sheriff Joe does for them tent cities is better than what they are used to

  5. Why the surprise?

  6. Did anyone think they would be sent back? After all, we have become the nannies for everyone claiming asylum from the atrocities in their home countries up to and including those that caused the atrocities.

    • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

      You said it all, and only a handful seems to care.if we become a third world country, I lay it solely at the feet of the Democratic Party. They have been eating away at the greatness of this country for at least 35 years. And the cancer has metastasized. Friday proved that.

      • when you invite the entire third world to come here and live off the less than 40% who actually pay taxes (blacks who can prove they are descendants of former slaves dont pay taxes) well we will become both the richest and the poorest thirdworld country on the globe

    • Yes indeed.

    • when I worked on the border it was AMAZING how many “totally HOT” young w3hite women were comming here as “nannies” white slave trade thats all it is

    • President Dwight D. Eisenhower did exactly that in 1954. It was called: Operation Wetback and he rounded up and deported over a million of them so that troops returning home from Korea could return to jobs. Look it up! If they could do it then, in the 50’s, then we can do it now with all of our technology!!!

      • I don’t have to look it up. Operation Wetbacks was successful. But, no other president since then has taken any definitive action to stem the flow. We had laws for migrant workers, we had laws for VISA applicants, we had requirements for citizenship; yet every Administration, every law enforcement both local and federal, our Congress, have managed to overlook these parts of the Immigration Act. Rather than enforcement, they continue to add exceptions. Rather than operate under the law, they choose to ignore the law.
        Eisenhower took the right path. Reagan fell for the promise of border enforcement and gave them amnesty. Current and past presidents have encouraged illegal invasion. And when the American people object, we are told it is good for the economy, that we must be humane, that these illegals are none but good people seeking a better life for their families. And the sad part is that a majority of Americans buy this nonsense and sit idly by and watch the destruction of America.

        • I agree. The illegals coming over are stealing from our invested public resource, as well as our natural resources. They put a strain on our health care and educational systems, they perpetrate crime upon us, and they lowball the hourly rates and undercut American workers. I am for total deportation of every single one, from the little anchor babies to oldest lady. Then a twenty foot, impassible wall along the entire border with guard towers ever two-four miles, manned with a spotter and a sniper.

      • Angry American

        Yeah I sure don’t buy the garbage about “we can’t deport 12 Million people” either

        • We can deport 35 million of them, from the littlest anchor baby to the oldest ladies and everything in between from every country they represent. It is completely easy. We can force them to self deport by fining businesses who hire illegals a minimum of $250,000 for each on they hire as well as 5 years in jail. We can also charge each illegal criminal with the felony they should be charged with for sneaking in and threatening OUR Nation’s sovereignty and force them to serve a mandatory 5 year sentence before deporting them again. Also, cut off all funding from their countries of origin for one year. Technically, it is up to us patriots, the TRUE militia mentioned in the Constitution, to round them up ourselves and defend our countries borders if the government grow too tyrannical to meet the needs of the People! I say let’s go now! Fuck the US government, from that illegal alien half arab, half cracker ass president all the way down to the lowest janitor!!!

          • If only, right now it is an infraction to be here with out papers kind of the same thing a traffic ticket is. Sensenbrener noticed that the amnesty of 1986 changed it to a felony & he walked it back to the senate & they changed it back to an infraction. I am for them allowing the people to arrest & turn them over to the BP. Actually I am for allowing us to arrest them by any & al means necessary or just put a bounty on their heads would be even better of course if they did that there would be 100’s of thousands of Americans hunting them down like the cockroaches they are. I tried to join the minute man project I wanted to fly along the border to observe & report when I saw them. Of course with me being so radical with a disgust (I didn’t want to say hatred of Mexicans) of course it didn’t turn out to my liking so it didn’t happen, such a shame for them. I fly hang gliders & ultra lights & could get up to maybe 7 or 8,000 feet above the border & glide up on them with out them knowing I was there, they were afraid of creating an international incident

      • They used machineguns along the border, today with all of the drug cartels the national guard one time had to run from them as they didn’t give them ammo so they could protect themselves. Just how stupid can this government get?

