Border Chief: “Look For Another Job” if You Don’t Like Amnesty

House Speaker Paul Ryan announced Tuesday that Republicans would vote to join more than half the states in America in a lawsuit challenging President Obama’s executive orders on illegal immigration. “This executive amnesty is a direct attack on the Congress’s Article I powers under the Constitution,” Ryan said. “The president is not permitted to write law. Only Congress is. The House will make that very clear.”

Obama’s order has been frozen by the courts and the administration has appealed the case to the Supreme Court. House Republicans intend to file an amicus brief in support of the states trying to put a halt to his unlawful amnesty.

Meanwhile, Customs and Border Protection Commissioner R. Gil Kerlikowske testified before the House Committee on Appropriations, and he had harsh words for Border Patrol agents who opposed the president’s actions. “If you really don’t want to follow the directions of your superiors, including the president of the United States and the commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, then you really do need to look for another job,” he said.

Kerlikowske was responding to Brandon Judd, the head of the National Border Patrol Council, who told Congress in February that Obama’s shifting enforcement priorities were inviting a state of chaos. Judd said that illegal immigrants without felony convictions only needed to claim they had been in American since before 2014 and they would be released. Judd said they didn’t even need to back up their claims with any evidence.

Kerlikowske denied that characterization on Tuesday. “I would not stand by if the Border Patrol was releasing people without going through all of the formalities,” he said.

Discrepancies aside, though, it’s painfully obvious that Obama has set up a situation where immigration officials are encouraged to ignore the law. This not only puts Border Patrol officers in danger, it acts as a big, bright sign to immigrants: Come on in – the water’s fine! Obama may not be legally allowed to put his amnesty program into practice, but he can still stretch “prosecutorial discretion” to the point where federal law becomes virtually worthless.

“When it comes to catch and release, Border Patrol agents are the only ones following the law,” said NBPC vice-president Shawn Moran. “The commissioner can dress it up any way he likes, but even though we are documenting people, they are being released into American society, never to be seen again.”

Oh, they’ll be seen again. They’ll be seen registering to vote for Democrats when the party can muster the political will to push it through. Obama can talk about kindness and acceptance until the cows come home, but this is nothing more than a transparent plot to add millions of government-dependent voters to the rolls. This party is willing to break the law, compromise national security, and sacrifice our very sovereignty if it means gaining electoral dominance.

Republican leaders think Donald Trump will destroy their party? If he makes good on his immigration promises, he might be the only man who can save it.

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  1. What-25% say Obamacare has hurt them, then 75% say Obamacare has helped them. I believe the 25% are the Repubs and TPs who are racist, lazy, greed, liars, hypocrite, corrupt and brain-washed to hate Obama because he is Black. These want free stuff and government entitlements. Just go the beaches now. You find them sun-tanning, drinking and doing cocaine which kills them. That is why they are now whining why Trump is their leader. Trump has vowed to get rid of all GOPers’ entitlements. In my neighborhood, we love Obamacare and Obama policies. That is why we are going to vote for Hillary who has promised to continue Obama policies.

    • see my response above

    • You’re a MORON who would be the poster child of the saying, ” Ya just can’t fix STUPID ” !

    • Robert A. Clemons

      And YOUR neighborhood would be WHERE??? In the hood…???

    • Don t forget theres only about 300 looting and burning days left before Xmas.

      • and that the kenyan boyo bus lines will pick you up on the corner, the one with the burned out police car….

      • I know you as a white male think only Blacks commit crimes. White do not kill others they just bury them. Who killed Scalia – not Blacks, but his friends at the resort all of who were Whites.

    • Here you are once again lying through your teeth twisting the statistics around . 75 percent of all middle income are completely dissatisfied with Obama no care health care. 25 percent say they are somewhat satisfied to satisfied . It is the noncontributing losers who have never paid for anything whom are satisfied. That would include you right leach. I can’t what for inulguration day. When either Trump or Cruz is sworn in as the New President. Lowlife scum sucking leaches like you will finally have to work. An finally pay your own way.

    • Americans Wake Up

      Hey moron- don’t forget that your “black” president that you think everyone hates for his color is half “white” and was raised by whites.
      By your comments I can see you are an entitlement baby that Obama is growing in his green house.

      Have a good life in the hood.

      • I know that you are angry and that it feels good to express it, but your comment would carry more weight if you eliminated the name calling. The data is enough to win the argument; all you do by engaging on a base level is shift the conversation from substance to emotion. This comment is a general statement and not just directed to Americans Wake Up.

        • unfortunately, much like the commies and the rags, it is a requirement to get down to their level in the schit due to the fact that any comments that exhibit an iota of intelligence goes so far over their two remaining brain cells that they may as well have been uttered on another planet…

        • name calling ?….’entitlement baby’… that’s pretty thin . ?? & likely true.

          • Primarily it’s the “hey moron” part, but the last two sentences had no meaningful content either…it was just demeaning. The comments made by pmbalele were inane, but we don’t have to engage in childishness when we point out the ridiculous nature of a post.

      • You know it. But I am not as lazy as Repubs or TPs who are at beaches or GOP debates. Then who is working if these morons are not home? Illegals. But the same people curse when Trump wants to ship illegal. Trump also wants to build the tallest war. These same TPs and Repubs are crying why Trump want to do what they have been praying for all these years. This disgusting. Repubs are liars, hypocrites, and cheaters, corrupt and primitive. They do not know what they want in this great USA. And today Romney came with his wives and children to defame Trump. He should be ashamed – such a grown up whining why Trump is GOP leader. Unbelievable!

        • The best part of your comment was: “They do not know what they want in this great USA!” THAT… is it in a nut shell. Can you imagine how frustrating that must be for the right zingers… no wonder they’re angry! The only people they have to be angry at is themselves and the target on their backs. Talk about a spin on things… that is a lot of ‘dizzy’!

    • Do you realize that your assumption that all who disagree with President Obama are racist is itself racist? While there are going to be a few people who do dislike him because of the color of his skin, far more dislike him because of his divisive politics, his lack of integrity, and his disregard for the constitution.

      • I think this tells me Repubs and TPs were abused when young. That is why they hate other people and especially Blacks. Look how they treated Dr. Carson-like junk.

        • I didn’t ..I love Dr.Carson. It was the democrat controlled media, and Trump that hurt Carson.

 really should get your head out of …well we all know where…and get the truth. You have been brainwashed.

        • Help me understand how your comment relates to my reply…I don’t follow your train of thought.

    • Sounds like you have a taste for $hit, you swallow too?

      • I love, love and love it. Repubs and TPs are fighting among themselves. And we the Hillary people are preparing for her crowing and President of USA. What a day. Let GOPers eat one another. Good for them.

    • You are a pathetic moron! What a disappointment you must be to your parents since I am sure they never dreamed they would bring such a loser like you into this world. The lazy, racist, lying hypocrites are almost exclusively your liberal/Marxist comrades. It will be fun watching you cockroaches scurry after Trump becomes president as all your lies are exposed and your freebees are done away with. You are nothing but a filthy leech on society and a bloodsucker on humanity.

    • Probably the 25% that lost their coverage because it did not meet the requirement of Obamacare, the group that made too much to receive the subsidy, and those making $1.00 over the limit to qualify for Medicaid. The 75% include those that could not be denied health insurance, received a subsidy, and qualified for Medicaid under the Medicaid expansion programs.
      So, if the Republicans and Tea Party members are indeed among the 25% then your accusations are unwarranted. Racist, lazy, greedy, liars, hypocrites, corrupt and brain-washed hate Obama because he is Black labels are titles uninformed liberals and democrats place on anyone not agreeing with them. The largest receivers of free stuff or government entitlements, black, white, brown, or whatever are the ones that make their living off of the system. They are the ones that lack the motivation, education, and gumption to provide for themselves and their families and they cross all political and ethnic lines.

      • I am one of the people that have had problems with obamacare. I turned 61 and was replaced with a young person on my job. I got on obamacare last year and called for weeks for a doctor any doctor that would except it.
        I finally gave up only to have to pay a fine on my taxes because i don’t have that crap.

    • Keep telling you pmbalele that you are gonna be surprised when the next great depression hits. With the coffers empty thanks to the buy off of BO’s admin and his lack of any budgeting attempts as in the toilet of spending that is obamacare, etc. the national economy is stalled. Do you understand that the feds are talking negative interest rates? Do you even understand that implication? Japan and other economies are already there trying to stimulate dead economies. So keep looking for the government freebies and you along with all your welfare and entitlement crowd will be out on the streets in short order. Fool!

    • WOW. Just wow. O’bummercare is Currently failing in 7 states; because across the board; middle America is finding it too expensive. Lousy Health Care at a Premium price. O’Bummer’s Policies? Glad you asked. O’Bummer; by the end of his 2nd term; will have wracked up more debt than all the previous Administrations COMBINED. Currently; REAL unemployment is running approximately 24.5% During the Great Depression; unemployment was at 26%. Job Growth? REAL job growth figures are in the NEGATIVE numbers; and what jobs are being created; are low wage part time service jobs. Race relations in the United States are at the lowest point in over 65 years. Foreign Policy? Russia and China; BRICS; and ISIS are running rings around this faux POTUS. Black Employment WAS better under Bush than O’Bummer. The drop out rate for high school Blacks kids is currently at 51% More people on Food Stamps than at any point in this Nations history. I could go on; but you get the idea. WHAT world do you live in? Naïve; Clueless; and Terminally Stupid is a poor combination.

  2. Your “facts” come from where? flip you percentages around and you would be telling the truth.

    • unfortunately pmsbaleelee69er is down to only two brain cells and attempting to view anything from a different perspective causes her to suffer from sever nausea and diarrhea…an affliction that has gripped a large number of the “no info” voters….yet they still can figure out how to apply for handouts…oh wait just a cotton picking minute now all of those places where you apply have folks that can read ready to help the brain dead in their mooching quest…

      • They are not totally brain dead. They know just enough to get themselves by.

      • Anyone with 69 in their name is sick in my book.

      • “severe.” You’re welcome!

        • hey hey your messiah, kenyan boyo, the racist leg humping rag loving communist illegal alien pretenda professor would be proud of you for offering “free” spelling lessons..have you received your “vote for the ho” signs yet??….at least that hore was born in Illinois and went on a crime spree in Illinois, Arkansas, New York, and DC…now she is showing the world how stupid the modern democrapo clowns really are….

  3. 4 DEAD Americans by killary but you will vote for the crook? She should be in jail NOW!

    • Mike does this not give credence to comments made about how stupid many Americans really are…they watch enough news to know that the hore is running for president(dicktator), but apparently what she and her leg humper billy “the rapist traitor” clintoney have done in the past to include Benghazi are merit badges, not indictments of criminality….

    • More like TWO YEARS ago


      • If you boyz were THAT tired, you’d be smart and go to bed for a nap instead of boring the true American citizens with your BS!

      • Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

        Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

        Why do you embarrass America this way?

