BOOM: How the GOP Tax Plan Could Lead to Unprecedented Growth

There are a number of reasons why Democrats have steadily lost ground in Washington over the last six years, culminating in last November’s electoral shellacking, but one of the biggest is the economy. President Barack Obama presided over one of the slowest, shakiest economic recoveries in American history, all but ensuring that everyone except the very wealthy wound up worse off than they were before the bottom fell out of the mortgage industry. Precariously balanced on their dwindling savings, many Americans wondered how they would survive if the economy hit another recession before things had fully come back to the way they were. This was a job for the Republican Party and a man who knows a thing or two about creating wealth.

And so, less than a year into his presidency, Donald Trump is ready to sign the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” and there’s a very good chance that it will provide the stimulus that is needed to kick the economy into high gear. In fact, with its deep cuts to corporate taxes, it could be one of the biggest jobs programs Washington has ever come up with. By championing strong economic growth and slicing through the massive, inexplicable tax code, the GOP is rolling out the red carpet for the kind of economic boom we haven’t seen since Ronald Reagan. And, if the early indications hold up, we could be looking at an unprecedented period of growth that will make the last eight years seem like a distant bad dream.

“Today is a great day for the American worker,” Trump said Thursday. “Over the past 10 months, we’ve witnessed something remarkable happening to our country, a lot of change, a lot of difference. We’ve hit close to 60 records in the stock market since November 8, that very big day.”

And now is the time to fully capitalize on the promise of the Trump presidency – the inerrant American wisdom of putting a billionaire businessman in the White House after sitting through eight long years of a liberal professor who never worked an honest day in his life. We’re looking at tax cuts for every American citizen who pays into the system, including powerful middle class advantages like a doubling of the standard deduction rate. Put that together with a permanent cut to the corporate tax rate, and you’ll see business in America take off like never before.

It’s not too much to imagine that we could see a steady period of 4% growth over the next few years, which would mean real, significant changes to the way the average American lives their life.


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  3. Here’s a thought: If the tax revisions plan & its intended cuts are passed & result in the anticipated economic boom, the risk to Democrats running in red states is enormous & might possibly put them out of power for at least the next decade, even to the extent of their being unable to filibuster, override, impeach, or otherwise obstruct the Republican agenda. Since most members of Congress seem most interested in self-preservation, reelection, & continuing to enrich themselves at their taxpaying constituents’ expense, this is a show-stopper. So, the economy be damned!

  4. What a great plan if you are very rich or a corporation but you get screwed if you are not. The Republicans are whores to those that fund them and do not give a damn about the rest of us.


  6. Flat tax without loopholes. We are all being played the fools to think that this convoluted system helps anybody except the politicians and rich.

    If it is simple for EVERYBODY to understand, it will be all that much harder for ANYBODY to play favorites.

    • Play favorites? 80% of the benefit from this tax cut goes into the pockets of the richest 2% of taxpayers. That is something EVERYBODY should be able to understand.

      • Too bad you don’t have your facts straight!

        • Were are you getting your facts from? If this is the tax plan my Senator sent in his news letter. We will be trading an income tax, for a 23% consumption tax. To be paid on top of our state sales tax. Something about Big Biz don’t have to pay the tax, if they buy new equipment (cars, computers,tooling equipment etc). That’s how the money “trickles down”.
          To me it sounds like a new version of a old wall street wet dream thought up around 94-96. This was so bad neither Gingrich or B. Clinton would touch it…..

          • The Washington Post gave four Pinocchios to Democrats spreading false claims on the GOP tax plan that “families making less than $86,100 on average will face a hefty tax hike” when the truth was the opposite.

          • Just got done reading about Fair Tax and HB. 25.
            Its a sham. Everything (even the interest on a home, Medical Bills, Medicine, even state sales tax, you name it) gets taxed. If all you are going by is how many stars and pinocchios something gets. That’s not a convincing argument, nor is it being informed……..

          • I don’t know what you read, but it wasn’t Trumps plan. The interest on a home mortgage stays as a deduction. What has some people up in arms are states that have high taxes want the state and local taxes exempt on property , too.

