Bombshell Report Shows Why Iran Deal is NOT Working…At All

Against significant pressure from Democrats and even cries of dissent from within the administration, President Donald Trump has signaled that he will not certify the Iran nuclear agreement by the deadline of October 15, thus sending the matter to Congress and opening up the possibility of renewed economic sanctions against the rogue Iranian regime. But while Trump’s decision is fraught with controversy, a bombshell new report from the National Council of Resistance of Iran shows that the president has every reason to decertify the agreement and Iran’s compliance with the deal. According to the NCRI report, which is titled, “Iran’s Nuclear Core: Uninspected Military Sites,” the international agreement is doing little if anything to keep the Islamic government from pursuing nuclear weapons.

“It has been known for years that Iran has two nuclear programs — one is civilian and the other, the military, has the goal of giving Iran its first nuclear bomb,” Alireza Jafarzadeh of the NCRI told Fox News. “The civilian sector of the nuclear program has systematically provided a plausible logistical cover for the military sector, and acts as a conduit for it. The military aspect of the program has been and remains at the heart of Iran’s nuclear activities.”

According to the NCRI’s report, it’s not that Iran is or isn’t in full compliance with the international nuclear agreement, it’s that inspectors have no way of knowing one way or the other. Because of the way Iran has their military sites set up with tunnels and mobile laboratories and because of the inspectors’ already-limited access, Iran is getting all of the benefits of the deal without providing sufficient transparency about their nuclear activities.

“An important feature of the Iranian regime’s nuclear program is that several sites and centers where nuclear-related activities are conducted are situated in sprawling military complexes that also house scores of tunnels and silos. This not only makes IAEA access to these locations more difficult, but also makes it possible to relocate these centers and projects to other locations within the complex,” Jafarzadeh told Fox News. “As such, if it becomes necessary to relocate a project or center, it can easily be moved to a different silo or tunnel within the parameters of the military site. This makes pinpointing the exact location of nuclear research and activities more challenging, and reduces the chance of exposure.”

Unless Iran is forced back to the table, the U.S. and the other signatories to the JCPOA are blindly funding the Islamic Republic’s path to a nuclear weapon. It’s time for this foolishness to end before the world faces a catastrophe of epic proportions.

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