BOOM: How the GOP Tax Plan Could Lead to Unprecedented Growth

There are a number of reasons why Democrats have steadily lost ground in Washington over the last six years, culminating in last November’s electoral shellacking, but one of the biggest is the economy. President Barack Obama presided over one of the slowest, shakiest economic recoveries in American history, all but ensuring that everyone except the very wealthy wound up worse off than they were before the bottom fell out of the mortgage industry. Precariously balanced on their dwindling savings, many Americans wondered how they would survive if the economy hit another recession before things had fully come back to the way they were. This was a job for the Republican Party and a man who knows a thing or two about creating wealth.

And so, less than a year into his presidency, Donald Trump is ready to sign the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” and there’s a very good chance that it will provide the stimulus that is needed to kick the economy into high gear. In fact, with its deep cuts to corporate taxes, it could be one of the biggest jobs programs Washington has ever come up with. By championing strong economic growth and slicing through the massive, inexplicable tax code, the GOP is rolling out the red carpet for the kind of economic boom we haven’t seen since Ronald Reagan. And, if the early indications hold up, we could be looking at an unprecedented period of growth that will make the last eight years seem like a distant bad dream.

“Today is a great day for the American worker,” Trump said Thursday. “Over the past 10 months, we’ve witnessed something remarkable happening to our country, a lot of change, a lot of difference. We’ve hit close to 60 records in the stock market since November 8, that very big day.”

And now is the time to fully capitalize on the promise of the Trump presidency – the inerrant American wisdom of putting a billionaire businessman in the White House after sitting through eight long years of a liberal professor who never worked an honest day in his life. We’re looking at tax cuts for every American citizen who pays into the system, including powerful middle class advantages like a doubling of the standard deduction rate. Put that together with a permanent cut to the corporate tax rate, and you’ll see business in America take off like never before.

It’s not too much to imagine that we could see a steady period of 4% growth over the next few years, which would mean real, significant changes to the way the average American lives their life.


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