            Tax Rate Changes
            Reduces the current seven tax brackets to three, with rates on ordinary income of 12 percent (below $75,000), 25 percent (between $75,000-$225,00), and 33 percent above that (See below tables for Trump’s Plan and Current Plan).

            Eliminates the head of household filing status.
            Increases the standard deduction for joint filers to $30,000 from $12,600. The standard deduction for single filers will be $15,000.
            Eliminates personal exemptions.
            Caps Itemized deductions at $200,000 for joint filers and $100,000 for single filers.
            Enables taxpayers to take an above-the-line deduction for children under age 13 that will be capped by the state average for age of child, and for eldercare for a dependent. The exclusion will not be available to taxpayers with total income over $500,000 married-joint and $250,000 single.
            Offers spending rebates for childcare expenses to certain low-income taxpayers through the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).
            Below is the graph discussed in June this year…….

      • Even if they do get 80% of the benefits, they probably should, since they also pay about that much of the tax levy! Listen to Sarah Sanders’ explanation with the 10 coworkers and their nightly bar visit. Very simple; even YOU should be able to comprehend it.

      • one fact you don’t understand. those making over a million dollars have tax lawyers working for them, and so they can delay taxes by not selling stocks bonds or securities or reinvest, so until they actually take payment, no real income, no taxes.

      • I think that is total BS… You are just regurgitating what your handlers want you to say and really have no idea what you are talking about. .

    • I have been on your side for a lot of issues, but you’re wrong on this account. You need to read about the Tax cuts on another site or a the WH. Below is from an email I received from there…….


      – President Donald J. Trump

      It has been an incredible week for the American economy: a strong jobs report, the introduction of The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, an impeccably-qualified nominee for Fed Chair, and the announcement of a major corporation’s move to the United States. Since President Trump took office over 1.5 million new jobs have been created.


      Newt Gingrich writes that GDP growth has been driven by the Trump Administration’s “aggressive deregulatory efforts, its America first position on trade,” and that “serious tax cuts will be the key to sustaining 3 percent economic growth – or higher – for years to come.”


      For more on tax reform, the New York Post editorial board writes the House Republicans tax-cut plan “meets the nation’s needs” and “offers the relief for business and the middle class needed to get the economy roaring.”


      In economic news, Harriet Torry and David Harrison of the Wall Street Journal report the unemployment rate is at 4.1%, “its lowest level since December 2000,” and below the 4.2% that economists predicted.


      Yahoo! News reports the “vital and booming US services sector saw record growth in October, and the data point to continued strength in the months ahead,” according to the Institute for Supply Management’s non-manufacturing index.


      In a Washington Examiner opinion piece, Charlie Kirk writes about the “unique and growing role” the millennial generation will play in the economy as they “will make up an estimated three-quarters of the U.S. and global workforce in less than a decade.” President Trump and Republicans in Congress are working together to foster a stronger economy that allows millennials to “work, live, invest, and save” by empowering businesses to invest in American jobs through a slashing of the corporate tax rate.


      In an interview with The Daily Signal, Kevin Hassett, chairman of President Trump’s Council of Economic Advisers, says that the Trump Administration is committed to the “three main non-negotiable objectives for this tax bill. There needs to be a big tax cut for the middle class. There needs to be a corporate tax rate that goes down to 20 percent and makes our country competitive again. And it needs to be a lot simpler…”


      The Washington Post gave four Pinocchios to Democrats spreading false claims on the GOP tax plan that “families making less than $86,100 on average will face a hefty tax hike” when the truth was the opposite.

      • Those are all fabulous things that Trump has helped with. Not sure how a flat tax is against any of those things.

        If anything, a flat tax would put the economy on steroids.

        I will take what the Republicans have proposed, but am disappointing that they didn’t go for a flat tax. Our politicians hide favors in the convoluted tax structure as it stands. If the tax code was simple, it would be a whole lot harder for them to hide things in, and a whole lot harder for our politicians to justify tax increases.

        • He wanted three tax brackets, but he was open for the forth for those over a million to remain at 39%. Many families itemize like I do, because of the interest they paid on their home could be deducted. Read what I posted to Mark Clemens.