  4. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner R. Gil Kerlikowske – Need to be the next one fired !
    He took an oath to uphold the Constitution against ALL enemies , both foreign and domestic.
    That includes a President who is Constitutionally anti-American

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    • I Took that Oath in 1972 , And I STILL HOLD THAT OATH … LOCKED & LOADED MOLON LABE

      • Same here. This crap of picking and choosing the Laws to be enforced started with the a$$ clown squatting in the White House and his boot licking AG Holder. I believe that is called Anarchy

        • ..Anarchy….or Muslim Hijra . (Hijra = less violent Jihad= infiltration)

          • Same difference

          • Ignorance is bliss.

          • You mam are in a blissful condition!!! Dip stick!!!

          • We’ll take your word for it, liberal dem bloodsucking parasite.

          • ak47ladyinsky must be extremely blissful……

          • Marciaarichard4

            “my .friend’s mate Is getting 98$. HOURLY. on the internet.”….

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          • Hijra refers to the Prophet and his followers moving to Madinah from Mecca

          • How ever the US Constitution say you are not telling the truth.

          • Says the Biggest Cu nt on the internet!

          • Thank you.

            Please try to act more like the adult you are pretending to be.

            Kindergaten foul language doe not impress anyone.

          • billdeserthills

            Please, don’t mention it, I’m always there for you

          • With a stiff one? Stiff drink that is.

          • billdeserthills

            More really to crap on her at every opportunity

          • Still having trouble with kindergarten, aren’t you? You probably failed it.

          • Is that the best you have?

          • I thought it was funny tell her again.

          • Exactly, where?

          • Migration to Abyssinia, or the First Hijra, the migration of 83 of Mohammed’s first followers to the Kingdom of Aksum (formerly called Abyssinia) in 615 CE in order to flee from the persecution in Mecca

          • Try reading the Constitution instead of embarassing your country.

            The Constituion grants the President the power to pardon offenses againt the United States.

            Article 1, Clause 1

          • The President is also responsible to protect America from all enemies, which is the primary concern of many regarding the southern border.

          • not just the border pal- they’re everywhere

          • Canada – US border 1,538 miles

            Canada – Alaska border 3,987 miles

            Mexico – US border 1,933 miles

            US Coastline 95,471 miles

            Alaska Coastline 6,640 miles

            Total exposure 109, 569 miles

          • a real copy paste expert this ajlady
            gotta learn that trick some day

          • Why do you think insults require a unique response?

          • lol no requiring to it-response your comments (and mine and everyone else’s) is not a requirement. perhaps in your world proper Seinfeld etiquette requires people respond in a certain acceptable way.
            in my world — we just try to avoid the response of getting shot in the face or setting in a back seat with our hands cuffed

          • Don’t respons a-hole, no one cares if you never post again, no one will care.

          • Yeah,m we konw, he is protecting none of them, that is why he will go in front of a Grand Jury

          • Aklady watch out when Ted Cruz becomes president we are going to round up illegals an deport them . We might make a few mistakes on purpose an deport many like you out of this country as well.

          • Please make the effort to inform yourself better.

            The majority of illegals in this country entered on emploument visas. The company they work for “swore under oath” that Americans could notbe found to fill the job.

            Those companies keep you looking a the Southern border while legally giving your job to a foreigner.

          • Bull dukey you socialist!!!

          • I was pointing out that the president has more than one responsibility, not making the case that all our problems come from the southern border. This isn’t an either/or issue and I have no intention to defend big business or the chamber of commerce.

          • 60% come from the Southern border and AKLady knows it, so her post saying otherwise is a premeditated lie, like all the words out of her mouth except for articles, prepositions, and
            a few conjunctions.

          • I was more interested in pointing out that, while the President may have the power to pardon, such a power is discretionary; in contrast he has a sworn duty to protect the country and mentioned his abdication at the border as an example. One cannot argue that recent Republican presidents have done a masterful job in this area either, but we were talking specifically about President Obama.

          • I know a whole herd of Europeans who have come to CO for ski season and then just stayed, with some of them being here for 40+ years, but since they are white they blend in and try to assimilate so they are off the radar. Ski instructors are really considered to be very independent contractors – they get paid in cash from their students so no records. Then there are other Europeans who stick out and call attention to themselves and get deported. At least 50% of the estimated 11 million illegals in the country are probably from Europe and Asia. The large illegal route from the S – between Tucson and Ajo, AZ is really a hell hole – over 100 miles of desert to cross before getting to I-10, and so when they get into the Mesquite, they keep finding bodies and mumified remains – probably close to 50% who try this route die. EO vehicle on the highways is an ICE or Border Patrol vehicle, and sometimes they actually have those who get a couple of miles off the pavement and die. Not a nice place. Humanitarians put out piles of gallon jugs of water along the Ajo highway. Anyone who makes it through all of that has earned residency.

          • Anyone who has made it through that deserves a nice cot a glass of water and a deportation ticket. Maybe the 2nd trip will find then dying of thirst.

          • This is that same streatch of border where the Border Patrol used drones to try to spot the illegals as they crossed so that the people on the gound could capture them and the IG fpimd that this cost the txaspayers almost $3K for every one caught, and most of these voluntarily ‘deported’ and were taken back to the nearest crossing and went back into Mexico to try again. The IG did not think that this was cost effected since it only colvered less than 100 miles of the border, and also in his findings cited the fact that the drones could only be flown, on average, 8under 8 hours a day.
            Then, Congress in its infinate wisdom, demanded that the entire 1,700 mile border be patrolled 24/7 with no additional money. A drone costs $18m each, and 2 were lost – weather related. They close I-10 when there are dust storms, because drivers can’t see.
            Then, also from the right, we hear about all of the waste in Govt. spending. To me there are far more important things that could be done with this money – such as repairing or replacing bridges before we have another I-35W ‘accident’ – over 30 killed, and they still had to replace the bridge. The 3 lane part of I-25 stops about 6 miles from my house and goes back to 2 lanes so during rush hour the next 35 miles becomes a parking lot, with people going off road to the dirt roads, which are not meant to handle the traffic, just to go somewhere. Gas mileage, when parked goes to 0 mpg, so the savings in fuel alone by spending this money to widen the next 35 miles would pay for itself in a year, but no, we have to build walls and fences 1,000 miles away and patrol with drones just to keep about 2k/yr out. I would like to see my tax money go to where it would do the most good – this section of I 25 also is about 1/2 semi trucks, so when you buy the next thing at WalMart you are paying for the fuel and time that it takes to get from the Distribution center in Greeley to all of the stores in the whole system. – more of your money down the drain.
            I would suggest that you and the others who are anti immigrant just write a check to the Trasourer of the US to fund this worthless spending so that something that would be useful to every one could get done.

          • Actually what we are doing is trying to get the governor of either Arizona or Texas, to ask for volunteers. I would supply my own weapons, ammo , bedroll, all the would have to do is feed me a couple of times a day, not thin fancy , jerky would be fine
            I could give them 4 months a year.
            I can promise you that nothing would cross the border withing 1/4 mile of my position.
            There are alot of us that think, the laws should be obeyed and enforced, we would be glad to help.
            After we shot them, we could just leave them lie there as a warning, after they criminal aliens stumble up on afew hundred bodies, they will quit coming.

          • Looks like you have your future cut out for you and all that want to do the same. There are some little things like international treaties that come into play to avoid private border wars. If you just fire into Mexico, and get caught, you go to Mexico and their prisons and jails from what I have been told are something else. In many, you are required to provide your own food. They allow vendors to come to certain parts of the wire, and sell food through the wire to you. On both sides there are border patrol agents – in Mexico they try to discourage people from crossing,or keep people from the US from becoming dry backs, and so if you shoot one inside of our border, our border patrol will catch you and since it is a Federal Crime – in AZ all of the land inside of our border, it is at least assault on a federal property, or maybe murder – this is why the AZ gov’s treats to deploy the National Guard were hollow – they would be tresspassing on Federal Property, and the Gov would also do Federal Time – keeps larger border wars from starting. If anyone does anything, like selling guns or ammo for this illegal activity, they go to prison with you. There is a former BOP officer in some Federal joint for shooting and killing a 12 yo kid on the other side of the river in El Paso. 50 yards of concrete wide, with the inmate claiming that he was threatened because the kid was throwing rocks. Did not fly with the jury. Sounds like you must believe The Donald. He might go with you for inciting illegal action.

          • Uh huh, or we may pass laws that make it legal.
            You see, we are getting really tired of you and the people like you.
            As far as the rest f6 years in the Corps, last two years a marksmanship instructor on the weapons range,,. Quantico Va.
            I’m old, I can do anything I want to, what are they going to do, lock me up for life.
            Before you start the crap you just posted you want to make sure that it applies, a-hole.
            All of your posts now go to every military site in the country, 3 to 5 weeks they will publish your name and address.

          • Absolutely!

          • That is total bullshit, the only way you earn residency in the United States is by going through all of the legal channels and processes. There is a reason for this and this is the reason Trump wants to halt Muslim immigration until each and every refugee can be documented. It is insane to just allow thousands and thousands of foreigners into the country when you have no idea if some of them are terrorists or what or who they are!

          • The legal channels vary greatly. All that an employer has to do to hire labor from another country, is to certify that there are no qualified US citizens available to do the work, and they become legal immigrants – for example, we have a nursing shortage, and if you look at nursing schools in Ghana, there are more there there than in almost any country, so if you graduate from a nursing school there, there is some hospital that will hire you and pay for your classes so that you can get a state licence. We also have a Dr. shortage, so we will admit them legally regardless of origin. When I was still able to work, all of the specialized programmers in the Pharm industry that I ever met were either US or Canadian Citizens. Now, if you look at the names of the employees at the big pharm companies doing the same work, you will seldom find an European names – all from the subcontenent of India. Employer can set the requirements to anything they want, so if you don’t meet them, they can waive them if you will work cheap enough. These are all legal processes for gaining residency. My son in law is a Mexican, who got into the US to get his Ph.D. in Agriculture, with some subsidy from Mexico. In Sept he took a teaching job at a MO U, and had no trouble getting his visa renewed. He also has an US born wife, and 5 US born kids. He could leave tomorrow, return to Mexico leaving his family here, earn relatively more money, and there would be no way to force him to pay child support. I am a 100% disabled vet and could help her and the kids a little, but not enough, so they would have to take whatever they could from the public just to survive. How many places, and what would be the costs of a single mom with 5 kids (youngest is 3) just to find housing? Glad to have a legal Mexican in this country?
            The illegals that I have met in CO are all Europeans – mostly skiers who over stayed their visas 20-25 years ago who the ski areas could not do without because they work cheap and as independent contractors as instructors in the winter and do the upkeep and maint in the summer. Then there are the Asians – go to any ‘China town’ and while about 10% of the ones that you see are illegal, they are fine forgers so they will appear legal. The border with Mexico is only 1,700 miles; the border with Canada, counting AK, is over 5,000, and then there is about 12K miles of sea coast. Can we really stop illegal immigration? When I lived in Ft. Erie, Ont., fishing boats would regularly cross both lake Ont and Lake Erie from country to country – the St. Lawrence Seaway crosses the US-Canadian border almost 30 times from the Atlantic to Deluth or Chicago. I am looking for them to put a fence across Lake superior – 300+ feet deep in places. Would keep the ISIS subs out.