        • it’s the people that are stupid in electing this crap twice. He hates this country and has tried to destroy every aspect of our security, economics, military, education. He has stuck his nose into every single issue to control, pervert and ruin the nation’s ability to prosper and succeed. He hates all that we know of America, the history, the flag, traditions, founders. He was chosen and sent to destroy the nation, but realized there is “push back”, resistance and it would take longer than he thought to “fundamentally change” the nation into some socialist, poorer, submissive country . Watch him……every week it’s a different issue for his attack…..cut the military, then rezoning suburban towns, then it’s bringing in aliens from some of the worse places on the planet and dropping them in small communities that cannot absorb these illiterate, radicalized muslims. He destroyed the health system, uses the school system to be his propaganda arm to brainwash young minds. He is the ultimate Manchurian candidate ……but has been exposed and has been slowed, not stopped from his appointed agenda. Notice how he does not support or participate in many of our usual ceremonies, be it Christmas, Easter, 4th of July and all the small events in various places that is about America. He shows up dejectedly at Memorial day and such national days. The guy is just not plugged into the American psyche, values nor does he have any sentiment for our troops, past wars, leaders or successes. He destroyed the space program, now we hitch a ride with the Russians……how pathetic!!! He now is going to rely on the French navy to be a presence in the mid east and Mediterranean …..he is pulling the one air craft carrier we have from the mid east??? What a criminal, traitor. He shrunk the navy from 600 ships down to about 250………yet gives billions to his muslim friends around the planet. The average 20 something………wouldn’t even know what we are talking about here…….nor care.

      • He didn’t need to deport them all, the ones he didn’t deport made a run for the border so they wouldn’t get locked up. To bad it didn’t continue because as soon as the illegals found out that the troops were no longer on the border they came sneaking back in. I will give the beaners that, that is they are good at being sneaky & theft, never ever trust a beaner & for those that think I am prejudice notice that I did Not call them greasers

  7. MuslimLuvChrist

    Under political orders of obama/johnson/lynch to stop ALL deportations, ICE released over 76,000 arrested criminal illegals rather than deport them in 2013/14, and now over 1,000 of those released (in 2013 only) have been re-convicted of additional crimes, including 121 murders of American citizens!

    as of 4/26/14 ICE RELEASED about a million illegal aliens!
    165,950 non-detained convicted criminal aliens, that should of been deported.
    706,950 non-detained non criminal aliens, that were asked to SELF deport?

    as of 4/15 ICE RELEASED about 2 million illegal aliens!
    169,000 non-detained convicted criminal aliens, that should of been deported, (that’s a 1.8% increase, I doubt that), and only arrested 11,983 (only 7% arrested?)
    904,0000 non-detained non criminal aliens, that were asked to SELF deport? and only half of those who try to cross the border illegally are typically caught or even noticed, so this number is really closer to 1.8 million! Thats 2 million illegals as of 4/15!
    Thats over 3 million illegals for the 2016 elections, that obama will MAKE IT MANDATORY THEY VOTE DEMOCRAPIC, can you say voter fraud?

    Now, as of 7/18/14, ICE detained 83,385 adults and children, and immigration courts completed 24,842 of over 77,000 cases. 65% of the closed cases, or 16,136, DIDN’T SHOW UP for court, less than 4%, or 908, self deported.

    If their native countries don’t take them back, then:

    hey America, obama will do everything it takes (like releasing criminal illegals instead of protecting legal Americans) to increase his illegal voter pool, he doesn’t care about the Constitution or the rule of law, he will replace it with sharia, he knows he is king, there is only one way to get rid of a king, I pray it happens soon.

    • OUr prisons are over run with Illegals and there isn’t one Politician in Congress who has the guts to do anything about it. One guy spoke up, That is one Senator out of 563 of them, that said we can’t take on any more of these people. Why don’t they just do something in their own Country? We have to, If we don’t like what goes on we get rid of them.

