BOOM: Supreme Court Rules For Trump in Fight Over Travel Ban

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court did no more or less than restore the Constitutional authority of the President of the United States. In a 5-4 decision that could have a significant impact on what’s going on at the Southern border even as we speak, the Court rejected lower court rulings that blocked President Donald Trump’s travel ban on the grounds of religious discrimination. Using sound logic, an ACTUAL reading of the law, and significantly reduced reference to Trump’s irrelevant campaign statements, the Court’s majority found that there was nothing in Trump’s travel ban that exceeded the scope of his executive power.

In a statement, President Trump heralded the ruling as a “tremendous victory” over the constitutionally-aberrant leftists who have tried to steal his authority from the first days of his presidency.

“This ruling is also a moment of profound vindication following months of hysterical commentary from the media and Democratic politicians who refuse to do what it takes to secure our border and our country,” Trump said.

Not only does this ruling solidify the president’s ability to keep our nation safe from terrorist travelers who would come to the U.S. from unvetted (and unvettable) lands in the Middle East, it could throw a wrench into the plans of the ACLU and Hispanic activist groups who would love to challenge the president’s authority in other realms of immigration law. These groups have been hyped up by the recent manufactured crisis at the border, and they have plenty of liberal judges salivating at the thought of socking it to this administration one more time. But in light of the precedent set by this ruling, those activists may want to take a step back and reflect on their cases.

Speaking of legal cases, this ruling may not bode well for California, either. Right now, they are gearing up to defend themselves against a challenge by the Trump Justice Department, which has declared their Sanctuary State policies to be in violation of federal law and the Constitution. If that case winds its way to the Supreme Court, Sacramento’s war on the law could be in for an abrupt ending.

Words cannot express how overjoyed we are at this decision. This is not just a victory for Trump and his supporters, it is a victory for anyone who cares about keeping this country safe from Islamic terrorists. Furthermore, it is a HUGE victory for anyone who recognizes how off-script and legally unsound the lower court decisions were when it came to this travel ban. The Court’s ruling puts a lot of things right that have been completely off-kilter since Trump’s inauguration.

It feels damn good to be an American on this fine day.

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