          • Awe, yes, the good old “papers please”.
            Will Trump’s minions wear brown shirts and jack boots?

          • Since you are responding to an old post and your reply doesn’t seem appropriate to any of my comments, perhaps you can help me understand your train of thought…

          • Never mind, I found the comment and it appears that your response is not appropriate to my post. However it is interesting that you seem to equate border security, which is common on both the Mexican and Canadian sides of our borders as well as around the world, with the terror associated with Nazi Brownshirts who, as far as I know, never served as border security. The Brownshirts were a political intimidation group, much like their enemies the labor unions.

            Traditionally those who seek to silence their opposition through any means, including demeaning and marginalizing, have far more in common with the Brownshirts and the labor unions than they do with people who value freedom.

          • Okay smart one, what are emploument visas? “Notbe”, description please.

          • Is that the best you have?

          • Your edit wasn’t completed little child.

          • ?? Is that the best you have?

          • That all you have liberal dem bloodsucker?
            Scoot along over to MSNBC for your shift of whining and begging for handouts and trying to raise taxes on some one else to pay for them.If you are late they will dock you 3 days food stamps.

          • Listen here douche bag. It is common fact that illegals do not just take jobs Americans don’t want. Chicken plant raided, 300 illegals rounded up, the next week 300 Americans have jobs. A small part of the total that the illegals steal from Americans.

          • Does a ’employment visa’ allow for all the wives and kiddies too??? Seems so !!

          • OK, not so smart one, here is the link you could not find for yourself:

          • Oh, the little tramp is trying to show how smart she is. You dumb tramp you know that I was making a comment about your spelling ability, which I see that you have edited.

          • Sorry, lady, but your opinions just don’t reach far enough. Show statistics for your assertions, preferably by state and proximity to the border. I doubt you can back up your claim of “the majority of illegal aliens . . . .on employment visas”. Until I hear back from you I call your claim unsupported.

          • Here are five valid resources. If you cannot condict further research on your own, let me know.

            Pew Research.
            American Civil Liberties Union.

            Immigration Policy Center.

            Hoover Institution, Stanford University.


          • Good dodge, oh learned one. That’s like citing Encyclopedia Britannica or A Brief History of the US, to find labor statistics for 1900. Surely you can narrow it down more than this. Besides, don’t throw your liberal sources of ill-repute (ACLU? As objective as Mein Kampf), Pew Research, the same, and Fact check is more like the Farmers Almanac of facts. Specific sources or your opinion. You choose.

          • Save your insults for someone yu can impress.

          • You are a ratty old hag aren’t you. My comments were made to attempt a discussion on the illegal immigrant problem. You have posted so often and so shallow I am beginning to think you really are starting to break up mentally. Take a 48 hour break and relax. If that doesn’t work maybe you should talk to your primary care provider.

          • Trump will close our borders, Trump will deport the illegals and build a wall! Trump will create real jobs, not paper jobs like Obama! Trump will reduce the national debt and balance the budget! Trump will rebuild our military to it’s once mighty strength and into the greatest fighting force in the world and terrorism as we have know it for decades will be eradicated from the face of the earth. No person running for President can do these things, except Donald Trump! No person running for President seems to want to do these things,except DONALD J. TRUMP! NO ONE, PERIOD!

          • Will Trump keep companies from beinging in foreign professionals? Not on your life.

            Remember he is going to put a stop to student loans which will further reduce the availability of “home-grown” professionals.

            Naw, all Trump will accomplish is sending more American jobs to other countries. Well, that is if Congress does not impeach him for overstepping the bounds of the Office.

          • Professionals who overstay visas are illegals.
            They take good paying American jobs.
            Keep focusing on the Southern border — that is what Trump and others of the 1% want you to do.
            Keep remembering the employer who requests that visa must swear there is no American to fill the position. Apparwntly, there are no more American chemists, physicians, physists … coming out of our Universities.

          • Traitor of America shut your treason running mouth! Americans are tired of the likes of Persons as You!

          • Insult away, oh, ignorant one.
            Those First People crossing the border make an easy target.
            The Asian, East Indian, Eastern European chemists, computer programmers … are not such easy targets.

          • He didn’t insult you, he gave you truth liberal dem bloodsucking liar.

          • Another one too lazy to look up facts?
            No. just not interested in the facts — prefers bigotry.

          • Didn’t need to lying liberal dem bloodsucking parasite, I knew the facts, knew you were lying as soon as I read it, c’mon kill yourself before your kids find out that they are related to you.

          • Get off your duff and see if you can impress your pimp. If you don’t he might replace you with an alien.

          • Uh huh, why don’t you give us 4 more of the liberal dem bloodsucking bs mills,

            We have more criminal aliens coming acros our southern border every year that come in on student visas total, you fing liar.

          • You need to do additional research. Your statement is false.

          • Are you truly going to utilize as valid ! ” progressive sources,” ( Really ) Each source you’ve listed uses false statistics, out dated data to draw their conclusions from.. When reviewing each of them in their entirety they contradict one an other. Try again

          • Where are your sources? You spit out a lot of opinion, but not a single verifiable fact.

          • You are a bare faced lair and you are amazing to think that you can slide that bs by.
            Soon trump takes office, there will be alot of peopel that are aiding and abetting the criminal aliens going to jail, we will try to make sure that you are one of them

          • I take it that you have your jack boots out and cleaned up.
            Are you that old, or are they your daddy’s

          • One set is mine, one is my daddy;s, we are not unneccessarily unkind, we will just set up border posts of armed marksmen and shoot anything crossing the border.
            We will just leave the bodies lay there, after the criminal aliens walk on a few hundred of them, they will quit coming, then we will have time to start arresting everyone that has aided and abetted in any way.
            Establish open air jails in the Arizona Desert, leave you worthless criminals to rot there,.

          • If you take that action, you will in all likelihood be reaoonsible for the death of thousands, if not millions. Your idiocy in regard to the corpses would probaly leas to a disease epidemic.

          • No stupid a bag of lime every couple of days , no problem, never been around dead bodies have you.

          • Calcium oxide (CaO), and hydrated lime, which is calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2) are far more effective as a deodorizer than a disinfectant. Moreover, the bodies would be dismembered by carnivores.
            Get an education, live in the real world. Fantasy does not make the grade.

          • Snookums, I have made combat landings on 3 continents, you can’t tell me anything about taking care of dead bodies.
            i don’t need an education or do I nead an a-wipe like you for any purpose, well except posssibly weight on the end of a rope.

          • As usual, your insult was deleted.

            However, you totally missed the carnivore issue.
            You have dealt with dead bodies in a war zone–WOW
            Fool, come back and tolk to me then you have a degree in public health.

          • Cretin, you don’t need a degree in public heath to deal with bodies, lime them, the carnivores will stay away from them.
            they are smarter than liberal dem bloodsuckers.

          • not a blanket pardon of all associated. must be individual=– each penned and signed by the maggot in chief himself

          • Childish name calling — so not impressive.

          • easier to spell than barry’s name

          • Lol, talk about not impressive the pile of bs that you have posted is approaching a quarter mile, thats impressive,.

          • Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

            Why do you embarrass America this way?

          • He learned it from AKLady, that’s why.

          • The embarrassing part, is not running all of the liberal dem bloodsucking parasites out of the USA/

          • That it, that all you have liberal leech?

          • Did you tell that to Reagan?

          • Reagan isn’t in office, cretin, really need the handouts eh?

          • Apparently, it is your habot to anwer questions with insults.

          • With you, it is, liberal dem bloodsucking parasite

          • Assume, assume, assaume.

            I am not a liberal, or a Democrat, or an ignorant Republican dropout from a red state.

          • What ever you aren’t garbage, you are without merit, worth, value, morals, honor or integrity.
            in another day and time you would be hunted down like a rabid dog.

          • Thank you.
            Coming from you, that is a compliment.

          • Likely that you would get the same response from anyone that has read your posts

          • Maybe you should read more of them.
            But thank you.
            People such as yourself tend to prove my points — much better than I ever could.

          • A metamorphic rock can do things much better, than, you could.

          • Doesn’t allow the inept lying outlaw in the white house to ignore the law.
            He will be in front of Grand Jury with in 60 days of Trump taking office.

          • Doesn’t embarrass our country because we expect you liberal dem bloodsuckers to work, earn and pay for what you want, just you liberal dem bloodsuckers.

          • Hijra is a term used in South Asia – in particular, in India – to refer to transwomen (male-to-female transsexual or transgender individuals). In other [which?] areas of India, transgender people are also known as Aravani, Aruvani or Jagappa.

        • And continuing with Holder In Drag Lynch.

          • The Constituion grants the President the power to pardon offenses againt the United States.

            Article 1, Clause 1

          • Get your head out of Obama’s butt. Do you enjoy repeating yourself? What does your reply have to do with what I said?

          • Kindergarden foul language — so not impressive.

          • You poor pathetic wannabe teacher or is that preacher? Any way you are pathetic. By the way what kind of garden is a kinder?

          • In the United States, freedom of religion is a constitutionally protected right provided in the religion clauses of the First Amendment.

          • Tell that to your Lover Boy, Ovomit. He and his cadre, including the non-Supreme Court, do not respect it. Oh, I’m sorry, your Lover Boy does respect it if Muslims are invoved.

          • Great edit. Now that wasn’t so hard was it?

          • billdeserthills

            Hey, she hasn’t finished eating yet!

          • She will never get her fill of Ovomit. They deserve each other.

          • “I, (name), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the
            Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully

          • Now the little darling is showing us that she can recite. How sweet is that? She probably took the same oath as Ovomit and that was to destroy America.

          • billdeserthills

            She really loves his butt!

        • You do realize that Holder is no longer the AG, and did you feel the same way when other presidents made us of selective enforcement and did signing statements in which they stated which part of the bill they would enforce or follow?

        • Try learning the law instead of embarassing your country with bigotry:

          The Constituion grants the President the power to pardon offenses againt the United States.

          Article 1, Clause 1

        • Correctly stated, armydadtexas!

      • Too bad your brain isn’t unlocked and your mind is loaded… with mierda! We shall see who is retained or fired after Madam Clinton is President!

      • Henry J. Gilbertson

        Same here I took the same oath 1970 and still hold that oath very dearly U.S N. ret.1970 – 1993

      • Same thing here only it was in 1962

      • I took the oath in 1970 and still hold it. US Army 1974-1997 Ret, still serving.

      • Unfortunately but realistically that is what it will take – communists don’t cede ABSOLUTE POWER peacefully, this Muslim-Marxist jihadist AND HIS LEZBO AND HOMO commie regime is no different! Armr============================?, you will be needing them! mInr, NSA!