          • He as in Trump, wanted all three? Or Ryan.

            I understand why the Rich and the Politicians want a complicated tax structure. Because they can hide the amount of money they are taking away from you in the confusion. Kind of like a pick pocket slapping you on the shoulder while taking your wallet.

            I also realize that we will not get a flat tax because the people in power will not release that kind of power over us.

            But, I still think that the only way We the People can take back our Country is to make all things simple to understand and monitor. A flat tax does that. and it is fair.

          • Trump wanted three at first and then decided on four by keeping those at over a million at 39%.

          • Trump is the master of the art of the deal. Trump probably realizes that Congress and the Government is going to have to take baby steps to be weaned out of the peoples pockets.

            I just wish that we could just get the flat tax and be over with it. All less is just watered down version of what we really need.

          • I just hope Congress gets their act together and gets it done. If more Democrats get in, it won’t.

          • If we don’t fix the voting system, only the chosen will get in from this point forward.

            I suspect last nights election results have been rigged.

          • That’s why the Democrats are interfering with Trump’s voting commission. This was printed in the Wash. Post…….

            “President Trump’s voting commission stumbled into public view this week, issuing a sweeping request for nationwide voter data that drew sharp condemnation from election experts and resistance from more than two dozen states that said they cannot or will not hand over all of the data.

            The immediate backlash marked the first significant attention to the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity since Trump started it last month and followed through on a vow to pursue his own unsubstantiated claims that voter fraud is rampant and cost him the popular vote in the presidential election. The White House has said the commission will embark upon a “thorough review of registration and voting issues in federal elections,” but experts and voting rights advocates have pilloried Trump for his claims of widespread fraud, which studies and state officials alike have not found. They say that they fear the commission will be used to restrict voting.”

          • It is important that the committee expose the corruption. If they don’t, we saw the last free election in the United States when Trump was elected.

            CA is one of the states that is refusing to cooperate. If they cooperated, their corruption would be as evident as Comey’s…

          • I live in a highly Republican area, but it appears only the Democrat came out to vote this time. I don’t get it!

          • NO, that is what you are being TOLD that happened… I hear that every time we go to the polls in CA.

            Don’t believe the MEDIA’;s explanations of what has happened. Challenge what the authorities are telling you. Make them verify it.

            It seems that in todays times, if the MEDIA can sell you on an outcome, that is the outcome that will be presented.

            Do you REALLY know who counted the votes? And can you trust them?

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            —-Joseph Stalin

          • It wasn’t the Media. It was the official count sheet for my district. I looked it up at our township office. They post the vote counts and Democrats were winning at less than 23% of the votes. Not everyone showed up to vote.

          • The MEDIA’s job is to get the people to buy in on the results. All Hell would break loose if the public were to know that they were all disenfranchised.

          • These results aren’t given to the media. You can only get them, if you look for them.

          • I wouldn’t assume that, Are you going to a public page? Or do you know somebody that is counting the votes?

            I don’t think that all the individual precincts are corrupt, I just think that somewhere along the line, at key location, there is corruption.

          • You have it color in the circle by who you’re voting for. It is placed in the counter after you vote. The counter will let you know if your ballet was okay or if you missed something. If you missed something it will be ejected and given back to you. Every ballet given has a number corresponding to the number of people. I was the 60th voter. At the end, the machine tallies the voter count and prints out the results. the results are then posted at the township building and on their website. There is no computer involve in our voting and the counter is manually fed each vote. It works the same way as how the old SAT’s tests were graded.

          • Today Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA….

            We assume that the Democrats are keeping the Republicans honest, and the Republicans are keeping the Democrats honest, and the MEDIA is keeping everybody honest…

            The Elites are not Democrats, nor Republicans, they are Communists and have morphed our Government into a version of the Elites, by the Elites, and for the CONTROL of the people.

            In todays times, the Elites are counting the votes? Who is keeping the Elites honest?

          • Good point! What I was stating is that there are over 1300 registered voters in my area. only around 380 some came out to vote. That being said, the majority of the votes counted went Democrat. It’s like the Republicans stayed home.