    • That’s an impressive amount of data that you made up. I suppose that’s why you, as well as the author of the article you’re replying to, didn’t provide any citations or links. In fact, if you go to the website of the organization mentioned in the lead paragraph — the Executive Office of Immigration Review — you can’t find any information to back up the claim made by the author.
      Gee, I wonder why that is? I mean, amidst data showing that this President has deported more people than any previous President, how would this be true? Easy; people like you just make it up and post it, knowing that your audience of unhinged Obama haters will eat it up and won’t bother to try to verify it.

      • MuslimLuvChrist

        liberal scum, like you, are too lazy to google facts.
        liberal scum, like you, support the destruction of clinton’s emails that support clinton’s/obama’s terrorist connections

        • Thank you for your response! I’m compiling a book, filled with the responses of kind-hearted “conservatives” like yourself, people who think that calling people names — like “liberal scum” — is somehow an acceptable form of discussion.

          I have a degree in Computer Science, by the way, and am well versed not only in the use of search engines, but how they work and how to interpret their results. If you’re paying attention, you’ll note that I’ve already cited several sources, including the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement website, which provided the following year-end statistics for “removals” — what we used to call deportations:

          2007: 291,060
          2008: 369,221
          2009: 389,834
          2010: 392,862
          2011: 396,906
          2012: 409,849
          2013: 368,644

          I look forward to your reply and eagerly anticipate the names you will call me. Hopefully, you’ll be a little more creative this time around. Have a nice day!

          • Name-calling was invented by democrat socialists. Try this on your computer. A man who ran for President of the United States six times was running in the Socialist party. After his sixth try he satated that he no longer needed to run because the Democrat party had adopted all their goals.

          • Hi, Aubrey. Please take the time to read the considerate response posted by MuslimLuvChrist, and pay particular attention to the polite language he (or she) uses.

          • MuslimLuvChrist

            typical liberal scum response.
            That’s an impressive amount of data that you made up and pulled out of your sodomite ass.
            Gee, I wonder why that is? I mean, amidst data showing that obama has deported less than 4% of illegals caught, 50% more are not being caught, so the numbers are minuscule.
            Easy; liberal scum like you just make it up and post it, knowing that your audience of unhinged obama cock suckers will suck it dry and eat it up and won’t bother to try to verify it.

          • Thanks for that erudite response! It was exactly what I expected. And just so you know, I didn’t pull those figures “out of my sodomite ass,” by the way. (And I believe “Sodomite” is capitalized, but I digress…) No, I got those official end-of-year figures from the ICE website, as I said. You can verify that. You won’t, of course, because it would conflict with your world view, but you can.
            Anyway, thank you again for confirming exactly what kind of person you are. (You seem unnaturally preoccupied with various sexual acts; you might want to consult a therapist…)

          • MuslimLuvChrist

            typical liberal scum response

          • Angry American

            You are saying that you believe what this administration puts out, you have got to be very gullible

          • William Matthes

            Computer science degree doesn’t equal common-sense apparently. If a person is deported, returns, and is deported again, Obama counts that as 2 deportations. Previous administrations counted that as 1 deportation BECAUSE IT IS THE SAME PERSON! This is one of B.O.’s tricks to “cook the numbers”!

          • Actually, it’s not Obama who does the counting; it’s the ICE employees, who may be Democrats, may be Republicans, may be Independents. They’re career employees, and they do what they do, no matter who the President is. So if you think Obama is “cooking the numbers,” then the same would be true of Bush. And Clinton. And Bush. And Reagan. And Carter. And Ford. And Nixon, and so on.

          • Angry American

            You got it

          • Angry American

            Do you realize that anyone can make any claim they want online, I take anything I read online with a grain of salt I guess it makes it easier to swallow

          • Angry American

            This administration also counts what is called “turn arounds” as deportations too, a turn around is the ones they catch trying to enter & turn them around. Not quite the same as a deportation

          • putin, you have a degree in stupidity, Do you think we believe that BS? If you do, then the degree of stupidity is perfect for you.