    • fired ..on..; His failure to obey his OATH & defend this nations borders amounts to TREASON !

    • Be of good cheer, papa. With support of millions of disgruntled citizens we will eradicate the scores of rats and dung beetles who currently are running (down, that is) this country. And in November we can place them in the unemployment line. Commissioner Cowlickowski I know of a job in Blythe, CA cleaning restrooms at the local stop and rob. That way you can stay in contact with the patrolmen you didn’t have backbone enough to support.

    • Agree 100 percent.

  5. obama told paul ryan to F off and he went to his safe place. obama has broken over 75 laws and he has never faced any repercussion at all, we have in DC a bunch of cowards who only care about their bank accounts and to hell with our safety.

  6. The article was interesting until the last sentence, when it became silly. Regardless of who you like or dislike, Trump is not the only candidate who wants to halt illegal immigration, and it is a bit of a stretch to suggest that act alone could actually save the Republican Party anyway. Of course I don’t really care if the Republican Party survives or not…I just dislike inaccurate conclusions.

    • what is immensely important is the election of an adult that loves America…we have not had a president since January 20th, 2009 and the world’s scum are taking advantage of the vacancy as well as Real Americans are watching as the toads in the democrapo party vote en masse for economic disasters such as the kenyan boyo unaffordable healthcare destruction act, support the african pretender as he has the fed bank print money 24/7, purchase stocks instead of tanks, leg humps with our enemies(also gives them large sums of cash), and trashes our allies…yet we can turn on the television and see many brain dead dolts jumping up and down with smiles on their faces as they deliriously profess their support for those two communist clowns running on the democrapo ticket…naw it is not a ticket !! it is a manure wagon…

    • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

      Yes Trump is the only Candidate who says and will halt illegal immigration, He will Not let political correctness guide his actions, With Trump as President we will have a White Country again !! What are you going to do ? Take my job, My income, My fortune ? Etc. No way I am a White American male, Not allowed to work now for 49 years under affirmative action !! I do not need to be Politically Correct, You have Nothing more you can take from me ! (;^))***

      • Trump says a lot, but in reality you do not know what we will end up with after his “artful deal” occurs and, although you may not like it, Cruz is for a wall and the deportation of illegal immigrants.

        A white country again? As a white conservative male I am struggling to respond to that comment in a civil manner. I will support anyone who has integrity…the color of their skin does not matter. Character is found in the heart and has nothing to do with the amount of melanin in the skin. Unless I am mistaken, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, et al., are all white…how is that working out for us?

        • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

          Cruz may say he will build a wall and deport, But I do not believe him, I also do not believe Trump until he takes action, But he is the only one strongly saying he will and we have no choice but to take our chances.
          I was referring to all the Affirmative action benefits that go to certain people and not to others, For someone to use a derogatory name upsets you, But to turn White American males away from work for the last 49 years in a massive government controlled Racist action does Not bother you, Apparently you still have a job ? Probably a government job.

          • It fascinates me that you don’t believe Cruz yet you are willing to believe Trump. Cruz has actually fought against amnesty in Congress; apart from talk, what has Trump done about illegal immigrants besides hire them? There is still a choice.

            Like him or hate him, Trump says everything strongly: He loves Hillary, he hates Hillary; he loves Mitt Romney, he hates Mitt Romney; he loves Harry Reid, he hates Harry Reid (I am grossly paraphrasing here). I don’t place too much stock in what he says or how emphatically he says it because he is a pragmatist.

            Tom, I am sorry that you have struggled to find employment. I want everyone to have equal rights regardless of their color. The best candidate should get the job based upon their qualifications…period.

            Also, if it makes you feel better, I am not a government employee and never have been. I have never been on any type of government assistance, although there were several times in my life when I could have availed myself of those programs. Currently I have three jobs and work my butt off to make less than Chelsea Clinton made when she graduated from college years ago.

          • Tired, I applaud you… I have gained a whole new respect for you. We share a LOT… in common! Thank you! You’ve brought me back to reality. Now maybe we can work on some of these other challenges here.

          • The truth is the truth whether we like it or not. Both sides tend to present only one part of the picture and minimize the challenges to their own positions by demeaning others.

          • Mehhhhh, yes. In some cases, but who’s going to call a truce and backtrack on this debacle of conversational gibberish?

        • By golly, THAT I will agree with you on! Now you’re cookin’ with gas!

      • Trump is a narcissist. He says what he has to say, to get your vote. He has even said, behind closed doors..the immigration gig is just a ploy. Sounds just like a narcissist. Having been deceived, and betrayed, by a narcissist..I researched it for years. Trump is all talk…whether there will be action..only time will tell. But he cannot do all the things, he wants to do, without Congress..unless he is going to do, what the present narcissist-in-chief is doing..making law with his pen…which is UNLAWFUL. I can see it now…Trump wants something passed, in the Congress. They say no…so he says…His way or the Highway…and takes it on his own, with the pen. Not right, according to the Constitution.

        • Somehow you’re under the impression that tRUMP is reeeeeeeally going to be different from the rest! Bwwwwaaahahahaahahaha! Lost the farm, the house, and the ’48 Studebaker too! (Sigh!)

      • “…we will have a White Country again!”???? Are you frickin’ kidding me? By the time you boys get organized, you won’t even be in the majority, much less have a say in anything! Hell, WHITE is on its way out as we speak! Unnnnnnnngh!!!

        • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

          White people still make up over 70% of the population of the USA. And like a quote from a movie goes, “We are smarter than you, Have more money than you and are better armed than you.”

          • Seems to me that was the rumor way back when… and what wars have we won since WW2, pray tell? Most of them have been barn dances!

        • What??? Why lawdy, lawdy y’all muss be membah of one a those homey minorities, wishin’ and hopin’ and usin resources coz ya aint got crap where ya came from.

    • Who are the other candidates that want to halt illegal immigration? Certainly not Rubio who favors immigration reform in the form of amnesty and open borders, says he will secure the border but seems unsure in what order that will occur, and tells his Latino audiences that he supports amnesty and open borders. Choose one of the other Rubio but you can’t have both. Cruz approaches it from the secure the border first, but still favors the infamous “path to citizenship” route. Kasich also has convoluted plans. Trump has from the very start stressed the need to close the border and stop the flood of illegals into the country. And, he is the only candidate that has said the horrible word: deportation.
      Rubio’s, Cruz’s and Kasich’s plans of using a path to citizenship without border security and enforcement will only put out the message that coming here illegally will eventually lead to citizenship and encourage more illegal alien incursions.

      • If it were not for Trump this would have never ever been an issue. And it is a burning issue with the legal constituents of this country. He led the charge to stop this abomination. The other candidates when they realized it was an hot issue started joining in. But you are right Brenda, their efforts were tepid at best. No zeal, no intent to deport and just the usual political rhetoric we have heard since Reagan made the first amnesty and promised then to secure the border. LOOK WHERE THAT HAS LED. We now have open borders and the New World Order crowd, all of which began with Reagan’s actions and picking Bush thanks to the GOP leadership establishment as his VP. Disgusting bunch and obviously large and in charge even back in the 80’s.

        • We have been talking about immigration for decades and it is difficult to imagine that the other candidates wouldn’t have hit Rubio on his participation in the Gang of Eight.

          • The other candidates would not have ever even considered talking about if it were not from Trump so the Gang of Eight would never had been brought up. Not until this election and since 1986 has immigration been in the nations spot light.

          • It may not have been on your radar but it has been on and off the nation’s radar since Reagan and it has been a major topic of discussion since Obama took office. The Idea that no one would have discussed it if not for Trump isn’t consistent with the ongoing political dialogue.

        • remember though that it takes the worthless idiots in congress to appropriate the dollars for everything and they refuse to secure our borders….and all of them but Trump, Carson, and Fiorina are stooges of politics in DC….they look far enough to keep their seats and then screw the rest. Term limits may cause them to act in the interest of the people instead of their own as it was intended….but an outsider is scaring the shit out of the established criminals!!!!!!!!!

        • And here I thought Ronnie Raygun was a nice sorta guy! Hmmmmmmm, woo wudda guessed?!

      • Cruz was actually fighting the Gang of Eight in Congress long before Trump began his blitz and he does want both security at the border as well as enforcement. Don’t take my word for it: Go to and you will see that your statements regarding Cruz’s stance on immigration are incorrect.

        • Is that like go to killary’s page and to prove she is only looking out for the best for Americans and America??? BS!

          • Not even in the same ballpark. The link outlines Cruz’e stand on the issue…the platform on which he is basing his campaign. You don’t have to believe him, but to say that he is not for border security and enforcement simply isn’t consistent with either his platform or his record, particularly in light of his strong stand against the Gang of Eight. I find if fascinating the you are willing to believe Trump’s rhetoric without such skepticism, and yet doubt Cruz in the face of evidence to the contrary.

        • Think about Cruz as president, then he could really shut down the government rather than just slowing it down. After all, if government is the problem and no solution, then why not end it.

          • Most of us want a reasonable level of government…we just differ on the definition of “reasonable.”

          • No you don’t. Did vote for any Republicans who claimed that they want to go to Congress to stop the government? Probably. Do you believe that there should never be compromises when it comes to government, etc? Well, the Constitution and the Declaration were compromises. For you, I imagine, reasonable level of government is one that strictly goes along with your beliefs.

          • It is interesting that you feel entitled to tell me how I feel and why I feel that way. You make assumptions and then create accusations based upon your own biases. Fascinating…

          • I think you have nailed him/her/it very well.

          • Morgan, allow me to respond directly to your last sentence: “For you, I imagine, reasonable level of government is one that strictly goes along with your beliefs.”

            First, I used the word “level” to suggest that there are varying roles for government. Second, I merely pointed out that, as citizens of this country, there are many different interpretations of the proper role of government (i.e. one person favors a larger role for government and another prefers a smaller role). Only a very minute element argues for no government at all.

            Let me ask you a question: Who wants a government that doesn’t closely align with their beliefs? Every rational human being believes that their point of view is right on any given issue; otherwise they wouldn’t believe it. No thoughtful person holds to a philosophical or political view that they know is wrong. Yet there are many intelligent, thoughtful, honest, and kind people on different sides of any issue. Are you suggesting that it is somehow improper to have a differing opinion?

            However, to set your mind at ease, I believe that people should be free to make choices and live with the consequences of those choices, as long as they do not hurt other people. No one has to believe what I believe, but neither do I have to believe what they believe. Discussion between people who hold differing points of view can be productive if both sides are willing to consider the possibility that they may not know everything. Ignorance can exist without arrogance, but arrogance cannot exist apart from ignorance.

          • I was too inarticulate. Everyone has a right to his or her beliefs, but a good number of Republicans who won in the last election vowed to stop government, period. And, so they hadn’t done anything/. When it came to Cruz and those like him who wanted to shut down the government because they weren’t getting their way, that is petty and childish. Besides, what they did was slow the government – if you are going to stop the government that includes every government worker, including the entire military, social security, Medicare, etc.