          • Are you sure of that? How do you know only 380 of them came out to vote? Who was counting? Do you, and can you trust them? AND upstream from the polling location? Do you know the same data moved up the path?

            I hate to say it, but I no longer trust that our votes are being counted at all. The D’s and R’s collude together, and then the MEDIA “reports” the results that the communists in charge want the people to believe.

            That is how it is done in communist societies.

          • We have a sheet that tells us how many are registered to each area. I live in a township. We’re not even a town. We have a Commissioner, not a mayor. We pencil in our votes so we have a paper trail!!!

          • You are restoring a little of my faith in the system.

            I live in CA, where we have documented the corruption, taken our results to the people who count the votes, and those at the top have ignored the data. Only after taking them to court was the group able to get the County of LA to remove 35,000 dead people from the lists. There were something like 75,000 people voting more than once..

            I can see that for the unwary that level of corruption is coming to every state.

          • We have that over an hour away in Philly. Three or four Democrats just got charged with voter fraud there.

          • Read the report I gave Clemens from the WH. I signed up for their daily reports. They stated unless you file long form, it’s like a postcard so to speak. That’s according to Ryan. I don’t see it that small, but no more than a page. There are too many people that itemize, that don’t want to lose and that includes the middle class. From what I understand, there will be caps on certain deductions.

      • Since Trump didn’t undo ObamaCare, Start building the Wall, Reform Immigration. I think he’s endorsing this poor tax idea to make a compromise. The middle class will carry most of the Tax Burden. This was a Paul Ryan endorsed plan. Mr. Ryan is owned by BIG LOBBY. Whose main goal is to reduce the upper classes (Income over 1million dollars per year) tax rate. Just look up the law.
        All the tax brakes go to BIG BIZ. The middle class are taxed on EVERYTHING but air………

        • Actually, this tax bill is focused on the middle class. The rich will still retain the same tax bracket minus exemptions. Did you even read the bill or are you pushing the Democrats’ talking points. FYI, It is not Trump that not getting things done, but the RINOS and the Democrats in Congress. Trump has told them “HE WANTS THE TAX BREAKS FOR THE MIDDLE CLASS, THAT IS HIS PRIORITY!!”

          • I read HB 25 on
            It is the FAIR TAX. It’s nothing but a product wide tariff that the customer pays, and the supplier pay nothing. Its all there in detail. NOTHING you BUY is EXEMPT. EVEN INTEREST on BORROWED MONEY, MEDICAL, PRESCRIPTIONS, ATTORNEY FEES, LEGAL SETTLEMENTS, STATE SALES TAX, and more.
            What have you been reading?

          • So what exactly is in the tax bill? The 429-page “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” which House GOP leaders hope to pass before Thanksgiving, includes the following:

            Four income tax brackets: 12%, 25%, 35%, and 39.6%

            A significant reduction in the SALT deduction (the state and local tax deduction). The new plan would allow people to deduct up to $10,000 of taxes paid on property to state and local entities, but would eliminate people’s ability to deduct state and local income and sales taxes paid.

            The corporate tax rate would be reduced to 20% from 35%, and the cut would be permanent.

            Immediate expensing of business investments, which means companies would be allowed to deduct the cost of business investments from their tax bill in the year they make the purchase, rather than spreading out the deduction over multiple years.

            There will be no changes to 401(k) plans. Although there was much talk on Capitol Hill of decreasing the amount that individuals could contribute to their 401(k) plans, the tax bill contains no changes.

            An increase in the size of the child tax credit. The tax bill would increase the credit from $1,000 to $1,600.

            A larger standard deduction, which would increase from $6,350 for individuals up to $12,000 for individuals (and up to $24,000 for married couples, up from $12,700). This increase in the standard deduction will help many middle-income families not see a tax hike.

            Americans are ready for tax relief and job growth. Our economy is in desperate need of a boost, and reforming the tax code is the best chance we have of reenergizing our economy. The plan put forth by House GOP leaders is a great step in this direction.

          • Where did you get you’re information from?