      • William Matthes

        You’ve only got 1 (one) like on your post. Gee, I wonder why that is? Probably because there’s only 1 (one) other person that swallows hook, line, and sinker Obama’s fudged-numbers!

        • Excellent point, Billy. The number of “likes” I get on an ultra-right-wing website clearly relate to the accuracy of my post.

          • Angry American

            In other words your number were made up just like obama does

          • PutinOnTheRitz

            Actually, in other words: You reject anything that doesn’t comport with your worldview, much like a little boy throwing a temper tantrum.

          • Angry American

            Aah you see right through me, you are so right, it’s to bad you didn’t post the numbers before you made the comment. The numbers you posted look correct, it’s just sad that the numbers are so low

        • Angry American

          Fudged Numbers? How about made up numbers that is a better description of any numbers this administration puts out, they either have a dart board with these numbers on or they grab them right out of thin air

      • putinon, it’s the people like you that has taken our country down, you are no better than the illegal, the communists, etc. I wish you and the likes of you move out of our country.

        • Ah. So it’s not so much “The Land of the Free,” but more like “The Land of People Who Agree with Me.” Interesting take you have on freedom, the constitution, democracy, etc.

      • PutinOn… It is quite unlikely, MuslimLuvChrist pulled these stats out of the air. It is not out of hatred and (certainly not racism), that there is such an immense distrust of the President. He has lost our trust by his own actions beginning with the promise of the most transparent administration in history. I am happy to provide an extensive list of lies and broken promises (with links), if you like. The following links may be of interest to you. The first has official copies of DHS documents, obtained using the FOIA. Some are difficult to read, but others are quite clear.

  8. This means that it is time to shake off this government which has reduced us to living under Despotism. But like it says in the Constitution, men will be too lazy and accept living under this evil. It is time we REVOLT and bring the president, his wife, Jarrett, and all of the officials, Congress, Senate, an supreme court justices to trial for treason, high crimes and misdemeanors. Then we can hang the. All on the Capitol steps, per our Constitutional rights and our God given duty!!!

    • I agree.


      Everyone making comments and not doing anything about it needs to march on Washington that’s the only way we are going to wake up those elected cowards that are suppose to be helping the American people!!!!

      • terry, Obama has his army of illegal ready for us. He has camps in almost every state, We have one here not too far away.I know of a fellow that has the rights to go to these camps and they are so heavily guarded that it takes him a while to get in there. Don’t kid your self, we should have got rid of obama 7 years ago, You people gave him time to build fema camps and these training camps. He got rid of most of our military, has put in members of the muslim brother hood into our gov’t and has brought in the ISIS. He, the devil himself is ready, and yet he has taken our money to fund the ISIS and his brtherhood, and all of his muslim countries. the vacations have taken a toll on us, The air force one is in the air more than on ground. Our America is gone. sad eh? Thanks to the democrats, liberal/communists.

      • I agree 100%. I am ready, I have nothing to lose, and I am fully willing. I cannot go alone. How do we organize and mobilize? How do we get our fat, apathetic, and lazy neighbors to join us? I have counter protest illegal criminal aliens in Charlotte, NC with 15 of my fellow countrymen and a few who were women. There were over a thousand illegals. I have counter protested the queers with a few others. It is nearly impossible to get these pathetic, lumps of American crap to do anything. Even the founding fathers mention this in the preamble of our Constitution when they mention our right duty to shake off a tyrannical government. They basically said that most people will choose to toil under lesser forms of filth and evil like the marxist, hippy-wannabe, despot in the White House, his wife/husband, Jarrett and the rest of the self serving filth in DC. I say let’s go!

    • Angry American

      I believe it is coming sooner rather than later

  9. I just can’t lay my mouth on the kind of words that truly describes this bastidge in the WH!


    I’m voting for Donald Trump to get them out of here & take our jobs, laws & country back! He doesn’t cave in.