            A government can only work if there are compromises. The Constitution was a compromise and so was the Declaration of Independence. But you have those like Cruz who refuses to listen to others for any meaningful dialogue and claims that standing by our principles and never compromising is a virtue. When McConnell during Obama’s first inauguration told Republican leaders to oppose anything that Obama proposes – and they did that. Obama was right that when he actually supported proposals from Republicans, they rejected them – not because they were bad, but because Obama supported them. When Obama sought support from Republicans concerning the ACA, they rejected him. Grassley from Iowa said one thing to Obama and then outside of the meetings, said exactly the opposite, a bit two faced.

            For a lot of people including a good number of politicians, on both sides, belief that profit is more important than the ecology or people’s lives. Look at what happened to Flint. The governor wanted to save a little bit of money, and the water in some Flint homes is four times greater than chemical sludge. And Snyder knew about all of this before it came out in the public and then ridiculed the doctor as a hack because of her concerns. And, the man who Snyder selected to run the city (the mayor and the city council lost their authority by Snyder), has just sent in his resignation because he believed that the goals of his appointment have been accomplished.

            When it comes to your comment that people should be free to make choices and live with the consequences of those choices, as long as they do not hurt other people. I partially agree with that, but not in all situations, such as a woman right to an abortion. In 15 states when it comes to parental rights of the father, they include rapists. So, there have been a multitude of cases where the victim of a rape who decided to continue the pregnancy and then offer the child for adoption was stopped by her rapist because those states have laws that require consent from the father. Why not get rid of those laws, because those who had been raped and who wanted to terminate the pregnancy could not be stopped then. And think about shared custody with your rapist for 18 years.

            Now you can state that an innocent life would be put to death, but for many people, a fetus is a potential human, but not a human being yet, and not a person. And that is a position that is taken by many Christians, but also other religions as well. Judaism, for example, does not recognize a fetus as a human being as well as embryonic stem cells.

            I’m getting off track, but again, I did like a lot of what you wrote.

            Take care.

          • I appreciate the conversation. It is a rarity on sites such as this where name calling and obstinence rule the day. Perhaps we can successfully model how people with different perspectives can still respect each other enough to find some common ground.

            For me the issue here is threefold: First, stopping the government via
            filibuster or other procedural/legislative means is not the same as not
            wanting government to function or exist; second such maneuvers have been
            used by both parties, not just the Republicans; and third, shutting
            down the government is a two way street.

            As I am sure you already know, the legislative branch was created as one of the checks on the executive branch and the House of Representatives is the most attuned to the will of the people due to the brevity of terms and the small size of their constituency. This was the branch that was returned to the Republicans immediately following the passage of the ACA. The Republicans have continued to make gains in Congress since then because many people feel that the government has become a lumbering beast that turns a deaf ear to them in favor of ideology, money, and political pressure from the privileged in both parties. This seems to be borne out during this election cycle as a number of people in both parties are absolutely furious and demanding to be heard: hence the rise of Sanders and Trump.

            Unfortunately respect, which allows people to disagree without marginalizing one another, has been replaced by the amorphous concept of tolerance, which is merely arrogance and privilege masquerading as generosity. While animus has always been present in our political process, it has become more prominent over the past few decades as neither side has done a good job of promoting respect; therefore they both bear the blame. We cannot have reasoned conversations until the majority on both sides are willing to acknowledge their role in creating the mess and find common ground upon which to work together.

            Sadly, I am not sure that dream is possible at this point. Perhaps it is time to consider embarking upon a great experiment: amicable divorce. Since both sides think that the other side is crazy, it only makes sense to allow the crazies to go their way and the normal people will go theirs. After all, who doesn’t want to get rid of the crazy people on the right or the crazy people on the left? Of course the definition of “crazies” and “normal people” is completely dependent upon the point of view of the observer. Regardless, people could choose chose a side and the country’s assets/liabilities would be divided up accordingly. This would be the ultimate social experiment and eliminate the growing division that is destroying this country. Naturally this won’t happen, but it is interesting to contemplate…it is somewhat akin to planning what to do with my lottery winnings should I be fortunate enough to win (which, of course, I won’t).

            By the way, stupid laws are stupid laws; rapists should have no rights regarding the child produced by their crime…none. That is the point of accepting the consequence of your action. One cruel act denies a rapist’s entire family the joy of knowing their grandchild, nephew, niece, cousin, etc…and that is on him. Situations like these are considered natural consequences, yet we have created an entire system dedicated to helping people avoid them.

        • Yes, of course, listen to Cruz! He’s his own best friend, but doesn’t have many others outside of the ultra religious extremists!

          • It makes sense to look at a candidate’s platform, especially when someone makes statements regarding their position on a topic. However, is it necessary to marginalize others by calling them haters, phobes, or extremists? Have we really reached the point where people cannot have a different opinion without being called at least one of those pejoratives?

          • YES! The extremists are REALLY successful teachers. It just doesn’t play out in real life!

      • If you don’t know it already, tRUMP is in the liberal camp and YOU people just lost the farm by backing him. Watch and see… THEN what are you gonna do? ReVOLT a second or third time? LOLOL… you people are tiring!

  7. All illegals need to be deported immediately and should never be allowed back in the USA. They came here illegally or overstayed their legal vacations/education and they intentionally broke our laws! They should remove themselves voluntarily and then apply to come here lawfully if they want to be residents or work in the USA. There are plenty of legal ways to come here – why do it the illegal way? If they would break the laws to get here, they are probably breaking other laws to get ahead of the legal workers in America – like not paying taxes or getting welfare/obamacare/voting. We don’t need any of them, they all need to go! And we need a very robust database to know who is here on Visas and making sure they depart on time or if the conditions no longer support the Visa. Do it legally or do not do it! Simple rule.

    • Come here legally or DO NOT COME AT ALL!

    • Some are here, and NOT GETTING ASSISTANCE from our GOV. They are doing jobs AMERICANS WILL NOT DO. Our GOV. MUST PUT ALL that are on EBT, WALFARE, GOV. ASSISTANCE, WITH SEC, 8 HOUSING and any other help BUT THEIR SORRY @$$ to work “OR, NO PAY CHECK”. Our people would get the idea “real quick”. NO MORE CHILDREN if YOU DON’T PAY FOR THEM. SPAY AND NUTER all on GOV. AID.

      • WHAT???? (Do you think before you spew? Sober up and try again!)

      • Fact: Citizenship or legal immigration status is requires for all benefits except medical carw.

        Medical care is provided to illegals as a matter of national security — to prevent disease epidenics.

      • I agree somewhat with what you wrote. But, I am tired of hearing “They are doing jobs Americans will not do”. That is hog wash. I have seen several situations where ICE has rounded up illegals and within a week those jobs were filled with Americans.

    • Now, illegals pay about $2 billion in taxes each year.. Are you willing to have your taxes raised to fill in the gap when they leave?

      • Why do you make up bvllshit ? They cost far more then that in welfare, schools, hospital visits and crime. They will – by 2018 – be the largest ethnic group in Americas prisons.

        • You were right, I got the figures wrong. The 50-state analysis by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy released on Thursday found that roughly 8.1 million of 11.4 million undocumented immigrants who work paid more than $11.8 billion in state and local taxes in 2012, even while they were living illegally in the country.

          The group’s analysis estimated that illegal immigrants’ combined nationwide state and local tax contributions would increase by $845 million under full implementation of Obama’s 2012 and 2014 executive actions and by $2.2 billion under comprehensive immigration reform.

          Tax contributions from illegal immigrants ranged from less than $3.2 million in Montana with an estimated undocumented population of 6,000 to more than $3.2 billion in California with more than 3.1 million illegal immigrants, according to the study.

          So, you want them all out – think of the cost, transportation, prison camps, guards, etc. so, when dealing with a $12 billion tax downfall – are you willing to have your taxes raised, not including the costs for massive deportations?

          • Ovomit can’t “make laws” ! Ain’t legal ! And America is a country with laws ! He cannot “select the laws he wants to enforce” ! PERIOD ! Barrack be big on saying period !

          • Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

            Why do you embarrass America this way?

          • Repeating yourself is characteristic of a flawed personality and a sure sign of mental illness. Not diagnosing, just explaining.

          • Why do you believe that stupidity requires a unique response?

            Insults only matter to those who reapect your opinion.

          • Not condemning or judging you, just explaining and describing. If the shoe fits, however. Nothing I say should come as a surprise, you’ve been around long enough to be able to assess your own dysfunctions.

          • Insults only matter to those who reapect your opinion.

          • New word? What does r-e-a-p-e-c-t mean?

          • Actually presidents have been doing that for some time. Bush 43 would write a signing statement when he signed a law, stating what parts of the law he would act on. The President has discretion as to how federal laws are to be conducted. I guess you get your civics education from lunatic, right wing, websites and commentators. Still believe in the FEMA death camps? LOL


          • How many illegals are working jobs that a real American would be doing if the job was available? Years ago, ICE, before Ovomit ruined it, raided a poultry plant and rounded up over 300 illegals. The next week 300 Americans had jobs. That is just one example. I keep hearing this stupid saying, “The illegals only take jobs that Americans won’t”. That is BS.

        • They are currently the fastest growing ethnic group outside of prisons and working harder than you couch potatoes! In FACT, they are the MAJORITY in some areas and spreading. Sit and spin on that for awhile, Junior!

          • No prob melby – I got 65 boxes of 7.62×54 ammo ! Tomorrow’s payday – I’ll pick up 5 more 🙂 And you calling me “junior” is a laugh slick ! I retired 4 years ago slick ! Comfortably 🙂 In Montana 🙂 greasers ain’t fond of our winters !

          • OOOoooo, Ah’m sooo skeered, JUNior! I grew up in North Dakota and lived in frigid Minnesota so big WHOOP! As far as retiring, I live in Brazil half the year and I and my friend own a condo down there. The Brazilian Real is worth 3.80 per dollar so my bankroll turned into a fortune! Let’s talk ‘comfortable,’ eh? ROFL@YOU! (Now don’t bore me any more!)

          • Good – STAY THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Sorry for you… I’ll move when and where I want to, little boy of Peanut Gallery fame!

          • Really? Love rules?

          • Really! 🙂

          • Y’all don’t come back now, heah!

          • Your lauguage says more about you than I every could. Why do you embarass America?

          • You offer an excellent reason why they should be returned to the land of tacos, corruption, drugs, and an historical culture of great value.

        • Maybe you should actually check your states regulations about public assistence.

        • #1 — White, Christian is the largest criminal group in America’s prisons.

          #2 — America ha more prisons and prisoners than all the other modern, industrialized countries combined — including China and Russia.

        • Don’t have to when these are the actual facts. Now, go back to your fantasy world of fear and paranoia.

      • Wow! I am amazed.

        Someone who actually has facts posting here besides Melby and myself.

        Thank you.