          • An email from the WH!!!!! It’s easy to sign up for their daily reports.
            You should try it!!!.

          • You were never allowed to deduct interest on borrowed money or credit cards, only on 1st and 2nd mortgages. You have always paid your own legal fees, taxes on settlements except in the case of workers comp, etc., etc. I have been itemizing deductions for the past 20 years and I do my own returns. You’re just too much worry, all about nothing.

      • Excellent post but the nay sayers don`t understand what you posted . These people do not have the mentality to think for themselves and are clueless .

    • Your taxes would be much higher

      • And the public’s knowledge would be much greater, thus RESISTANCE to higher taxes would be much greater.

        The tax code is purposefully overly complicated so that people will just give up and pay the taxes…

        I look at taxes as a percentage of slavery to the Government. 30% tax, 30% slave. 50% tax, 50% percent slave. With all the taxes, fees, registrations, etc these days we are easily 50% slaves to the government.

  7. Democrat Politicians are flat out liars, that is why they have lost ground with their constituents.

    As a matter of fact, Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA…. They are all liars.

    Get prepared to be thoroughly confused about the new tax bill.

    • You may be confused, but it’s not rocket science. The medical deduction will be gone if this bill passes, along with a lot of other deductions that benefit the working class. 80% of this tax cut goes into the pockets of the richest 1% of taxpayers. If you can’t see the inequity of that, you really are confused.

    • I had read a article that the only way to fix out Tax code it to completely destroy it and start from Scratch instead of adding more confusion just like the health care ACA .

      • I am of that opinion as well.

        • Most can see that except our elected fools, they like the free ride to much .

        • As am I.

          One of the things that have caused all the confusion in the tax system is the lobbyists. In my opinion they should be outlawed but I know they never will because they have the deep pockets to elect and reelect co-operative legislatures.

          Everywhere we look there is corruption. I doubt everything could be fixed if President had four four year terms. The corruption goes so deep.

          • The corruption took years to establish itself within the Government, It will take some time to weed it out. The first step is recognizing that we have a problem. Second step is learning from our mistakes and correcting them.

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          • They pay sites to be able to post these ads. Why woild they block them?

          • The flagging works, those ads are blatantly against policies.

          • They pay to put them here. Why is this so hard. The site wants them

          • I have often wondered if the sites bet kickback, but I do not think they do. Not as the post level, that is why the moderator has already removed the ad.

          • these ads come and go all the time. They are on every web site. How do you think the sites are paid for ?

          • Ads yes, but the posts are a clear violation of posting guidelines… I do not think they are sanctioned by the websites moderators or authors. That is why I flag the post to both the moderators and Disqus. Both have clear rules on posting.

            As you can see, or at least I see, the post that I responded to has been removed. Do you still see it?

          • yes I do

          • Really? The post says it is awaiting moderation when I look at it… I would have thought that it would show the same to you as well.

          • It was still there as of about 3 ovlick mountain time

          • Interesting.. I would be shocked if they could make it disappear for me and not for everyone else… But, then again, they are getting very good at censoring things without you even knowing it.

            To be clear, at Noon PST I could not see the post, it was under moderation.

    • You GOPers and TPs will be sorry if that Trump economic policy is implemented. You remember what happened with Reaganomics. This is exactly the same. It just took 8 years when the country was bankrupt and banks were closing. Trick-down economics does not work. Rich people fly with their money to Mexico, Malaysia, Japan, China, Korea, Kenya, Tanzania, S. Africa and India. These are countries these big CEOs meet their mistresses. Remember those millionaires who accepted agency jobs-were not actually after being hired. They accepted those jobs to leave their wives for trips abroad. You will be sooooorry when the government and banks are bankrupt again.

    • So true! And about that tax plan I’m already confused. Who knows what to believe anymore there are so many liars it is hard to tell.

  8. It’ll be great for some people, but for me, my taxes are going to increase dramatically because of the loss of the medical deduction.

  9. Back in the Reagan era, the Department of Labor did a study that revealed only around 3% of businesses make hiring decisions based on tax policy, so it’s likely that this trillion-dollar giveaway will either go into the pockets of stockholders or finance takeovers that will leave more of the economy in fewer hands, eliminating competition, which drives quality band price in a capitalist system. Thus the tax cut will result in lower quality, higher priced goods.