    • Angry American

      Not yet anyhow

    • Me, too! But I do not believe our votes count for anything anymore. The time for voting and civil discussion is over. We have returned to rule under a tyrannical despot. What we have now is worst than what our Founding Fathers had to face under King George III! It is time to strike the roots and refresh the tree of Liberty with the blood of Patriots!

  11. Why is this considered news,Obama has considered himself above the LAW,and if he can’t find a lame-duck excuse to declare nation wide martial law and female Clinton gets elected,it will be much.much WORSE…

    • Angry American

      You didn’t mention that she has already promised to expand on obamas agenda

      • You are correct,it was my ERROR,that I failed to include that,,I am looking forward to number 79,perhaps you will let me”slide”by using that excuse,that we start forgetting as we age,Thank you ,have a good one

        • Angry American

          Is your name john & they call you jack like me, or is your name jack?

          • You got it right,in the first few words,,Keep in mind,on line I don’t answer”straight out”,,have a good one.

          • Online no one know who you are unless they know you personally & then they can’t be sure, that is why some have the nerve to say what they say to someone else. I just love it when someone starts with insults to me, I got a million of them for them too & will not hesitate to use them against them, when it comes to insults I am good at it. sometimes it is lots of fun to bait someone too

          • I am some what puzzled with this/your post,I don’t understand your using all those words to convince me of your ability to”insult”.It seems your”name” has a special,personal meaning,if I may guess,it would seem you are like the many millions and millions of TRUE AMERICAN CITIZENS who are”FED UP”with the way those elected”to run” our country are constantly tearing down/trashing our U.S.Constitution.Please, I suggest you scroll down/read(about 10 posts and comprehend,their content,read yours,where you reference Sheriff Joe).I retired from MARICOPA COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE(MCSO),I enjoyed every minute of my tenure,I was there when he created”tent city”I was fortunate to be able accompany “SHER”JOE on several tours of”tent city”,with the posts before yours VENT YOUR WRATH towards the subjects in those posts,I mean no sarcasm toward you with this post,I am quite proud to exchange posts with someone who”openly” shows agreement with SHERIFFJOE’s actions.Have a good one..

          • Oops I had to change one word, sometimes I ramble too. UI have no problem with sheriff Joe’s tent city at least there they don’t spend 50% on the street like they do here in the L.A. Ca. area. When I lived in Maricopa Ca; for almost 3 years I got a good laugh when I first heard about tent city was surprised to hear they were climate controlled, the pick under wear is what gave me the laugh. I wasn’t venting about anything

          • I meant no animosity with my last post.When tent city was created,they were using”swamp coolers”,I’ve been retired for 16 years I’ve moved back east,so I don’t know what their”set up” is now.Well I wasn’t feeling to good when I woke uo this morning,,think I’ll call it a day.Have a good one

          • No offense taken, Take care of yourself & have a good day

        • Angry American

          I have heard that when you get older & senile you forget things, since I have been about one of the most absent minded people I can’t wait. Sometimes I forget what I am saying in the middle of a sentence LOL I am looking at the number 71 coming soon myself so you have a few on me. I don’t think I will make it as far as you have

          • “HEY”,don’t give up,when I was in my teens,it never occurred to me I would”reach”my late 70s.Also if your sign-in has its meaning,take it out on those who have created it.Don’t worry about the forgetting,my youngest is a beautiful daughter,who turned 48,when we are talking and I forget,she helps me through,we both laugh and I am still Dad.You and I,,We are not old,we are”older”.the words are”younger and older”,its always been that way with me,even 60 years ago.Anger exists within me and I blame those are who are forever trashing our U.S.Constitution,we cannot do much,but we can”keep plugging away”.Have a good one.REMEMBER the older”SALTS”,never give up the ship..