      • Why yes, as a matter of fact. You see if they were not here we would save $200 billion in services to these “guests”, aka illegal immigrants.

        • Where did you get your information? Breitbart? Some right wing website that put up propaganda instead of actual facts? Anyway, 75% of illegals pay federal, state and local taxes, plus between six to seven billion in Social Security taxes for benefits they will never get. They do get schooling and emergency medical care, but not welfare or food stamps. Plus, illegals have never been eligible for SNAP. Legal immigrants can only get food stamps if they’ve lived in the U.S. for at least five years (with exceptions for refugees, asylees and children). In fact, immigrants are far less likely to apply for food stamps because they worry about jeopardizing their immigration status and because the application process is especially daunting for non-English speakers.

          They also contribute to property taxes—a main source of school funding—when they buy or rent a house, or rent an apartment. The U.S. Social Security Administration estimated that in 2013 undocumented immigrants—and their employers—paid $13 billion in payroll taxes alone for benefits they will never get. They can receive schooling and emergency medical care, but not welfare or food stamps.

          I guess you must also believe in the FEMA concentration camps. LOL

          • Like you and Ack Ack lady I made them up to fit the argument. You must get your info from the usual liberal socialist propaganda machinery; MSNBC, National Enquirer, Huff N Puff Post, WaPo, and NY Times, who simply made them up for morons like you to cite.

    • It must gall you to no end that the undocumented are better American citizens than you blokes!

    • “Presumption of innocence” serves to emphasize that the prosecution has the obligation to prove each element of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt (or some other level of proof depending on the criminal justice system) and that the accused bears no burden of proof.

      It is the law in America.

  8. Sounds like Kerlikowske is the one that needs to find another job. No employee of the Federal Government has a duty or obligation to follow an illegal order from their superior or up the chain of command, even up to the President. That defense did not work for the Nazi’s in defense for the cruel treatment of Jews and Roma after WWII and it will not work now.

  9. It is BS like this that makes me think of voting for Trump.

  10. Must be a bleeding heart liberal. He is the one that needs to be looking. What does he think he is getting paid too do? He is like the rest of the Dems that think they are entitled for a wage for doing nothing.

    • No, he’s doing something. He’s supplying the Dem. Party with future supporters as the supply of foolish, gullible, ignorant citizens dwindles.

    • Most of us are retired and being entertained by you third rate comedians… but as usual, we get what we pay for, lolol.

      • You must be talking about that third rate comedian, Bill Maher. Funny he is not but I am sure you idolize him.
        BTW I am not trying to be a comedian. So laugh if you want, if it will even remotely make you feel good. Obviously the truth hurts.


  12. This border boss jerk should be the one moving and run out of this country.

  13. Border chief can fk off! Violated his Oath of office. Yes it is the same one including PRESERVE PROTECT and DEFEND the Constitution of the United States (Law of the Land). He should be fired immediately and thrown out of the office on his face

    • That goodness there are only 6-7 commenters on this blog. Any more and we’d have to spray for bedbugs and roaches!

  14. Another appointed federal jerk. This Gil needs to be held accountable. Fire his A$$!

  15. We need a brokered convention, and make sure Cruz is the nominee. He is not perfect..I don’t care for him, but he is not a narcissist, and loves the Constitution! Trump is all lies. Trump is Obama, twice over, with an ugly comb over. Both are malignant narcissist, who with more power, will become psychotic. Research narcissism..find out for yourself. Read about Hitler, Mussolini, the Kim jungs, Stalin, all fascist dictators…and you will see how much Trump is like them.

    And you all stated you hate the Elite. What do you think Trump is? Chopped liver? No..he is the Elite! He is friends with Soros! Soros backed him financially for Trump’s building, in Chicago! Trump spent the Christmas of 2009 with SOROS!

    You are being duped!! Bamboozled! He is using the Art of the Lie, on you! He is using the devil’s MO..on you…and you seem to blind to it. You think the truth is a lie. It is not.
    For the sake of your nation, do some research, on him, and narcissism!

    • All true; People are so blinded by anger over lousy Representation that they think a shifting-principled Leader is the answer. The Germans found how that worked in the 1930’s.

      • That’s a hell of a big stretch. Trump is not advocating the disarmament of the populace, mass genocide/incarceration of a classified group of people, and is not touting the need to invade other countries. He wants to kick everyone out that should not be here, create more jobs, make more US beneficial agreements with foreign countries, cut our taxes(yes look at his proposal he has one), and work on these ridiculous shifts in our country like restoring religious freedom.

      • Yes, as I have stated, in my comments online. Hitler, Mussolini, the Kim Jongs, Mao, Stalin, Marx, all fascist dictators…all narcissists..when they got more power, they became psychotic.
        Best not to elect a narcissist, in the first place. The only GOOD person that was in this race, has bowed out…not suspended his campaign, though.

        Do tell the loud mouth, who also answered this thread, that what I have written is TRUTH.


      • I have watched Trump for several decades and everything that keepyourpower said is consistent with what I have observed. In fact, your comment more accurately describes Trump than Cruz in the significant points, such as untruthful, cares little for the average citizen, and is only saying what it takes to win your vote. Trump’s comment that even if he killed someone in full public view it would not affect his supporters is probably true and assuredly shameful. The reality is that most of us want the same thing: a president with integrity who is guided by the constitution. However for many of us Trump is the antithesis of those ideals.

        • Tired…wasn’t that statement about shooting someone PATHETIC!?

          • I almost lost it when I read that and then observed it on the internet news! It doesn’t say a whole lot about tRUMP’s followers either.

          • George…ever heard of the term “useful idiot”? It’s in Rules For Radicals” by Saul Alinsky. Democrats use that book, as their Bible. And Trump is using it. What does that tell you? It is Obama’s Bible..since he was a Community Organizer. The principles are from Marx, Stalin, and Hitler.
            In the first few pages of the book, Alinsky said he could not have written it without the help of LUCIFER!

            Hillary did her thesis on Alinsky, and they were telephone buddies. Why don’t the Republican candidates bring that up? Why? Because they are too busy tearing each other apart! That seems to be the agenda. Dr. Ben Carson, in his opening statement, at the former debate, asked each, by name, to not tear each other down. He then called for a meeting, of all of them, before the last debate, to ask them, again, to stop it. Not one of them answered his plea. He is nothing to them. But he is something to millions. And, I bet there will be millions of write ins, for him, in the election. Yes, I know that will be more votes for Hillary…but some of us, will not sell our soul for Trump.

            Narcissism is of the devil. And he is so happy right now! He has such a YUGE following!

      • You sure are full of wonder you like Trump. You write like a leftist. Cannot stand to hear the TRUTH, so you call names. Then Trump is a leftist too! Trump tries to demean everyone, too. Not a practicing Christian…for sure! He projects his bad ways, onto others, like he did to Carson. Two peas in a pod. is liar..not lier. Who is the little guy with all his super pacs? I told you I don’t like Cruz, but he is not a narcissist, and loves the Constitution!

  16. Why do they even make an issue out of this? Congress ONLY has the authority to make and pass laws. The president doe’s NOT! End of story! Or at least it should be! And this Commissioner needs to be shown the door to a Federal Prison along with Obama if they refuse to follow Federal Law! Damned tired of politicians, Obama, his illegals, appointed judges, commissioners, and others getting away with breaking FEDERAL LAWS THAT HAVE ALREADY BEEN PASSED BY CONGRESS, yet if the average American broke Federal Law, they go to jail! DOUBLE-STANDARDS!

  17. ANOTHER Traitor in our midst.

  18. Read the Constitution and you will find “prosecutorial discretion” is reserved for district attorney’s, not the president or anyone else.

  19. Soon, Trump will be president and he will be fired. A new guy will replace him and Trump will start building the wall.

  20. Great White Father Paul Ryan speaks! Big wind! Heap dust! But no rain!

  21. If they try to give Amnesty they will see a real revolution in this country and it will
    not be pretty. Thank God for red necks.

    • Let the citizen militia take over. With over 20 million Patriotic true American hunters and veterans ready for a fight, It’s time to Rock and Roll, as my old Gunny use to say as we would begin the commie search and destroy sweeps.

      • Im on board with that. We cant let a stupid community organizer
        screw up our country any more then he already has. The republicans are a lot to blame to. they did nothing to stop him. The
        whole government is on the take now.

        • Obama has screwed the country by providing healthcare to 14 million (evidently those who use the ACA are the bottom of American society); passed the stimulus so that we didn’t go into the Second Great Depression; passed reforms so that it will be a lot hard for Wall Street to screw us like they did in 2007. Then there is the killing of bin Laden; recapitalized banks; repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t tell,” toppled Qaddafi, told Mubarak to go; improved America’s image abroad; kicked banks out of the Federal Student Loan Program. He also screwed education by providing funds from the stimulus to provide grants to reward states for education reform. The states should never receive federal money for education, because it is not a right in the Constitution.
          He should never have extended unemployment insurance because they who lost their jobs should just such it up. Obama should not have tightened sanctions on Iran rather than bombing and invading; He should not have increased support for Veterans by increasing the budget for the VA by 16% in 2010 and then 10% in 2011. The VA is really a socialist program – the government should not be in the hospital, etc., business. Creating the conditions to close the dirtiest power plants because people care more for electricity than any harm to environment. Yes he has really screwed us all.

          • You did not have to go through that rant. You only have to
            look at the condition of the country now, and the condition
            of the world to judge him. It may be News to you but the Navy Seals Killed Bin Laden. They risked there lives they
            did no do it by watching a live feed from the comfort of the
            White House

          • The condition of the country is actually fine, unless you are an ultra conservative, have blue collar job, and little education; plus if you are a fundamentalist or evangelical Christian. But for those of us with higher education, when the economy crashed, we were not that bad off. Our unemployment was extremely low. And it was Obama who gave the go ahead.

          • You make a great case for an amicable divorce. Let’s just divide the country proportionately between conservatives and liberals with an equal amount of assets and liabilities on each side and see what happens. If we did this, both sides should be happy and the rancor would be decreased.

          • The Liberals would move ahead with innovations and discoveries. They have the required education.

          • You are free to believe what you want. It would be the ultimate social experiment and perhaps one that we should seriously consider.

          • Education should be pursued but it is not everything as many, such as Edison, Einstein, Jobs, and Gates, have proved. Educated people understand the limitations of their knowledge and are skeptical of all things, not just those that fit their worldview. The idea that only one side is educated is baseless.

          • Guess you didn’t work at Solyndra, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Plymouth or Mercury then scooter ! And Ovomit let Jeff Immelt send the X-Ray division of GE to China ! (Immelt was Ovomits “Jobs Czar” ) Creating Chinese jobs ! Keep your head up your ass – looks better.

          • How many foreign made goods did you buy this week? Last week?
            Every foreign made product you buy guarantees unemployment for Americans.

          • No I didn’t, all of that would be below my pay grade.

          • Why dont you tell that to the 90 million people that are unemployed or the 50 million people on food stamps. You must be living under a rock with a radio listening to Obama
            brag about his 5% unemployment rate Bullsh-t.