    Furthermore, if you remember your ECON 101, a growth rate much above 3% causes inflation, which is harder on consumers than it is on so-called job creators, who will continue to hire as few people as possible to get a job done whether or not they pay any taxes at all.

    This tax bill is simply a shift of even more of the tax burden from corporations and wealthy individuals to the middle class, as 80% of the tax relief will go to the richest 2%. It is a pure boondoggle.

    • Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, trying to avoid the pinnocchios?

    • Sorry, but it didn’t do so last time or any time before in my memory; get a better source. Learn something and try exercising your own powers of observation and recall.

      • Corporations are already swimming in excess cash, and what do you think they are doing with do it? (a) Paying workers higher wages? (b) Hiring more workers? (c) Buying back more stock (to raise the price)? (d) Increasing dividends? (e) Conducting more research? (f) Increasing executive compensation? What are your guesses? Keep in mind that unless consumers — read middle and lower income folks — have money to spend, how will the economy grow?

    • Also corporate taxes are a cost of doing business, so they are deductable

  10. We have to start somewhere, but I am still not happy to be subsidizing Liberal States with high state sales taxes. Guess we can’t get rid of liberal perks all at once. Looking forward to 2023 & 2024, when we have cleaned our house and pummeled the Dems!

    • Actually, we could and should get “rid” of all those “entitlements”; and frankly that should include SSA and Medicare/Medicaid as well. SSA is nothing but a ponzi scheme, ripping us all off, in reality.

      • Or…..We could have congress abolish the 16th amendment, and let the treasury collect money like it did from George Washington to Woodrow Wilson. By imposing TARIFFS.
        Actually this GOP Tax Plan sounds like tariffing, except you and I pay it. Imported stuff dodges the tax. Also tariffs protect US Stateside jobs. This GOP Tax Plan is smoke and mirrors mixed with bad medicine if you actually work………..

    • Not that simple. Red states rail against “the government” and still collect far more from Washington than they send there in taxes.

    • The highest state sales tax rate is in Tennessee (9.756%). They tax Food, Medicine, Advertising, Everything. Tennessee is one of the most conservative states we have. They also rank in the bottom 10 states for Education, Retirement, Taking Federal Money (Top ten in this taking money from DC category) .

  11. For what’s left of the Democrat party I don’t think prosperity would “run a tingle up their legs”. They are the hand-out people. They prefer their people to get rich while in government service and keep the free cheese coming.

  12. Schumer, Gillibrand, Warren, Sanders and Durbin along with Pelosi are all phonies of the highest quality, they don’t care about anything except their own power trip. This team of liars and storytellers are so aligned with the MSM that hide the truth and put out garbage. Get ride of all of them now

    • You left out Ryan, McConnell, McCain, and Feinstine………
      If you haven’t noticed both parties are out to strip US of our Guns, Money, and Civil Liberties.

  13. Forrest Huck London

    take my word ignore all the leberal lies you hear about the tax cuts this will bring our nation back to full steam our economy is already making big improvements thanks to GOD and Trump with the tax cuts we will boom again

  14. WSo much sounds pretty good… BUT this “reform” cuts the deductions for adoption, which is a travesty for the families adopting. I also understand that there’s a couple glitches with small business ownership & brackets…

  15. The political elite in Washington and elsewhere hate Donald Trump because he promised to do things to “make America great again” and he is doing it! In less than one year in office, he has accomplished more than his two predecessors combined! Because he makes these politicians and both political parties look bad, he is hated, reviled and threatened! An anti-Trump movement has been started, but thus far has failed! The intellectual dishonesty of the mainstream media has been clearly demonstrated, and the Godlessness of this once great nation has been revealed for all to see! If there is not a true religious revival in this nation, it will collapse! But, few look at history or believe that that will happen! They are fools!

  16. Carol Juliano Popp

    Dems and some GOP swamp scum aretrying to make ys believe the tax reform won’t help working class. Liar scumbocrats

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