          • O)h giving up isn’t in my make up, as for the screen name I didn’t have much choice it was the only one available I tried maybe a dozen different names all were taken & it suggested to me that “angry American” was available so I took it & yes I am an angry American so mI guess it kind of fits. You are right about being young I feel about the same as I did when I was in my 20’s & 30’s when I sent lots of time in the gym. I am surprised that I am this age now I never thought I would live this long due to an active life style that included lots of action sports like hang gliding & flying ultra lights among other activities. Due to an accident I have some trouble lots of pain that is intractable but so long as I get the meds to control it no problem I just have more limits on what I can do but still manage to ride my motorcycle. Best advice I can give to people that are aging is keep active it won’t make you age slower but will keep you looking & feeling younger. Time is the one thing against every one take care Jack actually my name is John but have been called Jack since I can remember by all my sisters & brother & mom & pop every one calls me that including myself, I guess old habits are hard to break

  12. I still think land mines & bullets are a lot cheaper and a few dead bodies on the banks of the Rio Grande would make a great deterrent.

  13. Just more poor and uneducated American citizens have to pay for in every way

  14. How about the United States of America stop any and all immigration, work visas, illegals, student visas etc..for

  15. Likely more entered, to hell with any being “sent back”.

  16. Send them all back…

  17. disqus_fPh2QejLBf

    why is that idiot Muslim in OUR White House not being charged with treason? Impeached or removed…in ANY way?

  18. If an avowed conservative or Rep. leaning illegal alien were to come before the current immigration enforcement authorities, that illegal immigrant could be assured of prompt deportation.

  19. This unfortunate state of affairs is in keeping with our Dear Leader’s policy regarding immigration.

  20. Hire me as a border patrol guard,with an arsenal of machine guns and 5 million rounds of”ammo” for the weapons AND,,,,,,,,,,,

  21. I am sadly to say a former INS inspector, I only lasted 6 weeks on the border before they decided to set me of and politely fire me, INS headquarters knew they were wrong and wrote it off as that I “resigned” when you see someone, (actually a whole lot of ins inspectors) living in million dollar homes on the OTHER side of the border and driving bmw’s to work when they get paid 12.72 to 25 an hour, well, you know your in a corrupt world

    • I am SOO GRATEFULL TO GOD that I got FIRED from that job! Even though I wasnt a Christian then, I was so sick so fast at the infractions on our security I saw, drugs money people who dont have any right to be in our county being stamped in by other corrupt INS officers. It was DISGUSTING to say the least!

  22. The rat hole, sanctuary city of San Francisco … at fault for the death of Katy Steinle, who was shot down dead while walking with her father by an ILLEGAL NAMED SANCHEZ, who had been deported 5 times, has 7 felonies and the disgusting city of SF refused to arrest, or turn over the pig to the feds for lock up. ICE had told the city to notify them of any such releases and the filthy politicians that run that rat hole refused to abide by the federal laws concerning ILLEGALS WITH CRIMINAL RECORDS. I hope the family gets a good lawyer and sues the city for causing the death of their daughter. ILLEGALS MUST BE REMOVED FROM OUR STREETS AND CITIES LIKE SF ( 200 sanctuary cities) in the US should be punished, fined, removed from federal funds if they continue to violate laws THAT ARE ALREADY ON THE BOOKS to protect the citizens. WE DO NOT NEED ‘ IMMIGRATION REFORM’……..WE NEED TO PUNISH CITIES THAT FAIL TO ENFORCE THE LAWS WE HAVE TO PROTECT THE COMMON CITIZEN FROM ILLEGALS WHO ROB, RAPE AND KILL. SANCHEZ SHOULD BE EXECUTED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AFTER A “SPEEDY” TRIAL. I will from here forward denounce SF, NYC, and all cities that harbor illegals against the law and safety of American citizens. The citizens of SF should rise up in protest for this racist murderer being allowed to be on their streets and kill an innocent woman for no reason. Where is Sharpton, Obama and the rest of the left wing hacks…….not a word. SF rise up and go to the streets and demand they be cleaned up from illegals……..that rob you tax funds, and kill your people……if you don’t you deserve what you get…….but DO NOT SHIP IT OUT TO THE REST OF US.

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