          • Childish foul language.
            I am so not impressed.
            How many foreign made goods did you buy this week? Last week?
            Every foreign made product you buy guarantees unemployment for Americans.

          • The fact that you toddlers are a bunch of whiners is not Obama’s or anyone else’s fault. Be grateful you have the blessings you do. You could have it a whole lot worse!

          • Yea – we could live in Canada or England (God Forbid) ! Idiots disarm their citizens and we got to bail them out when the get their tit in the ringer ! Next time Germany wants to kick the sheite out of England – We should let them !

          • Bad news — America did not win WW II all by its lonesome.

          • We were basically going to let them go alone for WWII until Pearl Harbor. And when did we ever bailout out Canada. They’ve been talking (joking) about building their own wall to keep us out.

          • By the last six months of the Bush Administration this country was dropping 1 million jobs per month.
            Yes, the condition of this country stands as evidence that the Obama Admisitration rescued America from collapse.

          • LOL, Rescue by your judgement I would hate to see what
            it would look like if he failed.

          • Much of Europe demonstrates what that failure would have looked like.

          • Thats right, and we are headed right in that direction. Thats
            Obamas dream.

          • America had been dropping 1 million jobs a day during the last 9 months of the Bush Administration.
            There have been almost 9 million jobs added just since November 2015.

            Under Obama job creation has reached six times that of the Bush rate.

          • Keep drinking the cool aid

          • I will continue with verifiable fact and truth.
            You can lie and insult to your hearts content — all the time embarasaing America with your ignorance.

          • You would not know fact and truth if it ran you over. All you know is Democrat talking points

          • What would make you say that?

          • What is it about my opinion with which you disagree so strongly?

          • Which talking point might that be — lets try to be specific if it isn’t too much trouble for you

          • How Obama saved the country. When he actually destroyed it. that would be one

          • Where is this rescue. ( Where.) 95 million unemployed. 47 million more on welfare.That’s 19 million. More then the worst part of the housing bubble burst . More then 50 % of college graduates can’t find jobs. 75 % of black Americans out of work an in worse economic shape then at anytime in US history. 19 million still very much un insured. National debt has more then double at over 19 trillion dollars under Obama Corporations leaving the US at a faster pace then at anytime in American history. The unfunded mandates debt now over 260 Trilluon dollars. Medicaid closer then ever to bankruptcy. Medicare closer then ever to bankruptcy. Obama has led us into two more wars. Our Allies no longer trust us. Our nation more divided then during the Civil war. Where is this rescue.
            Aklady You must live in fantasy land. Even shillary is talking about how bad the economy is . So to is Bernie Sanders. Wake up. Your party is now admitting defeat.

          • All bulldump boy ! Fewer Americans have health insurance now then before ! The senator who wrote Ovomitcare even called it a “train wreck” ! (Max Baucus D.Mt.) His stimulus money went to “green energy companies” owned by his supporters. ( See Solyndra) and 9 others all now bankrupt ! He is a laughing stock abroad – see British, German and Russian cartoons about Obie ! He reformed school lunches so they were un-eatable ! Veterans are still dying waiting for treatment at VA hospitals. Iran is laughing it’s ass off and working overtime on it’s nukes. Oh – and shut your computer down scooter – wasting power !

          • Well, I can see you but into all of the lies when it comes to the ACA. 14 million more now have insurance. 1.4 million had to find new insurance because their previous health insurance was junk, cheap but junk. Not all VA hospitals are incompetent cesspools. When it comes to Iran and nukes, I guess you prefer another $2 billion war with no thought of further costs or ramifications. We got rid of Saddam and that allowed for Iran to raise in power. If we invade Iran, etc., who will fill in the power gap? When it comes to the stimulus there is always a gamble. Now, go back to the cave that you evidently live in, or your basement.

          • Wow. I am amazed.

          • “inedible,” Spelling King of 1802!

          • Solyndra was approved long before Bush left office. The evidence clearly documents his administration specifically prioritized Solyndra’s project.

            The Energy Department’s loan guarantee program was created as part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, passed by a Republican-controlled Congress and signed by Bush.

          • Actually, in Europe, they laugh at us because of Trump, our lower level of education. For exam, when the BBC makes a documentary, they do one for themselves and then a dumb downed version for the US.

          • The US public education system was number 1 in the world in 1969 scooter ! The democrats took it over (thru the teachers unions) and today the US is ranked 17 or 18 ! Nice job democrats !

          • Let’s see..Obama is creating debt to buy votes using money he takes from the middle class, which is dying under his administration. The stimulus was a joke when Bush did it and it was still a joke when Obama did it; both just bailed out their rich friends. It is difficult to claim Libya or Egypt as successes, particularly given the increased instability in the region and the rise of ISIS and other terrorist organizations. His surrogate, John Kerry, brokered the worst deal in recent memory with Iran, the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism, and unfroze assets that freed them up to continue to sponsor terrorist activities around the globe. On Obama’s watch VA administrators fudged the numbers to pad their own pockets while veterans died and he did nothing. He funneled money to failed green energy companies. He has undermined the stability of our communities by preaching division and failing to unite the nation in the face of tragedy. He has usurped the powers of the legislative branch and circumvented the constitution on numerous occasions. He lied to us about Obama care and Benghazi. He has alienated our friends and embraced our enemies. The more I think about it, I couldn’t agree with you more…he has screwed us all! Thank you for bringing that to my attention.

          • NEWS FLASH …

          • You are technically accurate but the reality is more complex. The larger point is that most Americans want everyone to be treated equally and they care about what happens to this country and the world around them; the difference is in how we view and address those issues. What is disturbing to many is the arrogance that pervades Washington on both sides of the aisle, this idea that our problems are all the fault of the other guy. Ignorance can exist without arrogance, but you cannot have arrogance without ignorance.

          • Sarcasm is lost on most people psting on this site.
            Howevee, I thank you for a wonderful post.

        • The correct word is too! “… to blame too.”

        • A community organizer is exactly what a President is.
          Gee, are you right-wingers really that ignorant?

      • 20 million – where did you come up with that number? Where are you get to get fighters, bombers, tanks, etc? For those Americans who oppose you, firing squads? Are you assuming that every member of the military will commit treason with you?

        • Only the majority. BTW, ever hear of guerilla tactics?? We learned a lot from our Viet Namese enemies.

          • Yes, but it requires competent commanders. Majority of what?

          • Yes, congratulations on that BIGGG victory! They obviously weren’t very successful teachers or they had really, really dumb orangutans for students! Did they teach you how to fight before or AFTER the war? LOLOL.

      • +20 million? Do you honestly believe that? Wouldn’t it be ironic if the nations of the world were called in to settle you critters down. Ohhhhh, the joy… delicious!

    • Aw shaddap about your dreamy revolution! A true revolution only spins in a circle!

    • Be careful what you threaten, sir, you might get aknock on your door!

      • YOU are very correct! Why do you think the USA government can count keystrokes, listen to all bands of wavelength and tap into every communications device so far invented. The people that spew this hatred are going to disappear during the night and not be heard from again. The re-education camps/FEMA camps are only for those who are salvageable.

    • Why do you embarass Amerixa this way?

    • A rifle behind every blade of grass ! “And I am one of those rifles” !

  22. The arrogance continues to grow. At every corner, this “person” and others of their ilk consistently, consciously thumb their noses at our constitution, laws, rules and regulations. This obviously open border demagogue cares less for America except where he reside, probably in a safe, secure, armed security patrolled environment.

  23. Protect our Boarders!!! Send them all BACK…

    • Geeezzz, BORDERS, you dumb SFBs! And YOU want to start a “revolution?” HAHAHAHAHA!!!

    • Why don’t you tell us how it can be done?
      Canada – US border 1,538 miles
      Canada – Alaska border 3,987 miles
      Mexico – US border 1,933 miles
      US Coastline 95,471 miles
      Alaska Coastline 6,640 miles
      Total exposure 109, 569 miles

  24. 1. Shut down our southern border with troops and technology, period. NO stupid walls.
    2. Create sensible laws on immigration going forward.
    3. Sort out the mess on illegal immigrants.
    4. Update immigration and citizenship laws.

  25. Another bought and paid for Obummer IDIOT.

  26. Might not be so under Trump!


  28. kerlikowske is the one who needs to be fired you need to follow the law not what you want it to be.



  30. There is nothing good about the current administration and the corruption from within the government including the two parties in Congress. The Republicans are just as corrupt as the Democrats, both are doing everything they can do to get amnesty shoved up our asses. They have rich and powerful donors to repay for the campaign monies. Now the Republicans are trying to get rid of Trump because he’s a threat to the way they do things. Trump cares about the country and will do everything he can to save it, good, bad, or otherwise. As far as I am concerned if they cheat to get rid of the American people’s choice, they don’t deserve to remain in office and I will not support or vote for any of them. Our government is supposed to be of the people, by the people. ..not the rich and powerful. The Republicans are willing to give this country to Hillary Clinton if Trump is the only choice for the president. ..if they do that, not one person should vote for any Republicans in the next election. They need to be taught a lesson.

    • ???????
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?
      Why do you embarrass America this way?

  31. papa_r0n I agree with you. I took an oath to protect and defend the constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic in 1966. If you would try to keep that oath today you would be labeled a domestic terrorist.

    • Why are you not honoring that oath?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?
      Why do you embarrass America this way?

      • you cannot keep an oath when the domestic enemy is in the oval office. Trying to keep that oath and the SS will visit you. I try not to lie or repeat lies unlike some people . I served in the military and I think only only non vets think that is an embarrassment. I must have been stupid to enlist to protect your freedom .

  32. Another ubumer administration criminal POS idiot oxygen thief….can’t fix STUPID with this administration!!!!!!!!!

  33. Willfully jeopardizing national securit .Cause for impeachment ? Most definitely. “Commander and Traitor” is his true title

  34. The seeds of Islamic jihad are being sown in Montana by Governor Steve Bullock who merely follows orders from his mentor, Barrack Hussein Obama. Missoula should be flying the white flag of surrender.

    • ?????
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?
      Why do you embarrass America this way?

      • You sound like something right out of the Quron. Do the research yourself, unless of course, you already know the verses. Embarrass my country? My first job out of Vietnam was flying helicopters out of Abu Dhabi, UAE. I know all about sharia law. What’s happening in Doha is coming to the UAE. Think the Saudis had a hand in 9/11? I’ll bet you don’t.

        • The Bush-Saudi connection is a matter of recorded history.
          All but one of 9/11 terrorits were Saudi citizens.
          The terror traininag camp in Saudi Arabia is still operating.
          All the world’s people are entitle to choose the form of government they choose.
          Vatican City lives under Catholic law.
          Andorra and Lebannon live under Christian law.
          Bhutan and Thailand live under Budhist law.
          Then there are the countries with religious requirements for their ceremonial monarchies:

          • No immigrant to the U.S. is entitled to bypass the U.S. Constitution and establish “Sharia Law”. If you condone this or refuse to admit this is happening, so long.

          • Do you claim that America is a Christian nation? — Christian Sharia in the U.S.

            Not that long ago, businesses were required to close on Sunday — Christian Sharia in the U.S.

            Demands that same-sex marriage be illegal — Christian Sharia in the U.S.

            Legally deny service to same-sex couples –Christian Sharia in the U.S.

            Access to abortion restricted — Christian Sharia in the U.S..

            Objection to government funded birth control — Christian Sharia in the U.S.

            Demands that our laws agree with God’s law — U.S. Sharia.

            No abortion allowed for rape victims — Christian Sharia in the U.S.

            Interracial marriage ban — Christian Sharia in the U.S.

          • Did I say we are a Christian nation? Throwing gays off the roof or stoning them, giving 25 lashes to women who ride up front with the taxi driver, women thrown in jail or being stoned for complaining about being raped : all in the name of your pig God Allah.

          • Allah is not the name of a god.
            Allah is the Arabic word for God — the same god you worship.
            Suggest you ask forgiveness. You just took the name of the Old Testament, God of Abraham in vain.

          • You still ragging and whining, AK? I though your Alzheimer’s D would have consumed you by now.

          • Truth is a real problem for you, isn’t it?
            I suspect you also claim to be a Christian.

      • Ghostwriter communique’
        parallel time 19:48
        Input Info Liberal/Democratic Mental Instability aka AKLady

        A mental disorder or psychiatric disorder is a mental or behavioral pattern or anomaly that causes distress or disability, and which is not developmentally or socially normative. Mental disorders are generally defined by a combination of how a person feels, acts, thinks or perceives. …veritas.




    Subject: OPEN SECRETS


    • Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?
      Why do you embarrass America this way?

  36. So reading this article one can only conclude that the Republican Establishment in their incessant damning of TRUMP and his Campaign, are in effect siding with the Democrats in a desire to NOT curb illegal immigration. And there you have the case made to support TRUMP.

  37. The Commissioner’s employment should be terminated forthwith.

  38. Stand by all of you that are veterans, we all took that oath & IT STILL STANDs & I called this about 10 yr’s ago before I got out of the gun business, SOME LISTENED & some did not, & as i see this for what it is WE ARE IN DEEP TROUBLE. My advice is load a lot of ammo, we are going to need it, keep your guns close by & loaded, if any children are around, put them up—CLOSE BY. I hate to have to go to war again & over here to boot. All that people need to do is look @ our vets that need help, & all that OUR SO CALLED government is doing is keeping up the illegal people, the last 5 yr’s I saw 3 more of the V. Nam vets put in the ground that I knew, 1 was a friend, pissed off is a very mild word.

    • ???
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?
      Why do you embarrass America this way?

      • Hello dummy, either you are a total idiot or you cannot read, AK to me is an AK 47 OR 74, & the Lady part is questionable,I reread the post & do not see any lies, get your head out of the sand & wake the hell up.

      • I reread my post & it is right on the money dumb ass, you must have went to the same college that scumbamas went to–the college of WHAT S A MATTER U & got your self a degree in STUPIDITY, i think you are the one that is about eat up,one time you are 1/32 native, then 1/64, get your head out of where it does not belong & AK to me is an AK47 OR 74 & the Lady part needs to be changed too,we are talking about the illegals coming in & the war that MAY COME HERE. I figured out where your people came from 12,000 yr’s ago, Russia–damn commie, & the Cherokee people were farming in the mountains 18,000 ago in N.C., oops, I forgot you are too stupid to know that. From what you post your IQ has got to be real close to 50, that is where idiot starts.

  39. Do a 180 on the spook, he isn’t who he claims to be!!

    • Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

      Why do you embarrass America this way?

  40. Don’t talk – ACT ! Do it NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Kerlikowske, you are the one that needs to look for another job. Those Border Patrol agents want to do their jobs. This administration and you in particular are hampering the security of this nation. You took an oath to
    “defend this nation against ALL ENEMIES, both foreign and domestic”. Do your damned job or get the hell out.
    Hundreds of thousands of us “civilian types” took that same oath when we entered military service and/or this nations law enforcement agencies. So far I have NOT been able to find an expiration date for that oath.

    • The Constituion grants the President the power to pardon offenses againt the United States. Article 1, Clause 1

  42. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner R. Gil Kerlikowske, the oath keepers of the agency are not the ones that need to find another job, YOU do. That oath you took when you were sworn in, is still in effect. You are the one violating instructions (your oath). Obama cannot write new laws about immigration, and his executive orders, still must abide by the laws of our land. If his orders, and directions violate our laws, or the Constitution, you are duty bound to not only, not obey them, you are duty bound to fight against them. How you came to be the commissioner of this agency, might ought to be looked into.Your actions border on treason.

    • (I think we’ve heard this before, eh???) (Thumbs twiddling……….)

    • Learn how your governnent works. You are embarassing America.
      The Constituion grants the President the power to pardon offenses againt the United States. Article 1, Clause 1

  43. The Constituion grants the President the power to pardon offenses againt the United States.

    Article 1, Clause 1

  44. Build that wall!!!!!! Make it 50 ft high and electrify it!

  45. Kerlikowske’s love of ILLEGALS and REFUGEES is his belief in extending OBAMA’S actions which simply means HE and OBAMA care more for ILLEGALS and REFUGEES than they do for the LEGAL American citizen.

  46. Borrowed from another post, I’m just passing it on-


    2 hours ago

    To conquer a nation first disarm its citizens, ADOLPH HITLER 1933.
    Gun control will make us safe, the world will follow our lead, ADOLPH
    AMERICA. Here’s a quote from my dear sweet old grand-ma who was and
    escaped out of Poland when Hitler came slamming thru the front door in



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    • Be careful Vinny, the so called AKLady,ha ha will be on your a** talking about guns & trying to take our country back from the commies & muslins,( we must not do that) we need to just start killing them. These goody 2 shoes people just need to go to Euorpe while it is still here, my advice totem DON’T COME BACK.

  47. It can happen here if we don’t act, the boarder Chief should be fired!

  48. already 110 million people in America unwilling to work and parasiting on welfare just let ’em all in and sign up
    get the collapse of the united states over with it’s going to happen anyway

  49. MuslimLuvChrist

    When it comes to protecting our borders from known terrorists,
    muslim traitor places secrecy and politics above national security and the rule of law.

    Our nation has reached a dangerous pass.

  50. savetheRepublic2016

    We The People to border chief….Find another job if you don’t like enforcing the law as written and doing your sworn duty to protect the American people!!!!

    • You seem to think you are smart, why don’t you tell him how to do it?
      Canada – US border 1,538 miles
      Canada – Alaska border 3,987 miles
      Mexico – US border 1,933 miles
      US Coastline 95,471 miles
      Alaska Coastline 6,640 miles

      Total exposure 109, 569 miles

      • savetheRepublic2016

        It will take a number of things besides the fence/wall. Being a pessimist about doing it won’t get it done. Besides actually deporting them versus a catch and release program doing the following will go a long way to reducing/eliminating illegal immigration. I’ve sent this list on a number of occasions to my CONgress critters and this admin. I’ve even spoken at town meetings what have YOU done?

        1. End all foreign aid to south of the border countries who send their less than stellar citizens for us to care and feed.
        2. End birthright citizenship.
        3. Tax all remittances at 60% for dollars flowing out of the country.
        4. Make E-Verify mandatory for ALL employers failure to use Class A Felony and loss of biz license for 5yrs.
        5. Make illegal entry a Class A Felony with 3-5yrs mandatory jail sentence
        at hard labor (hey they come to work eh?), pbj’s 3 times a day and the
        weather channel in English to see how hot/cold it’ll be.
        6. End all welfare/schooling and other benefits to non-citizens.
        7. Arrest and immediately deport any illegal alien who protests our laws (they’d do that in mexico).

        If you support illegal aliens/visa overstays may I suggest that you pack a few of them in your home and pay for everything that their little hearts desire. Most of us are tired of paying for them via our taxes.

        • Problem: The majority of illegals enter the country quite legally, they simply fail to leave when their visa expires.
          A tracking system is needed to follow them once they have enteres.
          A tracking system is also needed to record when they leave.
          The 1% has done real good job of brainwashing the American people.
          The majolrity of the illegals in this country did not cross the Southern border.

        • Oh, and foolish one, America cannot afford to loose all the tax income the illegals provide.

  51. Marciaarichard4

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  52. Mr. Ryan “Keep the Firing Weapons On the bad Who have been trying to take Us over and destroy America and Americans! Can you stop the rampant mess of the dictator firing Our Military, Can You and Congress reinstate the Soldiers the dictator has fired? Praying for You and the Ones in Congress Who Love Americans and Our

  53. Border Chief, start hiring lawyers, promise you you are goiing in front of a Grand jury.

  54. Disobeying an order has to have a specific challenge. In this case, illegal orders are just that. However, the US/Mexican border has to be closed down tight, new legislation needs to be approved and then the border can be opened again. That is the sensible way to go about improving our relation with our neighbors to the south. Of course, we also need to go after the Mexican government for using us as a pool for their poor.

  55. Time for President Trump to Announce that all government personnel who violate the law will be fined, imprisoned, and executed. Please add this idiot to the long list.

  56. A JOB? Govern orders to violate the immigrant rules on illegal immigrants turns out to be a double headed coin which is worth less than nothing!!

  57. People affected by the illegals want the border closed! The pitiful POTUS is looking for VOTES; he cares nothing for them nor the USA. Impeach him and Congressional reps who bow to his fallacies. Musliminitis runs in the Admin in DC. Fire the guy who said the stupid statement.

  58. Dominic Roy Accampo

    Don’t just challenge him, impeach him, or at least try to.

  59. Gil Kerlikowske is a liar

  60. We have immigration Laws in this country. If any one needs new job is the worthless Border Chief

  61. Neither Obama or Kerlikowske are anyone’s “superior”. Actually, someone else is in the background pulling the strings on both of these clowns.



  64. That border bastard needs to look for a new job. How can Obama just open the borders to disease infested rapist, killers, drug addicts and whatever else crosses. These elected and appointed and anyone else whp follows the orders of that illegal pos better join him anywhere but America. This is what happens when you let an unknown and unqualified idiotnin because of the color of his skin. Freedom of speech allows me to give my opinion and if that was a white person doing what Obama is doing the white person would have been removed in his first term. No waiting until we are under marshal law or at war. Skin color sure matters in the race for the oval office and all you Obama worshipers get in line to take the blame for the destruction of America. No Obama will say it was Bushes fault. I am surprised he hasn’t blamed Kennefy or Regan.

  65. If R. Gil Kerlikowske doesn’t like enforcing the laws regarding Immigration, he should find another Job. I’m surprised at the number of people in this country who think the law applies to everyone else but not them, but they all have one thing in common, they’re all “DEMOCRATS”.

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